Kinjal Sampat, March 3, 2010: "... .I flew IndiGo Wednesday ..........
"..... I flew IndiGo Wednesday March 3, 2010 on flight 6E 122. Unfortunately I left my wallet in the plane and realized it when I was already half way through the city (Delhi). Late evening, I tried contacting your city office staff who heard me outbut were not ready to do anything beyond that. However in the midst of all thisI dont know his designationbut one of your employees who came through was Mr. Rohit Mathur, who contacted me own his own when he found my wallet and returned it to me intact the next day. I appreciate his concern and efficiency and would like to see more people like him as members of your crew/ team. I would also appreciate the efforts of his colleague Mr. Kailash Khanna who in person returned my wallet to me the next day at the airport.. ..."
Gopal Kundu, March 4, 2010: "... .I would like to extend..........
"..... I would like to extend my special thanks to your Airport Staff of Kolkata for the Last Minute help given to me for boarding my flights. Your Indigo staff took just a second to locate me & facilitated me to board the flight. It was really a Good Experience of Customer Service that I had received from Indigo. must say you are good not only in Pricing but in service also. ..."
Feroza Begum, March 7, 2010: "... .I m a frequent traveler..........
"..... I m a frequent traveler of Indigo, on 17th Feb, 2010 from kolkata to Bangalore 7.35pm Indigo flight, I suddenly felt sick and I am really thankful to the cabin crew of that flight for the care and support, I dont remember their name but really they were very helpful, today if I am alive because of them thanks a lot to the cabin crew and the indigo airlines... ..."
Neeraj Tripathi, March 10, 2010: "... .This is surely the best..........
"..... This is surely the best service that I received at any customer care in recent past.You rock Keep up the great work.. ..."
Nandakumar R, March 10, 2010: "... .Thank you Indigo for the top..........
"..... Thank you Indigo for the top notch service provided by your staff. I was travelling with my parents from Pune to Bangalore on 9th March, 2010 on flight 6E105. My mom, aged 76 has arthritic problems and is not able to walk. So we always use our own wheelchair. The Indigo staff at Pune and Bangalore greatly helped us with providing a wheelchair and carefully stowing away ours while on flight. After de-boarding, the Indigo staff courteously accompanied my mother to help board a local bus to our destination home. The staff at Bangalore also helped my mother in using the airport restrooms and also in helping her get onto and off the transit bus from the tarmac. I've never had a better experience with any other airline (including several international ones) that we have flown. Thanks a million for helping us with our needs and making our travel a pleasure. Oh, and by the way the staff refused to accept any tips we offered. This just goes on to show the dedication of Indigo staff in helping the airline be one of the best growing airlines in India. It is sad that we do not have more of such people in other areas of tourism or the Government. Thanks again and please convey our gratitude to the staff and Pune and Bangalore ..."
Rohan Shankar, March 11, 2010: "... .We would like to acknowledge..........
"..... We would like to acknowledge the help of two staff members of Indigo Airlines who helped us in checking in our flight despite of the fact that we reached airport just 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of our flight. I know it was out of the way and which is why I am acknowledging this effort. KUDOS to those two ladies, I am sorry I could not get time to know/see their names to share this committed effort towards customer, with the management. (But I confirm that on Bangalore airport it was the first INDIGO counter towards extreme left, once you enter the airport premise right next to the lift, which takes us to the first floor). At the same time we confirm to be in time for our next flight in future. Not only this, the overall experience with Indigo was very good. I have rarely seen such professionalism ..."
Sudeep Dube, March 11, 2010: "... .I travelled on your Delhi..........
"..... I travelled on your Delhi Mumbai sector on 26th February 2010. I must say my flight experience was very pleasant. Normally I face a lot of pain in my ears due to the pressure change, especially during the landing. To my surprise this was the most painless journey I have ever had. I am a frequent air flyer and have travelled with almost all the service providers but my experience with Indigo with regards to maintaining the right pressure in the cabin was superb....! ..."
Mahesh Viswanathan, March 11, 2010: "... .I'm just writing to express..........
"..... I'm just writing to express my satisfaction with IndiGo and my gratefulness in the service your company provided. Your airplanes are very comfortable, offering best-in-class service at a very competitive rate. In addition to that, IndiGo personnel went beyond the call of duty by finding a jacket I had left at the security point at the airport in Goa. They found the jacket and brought it to the airport in Bangalore so that I could pick it up. I cannot think of ANY other airline in THE WORLD that would have done this for me. I plan on using IndiGo every time I am in India and I do hope you expand your operation overseas. Go, IndiGo!.... ..."
