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Siva Sivasubramanian, January 01, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am deeply indebted to you for saving my family holiday from a disaster. My daughter was carrying our reserve funds in USD while I was carrying Indian currency. She has dropped it in the plane and we did not realize it till you folks called us. I am very touched and moved. You have not only upheld your high personal integrity but also the image of India. India lives in people like you and it will survive the onslaughts of crooked and corrupt politicians. This is the first time we travel with Indigo and I was unsure of my choice. Now that I have experienced firsthand the cool efficiency of your staff and the exemplary integrity and customer focus, I will be singing your praises at different forums. Now I have been sold of a personal choice of airline in India, Indigo. If you could send me your CEO's email address, I would personally write to him about this incident and thank every one of you and in particular Mr Neeraj Ailawadi, Duty Manager who contacted me and returned our wallet . ..."
Hany Babu, January 02, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... Here is a poem my 7 year old daughter Farzana wrote while on board the indigo flight from Coimbatore to Delhi. Indigo is very bright Flying through the sun light. Indigo is very nice It doesn't have any mice. Indigo is very good. But it is not made of wood. I will always fly indigo Anywhere I go. She especially appreciated the service of the stewardess Ms. Shreya who was on board the flight. . ..."
Rajan Sadasivan, 02 January 2011 6E 315, (date of travel: January 02): ......... ..Travelled today from Hyderabad
"....Travelled today from Hyderabad to Chennai and the person booked me wrong seat for my 87 year old aunt,the airhostess Madhuri was courteous and kind enough to seat my aunt in the front of the plane and override the booking; i am grateful for this help tendered to my aunt who had difficulty walking. . ..."
Jatin Tarkunde, January 04, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... .I had flown on the Indigo Mumbai Nagpur flight. I had come to Mumbai after a 14 day holiday in Dubai. My daughter had been throwing up on the 2nd and my son was on antibiotics. I requested your ticket counter lady to help me after explaining that my children were not well but she just said to take the shortest line as others were waiting too. I was really disappointed till I told other Indigo personnel Mr Eric to help me. Mr Eric opened up a new counter and gave us our boarding pass. These are some of the things that make any organization great. Such sensitivities are often required in emergencies. The lady on the first counter was totally insensitive compared to Mr Eric who really went out of the way to help me. My daughter threw up twice after that; once on the plane and once when getting down from your ramp. I apologize for getting it dirty. Thank you for your help. I hope you get promoted for having the needed empathy that people lack today . ..."
Kannan Natarajan, January 12, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I want to express my deep appreciation to stewardess Ms. Amandeep. On our return trip from Hyderabad to Chennai on January 1, my wife developed a painful ear ache as a consequence of nasal congestion. Her pain was rapidly becoming unbearable. Ms. Amandeep noticed my wife's discomfort as I was trying to aid her, and on her own came forward to offer help by way of a hot water treatment. The treatment was quite effective and helped to ease the ear ache. Ms. Amandeep's kindness, compassion, her calm demeanor and skilled responses during what was a personal crisis for us left a deep impression. We are extremely grateful to her. She is a credit to Indigo Airlines. As a result of our experience with Ms. Amandeep I plan to use Indigo Airlines for future domestic travel in India and will heartily recommend Indigo to our friends and family. If all of Indigo's hires are of the caliber of Ms. Amandeep, I have no doubt that Indigo Airlines will thrive. . ..."
Deepak Nayak, January 12, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I would like to commend the entire Indigo Staff for committing themselves to sticking on time for all flights. I travelled from Mumbai to Bangalore and back on 8th January and surprisingly both times the flight landed well before schedule. The flights are always clean and the hostesses are always cheerful. The captains speak fluent and audible English while giving the flight information unlike other flights. I would love to fly Indigo always . ..."
Arivudainambi Jagannathan, January 12, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... First of all 1 million thanks to the management and staff of Indigo for making me happy for the first time in my domestic travel. I have a physical disability; find difficulties to climb the stairs. I have been flying overseas and domestic for the past 15 years, not in any country or airline I have seen such a WONDERFUL, MEANINGFUL, THOUGHTFUL access friendly service. I dont know whose idea is this. But anyways I am grateful to whoever has designed or recommended and not to miss to thank the management to consider the idea and implementing it with motherly care and empathy. I have taken an oath to fly only indigo in India and I read wonderful news that you have placed order for 150 flights, in case you venture into international routes I will take ONLY Indigo. I took Indigo for the first time. I am deeply impressed with this kind of kindness and service. Its obvious you care for the people who travel. You wouldnt believe my lid corners wet with joy of tears seeing a friendly approach of IndiGo. I wanted to write to the team as soon as I come from Kolkata, but I was caught up with the series of meetings. However I had it written in my task list, no matter how long I stay in Office that I vowed to write to you IndiGo to thank you for making my life easier and happy. I am sure there are many like me out there happiest customers of IndiGo, if not the disabled at least the old ones would feel the same too. Just a gentle request please has a re-look at the bus, its all nice, but it has three steps, its the only thing that bothered me, couldnt climb as there are no support like hand railings. Otherwise I am the happiest person on the earth seeing the physically challenged people friendly access to the aircraft. Wishing all the best for the airline to prosper and be successful to serve us and make our trip a memorable one. Thanks again a billion times . ..."
Arjan Narbad, January 15, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am writing to complement you on the service you provided during our recent flight from Poona to Ahmedabad on 28th December 2010. I am from UK and travel on many different airlines each year for business and leisure. This year I and my friend Rasik Chotai booked an Indigo flight through The ticket was very affordable and as I had not travelled with Indigo before I had assumed that the service would be similar to many 'no frills' airlines we have in UK. Therefore it came as a complete surprise when we travelled with Indigo. EVERY single member of your team in Pune and on the flight was exceptionally professional. The young man who placed our luggage through the security check in Pune was extremely polite and handled our luggage with care (instead of throwing it on the belt!!!). Then a young lady came with an electronic device and gave us our boarding cards. And the gentleman who checked in our luggage was also very friendly and professional. Eventually when we were boarding the plane both staff members greeted us and apologized for the slight delay. On board the new plane it was a pleasant journey and air stewardesses were again very friendly and very professional. The pilot kept the passengers informed of the flight progress and reassured them with humour when he had to abort the take off because a dog had strayed onto the runaway. It was truly a 5 star service with very affordable ticket price. Congratulations and when I return to India next year I hope to use your services again . ..."
Amit Kumar, January 16, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for Mr Nadeem, representative of Indigo Airlines for displaying commendable sense of honesty and integrity. At Srinagar airport, I misplaced my purse containing Rs 27,000. As the purse didnt contain any credit cards or address, I was not hopeful of getting the purse back. It is really commendable on Mr. Nadeem's part that he with the help of my photograph in the purse located me after 40 days and handed over the purse. He has set an example of a person with high moral values. I want to put on record that Indigo Airlines have such great, honest, sincere & dedicated people as part of their team. I would like to wish you all great success for being the number 1 Airlines in the country and such persons like Mr Nadeem will help you to achieve greater heights . ..."
Sanjay Pradhan, January 16, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am Vice President for the World Bank in Washington DC. I am writing to express my appreciation for outstanding service given by Mr. Rupesh Singh, Assistant Manager AO & CS in Patna Airport, and by Mr. Nadeem, Indigo's Mumbai staff. I was a passenger on Flight 6E 341 on January 2, 2011 from Patna to Mumbai. I was traveling with my elderly mother and her nurse, and we had a very short connection in Mumbai. Mr. Rupesh Singh was extremely helpful in making arrangement for my mother and us to be met at Mumbai airport and taken to our connecting flight -- thanks to his efforts and the help of Nadeem, we were able to make our tight connection, without which it would have been very hard for my mother who was on wheel chair. I am writing to express my tremendous appreciation. . ..."
Pramesh Aurora, January 17, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I refer to my travel on Indigo airlines and more so my reservation(s). A little more than 2 hrs before the flight I was intimated from Delhi that I require to carry certain official documents without which the entire purpose of my journey would not have materialized. I spoke with your reservation agent (who reluctantly parted with her name as Ms. Rashmi Bhandari) but between my call and the requirements of punching the details of my credit card, the two hour limit expired! On explaining this, your Ms. Rashmi Bhandari made considerable efforts, even after she failed to reach her supervisor and ensured that my reservation was changed to the later flight, albeit at the applicable charges which were happily paid. It is rare that telecommunication services listen and understand the predicament of such situations and while she could have fulfilled her duty by regretting her ability to make this change, she expended the effort to be of service for which I write this letter to call your attention to such exceptional employees. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any further details . ..."
Sambhu Nath Ray, January 18, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... A group of our esteemed dealers from Kolkata were flown to Guwahati for a Business Meeting on 17th evening and the same was a grand success in the chilling evening at Guwahati. All of them were also blessed having opportunity to visit Maa Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati on 18th morning. The group of 30 dealers had booked by the evening Indigo flight for Kolkata. Despite their leaving Guwahati city at around 3.15 PM (flight departure is 6.40 PM), they found it difficult to reach airport on time due unprecedented traffic jam en-route. It was difficult for us as well to make it faster. We got in touch with your Mr. Rajeev Medhi of Guwahati and it was so nice of hearing from his end that they will try their best to accommodate all the passengers to the fullest possible extent and it so happened as well. All our dealers were boarded and left for their Home at Kolkata. It was an excellent goodwill gesture by Team Guwahati of Indigo led by Mr. Rajeev Medhi with true reflection of customer delight. Wish very best of luck . ..."
Alain Willaume, January 20, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I wish to express my deepest gratitude to your staff, your call centre, and the crew and notably at the Kolkata airport, M. Avinash and the local security service. At the end of my flight, I did a heavy mistake: seated at the 6F seat, I forgot my laptop in the flap of the front seat. I only realized this 4 hours later. I called your customer central service to inform about my problem. After two attempts only, they connected me directly to a Mr. Avinash at the Kolkata airport. After my anxious report, this gentleman asked me very clearly all the details to guide his research at the security service. He then called me back only 15' later to tell me that my laptop (+ return ticket and a book) was at my disposal at the airport. So, 2 hours later I could meet him personally, accompanied by the security officer. After I expressed to them my gratitude, they told me very modestly that they only did their duty. Please do convey my greatest satisfaction to the IndiGo Company and to the mentioned persons about my experience and feedback: instead of turning into a personal disaster, it has been mostly appreciable in terms of honesty, kindness and efficiency of a chain of a well trained staff . ..."
Faheem Agboatwala, January 24, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....I was travelling Indigo 20-01-11 6E185 seat 24A from Delhi to Mumbai I forgot my credit card wallet while disembarking at Mumbai. Within a few minutes I got a call from Shrutika informing me that it was found. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to have received that call. No wonder indigo is Indias fastest growing airline! I appreciate the attitude of both Shrutika. Kudos to your team! . ..."
Kamlesh Dash, January 24, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... Thank you very much for the safe custody and shipment of my laptop which I had left in the security check-in area in the Bhubaneswar airport. I received the laptop in the Bangalore airport on Sunday. Your support was indeed a big relief for me as the laptop contained all my official data. Cheers to you! . ..."
Archana Rai, January 24, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am writing to express appreciation of Sunanda and Snikta working at the airport. I arrived from Bangalore by the 7.20am flight and found that one piece of my baggage was missing. Between the 2 ladies, they very efficiently managed to locate the baggage and hand it over to me. Their follow through and genuine courtesy towards me impressed me. Keep up the good work and please convey my best wishes to the employees concerned. I wish them the very best in their career . ..."
Somnath Misra, January 24, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I wanted to appreciate the help I received from one of your colleagues Uma Maheshwar Rao on 21st of Jan. I was a little worried as I called in for help and Uma kept me assured all through the call that my request would be attended the right way and would be resolved soon. He kept me engaged even when he put me on hold a couple of times by giving me a status update when the hold was getting a little longer. That was something I never experienced talking to any customer service folks in the Airline Industry from time to time. Importantly this was a fabulous overall experience for me after having spoken to various domestic customer service folks from different companies and their support organizations all through these years. Uma was standout and I just wanted to call out his efforts and let you all know that you have a champion resource in your team. And off course Kudos to the team as well- Uma set a standard that folks around can follow . ..."
Patrick Gangte, January 25, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... IThis email is in regards to an appreciation that I wanted to inform you about one of your supervisors. I had a word with Mr. Puneet Wahi the supervisor and would like to appreciate his effort as he was patient and very kind to me and the customer service that he gave me was so surprising and unexpected. If everyone is like him over the phone then I hope the airline will also grow more and more as a call centre is the first point of contact and it is the customers first impression. I will suggest my friends and family to fly with indigo. . ..."
Kushal Shah, January 25, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....It gives me great pleasure to write this letter to your company. I would like to refer to my recent experience with Indigo flight 6E 482 from Bangalore to Vadodara on 21st January 2011. The in-flight team was lead by Ms. Ahanya Nanda. I would like to appreciate and thank Ms. Nanda and her team for the excellent customer experience they delivered to me and many others on the flight. I observed that Ms. Nanda herself was thoroughly enjoying her job and was smiling throughout the flight. She and her team members very passionate about their jobs and delivering the best experience to the passengers. They interacted with many passengers during the stop at Mumbai for one hour and made most of the customers laugh with their wit. After 10 years of frequent flying experience in India and abroad, I would like to rate Ms. Nanda and her team as the best crew I have met so far. Congratulations to Indigo for having such employees! I am a delighted customer for sure and it has a long-lasting impact. . ..."
Sunita Thomas, January 26, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... While traveling through your airline I had missing my coat with many of my valuable thinks but due to your employee Mr Gurcharan Singh. I was able to get all my thinks as it is than for I want to thank you all for the kind approach especially thanks to Mr. Gurcharan singh who helping me as my brother. I also thanks to indigo air line staff and members to release my tension and my best wishes to indigo for great success and become no one air line in not in India but also in international level. Thanks with love and lot of wish . ..."
Sacchidanand Bhide, January 27, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....We had booked a two nights/three days holiday package for Goa through your Get Packing Holidays. We want to convey a big thank you to your ground staff at Mumbai Airport and Goa Airport for taking care of us. We were informed that we were the second couple on your package. All the flight attendants were also very helpful and polite. The hotel we stayed in Fortune Regina Select was very comfortable and their service was excellent. We felt the price was really Value for Money. I am sure with your excellent service standards you will be able to attract many more tourists for your holiday packages. Thanks once again to all of you at Indigo . ..."
Vishnu Vardhan, January 28, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....This message is for Mr. Sandipan who was employed in Kolkata airport dated 22 December 2010 between 5.30 PM IST on security and baggage counter. Not sure if you can locate his identity with such little information provided by me. I wanted to recognize his excellent sense of customer service on my travel to Bangalore from Kolkata. I would like to appreciate his stand for integrity on not allowing me to carry holy Gangajal in luggage. Mr Sandipan also suggested me an alternative to consign holy Gangajal and has gone an extra mile to help me in do so which showed his genuine respect for my religion. He demonstrated a very strong integrity to Indigo with an extraordinary sense of customer service and keeping my religious sentiment. I am extremely happy and satisfied the way you serviced my needs. Great job done! Your service certainly made me a permanent customer of Indigo. Thanks a ton once again. . ..."
Subodh Rao, February 02, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....This is to appreciate the services rendered to me by your airlines. My travel both ways was superb. Right from airport check in to receiving baggage at arrivals I loved the services provided. Ground staff, in flight staff, announcements etc have been fabulous. Am impressed and am looking forward to travelling with you in future. It is really great to have a guy like Alam who helped me with the booking and such good rates with Indigo for my Jammu trip. I am into services too and currently with AOL as a Head of facility. I know what kind of time/energy your employ took to take all my requests patiently and confirmed it. God bless you and you must award these employees with really something nice. Encouragement is recommended a lot . ..."
Vishnu Sureka, February 03, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I would like to introduce myself as Vishnu Sureka from PRAKASH Group of Companies and would like to just say one word; "Thank You Rizwan" Yes, I would like to thank the entire team along with Rizwan for the wonderful act done on Sunday 30th January to help me catch the flight to Nagpur from Kolkata. I was badly stuck with the unknown traffic due to Book Fair and got badly late to reach Airport. I called up Rizwan for help and any amount of words are small to appreciate his act of help to me enabling that I could catch the flight in Very short span of reaching Airport. Just to say THANK YOU to the entire team of Indigo and especially to Rizwan and his shift team at that time . ..."
Gaver Thapliyal, February 05, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....My compliments to your airline on the outstanding work culture you have instilled in your staff at all levels. They are not only great service providers, but also care-givers of a very high standard. These well-worn clichs are normally used in a trite and hackneyed sense. Today, I use them as a truism. I had the misfortune of suffering a bad fall while I was about to board the bus at Departure Gate #10. Providentially, the damage was limited in that I suffered no fracture and could get back on my feet with assistance after several minutes. The impact, however, left me in great pain and shock. I wish to commend the young INDIGO officer who rushed to my aid. I wish I had taken the trouble to ask for or note his name and am sorry I was in no condition to do so. He went to great lengths to ensure I was okay before helping me to my feet. He also assigned a Helper for my cabin baggage and alerted the staff at the aircraft to do the same while I was boarding. Another young officer, who was over-seeing the boarding procedure, was equally attentive and caring. He requested me to step aside as he had summoned the doctor to come and check me up. This was minutes before scheduled departure. I waited a few minutes, then told him I felt confident to board provided I was given an ice pack and pain spray on the aircraft. I was, however, provided with a can of Relispray and given sufficient ice cubes and a duster which I managed to use as a compress for the first 45 minutes of the flight, until the ice melted. I particularly wish to commend the services of Cabin Crew Smita and Indermohan who, throughout the flight, showered me with attention and care. The two other members of your Cabin Crew, Pramila and Lavita, also frequently checked on my condition and needs. Smita ensured I was assigned a Helper to take care of my baggage as soon as we landed, both within the aircraft and at the carousel. I would like to request you to please take the trouble to ascertain the names of the two officers concerned and convey my personal thanks and appreciation individually to them as well as to each member of the Cabin Crew . ..."
Utkalika, February 05, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I want to take this time out to congratulate you for very good on time service. I had a good experience with indigo during my last travel. While other airlines delayed flights saying weather is foggy from Delhi. In reality it was not, Indigo was on time and saved our time. I am really thankful to indigo service. . ..."
K Gopalakrishnan, February 05, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....First of all, thank you Indigo for commencing new services from Trivandrum International Airport to various destinations. Its a great appreciation that Indigo is taking care of Defense personnels & family no other airline yet to come or had came in India even the National Carrier doesnt provide these facilities. I am a retired defense personnel and going forward I encourage all of my retired defense colleagues to travel in Indigo along with their family. Its a great experience and good service moreover meeting on time schedules. I wish Indigo all my heartfelt wishes in the nearing future. All the Best, keep on time . ..."
Amit Jain, February 08, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I would like to pass my appreciation note to all concern for my interaction with one of your team member Pallavi Baroya. I interacted with her on 5th Feb for almost around 30 minutes; I was very impatient because of my flight delays and express the same to her, never in my interaction I found her impatient or in hurry to hang up the call. And in last she told me the she will check and call me back, which is the most conman line I experienced in which they never call back. But she called back along with the solution of my problem. I was highly impressed with the dedication towards job and customer satisfaction . ..."
V N Kala Devi, February 10, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I wish to put on record appreciation for the effort Mr. Askgar (I think that was the name) at Bangalore airport embankment gate put in to ensure I reached home in time. The flight 6E 155 on 8th was delayed from 11 AM earlier to 1:55 PM. It meant I would reach Kolkata airport at 4:15 PM. I had a connecting train from Howrah at 5:30 PM to Jamshedpur. The next train would be next morning at 6am requiring overnight stay at Kolkata. Getting to the station from airport takes about 2 hours normally. Mr. Askgar volunteered to have my luggage stowed in the last so that I would be able to get it early at Kolkata. Thanks to Mr. Askgar's effort I reached the station in record 1 hour (thanks to my driver too) and helped me reach home at 10 PM the same night. Please pass this appreciation to him. I am happy I chose to fly Indigo . ..."
Vikram Kamala, February 10, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....The pilot Capt Randhawa and co pilot Miss Raveena Thakur were both very interactive.They did an excellent job. The cabin crew was polite and was very friendly. The flight was on time as usual. Thank you very much. Will only fly indigo . ..."
Naila Ibrahim, February 11, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....Customer "WOW"!!! Yes, that is exactly what 2 of your call centre executives working today's late night shift achieved. I had been trying all of last night and most part of today morning to book a seat for my daughter from Mumbai to Bangalore on 16th April 2011 but for some reason I was having trouble with the website and could not complete my booking. Finally I sat down past 11 p.m. Today to try again and due to some website or human error (I really cant say which) I booked and paid for a ticket on the correct date but got the wrong flight. Instead of booking the 1355hrs flight I realized that the system had booked me a ticket on the 0615 hrs flight. I was extremely anxious and upset but reason prevailed and I decided to call the Indigo call centre immediately to see if they could help me. To my pleasant surprise I was attended to by a courteous Abhishek Kumar who understood my problem and immediately advised me to hold on till he could get some advice from his team leader/supervisor. Shortly, he put me onto Shyam Singh who also was most attentive and appreciated that I had called immediately on realizing my mistake and as a "customer service" gesture changed my booking to the 1355 flight without any additional cost! I appreciate both these young men for their dedicated customer service and wish this note to be put on their records and shared with their seniors . ..."
Anuradha Shyam, February 11, 2011 : .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....We travelled by Indigo Airlines on the 8th of February from Delhi to Bangalore. We were very happy with the service provided by the staff on board. We would like to congratulate the pilot-she ensured a perfect landing and was very good at communicating details to the passengers. We wish her all the best in her future flights. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
Vishal Anand, February 11, 2011: .................. .I am very thankful to all ..........
".....I traveled from Delhi to Hyderabad on 9th of Feb 2011 from the flight no 6E 309. I lost my wallet on the flight and I realized it when I reached home. It contained lot of important original documents and credit cards and I was worried about it. Immediately I lodged a complaint about my lost wallet in customer care and went back to airport. And on reaching the Indigo outlet, I received my lost wallet. I specially want to thank Mr. B. Hari Babu who found my wallet on flight and all other staff members of Indigo airlines; otherwise I would have lost my wallet back. I wish Indigo airlines and Mr. Haribabu all the best for future . ..."
Kedar Bhide, February 12, 2011 : .................. .Truly impressed by the wonderful ..........
"..... I would like to put on record my appreciation for the support provided by your Airport staff, Mr. Hemanto Kumar Roy & Mr. Rahul Mukharjee at Dibrugarh Airport, on 11th February in my difficult time. I have booked Kolkata- Dibrugarh -Kolkata on website for 4th February and 11th February. Unfortunately when I reached airport, your staff pointed out that my ticket is of 11th March and not of 11th February. Though it was totally my mistake while booking, your above mentioned staff was very courteous and supportive. Though flight was totally full, they asked me to wait till the last moment, if they had any cancellations, and once they had one cancellation, they put me on the same flight. I have to buy new ticket though. So I could catch my onward flight form Kolkata. Thanks to both of them, I could reach my home to Mumbai . ..."
Shahrzaad M Parekh, February 13, 2011: .................. .This is to express my heartfelt..........
"..... I travelled from CCU - BOM on 12 FEB 2011 via 6E-322. At the time, I was carrying as registered baggage a cardboard carton containing a dozen PET plastic bottles of Rose Syrup from Kolkata. At the baggage x-ray screening, one Mr. Sourav (apologies if the name is miss-spelt) was extremely helpful in making me aware of the complexities and pitfalls of carrying liquid materials in a cardboard container. I appreciate his candor as well as his helpfulness in assisting me with the strapping of the box and further procedures. I want to appreciate Mr. Om at the check-in counter. He not only advised me on procedures to ensure that the excess baggage weight was paid for but the box marked FRAGILE was taken care of by Ground Services in an appropriate manner. On arrival at Mumbai, I was happy to recount that NO damage occurred. Many thanks for the close attention paid to me . ..."
Jasbir Dhillon, February 14, 2011 : .................. .Thank you so much for your..........
".....I am Jasbir Singh Dhillon. I am An NRI an often fly with lots of international carrier due to my work obligations. I was on my vacations to India in the month of January. I had to travel to Mumbai, Patna, & Luck now to visit family & friends. When she first told me that it is Low cost Carrier I immediately made my mind not to fly indigo as I have heard bad flying experience from friends on board low cost carrier including the international sectors. However she insisted and I booked my entire sectors on Indigo. To my surprise I find the indigo experience truly amazing and unbelievable specially being a Low cost carrier. The Baggage screening was swift, the check in was fast. The staff at airport was courteous, pleasing & very polite. As I thought that it might be one isolated case of such a good experience there were lot of other surprises in stores for me. The In-flight experience was even more delight. The cabin crew was smart, young, pleasing, courteous, smartly dressed and helpful. I particularly like the hair style/ Wigs worn by the cabin crew. The Aircraft were very neat and clean. I was flying from Delhi during the foggy mornings and to my surprise the flight departure was DOT on TIME. All my flights although they were spread across, north, west & eastern India, had ON time departure & arrival. Overall I had such an experience that I am tempted to write a feedback to you. The services were almost equivalent, in some cases even better than a full cost carrier. The sheer professionalism was reflected by each and every team member. I wish you best of luck for future and eagerly wait for you to start the international sector. You guys are doing a great job and make me proud as an Indian. Indigo has raised the Bar in terms of service and I will for sure in future fly always with indigo and to recommend it to all my friends who usually fly fully fledged carrier. I also observed the extra care taken by the Ground staff lady for baggage lock of one of the pox for Patna Delhi sector (14th Jan). Such kind of professional was never experienced by me before in any part of the world I travelled so far. Although I forgot to ask her name but I was immensely touched by the dedication for the work. I conclude by saying that Indigo is surely the Best carrier for Domestic operations. It was such a delight to fly indigo; I must admit that Indigo experience is an experience which must not be missed . ..."
Sanjeev Saikia, February 15, 2011 : .................. .This is to appreciate the prompt..........
"..... I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the courtesy and help extended to me by Ms. Ramandeep Kaur Team Leader go indigo. I had made a mistake in my booking, and being a medical emergency, I wanted the mistake to be corrected at your end. All my requests on the phone fell on deaf ears, be it the customer care executive or the duty officer, but when I explained the problem to Ramandeep Kaur, she took in all the information, and very professionally ascertained the sensitivity of the problem and helped me out. Kudos to Ramandeep! I will certainly choose to travel by Indigo from now onwards . ..."
Divya Dhawan, February 16, 2011: .................. .I am writing this to recognize the service..........
"..... On 13th Feb 2011, My Grandfather and Grandmother were travelling on flight no. 6E551( Jammu to Delhi).I had got in touch with Miss Neha Basson to help them out to board the flight as in Jammu airport due to Security reasons I could not enter without Ticket. As my Grandfather had a Prepaid Connection of Delhi, hence that was also not function as per TRAI regulation in J&K. Therefore, I could not get in touch with them after they would have entered the airport. Hence they were very anxious because they were OLD and all by their self .The flight was 4 hours delayed due to the weather conditions. But when they landed in Delhi, My grandmother gave me a call requested to me give the feedback to your airport authorities that they didnt know in todays world also people like Neha exist who go an extra mile to facilitate Senior Citizens. She was touched by little-little gestures of Miss Neha which made her comfortable during the time 4 hours the flight was delayed and later made her journey so memorable. Neha Also gave her own Mobile handset to make a call to a relative who was suppose to pick them from Delhi airport. She extended a Hand to support in Luggage check and making it a Delightful journey . ..."
Vikas Sharma, February 16, 2011 : .................. .Thank you for understanding the problem..........
"..... I am really thankful to a girl named Sunaina Sharma. Yesterday night I called at your call centre and I was very disturbed because I was having problem with my PNR, coincidently sunaina picked up my call and I told her the whole matter, after understanding my problem she apologized and said that let see what I can do for you to make things better for you this time and she put me on hold, after gathering all the information of my both the PNR numbers she gave me exact solution. Then I asked her if she can book a ticket for me then she booked my ticket as well .throughout the call she was really very helpful. I think she is such a nice executive of your call centre. Every time I call at your call centre none of your executives are helpful as compared to Sunaina, she really helped me alot. I wish to talk to her only from now onwards whenever I will call at your call centre in future as she is very helpful and very smart . ..."
Sapnajeet Chakraborthy, February 17, 2011: .................. .I would really appreciate..........
"..... My mom called to your customer care today and had a word with Hassan for the amount refund. The way of co-operating with my mom is very fantastic and I am really happy while my mom informing this to me and about him patience. She is 75 Years of old and she is a sick person also. She told him that she wants to make the reservation from Delhi to Chennai for her treatment but she didnt have the card to make the payment. Then the way of co-operating with us is a pethatic. So convey my regards to him and whenever she calling to indigo customer care, kindly transfer the call to him . ..."
Rakesh, February 17, 2011: .................. .I was travelling from Delhi..........
"..... Had a good experience last time when I was traveling from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar via Hyderabad. The way things are handled in general, quick turnaround at airport shows the sign of an efficient airline. You have all traits of a successful airliner . ..."
Goonpreet Singh, February 17, 2011: .................. .My experience with Indigo..........
"..... I would like to thank Indigo staff of Flight no 6e 554 from Jammu to New Delhi via Srinagar on 14th Feb 2011 due to weather conditions flight could not be routed through Srinagar, but before deciding of not going to Srinagar we had to wait for 6 hours in the Aircraft at Jammu. The able and on the task officers of Indigo at Jammu airport particularly Mr. Hitesh and Ms Akriti flight in charge did a commendable job to manage the restless passengers which was almost full. The manner in which Mr. Hitesh kept the smiles on the faces of all passengers by taking care of children and senior citizen at the time of total confusion and chaos calls for a pat on his shoulder. I would recommend to Indigo Management that the able workforce, who understand the need of the hour and bring laurels to the company, should be appreciated and awarded as per your policy. I am really happy with the indigo service and would recommend it for comfortable and on time travel . ..."
Sarang Pandit, February 17, 2011: .................. .I take this opportunity to thank..........
".....My mother aged 65 years undertook her first ever flight onboard flight no 6E-102 from Pune to Delhi on 04 Feb 11. She, despite all her apprehensions on being a first timer and that too unescorted, had a wonderful experience that she would like to cherish. It was largely due to the efforts of your airline ground staff at Pune and cabin crew onboard. Please convey my heartfelt appreciation to your staff . ..."
Nilesh Samant, February 18, 2011: .................. .I would like to convey my sincere..........
".....Thanks we received the baggage on 13th Feb. We would like to appreciate the quick action and response shown by your team at Trivandrum airport. I want to convey a special appreciation for Bipin, Nikesh and Tejas from the Indigo team. We would request you to award these staff members for customer service and customer satisfaction, because of them our vacation plans were back on track . ..."
P.N Mathur, February 18, 2011: .................. .I am a frequent flier with indigo..........
".....I and My wife have travelled from Bangalore to Delhi on 16th Feb. 2011 in the 5.00 pm flight Number 122. We would like to extend our heart- felt Thanks and appreciation to the in-flight crew members for their tremendous efforts and help in locating my wallet on my seat and informing me in the most prompt manner about the same. In fact one of the ground officials specially came outside the airport to hand over my wallet to me. We really appreciate the prompt action taken by the in - flight staff members and would request to convey the same to them from our end . ..."
Chandan Samal, February 20, 2011: .................. .I am quite pleased by your responsiveness..........
".....While booking my tickets on 19th Midnight; by mistake I made the return ticket from Bhubaneswar to Delhi on 1st March, at 7.20 flights instead of 10.10 am in the morning. Then I contacted your customer care and Mr. Kumar Abhishek helped in this regard. He did consider my case favorably and helped me in changing the schedule. I m very thankful to Mr. Kumar for his cooperation and highly appreciate his handling of the mater . ..."
Ajay Kumar, February 21, 2011: .................. .This email is to thank the entire Indigo..........
"..... I had booked my Indigo flight through Yatra, which was a good experience. The airport staff was courteous but I suggest that if the queue gets longer than 4-5 people on a counter, then please open another counter to dissipate crowd. The flight took off on time and the in-flight team was efficient, courteous and helpful. The messages and updates from Crew including pilots was very good (can elaborate if required) compared to other airlines. Flight reached before time which made most of passengers happy. Baggage counter number was also announced before disembarking from flight. Thank you Indigo team. Keep it up! . ..."
