Gaurav Agarwal, October 03, 2010: "... .The overall experience with Indigo..........
".....The overall experience with Indigo has been just fantastic, time and again. You can beat any full service airline at will. Keep up the good work!. ..."
E. Kiran Mohan, October 06, 2010: "... .I was born and brought-up in..........
".....I was born and brought-up in the tribal-belt of Orissa. As a child, like any other kid I too had child-hood fantasies of cars, trains and aeroplanes. In my tender age, many nights in the sleep I dreamt of elevating from bed and flying in the sky as if a Superman. But it was not until the year 1983 on my 7th Standard in school, I had the first glimpse of a flight at Kolkata. Till recently journey by a flight was considered to be a way of luxury and out of reach for any common Indian. In September 10 I had been to New Delhi. On my return journey I opted to take a flight to Bhubaneswar instead of a superfast train on the pretext that I had never before travelled in a flight in this life of mine. More to it, it is highly affordable when you could plan it well in advance. As a ritual at New Delhi every day my younger brother Karun started giving me tips on how to take a flight journey, as he himself is a frequent air-traveller. I started getting impatient as the days neared by for my return journey. The night before schedule departure I was in a state of euphoria. As a result of which I was sleepless till one past midnight, whereas I had to wake-up by 4.30 AM to get prepared for my Bahuda Jatra (return journey). I had my return journey by Indigo in Flight # 6E-257 on 15th September 2010 early morning from Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA). It was scheduled to be departed at 7.30 AM. I was instructed to report at the check-in counter two hours before the schedule departure. I reached the airport lobby on the wee hours at around 5.30 AM. The whole area was glittering with neon-lights as if day time. So much illumination made me even more nervous. I was instructed by my brother to reach the counter of the Indigo Air and the rest they will manage. As I reached the counter of Indigo the lady officer greeted me with a smile. She asked for the ticket and the ID proof. After weighing the luggage she asked me politely to deposit Rs. 500 for the overweight. She handed over the boarding pass. I learnt the valuable lesion to travel light whenever you take a journey by a flight. Thank God my mother was not accompanied with me. Had she been there my luggage charges would have been more than the ticket cost. I was directed to reach Boarding gate # 20 for which I had to take an escalator. I went to the gate and waited. There were two European tourists as well. All those people were aristocratic and wearing blazers and boots, where as I was wearing a cotton shirt, denim trousers but with sleepers on my feet as a gaon ka Govinda. I recalled this could be the reason why my mother was particularly asked me to buy a new pair of boots on this trip of mine to New Delhi. By 7.00 AM a transit bus picked us all to drop near the Indigo flight. In the bus I found a co-passenger in a low spirit and deeply engrossed in thoughts. In Oriya I greeted him Namaskar Agyan as it was a Bhubaneswar bound flight. He forcibly smiled, but kept quiet. I questioned if everything is fine. He said he is rushing to Bhubaneswar to stand by the side of his mother, as the previous day his father passed into comma. All I could do was to express my concern to him, just by placing my hand on his shoulder. In sharp contrast to the popular believe I realised that, these airline carriers are not just the luxury mode of transport, but they do deliver hope, aspirations, care and concern to the loved ones on time. With the help of a ladder I stepped inside the flight. At the gate I was greeted by an air hostess. I was amazed to find her speaking in the regional Indian languages. It assured me that no one needs to know English or need to wear a pair of boots to board a flight. She escorted me to the seat number 8D. I was disheartened to find it to be the centre chair far away from the window. I was dissatisfied with self for my maiden venture as I wont be able to see the hemisphere and the earth below me when the flight takes off. I greeted my other two co-passengers with a smile to accommodate myself in the chair. I just thought to be introduced to the Parthasarathi of my flight, as my safety is in his hands. I went to the cockpit. I expressed my good intension to the air-hostess. Without any suspicion she opened the doors of the cockpit. I greeted the pilots saying, you have to make me reach home safely as my mother would be waiting. The co-pilot said, just be assured all the life we are doing it un-failingly. I returned to my seat with a light-heart. Soon they announced the flight is about to take-off and to switch-off the cell phones, laptops and all other electronic equipments. They announced to fasten the seat belts. I was able to pullout the belts, but could not lock it. For a while I was hanged in the jumble game. My puzzled state of affair soon caught the attention of a tall air-hostess, and she came to my rescue. They announced that the flight is about to takeoff. By keeping alive my orthodox personal beliefs, I prayed to my lord while shutting my eyes and folding both the hands. Engine started and the flight moved ahead. In seconds it accelerated to a greater speed and took off the ground. I sensed everything went smoothly. After takeoff it made a sharp L-turn. Then they announced to unlock the seat belts. Now It was time for me to start lobbying. I expressed my desire to the neighbour about my eagerness to sit near the window as its my first journey by a flight. He wanted to laugh at this thought of mine, but vacated his seat quietly to keep alive his self-dignity. Now I occupied the window seat just a row ahead of the right-wing of the aeroplane. I could see the powerful engine on its wing which was pulling us ahead. Entire life I had seen the clouds above me in the sky, but now for the first time in life I saw clouds below me. aaj mei uppar asman niche . To my disbelieve I heard that I am flying at a pace of 850 km/h and at a height of 35,000 feet above the ground level, which is much higher than the summit of Mt. Everest. There came another airhostess with a cart load of breakfast for us. I got a pack of sandwich with fruit drink. It was wrapped in an eco-friendly paper. While eating my breakfast I read the beautiful love-story of Sahjade Salim and his lover Anarkali printed on this packet. It reminded me of my yester years of love life, even while at that moment I was moving ahead of time. By 9.30 AM my flight landed safely at Biju Pattnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar. Every passenger got up to lift their hand bags from the cup-board and moved towards the gate. But I was sitting there still near the window while the seatbelt was tied onto my waist. That tall air hostess came back to ask if I need any help to unlock the belt. But I said, no let me stay here for a while. ..."