Dalton Pinto, March 11, 2010: "... .Your airline by all means..........
"..... Your airline by all means is far ahead of other low cost brands. Its always a pleasure to fly in your aircrafts which are clean, have ample leg room and the cabin crew is very courteous and helpful. Keep up the great work and the usual on time performance which is the main reason I fly your wonderful airline. Its rumored that your airline has recorded a profit the current year, and I must say a feat well deserved.. ..."
Madhur Dhawan, March 12, 2010: "... . I would like to congratulate you..........
"..... I would like to congratulate you for your achievements and would like to appreciate the kind of effort you guys make to make sure yours flights are in time. It is visible every time I board an Indigo flight. Right from the ground staff to the pilot and the call center is making an effort to keep the service on time. This kind of commitment is missing from bigger airlines as they are very complacent about there service. Very well done Indigo....Keep it up!!!!! ..."
Manoj Kumar, March 13, 2010: "... .My heartfelt compliments ..........
"..... My heartfelt compliments for such a quick response and specific mention of Rahul Saini from Customer relations for such pleasant responsiveness. Such acts will undoubtedly give us the confidence to fly with you whenever any travel is required. Keep such good things to continue. This is what it means customer experience. Kudos to the entire team behind who is working wonderfully to extend such a service and winning customer confidence. Amazing experience indeed.. ..."
Prabir Sengupta, March 14, 2010: "... .Let me place on record..........
"..... Let me place on record the wonderful experience I had flying with Indigo last evening flying in from Hyd to New Delhi. We were flown in by Capt. RPS Chauhan a pilot who needs KUDOS for his wonderful interactions with the passengers. Not only did he fly in ahead of schedule, he with his lively communiqu with the passengers kept us thoroughly in sync with what was in store for us! Giving us not only the perfunctory details but also about the fleet and making sense of the details relating it for the common man to understand( not just saying flying at so and so feet! But saying things like thus in effect you are flying higher than the Himalayas) More importantly he praised the cabin crew and ground staff umpteen number of times for making the flight take off ahead of schedule. Here is a leader who appreciates team work, who knows it is NOT just about ME!!! I am nothing without the team that I lead and he knows how to build a team, how to appreciate their effort and make them proud of what they are doing. Such persons are assets to the organization and must be commended for the silent but wonderful work that they do. I am sanguine that Rashmi (his co-pilot) will be so much wiser flying with him.. Kudos to the team of INDIGO!!!! ..."
Aakash Sinha, March 14, 2010: "... .I am a frequent traveler with your..........
".....I am a frequent traveler with your airlines n I truly appreciate your time management and on time performance.. ..."
Pankaj Kumar Thakuria, March 15, 2010: "... .I would like to bring to your notice..........
".....I would like to bring to your notice a Small but wonderful & lovely experience" which I saw from your crew on the flight. I was seated in the 2nd Row and a lady with her 8 month old infant was sitting in the 1st row in front of me. The infant was continuously crying during the take-off from the airport and Ms. Nisha your Crew member was watching the lady trying to pacify the kid. Once the seat belt sign was off , Nisha immediately came to the lady and started to play with the kid , she switched on the over head Air vents and the infant was smiling and started playing , relieving the Mother of the tension . A small act goes a long way in winning over people's heart. Next time when I need to send my kid's I will not think twice since your employees take care in such a way.. ..."
Viren Rohella, March 16, 2010 : "... .I was recently traveling..........
"..... I was recently traveling on your airlines andone of your air hostesses (Neha Devgan) went beyond her duty and helped me out.I have been going through some health problems andI neededto rest.I asked if there were anyPillows thatI could use, she said no, but she did use her resourcesandgave me a seat cushion.I really appreciate this gesture.. ..."
hanmugam. V, March 17, 2010: "... .When I flew down from Delhi ..........
"..... When I flew down from Delhi to Chennai, most of the flights got cancelled, but, I could happily travel to Chennai by IndiGo. Great!! Keep up the good work.. ..."
Aishwarya Bagwe, March 17, 2010 : "... .I would like to say thanks..........
"..... I would like to say thanks for the good service provided by your airline staff. I also really appreciate the quick response received from Rahul Saini (Customer Relations) on my request for a travel confirmation certificate. I hope to travel more frequently with your airline. Keep up the good work! ..."
Jayanta Lall, March 17, 2010: "... .I prefer to travel with IndiGo..........