Ashwin Gupta, February 21, 2011: .................. .Though I have made it a habit..........
"..... Dear Abninav/Team, With regards to our conversation, I would like to thank you for making my life easy at Kolkata Airport. If I had known that you are going to be so pro-active with my complaint, I would have booked our company conference tickets on Indigo and no Spice Jet. We called over a 100 people from across the country for end of year business conference on the 7th and 8th of February and spent approx 5 Lakhs on other airline. Anyway, seeing what you have done, I have started booking tickets on Indigo again. Thanks again for your help . ..."
Shouvik, February 21, 2011: .................. .During my early travel days..........
".....Dear indigo, I am a corporate & a frequent flier of indigo airlines. I was a bit late & was in a hurry. No one was accepting me for the flight. Then I met with a gentleman named Shouvik. He accepted me & took me towards the security hold area. There was a long queue but he took me inside within seconds. What I liked in Mr. Shouvik was his customer service. I mean the way he talk with me, his positive body language, everything was just what a passenger demands from a customer service executive. Indigo is known for its on-time performances & I think Shouvik is the perfect example of it as the way he took me inside SHA with ease. I & my entire corporate family wish Shouvik a very good luck for his future. God bless him!! . ..."
Amitesh Bhattacharyya, February 22, 2011 : .................. .Thanks for your prompt response..........
"..... I take this privilege to thank the ground staff at the LGB International Airport especially Mr. Arindam Shaw Rongpi. I was delayed by a 15 minutes post boarding time on 20/2/2011 with PNR no. A8G1DN (Guwahati / Kolkata / Mumbai) and almost missed my flight if it wasnt for Mr. Rongpi. Such experiences are rare to me and I could not help but mail a simple "thank you note" to the ground staff. Believe me, in this busy life it feels too good to feel relieved and that's what they made me feel. Keep up the good work and trust me you have only earned one more loyal frequent flyer. For once the ads were true and we touched Mumbai before time .. ..."
Ram, February 23, 2011: .................. .I agree that IndiGo is the best..........
"..... Dear indigo, I have just started flying indigo. I would like to pen a note of special appreciation on your crew Rishika and Chinu on board flight. The above said crew was well groomed, polite, courteous, and displayed excellent hospitality and stupendous customer service skills. In addition they were warm, pleasing and professional and a certain asset to your organization... It is crew like them who make flying with Indigo a pleasure . ..."
Rakesh S Sinha, February 24, 2011: .................. ..Indigo is undoubtedly the best..........
".....II would like to genuinely appreciate the good work done by your airlines in general and two employees in particular. The employees are Pinky and Jawed Iqbal posted at Dibrugarh Airport. I was traveling in flight 6E 205 from Kolkata to Dibrugarh on 22nd, I forgot my book in the aircraft. Yesterday afternoon while I was returning I checked with Pinky, who was in the customer desk, she promptly asked for the name of the book and in no time the book was returned to me by Pinky and Jawed.Thanks a lot and keep up the good work Pinky and Jawed . ..."
Kawita Purohit, February 24, 2011: .................. .We definitely have a very good..........
".....This letter comes all your way to show my thankfulness to your airport ground staff who helped me a great way. I reached airport 20 minutes late (my watch was behind and I was not aware of it). I faced three problems that day and your ground staff managed it amazingly. Problem 1 - like excess luggage was handled brilliantly by Mr. Mahesh and his colleagues. Problem 2 - like carrying a Swiss Knife which got left in my wallet by mistake was taken care of fantastically by Ms. Preeti and Mr. Santos. Problem 3 - I was the only passenger left to board the plane and in that hurry I left my hand bag, a book and my shawl at security check in, this problem of mine was a huge one as I had boarded the plane, but Mr. Lohit Rao handled this problem of mine remarkably, a million thanks to him. He helped me again while taking the flight back from Nagpur to Mumbai with my excess luggage, thanks again to Mr. Lohit. Your ground staff is excellent, very efficient, well trained with a very natural and sincere SMILE and PATIENCE on their face. Because of this timely help and action, I would like to say my thanks to all of them who helped me. Thank you so much, you all have done a commendable and an outstanding work effortlessly with a smile. Keep up the Quality Work going on...!!!! . ..."
Megha, February 24, 2011: .................. .Just to let you know..........
"..... Dear Mahesh Thanks for all your support last night last minute changes by going out of way and blocking seat without credit card details and providing time limit. I really appreciate your efforts in helping me and believing in me . ..."
Ravi Agarwal, February 24, 2011 : .................. .I am writing in to say..........
"..... I wish to place on record my heart-felt appreciation of the wonderful services and exceedingly nice behavior of two flight attendants during my return journey from Kolkata to Delhi on 13th Feb. I am sorry that I can't recall their names but they were on the rear part of the plane. They exceeded my expectations and I really appreciate their concern in resolving my queries . ..."
Sunil Agarwal, February 25, 2011: .................. .People will always compare ..........
"..... I am a passenger who had traveled in you indigo flight 6e194 from Mumbai to Delhi yesterday, and I would like to share my beautiful experience with you my name is Sunil Agarwal and I am 54 years old and was travelling with my wife, and usually I am a frequent traveler of jet and kingfisher and have heard about indigo many times and thought would give a try, and your on-board hospitality is really very nice and you crew members are very helpful and dedicated towards work especially a child my name Lubna (MISS INDIGO) was the badge she was wearing, she was really pretty and was very much dedicated towards her work and she was really helpful to me in getting my wife medicines from my bag which was there in the overhead bin and she even managed to get a hot water for my wife and the main part is that after my wife had her tablets Ms Lubna came to us and inquired about my wife health and was asking about all the problem related to my wife health and after the flight landed she even managed to get our bag from the over head bin and wished us a better luck and also asked my wife to get well soon. It is really nice to see your employees are so dedicated to make passengers happy and comfortable and this girl Ms lubna is really an assets for your organization and even me and my wife decided that we your only fly indigo if we are getting that much of hospitality from your employees. God bless you indigo and please convey mine and my wife regards to you crew member Ms Lubna god bless her . ..."
Ramani, Friday, February 25, 2011: .................. .I have not used Indigo ..........
"..... This is to record appreciation for M Lakshminarayanan, from your call centre. He was prompt, supportive and helpful. He also knew his job well. He corrected an error that had occurred when I booked a ticket on line, which would have lost me Rs 750 had he not been customer-responsive I wish him all the best in his career . ..."
Dipankar Gupta, February 26, 2011: .................. .I traveled yesterday by flight..........
"..... I traveled yesterday by flight No.6E 343 from Bangalore to Kolkata. I am a very frequent flier allover & across the country. My first preference is always indiGo even though I have higher tier membership association with other major airlines. As usual the fight left Bangalore 10 minutes ahead of schedule a landed Kolkata 25 minutes before time. While disembarking the aircraft I could not stop myself from personally thanking each and every person of your cabin crew for all the requests they honored throughout the flight, every passenger made . ..."
Anirudh Kumar, February 28, 2011: .................. .I took the Indigo flight 6E 179..........
"..... I took the Indigo flight 6E 179 from Delhi to Mumbai today at 8.10 AM. I did not get a chance to fill the feedback form (since I was catching up on my sleep :)) and I wanted to take the time out to appreciate the quality of your services. 1. To start, the boarding was started well in time and thus avoided any passenger related delays and gave everyone ample time to settle in. The entire boarding process was seamless 2. The aircraft interiors were impeccable and the music was very soothing and at the right volume 3. The in-flight staff deserves special mention. They were courteous, polite, extremely well groomed and professional, while maintaining an amazing level of efficiency. They made the flight extremely relaxing While Indigo is a low cost airline, you have surpassed in quality and service all other Indian Full-service airlines. Keep it up!! . ..."
Archana Sisodiya, February 28, 2011: .................. .I would request Indigo ..........
".....I would request Indigo to reward Ms. Megha (emp. Code IGA 0319) for going out of her way to assist me during my flight to Delhi from Mumbai. I was down with bad cold and all messed up and asked for some hot beverages, which is not served on your flight. She could have just conveyed that to me and said sorry instead she said she will offer me a glass of hot water with her personal green tea bag and did that, which for me proved to be a great relief. No organizations especially the service industry can achieve heights without their employees living the vision of the company. Request you all to appreciate her so that in turn and only adds to indigo's good will. . ..."
Anup, March 01, 2011, 6E316, ( Date of Travel: February 27 ) : .................. .I recently chose to travel..........
"..... I recently chose to travel in 6E 316 from Kochi to Delhi on 27th February. I am very pleased with every one of your staff at the Kochi airport and on the flight i encountered. I am sorry i didn't get their names. Every one of the people i encountered certainly are worthy of high praise. Words fail me as i try to put in words the marvelous experience i had flying with you. Thank you so much for doing what you did . ..."
Ankur Gupta, March 05, 2011 ( Date of Travel: March 04) : .................. .I would like to thank and appreciate Neeraj..........
"..... On 13th Feb 2011, I would like to thank and appreciate Neeraj Alawadi, part of the ground staff team on New Delhi Airport (terminal 1D).While departing for Jammu by IndiGo flight I bought a toy for my niece on the airport and misplaced the bill, since the toy was not tagged and stamped the police officer could not allow it to be taken on board. While I took the toy back from the baby leaving her crying, Neeraj as part of the boarding gate staff not only got a tag for the toy but also ran all the way back to the scan machine, got it scanned and got a stamp on the tag and got it back for the 1 year old baby bringing the smiles back. I must appreciate this great piece of customer care work from Neeraj in stretching out of what was his normal duty and making the journey a wonderful experience. Looking forward to continue flying with IndiGo. Great work from your team . ..."
Janakiraman, March 07, 2011 6E278 ( Date of Travel: March 04 ) : .................. .This mail is being sent to you ..........
"..... This mail is being sent to you to bring to the notice of the management that the handling of the flight by the captain was fantastic and fabulous from take off to touch down. His announcements were excellent and his take off and touchdown was nothing less than marvelous. He had a great concern for the airlines as well as passengers and he was briefing the updates to the delight of passengers and the flight naturally landed before time and the credit goes to the captain. I was extremely happy and i would make it a point in future to take IndiGo because of this experience Please forward to your management that few more pilots of his caliber will take the airlines to great heights. I would be happy if you could forward this appreciation to Captain Patil so that he would know that people appreciate his efforts . ..."
Ankush Adhikary, March 08, 2011, 6E137 ( Date of Travel: March 05) : .................. .I would like to share my wonderful ..........
"..... I would like to share my wonderful experience while travelling to Pune with IndiGo. On 05th March 2011 we had to board an IndiGo flight (6E 137) scheduled departure at 21:45.We reached Nagpur airport at 21:05 in that course unfortunately one of our baggages we found missing, containing our baby s belongings. Then at that time helping hands of Mr. Abhay relieved us and created a wonderful faith on IndiGo. He escorted us and assured that the missing baggage will be sent by the next day. Meanwhile his empathetic statement gave us the confidence and belief that there are still few good men in this society. At the same time he informed and updated my Father and Mother-in-Law who were in panic and helped them when they were at the entrance. Mr. Abhay like a gentleman informed them after the missing baggage reached Pune airport. Please continue the great help and we sincerely appreciate your help and support. When we reached Pune, Namita and her colleagues at the reservation counter helped us to locate our rest of the baggage. The next day i.e. on 06th March 2011 Shraddha and Amit helped us to procure our missing baggage. At the end I would like to thank the IndiGo team for their caring nature, help with empathy and supportive in all respect. Due to this in future I would like to board only IndiGo flights . ..."
Aditya R. Rajan, March 09, 2011 ( Date of Travel: March 17) : .................. .I was flying to Goa on the 17th ..........
"..... I was flying to Goa on the 17th February by IndiGo Air. The flight was delayed by a couple of hours. After boarding the flight and being seated, there was a complete different feeling running through my mind. I didn't feel at all that the flight was delayed. Also there was a very positive energy amongst the CREW. I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by all of them, especially Ms. Priyanka Malhotra for extending her heartfelt services to all the passengers in that flight. I had a great flight and loved the service . ..."
Joms Thomas John, March 09, 2011, 6E182 ( Date of Travel: March 8) : .................. .I just wanted to let you ..........
"..... I just wanted to let you all know that, i really liked my travel with IndiGo Airlines. I have only traveled twice so far, but the services were amazing and the crew was warm-hearted. I really liked the flight 6E182 that i took from Mumbai to Delhi. The cabin crew was lead by Ms. Hema Bhandari and the Captain made a wonderful landing at Delhi which i liked the most. I wish IndiGo Airlines the best and hope to travel with you always . ..."
Samit Misra, March 10, 2011 : .................. .I saw a lot of bubbly and youthful enthusiasm..........
".....I saw a lot of bubbly and youthful enthusiasm (in the job) in your in-flight crew Vandana (specifically) and Neha. The friendly banter was extremely infectious. Vandana was probably the most spontaneous cabin crew i have come across on any flight in the last one year or so. I would like to give full marks to her for making a boring flight journey as lively as she could have made for the passengers. . ..."
Tirthankar Basu, March 10, 2011: .................. .This is to sincerely appreciate the service..........
".....This is to sincerely appreciate the service received during my flight from Kolkata to Ahmedabad rendered by Ratna who was excellent at it. She was very helpful and ensured a comfortable journey. Thank you so much for the hospitality. I greatly appreciate the assistance Ratna and her team provided me . ..."
Alok Daga, March 13, 2011, 6E274, ( Date of Travel: March 12) : .................. .I was a passenger on your Flight 6E..........
".....I was a passenger on your Flight 6E 274 from Kolkata to Delhi on 12th March 2011. After boarding the plane I realized that I had left my mobile phone in the security hold area. I contacted your officer Mr. B. Ganesh Iyer but was told, politely but firmly, that since there was no time left for the Flight to take off I could not go back to the terminal. He also assured me that he would personally try to find the phone and get it back to me. I boarded the plane with a lot of apprehension since we rarely get anything back in India. However, as soon as I landed in Delhi, I got a message from him that he had found my phone, logged it in the register and was sending it to Delhi by the first flight. I went to the Delhi airport today and after some formalities was promptly handed over the Phone. I would like to put on record my appreciation for IndiGo airlines and especially for Mr. B.Ganesh Iyer for handling the situation in such a professional way . ..."
Shreenivas S, March 13, 2011 6E156, ( Date of Travel: March 13) : .................. . I traveled on 6E 156 & 6E 153 ..........
"..... . I traveled on 6E 156 & 6E 153 (Bangalore- Ahmedabad- Bangalore) on 12th & 13th March 2011. I sincerely appreciate the outstanding service provided by Ms. Saini, main flight stewardess who was incidentally on both flights. Being a frequent flyer, I found this lady charming and very highly committed to her work. I saw her helping an old lady to disembark from the aircraft, which most cabin crew do not do. Onward from Bangalore, our flight hardly had 50 passengers while during return, it was packed. She showed the same zeal in both situations. Hats off!! No wonder IndiGo is doing extremely well with such fantastic cabin crew. May her tribe increase! . ..."
Ravindar Kumar, March 14, 2011: .................. .I was at the Mumbai domestic airport..........
"..... I was at the Mumbai domestic airport along with a friend today who had to travel to her hometown for emergency. I would like to appreciate the effort put in by your customer care assistants at the IndiGo booking counter. Unfortunately i don't recollect their names; one of them was Soniya & not too sure about the other girl who replaced Soniya due to shift changes. Both showed amazing patience in dealing with us and our travel department and also managing the customers at the counter. Thanks for the help once again . ..."
Sumit Kumar Satpathy, March 15, 2011 : .................. .I am Sumit, a customer of IndiGo airlines..........
"..... I am Sumit, a customer of IndiGo airlines. I am very happy with the customer care executive named "Shafiq" for his great work in this field. I made a mistake during the booking of ticket and he easily solved my problem. Thanks him for his work . ..."
David Busfield, March 16, 2011 : .................. .I (retired training captain) and my wife..........
".....I (retired training captain) and my wife (recently retired cabin crew manager) were most impressed with your whole operation - on time, helpful staff and clean aircraft. I would particularly single out Arun (duty manager) at Chennai, who was most helpful and polite in spite of being under considerable pressure dealing with passengers . ..."
Manish Vishal, March 17, 2011 6E342, ( Date of Travel: March 13 ) : .................. .I would like to mention here..........
".....I would like to mention here that I am very much impressed with the kind of attentiveness and response provided by Himanshu at Patna Airport. I travelled on 13th March. I missed 2 of my cabin luggages at SHA area. The moment I realized, I informed this to available staff of IndiGo Airlines at Patna Airport. The kind of assurance and promptness provided by Himanshu about the whereabouts of my cabin luggage consoled me, as the articles inside baggage were valuable for me. He diligently guided me for the process of claims from Airport. He went a step ahead when he kept me always updated about how and when I can receive my lost and found articles. He was very professional and humble in this matter. This shows how an employee can add value to the service provided by a company. Because of his promptness in this matter, I could plan the receiving of my luggage. Lastly, I have received my lost belongings. Thanks a lot to Himanshu and never-the-less to another staff Anita at Patna Airport who assisted me in this trouble .. ..."
Deepesh, March 19, 2011, 6E189: .................. .I am a frequent flier with other airlines..........
"..... I am a frequent flier with other airlines. You are an aviation geek, have a passion and the spark to be one of the best airline, this is what i felt today in flight 6E189 after experiencing with warm service of your crew, ground staff and clean aircraft. Most importantly captain and co-pilot did good job. Keep flying high!!! . ..."
Deepak Kashyap, March 21, 2011 6E 192 ( Date of Travel: March 20 ): .................. .I am writing to appreciate the customer..........
".....I am writing to appreciate the customer service of the following three customer relation executives at the Delhi domestic arrivals: Sakshi, Roma and Shashank. Our issue was that we had forgotten our wallets at security check in Mumbai. I was also attended splendidly by the on board staff of the same flight called Rueben. She was very empathetic and polite and offered some free snacks when she realized that we have no money, due to the loss of the wallet, to buy food and drinks. The above mentioned Customer Service Executives were more than kind and generous to hear our issues and solving it for us. They also offered us water to drink and a sincere smile to comfort my tense and anxious nerves. They were well spoken and sincere in their intention to help and support. I applaud their services and the company who chose and trained their employees with a lot of care . ..."
Hridayanand Gogoi, March 23, 2011, 6E351 ( Date of Travel: February 8 ) : .................. .I specially want to thank ..........
".....I specially want to thank Mr. Quadir was on duty on 8th of Feb'2011, morning hours. I would like to congratulate IndiGo to have a staff like him who is more than worth for any organization. I wish him all the best in his life and recommend IndiGo authorities to appreciate and give him recognition and encourage the staff for a kind of service as rendered by Mr. Quadir . ..."
Shahnawaz Ali, March 23, 2011 : .................. .I would like to thank.........
"..... I would like to thank IndiGo for hiring such highly customer focused staff members who makes travelling a pleasant experience, I have been travelling with other airlines for the last 3 years & I rate your overall service the booking experience as none less than any other 5 star airline. I thank Robin for making me book my ticket at the last hour get me on board I truly appreciate his commitment for his job which results in customer loyalty. I would wish to fly more frequently after this experience . ..."
Pandian M Veppur, March 24, 2011, 6E 194, ( Date of Travel: March 22 ) : .................. .I had an opportunity to travel by ..........
"..... I had an opportunity to travel by IndiGo on 22nd March and i must admit that your dedication towards punctuality, hospitality, manners and sincerity shown by the cabin crew was fantastic. The madam who was announcing about IndiGos achievements and targets in the flight was so nice. I appreciate and wishing the IndiGo a great success, i took pledge that henceforth i, my family, friends and relatives shall travel only by IndiGo, also best wishes to cabin crew . ..."
Himani Bahuguna, March 25, 2011, 6E 274, ( Date of Travel: March 24: .................. .PI traveled on 6E 274 from Kolkata ..........
"..... I traveled on 6E 274 from Kolkata to Delhi on 24th March. I wanted to thank the pilot who kept updating the passengers with the cricket scores every 15 minutes. It was a very appreciable gesture, commended by all aboard. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
Jaganpreet Singh, March 28, 2011: .................. .This is regarding one of your very enthusiastic ..........
"..... This is regarding one of your very enthusiastic, knowledgeable customer service agents who seem to be very dedicated to her job Karunya. I just want to say some deserving words for the job she just did on call. She just made my day by her dedication for customer satisfaction and her zeal. I called your customer care for making some changes in one of the booking. I know that this was not a big thing to do for a customer care executive but the way she handled he call was awesome by every mean. I would really appreciate if one of the senior there can give her a chocolate on my behalf as a gift. This is the maximum I can do . ..."
Rajesh Neelakanta, March 30, 2011 : .................. .This email is to place on record ..........
"..... This email is to place on record the excellent and most courteous interaction and service that Mr. Ajay Sharma extended to me when I called your Call centre for assistance with change of flight schedule on 30th March 2011 at about 01.15 am. The likes of Mr. Ajay Sharma in your organization will certainly take your airline to much greater heights . ..."
Carroll D.........silva, March 30, 2011, 6E322, ( Date of Travel: March 04 ) : .................. .The purpose of sending this mail..........
"..... The purpose of sending this mail is to send my sincere appreciation for Mr. Rajeev Medhi. On 4th March 2011, i was travelling from Guwahati to Mumbai by 6E322. Being new to Guwahati i was so confused about where and how of Guwahati airport which was one of my problem and once i did reach i was baffled as i was alone. However, without hesitation Rajeev assisted me and made sure i reach my boarding gate. I was very impressed by his patience with me as i was in a bad state. He understood my dilemma as i was travelling for the first time from Guwahati to Mumbai and he stayed with me till i boarded my flight. The extra effort by Rajeev was most impressive and i have never seen such committed working people before. It has been my experience when employees provide quality customer service of highest caliber, they tend to be employees to be quickly promoted to higher positions, and competing organization seek to hire, so do take care of this employee as he is a true asset to your airline. I commend both Mr. Medhi and your airline for the value of service provided and i feel grateful to be one of your customers. Based on your service I have received from Mr. Medhi, I will not hesitate to recommend your airline to all my colleagues and friends . ..."
Abhishant Pant, March 30, 2011, 6E192, ( Date of Travel: March 18 ) : .................. .We have always held very high image ..........
".....We have always held very high image of yours because of timely arrival and departure of flights operated by you. However on 18th march 2011 your team from 6E-192 (Raksha, Sonali, Poonam, Manjit "Pilot" and Co pilot)have earned my respect because of their humane' approach for lifetime. On that day, mid way, my wife started experiencing pain in stomach which kept on increasing in intensity. We sought support of Raksha and she suggested for seeking help from in flight doctor luckily we found one, Dr. Tajinder Kataria. She along with your team members continued supporting us during next one hour. They not only arranged for emergency landing at Delhi but also ambulance was waiting for us as soon as we walked out of flight. Manjit along with co pilot came to airport medical center to enquire and express support. My wife went through a small operation same night at Fortis and Now she is back to normal. I must say my family will always remain indebted to the effort and support provided by your team from Flight 6E-192. Keep up the good job!! . ..."
Capt. Sunil Ramachandran, April 01, 2011 6E 435, ( Date of Travel: April 18) : .................. .please convey my heartfelt thanks to Miss ..........
".....please convey my heartfelt thanks to Miss Chandana and her superiors who went out of the way to help me out in my re-booking of tickets. As they say "YOUR ATTITUDE DECIDES YOUR ALTITUDE", it is these broad minded employees with positive attitude that will take your Airlines to new heights. Keep up the good work . ..."
Shyamal Sengupta, April 03, 2011, 6E 378, ( Date of Travel: March 15) : .................. .This is the first time ..........
".....This is the first time I traveled by indigo. I took flight 6E-414 from Bangalore to Bombay. The flight took-off 15 minutes before the departure time and landed 20 min before arrival time. I have heard of planes landing on time but planes landing before time I saw for the first time in life. You guys sure are keeping your word. The ambience was amazing. The flight attendants were extremely courteous. You treat passengers as guests not customers something that other airlines don't. I took flight 6E-415 back to Bangalore the next day. I must mention this... While the attendants were serving food I had dozed off, later on i requested for a cookie which was served instantly, but i wanted a different flavor so she had to go back and get the other one. Throughout the process she was calm and did not show any sign of irritability. I don't know her name, so thank her on my behalf. It is no surprise that indigo has managed to capture 19% of market in just four years another marvelous feat. Now I know the reason behind it. When it comes to hospitality indigo is invincible. Keep up the good work . ..."
Arun Muralidhar, April 04, 2011 : .................. .I am global traveler based in the US ..........
".....I am global traveler based in the US with executive privileges on many airlines but I wanted to bring to your attention some exceptional service I received from two of your colleagues at BLR airport Ms. Nisha Sinha (CSE) and Ms. Kavita Linttoi (CSA) along with others at the desk on the evening of 1st April. Since I was an international passenger, through some miscommunication between me and the ticketing agent/Bombay check-in staff, I had an issue with my baggage at the time of checking in at BLR. Your colleagues first treated me with a lot of respect (unlike some other Indian airlines) to try to explain their perspective while listening to my position, and then went out of their way to help me so that my travel was not disrupted and that I was made to feel like a valued customer. The situation could have easily escalated into an unpleasant experience but your colleagues showed maturity and poise and tried to work with me to help. I am in the services business and so I recognize exceptional service when I experience it, and hence wanted to make sure that you commend your colleagues for upholding your brand and this experience was better than most that I receive on airlines where I am premier member!! Given this positive experience, I will do my best to make sure that my Indian and global colleagues use your airline for their India travels whenever possible . ..."
Yogesh M Shah, April 05, 2011 6E 181 ( Date of Travel: April 7) : .................. .Dear Vikas Kumar, This is with regard..........
".....Dear Vikas Kumar, This is with regards my PNRs - GYPSDS and XYNZAT for which i had lodged an email complaint also. Subsequent to my talk with you i am happy to say that my issue was solved and i fully appreciate the goodwill gesture on your part. I am very impressed by the way you handled my complaint and helped me resolve the same. I assure you that you have made me an INDIGO fan and despite being a Gold member with Kingfisher and a Platinum member with Jet Airways, i will fly Indigo as much as i can and will move our corporate business to you as well. Thank you once again and appreciate your help. I request that the complaint i sent via your website be deleted as my issue is amicable resolved . ..."
Parthasarathi Sahoo, April 06, 2011: .................. .I am writing on behalf of my father..........
".....I am writing on behalf of my father (Dr. Kartikeswar Sahoo). We got our lost baggage. I really appreciate the effort made by Indigo and Bhubaneswar airport staffs. This gesture will definitely prompt me to avail only your services in future . ..."
G Narayana, April 07, 2011 6E 371 ( Date of Travel: April 6) : .................. .It gives me a great feeling..........
".....It gives me a great feeling to share an occasion of service and goodwill by two of your staff while travelling by Indigo flight today evening i.e. 6.4.2011 from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad. About 15 minutes after we took off, we heard an announcement requesting for a doctor amongst the passengers since there was an emergency as one of the passengers was sick. Then we saw two of the cabin staff Ms. Sangita Mothe and Ms. Deesa Raman and a doctor, a bright young man joined them. It seems the passenger had a heart problem. The responsibility, care and empathy and efficiency demonstrated by Ms. Mothe and Ms. Raman were exemplary. They took every action with a sense of service and dedication. The doctor, Mr. Shail Vasavda from Ahmedabad was calm, confident, stable and prompt. Three of them together gave oxygen, medicines and confidence and assurance to the patient. Being seated nearby for me it was a humane experience to see the commitment, concern and empathy in the eyes of Deesa and Sangita. Both of them were almost like mothers. After sometime the patient became comfortable but the doctor and angels continued to be attentive till we reached Hyderabad. Congratulations to Indigo for having such a groomed and committed staff members and for having leadership qualities of responsibility and spirit of humanity. We later noticed that flight reached 5 minutes earlier than scheduled arrival time. With best wishes and love and light . ..."
Oyndrilla Dutta, April 08, 2011 6E 404 ( Date of Travel: April 25) : .................. .I would like to appreciate your staff Renuka..........
".....I would like to appreciate your staff Renuka from Nagpur airport. I am very much pleased with the kind of Service she has given at indigo counter while booking tickets. She explained me each and everything patiently but also given me good option . ..."
Shreejeith Meynan, April 11, 2011 : .................. .This is an email of appreciation ..........
".....This is an email of appreciation for Ms. Akanksha Thakur, who is based out of your Delhi office and did a wonderful job of rescheduling my flight, this morning. She was very polite, patient and solution oriented throughout the interaction which really lasted long. Keep up the good work Akanksha!!! . ..."
Jitendra Mittal, April 11, 2011 : .................. .Dear team Indigo..........
".....Dear team Indigo, as expected, you have converted a potential disgruntled customer to a delighted one by giving VOW service. I would like to congratulate your team who did this as an exception and with a lightning speed. I will take this opportunity to tell all my friends and relatives about the kind of service you provide, and how much you care for your loyal customers. Special Thanks to Ms. NITU VERMA who promptly and religiously tried reaching me on my phone multiple times when I left a message for her. I am sure Indigo is No.1 airlines because of such staff and attitude!! I am copying this mail to all management so that they may applaud this gesture of Customer Relations Department. Cheers! . ..."
Sujit Basu, April 11, 2011 6E 309 ( Date of Travel: April 6) : .................. .Hi Mr. Mehta, I am really delighted ..........
".....Hi Mr. Mehta, I am really delighted the way you have acted on my feedback. I am really surprised that in India such an efficient customer relations team exists. I realized why Indigo has been awarded best airlines in India. Really you deserved it, when they have such an efficient Customer Relations Team. I am really thankful to Ms. Padmaja and Md. Yousuf of Hyderabad who has taken personal interest and spent their personal time in spite of their odd working hours to deliver the item to me. Please convey my sincere thanks and regards to them . ..."
Amit Bagaria, April 12, 2011 6E 151 ( Date of Travel: April 12 ) : .................. .I flew on 6E151 from Jaipur to ..........
".....I flew on 6E151 from Jaipur to Bangalore today and was seated in 1C. After the aircraft started taxiing at Jaipur airport, one passenger (I was told his name is Saurabh Jain) walked up to the front galley and asked the cabin crew to give him cotton for his child's ears. Leading Lady Priya Prasad informed the passenger that Indigo does not give cotton. The passenger insisted that - since other airlines do - she should also give him cotton. Priya politely told him that Indigo was a different company and had its own rules. The passenger did not listen - his behavior turned ridiculous. He asked Priya what she would do if his child's ear drum burst. She explained that the cabin crew was all individually trained on First Aid and that a First Aid Box was on every aircraft. The passenger asked whether there was "cotton" in the First Aid Box. When informed that there was cotton in the box, he insisted that Priya should give him some from the box. She politely told him that this was not possible as it was against Indigo rules. The passenger again asked what the airline would do if the child's ear drum burst - Priya replied that normally such things don't happen on hundreds of flights every day, but if there was such an emergency, the Captain would probably try to land at the nearest airport. The passenger was still not satisfied and started asking if the Airline had an official Doctor on board - without waiting for an answer, he started asking to meet this (non-existent) doctor. When being informed that flights do not have official doctors, the passenger started insisting on meeting the Captain. The other cabin crew, Shikha Shukla, then intervened and explained to the passenger that if he is insisting on meeting the Captain, they will have to request the Captain to return to bay and he (the passenger) would have to be offloaded. To the shock of the 15-20 passengers seated on the first four rows who could distinctly hear all of this conversation, the passenger said - YES, please take the aircraft back and offload me. At this juncture, many of the passengers (including myself) started telling Mr. Jain not to behave like an utter idiot and to go back to his seat. In the meantime, Priya spoke to the Captain on the intercom and the Capt. stopped the aircraft. When Mr. Jain still did not return to his seat, some passengers started demanding that he be offloaded and handed over to authorities. Some lady passengers even commented that parents should carry everything that their child may require on a journey. Priya made an announcement that the aircraft would return to bay to offload a passenger and due to certain procedures, there would be a 20 minute delay. Immediately on hearing this, many more passengers started heckling at Mr. Jain and blaming him for the delay. On seeing himself alone against unanimous public opinion, Mr. Jain returned to the seat. The aircraft did not return to bay and I was informed by Priya that Mr. Jain had agreed to cooperate since he did not want to be offloaded. Throughout the 15-odd minute episode, both cabin crews were extremely polite and behaved with the highest quality of professionalism. I must add that I was witness to the same passenger creating a ruckus earlier at the Check-In Desk also, insisting that all airlines allow 32 Kilos baggage per passenger and that Indigo was cheating him by allowing only 20 Kilos. Without going into details of that episode, I must say that both Indigo ground staff also acted professionally. There too, Mr. Jain behaved badly asking for all passengers' baggage (which had already checked in) to be re-weighed in front of him, so that he could "prove" that other passengers were allowed 32 Kilos and he was singled out by the airline for "harassment". I sincerely hope that God give some wisdom to such idiots who spoil the mood of normal frequent flyers (such as myself) and airline staff almost regularly in India. Cheers! . ..."
