Chilukuri Srinivas, November 03, 2010: "... .While flying with indigo I forgot..........
".....I travel frequently by Indigo mostly on the Kolkata - Nagpur sector. Every trip throws up a different experience. During my last trip to Kolkata, I was attended that day by your Check-in attendants Harshada & Renuka. They were pleasantly courteous and understanding to my needs. Their behavior and customer handling left a good impression of IndiGo. As it is the culture and ethos at Indigo is far superior to other airlines and it is a pleasure flying with you. May you continue serving the Indian flyer well!! . ..."
......... On board the flight:: "... .When I walked into the flight..........
".....When I walked into the flight I was greeted by a crew member. I stopped there and explained what had happened and told her my problem. She said that the moment boarding was closed she would get back to me. A few minutes after the pilot announcing that board was now finished she promptly came up to me and said that there was an Aisle seat vacant and I had a smile from Ear to Ear. The flight took off and it was such a pleasure to see every member of the crew with lovely smiles on their faces all through the flight, even though I am sure that they must have had a long day as this was one of the last flights in the day. I then set my eyes on one of your products in your catalogue which was the hook Swiss watch with a torch. I called one of the crew members called Steff and asked her if your airline accepted debit cards as I dont carry a credit card and was a bit low on cash in my wallet. She advised that the airline doesnt accept debit cards. I told her that I really wanted it and she requested for a few minutes so that she could speak to the crew in-charge called Nisha (I hope I got the name right). After their cabin food service was done Nisha promptly spoke to me about the item that I wanted to purchase. After hearing me out all she said (which amazed me) No problem Sir I will make sure either myself or one of the crew accompany you to the ATM which is inside the baggage terminal, collect the money and handover the purchased item with your bill which actually made me feel for the first time in my flying life that I was traveling First Class on an economy ticket. So after landing Steff accompanied me to the baggage terminal where I withdrew the money and got the product I wanted and was wished a very happy Diwali. To finish Pat yourself on the back and ask every employee of your airline to do the same cause you guys deserved it. Right from the attitude, presentation, attire, smiling faces, behavior and professionalism. What a DELIGHTFUL experience!!! . ..."
Darshan Shetty, November 04, 2010: "... .Once again IndiGo has far exceeded..........
".....Once again IndiGo has far exceeded my customer expectations of fantastic service. Brilliant service was provided by the counter staff in the ground before security and brilliant service on board the flight by the flight crew. I was initially booked into one of your rival airlines (my apologies for that as it was done last minute) who had me transferred to your airline as their flight was pushed forward from 9:35pm to Midnight. I landed at the airport more than 2 hours early as I can only travel in an Aisle seat due to Claustrophobia and coming early helps me get that. I had informed this to the airline that made the booking with your airline but I guess they never passed on the information. However I proceeded to check-in and requested for the ticket which was a middle seat to be changed to an Aisle seat. This was not available as your flight was going full. I request to speak to the manager who was the same person who gave me fantastic service the last time around. He apologized that there were no seats but told me that there could potentially be a passenger in an Aisle who was not going to turn up as there were just a couple of minutes for the flight to close and he hadnt yet showed up. He wrote the seat number of my boarding pass and I proceeded to the flight. AWESOME Just the way I was spoken to by your staff and the empathy that was shown. You guys made my day! . ..."
Animesh, November 05, 2010: "... .Had a wonderful experience this time with..........
".....Had a wonderful experience this time with Indigo, starting right from the time I entered the airport at Kolkata. At counter the staff was very polite and through with procedures, the cabin crew was very nice and friendly, the flight was smooth and captain was very informative with flight route and stats, baggage arrived in few minutes. Well groomed cabin attendants and really nice uniforms were icing on the cake. I noted a genuine concern of crew towards passenger, when they politely and timely reminded us to save our data before switching off the laptop. Unable to recall one name of crew...who I distinctly noticed, was well groomed, confident and helpful, but could notice her name. Hats off to your level of service!!! . ..."
A.R.Muralidharan, November 06, 2010: "... .My experience with Indigo on..........
".....My experience with Indigo on 6E 278 on November 5, 2010 was "Excellent". Captain Ramesh Krishnan and Soumya deserve special appreciation. The flight reached Mumbai at 1830 hrs i.e. half an hour before scheduled time and it was just marvelous. One wonders whether there was no traffic congestion in the skies on account of Diwali. I am a regular traveler by Indigo and the above flight experience was unique. Congrats to Ramesh & Soumya. Please keep it up . ..."
Aditya Prabhu, November 07, 2010: "... .First of all I will have to appreciate..........
".....First of all I will have to appreciate the on time departure and arrival of my flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The ground staff was extremely helpful and so were the in-flight staff. The uniform with the new addition of hat is a real beauty. The air-hostesses were extremely helpful and polite. I am now a loyal Indigo traveler because no one offers such a kind of service. Hope that this service continues and betters. Cheers!!! . ..."
Shaheema Shaw, November 10, 2010 : "... .After a series of unfortunate incidents..........
".....After a series of unfortunate incidents flying various domestic airlines, we decided to fly IndiGo, just to see if it was any different. Usually, we have to put up with unfriendly, rude flight crew, incompetent on-ground service, and terrible food in-flight. But that's all changed! I wish you guys had international flights, too! My whole family had an amazing experience with your airlines. Everything went smoothly, from booking to the on-ground services, to the in-flight services. You definitely have a very cool company. Your staff is extremely efficient, courteous, and friendly. I especially want to commend Indermohan, who really made our flight pleasant. She was all smiles, gave us some amazing information about Calcutta, since it was our first time visiting, and entertained my sister's son. I'm definitely recommending IndiGo to all my friends, and I wish everyone at IndiGo the very best! . ..."
