Ritesh Singh Rajput, June 1, 2010: "... .This is in reference to my travel..........
"......This is in reference to my travel from Delhi to Bangalore on 31st May 2010 by flight 6E 121. During the flight I have experienced by far best take off and landing ever in my life. Especially landing was amazing, I could not believe myself, a plane which is around 200 ton landed like a feather (no thud, no jerk, not much vibrations). Please convey my compliments to pilots (I guess one of the gentleman was Mr. James). I travel a lot and according to my experience that was very good take off and landing. ..."
Dipen Sharma, June 1, 2010: "... .I would like to take this opportunity to..........
"......I would like to take this opportunity to thank Indigo for their spot on service. I have travelled with the Indigo more than twice in the past and it has been a fantastic experience as compared to other service providers. Keep it up Indigo! ..."
J R Natarajan, June 2, 2010: "... .I would like to highlight to you..........
"......I would like to highlight to you a wonderful experience i had yesterday when i travelled from Mumbai to Chennai. It was a completely pleasure to experience your airline. From the word go to the time we arrived into Chennai. Firstly, full marks to the young gentleman who checked us in at Mumbai airport. He was a very pleasing personality and ensured the whole rush at the counters was efficiently taken care of and that too with a personal touch. He processed our luggage and gave us our seats without any concerns. My wife and I always travel heavy and have had to pay for it many times. But this time it was different, this young lady made us feel different in many ways. Both my wife and I shared the same opinion, since we had the apprehensions travelling with a new airline for the first time. The flight left on time and reached us at Chennai on time. The cabin crew was also very cooperative and pleasant. I would like to give a 10 on 10 to your airline overall. You surely have two more loyal customers instantly and a flock of others who we would promote your airline to. So please keep this up as our country badly needs some trend setters in first class service. ..."
Sanjeev Dixit, June 2, 2010: "... .Kudos to all of you..........
"...... Kudos to all of you!! I am impressed with every aspect of your service line including on time departure & arrival and well behaved cabin crew/ground staff. Smiley faces at 5 in the morning, quite commendable.. ..."
V. Selvaraj, June 8, 2010: "... .I was travelling on Friday..........
"...... I was travelling on Friday the 21st May, 2010 by the Indigo Flight 6E-524 from Kolkata to Chennai and I was occupying the first row seat No. 1C. While I am immensely satisfied with the general services of the Indigo flight, I wish to draw particular attention to the help rendered by the cabin crew Zarina & Roselit. I felt sick just before boarding the flight due to vomiting after taking contaminated food in the one of the Restaurant functioning in the Kolkata airport and I continued to vomit even during the two hours journey. The cabin crew attendants were extremely courteous and looked after me. It was not only me but also in the same first row there was an old lady who was seriously sick and needed help from time to time and the same cabin crew attended her as well with equal care and attention. I am a frequent traveler and have been travelling by almost all the airlines within India as well as outside of India. I am particularly touched by the services rendered by these two cabin crew. Kudos to the services you offer. ..."
Arkaneil Chaudhuri, June 8, 2010: "... .I am very grateful to Indigo..........
"....I am very grateful to Indigo for returning my laptop in a good condition. Many thanks to all the people who made this possible. ..."
Rao Raghavendra, June 9, 2010: "... .Thanks a lot for your kind help..........
"......Thanks a lot for your kind help. I am happy that I have chosen Indigo, with a human touch, catering to the special needs of elderly people. Congratulations for doing a good job indeed! ... ..."
Feodor Mak, June 12, 2010: "... .I was on 6E191 on 9th June..........
".....I was on 6E191 on 9th June, and 1 of my baggage initially did not meet me at Mumbai Airport when I arrived. Then I approached the baggage staff on duty, who promptly acted on my case. I would like to commend the unceasingly efforts put in by the lady and gentleman on duty at that time as they did all they could to work to help recover my bag, which they eventually did as it was sent to the cargo section. I was deeply impressed by the staff, especially the lady on duty, as she told me at the end of the whole episode, that your airline is very good and was actually upset that something like that should happen. She did look upset and I did feel she was not saying something like that to appease me. As a low cost carrier, I am impressed by the efficiency of your staff and the amount of pride and believe your staff has in the company, which amounted to a full-fare service from you. As a foreigner in India, I have traveled with your airline thrice over 6 months, and this experience reinforces this faith in Indigo, and I will definitely travel with and recommend Indigo to my friends in the future.. ..."
Navneet mishra, June 12, 2010: "... .I would like to appreciate the..........
"..... I would like to appreciate the service received from Ms. Gagandeep (cabin staff), the services received were delightful not only the way she handled the passengers (arrogant as well as beginners), but it seemed that she was the only person on flight who was actually handling her job responsibilities honestly and professionally. I would appreciate if a proper appreciation is provided to the employee as this will motivate the employee and help the airline to gain name and fame. Keep up the good work. ..."