Shivu Singh, April 14, 2011 6E 279 ( Date of Travel: April 12) : .................. .It was my first time on Indigo and ..........
".....It was my first time on Indigo and I was very happy with all the service elements. You have really done a good job of training your staff to offer each contact with the guest an opportunity to leave a good impression. Keep it up. Usually things need to be continuously improved and i hope you would do that well . ..."
Annesha Chakraborty, April 14, 2011 6E 205 ( Date of Travel: April 15 ) : .................. .Your Mr. Hasan has helped my father ..........
"..... Your Mr. Hasan has helped my father to purchase the ticket thro' internet by his patient guidance and advice. We are thankful to him as well as to Indigo for this support . ..."
Bala, April 15, 2011 6E 238 ( Date of Travel: April 15) : .................. .Dear Sir, I was travelling in ..........
"..... Dear Sir, I was travelling in 6E 238 from Jaipur to Chennai this morning and my seat number is 24D. Since Im 6.2 ft. tall I want a change of seat near the emergency exit. When I informed the in-flight attendant Ms. Sharmistha, she was very kind in doing that for me. Suddenly I got sick and I was uncomfortable, she was very kind in treating me to get comfortable. She gave me a tablet from her own bag and took care of me like anything until the journey was completed. I have never experienced such a wonderful behavior of cabin crew in any of the airways. I have no words to express my satisfaction level. I appreciate the level of HR and the employee, company relationship in your organization. I personally thank Ms. Sharmistha for the warm treatment and I wish her a very good time ahead. I would like to reward Ms. Sharmistha please help me with the formalities. . ..."
Shalu, April 16, 2011 6E 283 ( Date of Travel: April 14) : .................. .Dear Team, I travelled on..........
".....Dear Team, I travelled on 14 April DEL-MAA 6E283, I am writing this to express my appreciation to ground staff's and lead crew member Ms. Gill's, kindness, compassion, her calm, experienced and skilled responses left a deep impression. She is a credit to Indigo Airlines. I have no doubt that Indigo Airlines will thrive. Over all Great on time performance . ..."
Sudhan, April 18, 2011 : .................. .I just had to travel from Coimbatore..........
".....I just had to travel from Coimbatore to Delhi for my business visit. It was when I went to the ticket counter inside the airport I remembered that I had forgotten my mobile phones and had left it in my car. I just went to ask a guy at baggage screening for making a phone call and told him it was an emergency. He immediately handed over his mobile phone, not having a second thought to ask if I was Indigo Passenger. I then called upon my driver and got my mobile phone back. I thanked him a lot and in a hurry forgot to ask his name. But he was your employee working at the baggage screening at CBE airport. I was very much delighted then on with the services provided by all your staffs during my travel. I very much appreciate the enduring performance of the team and wish success through all the way. Btw, I have decided to use INDIGO always and have referred all my friends to travel on INDIGO . ..."
Sandesh Kamath, April 19, 2011 6E 122, ( Date of Travel: April 17) : .................. .Ms. Delnaz understood that..........
"..... Ms. Delnaz understood that I was upset because of my bad seat allocated because of delay by Mr. Suhas Iyer at check in. She offered me the Emergency Exit seat @ extra cost and attended to my queries till I off boarded at Delhi. She was also very polite and efficient. I am still ok to fly with Indigo after the upset handling by Suhas is because of this beautiful lady who made me feel at ease in flight. So congratulations for having a good employee . ..."
Rodney Weaver, April 21, 2011 6E 254, ( Date of Travel: March 24) : .................. .I feel compelled to share with you..........
"..... I feel compelled to share with you a very good deed that was done for me when I flew your airline in March: While exiting the aircraft I neglected to pick up my BOSE HEADPHONES and IPOD off of the seat. When I arrived at my hotel in Mumbai, I received a phone call at my hotel from Sandish letting me know that I had left my belongings on the aircraft and we made arrangements for me to pick it up on my return to the Mumbai Domestic Airport. To achieve the call to me, Sandish must have found an out of date business card with my name on it, somehow tracked down the company I was traveling with and they referred Sandish to the hotel I was staying at. Mr. Ghosh, this is an amazing event and I hope that you will compliment and reward the crew of Flight 6E-254 accordingly. The belongings were both gifts from my wife and I would have been extremely disappointed in myself if I had lost them . ..."
Parthasarathi Chakrabarty, April 21, 2011 6E 277, ( Date of Travel: April 3) : .................. .I wanted to thank a member..........
"..... I wanted to thank a member of the Chennai Indigo ground staff, for his kindness. I needed to get some medicine, and since the shop was outside the security area, he arranged to have them procured. In my hurry I was unable to clearly note his name (it was most probably Arjun - but I am not very sure). Please pass on this note of thanks to the Chennai Indigo team. They rock!! . ..."
Nirmalya Mukherjee, April 21, 2011 6E 275, ( Date of Travel: April 23) : .................. .Hello,I am really pleased with the response..........
"..... Hello, I am really pleased with the response I got from your team. Thanks a lot for all your help and understanding our problem. This gesture will make Indigo my first choice for my further trips . ..."
Srikrishna Mohanta, April 22, 2011 6E 264, ( Date of Travel: May 7) : .................. .Dear Pratibha, It gives me immense pleasure..........
"..... Dear Pratibha, It gives me immense pleasure to thank you for taking up my case sensitively and also taking necessary positive step thereof. This kind of small customer oriented steps definitely help your airlines to achieve greater level of success in future. Wish you good luck!! . ..."
Nilabsultani, April 22, 2011 : .................. .This is nilabsultani. I had a flight..........
".....This is nilabsultani. I had a flight from Bangalore to Delhi on 22nd morning I really want to appreciate the work of Mr. Robin Mathew with me at the airport. I have missed my flight however he really behaved well and supported me like a brother got me the other flight so i could reach Delhi soon. Thanks from your services and you should be proud of having such employee . ..."
Riju, April 23, 2011: .................. .I wanted to the great support..........
".....I wanted to the great support that I received from one of your team members, Ehtram Ali, who helped me to modify my flight booking as well. He was very patient during the entire conversation and was kind enough to help me out in spite of frequent mobile phone and laptop issues. Thank you Ali for all your support provided . ..."
Anirban Das, April 24, 2011 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: May 10) : .................. .I would like to appreciate the Call..........
".....I would like to appreciate the Call center agent who helped me with this booking. Since, I am currently in US and can't use IVR I was told last time that I cannot book using my credit card. But this guys found an alternate way and facilitated by booking thorough the website. Not sure, but his name might be Abhinav. He deserved a pat in the back for good customer service . ..."
Ruchi Prasad, April 24, 2011 6E 422, ( Date of Travel: April 2) : .................. .I fly regularly and everyone is always courteous..........
"..... I fly regularly and everyone is always courteous and polite. But this time Vinayak (Bangalore Airport Check-in) went the extra mile. When he asked me which seat would I prefer, I told him any seat would do as long as it is a good seat, he said "we have 180 great seats which one would you prefer?" Also they were running the drill where they had to act as if the computer support was not available. While he was writing my boarding pass, when I asked why was he following this procedure he explained the drill to me. I was truly impressed with such pleasant behavior. Way to go Indigo! . ..."
Basab Ghosh, April 25, 2011 6E 371, ( Date of Travel: April 24) : .................. .I, along with my wife took ..........
"..... I, along with my wife took flight No. 6E 371 from Hyderabad to Chennai on April 24, 2011. Due to having a pair of scissors in my shaving kit, I was forced to check in a piece of luggage which was originally planned as cabin baggage. Unfortunately, in my haste, I had left my mobile in the outer pocket of the bag and I realized it after the bag was checked in and had gone to the loading area. I went back to your check-in desk and requested if the luggage can be retrieved so that I can take out my mobile. Your staff Mr. Augustine George was very helpful. He went out of his way to take me all the way to the luggage scanning area to help me retrieve the bag and the mobile. I commend his service and would like to bring this positive action to your notice. In fact all your ground staff that I met, your check in desk personnel (three of them) and your personnel at the scanner was very helpful and courteous and made sure that I was happy and satisfied. I commend you in selecting the right personnel and imparting proper training in customer satisfaction . ..."
Arun Jha, April 25, 2011 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: April 16 ) : .................. .Dear Nitu, Thanks a lot..........
"..... Dear Nitu, Thanks a lot, my work got done. I would like to mention special thanks to Chanchal (Bangalore Indigo Staff) who has attended all my calls and helped me a lot. Please forward this message to Bangalore Indigo team also since I don't have their mail Id now . ..."
Jajodia Shirish, April 25, 2011 : .................. .I had a conversation with Rahul..........
".....I had a conversation with Rahul Meena regarding my flight tickets booking. I found the person really helpful and co-operative. He helped me with all my queries and concerns patiently. Overall I would say it was a satisfying experience. Good to have nice helpful people associated with Indigo. Hope to receive similar convincing experience with indigo going forward! . ..."
VikramaVardhana, April 26, 2011 6E 346, ( Date of Travel: April 02 ) : .................. .I convey my profound appreciation..........
".....I convey my profound appreciation for the customer care cell at Bangalore for having recovered my lost baggage. Special mention of Mr. Vinayak Desai who went out of his way to ensure that my baggage reaches my address "ON TIME" which is Indigo's Mantra.This put an end to my bouts of stress and anxiety. I had lost my baggage on 21 Apr and received it on 26 Apr, courtesy Mr. Vinayak Desai. I express my sincere compliments to Indigo Airlines for its commitment to being "ON TIME" and Mr. Vinayak Desai for putting customer first "EVERY TIME". I look forward to continue this relationship for a long time to come .. ..."
Aaryaman Singh, April 26, 2011 6E 346, ( Date of Travel: April 02) : .................. .I want to share some good ..........
"..... I want to share some good experience with you during my travel by your amazing airliner Indigo from Delhi to Indore. I was a frequent flyer with another domestic airline in past but my travel with Indigo airlines dated 02/04/2011 from Delhi to Indore on 6E-436 has completely changed my perception and now i will be traveling more with Indigo Airlines in respect to any other airline. I am praising Indigo not because of its cheap fares or services on board but the dedication of the staff to make their guests happy at all times. I would really want to mention the name of a staff that impressed me the most at Indore airport, Ankur Ganguli, who was so courteous and polite to assist me during my arrival at the Indore station. By mistake i had gone to the wrong way of the arrival's on deplaning and Ankur was so alert in respect of his work that he guided me with such courteously and politely to the right path of the arrival, and i kept on observing him, he made sure the bags were delivered properly and the passengers were guided properly to the right place. As in few airlines we generally observe that people just throw the bags on the trolleys and hardly take care of the baggages but he was so focused that the bags are put properly so that it reaches the arrival properly.My experience with Indigo was truly amazing and i congratulate Indigo to commence it operations from Indore. Indigo should be very proud to have such dedicated, focused staff like Ankur . ..."
Srinivasa K, April 26, 2011 6E 122, ( Date of Travel: April 17 ) : .................. .I Srinivasa K a frequent traveller..........
".....I Srinivasa K a frequent traveller using your airlines as usual i travelled on 17th April 2011 from Bangalore to Delhi and return on 24th April respectively. This is really a fantastic journey i ever had in your airlines. The time keeping overall service by your staff including inflight air hostess is really excellent. I am very happy to travel with your airlines please keep it up in future also what a pleasant travel. Wah meri indigo! Hats off to you guys . ..."
Sandeep Brahma, April 27, 2011 : February 8 : .................. .I have raised a concern ..........
".....I have raised a concern about my loss of mobile to Delhi staff especially Sunita Singh of Delhi indigo.They responded immediately and within one day i got my mobilephone back. Great Job!! Keep up the good work guys . ..."
Dinesh Khanna, April 27, 2011 6E551, ( Date of Travel: April 27 ) : .................. .I Dinesh Khanna was travelling..........
"..... I Dinesh Khanna was travelling by the Indigo Airlines 6E551 with my family. When we reached Jammu Airport we found we were late. Miss Pallavi really helped us by screening our baggage as the X-ray of the airline was closed she further assisted us by guiding us towards counters and treated us like her own family and requested J&K Police to allow us as on Priority as our Flight was already landed. I would Appreciate Miss Pallavi for her service by Heart it was really nice travelling with Indigo Airlines . ..."
Suman Mukhuty, April 28, 2011 6E318, ( Date of Travel: April 27) : .................. .I happen to travel to India..........
"..... I happen to travel to India on an average of once a month. I generally prefer availing Indigo flights, unless the cost becomes too much of a concern for me. This is because I have always had a pleasant experience travelling on the Indigo flights, more importantly, the on time factor. On the 27th of April, I travelled on 6E318 to Mumbai. I hereby, wish to make a special mention of the entire in-flight crew Leena, Laxmi, Mona and Puravi. They had conducted themselves extremely professionally and had ensured an extremely smooth flight not only for me but for all the passengers on board. Effective service, a welcome smile, a pleasing tone while conversing, addressing any of passengers'requests immediately, etc. all go a long way in making an experience memorable. And this was one of such flights, wherein, everything seemed perfect. Please accept my heartiest congratulations to the entire team for carrying out a wonderful service and making my experience a memorable one. My heartiest congratulations to Indigo airlines dedicated team who recruit such fine people to serve its passengers. This surely does instill a sense of loyalty in the minds of the passengers. Cheers! Please keep up the great work . ..."
Lalson sunny, April 28, 2011 6E 215, ( Date of Travel: April 09) : .................. .Good quality service ..........
"..... Good quality service from call center and wait time is less than one min . ..."
JAnil K. Beejawat, April 28, 2011 6E 554, ( Date of Travel: April 27) : .................. . I wish to put my thanks ..........
"..... I wish to put my thanks and appreciation on record.I was booked on Jammu Delhi flight.A friend gifted me a Glass vase which I thought I will carry as a cabin baggage however due to security reasons it was not allowed from Jammu. When I got to know that it will go as a checked baggage, I lost hope of getting it intact at Delhi Airport.Ms. Kavita a ground staff at Jammu sensed my concern and not only took initiative to repack the gift with extra care, she went out of her way to assure me that it will reach Delhi safely and surely it did. I really want to thank you Kavita and all your colleagues from Indigo.It is people like you who make organizations what they are. Wish you all the best. God bless . ..."
Krupa Shah 29 April 2011 6E 186, ( Date of Travel: April 29 ) : .................. .I had made an online booking ..........
"..... I had made an online booking which I needed to cancel. I called your customer care and I am very impressed with the way the executive patiently helped me with my query. His knowledge of the product and service orientation was really good. His name is Jitendra Singh. Kudos again on the great service in air and off air too! . ..."
Nimit Parmar, April 29, 2011 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: March 18 ) : .................. . It was a pleasure speaking ..........
"..... It was a pleasure speaking with your team member over the phone Manish. I always prefer to book all my tickets online because I feel the standard of support on phone service in India is not up to the mark but Manish proved me wrong. I felt very comfortable booking the ticket over the phone with him. In fact as I was comfortable to book ticket online he helped me to do the same over phone by staying with me on phone for more than 30 min and guided me booking the same online.. KUDOS Manish happy to book tickets on Indigo flight, I am sure my in laws shall have a much better experience on flight as I had experienced it with Manish. Cheers to Indigo Go Indigo!!! . ..."
Ritu Duggal, April 30, 2011 : .................. .I would like to thank Your ..........
".....I would like to thank Your Neeraj Singh and Shiv Anand Sharma at Patna airport, for locating my hand bag which I had left in the aircraft. I would like to thank Bablu Jatti for getting it back to me. Expecting good service from your end in future as well . ..."
Uppin G, May 04, 2011, 6E 435, ( Date of Travel: April 10 ) : " .I would like to share ..........
".....I would like to share my good experience with indigo airline. Your staff Radhika Sachdev, was very pleasing personality, I was excess by 5 kilos; I did not know the procedures of your airline for excess baggage. She explained me the procedure so well giving 20 minutes of her valuable duty time that I was convinced to pay with a smile feeling it was totally worth on her part. Shes an asset to your airline. Keep that up Indigo, good going! . ..."
Sanjiv Gupta, May 04, 2011 6E 254, ( Date of Travel: May 3 ) : " .I flew last night by 6E 254..........
".....I flew last night by 6E 254 from Mumbai to Hyderabad, with my wife. I wish to record my sincere compliments to the lead cabin attendant (I think her name was Priya). I was not feeling too well and my wife was often checking my forehead. Priya demonstrated most admirable concern - almost like that of a member of the family. I have always preferred Indigo over most other domestic airlines for several reasons - punctuality, cleanliness etc, but the attitude of Priya rose above all else. Even her announcements over the PA was extremely clear, well punctuated and with perfect diction. I compliment you for hiring her. I will be obliged if this note is shown to this bright and most courteous girl . ..."
Prabhas Kumar, May 05, 2011 ) : " . would like to appreciate the help ..........
".....I would like to appreciate the help provided by TONY (Corporate Representative) for his work & assisting yesterday, May 04th evening for our much esteemed guest on Indigo Flight. Thanks for the timely coordination & confirming his boarding. He has great customer service skills, positive attitude & best of all was he stayed connected with us and waiting for him to confirm the booking for us and the customer boarding. Keep up the good work, patience to handle, dedication & professionalism and staying there just to show whether the customer boards or not but the Indigo team is with us. You are a valuable member in the Team & look forward to have many more opportunities to work with you. People like you define the difference between after sales service and customer service. Dude the best was not the service rendered but staying with customer to see he is does not feel cheated and deceived. May you glow like glory in life! . ..."
Bharat Dhamija, May 05, 2011 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: May 3 ) : " .I traveled from Goa to Delhi ..........
".... .I traveled from Goa to Delhi on 3rd May on flight 6E 192 and wish to record my sincere appreciation for courteous cabin crew especially Ms. Harsheen Bindra who was overwhelmingly considerate and charming. She was attending to all passengers with a warm smile even under stressful conditions of a fully packed flight . ..."
Kewal Kohli 05 May 2011 ) : " .I like to take this opportunity to ..........
".....I like to take this opportunity to inform you that my recent travel on Indigo Airline to my hometown Srinagar from Delhi has been quite pleasant due to your very courteous staff in Srinagar. In this matter I must mention the name of Mr.Burhan-Ul-Ayab (Assistant Manager Srinagar Airport) who is very efficient and helpful; such staff needs to be encouraged in their career . ..."
Mayur Parikh, May 05, 2011 6E 422 6E192, ( Date of Travel: April 7 ) : " .Indeed it was pleasure to fly ..........
"..... Indeed it was pleasure to fly with indigo on the day 7th April 2011. I was travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai. And main pilot of aircraft was just superb, intelligent and much more efficient than Ive ever found with any other airlines. I dont recollect his name but I can remember his words, when he announced Dear passengers, as usual we are asked to do ringa-ringa roses. around Mumbai because of heavy traffic at Mumbai airport. And we will be late by 40 45 minutes. So, here is one quiz for you!!! Our flight consumes 65 liters of fuel per minute. And rate of fuel per liter is around 60 65 Rs. Per liter. So, please calculate that how much amount we are going to spend on petrol. I could clearly see that most of the passengers were calculating the amount of damages. This quiz raised many questions in my mind, and now through RTI I m going to collect the answers. And at proper time I will circulate the information in media as well. Now onwards this is no longer quiz for me but a serious matter of concern. At the end of the Journey, this Pilot was at door step and was greeting every passenger. This was awesome experience!!! After this trip Ive asked my office to book indigo flight at preference. Thank you Indigo! . ..."
Sunil Saxena 05 May 2011 6E 435, ( Date of Travel: April 27 ) : " .let me introduce firstly myself ..........
"..... let me introduce firstly myself as Mr. Sunil Saxena from Indore. I had a great experience while traveling by Indigo from Indore to Delhi on 27th April 2011 and my PNR was GBEUDV and my flight number was 6e-435. The service which has made me feels so good about one of your staff at Indore airport Mr Ankur Ganguli at the time of boarding. I was carrying a hand baggage and Ankur was so helpful by helping me out to carry my hand baggage and assisting me till the aircraft and with a smile wishing me so politely that i was really impressed. So much of work pressure but still having a smile can make anyone special. Apart from that he was also very helpful to elderly guest who needed assistance. It's very rare to see that kind of help with a smile in people these days. I have also mentioned about the wonderful services to my people to fly Indigo, because for me Ankur has made a bench mark in terms of services which is provided by Indigo. Indigo is very lucky to have such kind of staff like Ankur and i wish Indigo and Ankur all the very best for future endeavors . ..."
Sandeep Agarwal, May 07, 2011 6E 319, ( Date of Travel: May 3 ) : " . Mr. Sandeep Agarwal travelled..........
".....I Mr. Sandeep Agarwal travelled on your flight 6E 319 on 3rd may 2011. As well as I am the regular passenger of IndiGo since 3 years. On 3rd I had travelled to Mumbai by your above flight. At security screening point I left my mobile as I was late to board the flight. After boarding in the aircraft, i realized that my mobile is at security. I had told Mr. Somaiah the same who was in charge of the flight; he tried his best and handed over the same to operating crew at the time of door close. The crew forgot to hand over to me. When I came back to Hyderabad on next day, I enquired the same with Somaiah. He then got in touch with different departments and made near about 50 calls to various stations to know where about my mobile. The mobile is not costly but the information and the data was very impotent. He realized the same After 5 days I have got my mobile safely that too he delivered in the mid city instead airport, he saved my 100 kilometers journey and time. I really appreciate he honest, dedication and grate co-ordination Mr. Somaiah or else I would have not received my phone. Once again I would like to say thanks Mr. Somaiah and his team . ..."
Sankaranarayanan, 07 May 2011 ) : " ..I wish bring on record my appreciation..........
".....I wish bring on record my appreciation of the staff at the check in counter at Chennai during my check in today to Pune. Special mention to Keerthika who was courteous and helped in getting one of my hand baggagess packed and taken as check-in luggage. Hats off! . ..."
Siddhartha Bhandari, May 08, 2011 6E185, ( Date of Travel: May 7 ) : " .I would like to take this ..........
"..... I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts that you all are doing. I have been since last 3 years travelling only with INDIGO. I would like to specially mention about Ms. Nishitha Thakur (hope the spelling is right) who was the leading lady in the flight I took yesterday (7th May2011) from Delhi to Mumbai, timing of the flight was 8:50 pm in the evening. She was absolutely customer centric and ensured that the passengers travelling in the flight were happy and satisfied with the services. Such employees are the pride of any organization and I would really like to appreciate her efforts. If you by any kind can appreciate her efforts it would be great . ..."
Bhuvnesh Dhingra, May 09, 2011 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: May 6 ) : " I would like to appreciate "Ruchi"..........
"..... I would like to appreciate "Ruchi" (officer at the ticketing counter @ Ahmedabad) for her efforts in getting us tickets to Delhi. We had lost all our hopes in getting the tickets for Delhi but this lady had helped us and made her best to get the tickets for us. In future I would really prefer traveling in indigo as the departure and arrival are always on time as well as the staff is really helping and cooperative. Once again I would like to thank Ruchi and team Indigo for their help . ..."
Pawan Mahajan, May 10, 2011 6E 223, ( Date of Travel: May 11 ) : " .It is always pleasure travelling..........
"..... It is always pleasure travelling via Indigo Airlines and experience with Call Center was no less. It is indeed a soothing experience taking assistance from one your customer Support Executive Sunaina Sharma. I wish her success in life. Keep Growing INDIGO! . ..."
Nikhil Rao, May 11, 2011 6E 422, ( Date of Travel: May 9 ) : " .My Mom travelled on 9th ..........
".....My Mom travelled on 9th May from Bengaluru to Mumbai by the 9.35 flight. She arrived a little hassled and late at the airport, due to the miserable traffic conditions.For this flight apparently she arrived at the airport at 9.00. Thereafter she was just wonderfully taken care of, by the airport staff. A pity she did not take note of their names. But the way she describes how well she was taken care of, Well hats off to you guys.Now whenever I travel in sectors where your flights are, u have gained my family as guests for sure . ..."
PM Gokhale, May 12, 2011 6E 136, ( Date of Travel: March 24 ) : " .I was flying from Ahmedabad..........
"..... I was flying from Ahmedabad to Nagpur on 24-03-11 Flight No 6E 136 along with my wife who was seriously sick for a long time. Miss Roxane D'Souza, In charge of the cabin crew took personal interest; without any prompting from us and made her journey from Pune to Nagpur as comfortable as possible. My wife was later-on operated upon for Spleen abscess, and the ultimate diagnosis was Blood Cancer. She is now improving. I very much appreciate the kindness shown by Miss D'Souza to us and I put my gratitude on record. I wish Miss D'Souza a bright future and would like to inform M/s Indigo Air Lines that this young lady is as asset to them. I wish her all the best . ..."
Giriraj Pai Vernekar, May 15, 2011 ) : " ..On 27th of April, I returned ..........
".....On 27th of April, I returned from an International tour only to find my Air India flight to Goa being cancelled due to some strike. Immediately, I booked myself only an afternoon (12:30) Indigo flight to Goa. I experienced wonderful service right from the word go. May it be the booking office at Airport or the lady at check-in; it was all flawless. In cabin, the crew was very good. She was very helpful, courteous and well mannered. The aircraft was maintained superbly. Best part of the journey was on-flight arrival. We arrived in Goa 5-10 minutes prior to schedule which took the experience from Satisfaction to Delight. This was first time with Indigo but can assure that this wont be my last. Henceforth, if Indigo timings suit mine, it will be my first preference. Keep up the good work. Hope you live up to the expectations of many like me . ..."
Thang thian Siam tonsing, May 16, 2011 ) : " .When we took off from Delhi and .........
".....When we took off from Delhi and landed in Imphal, we were told that our luggages were on a different flight and that we have to wait until the next day. So many of us protested about the bad service (at least 70% of the passengers were on it) and experience we had. I, at that point of time said to myself that never ever, will I do any business with INDIGO AIRLINES no more because the services that I experienced with other airlines was far better. I reluctantly left my address to the INDIGO AIRLINES staffs at the airport and told them to deliver at my place, which at the first attempt, I was denied, but finally kicked off and they agreed on it. Out of the blue and unbelievably, all my luggage got delivered at my place the very same evening by one our your staff, out of his initiative, which I think, was also done for the rests of the people who got the same trouble.Indigo Airlines has again, gained the trusts of many customers/travelers . An appreciation for the staff David Hangzo, Indigo Imphal. I took all these details when I returned, using your own service again, which I wouldn't have done and will never do in the future, had I not received my stuffs on time . ..."
Narayanan S, May 16, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: May 14 ) : " . had travelled by 6E 191..........
".....I had travelled by 6E 191 on the 14th of this month. The onboard service was unusually (for Indian Service Standards) good. I was on seat 4c and I was having fever, the onboard crew was very helpful and empathetic. Please treat this as a token of appreciation for the good work done. Please do reward them so that they are encouraged and energized to keep up the good work . ..."
Sunil Varma, May 18, 2011 ) : " .Dear Vishal..........
"..... Dear Vishal, This is to inform you that your Indigo team is excellent. They have located the IPAD and even the delivery was done to me on 17th May 2011. Thanks to the TEAM INDIGO for their excellent job . ..."
Sharmila Bose, May 18, 2011 6E 275, ( Date of Travel: May 6 ) : " . This is to put on record ..........
"..... This is to put on record my gratitude for Subhendu Sarkar from the Kolkata Airport team and Ms. Keka Sarkar of the city office for their efforts in retrieving a prayer bag which I left behind on 6E 275, 6 May Bangalore - Kolkata. Both made great efforts to have the bag traced and returned to me in good condition, needless to say this bag was immensely valuable to me and I was totally bereft having discovered that I had left it on the aircraft. I fly Indigo very frequently because of its great service and on time performance and this exemplary service have further strengthened my resolve to keep flying Indigo . ..."
Vijayalakshmi V, May 19, 2011 6E 372, ( Date of Travel: May 14 ) : " .I just wanted to convey that ..........
".....I just wanted to convey that I was profoundly impressed with the proactive issue resolution of Indigo airlines. The system of automatically triggering a refund of the fare when an International credit card holder books a ticket; however, not travelling. He was worried initially and then pleasantly surprised and impressed when you guys proactively refunded the debited amount. WAY TO GO. We wish you keep on impressing every passenger who comes by your way ..."
Mahato Prakash, May 19, 2011 6E 223, ( Date of Travel: May 18 ) : " .I would like to thank you for the effort..........
".....I would like to thank you for the effort taken by your team to relocate my bag. I did receive my bag today at 1330 hrs. Though there were many communication gaps between Delhi and Kolkata team, I would like to appreciate efforts done by Christina from Kolkata who did her best to help me out. She kept following up and kept me updated on the whereabouts of my bag. She was very professional in her attitude and did her job very well. I really had a very bad day yesterday but today when Christina called and informed me that she is dispatching my bags as soon as possible it really made my day. She is a true hospitality industry professional. I wish her all the best for all her future. Request you to forward this mail and my regards to Christina . ..."
Mridula Ghodke, May 19, 2011 6E 136, ( Date of Travel: May 2 ) : " .I am Mridula Ghodke and was..........
".....I am Mridula Ghodke and was suppose to fly to Delhi from Pune on 2nd May under PNR - T8K3LD and C9TVAS. I just wanted to thank you for issuing me the 50% discount vouchers. It is very kind of you to do the same. I would like to mention that Mr. Sampat, Ms. Shweta and other officers on duty were very kind and supportive when i met with the mishap. There prompt response is arranging ambulance and medical help is very appreciating and heart felt. I am really grateful to all the indigo staff. Thank you once again .. ..."
Donbosco Paily, May 21, 2011 ......... .I have always been flying ..........
"..... I have always been flying with other Airlines, and last week I happened to do the Jaipur Mumbai sector, the travel was just amazing, the first time I would say that I have travelled a first class airline of its kind, the service was excellent, the aircraft was very clean, the landing especially at Mumbai airport was very safe and smooth, Kudos to Commander Prasad and Co-Pilot, also had a glimpse of the cockpit from my seat, thanks to the crew. Amazing airline to fly with will keep flying Indigo from now on . ..."
Dr. Febha Susan Varkey, May 22, 2011, 6E 316, ( Date of Travel: May 21 ) : " .I had travelled yesterday on Indigo..........
".....I had travelled yesterday on Indigo flight 6E 316 from Cochin to Delhi. Due to bad weather the aircraft was delayed. My sister was worried and called up customer care to enquire. They apprised her of the reason for delay and even contacted her on phone after the aircraft had landed to inform her that the aircraft had landed safely and gave her the time of landing as well. I wish to place on record and appreciate the pro active attitude and helpful nature of the customer care executives at Indigo. Looking forward to flying with you again. Thank you . ..."
Sachin Malhotra, May 22 2011, 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: May 21 ) : " . My wife Jyothi Malhotra travelled..........
"..... My wife Jyothi Malhotra travelled on above flight on 22nd May 2011. She forgot to take a bag from the belt after landing but the helpful staff rang us up to collect it when we were in the parking lot. Appreciate the prompt action by your staff particularly Sravan . ..."
Lele, Harshawardhan R, May 24, 2011 ) : " .I would like to thank your staff ..........
".....I would like to thank your staff at Nagpur airport for helping me with my luggage on 19th April. The issue was that security did not allow a small pack of batteries to be carried in hand baggage. I approached your check-in counter. They were very helpful. They packet it for me, got it through security and put in as check in baggage. I was able to get this small pack after I reached Bangalore. Thanks to your staff in Nagpur on 19th April. I think the name of the executive who helped us was Ms. Dipti - a special thanks to her. Keep it up . ..."
