Sumit Kumar Khetan July 1, 2010: "... .I am delighted to convey you..........
".....I am delighted to convey you that I agree with your quote at page 11 of your HELLO 6E eat drink shop issue 4, 2010 which says that Men are from Mars, Women are from IndiGo. .. You have Young fleet, Young Captains, Young and beautiful Cabin Crew with full of energy and commitment for ON TIME performance. We all love Indigo for this. Sneha, Karen, Jayee and Farah served us with lot of care, attention and smile. Wish you all the best . ..."
Harvinder Pal July 2, 2010: "... .While traveling with my favorite airline..........
".....While traveling with my favorite airline I had an immense pleasure when cabin crew EKTA, a stimulating conversationalist with her dignified behavior inspired an immortal smile on many passengers like me. I wish her speedy success for making IndiGo proud. ..."
ubodh Sohoni July 4, 2010: "... .I was to travel from Ahemedabad to..........
".....I was to travel from Ahemedabad to Pune on July 2. Due to heavy rains in Baroda where I was staying on that day I was delayed in traffic and reached the Ahemedabad airport after 2 PM for a flight of 2:25 PM. Although the check-in counter was closed, when I explained that there is no other flight to Pune the ground staff showed great compassion and accepted my plea to be accommodated on the same aircraft. Due to lots of quick and parallel actions from the ground staff at the Ahemedabad airport I made it to the aircraft within next 5 minutes, just before the aircraft doors closed 'In Time'. Thanks to the ground staff at Ahemedabad airport who saved my money and a lot of precious time with my family. I travel a lot, almost every week to a different city and such compassionate support has now made Indigo my preferred airlines. We frequent flyers not only look for efficient service but also such compassion from airlines :). I have already booked my flights to Bangalore from Pune tomorrow and back on Indigo. ..."
P Bhagavantam July 5, 2010: "... .I have travelled on official duty to..........
".....I have travelled on official duty to Mumbai from Hyderabad on 4th June (or so) by Indigo flight but forgot to collect my mobile from X-Ray BIS at Hyderabad Airport. On landing at Mumbai, I approached Ms Shalini Srivastava at Bombay Station and explained her ofloss of my Mobile Phone. I can not forget her service-mindedness, courtesy and concern for her passengers. She did all that was necessary to register my problem efficiently and ensured that the device was kept safe with Indigo staff at Hyderabad, which I collected the same day on my return to Hyderabad from your staff. This mail is to record my appreciation of Ms Shalini Srivastava's efficient and dedicated services to passengers in the time of need. It may be her job, but how many people display such concern for passengers? Such employees only bring laurels and thereby customer appreciation to the Organizations. ..."
Sancharika Banerjee July 5, 2010: "... .I travelled from Kolkata to..........
".....I travelled from Kolkata to Ahemedabad on July 1st '10. The flight was under the command of Capt Ashok Rahane. The landing at Ahemedabad was the best that I have seen. I have been flying for the past 25+ years and have never experienced a landing as smooth as this one. Most of us did not even realize that the flight that touched down. You should be proud to have a pilot like Capt Rahane in your team. Kudos to Capt Rahane!! . ..."
Mohit Khandelwal, July 8, 2010: "... .I am full of appreciation for..........
"..... I am full of appreciation for Ms. Maninder, one of the flight attendant, as the crew ran out of the Veg snacks and she in turn offered her own meal to me - I was touched by her kind gesture - dont know if she owes to the hospitable training or her own effort - in whatever case I am overwhelmed as I have never come across in my extensive flying since 15 years such kindness from the cabin crew. Kudos!! . ..."
Arif, July 8, 2010: "... .I was flying back from Goa by..........
".....I was flying back from Goa by flight 6E 330 on 6th July along with my fiance` and halfway on the bus to the plane she realized that she left her phone charging in the boarding area. She got very upset since it also had some of our holiday photos. I was not sure of getting it back in time since we were among the last of the passengers to board the flight. On getting off from the bus, I requested a ground staff to see if he can do something. He asked us about the make, looks etc. of the phone and alerted his colleagues in the boarding area. We were fast losing hope as the flight was already delayed and we were the last ones left on the tarmac with all the other passengers having already boarded the flight. A few anxious minutes passed and then we saw a bus arriving with a lone passenger and as he walked out of the bus, we had a huge sigh of relief as he had the phone and the charger in his hand. After taking it from staff we ran up the stairs heartedly thanking the staff. In my eyes, this is an excellent example of customer responsiveness even in trying conditions. The staff responded courteously and effectively, even when the mistake was completely ours (being forgetful and leaving the phone back at the boarding area). This experience gives us enough reason to prefer Indigo to other Indian carriers and we look forward to flying again with Indigo and hope to experience the same level of customer responsiveness. ..."
Shailendra S Chidrawar July 13, 2010: "... .I heartiest appreciate indigo team..........
".....I heartiest appreciate indigo team. We got excellent service, best behavior from flight attendant Ms. Uma & Captain Mr. Shinde & Mr. Chaurasiya. It was a memorable travel with indigo. Thanks again. ..."
Christopher Viegas, July 14, 2010: "... .I write to congratulate your..........
"...." . I write to congratulate your airline on the fantastic service you have been providing to passengers in India. I refer to a recent flight to Bangalore (6E 210) on 7th July. I almost missed my flight, but due to the timely intervention & proactive approach of Ms Lavina Soans, I was able to get through. Not only did she assist me in arranging the boarding pass and the extra baggage I had, she also directed an assistant to see me till the security screening. Having spent an equal time between both centuries, in the hospitality industry, let me tell you that Ms Soans is a true star and an asset to your organization. ..."
