Vinod September 1, 2010: "... .I took your flight from Jammu..........
".....I took your flight from Jammu to Delhi and the experience was mesmerizing at every step. The captain made announcements in excellent Hindi. Normally captains speak English and they are very arrogant. This gentleman was very polite. While disembarking from aircraft I spoke with captain and congratulated him. He was very happy and responded humbly. Another good thing was that announcement was made in air craft about terminal number where our luggage will arrive. Normally when we enter in air port, there is confusion. Normally when we travel with other air lines, we do not feel/see such things. You are thinking & taking good initiatives. Please keep it up so that others can learn and follow. Best of luck . ..."
Sameer Sachdeva September 1, 2010: "... .This was not my first flight with..........
".....This was not my first flight with Indigo and Ive always been impressed with Indigo and its in-flight services. On my flight to Hyderabad I met with Poonam, an amazing hostess. Very prompt, very soft-spoken, very impressive. Everyone provides services but if someone does this with a smile on the face, you always feel good. Thanks to Indigo for such services and thanks to Poonam for taking care of our needs about 35 thousand feet above the ground level making the flight easy and good experience . ..."
Dr. Anja Guntermann September 03, 2010: "... .German people are probably known..........
".....German people are probably known for complaining a lot but we also provide positive feedback if things are working well and smoothly. Thank you very much for the quick reply to my request and helping me to book my flight ticket directly by mobile phone last Wednesday, September 1st. It was quite exhausting but your colleague in charge was patient and I am happy that I got on the flight I wanted to catch. Please forward my regards and thanks to him as well. Please continue to provide this kind of service! Thank you . ..."
Rakesh Kumar September 04, 2010: "... .I would like to record my appreciation..........
".....I would like to record my appreciation for the effort made by your staff at the Pune Airport to retrieve my reading glasses which I had forgotten on the Delhi-Pune flight on 8th Aug 2010 via Bangalore. My special thanks to Ms Pooja and Ms Shweta at the Pune Airport. Keep it up! . ..."
Ramesh, September 5, 2010: "... .I traveled by the Delhi..........
".....I traveled by the Delhi Hyd Flt 6E 3111 today. I would like to appreciate One Ms Karishma, who was extremely sweet. She promptly came and provided me an Emergency Exit seat even though I didnt have it at the time of check in. Also she had a great smile on her face, rare to see on Indian air hostesses! Keep up the good work Indigo! . ..."
Prabir, September 07, 2010: "... .I had an opportunity of being attended..........
".....I had an opportunity of being attended by your in-flight attendant Ms. Inder Mohan. I suppose you MUST take all measures possible to retain such talent within your organization. She is a thorough professional attending to all the passengers with a smile and gifted with a pleasing personality, she responded to the demanding passengers needs with alacrity. Never through the journey did I see her hassled/ ruffled and with a smile she took it all. You could make out she was enjoying what she did and that is saying a lot . ..."
Rita Malgaonkar, September 07, 2010: "... .I was highly impressed with one of your..........
".....I was highly impressed with one of your Officials at Kolkata Airport on 4th September, 2010, evening, on my way to Mumbai. Unfortunately, I could not get the Gentleman's name, but he was, I believe in a senior Manager's position, who was extremely helpful and instructed his staff to help me out in arranging to packing separately some Kolkata delicacies, which was neither permitted in the hand-bag nor could be checked in, and not only that, he made sure that I had my Boarding pass and that I was safely on my return journey to Mumbai (Flight at 5.35 P.M.) It was a very pleasant experience in a distressful situation I was facing at that point of time. I sincerely wish that the world is fuller of such people, who are efficiency personified and thus set an example to everybody around. I too am a professional (legal Compliances) and have learnt a thing or two from this Gentleman. Thanks IndiGo . ..."
Sanjeev Mehta, September 08, 2010: "... .I would like to compliment..........
