Dr.B.D.Pattekar, Feb 1, 2010: "... .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I am very pleased to see your quick response to our mail & prompt action you have taken in refunding our additional payment which we made at domestic airports in India last month. I had no problems what so ever in travelling by your airline & your prompt action certainly encourages me to recommend your airline to my contacts here in UK. ..."
Jyotsna Sachin Pethkar, Feb 1, 2010: "... .I am very thankful to all ..........
".....I am very thankful to all the staff to make my first air journey so easy and enjoyable...I personally like your service in flight. Airport services can be better...but it was still good...thanks to u .... ..."
Malabika Bose, Feb 2, 2010 : "... .Truly impressed by the wonderful ..........
"..... Truly impressed by the wonderful customer service of Indigo!...... ..."
Arya Gupta, Feb 3, 2010: "... .This is to express my heartfelt..........
"..... This is to express my heartfelt appreciation at the way your employees helped me out in getting back my laptop on 1st. Feb from Kolkata airport. It was not only their efficiency that touched me but the way they handled the situation. Ever since I realized mid-air that I'd left the laptop back at the security hold in Kolkata, the cabin assistants, Gunjan and Puja (i hope I got this second name correct) took all the details in an officious manner and at the same time kept re-assuring me with a confident smile. Subsequently right through the day when you kept calling me to update the status I realized that I was in extremely good hands. Finally when Saira handed me the laptop in the evening I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Great job guys. Wonderful team work.My best wishes to Indigoto scalp even greater heights. ..."
Shibadas, Feb 3, 2010: "... .Thank you so much for your..........
".....Thank you so much for your kind mail. Highly appreciated indeed. I love flying with Indigo and certainly your mail strengthens my confidence in you. ..."
Amit, Feb 4, 2010 : "... .This is to appreciate the prompt..........
"..... This is to appreciate the prompt action and courtesy extended to me during my flight from Calcutta to Bangalore. I am really thankful to Martha (in particular), Shivani and Nandita for the same. ..."
Rajit, Feb 4, 2010: "... .I am writing this to recognize the service..........
"..... I am writing this to recognize the service that I got from Amanpreet Singh Kohli (ASK)when I was booking a ticket on 18th Jan 2009. He was patient with me and understood my issue and helped me correct the booking without any hassle or cost to me. ASK set a good example on why I should fly more often than I have been currently with Indigo. It is such examples that help build lifetime customers. It would be great if he was recognized for his efforts and everyone in the office followed such example. Thanks once again ..."
V O Kaisar, Feb 4, 2010: "... .Thank you for understanding the problem..........
"..... Thank you for understanding the problem and resolving the same. Now I will not think before choosing to fly INDIGO again in the future but choose it and also recommend same to others. To end just a note" All it took was a phone call and matters were resolved . ..."
Rina Bhatt, Feb 7, 2010: "... .I would really appreciate..........
"..... I would really appreciate the crew members & the staff of IndiGo, to have helped my elderly mother on board and being patient enough to calm her down .Due to our limitations, we could not travel along with her. Our trust in the airline was true, that she can travel alone. I myself being in hospitality field understand the efforts and the importance of feedback. Thank u once again and cheers to the team of IndiGo...!!May the services always be continued to years to come. Best luck n lots of smiles. ..."
Asham Cheema, Feb 8, 2010: "... .I was travelling from Delhi..........
"..... I was travelling from Delhi to Pune via Indigo flight number 6E105 on 7th Feb 2010. The flight captain Mr. Singh really did a tremendous job during the journey by talking to the passengers and comforting them during the journey. There was this small patch where the aircraft experienced turbulence and the way in which he talked and comforted the passengers was really very much appreciated by all of us. I wish we have more of flight captains like Mr. Singh.. ..."
B.S.Gadhwala, Feb 10, 2010: "... .My experience with Indigo..........
"..... My experience with Indigo is a very pleasant one. I have to congratulate you / your team for the punctuality. ..."
Deep Roy, Feb 12, 2010: "... .I take this opportunity to thank..........
".....I take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts. As a customer I really appreciate the measures taken by you and Indigo. Indigo has been a trusted airline for me. This gesture goes further and reassures me of the same. As a customer, please be rest assured that I am extremely satisfied and you have gone a long way in enhancing the goodwill of the airline. ..."