Hans Johansen, October 08, 2010: "... .We were travelling from Goa to..........
".....We were travelling from Goa to Delhi on September 29th this year and other airline had some problems with the plane which we were supposed to be on, so they could not fly as scheduled. Consequently we had to catch another plane from Delhi to Helsinki. It was very difficult to get any help from our carrier because they had many angry, shouting passengers around them. However, one of your employees, Justin, was very helpful. After we had spoken to him, he did some work and came back with two boarding passes for us, so we could get on one of your planes to Delhi. We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service your staff provided. ..."
Asif Ali Khan, October 10, 2010: "... .While going to Jammu..........
".....While going to Jammu, I was travelling with my wife and 7-month old daughter. I wish to convey my gratitude and appreciation for all the help/services rendered by Ms. Asiya at Srinagar Airport. I was really impressed with her efficiency and assistance in every possible manner. She has taken special care of all of us. Her helping attitude was very much appreciated by me and others. I particularly appreciated Mr. Burhans help at the check- in counter as he was very proactive in his approach towards every indigo passenger. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to them. It is people like Ms Asiya and Mr. Burhan who will bring customers like me to INDIGO again and again. Because of the outstanding customer Service they demonstrated, I have booked my ticket again in indigo. ..."
Mansi Chopra, October 13, 2010: "... .I had taken your Indigo Flight..........
".....I had taken your Indigo Flight 6E190 from Mumbai to Delhi. At the Mumbai Airport, due to some confusion at my end, I left my Nokia E Series mobile phone @ the Cafe Coffee day counter next to the Boarding Gate No 10. I realized this mistake the moment I boarded the aircraft and requested the crew members present to help me out. Though the crew members weren't able to do much about this, they directed to the ground staff who in turn told me to contact the Ground Staff team at the Delhi Airport to help me out. Lohit Roy (whom I had not even spoken to) from Ground staff team at the Mumbai Airport not only located my phone but also got it sent across to Delhi on the next Indigo flight. Once I reached the Delhi Airport Roma Haryani from your customer Services team was extremely courteous and helpful. She saw the stress and the tension I was undergoing and tried to be as reassuring as she could be. The moment the next flight from Mumbai reached the Delhi Airport, she tracked my phone (the whereabouts for which had gone missing for 15-20 minutes after reaching the DEL airport.) I want to sincerely thank both Lohit and Roma for going out of their way to display such a strong customer service attitude. They are definitely two jewels in your team. ..."
Samantha Fernandez, October 16, 2010: "... .My fianc........., Shehzad A.K. Najam-es-sani and I were..........
".....My fianc, Shehzad A.K. Najam-es-sani and I were returning back to Mumbai from Goa on your 5:00 p.m. flight on Thursday, October 14th. Unfortunately I cannot find the booking reference number as a friend of ours did booking for us. I purchased a bottle of wine for a very dear family friend and was informed at the check-in counter that I would have to pack it and check it in with my luggage. I was afraid to put it in my suitcase fearing the bottle would break and ruin our clothes. Therefore I was ready to leave the bottle of wine behind. This is when one of your reps went over and above his call of duty and offered to get a box and pack it separately. His name is Mulidhar Kinkar; I do hope I am spelling his name correctly. There was also another ground staff employee but unfortunately we forgot to take down his name. He was at the airport entrance when we went passed the security guards and once again right before we stepped onto the bus to take us to the plane. Just wanted to say that that we really appreciated the great customer service they gave us. They are definitely an asset to your airline; hope they get the recognition they deserve. ..."
