R. K. Datta, May 1, 2010: "... .I really appreciate the honest..........
".....Ireally appreciate the honest and sincere efforts made to keep your customers happy. Thus, on behalf of my family and self, I profusely thank you and your management for taking extraordinary goodwill gesture in reimbursing thetotal amount paid by me for rebooking our last trip from Kolkata to Bangalore on 28th April. I can guarantee my relatives and children will surely travelby your airline in future; may be my friendstoo follow the same. Wish you very goodsuccess in business.. ..."
Kumar Amarendra N Singh, May 1, 2010: "... .I forgot my specs while getting down (19C).........
".....I forgot my specs while getting down (19C) and had to rush back to the Patna airport. I got my specs thank you very much. But more important is the compliment and appreciation for the staff of IndiGo at the Patna airport whose behavior and promptness touched my heart. I wish to specially thank them for being so nice - its important to care how you handle your customer and the guys were so good. Hats off to them! ..."
Vikas Sharma, May 3, 2010: "... .Highly appreciate your assistance during..........
".....Highly appreciate your assistance during my sister's first air travel who traveled from Jaipur to Bangalore along with her 4 year old son with Go Indigo... Specially thanks to Mr. Surender Sharma from Jaipur airport who cooperated with my sister till she boarded the flight and also arranged for support at Bangalore.... his extreme customer supportability and commitment pushed me to write these few words to thank him and Go IndiGo.... ..."
Dr. Mayank Yadav, May 4, 2010 ......... .I have to appreciate the services..........
".....This mail is to acknowledge the courtesy shown by the crew of flight 6E260. It would be worth mentioning their names since all of them were so cordial that we still remember them. Sunita, Jincy, Cristabel and Jenia were on top of their efforts to take care of all of us who were a group of around 20 passengers travelling on an official trip from Bhubhneshwar to Delhi. Everything handled by this crew (on-flight welcome, announcements and service etc)was so perfect and delighting that we all agreed on high quality standards set by IndiGo for passenger service. The crew lead convinced us about the company policy of serving drinking water in glasses instead of handing out pet bottles which we never realized and now when we realize it we feel it should be implemented by all airlines. There was a good amount of professionalism shown by the crew with equal amount of personal touch. We all wish all the best for IndiGo airlines and these charming employees! ..."
Lt Commander Vikram V Desai, May 4, 2010: "... .I highly appreciate your prompt and positive ..........
".....I highly appreciate your prompt and positive response to my mail. The good will gesture extended is beyond my expectations and no other airline would have done it. I have no doubt, that IndiGo Airlines, just because of its customer friendly relations, professional competences and always on time performance attracts a large customer base in India and is also the most favoriteDomestic Airlines. I wish IndiGo and its Team a Very Good Luck and Happy Flying.. ..."
Sanjay Kumar Singh, May 5, 2010: "... .Everything about your airline is good!..........
".....Everything about your airline is good! On time performance is excellent (I have always reached before time), just keep it up! You are best value for money! ..."
Sanjeev Khanna, May 8, 2010: "... .This is in genuine appreciation ..........
".....This is in genuine appreciation of your Customer Service agent at Mumbai Domestic Airport Ms Manisha Waghela who has shown true professionalism in helping genuine passenger problems. She has been a delight to deal with at your airport counter. Such helpful employees would get your airlines more and more loyal customers. Please pass on my appreciation to her too.. ..."
Ranjeet Gupte, May 8, 2010: "... .I would like to point a good experience..........
".....I would like to point a good experience that I just had with Indigo Airlines / employees. Immediately after I finished my enquiry about minor passengers with your call center, I booked the ticket online. Not being too familiar with procedure, the ticket was booked on my name by mistake, instead of myson who is a minor. I immediately contacted your call center and informed about the error inadvertently and requested for name change. After initial resistance, Mr. Janendra Atri listened to me very patiently and helped me resolve this and also cautioned me not to repeat this. I feel it was a good experience with IndiGo and also your executive. While most of us are more than eager to complain about inconvenience caused over petty issues, I want wanted to share a good experience that I had with IndiGo. ..."