Krishna Sanghavi, Feb 13, 2010: "... .I would like to convey my sincere..........
"..... I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the help n support extended by Indigo team for helping in sorting out the case of exchanged laptops at screening & security point at Ahmadabad airport. Courtesy Indigo team - notably Mr. Bhadresh Solanki @ Ahmadabad - I have got my laptop back in Mumbai. Thanks again and appreciate the effort. ..."
Sumit Pradhan, Feb 14, 2010: "... .I am a frequent flier with indigo..........
".....I am a frequent flier with indigo being the choice more often than not. This is a special commendation for Amberleen an in flight attendant in the flight from Mum- Kolkata, evening flight 7.30PM on 12th Jan. She was calm, very poised, and cheerful and handled a drunk bloke very efficiently. Many times you train your people with the dos and donts so much that they lose out their individuality, I thought Amberleen was exceptional and retained a personality within the doctrines of the rules absolutely effortlessly. ..."
Omkar, Feb 16, 2010: "... .I am quite pleased by your responsiveness..........
".....I am quite pleased by your responsiveness and professional attitude towards customer care - keep it up! ..."
Amir Pradhan, Feb 16, 2010: "... .This email is to thank the entire Indigo..........
"..... This email is to thank the entire Indigo team on duty and to compliment them for their professionalism /top class service& customer satisfaction. This has made me a moreattachedcustomer for Indigo in future.. ..."
Subrata Pramanick, Feb 17, 2010: "... .Though I have made it a habit..........
"..... Though I have made it a habit to travel only by Indigo, in the last one year I had to travel a couple of timesin another low cost Airline and a Full service Airline due to non-availability of your services to a particular sector and at one time due to convenient timing. I found thatonly in Indigo's "On time performance" is unquestionable. Your sandwiches are the best among all other Airline. I always feel that I am a V.I.P. while traveling in Indigo.. ..."
Ravi Ninawe, Feb 17, 2010: "... .During my early travel days..........
"..... During my early travel days, I used to prefer Jet / Kingfisher considering the services which offered. The services were coupled with a high price tag too. Then came Indigo.which within no time become my most preferred airline the reasons being Economy airline New, neat and clean fleet of aircrafts High on time performance Customer oriented friendly support staff (both ground and air) I would like to put on record one such incidence which elevated the standing of your employee, and in turn your company, in the hearts of customers like me. I was to travel by Indigo 6E306 on Feb 3rd 2010 (evening flight Hyd-Delhi). I got in Aero Express shuttle and was working on my laptop using my Data card. Little did I release that the airport had arrived and hence had to rush out to quickly close my laptop. In hurry, I did not realize that I had left behind a kit having my data card and other things, although not valuable but dear to my heart as they had possessive value associated with them. After having reached Delhi at around 1130 PM I got a call from your ground staff in Hyderabad. The name of that employee of yours is Mr. Basith. He informed me about I left behind my kit which I realized only after I received a call from Basith. I was surprised as to how this person could get my mobile number, which I later understood that he got the same from my other airline old boarding pass which was in my kit. The kit was promptly returned back to me with all contents intact on arrival to Hyd on Feb 7th 2010. During this period of travel, I what satisfied me more was there were routine follow calls from your office to check about my arrival at Hyd so that the kit can be handed over to me. Here, I would not only like to appreciate the efforts put in my Basith but also like to congratulate INDIGO as an airline for having such a wonderful staff with you. Kudos to Indigo and Basith. Please keep it up. ..."
Anurag, Feb 17, 2010 : "... .Thanks for your prompt response..........
"..... Thanks for your prompt response.... I didn't expect such fast reply... In fact was not even sure if I will get a reply.. This is truly amazing service.. ..."
Dr. S. Ashok, Feb 17, 2010: "... .I agree that IndiGo is the best..........
"..... I agree that IndiGo is the best airline operating in India, and among the very best anywhere. As one who has grossed well over 2 million miles in international travel, I can recognize care and quality and these were evident to me at IndiGo right from the start. Unlike most, you started your operations only after thorough planning and critical choice of personnel. Attention to details, an example: I have never seen any of your flight attendants ever bang shut the overhead storage compartment! I wish you all the best in keeping up your great work.. ..."
Malabika, Feb 18, 2010: "... ..Indigo is undoubtedly the best..........
".....Indigo is undoubtedly the best. It will be great if you start International operations. From Bangkok we look forward eagerly to fly with Indigo always and forever. Keep it up. ..."