BK Hrangkhawl, May 25, 2011 : " .With great joy I am sending this ..........
"..... With great joy I am sending this humble email to all rank and file of your organization for outstanding services in regard to punctuality, politeness, and all round services right from check-in to boarding and during the time of sky sojourning and landing. It is one of my memorable testimonies that IndiGos staff Mr.Arindom Debbarma and one of his colleagues of Agartala telephoned me and informed me that a purse belonging to my son Mr. Borkunglal Hrangkhawl was found. My son was travelling from Delhi to Agartala and slipped out his purse out of his trouser's back pocket, in which all his important papers like I card of election, driving license, College I card were packed. Small amount of money was intact; an ATM card also was there. Now considering the faithfulness of the security and official staffs of the Indigo flight are praise worthy for their outstanding job. I am indeed grateful for the unexpected service from the Indigo staffs of Agartala Airport. I want to say a big Thank You to Mr. Arindom Debbarma and all the official staffs of the loved Indigo establishment. To all you Ladies and Gentlemen, for your information, we will always choose to travel by Indigo . ..."
Sendhil Kumar, May 26, 2011 : " .I am writing this email with reference ..........
"..... I am writing this email with reference to the wow service received from one of your executives with name as Yoganand Bhaskar in the customer care. Even though he is new in the process, he has never sounded like one and have always taken an extra mile to assist me be whatever the situation. He truly is an asset for your organization and hope he continues to give the same experience to all the customers he interacts with. I would like to bring one of the instances to your notice he was very soft, polite and courteous, however he went ahead and assisted me without feeling that i was a burden to him, for which I am really grateful to him. Believe me, its only executives like him who make us feel happy; you have chosen a right company to work with. It takes a lot of hard work and sincerity with patience for one to prove his/her potential and ability to come out of the crowd and emerge as supreme in such a short span of time, and he is one of them. Finally, I just want to say that an employee like him truly deserves a good hike and I am sure he will achieve it along with the new heights in his career. So, good luck to him for future, and cheers to INDIGO for having such delightful executives . ..."
Pranjal Goswami, May 27, 2011 6E 207, ( Date of Travel: June 17 ) : " .Melina from reservation centre helped me ..........
"..... Melina from reservation centre helped me out with a reservation today. While my card did not work and then I had to generate some more information online, I found the interaction quite positive. She was patient and helpful and I believe this is what customer care is. Thank you Melina & keep it up . ..."
Brij Singh, May 28, 2011 6E351, ( Date of Travel: May 22 ) : " .I was travelling for the first ..........
"..... I was travelling for the first time via Air bus and knew nothing about flying. I was a little confused as to whom to approach and where to go, when I came across one of your employee "Hari Om" who not only guided us but took out time from his daily schedule and helped us ease the tension. He approached in a kind and friendly manner, helped us to get the boarding pass and also helped us to get window seats as it was our first time flying. He guided us till the security and greeted us at the plane to show us our seats. I would like to thank Hari Om personally, please make sure that he gets appreciation for his kind and gentle customer service, I am glad that I chose Indigo which made my trip memorabl . ..."
Chris Navis Angelo, May 29, 2011 : .................. . I had to travel to Trivandrum ..........
"..... I had to travel to Trivandrum this weekend for my friend's wedding and unfortunately I missed my train on Thursday, Checked flights online on the same night, I found Indigo's flight which suited my timing. I might have used your service once prior to this and I do not compromise on service. Your Ground staff members and the Crew onboard are highly professional and extremely courteous / polite. As a matter of fact I would like to mention their names ( Sukhpreet, Karobi, Smiriti and Geethanjli ). Please pass my token of appreciation to them and thanks for the wonderful service. I had plans to travel by train for my return trip to Bangalore but I cancelled my train ticket and choose to experience your service and you exceeded my Expectation, While getting into the flight your Staff ( Ms. Smirti ) could recall and said " Welcome back " . May be its a small gesture but you have gained a customer for a life time. Kudos!! . ..."
Thomas Joseph, May 30, 2011 6E 378, ( Date of Travel: May 28 ) : " I was travelling with my family ..........
".... I was travelling with my family on Indigo Flight 6E 378 on Saturday 28th May, 2011 from TRV to BLR. During, scan of my check-in baggage, I was told that I was carrying a lighter. As I do not smoke and had no idea of that, I said I had not put any such thing. The Indigo staff checked my baggage in the position they claimed it was, but could not find. The scan was repeated and a 2nd position was pointed out which also on searching, did not retrieve the lighter. A 3rd scanning revealed a 3rd position of the lighter! - The consequent search was negative then too. Obviously, I lost my cool then. To cut short, after emptying the box and repeated scanning, the elusive lighter was found in the extendable handle slot beneath the box - could have come in by kids but was not deliberate. I wish to send a note of appreciation to the Indigo staff who manned the scanner that evening (except one male staff with moustache) for not losing their cool. The rest of the staff were calm throughout, in spite of my losing my temper, and deserve appreciation . ..."
Anirban Mitra, June 01, 2011 6E 345, ( Date of Travel: May 26 ) : " .I'd like to inform your good self that ..........
".....I'd like to inform your good self that I, Mr. Anirban Mitra, am satisfied with the customer care services provided by your staff members - Mr. Jagdeesh H.P. and Ms. Renuka D. of your office at the Bangalore airport. Briefly, I was a passenger in the Indigo flight from Kolkata to Bangalore on the 26th May, 2011 (departure time 1035 hours). I had checked in with one main luggage which was noted and carried off by your staff at the NSCB airport, Kolkata. However, when I landed at Bangalore, I found my bag was missing. On informing, Mr. Jagdeesh promptly called the Kolkata office, tried to locate my bag and assured me that my bag would be delivered at my residence. Later on, he updated me that my bag had been located at the Kolkata airport. Subsequently, he (and a couple of your other staff members) returned my bag at my residence at 11.30PM that night. I thank all those concerned for this help . ..."
Gaurav Agarwal, June 01, 2011 6E 106, ( Date of Travel: May 30 ) : " .I flew indigo from BLR to DEL on 30th ..........
".... .I flew indigo from BLR to DEL on 30th of May, flight 106. I must say it was a pleasure right from the word 'go'. I was the first one to enter the aircraft and the senior attendants 'good evening' with a dash of lovely smile was far from the plastic greetings offered by almost all airlines. The body language was perfect and mannerism was infectious. Yes also the uniform is truly gorgeous. Now this shows how passion changes everything. In an era where airhostesses are stone faced or just pretty dolls, you are bringing the charm of flying back into the business. The crew on board that day was Shivani, Ruchi, and Anuradha (I may be missing a few names). One thing that i may suggest you improve is the quality of buses used to ferry passengers back and forth . ..."
Jaganpreet Singh, June 02, 2011 6E 181, ( Date of Travel: June 10 ) : " I would like to share my awesome experience today ..........
".....I would like to share my awesome experience today when I called on your customer care number to make payment for two on hold bookings Thankfully I had a chance to speak to Mr Saurabh who was very helpful throughout the call, and I really appreciate all the additional information provided by him. Talking to him was such a nice experience that I am forced to write this mail to you. He did the needful with utmost zeal and patience which left me with a sweet experience with your call centre again. Earlier also some lady helped me a lot in a stuck case. Your guy deserves a pat on his back and I would like to wish him all the good luck for his future endeavours. Saurabh, Thank you soooooooo very much buddy . ..."
Uttiya Bhattacharyya, June 03, 2011 6E 206, ( Date of Travel: May 21) : " The undersigned travelled by IndiGo ..........
"..... The undersigned travelled by IndiGo Flight Number 206 on 21st May 2011 from Dibrugarh to Kolkata. The flight was delayed by one hour. I had a connecting flight by Jet Airways from Kolkata to Mumbai. Due to the delay, I was about to miss the flight of other airline from Kolkata. The information about IndiGo ETD being delayed by one hour came after we had crossed the security check. While I was very much concerned about by reaching Mumbai on the same day, I contacted Shri Gurucharan Singh. Shri Singh took extra care by co-ordinating with Jet Airways and blocking one seat for the next flight at 2100 hours from Kolkata to Mumbai to ensure that I reach Mumbai on the same day. He also suggested me to take the checked in luggage by hand. Nearly, 45 minutes Shri Singh spent very effective time in resolving an issue of a customer. I sincerely thank Shri Singh for such care . ..."
Yasaswini, June 05, 2011 6E 315, ( Date of Travel: May 26 ) : " .I was travelling from San Francisco ..........
"..... I was travelling from San Francisco to Chennai with Emirates. Due to delays, I missed the connection from Dubai to Chennai and I was re-routed through Trivandrum. I booked myself an Indigo flight from Trivandrum to Chennai and wanted to let my parents know about the change in plans. However, the STD booth in the domestic terminal at Trivandrum was not working and my phone did not have roaming, so I couldn't use it outside Chennai. I asked the airport staff at Trivandrum to help me out and they were really nice in giving me their personal phone. I was able to let my father know that I was flying Indigo. The staff's kindness saved all of us a lot of trouble and anxiety, and I will definitely try to fly Indigo as much as I can . ..."
Charu, June 06, 2011 : " . I am quite a frequent flyer ..........
".....I am quite a frequent flyer and an ardent Indigo traveller. I prefer Indigo as a preferred fight due to a simple fact that it actually takes care of all its passengers. I would like to thank the team for making all my travel comfortable and safe especially during the times needed the most. I would like to quote a personal experience where in I had met with an accident and had to travel frequently with an injured leg last year. To tell the truth, I did try other airlines, but the travel experience with Indigo was the best. The special treatment given by ground staff for helping me board, and take care of the baggage; the caring attitude of the flight attendants and everyone else, making it a hassle free, comfortable and memorable journey during a tough chapter in my life. Whatever marketing gimmicks the airlines sought to, but its only after personal experience one is able to distinguish the best amongst rest, and times like those count a lot. I would once again like to thank the team for Hassel free bookings, Easy check-ins, Assistance in boarding, aboard and de-boarding, extra care taken by ground staff and smooth flights. To strengthen this engagement with the airlines, which is more than anything, is close to my heart, I would like to apply for an airlines cards, if you have any for future flying . ..."
Shirley Gonsalves, June 06, 2011 6E 181, ( Date of Travel: June 06 ) : " I travelled for the first time ..........
".....I travelled for the first time by Indigo flight and appreciate that it reached on time. I would specially like to thank two of your staff members Ms. Sweta and Ms. Vina for having put up a lot of patience with the passenger a young boy who was pressing the call button, maybe 8 - 10 times (seat no. 26 D - the seats were exchanged between the family members). The other passengers were getting irritated on the boy too. But your staff members served them with a smile and a lot of patience. All the best!! . ..."
Ramdas Menon, June 07, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: June 11 ) : " I called your call centre a short ..........
"..... I called your call centre a short while ago to change my return flight on the BOM-MAA sector from 10th to 11th Jun. I had the opportunity to interact with your Ms. A. Benazir, whom I found to be exceptionally efficient, articulate and courteous. Actually I tried to do it on the web under her guidance, but the fare differential did not reflect the round trip fare concept. It was way too high at Rs 3700 instead of Rs 2400 as explained by her. I then tried to make the payment using the OTP of HDFC Bank twice. When these attempts failed, she enabled the web payment with the round trip fare. The entire process lasted about 20 minutes, and she was very professional in her handling of the entire process. I hope you have more people like her in your team. This call can perhaps be made a part of your training module, if I might be permitted to say so . ..."
Vikram Ganpule, June 09, 2011 6E 135, ( Date of Travel: June 08 ) : " I have flown on 6E 135 from Pune to Kolkata..........
"..... I have flown on 6E 135 from Pune to Kolkata on 8th June 2011 and I must congratulate you on 2 things--your punctuality which lived up to your commitment of "on time"--the flight was before scheduled arrival time in fact. The other part was the pleasure of experiencing the skill of your captain on the Vadodra--Kolkata leg. In spite of having flown so many times both internationally and domestic, I am always nervous on takeoff and landing. I must say the landing at Kolkata airport that day was the smoothest I have ever experienced; it was like the plane "kissed" the ground you are indeed fortunate to have someone like that working for you. Unfortunately I cannot recollect his name but am sure you can trace it. I made it a point to thank him but I thought I would also make it "official: by writing in Keep up the good work. I will surely fly Indigo if there is a flight . ..."
Alok Kejriwal, June 09, 2011 6E 187, ( Date of Travel: June 07 ) : " The day before, I flew Indigo..........
"..... The day before, I flew Indigo Flight No 187 from Delhi to Mumbai. I was sitting in the Emergency Seat and Jyoti - a Cabin Crew hostess requested the passengers in the emergency row for our attention to understand how to open the Emergency door if the occasion so arose. In all my countless flights, I have NEVER heard such a PASSIONATE pitch about how to open that never opened door and make sure that the emergency path is cleared! Jyoti told us things like 'be careful - the door is 15 kilos so it will be heavier than you think'; 'remember to throw the door in the front of the aircraft and not at the back' and other such trivia. She was instructing as like a school teacher determined to teach dreamy eyed kids how to tie their shoe laces! At the end of the conversation (and not sermon), I was half motivated to actually stand up, open and throw the door out of the aircraft and then holler to Jyoti - 'Hey Jyoti, check this out.... you will be proud of me'. Thank God I didnt, or I would also be getting a Sun Tan at Tihar Jail! I am old grumpy guy who seldom changes brand loyalty. For me, Jet Airways is where you meet people that matter - Kingfisher is where you meet people who are fun and then its better to just not fly. However, I am beginning to fall in love with Indigo Airlines. Slowly but steadily, i really am. - I like that Indigo flights are always on time. That's nice for predictable travel and hygiene for most travellers. - I really like that everything is available at a price! I love seat no 1 C or 1 D and that just Rs 300 can buy you that throne - so that you can stretch your legs and check out everyone coming in and also access the bathroom like its your own. - I like the food. The Veg sandwich should only be in wheat bread (one is brown and the other white), but it tastes nice. I like it that you can buy beverages and snacks that you want - and you are not forced to eat some idli that drowned in a Sambhar lake 24 hours ago and whose corpse is served to you the next morning. - I like the 'attitude'. I like the 'Hello boys and girls' even though there aren't boys and girls on board Indigo Airlines is setting a new standard of LOW COST products and services. For me, I now travel Budget and yet get the experience almost close to a FCC. Indigo is demolishing the idea that MONEY MEANS QUALITY. Nope. Its SERVICE more than Money that matters now . ..."
Hardeep Singh Bhatia, June 10, 2011 6E 136, ( Date of Travel: May 15 ) : " I am a frequent flyer of your prestigious Airlines ..........
"....I am a frequent flyer of your prestigious Airlines. I travelled on your flight 6E-136 NAG-DEL on 15th May 2011. I would like to appreciate that you have really brought happiness to our lives by operating your airlines to various destinations from Nagpur. The glamour of flying was never so good, you really have a very impressive way and I feel you are a blessing to all Indians. You have a really very caring and optimistic staff. I would here like to mention one name specially Ms. Prakrithi Mathur. She was the crew in my flight, she is really very impressive and I feel she will go a long way. I am influenced by Ms. Prakrithi Mathur especially for the courtesy and warmth she extended to the passenger in the flight. There was couple with infant in the flight whom the counter staff did not gave the seats together and that couple started shouting in the flight as they wanted the seats together but the way Ms. Prakrithi Mathur handled a irate passenger in the flight was very appreciable. She is very polite, optimistic and is very Professional. I would suggest your training in-charge to get your staff trained under this crew Ms. Prakrithi Mathur. I wish "INDIGO AIRLINES" a very Bright Future . ..."
Swaminathan, June 12, 2011 6E 436, ( Date of Travel: June 11 ) : " I travelled in 6E 436 from New ..........
".....I travelled in 6E 436 from New Delhi to Nagpur on 11th June 2011. I would like to appreciate your cabin crew for their wonderful service and support to the passengers on board. The crew is so kind and patient, and managed the flight very well. The journey was a bit with rough weather. But then the Captain himself came to the board and addressed the passengers about the position. The air hostesses were handling the situation very well. On one side, they handled the unrest, due to the bad weather; on the other side they did their job as well. All together, its wonderful travelling with INDIGO. Please pass on this appreciation to all the Cabin crew of that particular flight . ..."
Virendra Taksande, 15 June 2011 6E 436, ( Date of Travel: May 24 ) : " We have travelled with your flight ..........
".....We have travelled with your flight on 24.5.2011 from Srinagar to Delhi, during our security check we have lost our luggage at Srinagar airport which was found later on found by airport authority .That we made request to u to collect the luggage and mailed the authority letter to you. You all gave full cooperation to us made possible to reach that luggage to us, your one of the officer Mr. Imran cooperated us to great extent. He took pain and made efforts, because of his efforts the luggage reached to us. We all are thankful for everything u have done for us .Thanks again . ..."
Rashmi Joshi, June 17, 2011 6E 551, ( Date of Travel: June 14 ) : " . Rashmi Joshi was travelling from Indigo ..........
".....I Rashmi Joshi was travelling from Indigo Airlines from Jammu to Delhi by flight 6E 551 on 14 June 2011. It was my first experience with Indigo i was amazed by the service rendered by one of the Indigo Ground staff Pallavi. She was the first one to approach me at the Departure hall at X- ray Machine. As i was travelling alone with my 6 month old baby she took my boarding pass and Further assisted me towards Counters, Suddenly there was another staff member who told me that i dont have the Ticket of my infant. I felt Helpless but she helped me by taking me to reservations counter and booked another ticket for my child ticket not only for Jammu to Delhi but also for Delhi to Nagpur on other Ticket. I feel Honoured by the excellent service she (Pallavi) provided me by making my journey comfortable from Jammu to Delhi n Delhi to Nagpur . ..."
Indu Balachandran, June 18, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: June 9 ) : " .Dear Indigo..........
".....Dear Indigo I wish to put on record the wonderful care and concern I got from your staff during a recent flight I took, from Mumbai to Chennai. This was on June 9th, 2011, Indigo Flight 6E 191 leaving Mumbai at 1915 hours. I was very sick, but was given such care and comfort, by Amrita, who immediately gave me a medicine and often looked to see if I was alright and needed anything. Also, Shefali too took a lot of care to do the same. I have never ever been treated with such care by any other airline, ever. Even after I landed, and was quite ill collecting my baggage etc, your ground staff, Abdul Rahim near the baggage counter assisted me with a lot of concern. Please note these 3 names: Amrita, Shefali and Abdul Rahim (ground staff) and reward then suitably! I also wish to say that this was the first time I flew Indigo-and I am pleased at your promptness, your staff's manners, etc. I shall try always to fly your airline from now! . ..."
Sanjay Mendiratta 19 June 2011 6E 177, ( Date of Travel: June 10) : " .My name is Sanjay Mendiratta and ..........
"..... My name is Sanjay Mendiratta and I head a MNC in India as a COO in the industry of Telecom. This refers to my above Booking reference no. I was supposed to fly on flight 6E183 from Delhi to Mumbai on 10th June, 2011. My flight was missed, and I was rescheduled at 12.05pm flight the same afternoon. Unfortunately, I was asked to pay Rs. 2800/- for re accommodation. My wallet was Pick-Pocketed and I requested yr duty officer and the Manager to book my ticket, though I would pay by 10.30 am as soon as Banks open. I could not find any help. And there came a messiah in the name of Ms Blesin Kurien, who listened to me, booked my ticket with her own money. This was something, unprecedented and really calls for a round of applause for this lady from Indigo and a letter of Recommendation and promotion. I strongly recommend her immediate elevation, and would like to convey as a peer to you that, I would be too willing to hire her in my Organization in the Client Relations dept. at a managerial level . ..."
Satish Kambrath, June 19, 2011 6E 436, ( Date of Travel: April 25 ) : " This letter comes all your way ..........
"..... This letter comes all your way to show my thankfulness to your Customer Care department Supervisor in Indore, Madhya Pradesh - Mr Shashi Vishwakarma who helped me a great way. Two months back (on 25th April), my parents were planning to travel from Indore to Bangalore in your airlines. While reaching the Indore airport, my father suddenly got ill with nausea and high fever. On informing your customer care department Mr Shashi, who was the supervisor at that time, immediately arranged for first aid medical help. Also he helped me in rearranging my father's ticket to another day and ensured a pleasant and safe journey for us. I am a regular airline flier who has travelled across India and Europe, but it was beyond my anticipation to receive such a goodwill gesture from your airport staff. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to Mr. Shashi from your airlines. His efforts were a true reflection of the high levels of standard that we have come to expect of Indigo Airlines . ..."
Rajan Kalia, 20 June 2011 : " .I really wants to congratulate ..........
".....I really wants to congratulate the management and staff of India's coolest and cheapest airline. We welcome the introduction of your international flights to Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore in September and October 11 respectively, will definitely avail of the same in the days to come. Indigo today is the largest private airline covering most of the destinations in India and now flying outside the country with such attractive fares is indeed like a cherry over the ice cream. Wishing you all the very best for the coming days..." ..."
Shantanav P. Chitnis 21 June 2011 6E 207, ( Date of Travel: June 17 ) : " This mail is to express my appreciation..........
".....This mail is to express my appreciation for your staff and your airline. I was aboard Flight 6E 207 on Friday 17th June, flying from Jaipur to Guwahati. As we approached Kolkata, we ran into a storm I guess a 100 Kilometres from Kolkata. From my window seat, all I could see was clouds. Rain pounded against the aircraft, buffeted by strong winds (the pilot reported a gale with wind speeds of 70km/ hr was lashing Kolkata airport). The aircraft kept going around in circles before it attempted to land, but this was aborted at the last minute and I could feel the aircraft urgently pull up and away to a safer place that I rightly guessed to be Bhubaneswar. Those 30 minutes of flying in the storm must have been one of the most dangerous flying experiences I have ever had, and I admired the pilots for their courage and presence of mind. Despite the most modern of appliances, one cannot overlook that is very human to feel fear when you are tearing through wind and rain, staring at a blank wall of clouds, suspended some thousand feet in the air with the danger of stalling or being flipped around. We landed at Bhubaneswar safely, and while the pilots awaited instructions, in typically Indian style, a section of the passengers pounced upon the pilots. Way back from my seat, I could not make out what was happening, but I did realise that these heroes were being targeted. The cabin crew were not spared either, and I must commend the way crew member Alvina Passanha handled the situation. We left for Kolkata an hour later, through slightly improved weather, and landed safely. This is to put on record my appreciation of the professionalism, courage and presence of mind shown by all of the Cabin and Cockpit Crew onboard. Thanking you . ..."
Antony George 21 June 2011 : " .I along with my ailing mom,..........
".....I along with my ailing mom, would like to put in a special thanks to Rizwan, Abhilash and Shivani for all the care, warmth & attention extended to both of us prior to our departure to Kochi from Kolkata & also to your team in Kochi who took special care of my mom post arrival too. After receiving all the special care from Rizwan & his team, i must proudly say that my mom and I have become frequent fliers with your wonderful airline. We are indeed deeply touched by your team work, your warmth, your care & your work culture. Please accept our appreciation & we both wish you all good luck and hope your team continues to keep up their good work to maintain your position as India's premier airline .. ..."
Bhavesh Fabiani, June 22, 2011, 6E 181, ( Date of Travel: June 17 ) : ......... This is by far one of my best experience ..........
"..... This is by far one of my best experience by an airline for a 5 star quality of service, staff, the feel of the aircraft & above all the punctuality to & fro. I am amazed & completely in affirmation with your claim of being on time. Keep up the great job. You are going to be my first preference airline . ..."
Ayon Chatterjee, June 22, 2011 6E 292, ( Date of Travel: June 21) : " .I was sustaining a fracture in my right..........
".....I was sustaining a fracture in my right femur and was travelling by flight 6E 292 from Chennai to Kolkata on 21-June-11. I would like to thank the indigo airlines staff at Chennai and Kolkata airport as well as the flight airhostess, specially the Bengali airhostess who helped me to get to my seat and giving me a comfort and all the necessary help to make my flight as relaxed as possible. I would be like to know the name and contact no. of that Bengali airhostess who helped me so much so that I may thank her personally for her care. Thanks again for giving me the much required services . ..."
Arun Kumar, June 22, 2011 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: June 15 ) : " .I had the opportunity to travel..........
".....I had the opportunity to travel by Indigo on 15th and 21st June 2011. Unfortunately due to bad health, I suffered a black out in your flight 6E 275 on 21st June and lost consciousness. I write to mention my gratitude to your cabin support staff. It was a girl from North East, whose name I do not know but she was making all announcements, so I believe she was the senior most there. She took all possible care to see that I recovered well from my sickness. Her presence was very reassuring for my wife who was travelling with me and did not know what help to get. I request you to please convey to her my gratitude for her support and care. All I can say after this experience is, "I would make it a point hereafter to choose Indigo as my first flight option, irrespective of the fare". Truly, "when you fly Indigo you are NEVER alone" The crew act as an extended family. Thanks once again, especially for that kind and professionally very sound girl in your cabin crew . ..."
Ojas Purandare, 22 June 2011 6E 134, ( Date of Travel: May 17 ) : " I wish to take this opportunity to present..........
"..... I wish to take this opportunity to present few words of praises for one of your ground staff force at Pune Airport whose name is "Sushma". We are regular travellers of IndiGo airlines and have been impressed every time we flew IndiGo. On the 21st of June 2011 my mother had to urgently travel to Nagpur due to an emergency and I was very pleased with the efficiency, swiftness and cooperative nature of the above mentioned crew member in helping me issuing the booking and addressing my difficulties. On behalf of my family I thank Sushma and the entire IndiGo family for assisting us in our emergency. I wish you guys all the best, especially for the maiden international venture that you have announced recently . ..."
Rajesh Bilwani, 27 June 2011 " Hey Pratibha, First of all, I must say, ..........
"..... Hey Pratibha, First of all, I must say, Im amazed at your customer relations concern. I never expected a call from Indigo for such a trivial issue, but you actually did. It shows that somewhere in Indigos philosophy, customers do matter. And about me choosing to fly Indigo, let me correct you I no longer choose Indigo whenever I fly, rather its my default booking. Some of the reasons why Indigo is my only option: 1. Started out in 2005 with all BRAND NEW Airbus A320s, which means: a. New aircrafts, no safety issue, all new parts b. Airbus A320: the best in class for medium range flights, perfectly serves the purpose here in India 2. Ordering 100 new aircrafts shows the serious intent Indigo has about flying commercially 3. Comes from a business group which has previous exposure to international commercial aviation (if I remember correctly, InterGlobe used to handle airport services somewhere in US). Not unlike other breweries or masala company who suddenly decide to dump their money into this sector, and their customers at the airports! 4. The way your air-hostesses announce with absolute professionalism, the early departure than scheduled time, stating it as Indigo Standard Time. 5. Its recent order of another 180 new A320 NEOs only confirms and reaffirms my faith in this airline. Its a pleasure flying with Indigo! . ..."
Paurush Sharma 27 June 2011 : " There was a mistake in filling ..........
"..... There was a mistake in filling in the name of one of the passenger and there was request to correct it. Muzzaffar was the person handling the query. He did a very good job and helped us from getting into trouble. Really appreciate his help . ..."
BhuvneshThakar, 28 June 2011 6E 215, ( Date of Travel: June 26 ): "..I would like to thank INDIGO for excellent.......... .........
".....I would like to thank INDIGO for excellent services provided to me at Mumbai Airport. I would like to thank personally, Ms. Roxina who was manning check-in desk for the service extended and understanding my requirement as I was dead tired after my journey from Kuala Lumpur to India and wanted a good rest. I am impressed by the way you have trained your personnel and experience I have had with INDIGO. This was my first flight with INDIGO but now onwards, my first preference will be INDIGO and only and only if INDIGO is not available, will chose any other airline for travel . ..."
Samir Tiwari, 28 June 2011 : " .I would like to pen down the wonderful ..........
".....I would like to pen down the wonderful experience I had at Indore airport. Few days back I was booked for Nagpur flight from Indore and I reached late at reservation counter, as I gave my PNR to the reservation staff for ticket printout I came to know my agent has booked me for wrong date. As it was urgency for me, I requested the reservation staff to make the booking for same day. The staff immediately called up the supervisor to change the booking. The supervisor named Hufeza stood as an angel for me. He came and immediately changed my booking for same day, while making the changes he also guided me that I need to keep my photo-id ready as it will be required at the departure gate for entrance. He asked me to rush inside from the gate, before I could reach the gate he was already standing over there to assist me for check in. He came along with me to the check-in counter to make sure that I am getting my boarding card well on time; another staff was issuing me the boarding card, he himself tagged my hand baggage, while other staff informed us to collect the tag from the counter. He escorted me till the security check and till I boarded the coach as well. I keep on travelling frequently on different airlines, but I have never ever seen such type of customer service. I always had a controversy with the airline staff regarding the delay on the flight, but first time in my life I am writing the appreciation mail for airline staff. He has completely changed my perception towards airline staff. I agree Indigo staff delivers the customer service from the bottom of the heart. I do not have the email id of Hufeza. Please send this message to him on my behalf as he has displayed the dynamic efforts and activeness to help me out . ..."
Sathiadas Vincent 30 June 2011 6E 316, ( Date of Travel: June 24): ".. Dr Solomon Vincent, a former professor ..........
"..... I, Dr Solomon Vincent, a former professor from Loyola College Chennai and a social researcher at present. I flew in your airlines from Chennai to Cochi on 24th of June. I left my NIKON camera, inadvertently, while passing through the security in the Chennai airport. On my arrival at Cochin Airport I realised it - while I told of this loss to Miss. Rakhi Rajendran, your staff, she was ready to walk an extra mile with a great concern which we seldom find in any profession, now a days; she called Chennai airport immediately in spite of her very busy schedule and got my camera by the next flight and communicated to me instantly retaining the same in your office at Cochi. On my flight back to Chennai on 29th indigo flight, she handed over to me promptly. At the outset I appreciate and thank indigo for having such an efficient and brisk staff with a concern for the passengers. I am sure she is an asset to your airlines and will add further feathers to your cap. It is not just a word of appreciation; but my wishes too for your Airlines and Miss. Rakhi for a great future. God bless Rakhi and such staff of yours and Indigo Airlines. Let us look forward to have a better world with such better souls. Thanking you I remain . ..."
SS Manjunath, 30 June, 2011 6E 105, ( Date of Travel: June 28 ): ".. I would like to appreciate Indigo Airlines..........
".... I would like to appreciate Indigo Airlines, for the On-time Performance whenever i have travelled on Indigo, my first preference is INDIGO always, recently travelled on Pune - Bangalore Flight on 28th June 2011, very courteous staff, and also very Kind of the captain of the Flight Mr. Thomas to wish all the passengers at the time of de -boarding . The Temperature of the cabin is always well maintained. Please give more connectivity in future so that i can fly In Indigo again. My next visit to Cochin/ Trivandrum in July will be Indigo . ..."
Vishal Puri, 01 July, 2011, 6E 61, ( Date of Travel: October 19 ) : " I had the privilege of booking ..........
".....I had the privilege of booking a holiday for Dubai on Indigo flight/s. While doing the online booking from the Indigo website, I remember filling out the details of passengers (my family). However due to some error my wife's name appeared in passenger 2 as well as 3 instead of my son's name as passenger 3. I informed your reservation centre and spoke to Mr. Sourabh. He told me it was against the company policy for a name change. However he grasped the situation quickly and told me he will forward my request to the concerned dept. and I was asked to enquire after 24-48 hrs. Then again I checked the web site and it was updated as Palakh Maahir instead of Ms. Palakh Puri and child Maahir Puri. Then I called the toll free number again and spoke to Ms Sunaina Sharma, who was courteous, polite and very helpful. She did the needful immediately and saved the trauma of cancellation and re booking whereby the whole charm of getting a ticket to Dubai for 10,000/- would have been gone. Indigo is really in good hands with staff like Sunaina and Sourabh. Indigo has definitely won a permanent customer today and I am sure to put in a good word in my small little world as well. Thank you INDIGO!! . ..."
Nilesh Tathawadekar, 02 July 2011, 6E 151, ( Date of Travel: June 30 ) : " I Travelled with IndiGo for the first time ..........
".....I Travelled with IndiGo for the first time. I was amazed with timely departure and arrival and had the smoothest landing ever. Kudos to IndiGo and the Pilot! . ..."