"..... I prefer to travel with IndiGo since your airlines came into being. Apart from strict adherence to schedule time and economical fares, I must express the kind of professionalism and dedication shown by your crew and ground staffs is commendable. On 1st March I met with an accident at Imphal and fractured my knee and had to return to Calcutta. I called your customer care who assured me of all possible assistance. On the date of travel, from the time I reached Imphal airport your ground staff took care of me and my luggage and carried me in a wheel chair into the aircraft. I got a front row seat. At Calcutta airport also I got the assistance of your staff who dropped me to my car in a wheelchair along with my luggage. Im very happy to receive such an invaluable help from your customer care, cabin crew and ground staff at the time of need and express my gratitude to your airlines for such personalised and dedicated service.. ..."
Siddharth .J, March 18, 2010: "... .I wanted to take a moment..........
"..... I wanted to take a moment to appreciate Deepika for the thoughtful support provided after the airline decided to cancel the 6E-181 from Delhi to Mumbai at 6:45 on 20th. She understood the nature of the request and quickly made the necessary changes to re-book me on a flight to Pune saving my time and giving the company more business. Deepika thank you for the good service provided and its another reason I will continue to fly IndiGo... ..."
Gaurav Gupta, March 23, 2010: "... .At the arrival hall, all of a sudden,..........
"..... At the arrival hall, all of a sudden,my dad got unwell. There was a girl by name Ms. Prithi, standing at there, who took notice of all this. On the spur of the moment, without any second thoughts, Prithi rushed to help my dad. She not only brought the wheelchair, but also personally tookus to the Apollo Hospital at the airport and saw to it thatwe attended-to properly and thatwe received medication. Having done that, on the advice of the doctors that my dadwould have to be admitted to a different branch, she called up and informed the staff of the Apollo Hospital, Banjara Hills branch and also arranged for an ambulance for us to be shifted to the other branch of the hospital. She was of great help to my dad and me. I would like to bring to the notice of everyone of such a kind gesture by her. With her kind and helpful act,she has proved that humanity still exists in this world and one should help a passenger irrespective of which airlines he/she is traveling with. I think everyone should take a leaf out of Prithi's book.I wholeheartedly thankPRITHI for all her help. Three Cheers and Kudos to her.. ..."
Dibya Ranjan Panigrahi, March 23, 2010: "... .I would like to thank your staff..........
"..... I would like to thank your staff for all the help I was provided on my flight from Delhi to Bhubaneswar. I had an appendicitis problem and even after treatment, I was in a lot of pain. I could have booked a return ticket on other airlines as well but your fog ad made me change my decision. To my surprise, the other airline had cancelled their flight. Your in flight staff went to the greatest possible extent to relieve me of my pain. Also, your ground staff helped me get on the bus, get my check-in baggage and finally wish me Good health and speedy recovery. Thank you once again for all your help and for such an unforgettable experience. Ms. Sweta on board and Ms. Ankita, ground staff deserve special thanks.. ..."
Shajeendran Nair, March 24, 2010: "... .This was the first time..........
"..... This was the first time I got a chance to fly in IndiGo. It was a wonderful overall experience of punctuality, in flight service, airport services and standards you have maintained. Keep it up.. ..."
Ram Prasad Sahu, March 25, 2010: "... .while travelling on IndiGo..........
"..... while travelling on IndiGo, somebody switched on the reading light above my seat when the main lights were switched off for a brief period mid air. The thing was done so quietly, I didn't even realize it. I was reading a motivational book and received a suggestion that I try another book of the same genre. How many airhostesses ever interact with customers at this level? I was referred to by name while they served snacks and beverages. I forgot my cell phone at the security counter and your folks promptly fetched it for me. These are small things that most airlines and their staff miss out on. I assume this is the result of a training that is drastically different from those that other airlines put their staff through. I had a wonderful time. Good luck with this endeavor.. ..."
Arijit Banerjee, March 27, 2010: "... .I have been traveling ..........
"..... I have been traveling on board IndiGo flights and between various stations all over India. Over the years, I have been a witness to the airline mature and occupy a niche in the industry which is the envy of many. As a passenger, I can confidently vouch for your Airlines' Service quality is by all means 'the best'. I very fondly recall my flights from am to Jaipur while I was posted there and the exceptional efficiency of cabin crew and ground staff. The smallest and even inordinate requests were always handled with efficiency. IndiGo is an airline known for its punctuality. What is perhaps not so well known, is their superb cabin crew teams, who stand out in their efficiency, politeness, and deportment. In fact, even my children now recognize a few of them in the few flights they travel by and Ms. Neha who was on 6E 277 on 26th March (MAA -CCU) stands out for being a perfect flag bearer of a very responsible and important profession. Once again, I wish her and all her colleagues, the very best.. ..."