Suvendu Roy, October 17, 2010: "... .Innovation has always been celebrated..........
".....Innovation has always been celebrated and recognized, but the big ones mainly. Lately business leaders have realized the importance of innovation in their organizations to retain the competitive edge in product, pricing and from the competitions point of view. Many of these business leaders have incorporated driving INNOVATION in their personal agenda and encouraging and pushing their organization towards these means on the way to achieving the desired ends. Narayanmurthy of Infosys or Bhaskar Bhatt of Titan, they never stopped discussing innovation. There are many more . When you wake up at 3 am, you are in no mood to observe innovation or appreciate it. You have to be really hit hard to take note of anything. Boarded this flight 6E 421 on the 15th of Oct10 from Mumbai to Bangalore to be greeted by their shining crew. It seemed that their Indigo hair Cut, their smart uniforms and eye contact refreshed me for a great day ahead. Same hair cut for everybody- unbelievable. This is neither the Army nor the Navy - just an airline. For the ladies, this is introducing Indigo Crew Cut (men had their crew cut for ages now!!). All airlines have great crew, one can say - but this crew alleviated boredom and monotony - a disease of frequent fliers. Now it is time for the crew to close and arm all doors and to report to the captain. Next demonstrate the safety instruction. Riya began to announce while the others followed. For the first time I saw in any airline, the announcer pulled her chord phone of the PA system and faced the guests. I liked the eye contact. What I had seen earlier was that the announcer is usually in the sitting/standing position and reading from a filthy piece of hand written paper facing away from the guests. I was looking at her, naturally, captivated. She announced that in this flight I could speak to the crew in Hindi and English. Thats not new. She added that we could speak to the crew in the several other languages- Bhutanese, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi. That was WOW! In 17 years of flying and having taken over 1000 flights this was new. How many millions of countrymen we still have who are not comfortable in Hindi or English? Ditto with my kaka or kaki, mama or mami, abba or amma, baba or ma .what about yours? When the brand new Airbus attained 37K ft, I made my way to Riya in the service area and exclaimed that is winning a beauty contest compulsory for the Indigo crew? Both of us burst out laughing. Well she was the Leading Lady and the rest of the crew were Miss Indigo. What a superb badge to be donned by a generation of beauty conscious ladies. The corporate prepaid meal service started and the sandwich came along with a juice. The packaging had some in-flight etiquette on making conversation with a neighbour. After reading that, I gave up on trying to chat up with a beautiful European girl sitting on the aisle seat in my row. This part of the morning was wasted, I just thought how much I lost an opportunity to be chatting away and impressing her though I could not look away from her the entire duration I could not catch a wink of sleep in the flight, though I had woken up at 3am catching up with only 3 hours of sleep the previous night. After all, Riya and her Indigo team had hit me hard with their personality and I neednt any sleep!. ..."
Suryaveer Singh Jaggi, October 18, 2010: "... .I would like to appreciate your..........
".....I would like to appreciate your crew Monalisa Sangma for her extra efforts and extreme professionalism. My mother (Mrs Kulwinder Kaur) was travelling alone on 10th of October 2010, by flight number 6E 305 to Hyderabad. Miss Monalisa took great care of her throughout the flight. I really appreciate this high level of customer service. ..."
Sunny Tiwari, October 18, 2010: "... .This is an Appreciation for your Nagpur..........
".....This is an Appreciation for your Nagpur ground staff member named Abhishek. My Wife had a flight from Nagpur to Pune. Unfortunately she met with an accident on her way to Nagpur Airport, I called up your reservation centre and they gave me a number of Nagpur airport. Mr. Abhishek answered my call. I told him the situation and he had been an excellent example of customer service of what I have ever received in my life. When my wife told me that she boarded the flight it brought a smile on my face and I thanked Abhishek for making me feel that Indigo is the best!! Now I here have a promise to make, most of my flights are Pune-Nagpur-Pune. I'll make sure I'll fly just with Indigo Airlines. No matter of my schedule! I'll make my schedule according to your flight timings! I hope Abhishek is given the same kind of appreciation as the customer service provided. "Thanks a lot Abhishek and Indigo for getting my wife back to me on time." KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!. ..."
Elyas Khan, October 20, 2010: "... .Travelling from Srinagar to..........
".....Travelling from Srinagar to Delhi was a different experience for me as I being a regular customer of some other airlines. But there was a slight twist at the last moment as I was not sure about my PNR number. Finally Syed helped me by searching PNR through my name. It worked for me and I was delighted about the services. Later Mudasir sorted remaining proceedings as he left no stone unturned to deliver his best. I am really thankful to these young and energetic talents as it will definitely attract our attention the next time we travel. ..."