".....I would like to compliment the great team that you have built at Indigo and an experience which I recently had which has resulted a change from my preferred premium airline to your airline. I am a frequent traveler and as I travel at-least twice a week, priority for us is on time performance and not any other free frills being offered. We would want to have courteous staff and especially an airline which can take off and land in time so that we can maximize on our travel schedule and be in control of our meetings etc. While the reason for this change is obvious I would want to specially mention the name of Ms. Sumiti Shrivastava working as a ground staff at Kolkata Airport who really went out of the way to ensure I am able to board the flight in the last minute. She was courteous enough to understand the reason for my delayed arrival at airport and accommodated me at the last minute and still the team ensured On Time departure which is what differentiates you from other airlines. You guys have re-laid emphasis on the Urgency and Importance of On-Time performance and have become a bench mark in the industry. I wish you the best and trust your team would maintain this level of service in future as well . ..."
S. V. Kumar, September 08, 2010: "... .In the era of plain crashes..........
".....In the era of plain crashes, crash landings and off runways, frequent technical problems, I feel I am very fortunate to share my accolades to team Indigo from Mumbai to Delhi flight. I would like to appreciate "The Captain" and the team who landed the flight so smooth and sweet, as if almost no difference between in the air or on the ground. Putting in special words, Makhan Jaisa". It was one of the best landings I have ever experienced during my 12 years of flying experience. I think all other captains should learn and follow the captain . ..."
Rakesh Verma, September 10, 2010: "... .I am writing this e mail on behalf of..........
".....I am writing this e mail on behalf of my younger brother Ankur. Our Heartiest thanks and congratulations to your team members who are putting in all efforts to provide all assistance and help not only to the passengers as part of their duty but the humane touch which they have ; and all members at all levels. This amalgamation is unique indeed. Keep up the great and the holistic work. Many thanks once again from the bottom of our hearts . ..."
Priya Mishra, September 11, 2010: "... .I want to express my enormous..........
".....I want to express my enormous appreciation of the way IndiGo looks after its guests. I flew from Delhi to Bhubaneswar and received a lot of help with my baggage from Shikha at the check in counter. Sonam and Shirline on board the flight were extremely accommodating and helpful as well. This wasn't the first time I had a great experience with IndiGo...the first time I flew IndiGo years ago, I had a fractured foot and the crew went out of their way to help me through check-in, security check and the flight itself. My flights with IndiGo have always been super cool. I'm a confirmed IndiGo fan now...on any route that IndiGo flies, it is the only airline I'll take! :) Keep up the awesome work! . ..."
Nisha, September 15, 2010: "... .I would like to compliment you on..........
".....I would like to compliment you on the excellent services that you provide at the airport. I have a lot of trouble getting on the buses due to a muscular problem. Indigo is the only airline I have come across that provides assistance in the form of a lower step/sliding step on the bus and slanting steps to the aircraft. I have boarded the airline in Delhi and Goa and will try and choose Indigo for all my travels. Keep up the good work!!! . ..."
Rupa Datta, September 16, 2010: "... .I would like to express my gratitude..........
".....I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent customer service relations offered by your airlines. On 12th September, I was travelling from Kolkata to Delhi. One of the customer service assistants, Gourabmoy, was very helpful and courteous in helping me to the check in counter and informing me of the departure gate. I hope that this kind of service will be available to all customers . ..."
Shekhar, 16 September, 2010: "... .Thank you so much!..........
".....Thank you so much!!!! I had a lovely flight back to Kolkata. In your flight there was a wheel chair passenger, seated on 3B / 3C. I must say your crew was extremely concerned and helpful, all through the flight, starting from helping him going to the washroom to tying up the seat belts every time. She was really professional. Captain AMAN was at the door to say BYE to all the passengers, along with the cabin crew, something which we do not get to see anywhere. I must say that it was a delight and hence thought of communicating to you . ..."
Vaibhav Kalia, September 17, 2010: "... .Your team is an amazing group of..........
".....Your team is an amazing group of people who would not hesitate to put in an extra step to help the passenger. The team works in true spirit of passenger service & I would like to express my congratulations (& thanks also) to all of them in the HYDERABAD-DELHI sector. Good Work!! Cheers! . ..."
Sudarshan Bhowmick, September 18, 2010: "... .I would like to congratulate..........
".....I would like to congratulate one of your executive Mr. Kartik Sachdeva (Group Booking Service), have delivered immense help and service, which no one can ever expect. He was extremely patient and understanding. You are to be complemented for working with such good understanding professionals who know their job . ..."