Arijit Banerjee, March 27, 2010: "... .I have been traveling ..........
"..... I have been traveling on board IndiGo flights and between various stations all over India. Over the years, I have been a witness to the airline mature and occupy a niche in the industry which is the envy of many. As a passenger, I can confidently vouch for your Airlines' Service quality is by all means 'the best'. I very fondly recall my flights from am to Jaipur while I was posted there and the exceptional efficiency of cabin crew and ground staff. The smallest and even inordinate requests were always handled with efficiency. IndiGo is an airline known for its punctuality. What is perhaps not so well known, is their superb cabin crew teams, who stand out in their efficiency, politeness, and deportment. In fact, even my children now recognize a few of them in the few flights they travel by and Ms. Neha who was on 6E 277 on 26th March (MAA -CCU) stands out for being a perfect flag bearer of a very responsible and important profession. Once again, I wish her and all her colleagues, the very best.. ..."
Ankit Suri, March 29, 2010: "... .Mr. Saurabh (security staff at Lucknow)..........
"..... Mr. Saurabh (security staff at Lucknow) has proved that you dont take your customers lightly and he was a great help to my mother (Mrs.Veena Suri) who was a first time flier that too all alone. I was really worried about her but Saurabh solved it all....thank you sir for all u did and I will make sure I fly on IndiGo since the airline rocks. My heart felt congratulations to the Station Managerfor hiring such gems.. ..."
Vikram Singh, March 29, 2010: "... .I was jus amazed to see ..........
".....I was jus amazed to see the way you people carry out things, right from cleanliness of washrooms, carpets to exuberance of crew on board. They were jus magnificent on board. They made people feel comfortable with their warmth and caring behavior. It was an unforgettable experience to me which I shall always treasure. Next time I fly I will definitely prefer IndiGo.. ..."
Sumant Singhi, March 29, 2010: "... . I really want to thank you &..........
"..... I really want to thank you & yourteam for all the concern and effortsmade for me. It surely restores my faith inIndigo as well as in thepeople who are working in the customer service industry in this country. Iam highly impressed by the swiftness youguys have shown after getting my mail as I had no hope of getting the watch back. This incident absolutely changedthe idea and impression I hadof the Budget or Low Cost Airline Industry. I hope other players also take care of their customers as well as you do. But I must say that by providing this kind ofafter salesservices you are setting a benchmark for any other Organization in this country as every one here is to make money butthey hardlytakes care of the customers... ..."
Ajay Navaratne, March 30, 2010: "... .I travel very often to major Indian..........
"..... I travel very often to major Indian cities and found Indigo services much much better as compared to other so called STARRED and NO.1 airlines. You have set the standards and I hope others follow.. ..."
Niranjan Goyal, March 30, 2010: "... .I had a wonderful, awesome &.........
"..... I had a wonderful, awesome & fabulous in-flight experience. I got a warm & overwhelming welcome. Even though I was initially uncomfortable to get a last row seating but it was incredibly managed by your crew. The announcements were clear & crisp with superb quality. The regular interval refreshment services were breath-taking & amazing. The other in-flight services too like merchandising, helping passengers with basic help (water, cleaning, lavatory support etc) were marvelous. The information provided by staff members about IndiGo was astonishing & stunning. The crew members are honestly co-operative & are doing tremendous & excellent job. It was magnificent & spectacular team work led by Megha Rungta. I appreciate & wish to provide my heartiest thanks & gratitude to the team consisting of Megha Rungta, Harkirat Kaur, Raksha Ramudamu & Tina Chakraborty. Thanks a lot Megha & team for the pleasant, refreshing & inspiring flight & hope to see you guys again in near future on some other flight.. ..."
Narinderjit Singh, March 31, 2010: "... .This was the first time..........
"..... This was the first time I flew on IndiGo. I was much impressed by the quality of service both on the ground and in the air. Despite being an Economy only flight, the crew was very courteous and helpful. Having flown other budget airlines which operate out of Singapore, I thought you have set a new standard by establishing that budget need not mean poor service and rude staff.. ..."
Avinash Jain, March 31, 2010 : "... .I would like to express my special thanks..........
"..... I would like to express my special thanks to RAJESH KUMAR, call centre executive. I made a reservation for Delhi - Mumbai and return at indigo website for my parents; unfortunately I haven't read your round trip policy. My father was not well and he was unable to take the return flight. When I called up your customer care number my call got connected to RAJESH KUMAR. He was so polite on the call, while I was shouting at him very badly but the way he explained me was awesome and I really appreciate that. I must say my experience was very pleasant......just want to say good luck for future RAJESH!!!!!!!!! ..."
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