Poonam Bhatnagar, May 9, 2010: "... .I have to appreciate the services..........
".....I have to appreciate the services rendered by Aradhana in the Call centre who helped me in booking E tickets to Jaipur from Mumbai on 10 may on an urgency basis thanks a ton ..."
Jayarami Reddy, May 11, 2010: "... .This to inform you that I have..........
"..... This to inform you that I have got very good service from your employee at Hyderabad air port during my travel to Delhi. I had rescheduled my ticket through credit card. However when I reported for boarding, it was found that ticket status was pending. Mr.Vamshi Krishna accompanied with me all along. He resolved ticket issue by calling Customer service and helped me till I boarded the air craft. A big thank you to him. ..."
Johnson Peng, May 12, 2010 : "... .Thank you very much for your timely help..........
"..... Thank you very much for your timely help.My laptop has come back to me because of IndiGos good service and excellent response speed. As a foreigner, I don't know how to say thank you to your guys/girls, but I know I will be IndiGos sincere fan and broadcast your excellent from now on.. ..."
Gurmeet Singh, May 13, 2010: "... .It was my first time travelling with IndiGo..........
"..... It was my first time travelling with IndiGo, I must say that your aircrafts are very well maintained as compared to other airlines and staff is also very courteous. The in flight staff was same on both flights and I was amazed when they instantly recognized me and greeted me by saying nice to see you again. It was a nice gesture that they still remembered me from the previous day. Your airhostesses made extra effort to make everybody comfortable. Special thanks to the Captain JASKIRAT SINGH WAZIR for the nice flight.. ..."
PK Devidas, May 13, 2010 : "... .I would like to convey my thanks ..........
"..... I would like to convey my thanks to IndiGo for excellence in service. I have been in this industry since 1959 and it is nice to see that there are still airlines who think that Passengers deserve to be served. Keep it up. Congratulations to your team. God bless. ..."
Vikram A Munshi, May 13, 2010: "... .I would like to commend the excellent..........
"..... I would like to commend the excellent customer handling shown by your employee Ms.Saira Qureishi stationed at the Mumbai airport arrival terminal. I had traveled on the Del Mum sector in your 6.40 am service on 10th April 2010. My luggage missed tagging at the Delhi airport and hence did not reach Mumbai airport. Saira was manning your counter in the arrival lounge. She did her best to trace the luggage, a difficult task especially when the luggage is not tagged. I was impressed by the calm and proactive behavior exhibited by her. While waiting for her Delhi counterparts to revert, she proactively called other airports in the event my bag got loaded in some other flight. Very frankly, she showed the right amount of concern and courtesy and backed it up with diligent follow up. At the end the luggage was traced at Delhi and sent to Mumbai which I received. I would like to make it clear that I would have written the same mail even if my luggage was not traced because of the customer orientation showed by Saira. My opinion of IndiGo went higher because of Saira.. ..."
Mallesh Kota, May 14, 2010: "... .I am a regular visitor to India ..........
"..... I am a regular visitor to India and I am delighted with the service you have provided. You have proved me wrong about budget airline's service. Especially, I would like to thank Cabin crew Miss Hazel for her help during my flight. I will be flying again and would recommend others to fly IndiGo as well. Keep it up.. ..."
Sarwavash Kumar, May 14, 2010: "... .I was travelling from Patna to Bangalore..........