Mehul Agrawal, July 15, 2010: "... .Last week, I was travelling on..........
".....Last week, I was travelling on a morning flight from Mumbai to Kolkata. On arrival, I realized that I had forgotten my business laptop at the airport security check counter. Since I was there for a business meeting next day, obtaining the laptop at the earliest was extremely crucial for me. In my bid to do the same, I received immense and outstanding support from your Mumbai Airport office in-charge - Saira Quraishi. She was terrific at handling the situation for me and ensuring that I get hold of my belonging the same day. I would like to thank her once again as well as Indigo airlines for providing me with such a fantastic support at such a crucial juncture - I really hadn't expected it to be honest. ..."
Suresh, July 15, 2010: "... .I travelled with IndiGo..........
".....I travelled with IndiGo on the Nagpur to Bombay. I am a frequent flier with indigo as my job requires me to travel a lot. I am writing this to you as a token of my appreciation towards the crew on that flight especially Ms. Ritu. She was very kind and courteous. Also want to mention that the entire team was very well behaved and delivered world class service. I think such employees should be awarded so that they continue to perform the same way . ..."
Amit Jain July 15, 2010: "... .My mom was flying for the first time..........
".....My mom was flying for the first time; we were a bit concerned about her check in, and baggage procedures. As we showed our concern to Ms. Deepshikha, she was more than ready to help her. She did take proper care of my mom and made sure that she comfortably reaches to her flight. I am really thankful to Ms. Deepshikha for her dedication for the work & Thankful to Indigo Airline for employing such efficient people. Such people are asset for you. ..."
Virzinkumar Chetia, July 15, 2010: "... .I was looking for a wheelchair..........
".....I was looking for a wheelchair for my mother I met one of your staff Mr. Noorshakibuzzaman Hoque who surprised me with his excellent service. Right from counter to the boarding gate I did not feel that I was accompanying a sick passenger, everything was so systematic. I normally take other airlines for Delhi - Dibrugarh but this time I was really satisfied by such excellent hospitality of Indigo and must appreciate your staffs working standard is no less than any international airlines. Keep up the good work . ..."
Vinamra Longani, July 15, 2010: "... .I have just come back and..........
".....I have just come back and I have to say your ground staff is the best in the industry. I was running late and guess what I got a call from IndiGo staff. It was god sent. I told the lady I was on my way and will be there in 15 minutes. She said they will wait for me. I was one of the last people to check in and Ritesh was very polite and checked me in without even asking me why I was late. All ground personnel were fantastically groomed, spoken fantastic English and were super duper great at their job. My first time with Indigo and I stand converted. Fantastic job and keep it up. ..."
Vinamra Longani, July 21, 2010: "... .The crew was fantastic..........
".....The crew was fantastic. All the girls were well groomed, very polite and very professional. They served with a smile and dealt with every passenger concern and call light promptly. Randeep Grover, the Supervisor was great at the announcements and she made sure we were well informed about the proceeding of the flight. I would like to mention especially the safety demonstration. This was the most co ordinate effort I have seen on any airline. The girls mirrored each other completely. I would like to especially commend Dewashree Thapa. She was full of life and her smile went a long way in making everyones journey complete. Thank you. You Rock!!!. ..."
Jainendra, July 21, 2010: "... .I travelled to Nagpur from a far remote place..........
".....I travelled to Nagpur from a far remote place and reached airport 4 hours early to the departure. To my disbelief, Airport security allowed me in only after Indigo's staff intervened. I had some uneasy moment in those few hours and to my most comfort your airline and Staff, in particular Ms Sugandha K. Dhila were very dependable. I like to thank Ms. Sugandha K. Dhila and the airline . ..."
Tushar Purohit July 22, 2010: "... .I am very frequent flier..........
".....I am very frequent flier, and the experience I had from Banglaore to Ahemedabad was very good, I would like to appreciate the captain, she managed to have a very smooth take off and landing. It was very cloudy atmosphere but she kept the flight very much stable. Kudos to such captains . ..."
Sriram, July 24, 2010: "... .having flown in several countries and..........
".....having flown in several countries and several airlines, both on business and pleasure, I rate indigo in my "top 5" list! The so called "full service" airlines operating in India must learn from indigo when it comes to punctuality and customer service. After a tumultuous experience with other airline onwards from BLR to HYD, on the return segment, though a short flight (and one of my first flights with indigo); I must surely commend the attitude of the agents, both on board and on ground. Everyone had an ever-smiling face and ever alert to customer needs. The pleasant experience stated above has prompted me to book two more flights in Indigo without even considering other carriers. I really hope indigo starts international operations soon . ..."
Arun Lodha July 27, 2010: "... .I congratulate and thank you and..........
".....I congratulate and thank you and your staff members especially Kiran, Satish and Ranu, all crew members and airport staff for taking extra care of my mother and brother who were travelling with indigo from Jaipur to Kolkata. My mother and brother are not very normal like us but the way they were taken care of is adorable . ..."
Ashok Kapoor July 30, 2010: "... .It.........s amazing what IndiGo has managed to..........
".....Its amazing what IndiGo has managed to do over a short span of 4 or 5 years. They are bang on time every time and its all those little things that they also do inside the cabin . I more or less fly IndiGo now And most importantly all these comments were spontaneous and heartfelt. Congratulations to you and your team. ..."
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