Prashant Dhanke, 03 July 2011 : " . .Dear Indigo Team ..........
".....Dear Indigo Team, Thanks a lot for the care and patience shown to my uncle in the BLR-NGP-IDR flight on 22nd June. My uncle nearly fainted due to food poisoning. The air-hostesses handled the situation really well and we have heart-felt gratitude and admiration for the same . ..."
Ravi Nath, 03 July 2011 6E 194, ( Date of Travel: July 1 ) : " . This is to place on record my ..........
".....This is to place on record my sincere appreciation for the excellent flying of the aircraft done by Ms Sukanya Sukumar on flight 6E 194 on 1st July 2011 from Chennai to Mumbai. She is an excellent pilot and Commander . ..."
Monica, July 04, 2011 : " .I wish to convey a heartfelt appreciation ..........
".....I wish to convey a heartfelt appreciation for Mr. Maniraj, a Chennai airport staff, customer relations. I had dropped my phone on Delhi airport on 12 June and realised it when i was in plane. He went out of his way to get it back from the airport security at Delhi and get it to Chennai for me. It was not his work, but he assured me that it will be done. Many thanks to him! . ..."
Dr. Mohammed Shahzad Syed, 05 July 2011 6E 218, ( Date of Travel: July 3 ) : " .I took the flight 6E 218 from Jaipur ..........
".....I took the flight 6E 218 from Jaipur to Mumbai on the 3rd of July 2011. My flight was a memorable one. This was the first time i flew by Indigo and I must say that your planes have a world class standard. The interior of the plane is simply awesome. The flight was very smooth including the take-off and landing. Your ground staff and the in flight attendants are really very polite and professional. Keep up the good work . ..."
Nidhi Belani 05 July 2011, 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: July 4 ) : " . I would like to bring in the exceptional..........
".....I would like to bring in the exceptional in-flight experience I had on my flight to Ahmedabad from Bangalore to your notice. I was travelling in economy class and was served by Lead Renu Gupta and her colleagues Deepti Damodaran, Sneha Kirola and Mansi Kapoor. They were extremely pleasant to talk to and very professional in their work throughout the flight. It was a quite a demanding flight given a lot of passengers kept pressing call bells but they maintained their calm throughout the flight. Given the fact that there were other passengers to attend to, I never missed a smile from them. They made my journey so comfortable that I would not think of any other airline to fly with in future. I would also like to highlight that the announcements made by the leading lady were very clear and professional at all times. I and other passengers were always made aware of the flight situation and what is the happening around. I appreciate the fact that when she made the announcement to turn the lights to dim for passengers to have rest, they all made sure that they take a round to check whether passengers who are reading need the reading light. I think these small things make a lot of difference. They were excellent in their approach towards me and all the other passengers. She not only took time to take care of me but also anticipated my needs. I did not eat much on the flight and even though it was a full load, they took a moment to check with me if I was feeling fine or the food was not too appetizing. All them at all times made sure they attended each passenger by their names which I believe made my travel a very personal experience. They worked as a team at all times and displayed utmost professionalism. Their dedication towards their work speaks from the excellence in their work. I could never see any stress on their face. I think people like these are real asset to indigo. They are the real reason passengers like me would love to fly with indigo at all times. I think it says a lot about the staff and the airline. This little joy and comforts of travelling make a lot of difference to the passengers and they knew exactly what to do. I always saw them in the cabin taking care of all the passengers specially the elderly. I and the other passengers never had to wait for almost anything. They attended to all passengers request promptly and efficiently. I am sending this compliment today because the experience indeed was so memorable that it has stayed with me even after the flight. Thank you to the above mentioned crew for making my in-flight experience with Indigo the best and ensuring me that it is indeed the coolest airline . ..."
Dr. Gaurav Bhagra, 05 July 2011 : " .I wish to appreciate Mr Pawan Kumar ..........
".....I wish to appreciate Mr Pawan Kumar. My father had to reach Jammu as we received shocking news of my chachas sad demise in morning. Due to some change in programme related to cremation in Jammu, I had to modify booking for my father's flight with Indigo- One sector cancellation and one sector date change. He looked into the entire history carefully and saw what all things could be refunded. What I particularly liked, that he went extra mile just to get refund for our meal voucher. Overall, he not only understood the problem in one time but executed it very well. I would like to appreciate the entire call centre for being quick in answering calls as I have had a bad experience with Kingfisher. Their call wait time is 11 Minutes till the call get disconnected and one has to retry calling them, so you can imagine how harrowing tele check-in would be. Thanks once again. Keep it up! Buddy, you definitely made a lasting impression about indigo airlines in my mind at least . ..."
Serajul Arfeen, 06 July 2011 6E 263, ( Date of Travel: July 2 ) : " I am pleased to write this feedback ..........
".... .I am pleased to write this feedback for IndiGo airlines and its staff at Hyderabad airport. On 2nd of July 2011, I got to know that my flight to Lucknow got delayed by more than two and half hours. When I reached the airport, my tension increased when I came to know it will be more delayed as I need to change the flight in Delhi. I had to reach to Lucknow before sunset on that day. Mr. Jagdeeshwar (Customer Care Officer at IndiGo office in the airport) came to my help and I am highly thankful to him that he arranged my ticket via the Mumbai flight to Lucknow and I was able to reach there by 4:30. He was prompt and understood the situation I was in. As soon as I reached the Check-in counter, Mr. Taranjeet Singh (not sure of the name, but Sardaar ji) delighted me the way he offered me boarding passes, both from HYD-BOM, and then BOM-LKO together. Nothing unusual but I noticed an extra care he showed while talking to me. Thanks to him. Last but the best, and this was icing on the cake, after relieving from so much tension that now I will be able to reach my destination on time, when I boarded the flight and took my seat, the music being played was of my favourite genre and I was able to hear one of the concertos from god of western classical music Johanne Sebastian Bach! Thank you so much for this experience I had. This is how you make good image for the brand with the PEOPLE you have in your airlines. Kudos!!! . ..."
JAshok Chaudhury 06 July 2011 : " It gives me immense pleasure ..........
".....It gives me immense pleasure to communicate to you that I have been a frequent Indigo traveller as I enjoy the defence concession, in most of the sectors that I have been to, I am yet to see a very competent staff as Rahul Gupta of your Lucknow Team. I suggest that you could use his professional approach and courteous behaviour as an ideal model for your in house training . ..."
Anso Jacob, 07 July 2011 6E 244, ( Date of Travel: July 7 ) : " My parents are travelling ..........
"..... My parents are travelling today on the above said booking reference from Mumbai to Cochin. Since they are new to Mumbai airport and also were having some language barriers I asked your counter executive Manpreet / Harpreet (A sardarji- I forgot the name, he was at counter from 9 o clock onwards today) to help them to reach the boarding gates. Immediately he deputed a boy and escorted them till boarding gates. I am extremely happy with the service provided by Manpreet. Though he was busy he could manage for all these and trust me he got the real customer caring attitude and needless to state that he is an asset for your company. All the best to this guy and Indigo!! . ..."
Mukesh Varma, 07 July 2011 : " I Thank you so much for patience ..........
"..... I Thank you so much for patience, Great Help, its nice talking to you, u have really good product knowledge and moreover good customer handling skills, without your help my pending file would not be completed so easily. I really appreciate your work. Keep it up . ..."
Sankar Mondal, 07 July 2011, 6E 135, ( Date of Travel: May 17 ) : " Thank you very much..........
".....Thank you very much. I received the Travel certificate in less than 24 hours and it served my purpose. Its really an honour to fly in such airline. Thank you once again Indigo . ..."
Radhika Prasad, 07 July 2011 : " I would like to put in a word ..........
".....I would like to put in a word of appreciation for your employee - Mr. Hasan. I got a call from IndiGo team confirming the cancellation of a flight that my daughter was to catch. I did not have the PNR as I was travelling. Mr. Hasan went out of his way to locate the PNR no. and accommodate us on another convenient flight at no extra cost. He was extremely helpful. This letter was to express thanks to him for his services . ..."
Shikha Bagaria, July 08, 2011 6E 286, ( Date of Travel: July 3 ) : " On a recent flight from Coimbatore ..........
".....On a recent flight from Coimbatore to Kolkata (via Chennai, dated 03.07.11); I left my shawl in the aircraft on the Coimbatore-Chennai sector. I noticed the loss just before boarding the Chennai-Kolkata flight, and upon boarding I informed the airhostess (Leading Lady, in your case), not really expecting that my shawl would be found. To my immense surprise and delight she brought it to me within 10 minutes. It is highly commendable that not only was the shawl retrieved by your staff but that it was so quickly located and brought to me on the flight. Many congratulations on your brand of service!! . ..."
Anjula Kumari, Jul 12, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: June 12 ) : " My parents were travelling..........
"..... My parents were travelling on 12th June on 6E 191 from Patna. Somehow they got late as check-in counter was closed and ground staffs were not ready to accept them on flight. My mother was so worried. I spoke to her over phone as i was in Delhi. I spoke to Mr. Bablu Jatti and requested him to help my mother as she was traveling for the first time. He somehow managed and agreed to accept one passenger. I confirmed for my mother. Mr. Dheeraj was very helpful and he did great job. I wish to send a note of appreciation to the indigo staff especially Mr. Bablu Jatti who managed to handle the situation very nicely. I am grateful to that person who did not lose his cool. He really deserves appreciation. Please pass my token of appreciation to Bablu Jatti and Dheeraj and thanks for the wonderful service . ..."
Hemanth Rao, 12 July 2011 6E 276, ( Date of Travel: July 11 ) : " Congrats!! I have just today..........
"..... Congrats!! I have just today completed two round trips from Lucknow to Chennai within a week for the occasion of my younger sisters marriage. Indigo played a very important part in this considering the fact that arranging and completing a function in Chennai while staying in Lucknow is a huge task. This particular email is in appreciation of a cabin flight attendant named Lakshmi on the Delhi to Lucknow sector. Although I did not have any direct interaction with her, yet in a short period of 45 minutes I observed her high level of professionalism and courtesy. It feels really good to see thorough professional behaviour akin to world class levels in a "so called" budget airline. I am a marine engineer and have travelled extensively around the world and would like to congratulate you on your excellent progress. Please keep up the good show and i look forward to numerous associations with INDIGO! . ..."
Siddhartha Sharma, 13 July 2011 6E 414, ( Date of Travel: June 11 ) : " It was my first time in air ..........
"....It was my first time in air and prior to this journey i was having so many doubts in mind & obviously fear too. But Indigo In-Flight staff made my first journey very comfortable, memorable& awesome. Thanks to all Indigo Staff members for support . ..."
Pravin Kumar 13 July 2011 6E 286, ( Date of Travel: July 3 ) : " .I wish to place on record ..........
".....I wish to place on record the excellent customer care I experienced. On 11th July I travelled from Kolkatta to Coimbatore on an International transit from Dhaka. I carried some liquor which the domestic security check officer at Kolkatta domestic terminal didnt allow to be carried as hand baggage. I was reluctant to part with the item as I was about to gift it. It was huge rush and I could not check-in the item thereafter. One of the Indigo team members Mr.Tajender helped me. He said he will leave the parcel in the Indigo security and someone on my behalf could collect it. When my friend approached airport he could not find the right person to retrieve the parcel. When I decided it is gone, I received a call from Indigo Kolkatta, Ms. Aparna Sharma. She confirmed my identity, checked the package is available and ensured that it reached my friend the next day. The important point is, Ms. Aparna had only seen a pending case and she took it up personally and ensured that it reached me. The courtesy, which I have not experienced with any other airline, was fabulous and I was overwhelmed with a kind of satisfaction! Thank you Ms. Aparna & thank you Mr. Tajendar! My hearty kudos to Indigo Kolkatta Team!!!! . ..."
Ravi Appana, July 14, 2011 6E 487, ( Date of Travel: July 14 ) : " I couldn't manage to bring cash ..........
".....I couldn't manage to bring cash with me on board. I was hungry and asked an air hostess if they would accept cheque or card - and they did not. However, after an hour onboard the air hostess came back to me with a complimentary meal. That was really nice! You guys have your priorities right! Thank you . ..."
Antony,14 July 2011 : " .One of the best airline that i have ever travelled, ..........
".....One of the best airline that i have ever travelled, i have been to many parts of the world and seen many airlines, my choice is always indigo, I always book my ticket in indigo airways be it any domestic travel. The website is so user friendly and the prices are very attractive compared to the competition. I am really a happy customer of Indigo airlines ... good job guys! Keep up the good work! Looking forward for more business with you ... Cheers!!! . ..."
Anand Bajoria, 15 July 2011, 6E 275, ( Date of Travel: July 13 ) : " .Good morning. I was flying..........
".....Good morning. I was flying on 6E 275, from Kolkata to Chennai, July 13, 2011. After about an hour of being air-borne, one of our co- passengers had some medication issues, which called for attention and services of a professional medical practitioner. On board, air-hostesses, made an announcement and they were looking after the passenger concerned. A special note must be made for air hostesses, Ms. Ponnam and Ms. Aditi. They were constantly helping out the passenger concerned, coordinating an on-board doctor. Throughout, rest of the journey they were assisting the passenger, providing comfort to his family, at the same time making sure the rest of travellers were not disturbed, nor a drop if service quality. The rest of the crew members went on with their tasks in an orderly manner. A word of appreciation will be too less for Ms. Poonam and Ms. Aditi. Such team members are an asset to any organization. Good wishes to them . ..."
Rajesh Kabra, July 16, 2011 : " I'd like to take this opportunity ..........
"..... I'd like to take this opportunity to appreciate the services of Mr. Pritam Mukherjee- Assistant Manager, Kolkata. I was not able to travel on the above mentioned PNR, because i had a mild Asthma Attack. His caring gesture was really touching. Not only he instantly got my luggage offloaded from the plane, but also arranged for fast departure from Airport so that i could immediately go to my family physician. Not only him and his team were efficient, but what really impressed me was his polite behaviour, in spite the inconvenience caused by me. I like to convey my best wishes to the entire team of Indigo. You've once again proved to me that why you are undisputed leader not just as low cost airline but in complete Aviation sector in India . ..."
Oliver Mathai, July 16, 2011, 6E 244, ( Date of Travel: July 13 ) : " . My wife and I travelled on your ..........
"..... My wife and I travelled on your flight 6E 244, Mumbai to Cochin on the 13th July 2011. The flight was delayed slightly, what impressed me most was your captain Kapoor who was in command. The manner in which he explained the cause of the delay , what was to be expected in the time ahead and once in the air just past mid- flight of the progress and basic explanation of weather conditions ---it was like listening to a story that I could sense had the whole audience listening in appreciation , it was entertaining ! You should be proud of a colleague like this who is a real good advert for your airline. Incidentally your cabin crew and check in staff were excellent -- as good as any other highly regarded airline . ..."
Kamala Kanta Mohapatra, July 17, 2011 6E 266 ( Date of Travel: June 27 ) : " .The Pilot (I think an Anglo Indian) ..........
".....The Pilot (I think an Anglo Indian) was very much pleasant, interactive with customers- at each landing coming out of his place meeting customers saying something simply does not say about the depth of bonding he is having towards carrying out his job responsibilities, equally reciprocate the love and affection he was having in making the passengers happy to enjoy the great flight from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. We would like to enjoy more flying with him (i have forgotten the name of the pilot) in near future. His intermediate announcement during the entire flight as regards to the happening was also more value added. Please communicate my sincere regards to the pilot- May god give him added strength and vigour to make people fly high and entertained their life..." ..."
Bhupinder Arora, July 18, 2011 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: July 17 ) : " ..I am travelling frequently ..........
".....I am travelling frequently and Indigo is my most preferred airlines not only because of the low cost, primarily because of its on-time performance. Departure and arrival on time always keeps passenger in high spirits, fresh and good mood. With Indigo's on time performance I could reach at my destinations on time and complete my work successfully, and on return reached home comfortably. Good Luck to whole team of Indigo Airlines and I sincerely wish that Indigo performs excellently in time to come as well . ..."
M Srinivasan 18 July 2011 6E 237, ( Date of Travel: July 15 : I appreciate Aradhana; call enter ..........
"....I appreciate Aradhana; call enter agent who helped me in making my journey comfortable and hassle free. She had lots of patience and she knows how to talk to an irate person. I was irritated because of my payment procedure but she handled all the things very politely and with patience. I really appreciate the hard work. Keep it up! .. ..."
Chandan Shewani, 20 July 2011 : I.........m writing to you to share a ..........
"..... Im writing to you to share a very pleasant and happy experience I had with indigo! I had left my phone behind in Chennai and requested the driver to hand it over to indigo airport staff. At the ticketing and reservations i met Saumya and Anand; they were very helpful. And then i got the number of the airport duty manager. And appraised them of the situation and that the phone will arrive in the morning. And i was assured that if and when the phone will arrive it will be sent to Pune Airport from where I can pick that. I reached Pune airport on 18th July 2011 from Chennai at 2300 hours. There i met Mr. Prathamesh and informed him about the phone. He then proceeded to photocopy my id and boarding pass. The phone reached the Chennai airport and subsequently reached Pune (in my hands) in good sound condition. At every stage the staffs of indigo was effective, efficient, courteous, patient and compassionate! Kudos to indigo! For having done not only a brilliant job flying people inexpensively but also securely! Please keep up the good work! :) . ..."
Sayantan Roy, 21 July 2011: " .I had spoken to some customer service..........
".....I had spoken to some customer service agent to modify my booking. I had a very bad experience with the agent and was willing to just cancel my booking and seek services of some other service provider other than Indigo. This employee was not at all confident and for every query kept me in hold. He left keeping me on hold for 15 minutes while I was on the IVR providing my payment details. I had to disconnect and call back only to cancel this time around. Second time around I spoke to Tarun Jain from the Chennai call centre. It was because of him Indigo was able to retain me a customer. I not only modified my current booking, also booked returned flight. I experienced a true customer service. Tarun always kept his cool and patience although I was very irritated with my previous experience. Please convey this appreciation to him, his Team Leader and trainer. Tarun made my day and I will always remember this experience . ..."
Ashish Qudrat, 25 July 2011 6E 142, ( Date of Travel: July 23 ) : " .The entire flight experience ..........
".....The entire flight experience was absolutely great. I think Indigo is the best business example of ruining low cost liner in the entire world and I am not exaggerating. I have seen how to run a flight in right time sorry before time and make it a best flying example. The flight was easy to check in still I believe a little more amicable and helpful team can be kept at Bangalore Airport who can direct me like person who is from small town and knows little of airport like Bangalore, still great service. In flight cabin crew is really great, friendly and the cabin is spotless and sparklingly clean. The flight was before time on all spots and crew made sure the cabin was really clean each time. Real and sincere thanks to everyone. You have made a "goindigo" believer in me. Hip Hip Hurray!! . ..."
Abdul Jabbarriya Zauddin, 26 July 2011, 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: July 28 ) : " . I am happy to bring to your ..........
"..... I am happy to bring to your notice that your Employee's went out of the way to help me reschedule the flight as i had by mistake book an early morning flight for my old age parents. They were patience and also understood my problem. I would like to thank them again for wonderful support and wish them best of luck for future Vertical movements in your organisation. Your team made me lean towards INDIGO for my frequent future travel Plans. Star Employee's - Gaurav Jeena and Sushmita Paul. . ..."
Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay, 26 July 2011 6E 321, ( Date of Travel: June 29 ) : " . would like to whole heartedly..........
"..... I would like to whole heartedly commend the services extended by two of your customer service representatives at the Mumbai airport on the night of June 28, 2011. I had arrived in Mumbai late that night by an overseas flight, and intended to catch the Indigo flight next morning to Kolkata after spending the night in the Mumbai airport. The CSR, whose name is either Mrinalini went out of my way to help me by allowing me to make some calls on her and her colleague's phone (I could not catch the name of her colleague, but he was a very pleasant young man who was at the counter along with Mrinalini) and patiently answering all my queries at that hour. Neither of them had to extend any service to me whatsoever, and could have easily brushed me off. But instead they went out of their way to help me. If these two young people are any indication of the quality of people at Indigo, you have a very bright future. I always fly Indigo when I am in India for your on-time service, but from now on, it will also be because of your customer service. Once again, I sincerely thank Mrinalini and her colleague. You made your organization proud! . ..."
Rahul Arora, 28 July 2011, 6E 41, ( Date of Travel: October 11 ) : " .I would like to thank one ..........
"..... HI would like to thank one of your staff members (Ms. Anishma Sharma) who helped me in getting the indigo tickets booked as my debit card was showing declined. She helped me with extra efforts and with pure customer service skills. It feels good to know that you have this kind of executive in your airlines. Thanks . ..."
Rajesh Rajamani, 29th July 2011, 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: July 28: This morning, I spoke to your call..........
".....This morning, I spoke to your call centre via the toll-free number to know more information about the Cancellation and Re-fund charges. I was promptly guided and explained that the Cancellation charges are Rs 750/- per flight per passenger and the cancellation can be made until 2 hours before the departure. Thanks for the great service. Once again, Thanks to Nalina (from the customer care centre) for the great, accurate, polite and prompt guideline . ..."
Om Prakash Srivastava, 29 July 2011, 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: July 28 ) : " .Yesterday (28.07.2011), I travelled ..........
".....Yesterday (28.07.2011), I travelled from Lucknow to Hyderabad via Delhi by your flight no. 6E 309. I am writing this mail to inform you that I have been thoroughly impressed by the high quality of hospitality exhibited by the airhostesses in general. Especially the quality exhibited by the air hostess Ms Renam during my above said journey from Delhi to Hyderabad was amazing. I have travelled extensively by various airlines in India and abroad and have seen the services and conduct of hundreds of airhostesses but, for the first time, I could see an air hostess who if I describe as perfect would not be an exaggeration. Her way of welcoming the passengers on board, excellent announcing skills in Hindi and English languages, pleasing interaction with the passengers during flight and matchless manners, body-Language as well as smile distinguishes her from rest of the lot. I would give full credit to your training and grooming methods but surely some credit would go to Ms Renam as well as she has achieved a big margin over the other crew members despite receiving the same training / grooming that others have. While I compliment your airline for grooming the air hostesses so well, I would like to convey my appreciations to Ms Renam as well for conducting and displaying herself as an Icon of the airhostesses. I am confident if other air hostesses in your airline also achieve and display the same standard as that of Ms Renam your airline will surely one day receive best Hospitality on Board award too and very soon your airline will make its presence felt internationally with an edge over most of the other airlines operating internationally . ..."
Krishna Rajendra 31 July 2011 : .................. . I record our sincere appreciation ..........
"..... I record our sincere appreciation for the best services and helping hand provided by Sakshi and Neeraj on 15/07/2011 at New Delhi airport. Our above flight was from Chennai and we were to reach Sri Nagar on the same day on your connecting flight. We were four passengers. Due to bad weather at Delhi our flight overflew Delhi and diverted to Jaipur. Consequently we missed our Srinagar flight. Taking into account our Amarnath Yatra, your above referred ground staff excellently handled the situation and arranged for next day flight apart from taking care of our stay. Timely action, help and assistance rendered by your above referred staff made our Amarnath Yatra possible which we could manage to complete on time. Please record our heartiest appreciations by personally conveying the same to Sakshi and Neeraj. We took your return flight only on 16th, from Srinagar to Chennai and i am a very frequent traveller / user of your airline services. Our best wishes for prosperity to your airlines and all the bests to concerned staff too . ..."
Deepthi, 31 July, 2011: June 28..........This was my first flight experience
".... This was my first flight experience which was even more fantastic than i thought it to be and all because of INDIGO :) Thank you so much :):) . ..."
B. Brindavanam, 01 August 2011, 6E 256, (Date of Travel: July 28): .................. ..On my flight from Bhubaneswar to
".....On my flight from Bhubaneswar to Delhi on 28th July, i incidentally lost my passport. I realized the loss lately and approached the airport authorities first for its tracing. In a pleasant surprise, one of your team members, Manish at Delhi airport informed me about the availability of my passport in his custody. Reportedly, it fell down in the aircraft and one of the crew members aboard, took care of it. Yesterday, i visited your office and collected it, in person. In addition to the crew member concerned (i dont know her name), -perhaps, many members of your team were involved in ensuring its safe return to me. They worked in precise coordination. Such coordination shows that the entire team is concerned and caring for their customers. My sincere thanks to each one them and i apologise any inconvenience caused to you all- due to my own negligence . ..."
Yogesh, 03 August 2011, 6E 242, (Date of Travel: July 24): ......... On 24th July, i travelled form Ahmedabad ..
".... .On 24th July, i travelled form Ahmedabad to Agartala. I started early in the morning from Baroda and reached Agartala in the afternoon; it was tiring journey for me; even though it was my first visit to northeast. During alighting form staircase at Agartala; i did not had that energy; due to long travel. It was noticed promptly by an airhostess Ms. Esha who was standing there. She called me specifically and wished good day with smile. I specifically wanted to mention this as, the kind of hospitality & promptness of in-flight staff is not expected in low cost airlines also to add cleanliness in flight was remarkable. Reverse of this is observed in other airlines by which i normally had travelled . ..."
Dwarakanath R, 06 August 2011, 6E 122, (Date of Travel: August 06): .................. . This is with reference to the service provided by Mr. Robin Mathew .
".....This is with reference to the service provided by Mr. Robin Mathew Kavumkal, on 06th August 2011. My parents aged about 75 years, were travelling to New Delhi via IndiGo flight 6E-142 at 1:45 pm. Due to unforeseen circumstances they were not able to continue with the scheduled trip and had to re-schedule the trip. At this time, they were in deep concern, as their travel to Delhi cannot be cancelled. Air IndiGo team's member Mr. Robin Mathew had come forward to assist my parents at nick of time and helped my parents to get on to the next available flight at 5:00pm on 6th August 2011 and we were able pay for the differential amount very comfortably. My parents were new to the airport, and were lost in the sea. IndiGo team's Mr. Robins support and service will be remembered by us for long. My parents have also communicated via phone about the excellent and relentless service provided to needy passengers by IndiGo team and they were also been assisted till boarding. We would remember the selfless service provided by Mr. Robin Mathew to us and hope that the whole of IndiGo team would be of similar service orientation. At least, we from my family would continue to fly with IndiGo air, without much fear & anxiety. Again, i am offering my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Robin Mathew for the best - on time services offered . ..."
Subash, 06 September 2011 6E 216, (Date of Travel: August 29): ......... On 29-8-11, i travelled by IndiGo
"....On 29-8-11, i travelled by IndiGo Trivandrum-Chennai-Hyderabad flight. Due to some confusion, my baggage was booked to Mumbai. I did realise this at the Hyderabad airport when my baggage did not arrive. But there was an efficient vigilant young customer service agent Mr Augustine George who did all the best to see that the baggage was transported from Mumbai to Hyderabad and go delivered to my place of stay at a guest house in Kanchanbagh-Hyderabad. I had my medicines in the baggage. I got the baggage intact and in good condition. Mr Augustine deserves the best rise for his devotion to duty, concern to the customer, promptness and cool & assuring manners . ..."
Ramesh Katipally, 08 August, 2011 6E 319, (Date of Travel: July 11): .................. .You are just awesome! ......
"..... You are just awesome! I took an early morning service from Hyderabad to Mumbai on 11th July. While getting down at Mumbai, I forgot to pick my iPod. After returning to my hotel, I called up at the IndiGo call centre. The journey from there till the time i got a call back from you guys is just memorable. The way IndiGo handled was fantabulous. The iPod having all my memories is a treasure for me on the move and you have helped me. I and my family appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. IndiGo is just awesome . ..."
Manoj Gupta, 09 August 2011: ......... It had been a great pleasure for me to travel in your airlines ..
"....It had been a great pleasure for me to travel in your airlines. I also enjoyed the delicious cookies served by you along with boarding card on the occasion of celebration of IndiGo five years in service celebrations. Indeed i not only relished the cookies but i also appreciate the timings and schedules for departure and arrival are being maintained by you. Distance, duration, fare etc. After earning a fixed numbers of bonus points, the passenger can be benefited by way of awarding some souvenir or anything which meet your budget also. I am sure with this the frequent fliers will prefer IndiGo airlines. I sincerely wish IndiGo to celebrate such more years and decades successfully . ..."
Fricke Weber Aamalie, 10 August 2011 6E 276, (Date of Travel: August 10): .................. .I travelled with you today from Chennai to Delhi
".....I travelled with you today from Chennai to Delhi. I really appreciate the counter staff who explained me ever clearly about the Indian procedure and i was so amazed when he spoke with me in German. You guys are awesome. I really loved your customer service and i never knew you people will talk in German very fluently. As i was in a hurry i couldn't thank him personally for his information which helped me today in Delhi. Please do convey the boy this message (hallo meinlieber, ichdankeihnen so sehrfr die ur art informationen, die mirsehrviel in delhigeholfen. Gutearbeit Gottsegneeuchmein kind.mitvielliebedeinefreundliche amalie). Congratulate you for really a good job over all . ..."
Gautham, 10 August 2011 6E 275, (Date of Travel: July 31): ......... The IndiGo check in staff at Chennai domestic airport
".....The IndiGo check in staff at Chennai domestic airport went out of their way to help my parents who were returning from an international trip with the baggage details. My parents were not aware of the rules and regulations but your staff was really patient, courteous and helpful enough to guide them through the entire process. Also my mother was accidently carrying a Swiss knife that she had purchased abroad with her. During the security check she was asked to leave it there. Not taking no for an answer my mother went back to the check in counter and the staff there ensured that the Swiss knife was placed inside her check in baggage, which had already been processed. This meant a lot to her as the Swiss knife was a gift from my mother to me. I wish to thank IndiGo for going that extra mile and ensuring a smile on all our faces. Our family will definitely look forward to flying on your airlines henceforth. Thanks once again . ..."
Vikrant Jaiswal, 12 August, 2011: .................. ..I am writing to express my thanks and admiration for the way that.
"....I am writing to express my thanks and admiration for the way that the problem concerning my friends round trip (Mumbai Delhi Mumbai) was dealt with. When i contacted the customer services department on behalf of my friend the person who dealt with the matter was excellent. She immediately offered an alternative flight that solved the problem and option to make additional payment over the counter at the airport when online transaction didnt work. The whole thing was dealt with in a friendly, efficient and productive manner. I was very impressed with the excellent customer service i received. The representative was courteous and informative. This was perfectly acceptable to me and handled very well by customer service. Thank you so much for making this a pleasant experience. In this day and age it seems that customer service is a lost art. Go IndiGo is a welcome exception. Thank you again for an excellent service Pragya, keep up the good work . ..."
Akhil Jain, 13 August, 2011: ......... This feedback is not for any particular booking as when i get chance
".....This feedback is not for any particular booking as when i get chance i prefer to travel with IndiGo. In fact, this is in general and i wanted to communicate it long back. I travel with different airlines but i have not seen such a professionalism in any of the airlines i travel from and that too the youngest airline of India. The best feature of yours is the time punctuality which has been consistent whenever i travel. The 2nd is you in flight attended (air hostess) who are always courteous and also you ground staff which prepare the plane for next flight in no time. Last time i travel by IndiGo from CCU to PNQ via MAA. Also, almost a year back my wife also travelled by IndiGo from Del was PNQ, when she was pregnant and she travelled alone. But she never felt alone as your staff (ground as well as in-flight) attended her very nicely. There is no match of services if i compare with no frill airlines and at many instances you are at par with so called star airlines of count! I wish you continue to provide services like this and grow in the future by leaps and bounds. Also, congratulation and best wishes for your soon to be commenced international sector . ..."
Mankalaphani Bhushan, 14 August, 2011: .................. ..Congrats for 5 years......... experience. It was wonderful to fly with you .
"..... Congrats for 5 years experience. It was wonderful to fly with you 5th year anniversary. I just want to give compliments to entire crew on particular flight from Srinagar to Delhi on 4th August 2011. Crew was very helpful in many aspects. I, my wife and daughter got different seats while returning from SXR your crew taken initiative and requested many of passengers to put us in one row. That really impressed me . ..."
Pulkit Midha 15 August 2011 6E 125, (Date of Travel: August 10): ......... This is especially for your customer care agent Mr. Sameer Rana ..