Shwetank Patni, June 13, 2010: "... .Your online updates of flight status..........
"......Your online updates of flight status are really appreciative. The frequency with which it is updated is amazing and makes us to think how you manage this. Keep it up... Cheers!!! ... ..."
Shibu Thomas, June 13, 2010: "... .I have never flown with you..........
".....I have never flown with you. But just want to convey my message regarding your advertisement in channels. The on time performance advertisement is very effective. Always go for some meaningful advertisements.Keep on time performance and soon you will be a preferred airline. Maintain few things: On time performance, Quality service, Customer friendly policies, Cleanliness and Good maintenance of your aircrafts. All the best. ..."
Ashish Sethi, June 15, 2010: "... .I would like to put on record the excellent..........
".....I would like to put on record the excellent in-flight services rendered by Senior Cabin incharge Heena Sharma and her team, especially Ms Divya Verma. I would also like to appreciate the on time departure and arrivals, and my thanks to Capt. Chopra and Mr. Khilanani for the same. You have a great team, and I wish you all the very best. Keep it up ..."
Anil Mohapatra, June 15, 2010: "... .I am greatly obliged to your Ground Staff..........
"...." .I am greatly obliged to your Ground Staff at Kolkata Airport. She took it at personal level and I got the mobile phone I left at the airport at the soonest date. I am really thankful to her and your entire team. This level of service made me emotionally attached to your airline for all my forthcoming air trips in India. ..."
Jayant Kaul, June16, 2010: "... .Today I travelled by indigo for the..........
"......Today I travelled by indigo for the first time. It was quite a refreshing experience. I liked the cabin crew and their demeanor, liked the food and the witty comments on the containers. I think on the future I will try and fly by indigo. Thanks guys. Hope you keep this up. ..."
Karan Singh Bisht, June 17, 2010: "... .Feeling appreciated is one of the most..........
"....Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times." Steve Brunkhorst. I was delighted with my last flight with your airline. Though the boarding started a little late, not only the flight took off on time and but landed bang as well on time. The Crew was at their best and seeing their service I would never like to fly another airline, but yours. I'm sure you guys would have an appraisal system that you follow and I would like you to add this appreciation to the dossier of Jasmine, Alman, Neharika and the cockpit crew. Let me encourage you today: youre not only on the right track. You set the course for the rest of the industry. I appreciate you. ..."
Dr. Debasish Chakraverty, June, 19, 2010: "... .Its a pleasure to inform you that..........
".....Its a pleasure to inform you that your ground staff at Pune Airport named Mr. Amit did a splendid job in retrieving back my lost baggage from Pune to Kolkata. I sincerely thank this effort of your airline for getting back my luggage which had valuable testimonials only through my telephonic conversations. Without this guy's initiative, this could not have been possible. Wishing your airlines all the best for future.. ..."
Tanu Narang, June 21, 2010: "... .a few days back I forgot my apple i-phone..........
"....a few days back I forgot my apple i-phone by mistake on the plane. Sincerely speaking i had lost all hopes of retrieving it back but as a meek chance I sent anemail on the customer relationship email-id. I must admit that totally opposite to my expectation I received a call from your employeeMs Asiya Bashir and she informed my husband that they had found my i-phone. My special appreciation to both Ms Asiya Bashir and Mr Sukhdev (airport manager -Jammu) ,who really did a wonderful job of sending the i-phone safe and sound and also reassuring again and again about its safety . Really as a customer these people have delighted me to the extreme and I would never forget this pleasant experience with IndiGo. Hope that you all keep up the great job.. ..."
Aroop T.Philip, June 22, 2010: "... .We, my daughter and I, had the privilege..........
"....We, my daughter and I, had the privilege to travel Indigo on my recent visit to India, when we went for her admissions interview to Delhi. The experience was INCREDIBLY GOOD. Your "on the dot" punctuality in present times, when the skies over all cities are so crowded, is indeed laudable. Ur in flight personnel are extremely warm and always found smiling. I just had to CONGRATULATE you on this great experience. I have decided one thing..........from now on every flight within India, I will fly ONLY Indigo. Indeed with people like u we can proudly say....Jai Hind ..."
Shikha gupta, June 22, 2010: "... .I was delighted by your service..........
"...... I was delighted by your service. You have excellent staff, on time arrival and departure. When I compare this experience with my recent experience of other airlines I find you guys extremely better.. ..."
Biju Balachandran, June 23, 2010: "... .I have to congratulate you..........
"......I have to congratulate you in running an excellent airline which is on time and with excellent crew. I had a pleasant flight both from Delhi to Cochin & back. Keep up this good standard. We would like to fly with your airline again. Thanks! ... ..."