"..... I was travelling from Patna to Bangalore with my wife, kid and luggage I was short of hand and seeking help. At that moment, I was greeted by Miss Avantika Anand at IndiGo Patna who was doing the Xrays for luggage. She quickly stepped up and also asked a helper to help me with the luggage for screening. What I could not stop noticing was her professional and very helping attitude. She found something objectionable in my bag and we had to open the bag for examination. She very politely explained me the rules of the airlines. All along she was very polite and courteous. I live in the US, a country of professionals who go any length for customer satisfaction. When I reflect on the services that I received from Miss Avantika, I feel that she was so good when it came to helping the customer and winning their confidence with the right attitude, language and smile. And go beyond the call of duty to make the customer feel welcome and above all pleased with the service. I want to wish her all the very best. This is an experience which does not happen all the time and so after all these months, I thought why not take a moment and write about her.. ..."
Ashish Thakur, May 14, 2010: "... .I would like to thank your Airline..........
"..... I would like to thank your Airline on having allowed me to buy a ticket when the flight was supposed to depart in less than half an hour. I would like to appreciate Ms. Jasminsinitiative to get the necessary permission form her senior and have the ticket issued then personally take me to the check in desk. The gesturehas really given a personal touch to the whole episode. I would like the concerned authorities to pass on the appreciation message to Ms. Jasmin.. ..."
Sangeeta Wij, May 14, 2010: "... .It is with great relief..........
"..... It is with great relief and pleasure that I write to you, having received my Laptop within 24 hours of my leaving it at Mumbai Airport yesterday while flying back from Mumbai. It is indeed exemplary the way your young in-flight staff as well as extremely patient and courteous ground staff handled a tired and irate and confused "me", who refused to believe the polite assurances being handed out. Not only did they manage to reassure me, and gave me precise instructions for sending an email request for retrieval, but also ensured that I got my extremely important possession within 24 hours of leaving it behind. I would like to place it on record the wonderful behavior of your staff, and thank all of you for being so understanding, patient and supportive....including Aamir, Roma, Carol and Manoj etc..... ..."
Dinesh Kumar, May 15, 2010: "... .Kindly accept my sincere thanks ..........
".....Kindly accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for excellent service in air as well as in customer handling ..."
Zubair Salroo, May 17, 2010 : "... .I am jubilant ..........
"..... I am jubilant & happy because of what I saw and experienced on 13th of May on your airline from Srinagar to Delhi.I am a frequent traveler on the sector. Due to high level security checks i got little late at sxr airport& requested a lady who represented as Airport manager of your airline to make me skip the queue outside the airport. She went out of the way to do the needful... My mom who accompanied me wanted a seat near the entrance,which again she offered. I congratulate you guys for launching the sector and congratulate your ground staff for their wonderful commitment. A special mention of your airport manager who helped a lot.. ..."
Shishir Verma, May 21, 2010: "... .I should commend you and your organization for the speed of service...........
"..... I should commend you and your organization for the speed of service. Like your flights are always on time customer care service is just as good and fast. Keep it up!!! ..."
Namita Manel, May 23, 2010: ...................My elderly parents, my infant..........
"..... WMy elderly parents, my infant and I boarded your flight 6E 190 on May 7, 2010 from Goa to Mumbai. We were very courteously helped by a Mr Justin at the Goa airport. He sent a colleague to help my mother, me and my baby through express security and asked us to wait in the departure lounge. Later, while boarding the airport coach, Mr Justin got a stool to enable my elderly parents and me to easily climb into the coach. All this with a warm smile. He was assisting other passengers too. We've not yet come across such warm service in India in our 25-30 years of travelling by air. Kudos to employees who own up responsibility! The in-flight crew too was good, the flight was punctual. In all, a very fulfilling experience - this, on a no-frills trip!! Keep it up!!! We like your new TV ad too!! ..."
M. Dipankar Singh, May 23, 2010: "... .I am a frequent flyer with your airlines..........
"......I am a frequent flyer with your airlines. I just watched your airline's promo. That's a great promo. I feel that the kind of service your airline gives is really great. You guys really treat passengers to /from small cities same as those from metro cities. I would remain your airline's loyal traveler.. ..."
Anu Tomar, May 23, 2010: "... .I traveled on Delhi-Ahmedabad sector..........