MPS Bakshi, Feb 18, 2010: "... .We definitely have a very good..........
"..... We definitely have a very good opinion about Indigo and that is why we opt for Indigo always! We appreciate the good arrangements, especially inside the aircraft which makes the passenger more comfortable. All the Best!! ..."
Shivmeet, Feb 18, 2010: "... .Just to let you know..........
"..... Just to let you know that your efforts are much appreciated. Indigo is my favorite airline for domestic travel, since you take care of the things that matter most to travelers: flying on time for the most part (I landed dot on time in Delhi on the foggiest day this winter.), clean, comfortable aircraft, sensible snacks (I always look forward to your sandwiches, they're so fresh! You've turned around the idea of airline food.), well-turned out (that blue is so much classier than tardy red or bright shades of everything-under-the-sun) and courteous staff. And you still manage to not be expensive. Keep it up and hope you fly to many more destinations so we don't have to take another airline ever.. ..."
Kumar Aditya Khanna, Feb 18, 2010: "... .I am writing in to say..........
"..... I am writing in to say how impressed I am with your airline and its service. Its definitely by far the most efficient and value for money airline I have ever flown. Kudos to you'll, your attitude and service! You have definitely earned yourself a permanent flier.. ..."
Aninda Dhar, Feb 20, 2010: "... .People will always compare ..........
"..... People will always compare services offered by airlines; some are drastic and some are best in the industry. There isa short incident which happened about a month and a half ago where a couple of flights were put on hold due to intensefog at Delhi airport; which is very common during winters. I've heard about and also been in flights within such conditions earlier where the airlines had provided dinner and hadalso taken careof theaccommodation of stranded passengerswhich is absolutely great; not every airlines can do that. For the first time in my life I learnt the true essence and importance of customer service, the verynightwhen Ifound myselfin such a situation about a month and a half ago, on an Indigo flight. Flights were on hold; all of them. People started getting restless. People startedspeculating on "what will happen next? Will the airlines provide dinner? Will they provide accommodation if necessary? Probably they won't!" People started speaking to the cabin crew in an odd fashion; at times rudely, at times sarcastically and mostly out of fear and concern which was very much obvious. The best part I observed was with the cabin crew. I was extremely astonished to see that not a single cabin crew had a mood swing. Every single Indigo crew was firm and polite in their actions and way of speaking. Their interpersonal skills along with their confidence maintained calm on board and similarly, on the ground, the personnel were extremely polite and helpful. The flight was rescheduled and took off in a few hours. What I personally learnt from this experience? Answer: It is easy to provide service in expensive flights where food is included and where services like accommodation to stranded passengers is provided but it is tough to provide customer service in cheaper flightswhere the number of passengers travelling is higher and where food is not included.Keep up the good work.. ..."
Rahul Kalwani, Feb, 20, 2010: "... .I have not used Indigo ..........
"..... I have not used Indigo a lot lately but my experience with indigo has been very impressive. The overall approach of indigo is very professional. Right from the dress code of the air hostess and the stewards, cleanliness and the condition of the plane was all up to the mark and all at such amazing fares has really made me give 1st priority to indigo whenever I plan to fly.. ..."
Ajay Rana, Feb 22, 2010: "... .I traveled from Mumbai to Delhi..........
"..... I traveled from Mumbai to Delhi on indigo flight 6E 186 on 21st February 2010 & left my jacket at security. I notified the same to your ground staff Ms. Priti just before the gate was closing she went beyond the call of the duty & ensured that my jacket was sent to Delhi in next flight. I received my jacket today & am overwhelmed the way indigo staff has cooperated specially Priti. My heartfelt thanks to indigo team. ..."
Harsh Kedia, Feb 25, 2010: "... .It has been a phenomenal..........
"..... It has been a phenomenal experience in getting associated with Air Indigo. ..."
Savi Mull, Feb 26, 2010: "... .Having flown very frequently ..........
".....Having flown very frequently with full service airlines, I was quite impressed at the quality of service provided by Indigo even as a value based carrier. I want to particularly mention Sanjana, the stewardess on the flight from Delhi to Lucknow who was exceptionally thoughtful and warm. Also special mention for the young lady captain who was extremely professional and great all through out the flight. Keep it up! I will surely fly you guys again.. ..."
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