Karthik Vaidyanathan, June 24, 2010: "... .I wanted to share my experience..........
"....I wanted to share my experience today booking a ticket (M63BBI) over phone with help of Ms. Supriya Rawat. Typically, I would have used the website to book such travel but called into your toll free number 1800180 38 38today since I had to use credit available from an earlier cancellation. Ms. Supriya was able to quicklyidentify the credit and helped me through the entire booking process. She was very patient and understanding at the same time very clear with her instructions as successfully completed the booking with impressive speed. It is wonderful you have such fine people in your team both knowledgeable and are understanding of customer needs. I have utilized services of several different call centers in the past and based on my experience your customer service is world class and you should be really proud of it.This kind of qualityservice, I'm sure will build great customer loyalty for your organization. Keep it up! . ..."
Vipra Jaiswal, June 26, 2010: "... .I had boarded the flight..........
"....I had boarded the flight on 23rd of June 2010 from HYD to LKO. My camera was in my stroller which was kept in the luggage. There somehow the bag got unzipped and the camera slipped out. When we reached home and unpacked the camera, obviously, wasn't there. Then in the evening a call came from Rahul Gupta that your camera has been found. When he saw the camera it seemed almost impossible to trace it to the owner then Rahul Gupta began to view the pictures in it. There he found the picture of my daughter'sbirthday cake on which 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY VISHAKHA' was written. Then he checked all the passengers with name Vishakha andcame to know abouther. Then, he called us to inform us about the gadget. He even apologized to have seen the pictures without permission and asked us to send someone or to come ourselves to collect it. The camera, thanks to Mr. Gupta for his sincere efforts,wasreceived byus in perfect condition.... ..."
Abhilash Gopal, June 27, 2010: "... .I travelled from Cochin to Bangalore..........
"......I travelled from Cochin to Bangalore today evening by 6E 343. The landing was the most jerk free landing i have ever felt. And also, Priyanka (Air Hostess) is to be commended for her services... ..."
Aurobindo Banerjee, June 27, 2010: "... .I was absolutely impressed by..........
".....I was absolutely impressed by my first ever experience with Indigo. I am really flabbergasted. And so professional are your people and services. I plan to use Indigo alone in future. Thanks! ..."
Deepak Mahurkar, June 28, 2010: "... .This is to place on records appreciation..........
".....This is to place on records appreciation for the cabin and cockpit crew of 6E 156 on 28 June 2010. The long Bangalore-Ahmadabad-Delhi flight is otherwise not enjoyable, but I must say the staff made the flight bearable, rather light. The cabin crew was extremely courteous, expressively happy to serve, interacting with each other in a cheerful manner (joking and smiling at times), promptly helping passengers, hardly looked tired till the end - in essence they were enjoying their work. The announcements were clear and full of enthusiasm. They were moving with agility and making sure they do not waste even a moment in schedule. And most importantly, they all were equally good, not just one. Equally good and professional appeared the cockpit crew. They made good, cheerful, and informative announcements. And, beat the schedule by handsome margin with early arrival in Delhi with an appreciably soft landing! Please bring this to the notice of the crew and convey my compliments. Hope to repeat IndiGo experience ..."
Koushik Datta, June 29, 2010: "... .I would like to appreciate Indigo..........
"......I would like to appreciate Indigo Airways for the on-time service it provides. Please keep up the good service. Thank you! ..."
Sandesh Dhagle, June 30, 2010: "... .On my Flight from Hyderabad..........
".....On my Flight from Hyderabad-Bangalore-Hyderabad, I was pleased to receive an exceptional service from Indigo. I have been flying with indigo for quiet sometime now and this specific incidence has increased my preference even more. During my online booking I pre-booked a veg sandwich meal however I wanted to book on Hyderabad-Bangalore sector but by mistake I made it on Bangalore-Hyderabad sector. Due to last minute booking, I hardly notice this until I board the flight and the cabin crew start serving the pre-booked meals & I requested the cabin crew to provide me the meal. They told me that my name has not appeared on that list but she helped me and requested for a printout of the ticket. Unfortunately I had only the first page and by looking at the SSR charges she agreed and decided to serve the meal. I was so impressed by the helpful & polite service offered and the patience shown by the cabin crew. During my flight back from Bangalore to Hyderabad, the cabin crew told me that a veg-sandwich meal is pre-booked on this flight for you and I realize the error. I tried telling the cabin crew but I realized it was a bit complex to understand. Again I was delighted by the polite and warm service. The crew offered me the meal. I would like to hence convey my heartiest thanks to all the cabin crew of these two flights. Events like this that make me fly with indigo again & again. ..."
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