".....I traveled on Delhi-Ahmedabad sector today from Flight 6E-155. The landing was extremely smooth and almost perfect. Really appreciate the pilot.. ..."
Karan Sharma, May 26, 2010: "... .I loved the new..........
"......I loved the new indigo television commercial. Super cool.. ..."
Ashish Anthony, May 27, 2010: "... .I just want to appreciate the service..........
".....I just want to appreciate the service I have got from the ground staff at Delhi when I reached on 26th from Srinagar by Flight 6E 551 which was delayed by 1 hr. I would have missed my flight to Kolkata IC 264, which was about to leave. I asked the Indigo staff present there for assistance, she not only suggested that I go ahead to board the flight , she assured me that she would take care of my luggage and would send it to me in Kolkata. I only have to collect it from Kolkata airport . I have no words to thank her for the timely suggestion and help at that point of time. Even though I was not flying to Kolkata by IndiGo, she helped me and back at Kolkata I got the same help to collect my luggage intact .Thanks a lot. I could come back home on the same day safe.. ..."
Debabrata Bala, May 29, 2010: "... .I consider INDIGO to be one of the best..........
".....I consider INDIGO to be one of the best airlines, I also know the effort, that all of you must have taken to take INDIGO to such a level. When all other airlines were struggling to reach break-even point, INDIGO is the only airline making a profit, giving record on time service and running with more than 90% occupancy. I wish all the success to indigo airlines and Promise you that , I will be continuing as your customer.. ..."
Maria D'souza, May 29, 2010: "... .I went to the Mumbai Airport and collected..........
".....I went to the Mumbai Airport and collected my handset today and I want to give a BIG thank you to each and every individual who made it possible, right from the person who handed over the phone to Mr. Shyam at the Cochin airport to the Indigo staff member who handed over the phone to me today. Having said that, I want to make a special mention about two really amazing staff members - Neenu and Pratibha (from Indigo-Cochin), who I had been in contact with since Sunday and who kept me updated about the progress and whenever I called gave me the right details. Its a pure delight for me to get the phone back & moreover to experience such an awesome service with your airlines. You've earned great respect from me and a loyal customer for life!!! Thanks a mil again!!! I will only go INDIGO next time!!!! ..."
Asritha Mamillapally, May 29, 2010: "... .I am very much thankful to one..........
".....I am very much thankful to one and all of the staff members of IndiGo Airlines at last they have traced out my baggage and handed it over to me in a good condition.. ..."
K.N. Srinivasan, May 30, 2010: "... .I arrived just 10 min before..........
".....I arrived just 10 min before the scheduled flight LKO-BOM on 8-May-10. I was informed I cannot board the flight. But Mr. Sagar gave me an option to board without check-in baggage. I agreed. Mr. Sagar also took care to send the baggage by the next flight. Mumbai IndiGo staff also were helpful enough to retrieve the bag. My best wishes to Mr. Sagar of Luknow IndiGo.. ..."
S. K. Mishra, May 30, 2010: "... .On arrival at airport while going to..........
"......On arrival at airport while going to claim my baggage, I realized that my wallet is missing & presumed that same must have fallen in the plane while deplaning. Obviously I was worried & getting late. My request to staff near the belt did result in the recovery of wallet intact I am grateful to the air hostess who found it, the security person who finally delivered it & the ground support girl who helped convey the loss to aircraft. I would like to convey my appreciation to these 3(2 girls & one gentleman/security) through this feedback. Please do convey same to the actual persons involved.. ..."
Sumit Khetan, May 30, 2010: "... .I am delighted to share that Kumudini..........
"......I am delighted to share that Kumudini, Kathleen and Rucha are cheerful cabin crew who served us with lot of smiles and attention. The cabin crew did everything possible to make our journey a comfortable and memorable one. The food offered was best ever on any IndiGo flight so far. I really enjoyed my flight with you this morning. Please accept my good wishes to FLY HIGH. Thank you once again for nice flying experience and look forward for more frequent flying with you.. ..."
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