"....This is especially for your customer care agent Mr. Sameer Rana. I recently called him to help me to modify a booking. I was booking a round trip for my parents but since the return date was different for both of them, i had to book separately, for some reason, the arrival time for my mother's ticket got wrongly captured. I immediately contacted the IndiGo customer care and was serviced by Mr. Rana. He was extremely helpful in making modifications and what was more important to me was the fact that he created an exception and i was not charged the regular cancellation fare of Rs. 750. This means a lot to me. As a customer i really appreciate the employee as well as the company for enabling policies and the empowerment it has given to the team . ..."
Munna K. Gupta, 16 August, 2011: .................. ..I am frequent flyer and have been regularly flying with IndiGo
".....I am frequent flyer and have been regularly flying with IndiGo. I would like to congratulate you for providing fantastic inflight as well as ground services. The crew staff are really helpful and professional especially Sangita Bhagat and team. Because of the commendable service provided by the crew and the ground staff, i select IndiGo over other airlines. The overall flying experience is exemplary. The flight always takes off on time and the crew are always accommodative and polite.M Keep up the good work . ..."
Anoop Vijaykumar, 16 August, 2011 6E 422, (Date of Travel: August 15): .................. .I would like to congratulate IndiGo on doing the important.....
".....I would like to congratulate IndiGo on doing the important things right in air travel, namely, departing and arriving on time. There is a general air of efficiency about your operations, from check-in to boarding and arriving. Keep up the good work and wish you the best with your soon-to-be-launched international operations . ..."
Anil Patwardhan 19 August, 2011: .................. ..I would like to put on record my .
".....I would like to put on record my deep sense of appreciation for your representatives. First, i was informed about a faux pas done by the agency through which i made a booking. There were six bookings for me on the same flight. I was informed well in advance so that i could ask the agency to have the bookings cancelled in time. Today i wanted to check whether the agency had actually done the cancellations. Ms. Sandeepa was kind enough to check for me whether the cancellations were effected. She was very efficient, prompt and courteous! I very much appreciate her assistance! Once again i wish to thank IndiGo and the staff for being so helpful. I wish the airline and its staff all the very best . ..."
Raktim Roy, August 19, 2011 6E 321, (Date of Travel: July 25): ......... It.........s always a nice time flying with your airline every time the......
".....Its always a nice time flying with your airline every time the special care which you provide on board is simply awesome and worth to choose your product, from this email just wanted to thank miss. Payal Thapa, who was the senior flight-attended of 6E 321 on 25th July 2011 which was flying to GAU, she was really polite and co-operative so that i was really pleased with the kind of service she delivered. Cheers . ..."
Nishit Kumar 19 August 2011 6E 125, (Date of Travel: August 12): .................. ..I took a flight from New Delhi to Bangalore ..
"..... II took a flight from New Delhi to Bangalore on 14th August 2011, after a really long time the inflight experience was really good. The crew was very friendly and it did look that they are enjoying serving the customers. Having been on all the major airlines in the country i am happy to see IndiGo's flight experience being way ahead of the others. I hope IndiGo continues to improve and maintain its standard all round . ..."
M Jayaram 19 August 2011 6E 285, (Date of Travel: August 17): .................. ..I had booked a ticket for my 79 year old grandmother .
"..... I had booked a ticket for my 79 year old grandmother who was travelling to CJB. She was really impressed with the airport services personnel at MAA (unfortunately, do not have the name) who volunteered to ensure that she had a hassle free boarding. I am glad to state that IndiGo will continue to be our preferred airline for business or leisure travel . ..."
Navin Arora 19 August 2011: ......... It was a great help from IndiGo people when my parents
".....It was a great help from IndiGo people when my parents who are above 60, were travelling from Kolkata to Bangalore by flight no 156. On reaching Kolkata to their misfortune they found that flight was not operating and the next flight was scheduled later in the evening. It was a tuff situation for my parents as the staffs were neither able to issue boarding pass nor accept the luggage instead were asked to come back after 2pm, they kept on requesting but all went in vain. Anyways a staff name Aparna Sharma was monitoring came to my parents and took them to the manager. It was so kind of her she not only helped my parents getting boarding pass but even guided them for security check and made them seated, even she arranged a seat on the third row....almost before the departure she came back again and guided them to the concerned gate and informed the other staff to help my parents with boarding. I am really very thankful to her for taking care of my parents as they were first time fliers and old too, IndiGo was my last choice whenever i plan a tour now i would change it to my first choice i know i am safe here. Again i would like to thanks Aparna Sharma for her kind attitude towards my parents...." ..."
Pria Parkash, 20 August, 2011: 6E 302, (Date of Travel: August 17): .................. .I would like to thank IndiGo and their awesome ..
".....I would like to thank IndiGo and their awesome staff that helped me out to catch my flight back to United Kingdom on the same day night. I have informed the counter staff that i have a flight to catch and i was so worried whether i would miss the flight but the staff was so enthusiastic and helped me in whatever way he could. He gave me the seats in the front, made my luggage to come out at the first in Delhi. He went and asked his Manager also when i was there, what and he can do further, i was so glad that Mr. Praveen the manager also helped me out in informing the staff in delhi regarding the same. I thank you Girish and the manager Mr. Praveen. Thank you so much to you both. Thank you. I will never forget your help. I will be travelling with IndiGo only here after. I will be coming back to India in Oct., and actually my husband as already booked the ticket from Chennai to Bombay in jet airways for the month of Oct., i made him to cancel the ticket and told him to book with IndiGo. I would love to fly again with you guys. Thank you once again . ..."
Prajot Naik 21 August 2011, 6E 181, (Date of Travel: August 21): .................. ..Well i am a culinary professional working for a cruise line .
"....Well i am a culinary professional working for a cruise line and travel a lot around the world. I have travelled with many airlines over the years (domestic and international) and IndiGo was new to my list but surely the best experience ever. I travelled today from Mumbai to Goa and i enjoyed it to the fullest. The crew, Samipa and Alisha did an outstanding job. It was a busy and short flight but they just managed every little thing with a refreshing smile and a sweet tone in my words i would say "they went the extra mile". Well Done guys, keep it up..... In general, IndiGo is doing very well. I will surely recommend my company to fly our crew by IndiGo. Thank you and god bless all!!!! .. ..."
Amit Guruprasad, 24 August, 2011 6E 125, (Date of Travel: August 22): ......... .Must say, exceptional flying, ........
".....Must say, exceptional flying, particularly during turbulence. I haven't seen better flying in the past 4 years, especially during turbulent conditions. Also, the communication between the pilot and passengers seems new, and different from the routine one. Good going! Keep it up. Cheers . ..."
Sayan Choudhury, 25 August, 2011 6E 523, (Date of Travel: August 15): .................. ..I really appreciate the hospitality of the ground staff at the Chennai .
".....I really appreciate the hospitality of the ground staff at the Chennai airport. And one more thing to add, on 15th August, i couldnt help but notice that the IndiGo staffs were dressed completely differently than the other airlines in the traditional Indian dresses which made them stand apart... You guys made me feel proud as an Indian. Thanks and hats off to you guys. Keep up the great work . ..."
Uday Nadar, 25 August 2011 6E 177, (Date of Travel: August 20): .................. .Trust me not always i write these feedbacks but this time i really want
".....Trust me not always i write these feedbacks but this time i really want to write it, the experience on your flight 6E 177 was truly awesome. I have been on this route with other airlines too without any hesitation i can this was the best of experience which i won't forget for long...the inflight announcements were crystal clear and pleasant to hear, i turned back to see if it was really an auto announcement but to my surprise it was your leading lady on the Hindi as well in English. I wish to give full marks to her for the efficiency. At all times the crew was well groomed with a smile on their face which never faded and working extremely hard to serve passengers on board. Although i didnt have any food on flight but i saw that the trolley was neat & clean and the crew was giving a good service to all passengers... I also liked the magazine "HELLO 6E"didnt purchased anything but the selection of merchandise offered was nice. Also mid time flight updates as how the climate is the route of the cruise mention was also a good piece of info from the cockpit crew, kudos to your training & development efforts. It shows up very well in the way your crew carries them. I am very impressed by the good job. I really feel bad about my bad memory that i didnt remember all the names of the inflight crew. Really wanted to mention their individual names here to let them know they were awesome & can be easily stated as benchmark for inflight service. Please do share my feedback with your crew who were present on 6E that day...once again good job guys. It was a pleasure flying with you :) . ..."
Bikramjit Maitra 25 August 2011: ......... I thought i will share my pleasant experience .
"..... I thought i will share my pleasant experience on 23rd evening at Delhi airport. On 23rd August, i was trying to reach Delhi airport terminal 1 in the evening to catch the 2035 hours Bangalore flight. Because of terrible traffic jam i reached the security check in station with my boarding pass printed online only 12 / 13 minutes before the schedule departure time. The security person told me that i needed to get it stamped at the IndiGo counter. After trying to influence him for few seconds, i went to the nearest counter for the required stamping and i was politely and firmly told by the lady at the counter that, that i was late and i cannot be accommodated in the flight. I requested the lady to give it a try. She (in my anxiety i did not notice the name of the lady) immediately tried to contact appropriate authority first on wireless and then using mobile. After couple of tries she could speak to the person at other side and could persuade him / her to take me in. Then she called one of her colleague, a person from the look of it (again i did not notice the name if he was wearing a name tag) who helps people with luggage at the check in counters. He told me sir you run along with me and i will take care of your luggage and literally we dashed across the airport went through the security in double quick time and went to the boarding gate. All along this gentleman was running with my overnight bag. By the time we reached the gate, a car was arranged and i was whisked away in that car towards the aircraft. As soon as i boarded the aircraft the door was closed and we started moving for an on time take off. It was very important for me to catch that flight on that evening and i could do that because of the extraordinary efficiency and effort of few IndiGo employees. Most important to note is that all this happened without sacrificing the service level efficiency for other IndiGo passengers. I thought i should take few minutes to record this and to say thank you to all who were involved . ..."
Ritik Mathur, 25 August 2011 6E 312, (Date of Travel: August 24): .................. .This is to appreciate the services
".....This is to appreciate the services provided in my flight 6E 312 Hyderabad to Lucknow on 24th of August 2011. This was my best domestic flight experience ever, even if i compare it to big fishes of the aviation industry like jet and kingfisher i couldn't believe that it was with such a grace that the services were provided matching the international standards of aviation services. It was a pleasure to see the captain taking the initiative to bid farewell. Cheers to team IndiGo. Good job done. Thanks a ton . ..."
Nikhil Khanna 25 August 2011 6E 157, (Date of Travel: October 06): .................. ..Yesterday i had raised an issue on inappropriate .
".....Yesterday i had raised an issue on inappropriate resolution to my issue. Would like to thank and appreciate Gurmeet and his customer relations team at IndiGo who not only paid heed to my issue, took pains to acknowledge the genuineness of the case and resolve it to my satisfaction! And to top it all, much before their TAT which i didn't expect. Thanks for the resolution and thanks to the entire team to ensure a happy customer . ..."
Narendra Raj, 26 August 2011: ......... I live in Bangalore and on 24th afternoon at 1:45 pm i was informed
".....I live in Bangalore and on 24th afternoon at 1:45 pm i was informed that my uncle in Mumbai had expired and that the funeral was at 7:00 pm at Chembur. I thought that i would be able to go pay my respects and return back to Bangalore the same day. I was unable to book the tickets online and i rushed to my travel agent to pick up the tickets. I boarded a jet airways flight at 4:30 pm reaching Mumbai at 6:00 pm and had also booked a return IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Bangalore at 8:50pm. After i landed and exited at 6:30. I realized my complete lack of judgement and i walked up to the customer service of IndiGo and asked them if i can make the return flight on time. Mr Reagan understood my plight, he politely and sensibly advised me to reschedule my flight. He went out of the way and rescheduled my return flight to the next afternoon without charging me the additional fare change. However i did pay the standard flight rescheduling charge. I must commend Reagen for his exceptional managerial skills and his ability to take the right decisions quickly. He is a great asset to your airline and i wish him luck and success in his career and life. I would also like to mention that your customer service team in Mumbai is very good. In addition, your pilots always have a softer landing (kiss landing) as compared to other airlines . ..."
Punyasloka Khuntia, 27 August 2011 6E 265, (Date of Travel: August 26): ......... I.........m frequent flier & always i prefer IndiGo .
"....Im frequent flier & always i prefer IndiGo airlines for its best services. Yesterday (26th August) evening while travelling from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore i was getting severe headache and your crew member Miss Chanchal was very instrumental who acted on this promptly. She guided me till destination. At Bangalore i was completely relieved from the pain. Thanks a million to her & you should be proud of such staffs who uphold the spirit of hospitality. Please pass this message to her . ..."
Kirit Patel, 30 August, 2011 6E 154, (Date of Travel: August 31): ......... Recently, i missed the flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad .
"..... Recently, i missed the flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and i would like to by Mr. T Peasant acknowledge extra ordinary service offered, manager at Bangalore ticketing office and Mr. K R Sagar, a staff member in his office. Mr Prasant helped me rebook my ticket on next day and finding transport and accommodation overnight. Both went extra mile to help me in frustrating situation. I am impressed with their professional attitude and personal attention to client . ..."
Banijyot, 30 August 2011 6E 244, (Date of Travel: August 28): ......... I travelled from Ahmedabad to Cochin ..
".... I travelled from Ahmedabad to Cochin. Due to some confusion, my baggage got exchanged with someone. I would really like to thank Ms Rakhi Ravendran at IndiGo airport, Cochin. She not only helped me, but went a step forward to help me out, and calling me back with information. I will prefer IndiGo over other airlines whenever possible . ..."
Nalin Dhingra, 01 September, 6E 308, (Date of Travel: September 28): ......... Abhijeet has been really helpful and patient .
"....Abhijeet has been really helpful and patient in guiding me through the payment mess-up on the IndiGo site. He offered suggestions and very politely kept me on the IndiGo website rather allow me to change to a different portal and sorted out the issues and helped me complete the booking. Abhijeet's approach, cheerful nature and patience is much appreciated. ..."
Gargi Guha, 02 September 2011 : .................. .Shilpa, Greetings from the Venetian Macao ..
"....Shilpa, Greetings from the Venetian Macao. I would like to thank you for your teams prompt follow-up. My query was answered within 24 hours by e-mail and later, on the phone. I was assisted on the phone first by Ketan and then by Dhruv, who was able to help me with the booking even while i was traveling and there was constant noise in the background. The booking was for our Asst. V. P., Sales of the Venetian, Mr. David Traynor. Thanks again and i look forward to experiencing IndiGo on the 20th Sept from Ahmedabad to Bangalore . ..."
Kaushik Chatterjee, 05 September, 2011 6E 191, (Date of Travel: September 4): : .................. .I wishes to give compliments ..
"....I wishes to give compliments to your crew for providing excellent in flight ambience. I do fly often and currently IndiGo holds the top position in my preference list of domestic carriers. Also i congratulate and wish you well in your international venture . ..."
Srikanth Vasireddy, 05 September, 2011 ......... ..I am a regular customer of your airlines and just
".... I am a regular customer of your airlines and just now i finished conversation with one of your operators Mr. Vineet Kumar. He was excellent in helping me out when i was in a confused state of what to do when i had to book a ticket to my cousin Mr. Gummadi Venkateshwarlu by adjusting my balance in the prior cancelled ticket. He walked me through all the details in a very patient manner, right from getting a passcode from my credit cards bank besides answering all my queries (though some of them were stupid). He had abundant patience in answering my questions without any hesitation, which i found only with this gentleman and your airlines(with my experience with Mr. Vineet kumar , i could also conclude that your customer service is also excellent like your all new planes in excellent condition and also reaching on time). I am a U.S. citizen currently residing in India and i always prefer to travel by your airlines because of obvious reasons and that too with helpful staff like Mr. Vineet Kumar i have decided to make it a point to travel only by IndiGo airlines. I am sure that he is a big asset to your company and hope he will continue with you for a long time. I strongly believe he is an excellent asset to your company. I find such customer service only in U.S. with so much patience, clarity and excellent communication skills (unlike India). But Mr. Vineet Kumar proved my view to be wrong and proved that in India also people are excellent in both patience and also he has excellent communication skills. ..."
David, 07 September 2011, 6E 256, (Date of Travel: September 6): ......... .I'd like to give a shout out
"....I'd like to give a shout out and offer an apology to the IndiGo ticketing staff that was on duty at the Goa airport on the afternoon of august 17th. I showed up at the airport with a group of 10 people and very little time to spare. Their heroic efforts got us all on board the plane to Delhi, with all of our bags to boot! Thank you so much for your help! Great work!. ..."
S. Danish Hussain, 07 September, 2011: .................. ..I always wanted to appreciate IndiGo airline.........s services
".... ..I always wanted to appreciate IndiGo airlines services but couldnt do it well in time. However i decided to send this small appreciation note without fail today. I have had few opportunities to travel by your airline to different cities across India, each time i fly, i truly feel safe and enjoy my journey, landing and take-off is so smooth and you dont feel that you have taken off and landed until you hear the noise of wheels. Your air crew is so helpful and especially the uniform of your crew is so well designed that it enhances the good looks of those lovely ladies attending to passenger's every beck and call always with a smile. Further, i shall never forget the day when i was taken to the cockpit by your hostess and was introduced to a tall, dark & handsome pilot Capt. Thomas Kurian - he answered all my questions impeccably and fulfilled my long cherished dream of viewing the pilot's aircraft bay. Also let me put this on record that till date, i haven't come across any delays while taking an IndiGo flight. Your efforts / initiatives taken to provide such great service need to be appreciated and applauded always. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Now you have one more passenger as your true and loyal customer . ..."
Viraj Deshpande 10 September 2011 6E 176, (Date of Travel: September 9): ......... ..I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi on your flight ..
"....I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi on your flight. It was a very good experience. Your airline takes care of some very basic things. Example: the bus had picture showing the exact way people should enter in flight as per their seat numbers, the ac in the bus was working and flight attendants were cordial. And the flight was on time. Also my luggage had a minor problem, since its zip was open. But your ground force personnel duly informed about it to me and even packaged it nicely in a plastic bag. I am writing a feedback to an airline for the first time though i have travelled by air umpteen number of times. Your good service has ensured that i would always be flying by IndiGo. Thank you. ..."
Anish Kalam, 13 September 2011 6E 206, (Date of Travel: September 2): ......... ..Well i am a frequent flyer of jet airways .
"....Well i am a frequent flyer of jet airways but unfortunately on 2nd September 2011, i had to fly by IndiGo due to some urgency as there was no direct connection from dibrugarh to Kolkata in jet airways. That was my journey by IndiGo and the flight was delayed, i was very angry and got frustrated and when i went to make the enquiry with the staff in boarding gate, why it is delayed she make my anger down immediately by convincing me the actual reason why the flight was delayed. I was very pleased with her behaviour, i will never forget her by her name she was Ms Anwara. I wish her all the success in her life and congratulate IndiGo for recruiting such well trained and well behaved staff . ..."
Rajan Losalka, 14 September, 2011 6E 216, (Date of Travel: September 13): ......... The inflight services are excellent from all ..
"....The inflight services are excellent from all counts starting with sincere welcome to assisting passengers to settle to helping passengers to keep their luggage to attending small requests promptly with smile. I flew on 13.9.11 by 6e 216 and was impressed with the services. Though i avoided flying with IndiGo earlier but for this experience, i have changed my views. ..."
Nagendra Rathore 14 September 2011 ......... ..I was flying Kolkata to Delhi and wanted to pen
"....I was flying Kolkata to Delhi and wanted to pen my appreciation for the whole crew who handled an irate flyer with poise and calm and in particular Ms Sweetal who was very polite and courteous and affable. Thank you for the wonderful experience . ..."
Viral Chhaya, 15 September 2011 ......... ..I had the pleasure of speaking to 3 of your call taking .. .........
"....I had the pleasure of speaking to 3 of your call taking agents this morning - Sushil, Amit & Stephina - over a no. Of complicated changes i was making to my itinerary ... I found them very eager to help, pleasant & most of all, endowed with utmost patient - i ran a call centre for GE so i know how the handle time / talk time pressures on productivity are: usually all agents want to just get the job done & move on, but they were all completely focussed on customer delight! Also, because all 3 of them were like that, while they are all great agents; it also means this must not be an individual trait but a more generic part of the training you are giving them! So these compliments are as much for you, your floor managers & the training team - now not only is IndiGo my favourite airline, but the IndiGo call centre is my favourite call centre! . ..."
Vinit Taneja, 16 September, 2011......... .My friend's sis in law could not board the international
"....My friend's sis in law could not board the international flight on 14th because of her visa complication but she got a finite chance to do so thanks completely to you and IndiGo. It was really heart-warming to know that your staff took their own empowering decision in supporting her journey to t3 and also helping her in that location. It is a small wonder that you are the fastest growing airline. Do convey my heartfelt appreciation to your concerned staff . ..."
Nishant Radhakrishnan, 18 September 2011, 6E 61, (Date of Travel: November 21): .................. .I just wanted to thank you very .
"....I just wanted to thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. I had the opportunity to interact with Sunaina Sharma and Neetu Singh Bisht. Both of them communicated clearly, promptly and were able to resolve my ticketing issues to my complete satisfaction. This is an excellent standard of customer relations, which i feel is sorely lacking across all service sectors in India. Please continue to set this kind of example, IndiGo. ..."
Akanksha, 20 September, 2011......... This is to bring to your kind notice that Mr. Rahul .
"....This is to bring to your kind notice that Mr. Rahul who is an employee of your esteemed airlines and is currently placed at the Ahmedabad airport has been extremely helpful. I had left my camera in the flight 6e 237 and had lodged the case with your helpline last night but they said it will take 24 to 48 hours. I was extremely worried as it had some precious memories in it. The person at the helpline gave me the number of your Ahmedabad airport office after calling which i spoke to Rahul. He said he will look into the matter and let me know as soon as possible. To my surprise he gave me a call in less than half an hour with the good news that the camera was found. I would like to extend my genuine appreciation for Mr. Rahul for his prompt and kind gesture in bringing me back what i thought i almost lost. It is employees like him that make us want to fly with you time and again. You have a great staff and it is the personal touch, amazing services and fantastic setup that makes you our no. 1! . ..."
Karan Parwani, 20 September, 2011: .................. ..I had called in on 20th September to inquire about Mumbai Kolkata return .
".... ..I had called in on 20th September to inquire about Mumbai Kolkata return trip. The executive i spoke to Mr Samir Maharana spoke very professionally to me. I appreciate the fact that he kept me well informed about cheaper fares and website and debit card use. It is always a pleasure talking to IndiGo team. And the airline is beautiful especially because of the tag line 'on time'. Please forward my huge appreciation for Samir and keep up the good work . ..."
Ramdas Pai, 21 September 2011 6E 209, (Date of Travel: September 23): .................. ..I needed to cancel and rebook my wife.........s
"....I needed to cancel and rebook my wifes ticket and i spoke with an agent Mr. Ram roughly between 7.30 - 9.00 P.M. today - 21st Sept. He was extremely helpful, kind and very patient. I would like to you commend him. He is an asset to IndiGo! . ..."
Saurabh Kumar, 21 September 2011......... .Your on time departure and arrival performance is fantastic...
"....Your on time departure and arrival performance is fantastic - probably best in class. I take approx. 10 flights per month and whenever i fly IndiGo, i am sure it will land on time. Fabulous work by you guys and this is a clear differentiator between you and other run of the mill airlines. Well done and thanks for giving an airline that values time! . ..."
Yogesh Gautam, 21 September, 2011 6E 215, (Date of Travel: September 19): .................. ..It.........s really a very pleasant experience from .
"....Its really a very pleasant experience from one of the leading airline like you. The incident is like that: I booked a ticket through makemytrip website on 19-09-11 at around 2 am for Mumbai to Ahmadabad. Due to some technical mistake my name was reflecting on ticket : first name h Gautam ... However it should have been Yogesh Gautam, it means when i was putting my name in block of first name first 5 letters (yogis) of my name might have been overlapped by first name which was mentioned in block by default. When i discussed the matter with customer support executive he simply asked me to cancel the ticket & booked the another one ...despite of my request of providing some option because cancellation and rebooking of my ticket will cost another Rs 3000 to me.. He said there is no option other than that... To be utmost surprise when i called up to your IndiGo customer support executive regarding same matter & request to do some solution then after his discussion with their supervisor they did the changes in name immediately... It simply shows how you are caring about your customers. I am a regular flyer of IndiGo and really so appreciate for your support because if i blindly believe in makemytrip's executive suggestions & wouldn't contact to IndiGo executive, really it will dent Rs 3000 to my pocket. Once again thanks a lot for your kind support . ..."
Baishampayan Sanyal, 21 September 2011 ......... It was indeed pleasure to receive .
"....It was indeed pleasure to receive outstanding service from cabin crew Priyanka. Myself with my wife were travelling back to Singapore after a brisk Delhi trip, she made our journey pleasant with courteous attitude and assistance. I wish Priyanka best of luck! Incorporation of polite and well-mannered cabin crews like Priyanka with affordable range of food and drink can make the journey further pleasant. Thanks IndiGo. ..."
Amit Nandi, 21, September, 2011 6E 237, (Date of Travel: September 16): .................. ..I was travelling from Ahmadabad to Kolkata .
"....I was travelling from Ahmadabad to Kolkata in 6E237. Passenger sitting next to me was travelling from Chennai to Jaipur and he walked off with my laptop leaving his. Laptop bag contained cash, debit & credit cards and my identities apart from the laptop. I appreciate the efforts made by ground staff of Kolkata and Jaipur who handed over the laptop bag with all its contents at Jaipur when i was returning in 6E 238. I particularly wish that this message to be conveyed to all your ground staff in Kolkata & Jaipur (both) . ..."
S. S. Bedi, September 21, 2011 6E 144, (Date of Travel: September 21): .................. .This is regarding my experience with IndiGo ground staff which ..
"....This is regarding my experience with IndiGo ground staff which is highly appreciable & memorable. Today morning , after check- in at Bangalore airport, flight no 6E 144 , Bangalore to Delhi, when i went to security check counter, i found that my mobile set was lost somewhere. I rushed back to check in counter to enquire about my lost mobile, it was not there. Ms Kavitha on the check in counter, asked about my cell no & tried to call on my cell no, which was picked up by the cab driver. She co-ordinated so well with the cab driver & arranged the collection of my mobile from passenger dropping area. I was highly obliged for the courtesy & pain taken by her for tracing the lost mobile. I was so delighted for her co-operation & i am compelled to write this feedback to IndiGo, cell was so important for me because in addition to my 800 plus contact numbers & other valuable data, it was brand new Nokia dual Sim, which is a recent birth day gift by family. I am also thankful to the cab driver, who has shown his full honesty; otherwise it was not possible . ..."
Sahiba Singh, 22 September 2011, 6E 181, (Date of Travel: August 19): .................. ..I had the privilege to fly your esteemed airline on
"....I had the privilege to fly your esteemed airline on 19th from Del to Mumbai. I was really well looked after and assisted by your ground staff- Ms Vaishali Sudan. She greeted me with a smile and was extremely efficient and helpful in assisting me with a large suitcase. I had also notified your manager on duty Mr Neeraj the same day. I appreciate your staff assisting their customers so well and making it comfortable for them to fly your prestigious airline. ..."
Kanwaldeep Singh Sethi 22 September 2011: .................. .This is regarding a feedback that i would .
"....This is regarding a feedback that i would like to give about Mr Dhruv from your customer service desk online supervised by Ms Preeti (pardon me for the spelling mistakes in mentioning their names if any). I thought i had made one of the biggest typo errors of my life or i must say "one of the small as your representatives made me feel". I was very obliged with the kind behaviour and helpful nature of Mr Dhruv and miss Preeti that they helped me to sort the matter in minutes which i thought could take me an hour/or days/ or in fact could not be solved. I would really like to tell you that they are your star performers or in the making . ..."
Abhinav Singhal, 25, September, 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: September 25): .................. ..My flight to Delhi 6E212 just landed
"....My flight to Delhi 6E212 just landed. Today at CCU i was helped by ground staff Aparna. When i was doing security check i realised that i have left my mobile in car .Aparna helped me to move out from airport. She helped to trace the driver and kept the boarding gates open. Her professional approach and helpful nature actually made me feel better. ..."
Mohit Luthra 25 September 2011 ......... I would like to place on record .
"....I would like to place on record and appreciate the commendable hospitable attitude of your air hostess "Ruchi" on flight 6e 186 from Mumbai to Delhi on the 22nd September 2011. The manner in which she was addressing and taking care of all the passengers was really amazing & worth anyone's admiration. She also has a beautiful knack to handle other crew staff the best air hostess i have ever come across in my experience of air travel since 1996, whether domestic/ international. IndiGo is lucky to have a crew member like her on their payroll nurture & cultivate such staff. ..."
Vikas Shah 25 September 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: September 24): .................. .This was the first time i travelled in
"....This was the first time i travelled in your flight. I must tell you the right from booking my tickets online till arrival your service has been excellent. I definitely would spread a good word within my peers and friends. ..."
Mekanapurath Mohandas 25 September 2011: .................. ..My sincere appreciations to Mr Tejas Arte and Mr Vinayaka .
"....My sincere appreciations to Mr Tejas Arte and Mr Vinayaka Desai for the support offered in restoring my missed laptop during security check at Trivandrum airport on 22 September, while traveling by IndiGo flight to Bangalore. Efforts by Tejas to coordinate with all concerned are commendable, while he had to work with the passenger, who picked up my laptop, was non-cooperative and unwilling to return, even after realizing the mistake committed. Vinayak was on duty while i landed on 22 September evening and i was quite worried about my missing laptop. However, Vinayak was quick by giving the procedure and assurance to get the item back from Trivandrum. This gave me the confidence and further the IndiGo team went on to prove they deliver what they promise!! Thanks to Tejas and Vinayak once again and keep up the good work, Appreciate IndiGo team's commitment to customer, in addition to the best on time service!! . ..."
Arjuna Bahadur, 25 September, 2011: .................. ..I, Col. A Bahadur travelled .
"....I, Col. A Bahadur travelled from Bangalore to Delhi. I would like to put on record the commendable service done by the cabin crew. I was closely observing the assistance rendered to a senior citizen, a lady suffering from high blood pressure and arthritis, no relative/friend of mine. The leading lady, Rishika was ably supported by Mrinalini and both took care of this passenger beyond the call of duty. Apart from displaying professional competence of the highest order, both Rishika and Mrinalini demonstrated compassion, empathy, consideration and respect for a guest with integrity, loyalty, organisational intent and utmost humility. It was a joy to watch their patience and smile!! These girls are your brand ambassadors and more importantly evolved human beings with beautiful souls!! . ..."
Pradeep Satam, 26 September 2011, 6E 185, (Date of Travel: September 24): ......... I would like to congratulate Capt. Subhash Patil
"....I would like to congratulate Capt. Subhash Patil for making announcements in chaste Marathi. This must be the first time in many years Marathi language was used by crew. Also i would like to thank the IndiGo management for giving some recognition to local language. The landing at Mumbai airport was very smooth, thanks to the captain!. ..."
Sanjay Marathe 26 September 2011 6E 321, (Date of Travel: September 15): .................. .I travelled Mumbai-Guwahati with .
"....I travelled Mumbai-Guwahati with your airline. I would like to thank IndiGo for a smooth travel experience through check-in, in-flight and baggage clearance. The interior of the planes was bright and spotless. The flights were on time or before. The flight captains spoke clearly and pleasantly in their announcements. Your in-flight crew on all flights was well trained and affable and a pleasure to fly with; and a special mention for the guwahati - Kolkata crew on 6e 322 on 24 sep.11. This was my first IndiGo experience and i loved it. Congratulations to you and your team and keep it up. ..."
Daryl Peris, 27 September 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: September 17): .................. ..I was flying from Kolkatta to Vadodara ..
".... I was flying from Kolkatta to Vadodara via New Delhi on flight 6e-212 on September 17th, and since i had 2 different reservations for both segments, i faced a problem while obtaining my boarding pass. In Kolkatta i was told that the boarding pass for my 2nd leg of the journey would be available at New Delhi itself. I was assured that my luggage would not be released at New Delhi and that it would stay in the flight and be released at Vadodra. After reaching New Delhi, the ground person was very helpful in helping me get from the arrival terminal to the departure terminal, hand me my boarding pass, help with the check in procedures and rush me back into the same flight within 15 minutes. I was greatly impressed with the courtesy and effectiveness shown by the ground staff especially the lady at Kolkatta airport who was the head of the check in counters (i do not recollect her name) and also the young gentleman from new Delhi airport terminal 1d who was at the arrivals customer service counter. Please do pass on my gratitude if possible and do let them know that their genuine hospitality is always well appreciated and is reason enough to keep returning to your flight. I apologize for not recollecting the names of the staff. ..."