Raghu Mittal, November 10, 2010: "... .I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore..........
".....I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore by flight 6E121 on Nov 9, 2010. I was hopelessly stuck in a traffic jam near the airport because of a truck and then the way was obstructed because of Barack Obama's troupe that was passing by. I was late for checking in and almost accepted the fact that I am going to miss my flight. I reached the airport at 9:05am for the 9:30 am flight, and the Indigo personnel actually allowed me to board, even though they had the option of declining me entry to the flight. The hassle-free entry to the airplane tells me a lot about your attitude and your dedication towards your loyal customers. I accept that you rightly deserve the reward for being the best low-fare airline. I am very pleased with the services provided by Indigo and will be a loyal customer from now on. Thanks a lot for everything and keep it up.. ..."
Vijay Puri, November 13, 2010: "... .I wish to place on record..........
".....I wish to place on record my appreciation for the manner with which your Ms. Shruti Walia, attended to my call in the context of the subject above. The way handled my query and explained the procedure to me with high degree of professionalism and dedication to her duty, was very good. While complimenting the airlines on the performance of their customer relations department, I wish Ms. Shruti a very promising career ahead . ..."
Angshuman, November 16, 2010: "... .I have been flying indigo..........
".....I have been flying indigo for almost all my business trips and for all personal ones. On time, clean planes, efficient service all are part of the great experience... But there is that 1 moment when an airline goes beyond the call of duty and makes the journey a more special one... And it happened to me today. To catch my flight to Delhi I left from my office in time traffic snarls ate away from my 2 hrs head start and I reached with just 25 minutes to spare. The counter person said that Delhi counter had just closed and I had to reschedule my flight. I pleaded that I had no luggage, done web check-in and always use indigo (also cursed Mumbai traffic) and then Benny Fernandes came into the picture. He heard all this, made a few enquires and said 'Do not worry'. He got my pass, escorted me through security and onto the flight. I couldn't thank him enough. He made it possible to reach home on time to my family. He actually made me feel that 'indigo actually valued my business' as they repeat on flights. He went that further mile and made me a fan of indigo. Hope indigo recognizes the importance such people in their ranks who work tirelessly at increasing customer loyalty. Thanks to Benny I will remain an indigo fan and will have a gr8 experience/ story to share about indigo at parties . ..."
Debdutta Bhattacharya, November 17, 2010: "... .Your airline gives great on..........
".....Your airline gives great on time service. I was expecting a delay due to 15 minutes late departure, but the timing was perfect and I reached home in time. I would like to greatly appreciate the work that is being done by this group of people. Small actions sum up to a great result - this is clearly validated by your service. I wish that these wishes of mine reach every person working for this enterprise, and I hope that the vision continues to light up the path ahead . ..."
Rohan Jelkie, November 26, 2010: "... .I had the opportunity to fly Indigo..........
".....I had the opportunity to fly Indigo recently on a trip back home to Guwahati and I am writing in to express my appreciation to the Captain who flew us that day. Prior to take off, I was pleasantly surprised that the flight time from Delhi to Guwahati would be 1hour and 56 minutes. I fly this route at least 5 times year and it normally takes about 2 hours. The captain made his in flight announcement prior to take off giving details of his flight plan and wished us a comfortable flight and left us to Indigos ever affable staff to take care of us. Prior to landing he made another announcement and we landed shortly after that. I checked my watch it was 8:05 am. As the passengers started de boarding, The captain emerged out of the cockpit with a huge smile and said to one of the crew See, I am 20 minutes, ahead of time as I promised! and then he stayed on to thank the guests for flying Indigo as they left the craft. By the time I left my seat and got to the exit, the gentleman had gone back to the cockpit to prepare the craft for the next leg of the journey to Imphal. My point of writing this email to you is to ask you to thank the pilot for doing a brilliant job that day. I am sure hes an expert at manning an airbus and that was obvious by the pleasant flight I had. But thats not what I would want to thank him for. It was for the genuine interest and pleasure that he took in doing his work. I fly a lot and keep experimenting with different airlines. I have flown with Indigo in the past as well but this time it was different. Almost all captains make announcements onboard, this gentleman made conversation with us. The joyous smile on his face upon emerging from the cabin for having landed before time showed the passion he had for what he did. And that, I thought was a brilliant thing. In a very small yet significant way his passion for his work and true happiness for his guests affected a very good beginning to my day. Passion and humility go a long way in expressing the true worth of a professional. And I think he had it all. I look forward to flying with Indigo again! . ..."
Bharat Goenka, November 27, 2010: "... .I travel frequently by Indigo..........
".....I travel frequently by Indigo mostly on the Kolkata - Nagpur sector. Every trip throws up a different experience. During my last trip to Kolkata, I was attended that day by your Check-in attendants Harshada & Renuka. They were pleasantly courteous and understanding to my needs. Their behavior and customer handling left a good impression of IndiGo. As it is the culture and ethos at Indigo is far superior to other airlines and it is a pleasure flying with you. May you continue serving the Indian flyer well!! . ..."
S. Bakshi, November 29, 2010: "... .Being a frequent traveler on Indigo..........
".....Being a frequent traveler on Indigo, I have always loved your services.....especially on my last flight to Bombay. My parents and I got seats in different rows. When we boarded the aircraft Ms Saloni who was assisting us with the seats noticed this and went beyond the call of her duty to make my parents sit together even without us asking for it. I really appreciate this gesture for making my parents travel comfortable. I hope to fly with Indigo even more often and suggest to all my friends special older travelers . ..."
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