Anshu Rohatgi, October 23, 2010: "... .I just wanted to thank Indigo for..........
".....I just wanted to thank Indigo for a great flight experience while flying from Lucknow to Hyderabad & back. I had a wonderful time and both the ground staff and the in-flight crew members were warm, helpful & polite. Your commitment to keep the flights on schedule is also impressive and we reached the destination before time both at Hyderabad and Lucknow. Thanks to all the members of the Indigo Family. ..."
P. Sonal, October 25, 2010: "... .I am a frequent flyer with..........
".....I am a frequent flyer with most of the airlines. I happened to travel a round trip by Indigo on 23rd & 25th of October by 6E 421 & 6E 482. After a long time I had chosen Indigo as it was my personal travel. After entering the aircraft I got to know that Indigo has done lot of changes in their services, right from crew costumes to so many things. I have also observed that now the crew members are aware of 4 languages & they make every passenger very comfortable with their fine interaction. I would really appreciate the way Indigo Airline has made the changes & improvement to make their customer travel comfortably. I hope all these attempts will surely help Indigo to stand in market as a tough competitor to the few high cost Airlines, & will achieve their targets to be number one airline forever. I specially appreciate the service & treatment given by crew members Miss. Sukanya and Miss Minu. I thank to the entire Indigo Airlines team for their efforts & make me give this feedback. Congratulates for the achievements & all the best to keep this up . ..."
Sandesh, October 25, 2010: "... .I wish to sincerely and whole-heartedly thank..........
".....I wish to sincerely and whole-heartedly thank your entire team right from the Call centre team, the Airport Team at Bombay-Delhi & the In-flight services team. This is a marvellous airline and the difference can be noticed at every contact point. CALL CENTRE: - Extremely professional and to the point, no nonsense, just business. AIRPORT TEAM BOMBAY-DELHI:- They are very professional. Provide great assistance to elderly passengers and passengers with kids. INFLIGHT TEAM: - A great team of Good Girls who do their job best to the T, and the retro look oh so fashionable divas just adds to the glamour girls. And I must add. No one can beat your Punctuality! Just LOVE you Indigo, YOU'RE MY AIRLINE!. ..."
JSachin Shenoy October 25, 2010: "... .I would really like to thank Indigo for..........
".....I would really like to thank Indigo for the kind of service I got recently on my flight 6e482. I head the HR with one of the BPOs and I have been a very regular Indigo flyer and I make it a point to only travel thru Indigo wherever and whenever possible and my faith in Indigo has not gone waste. I had lost my Blackberry on 6E482 on 20th Oct, and had no hope of getting it back, but to my surprise next morning I got a call from Indigo Chennai that they had found my BlackBerry, traced my Bangalore number and then called me on my Mumbai number. Finally the phone was sent to me in perfect condition to Mumbai. Overall a great experience to have and I hope Indigo keeps up the great work. I would like to thank and congratulate the entire Indigo team . ..."
Bhupesh Panjabi, October 27, 2010: "... .This is one of the rare occasions..........
".....This is one of the rare occasions that I am appreciating someone. I travelled from Kolkata to Bangalore today 6E-275 and came across the crew which has been by far the most professional that I have experienced on flights. The crew made a difference to the experience by leading from the front. She was very polite, humble, very cooperative and a good leader for the other crew members who equally matched her professionalism. I liked the way Doyel managed everything. It was a nice experience on the flight today . ..."
Rohit Menon October 27, 2010: "... .I flew with you yesterday for only..........
".....I flew with you yesterday for only the second time (the first being over two years ago). Allow me to start by saying that for someone who loves airplanes and flying in general, I am a nervous flyer and a very picky customer. For once, I have very little to crib about after a flight. My flight to and from Hyderabad was crib-free for maybe the first time and what really does it for me is what I think is the most elementary requirement to put a passenger like me at ease - a crew that is smart and efficient and more importantly, can communicate and project that well. Your pilots and in-flight crew did just that with their clarity in action and speech. You often see pilots (maybe great ones too, no doubt) who come on the PA system and ramble and mumble. Doesnt help me that he flies a plane well! So, great work on the selection, training and procedures and do keep it up! . ..."
JHarish Uppal, October 30, 2010: "... .My wife Nanu Malhotra and I had..........
".....My wife Nanu Malhotra and I had a very pleasant experience to fly with you from Mumbai to Delhi. Right from check-in to onboard your crew was very friendly and behaved in a professional manner. With such a friendly service my wife is flying again with you. We really appreciate your service. Keep it up . ..."
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