Sumit Khetan, 28 September 2011, 6E 348, (Date of Travel: September 28): .................. ..This is Sumit Khetan travelling Kolkata .
"....This is Sumit Khetan travelling Kolkata Hyderabad 6e 348 this morning seat 13c. Check in was pleasure with Aruj courteous and efficient person manning the counter this morning. It makes me feel better before fly. flight was on time but i feel sad from deep inside when i see u are flying with only 30 % load. I am flying 1st time Kolkata-Hyderabad, may be two flights at same time (kingfisher) is the reason. I had the choice to fly with kef where i am platinum member Sheetal, Candida, Monaz and Swapna are the fantastic IndiGo cabin crew whose energy level service commitment and smile are unmatched in Indian sky. Please accept my appreciation for grooming them to serve us in the best possible manner. I have requested Swapna to change the name to Sapna. She is the most beautiful IndiGo cabin crew. Choice of food was available and shopping cart has few good things to take for loved ones when you don't get time to shop at the malls due to over busy schedule. This is my 20th flight in last 40 days more than 100 hours (mostly international). I love shopping at 35000 ft. and thank you once again for good collection on board. Wish you to fly high and high . ..."
Bharat, 30 September, 2011 6E 415, (Date of Travel: September 30): .................. .Just landed by 6E 415 from Mumbai to Bangalore was .
".... Just landed by 6E 415 from Mumbai to Bangalore was very happy with your on board staff and specially air hostess Gargi as i am not well she tried to help me in all possible ways one thing which i specially want to mention is i was feeling cold and i asked for a blanket but there was no blanket on board (please arrange for blankets inboard) she was so kind and generous to offer her own shawl which she was carrying she got the shawl and gave me trust me the entire flight i was thanking her from the bottom of my heart as the shawl was of immense help once again thanks to Gargi and IndiGo and please do something about mosquitoes on board. ..."
Anil Verma 03 October 2011 6E 155, (Date of Travel: October 2): .................. . I really want to thanks indigo ..
"....I really want to thanks indigo and its entire team for helping me in getting my wallet back which i left in the flight 6e-155 travelling on seat no 2c while De-Boarding at Ahmedabad. Once again heartiest thanks and wish you all a great success ahead. . ..."
Sudhanshu Bajpai 03 October 2011 6E 155, (Date of Travel: October 3): ......... I would like to give my feedback
"....I would like to give my feedback for the flight i flew by today i.e. 6E 155 from Bangalore and 1 more flight i did couple of weeks back again by indigo from delhi. I would just like to express my beautiful experience i had on this flight and all the credit goes to the crew and majorly the lead Swati dive. I have flown with indigo many times before but couple of week back when i flew, i had the same crew and she was extremely courteous, polite, helpful, and so well-mannered but i could not ask her name and its only today that i again saw her and i had to ask her name. She has been so helpful even in the early morning hours when the passengers also are not in too good mood. Even today she tried her best to help most of the people with their luggage, greeted everyone and was so responsive ad so caring, the crew with her was so nice & disciplined too. She probably would be one of the main reasons that i would try to fly more by indigo airlines. I hope to see all your crew trained like her and i am sure that would give the best on board service to any domestic or international passengers. I really would not have bothered to email unless i would not have been extremely impressed. Way to go guys......... . ..."
Love Sharma 05 October 2011 6E 283, (Date of Travel: October 2):......... My name is love Sharma and i am a frequent ..
"....My name is love Sharma and i am a frequent flyer with indigo airlines. I was travelling by your flight 6e-283 from Delhi to Chennai on 2nd Oct 2011 at 16:40 hrs. I am overwhelmed with your staff attitude and helpful nature. On very that day i somehow got late and boarding counters were about to close and suddenly my bag lock got opened and all the stuff came out of it, by watching this one of your lady executive Upasna Sawhney rush to me and helped me in packing my bag and she helped to get to the boarding counter quickly because i told her about my flight status. I am surprised that being a senior staff she helped me so much and helping me out with the bags and with the security check. I seriously/really appreciate the way she handled everything and assured me that i won't miss my flight. I am very happy about the staff that you are keeping up which help the travellers to move on delighted, this brings joy to the travellers. I am delighted to get such a wonderful experience from indigo. Hope it continue long. I would recommend others also about services provided by you. Good to fly with indigo .hope to fly soon. Thank you, . ..."
Sachin elenjikal, 05 October, 2011 6E 435, (Date of Travel: October 4): ......... Crew on both the flights were very professional
"....Crew on both the flights were very professional & friendly as well. Specially crew on flight 6e 435 BLR - NAG. Crew helped me to buy the indigo accessories also suggested me the best meals considering the time for breakfast, crew on flight 6e 436 was also good & concerned about the safety of the passengers. I would like to appreciate Elysia from 6e 346 has done a great in terms of inflight service. Entire team of 6e 345 was excellent in terms of inflight service, also ensured that they maintain the highest level of hygiene on board. Indigo rocks!!! . ..."
Eknath Gulhane, 06 October, 2011 6E 436, (Date of Travel: October 1): .................. ..My name is Eknath Gulhane; i traveled ..
"....My name is Eknath Gulhane; i traveled on your flight 436 on 01st Oct 2011, to Bangalore. My seat number was 01d, i traveled with my wife. My wallet fall down on seat and i didnt realise it at all and i left the airport and reached at home. When i checked at home i thought that it was left in cab or i may drop down it somewhere else. But later around 1'o clock, your staff name gaurav from Bangalore airport called me 1st. i didnt pick the call but he kept calling me later i picked his call and he informed me that i left my wallet on flight and its 3000/- rupees in the wallet. He said you come and collect it. There is still honesty in this world, i heard that. But your staff proved it. I even didnt realise that i drop my wallet in flight and i even didnt claim for it. But he himself have taken initiative and called me several time and informed me to come and collect it. He was very humble and polite on phone. I really owe a great thanks and appreciation for your staff. I tried to be in touch with him, but unfortunately i couldnt. Then my friend suggested me to mail this id. I hope you guys will take the issue to the concern person. Your staff (gaurav) really needs some kind of reward for this. This type of staff is real asset to the company. Dont let him leave your company. Keep good work up! . ..."
Xavier Jos Thottan, 07 October, 2011 6E 404, (Date of Travel: October 06): .................. ..On the 6th of Oct 2011 was for the first time ..
"....On the 6th of Oct 2011 was for the first time in my life in 58 years i was given the privilege of experiencing a flight from Goa to Mumbai along with my wife, Salvita. It is my most humble duty to say a very sincere thank you to the entire ground staff of Dabolim airport foe rendering such personal attention to us both at the airport terminal right from the time of getting our E-ticket printout right up to the time of getting our boarding pass. A very special thanks to the operation manager, who did all the needful of arranging our boarding pass without having us take trouble of standing in the queue. That was very touching. I wish the entire indigo staff our sincere thanks & gratitude for making our flight to Mumbai a very memorable one. Thanks once again, & god bless!! . ..."
Pavan Matai, 07 October, 2011 6E 404, (Date of Travel: October 07): .................. ..Okay... So here it is...i am dead tired and want to ..
"....Okay... So here it is...i am dead tired and want to reach home for a good sleep. But how could i do that before giving a feedback. Sorry your website feedback column doesn't support me to upload a video or would've put up my video for indigo with a standing round of applause. Guys i am seriously impressed with this complete colourful makeover. Indigo earlier was for me always a third choice although it since inception has an on-time record. I boarded after a year on your flight (sexy) 6E404, which was delayed by an hour due to late arrival from Kolkata. I boarded from Nagpur to Mumbai after a power nap. I liked below: Flights sparkling cleanliness, new uniform (which for a second made me feel if Ive boarded an international flight), Malabar Paneer Kulcha, Trust me never tasted before @ this amazing price. The packing in this matchbox style, all these things actually relieve you by the travel tiredness. Few more observations, baggage belt announcement on landing, multilingual announcements, presentation of on-board staff, A to Z contended and one happier customer added to your list. I was to freeze my holiday plans for Dubai this New Year, would appreciate if u can keep me posted on seasonal tariff for international flights started off lately. Lastly hello 6E was quiet well designed and yes needs a special mention for its honest prices and bright look. Warm regards and all the best for flying much higher... !! . ..."
Mish Pereira, 10 October, 2011 ......... This is to place on record the good performance
"....This is to place on record the good performance of Mr. Hassan's customer care executive on call in the afternoon today. He helped me very promptly with a name correction and if hadnt done so i would need to purchase a new ticket which would work our every expensive for me indeed. He was very patient, empathetic and proactive in attending my call and request. Hope this goes on his record. . ..."
Pawan Naresh 11 October 2011 ......... .Flying with indigo has always been a pleasing .
"....Flying with indigo has always been a pleasing experience. Without exception, this was repeated in the latest indigo flight that i undertook in the past week. And i am still basking in the turbulence of indigo's magnificence.. ..."
Chandan, 13 October, 2011 6E 284, (Date of Travel: October 12): .................. .I am just totally impressed by the way you .
"....I am just totally impressed by the way you handle the business. The creative meal boxes, inflight magazine, merchandise, all point in one direction, and you want to handle this business differently. Asking people to save their work before switching off their laptops is another way of saying "we'll take care of you on board." i am all gaga about you and i am going to tell people. Thank you. And yes, i believe indigo has come far and still a long way to go. Best of luck! . ..."
Rehan Kaskar, 13 October, 2011 6E 254, (Date of Travel: October 8): .................. .I was travelling by flight 6E 254 ..
"....I was travelling by flight 6e 254, from BOM - HYD on 8th Oct 2011. I just wanted to share my overall experience. I did submit the feedback, but my internet connection was facing some problem so not sure if you did get the feedback. To begin with i took me less than 10 Sector to get my boarding pass, via self-check-in counter, and this was possible only because of the proactive help of the ground staff. Must say they were very helpful warm and friendly, to the passengers around. The cabin crew did an exceptionally good job as well. Especially would like to comment on the lead cabin attendant, Ms. Jennifer Dmellow, she came across very confident, professional, yet very warm, helpful and friendly. She was very well groomed and so was her team. She had a genuine smile on her face, throughout the journey. She had a great command on her language and cause of this, her announcements were very clear and not to mention detailed too. She also took did timely inspection in the flight, to check if the passengers had their seat belts on, or had their cell phone on the switched off mode, or their seats are in the required position before take-off, which shows the concern of the passengers safety. The visibility of the crew was very evident. I did like the servicing part as well, where the crew would introduce themselves before asking the passengers if they did like anything to eat. Kudos to you Ms. Jennifer Dmellow and your team. Great job! Hope this feedback goes on file for Ms Jennifer Dmellow. And last but not least the on time performance by indigo; you guys are the best. The reason Im able to give such extensive feedback is coz i could see the difference in the quality of service on my way back from HYD to BOM in a different airline. And everything that i mentioned above, most of the things were missing. So much so at times the visibility of the crew was zero. Today indigo is definitely my airline of choice. Thank you for making my flying experience a great one. Looking forward to fly with you guys again and every time . ..."
M Rajendra kumar, 14 October, 2011 6E 309, (Date of Travel: October 8):......... I was travelling from Srinagar to
"....I was travelling from Srinagar to Hyderabad with my family members on 08.10.2011....i have booked my Srinagar - Delhi sector through other airline and DEL - HYD sector by indigo (1700 hrs.6e 309). 'Air India' which is a national carrier arrived late at Srinagar airport and started half an hour late from Srinagar... There was no word of apology either from the captain of the aircraft or from the crew. It reached Delhi ...45 minutes late at terminal 3... My indigo flight operates from terminal 1d (old airport). We have collected our baggage and rushed outside the terminal 3 to catch a shuttle service to terminal 1..when we reached the terminal 1 it was 1630 hrs.. Normally the counter closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure...but when we explained our position, the staff at the counter including the loader who handles the check in baggage responded swiftly and allowed us to board the flight.....the supervisor at the counter even sent a young lady with us to see that we board the flight without any problem...that young lady. Not only reminded us of our valuable thing which we left at the security check in our eagerness to board the flight ....she was there till we got into the bus waiting there to transfer us to the aircraft.... Their service is still fresh in our minds. We shall always be thankful to the staff at the delhi airport.....what i observed that they have even reopened the baggage area to load our baggage...we are overwhelmed and we thank them from bottom of our hearts. We could not thank them properly...i would like the concerned to let them know that we sincerely appreciate their service. Thank you. ..."
Mayur Sarma, 15 October, 2011 6E 254, (Date of Travel: October 15): .................. ..Reached the check-in counter over ..
"....Reached the check-in counter over 15 minutes late due to traffic congestion but your ground staff allowed me to check-in the flight. Thank you very much. Appreciate the customer service. Also your on time performance is really commendable.. ..."
Ashish Ruparel, 16 October, 2011 6E 153, (Date of Travel: October 16): ......... I was travelling today from Ahmedabad
"....I was travelling today from Ahmedabad to Bangalore. I was at Junagadh and had started my journey towards the Ahmedabad airport at about 9:30 am. Due to heavy traffic in Ahmedabad, i got delayed. I called the airport staff at about 4:15 pm and requested to try and allow me to do a late check-in. I was travelling with 3 other passengers. I finally reached there at about 4:35 pm. The airport staff was supportive and got me checked in and got me on the aircraft and the flight took off exactly in time. I would like to give kudos to the airport staff of indigo for going the additional mile for assisting passengers in real need. Indigo has made me their loyal passenger. . ..."
J R Contractor 16 October 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: October 16): .................. .Today morning i had cancel my boarding ..
"....Today morning i had cancel my boarding pass due to emergency situation in new delhi, the services rendered by the ground staff was just amazing need a lot of appreciation i am a frequent flyer on jet and kingfisher but this first experience with IndiGo has changed my mind-set. Keep up the good work.. ..."
Prodosh Bhattacharyya, 17 October, 2011 ......... .This time, we, the whole family went out
"....This time, we, the whole family went out for a tour to south India by taking air route (Kolkata- Trivandrum - Kolkata) with your indigo. We are narrating our impression about it as under: (1) Best look exterior (2) Best look interior (3) Best roomy plane (4) Best time-maintaining flight (5) Scientifically arranged seat & front table with quite cordially-behaved staff always make us think why go there, when indigo is here! . ..."
Jonas Olsson 17 October 2011, 6E 144, (Date of Travel: October 14): ......... I managed to forget my ipad on
"....I managed to forget my ipad on the early morning flight from Bangalore to Delhi on October 14th. Thanks to Mr Sukhdev in customer relationships and the ground staff at Delhi airport, i could recover it when returning to Bangalore the same afternoon. Great help and assistance rendered from the indigo staff. You constantly keep exceeding expectations!. ..."
Vatsalya Narain 18 October 2011, 6E 157, (Date of Travel: October 14): .................. .I am merely short of words ..
"....I am merely short of words here to appreciate indigo. In all the customer touch points like flight experience, interaction with staff and airport services, indigo has been exceptionally good and i must say above all its peer airline carriers. Indigo's on time commitment has made me a loyal indigo customer and i am very much surprised to see that despite tough delivery times and pressure , indigo has been able to live with its commitments. I have chosen myself and my dear ones to fly with indigo on multiple times ( guess more than 25 occasions ) in last 3 months only and i look forward to fly with indigo - proudly to see Indias one of the best airlines. I highly recommended for all fliers and best of luck to indigo towards its international operations.. ..."
A C Krishnan 22 October 2011, 6E 283, (Date of Travel: October 21): .................. .Amazing service rendered
"....Amazing service rendered by Ms Shefali. I had asked for a gift item to be purchased (citizen ladies watch) and even though the flight was about to descend (i.e. before the captain could make the announcement), she made sure with a smile to show me the items available. She went to the extent of assuring me that it was a good piece to buy and that the price too is competitive. She was very apologetic when she didnt have the credit card machine and in fact went about suggesting as to how i could buy the next time i travel. Her support to all passengers was admirable and her announcements were clear and crisp. She led the team very well and her team was no less. In fact, one of her team members--(the person whom i asked first about the product) went out of her way to contact Shefali and to help her show me the products. A very clean cabin, excellent service, on-time arrival and departure, good food, clarity in announcements, ensuring utmost safety of passengers, etc. All leave very enjoyable and pleasant memories. My onward flight experience was too good. . ..."
Rohith, 23 October 2011, 6E 308, (Date of Travel: October 20): ......... .I couldn't stop myself from writing .
"....I couldn't stop myself from writing this mail as i had a wonderful flight with indigo on 20th of this month. I was travelling with 2 of my especially abled team members. They were on the flight for the first time in their life and were so happy to experience such an amazing hospitality. All credit goes to Ms Prakrithi, as she was not just doing it as part of her duty but really feeling it. I am pretty much impressed with the quality of team you have got which is hard to find in other airlines and she will be a great asset to you guys...... I frequently fly to Delhi and i can't stop myself to say that i will only fly from indigo... Great job guys!!! . ..."
Rama Rao, 24 October 2011, 6E 286, (Date of Travel: October 12): .................. ..I was booked on the Chennai-Delhi flight 6E 286 on October .
"....I was booked on the Chennai-Delhi flight 6E 286 on October 12th. This was inordinately delayed due to weather conditions at Coimbatore and the incoming flight being diverted. There were many irate passengers due to this delay. Your supervisor, Divya, handled the situation very well and was able to calm the passengers. I would like to pass on my appreciation of her sense of duty. She also helped in getting me on to 6e 282 which left earlier. I would appreciate letting her know about this mail.. ..."
Rishi lekhi, 24 October 2011, 6E 41, (Date of Travel: October 16): ......... I would like to thank indigo staff at the bangkok ..
"....I would like to thank indigo staff at the bangkok airport that went out of their way to help me find my lost bag. I had a wonderful experience flying with your airlines. I found indigo staff very helpful and very professional. There were no delays rather we landed a good forty minutes ahead of our scheduled time in Delhi. . ..."
Varadarajan Krishnan, 26 October 2011, 6E 436, (Date of Travel: October 24): .................. .I had left my hand baggage on the security ..
"....I had left my hand baggage on the security checking area during my recent flight from Nagpur to Bangalore. Mr Swapnil and Mr Abhishek from indigo Nagpur helped a lot in retrieving the bag. In fact they and the security from Nagpur airport Mr Sarkar and Mr Gurucharan singh need to be commended for solving a great problem for me as all important documents, passport, money, credit cards, and valuables were in the bag. I cannot describe my relief when the security called my family in Bangalore on their own accord and informed of my bag being in their possession. Such exemplary actions reaffirm my faith that the simple people of our country are the ones who keep our ethos alive. Thanks very much to Indigo Nagpur. On another note the staff in indigo Bangalore Ms Manjushree did not help at all and was very indifferent to my difficulties. When i requested her and Mr Praveen to scan my document to indigo Nagpur they said they could not and were in fact saying that i should email from a public internet centre in the late night. Ms Manjushree said it was my fault that i left my bag and she has other things to do. I was surprised that a customer service person could speak like that. I am amazed that indigo Nagpur was so customer oriented while Bangalore was indifferent. Overall thanks again to indigo Nagpur for resolving a great problem for me. . ..."
Pankaj Kumar Singh 28 October 2011 ......... This is a mail for the awesome services .
"....This is a mail for the awesome services provided by customer care officer by name Shubham Dahl. First of all the hospitality provided on flight is too good along with scheduled time of departure and arrival, because i have travelled in the past. Well i just want you guys to keep doing the same. Keep up the good work and last not the least appreciating the way Shubham handled the call. He was very courteous, friendly and helpful, went extra mile to provide information. Thanks for providing such a nice service and also ready to help customer care officers. . ..."
Uday Nair, 28 October 2011, 6E 279, (Date of Travel: October 27): .................. ..Hi, wanted to take a quick moment .
"....Hi, wanted to take a quick moment to appreciate the kind of customer service that i have been getting from indigo over the past couple of months. I have been frequently flying on the Chennai - Mumbai route and i make it a point that i am booked only on indigo. I come from a customer service background and work as an operations manager, and am pretty hard to please i must say. The attention to details, small but significant measures, the warmth and smile that i get from each and every member of your staff has been consistent on every occasion. Right from the ground staff to your in-flight, experience has been excellent. Just two days back i travelled from Mumbai to Chennai on flight 279. I had a situation at hand where in i wanted to handover a book to a very close friend of mine who was leaving Chennai for good. Coincidentally she was booked on the same flight 278 which was going back to Mumbai. Samantha was the lead attendant on my flight and the very reason i could even ask a favour of her was because i knew if it's indigo i am sure they would help me out. As it turned out, i was not wrong. I just had to request her to hand over the book to my friend when she boards the plane, and it was done. Thanks to Samantha and indigo, our friendship has grown stronger. More than anything else, indigo is creating a benchmark in customer service which was lacking big time in other airlines and i hope and wish that you are consistent and continue growing. I am recommending indigo to everyone i meet and i hope each of them in turn become advocates for you guys. Thanks once again and please keep this focus and customer centricity on. You will go places... A very satisfied and happy indigo-flyer.... . ..."
Rajesh Aswani, 30 October 2011, 6E 152, (Date of Travel: October 29): .................. ...My father 82 year & mother 72 years
"....My father 82 year & mother 72 years, travelled on 29th Oct from Bangalore to Jaipur, i being son was worried who will provide extra assistant for such old persons, cause airport authority does not allow visitors in departure area. Even my parents were too worried as they had several questions in their mind with travelling tension. they cud not walk freely, so i requested wheel chair over phone and the service offered by airport staff were excellent. They provided following facility:- 1) Indigo staff attended on time, they rushed in seconds with wheel chair. 2) Indigo staff took luggage carefully. 3) Indigo staff helped to get boarding pass. 4) Indigo staff offered water at airport. 5) Indigo staff guided toilet & helped them nicely. 6) Finally they dropped till cabin. Overall my father realized that these boys has helped to such extend like my son. He decided to give Rs. 100/- to each as Diwali gift. But best think they did not even accept the money and simply said its our duty wish you happy journey. My father realized that in India still there are good person like indigo staff. He called me after reaching Jaipur, to write all these, on his behalf to you all. I thanks to those boys and other staff. Keep it up. . ..."
Sagar Sharma, 30 October 2011, 6E 155, (Date of Travel: October 28): ......... This is to appreciate the efforts
"....This is to appreciate the efforts made my indigo ground staff of delhi to help me board my flight for Ahmedabad on 28th Oct. Due to delay of my previous flight, i reached delhi airport when the boarding for my Ahmedabad flight had already begun. But due thanks to the indigo staff, i completed all d formalities in just 20 minutes. Plus the indigo staff also sent me my check-in baggage on the same day that i was not able to pick up from my previous flight.. ..."
Bhasmang Mehta, 30 October 2011, 6E 21, (Date of Travel: October 23): .................. .. This is Bhasmang Mehta from ..
"....This is Bhasmang Mehta from Ahmedabad, India. I am a travel lover and a frequent flier. I have been on board indigo flights on quite a few occasions in the last 2 years and every time Ive flown, i have had the best of services. I specially appreciate the crew members collecting most of the litter before landing so that the next flight can be on time... Tonight i am writing this to you to share my 'most memorable' travel experience. I along with my wife, my 10 year old son Mudit and 3 cousins was flying to Dubai with indigo on the 23rd of October 2011 from Mumbai. However when i reached the airport, my travel agent informed me that he would be e-mailing me visa for my son Mudit by 3 p.m. it was a 6:30 p.m. flight and when i inquired at the check in counter i was told by Ms Lavina that the check in would close by 5:30 latest, which means if Mudit's visa are not obtained by that time he may miss the flight. We were waiting for the e-mail, but due to some server problem we couldn't receive that until 1715 hours, i was tensed and i was thinking about where we should go now as to me it felt that we were going to miss the flight surely. But two of your employees Ms Lavina s and Mr. Ralston Pereira were there with me in those tense times ensuring that i don't get frustrated and their calm, co-operative and friendly nature helped me passing those crucial 20 minutes until the visa e-mail was finally received. And that was not all, immediately upon the receipt of the visa mail, Lavina very efficiently went through the check in procedure, called up the staff so that our bags were loaded to the flight, and Mr Pereira stood by us until we actually reached boarding gate. I am really touched by the services of these two employees of yours, as if there was any other non-co-operative staff member it would have been tough for us to go through this phase of time. I really wanted to thank you for hiring such people who actually "care for the customers"... These two are perfect example of "customer care"... Thanks to Ms Lavina and Mr. Ralston Pereira, for being so cooperative and friendly. I really can't thank them enough. My best wishes to you all at indigo and i am sure you're going to be one of the leading airlines in the world... . ..."
Malay Nema, 31 October 2011, 6E 414, (Date of Travel: November 2): .................. ..Greetings! I have been trying .
"....Greetings! I have been trying to mail you to request for a wheelchair in my parents tickets. But my mail server gave up. So i decided to call your call centre. I must appreciate the proficiency of your staff members. I called your call centre twice and i felt exactly the same warm welcoming behaviour and swift helping nature. I must thank you again and your staff members. It was a pleasant experience . ..."
Jyothikumar Dharmadheeran, 31 October 2011, 6e 281, (Date of Travel: October 23): ......... . Dear Shilpa, we have always found indigo ..
"....Dear Shilpa We have always found indigo services beyond par and were extremely upset to face the behaviour /response encountered, when we had a problem. We were going through a very difficult time. At times like this one tries to do everything that is possible for ones loved ones and thats all that i was trying to do. I am happy to make note of the arrangements now made by you. My wife and i thank you for the same. The feedback sent was to you was for your staff that they must follow the ethos of the airline they work for. One odd incompetent or indifferent employee can destroy the good work done by the rest who strive to put their best foot forward. Your informed reply and the assurances given have reaffirmed the faith we have in indigo. . ..."
Karan Varma 02 November 2011 6E 417, (Date of Travel: October 30): .................. ..We just returned .
"....We just returned from Germany to Mumbai to Nagpur on the 30th October. At the Mumbai Airport your staffs were commendable. Even our hand luggage which was a bit heavy was offered to be booked as there was no room in the cabin. We were a bit overweight by 3 Kilos but after telling your staff that we are international ticket holders and have just arrived after a tiring journey - they went all out to help us ad make us comfortable wish other airlines would train their staff as you do. We are senior citizen and do appreciate when are shown little courtesies. Wish I had taken down the names of your personnel who helped us. But they were great and God Bless to them and wish you all a very bright future . ..."
Dr. C V Ramamohan 03 November 2011 6E 372, (Date of Travel: November 2): .................. ..This is to appreciate .
"....This is to appreciate the excellent response and service rendered by the ground staff of Indigo at Hyderabad airport. My wife Parvathi travelled today (02/11/11) morning by a flight (6E 372) from Chennai to Hyderabad. On arrival in Hyderabad, she did not find her baggage and lodged a complaint with the ground staff. At the airport, Sravan of Indigo was extremely helpful and he called a little while later to say that the baggage was traced. In the evening we received another call to say that the baggage has indeed reached Hyderabad and the staff was kind enough to offer to reach it to Himayathnagar, the place where we live. Sameer is the person who was in constant touch with us and made sure the baggage was delivered at a point that we agreed is mutually the most convenient place to meet. Thro' this mail, would like to place on record the excellent services of Indigo and particularly thank Sravan and Sameer . ..."
Niloy Chatterjee, November 08, 2011 6E 377, (Date of Travel: November 7): .................. ..I started with a horrible .
"....I must say that I am impressed, delighted and happy on having flown IndiGo. I am going to make sure I fly IndiGo each and every time from now on. It so perfectly takes care of the basic deliverable and product promise of an airline, BEING ON TIME. On my Kolkata - Delhi flight 6E212, we reached 10 minutes. Prior to the scheduled arrival time and the landing procedures were smooth. I really appreciate the seamless service, courteous staff and no nonsense attitude of IndiGo personnel. Flying out of Kolkata on time is a challenge and I am delighted at how efficacy is maintained even in Kolkata. Kudos! Superb is the word and I am going to advocate everyone to always fly IndiGo. ..."
Ipshita Saha, November 09, 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: November 8): .................. ..I must say that I am impressed .
"....This mail is to appreciate your support and coordination extended to us, me & my family in time of emergency. Till now in 3 incidences Indigo went out of way on airport to help us. 1) My mother is arthritis patient; wheel chair is always provided and in emergency helped us to board in time. 2) My grandfather was new to airport and got lost, due to which delay in departure was accepted by Indigo. 3) During peak season (Diwali) due to failure of systems ticket couldnt be blocked online/ telephone but still indigo blocked ticket and kept provision of making payment at airport within time. Thank you, we wish you best luck ahead and keep up your high spirits. Such good customer service initiatives should be taken by other Indian airways too which unfortunately are missing . ..."
Nupoor Charde, 10 November 2011: .................. ..This mail is to appreciate .
"....I am very happy with your customer care and service. Though I am unable to prove whether the mistake was from my side or makemytrip side, still you accepted my request and waived off re-scheduling charges of Rs. 750/= . Excellent service rendered by Nirmal Singh and Robin. Over all, I am very happy with Makemytrip customer service. I am very happy to do business with Indigo in future and looking forward for similar customer support in future and for all the customers as well . ..."
Umesh H Rao 11 November 2011: .................. ..I am very happy .
"....My booking online had a glitch and the process was incomplete. Mr. Toushif, at your call center, helped me sort out the issue in a very professional manner. I sincerely appreciate the help extended. He is an asset to your organisation. ..."
Kaushik Basak, 13 November 2011 6E 156, (Date of Travel: November 13): .................. ..I flew 6E-156 from KOL .
"....I flew 6E-156 from KOL to BLR today and took a wrong luggage from conveyer belt (same model & colour of suitcase) and left the airport. However, within 5-10 min, I got a call from your Ms. Netravathi who co-ordinated the exchange of luggages with utmost efficiency and care. I am really impressed with the way this was handled (issue resolved within 15 min). Thanks to Indigo! . ..."
Debjyoti Gangopadhyaya 15 November 2011 : .................. ..This is to intimate the Indigo .
"....This is to intimate the Indigo team, and thank Mr Tony Gehlot from the corporate Calls Desk / Helpline. My interaction with Mr Tony Gehlot was due to the inability of being able to process payments via the corporate booking link from our organizations travel portal using the Amex card payment method. There was some error on the field to input address for Amex card and since it is mandatory for us to process payments for all corporate travel expenses using Amex cards, I was in a big fix since it was a Saturday and travel was scheduled for Monday. At this juncture Mr Gehlot came on line once I dialled the Indigo corporate help desk suggested a couple of ameliorative measures, subsequently once it do not work he also got onto a con-call with the Amex Travel desk help line team to try and sort out the issue which also did not yield any results. Finally he created a booking through backend after due verifications and checking my attempts real time online on a parallel approach and hold it for a while till I made payments immediately, the process worked and we also found out that the Amex card address details can flow to the next line (field for city on the payment screen) and the system accepts payments in such a case I would like to commend Mr Tony Gehlot, for his skill in handling the call, for being extremely customer focussed, for ensuring that a corporate traveller is retained with the airline, for going ahead and supporting my through the entire booking process although it took repeated calls and iterations since I was working on the booking attempts online and communicating with him at the same time giving him the results in a iterative manner. It is advised that Mr Tony Gehlot be commended for his performance, and nurtured in a manner that he feels appreciated and has an even stronger bond with the organization. It may also be adequately addressed through the Indigo employee recognition & benefit policies I thank Mr Tony Gehlot & wish him & the Indigo team, the best . ..."
......... Hoshang Garivala 15 November 2011 6E 52, (Date of Travel: November 12): .................. ..Your staff on flight 6E52 .
"....Your staff on flight 6E52 on 12th November 2011 did a great job, the way they tackled a large number of passengers who were obnoxious and rude and treated the aircraft as if it was a local passenger train with children running around while the flight was landing and the poor air hostess making them sit down and facing opposition from the parents. Also please have a way of informing passengers that there are no free meals on flight because the crew was insulted and spoken down to by a passenger as he did not get free food. This is just to appreciate the great work your crew did in face of extreme provocation and bad behaviour of some passengers on our flight . ..."