Sudarshan, September 19, 2010: "... .I would like to tell you that..........
".....I would like to tell you that you are the only airline that gives the experience of flying in an airplane. You are way ahead of other airlines in terms of punctuality, cabin atmosphere and zero check in time. Your crew is truly professional. Indigo is my first choice always kudos!! . ..."
Anup Pitale, September 21, 2010: "... .I would like to appreciate the..........
".....I would like to appreciate the excellent efforts put in by Mr. Gurmeet in resolving my problem regarding advance seat allocation. I feel its Gurmeets zest to ensure customer satisfaction helped me by resolving my problem in such a short span of time! . ..."
Rohit Awasthi, September 21, 2010: "... .I have been traveling with Indigo..........
".....I have been traveling with Indigo for a long time now (must be more than 50 times in last years). If the timing of the flight suits me, I chose Indigo without any hesitation. Recently, I can actually say that you have not been able to keep your promise of being on time. In my last 5 flights, the flight has always reached before time! Great work people. I do enjoy the services by the crew and the efforts the whole team takes to get things bang right is really great. Keep up the good work and be very bullish on being excellent . ..."
Rajesh Seth, September 21, 2010: "... .This is to convey my thanks to..........
".....This is to convey my thanks to Indigo Airlines for helping me in locating my two mobile phones which I had accidentally left behind at Delhi Airport waiting lounge (after Security check) on 20-09-10 (I was travelling to Mumbai by 6E 183) and sending them to Mumbai yesterday itself by another flight. I want to make a special mention of Mr. Mathew Thuruthyil who went beyond the call of duty to help me out, much beyond my expectations. I received no less than 4 to 5 calls from him advising me the action to be taken by me with regard to completing certain documentation formalities. He also coordinated vigorously with your Delhi office to have the cell phones released from GMR and have them dispatched to Mumbai by 6E 189. He even called me up after his duty ours to inform me that I should contact Ms Reem Menezes to collect the phones. Later, when I met Ms Reem Menezes at Mumbai Airport yesterday evening, she too was extremely courteous and helpful and took prompt action to return my BlackBerry and Nokia phones to me. I really appreciate her helpful nature! I must mention that the air hostess and one of your round staff Mr. Akash were also very helpful. Mr. Akash immediately located the mobile phones even before the flight took off (when I was in the plane) and came to assure me that the phones will be sent to Mumbai by the next Indigo flight. I must say that with this experience I will be delighted to fly Indigo as frequently as possible. Thanking you once again . ..."
Swati Somya, September 24, 2010: "... .Actually I was travelling first time with..........
".....Actually I was travelling first time with indigo. On my travel date, when I came to airport, I was not aware of the check in procedures. Suddenly one indigo staff came to me his name was Abhishek; he asked me very politely that if I was travelling with IndiGo. I said yes, then he personally took my luggage trolley with a very lovely smile, he guided me about all procedures, what to carry in hand luggage, what should be the weight of check in luggage etc. He made my first journey so easy. I really appreciate Mr. Abhishek. Keep it up . ..."
Vijay, September 28, 2010: "... .Your agent Mr. Virender Kumar from..........
".....Your agent Mr. Virender Kumar from reservation centre has been extremely professional to say the least in carrying out his job. I had made a lot of mistakes in booking my Delhi - Vadodara reservation but he relentlessly assisted me. Hats off! Even when my call got disconnected he called me back. Wow!! That shocked me. Till date I have been slamming people on calls that when a call gets disconnected why you do not call back the customer. This is great!! . ..."
Mr. Singh, September 29, 2010: "... .This morning I was flying from Kolkata to..........
".....This morning I was flying from Kolkata to Mumbai and honestly I was very skeptical when I got to know that I am flying Indigo. This was only my 2nd experience with Indigo and my first experience was not that great. I am an old person and a bit too demanding but to my surprise I was very impressed by the kind of services rendered by youre in flight staffs. Let me take this opportunity to mention the names of Annette and lily that took great care of me and made sure that I was taken good care of. I would definitely like to fly again with you thanks to your crew members for changing my perception about your service standards . ..."
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