Jitendra Patil 15 November 2011 6E 108, (Date of Travel: November 19): .................. ..Since last 3 years .
"....Since last 3 years i m travelling with Indigo which makes a difference to my journey than any other airline in India. Specially i m thankful to you b cause no flight is as careful about the timing, which is very valuable, which once goes never comes back, which I observed and i like a lot about Indigo flights. Several times i have set my watch about Take off at source and landing at destination which is amazing and very accurate that is why i appreciate a lot right from my heart that no one is like Indigo about timing. I always told my colleagues to travel by Indigo coz of timing and flight cancellation ratio as compared to others. I have read also about your awards and definitely Indigo deserves it. I have a very bad experience about other flights especially about timing and cancellation, which is not acceptable in this era. thats why i prefer Indigo which is on time always. Once again i am thankful to all of you about your service. I always appreciate about your services in each area . ..."
Pradyumn Sharma 16 November 2011 6E 421, (Date of Travel: November 10): .................. ..I want to make a special .
"....My family and I travelled from Ahmedabad to Mumbai on flight 6E-216 on 16th November. I needed to urgently recover some baggage checked in by me inadvertently and I approached the ground staff for assistance on the same. Ms Dharmishta Parmar and Ms Jharna Purohit were available at the check-in counter and the assistance I received from them has left me completely in awe of their customer focus and their willingness to go beyond the call of duty to leave behind a happy customer. They listened to my problem very patiently and informed me of the steps that would have to be taken to recover my baggage, requesting me to ensure that the urgency justified the effort that would be required. Once they were convinced that the need was genuine and urgent, they spared no effort in ensuring that steps were taken quickly to help me out and I am happy to say that I was very pleased with the way they handled the whole situation. Needless to say, it will be a pleasure to fly Indigo again and I hope the exemplary conduct of these two ladies will be appreciated within the organisation . ..."
Charanjit Singh 17 November 2011 6E 306, (Date of Travel: November 12): .................. ..While I really appreciate .
"....Dear Mr Rishabh, Kindly refer to our telephonic conversation with you, yesterday noon, regarding shifting of a patient Mr. D S Walia, from Delhi (1D) to Ahmedabad in your flight No 6E-153, of Nov 18, 2011 . We are thankful to Indigo Airlines to have provided best seats in advance (1A to 1C) and permitting the patient to fly, in the said flight of Nov 18, 2011. We landed safely and on time, on Nov 18th at Ahmedabad and my father Mr D S Walia, is happy and safe, at Ahmedabad. He was, otherwise, declared fit to fly, by the treating physician, at Fortis-Noida hospital. I want to place on record, the care provided by Indigo Airlines, yesterday. Kindly continue this spirit for any other patient, who is travelling, in distress. This shows that, humanity is still prevalent in this 'material' world- where money seems to be ruling, although the actual situation is not so......!! Humanity still exists and will continue to keep this world running....!! Best wishes...!!!!..... Long Live INDIGO....!! ...... . ..."
Abhijit Mutha 17 November 2011 6E 216, (Date of Travel: November 16): .................. ..My family and I travelled .
"....While I really appreciate the operating efficiency of Indigo, but I would like to suggest that drinking water should be given to all the passengers on board, instead of being offered on demand. I had put it on your suggestion card while travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi on Nov 12 by 6E 306. I am not aware whether it was passed on to senior management. Nonetheless, I was really impressed by the excellent announcing system and courteous behaviour of ground and in flight staff. The flight left 15mts before time and also reached Delhi before time. This efficiency can be exhibited only by Indigo, I would like fly only by Indigo. ..."
Paresh Harlalaka 21 November 2011 6E 286, (Date of Travel: November 19): .................. ..I traveled in your flight from .
"....I traveled in your flight from Delhi to Coimbatore (6E 286) on 19th Nov. 2011. The cabin crew was very kind and polite. I am a frequent traveller and I have not witnessed such a polite and profession service from any other low cost airlines. I was very much impressed the way your hostess attended a small baby, sitting beside me, especially Nupur and Meera (as i read on their plates). I will see that my preference is Indigo for my travels in future. Good Luck . ..."
Ashwini Bhatt, 21 November 2011 6E 61, (Date of Travel: October 23): .................. ..I would like to place .
"....I would like to place on record the superb assistance provided by your airport representative and porters to us upon our arrival at Mumbai airport on 28 October 2011 from Dubai. The airport rep & porter assisted with locating our baggage and pulling it off the carousel. The porter particularly was very helpful as he helped us load our entire luggage onto the single baggage trolley that we were able to locate with great difficulty. Keep up the good work!. ..."
Manjunath SS 21 November 2011 : .................. ..I would like to appreciate .
"....I would like to appreciate for the excellent service provided by Mr Gurmeet in solving my problem on 21st November 2011, within 15minutes ,regarding the booking done on 18.11.11, during the booking the amount was debited from my bankers through net banking &the ticketing could not be completed due to internet connectivity . My best regards to him & i wish to inform that i am always very proud to fly in Indigo . ..."
Kuldeep Singh, 22 November 2011 : .................. ..I would like to bring in .
"....I would like to bring in your kind notice that on 22 Nov 2011 I made a call on 1800 180 3838 (Indigo toll free) to add Infant passengers in some bookings. Call received by Ms. Sakshi Nagpal which is very impressive and she help me a lot on a single call. Many times we called to different Airlines and heard that max 3 bookings were entertain on 1 call, but it sounds very nice when Sakshi asked that she can entertain all the bookings which needs to add infants in it. Great work and I appreciate her from my end . ..."
Adi Sethna, 23 November 2011 6E 417, (Date of Travel: November 17): .................. ..I wanted to express my .
"....I wanted to express my appreciation for Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Megha, ground staff at the booking / check-in counters at the Nagpur airport. They handled my stressful situation extremely well. Without them i would have surely missed the flight. These two ladies have made my preference for Indigo even stronger. Keep it up. ..."
Dr. G. V. Sudhakar 23 November 20116E 208, (Date of Travel: November 20): .................. ..I traveled on flight 6E 208 .
"....I traveled on flight 6E 208 from Guwahati to Hyderabad on 20th November. I am impressed by the efficiency and crispness of announcements by the cabin crew specially the leader of the team Ms. Saloni. The cabin was really clean and the service was impressive. More than anything when there was delay in getting water on my request the spontaneity of apology was unexpected with my experience in the present day quality of cabin crew. I wish them all success in career and congratulate the management in training them to be efficient and human . ..."
Samir Kumar Chatterjee 25 November 2011 6E 292, (Date of Travel: November 21): .................. ..I am a frequent Indigo flyer .
"....I am a frequent Indigo flyer. I had a mixed experience during my last official visit to Guwahati by 6E-292. On my arrival at Guwahati airport I could not find by checked-in baggage on the belt. All the passengers left the airport while I was still hoping my bag to come. A ground staff of Indigo, Ms Neha came to me enquiring about my problem. Once she verified my Boarding pass she started searching for it everywhere ever she could, but to no success. In the meanwhile I was naturally getting restless. She spoke to the staff at Kolkata (from where I came) and then to Delhi where the flight went from Guwahati. All her efforts proved futile. Eventually, she got the formalities completed by me and I had to leave the airport without the baggage which contained all the items I needed during my stay at Guwahati and Shillong. She told me that Indigo will leave no stone unturned to trace my bag and also assured to keep me updated with the progress in the matter. I had to buy from the local market some of the items of my immediate requirement and spent a sleepless night. As promised, Neha called me the next morning only to say that Indigo has been sent information to all the airports where Indigo flights fly and the moment any information is received she will let me know. At about 7 p.m. when (I was at shillong) she called me again and gave the much awaited news that the bag has been traced out and also offered to have it delivered to the hotel (Nandan) where I was putting up at. I thanked Neha for all the efforts put-in by Indigo. Once I reached back to the hotel I was glad to see my bag in intact condition and after opening it I found the items were in the same condition as I had packed. All my agonies were gone. The pain of making un-necessary expenses for a few thousands of Rupees was vanished and I am a happy man today. I returned to Kolkata on 23rd Nov, again by an Indigo flight. Once again my heartfelt thanks to Indigo, particularly to Neha who kept her promise. GOD BLESS INDIGO . ..."
S Yogananth, 27 November 2011 6E 291, (Date of Travel: November 26): .................. ..On 26/11/2011 Flight No : 6E 291 .
"....On 26/11/2011 Flight No : 6E 291 Kolkatta - Chennai. Flight Departure time in Kolkatta Airport at 2050 hours. That Day I came from Guwahati, Unfortunately my earlier flight is got delayed. Because of that I reached Kolkatta airport to catch the above mentioned flight. That day I was Hope less to catch this flight. But M/s INDIGO Ground Staffs did very great job. Because their timely support I could able to catch the Flight. I am a Frequent Flyer of M/s INDIGO Airlines. But this time the support extended by you people on 26/11/2011 it was great & very fast in response. I am very much Excited. With this Email I am heart fully appreciated the following ground staffs who had helped me a lot to get into the flight. 1. Shivami Sharma 2. Liza Sutradhar 3. Baisaki Ghosh 4. Priya Roy Choudhury (Please pardon me if the Spelling is wrong). Here with this Email I am very thankful to them for extended timely & fast response. I hope you people will extend the same support for further Journey. All the Best & INDIGO Keep Rocking . ..."
Krishnan, November 27, 2011 6E 283, (Date of Travel: October 21): .................. ..I am writing this to you though .
"....I am writing this to you though i am not sure whether this mail would reach you. I was moved on seeing your emotional speech at the ET awards function and hence this mail. Everyone is human and you have proved that you are no exception even though you might be occupying the highest position within your company. The tiger story that you highlighted was good to hear and I liked your modest approach too. I would like to be measured in my appreciation of your flights services and so far my experience has been good though I may not be contributing to the coffers of indigo in a big way as I am not in and out of flights every alternate day. Why I said that I want to be measured in my appreciation is because of the fact that your airline is still new and it has a long way to go and the real appreciation will be when your company stands the test of time like many other reputed/ethical industries and flourishes over the years. However, the fact remains that it is all of your hard work that has brought the airline to where it has and helped you bag the coveted award . ..."
Kanta Talukdar Stanchina, 28 November 2011 6E 359, (Date of Travel: November 27): .................. ..I travelled on 27th November .
"....I travelled on 27th November 2011 by your flight 6E 329 from New Delhi to Goa. I waited very patiently in line, almost over an hour and found when i got to the counter that my flight was closing or had closed. Since only calls for the Patna aircraft were being called i thought the Goa flight was delayed, as had been the case for over 3 hours a couple of days ago and was standing in line. However, I had to attend a marriage ceremony and i have to highly commend GAGAN, who was in charge or doing the checking in for that flight and other flights. He immediately got me on the flight and said he would send my luggage on by the later flight which he did. It was excellent work, and he sent someone else to accompany me to the aircraft. Nikasa on your Goa end was also excellent and i got my luggage as promised. I thought you might like the feedback about your two excellent employees . ..."
Sunil Kumar Singh, 29 November 2011, 6E 191, (Date of Travel: November 29): .................. ..Today on 29th of November 2011 .
"....Today on 29th of November 2011 i took your indigo flight 6E191, from Patna to Delhi. I was allotted seat no 3C. The inflight cure members were very nice with me. I would like to mention the name of one of them. She is Mrinalini, who was very attentive, receptive, polite, and quick. Such behaviour infuses confidence in a customer to take your flight in future. Kindly convey my regards to her . ..."
Lieutenant Deven Savant, 29 November 2011 : .................. ..In the past 3 days I have travelled .
"....In the past 3 days I have travelled twice in your airline from Mumbai-Nagpur and Nagpur to Ahmedabad. I must say it was a wonderful experience. At such a low cost the facilities and hospitality offered by your airline is appreciable. I am sure if u continues in the same way your airline will be a frequent mode of transport for the mango people (aam aadmi!!) of India. All the very best, keep it up and I hope you make it not large but LARGER!!! ;) . ..."
Durlov Baruah 29 November 2011 6E 244, (Date of Travel: November 27): .................. ..Last Sunday - 27th November .
"....Last Sunday - 27th November, I had flown from Ahmedabad to Mumbai taking the 9:50 AM flight. The experience was awesome. You guys are good. I liked the 'I am going International Badge' on the hostesses... great communication idea. ..."
Gurdeep Singh Saini 30 November 2011: .................. ..You guys are doing an absolutely .
"....You guys are doing an absolutely fantastic job. I have flown over 12 times in the last 6 months and more than half of those with Indigo. Only when I fly other airlines do I understand what difference your efficiency makes. Keep up the great job. ..."
Vijay Singh, 30 November 2011 : .................. ..I have had experience of flying .
"....I have had experience of flying several Airlines worldwide and i have realized Indigo are amongst best of them in terms of hospitality of the crew and new fleet of aircrafts. I am proud to say that Indigo shining name of our Indian Aviation Industry. The crafts are new and seems unique while at first glimpse and through a bird eye view. Indigo crew & Ground officials are very hospitable and professional and warm with welcome tone. I appreciate it better than Spice jet and even better than Jet Airways. I compare Jet Airways staff shows proud and non-friendly. Since 3 years i have had experience flying Indigo in various sectors like Delhi-Vadodara, Delhi-Patna, Delhi-Hyderabad, Delhi-Mumbai each time i find Indigo and it's staff with new developments in means of hospitality and other facilities. Most important is Indigo now affordable which offers like us Indian quality of International standards. I extend my warm wishes for grand success of Indigo in Airlines Industry and warm wishes for long run operation in National & International route . ..."
Padarbinda Mishra, 01 December 2011, 6E 257, (date of travel: November 26): .................. ..I just wanted to give some good feedback .
"....I just wanted to give some good feedback for Indigo instead of pointing out the grey areas. . ..."
S Gupta, 01 December 2011, 6E 329, (date of travel: November 23) : .................. ..It was indeed an unfortunate experience and .
"....It was indeed an unfortunate experience and one that left me a bit perplexed. I could not fathom why my luggage, checked in together, reached different locations!! But i do want to mention here that your officer/ manager by the name of JUSTIN at the Goa airport was truly amazing in his professionalism. Actually he went far beyond his call of duty and not just tracked down both my pieces of luggage, but also facilitated in them being delivered at my place of stay promptly. His efficiency and diligence should not go unrewarded/ unnoticed. If there is any way i can contribute to his service record getting a mention of this, please do let me know . ..."
Abhishek Naik, December 02, 2011: .................. ..I recently used your services for the first time and having .
"....I recently used your services for the first time and having flown many times by the rest of the Airlines, I felt it necessary to write this letter of appreciation. I am a Physically Challenged individual, and need a bit of assistance, Indigo staff right from the baggage screening were helpful, the executives at boarding pass counter showed concern and extended help, usually that never happens with any other airlines, secondly while boarding the flight the ramp system to get on to the plane is a lot more convenient than stairs not only for differently abled like me but for all, no doubt it saves operational time as well. Thirdly the whole process right from baggage screening to baggage collection at destination was right on time , it was good to experience such professional services , waiting time at all transaction points was nominal. Hope to use Indigo soon. :) . ..."
Sourav Saha, 05 December 2011, 6E 339, (date of travel: December 1) : .................. ..I Sourav Saha living in Bangalore. On 01 Dec .
"....I Sourav Saha living in Bangalore. On 01 Dec 11 i came to Kolkata by Indigo flight 6E 339. This is not the first time by air, but this time i was little confused in arrival. So i was felling shy to ask anyone what to do. Suddenly one lady came to me and helped me out by all the way. The way Ms. Priyanka Paul help me out on that day, i was just surprised and i really thankful to Indigo team rather Ms. Priyanka Paul. I am travelling back on 10 Jan 12 by 6e 156 CCU to BLR. I am sure that i will get the same service from Indigo team. Once again thanks to Ms. Paul specially and wish her all the best in her life . ..."
Nachiket Nirhali, 06 December 2011 6E 376, (date of travel: February 11) : .................. ..This is in regard to the quick response i got .
"....This is in regard to the quick response i got to my name change request; I am very delighted by the quick & positive response from Indigo team. I would like to appreciate your sincere efforts & going out of way to resolve the issue. This clearly shows how sincerely you try to resolve the small issues with personal attention & i am touched by this gesture and more than anything else i am proud & happy that i choose Indigo. I'm very thankful to the whole Indigo team . ..."
Ashutosh Sandhal, 06 December 2011, 6E 109, (date of travel: December 5) : .................. ..I would like to thank you the Pilot and co-pilot for .
"....I would like to thank you the Pilot and co-pilot for the wonderful landing of the flight 6E-109 on Monday 5/Dec - Delhi to Bangalore flight. The landing was so smooth that I didn't realize that the plane had actually landed without any jerk at Bangalore airport at 9am on 05/Dec. I have been traveling with indigo for quite some time now but this flight landing was the best and would call it as Smooth landing. I would like to thank the Pilot and the co-pilot for this. Please do convey my regards to them . ..."
Ritu Mathur, 07 December, 2011, 6E 141, (date of travel: November 27) : .................. ..I am compelled to write to you .
"....I am compelled to write to you to thank you for the amazingly great service provided to us (me and my grandmother) during our travel from Lucknow to Delhi on 27th Nov 2011. All queries over phone and thru email were promptly answered My 92 year old grandmother (nani) was well taken care of Your ground crew at Lucknow and Delhi were very courteous and kind The flight was on time and the flight crew made us very comfortable. My Nani sends her special blessings to you all. . ..."
Ailia Ahmed, 07 December, 2011 : .................. ..I am writing this feedback form because of .
"....I am writing this feedback form because of the great experience I had with IndiGo last Friday. In Lucknow, I forgot my jacket in the security check up. The fault totally remains with me but since I boarded early I wanted to see if there was any possibility of getting my jacket. This jacket is very special to me. When I informed the in-flight crew, they gave me a positive response and showed that they would put effort into getting my jacket. This effort made me happy. When the flight was closed and the plane was getting ready for flight, I thought that my jacket was to be left in the baskets of Lucknows security. Yet, before I knew it, I received my jacket from a crew member. I am very thankful for the effort, care and heart that IndiGo puts in taking care of customers. Flying is a tough business and losing a special jacket can be a sad thing. Thankfully, IndiGo saved the day. Thank you IndiGo! . ..."
Aditi, 07 December 2011: .................. ..I wanted to write about multiple areas for the .
"....I wanted to write about multiple areas for the airline right from the booking to the fares to the inflight services, indigo has really came up to be the best. And most significant thing is they never fail to abide by their promise of being on time. Inflight experience is again one incredible. Now its one of my regular carriers. ..."
Brendan S. Gillon, 07 December 2011, 6E 176, (date of travel: January 4) : .................. ..This is to compliment you on handling .
"....This is to compliment you on handling a problem. There was an error made in my online booking. I emailed you company about it. I got a phone call within 24 hours from a very helpful and resourceful agent. Thank you very much. I look forward to flying with Indigo. ..."
Vinod Kumar J, 09 December 2011, 6E 132, (date of travel: December2): .................. ..I like to bring it to your notice the excellent .
"....I like to bring it to your notice the excellent service i experienced from the folks at Indigo Airlines at Jammu and Bangalore. My baggage went missing at Jammu during my Bangalore-Delhi-Jammu journey with Indigo. However the composure, presence of mind, swift action by Tushar, Preethi and Rowmika at Jammu Airport is commendable. I truly appreciate their assistance and I am happy that I received my baggage now. Though I was upset that my baggage went missing the way the matter was handled by your team has removed the inhibitions about Indigo Airlines. Thanks and keep up the good work. ..."
Akhil Kesavan 09 December 2011 6E 372, (date of travel: December 4): .................. ..I would like to appreciate the help .
"....I would like to appreciate the help and service extended by Maria Shanthi while I was in an emergency situation yesterday at the Hyderabad Airport. My baggage was mistaken by someone else traveling on the same plane (Indigo - Chennai to Hyderabad 4 Dec 2011). I had reported the matter immediately at the customer service department and lucky to get assistance by Maria Shanthi. She took every step to contact all concerned people and to help me get back my baggage in minimum time and apprehension. Her sincerity and politeness had greatly impressed me, which urged me to drop in this mail. I take this opportunity to thank him once again for his help and support . ..."
Janti Basha, 10 December 2011, 6E 236, (date of travel: February 24): .................. ..I contacted 9910383838 today dated 10.02.11 .
"....I contacted 9910383838 today dated 10.02.11 at 5.30pm Australian time. I forgot to note the customer service operator's name. Compliments to the excellent customer service he provided. I admired his communication skills, excellent greeting & acknowledged my situation, listened & apologised for first operators mistakes (he actually took ownership and put on the Indigo hat). I appreciate his quality of customer service & he made that difference. Thank you Indigo, your staff was GREAT . ..."
Benedict Texeira 10 December 2011 6E 61, (date of travel: December 9): .................. ..I had an extremely pleasant experience dealing with .
"....I had an extremely pleasant experience dealing with your ground staff Miss Michelle who i feel had delivered a good customer service when i actually required. My name is Mr. Benedict Texeira and had a flight from Mumbai to Dubai -19:00 hrs. on 9th Dec 2011 . I was late and reached at the counter at sharp 17.57 and was expecting some rude and sarcastic comments which is normal with most of the airline staff when someone is late. But Michelle was extremely polite and more over provided tips on how to be on time to the boarding counter, the way this situation was handled was something i would like to highlight. I thank you Michele for your kind words and tips you provided to ease my anxiety. I am from a service industry and you have been a good example for me to relate to. Hope to see you soon on the next visit to Bombay in Jan. Merry Xmas and Happy new. An acknowledgment to the email would be appreciated Thanks you Indigo team . ..."
Malhar Anaokar, 11 December 2011 : .................. ..I wanted to document a great experience .
"....I wanted to document a great experience I had at the Indigo counter at the Bangalore international airport. I was carrying a special order cake for my daughter and was to take the BLR-MAA-CCU segment. The cake turned out to be rather large and I requested help from the representative at the counter. I was asked to speak to Mr Naveen, who was helpful beyond belief. After explaining that the package was too big to fit inflight and too delicate to be checked in, after severe rounds my pleas and Naveen hapless to do anything, he suggested that I see if BIAL security allow me through. In the meanwhile, he along with Mr Santhosh had gotten me checked in and had managed a way for me. Naveen waited to ensure that I passed through security and then came all the way to my flight to ensure that my cake and I had successfully boarded and seated. Wow! This is a fabulous example of awesome customer service and Naveen was a simply great! It is because of people like Naveen and Santhosh that I look forward to flying on Indigo more often! Traveling with a huge smile on my face! . ..."
Swaroop Kulkarni, 12 December 2011 6E 136, (date of travel: December 5): .................. ..I Swaroop Kulkarni take this .
"....I Swaroop Kulkarni take this opportunity to appreciate Indigo Airlines (Nagpur) staff for helping me to get my missed luggage from Pune to Nagpur. I was travelling from Pune to Nagpur by Indigo flight 6E-136 on 5th December. I reached Nagpur and i realised that i have missed my luggage at screening point in Pune only. There were two bags containing my clothes and some important belongings. I have informed this to Indigo staff members Miss. Mugdha and Miss. Renuka who were available at the arrival. I told them how important that luggage is for me. They have taken this issue on priority, interacted with Indigo at Pune Airport and confirmed me that they have found the bags at Screening point. They have taken an application / Authority Letter from me for getting that baggage to Nagpur at the earliest. And with their efforts finally next day (Tuesday) morning i got my luggage at 8 am. I understand that if the luggage is not checked in its not a responsibility of a particular Airline. But I really appreciate Indigo staff for helping me and getting my luggage to Nagpur within 12 hours. Indigo is always my preferred airline for travelling and it will always be. Special Thanks to Miss. Mugdha and Miss. Renuka for helping me on priority. Their efforts are highly appreciated . ..."
Vimla Sharma, 13 December 2011, 6E 285, (date of travel: December 10): .................. ..I was on my First ever Indigo .
"....I was on my First ever Indigo flight on Dec 10, 2011 from Delhi to Chennai. I am a wheelchair traveller and came to visit my 88 year old aunt who is recovering from a massive stroke. To cut a long story short. When I reached the luggage carousel to pay the wheelchair attendant I discovered my wallet was gone. I immediately informed ground staff Brinda who first called the aircraft and then the bus and went in person to retrieve my wallet from the bus. She returned it to me in about twenty minutes, saving me a lot of anxiety and worry. I commend her timely action and ask you include a commendation in her file. Thank you. Please confirm receipt of this missive by telephone to my Indian cell phone. ..."
Sai Kumar, 14 December 2011: .................. ..I spoke to one of your executive in call centre .
"....I spoke to one of your executive in call centre name Ms. Chandana today morning regard one reservation. I hope she is new to the process but she gave me such nice and polite assistance. She is the best customer executive i spoke in my life time till now. I want to say one thing every time i asked some query she gave that much good and clear explanation. I am a first time flyer in indigo so i don't know anything about your policy and all but aft spoke to her i think i can come and join your company as a customer support executive like this people only can attract the customers in this competitive world. So keep giving good service like this. I hope Ill get the same experience while traveling in your flight so i am keeping my finger crossed. ..."
Mohammed Kareem 14 December 2011 : .................. ..At this time, there is no other low cost Airline .
"....At this time, there is no other low cost Airline in India that gives reliable service other than Indigo. Im afraid to fly Kingfisher and SpiceJet because they cancel flights like its a cupcake. Go Air don't have many routes and JetLite is a bit on the higher side. I have been flying Indigo for few years now, and the most crucial flight being last year when you landed in thick fog in New Delhi while other airlines cancelled their flights. I cannot express how important it is for travellers to reach their destination especially when they book flight tickets. For all other non-urgent journey, our humble Indian Railways do their job pretty well. I want to appreciate your prompt service and hope you keep it up. Be the first low cost to introduce one. You will be surprised to see how many loyal customers you have. Unless you don't want to know. ..."
Radhika S, December 14, 2011 : .................. ..I read about how you all refused to check .
"....I read about how you all refused to check in Asaram Bapu at the Vadodara airport because he was late. I am writing to congratulate you! Well Done! I have taken Indigo a few times but I am very impressed and am sure to tell my travel agent to book me more frequently on your airlines. Its high time we Indians begin to respect time and punctuality. ..."
Vernon, 14 December 2011, 6E 482, (date of travel: January 11): .................. ..Excellent service rendered by Mr. Faizal .
"....Excellent service rendered by Mr. Faizal who helped me with my bookings. I am very happy to see the patience of the staff to wait till i finish my booking which took me a very long time. And this was my first time in Indigo and hats off to you all and all the best and keep up the good work. ..."
Prachi Vig, December 15, 2011 6E 319, (date of travel: December 13): .................. ..I was flying off to Calcutta from Bombay .
"....I was flying off to Calcutta from Bombay by 6E319. The crew on board was very supportive at all times to me. I was travelling with my 1 year old baby for the first time but the air-hostesses helped me a lot in terms of all means. The whole idea for me to write this is that i personally wanted to provide this feedback to Ms. Vatsala Kuthialia who absolutely exceeded my expectations by providing an extravagant service! I left delighted and that is what the best part is about a journey. She is a real Asset to your firm. I have made up my mind of always flying Indigo since then. ..."
Hasmukh, 17 December 2011, : .................. ..I really appreciate the co-operation from the .
"....I really appreciate the co-operation from the team. and one thing which caught my attention was that one crew member standing at exit, politely requesting to check the bags according to boarding pass, so that nobody can take away others' precious bags from belts intentionally or unintentionally. Keep going.Sent: 15 December 2011 I really enjoyed the service of cabin crew and appreciate their efforts to make the journey very relaxing and enjoyable. Especially, Afrin Sheikh to name, she was very helpful & friendly and made my journey comfortable and memorable one. Thanks to Afrin Sheikh & Indigo for on time service. . ..."
Arup Dutta, 18 December 2011, 6E 342, (date of travel: December 16): .................. ..I was on board the flight 6E 342 from Lucknow .
"....I was on board the flight 6E 342 from Lucknow, coming to Kolkata on Friday 16th. December, 2011. Apart from enjoying the IndiGo experience, I was really impressed to see one of your crew members Ms Isha Patel - the way she has been attending to and serving the passengers on board. She has been respectfully and appropriately communicating with others and demonstrated behaviour that is reflective of true professional conduct. Her courtesy and assistance . ..."
Nishant Johri 18 December 2011 6E 22, (date of travel: December 15): .................. ..I had taken the round trip .
"....I had taken the round trip Flight of Dubai- Delhi (6E 21/22) on 15th Dec. Being a Frequent Emirates flyer, Earlier i was bit worried about the quality of the services being provided by the low cost airline but the way the Indigo staff responded right from check-in to Inflight comfort etc. is amazing. I had liked the seats, friendly behaviour of the staff and food. The best part is time punctuality maintain by the airline, which is rarely seen in any low cost carrier. Moreover changing the flights via internet is also very user friendly. Thanks for the entire great job done. I will fly Indigo more often in future now. Keep up the good work! . ..."
Dr. Richard H. Jones 19 December 2011 : .................. ..On 9 December 2011, my wife and I had a .
"....On 9 December 2011, my wife and I had a problem with an item not being allowed by airport security at Delhi airport, Terminal 3. It was an item that we did not want to lose. We were helped by Mukti Srivastava. She gave us professional, courteous and effective support in getting an extra piece of luggage checked in -- after we had already passed thru security. This was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Mukti's assistance, we now have a VERY favourable view of Indigo Airlines. Please commend her for her good customer service. She is an employee that you do not want to lose! . ..."
Abhishek Kumar, 19 December 2011, 6E 399, (date of travel: February 11): .................. ..I am happy to inform that after online sending .
"....I am happy to inform that after online sending a complaint for not getting itinerary of ticket, I was called back within 2 hours on that very day from your representative and I received my booked itinerary within 10 minutes. I appreciate your prompt response from your concerned team . ..."
Capt. Surendra Bhadauria, 19 December 2011, 6E 311, (date of travel: December 13): .................. ..I inadvertently left my cell .
"....I inadvertently left my cell phone in the side pocket of my checked in hand bag which was not locked. I approached the young guy by the name of Gagan on the counter, probably he was the supervisor. He assured me not to worry and would ensure that cell would be delivered to me in the aircraft. True to his words the cell phone was delivered to me in the aircraft just before the take-off. I could not have imagined this sort of response from any other airline including mine. I appreciate the effort and sincerity of Gagan and the cultural ethos of Indigo. I have posted this on my blog. Have nice flights. ..."
Valerio Fernandes 19 December 2011 : .................. ..Thank you very much for the goodwill gesture extended .
"....Thank you very much for the goodwill gesture extended towards me. I cannot even begin to mention how much I appreciate this gesture - from the monetary aspect, no doubt but equally (or even more) so from the thought behind this gesture. I would like to place on record the fact that Customer service at Indigo not only meets, but even exceeds all the expectations I have had of you. Keep it going and you are sure to reach the top . ..."
Dr. Nellori 20 December 2011 6E 309, (date of travel: December 16): .................. ..I would like to express my appreciation .
"....I would like to express my appreciation to one of your finest staff at Hyderabad Airport Mr. M.V Girish Kumar. We had left behind our video camera and digital camera on our Flight from Lucknow to Hyderabad on December 16th 2011. This camera contained several memories to our first trip to the see the Taj Mahal and other wonderful places with our daughter. Mr. Girish was very professional. He followed due protocol and asked us several questions to determine that we are the rightful owners of the items. He was thoughtful, considerate and respectful. I am truly grateful for all his help . ..."
Tahmeed 21 December 2011 : .................. ..I really appreciate your hospitality. Few .
"....I really appreciate your hospitality. Few days back my brother who returned from Jidah after performing haj boarded your flight from Delhi to Srinagar. He told me that, the ground staff of IndiGo are very cooperative and they really helped me a lot. The best thing about them was that they should great respect for ZUM ZUM (holy water which every haji brings from Makah) which i was carrying. The weight of zum zum can was not included in my luggage. Thank you for this hospitality. ..."
Ashok Sharma, 22 December 2011, 6E 212, (date of travel: December 20): .................. ..I travelled on the above Indigo flight from .
"....I travelled on the above Indigo flight from Delhi to Vadodara. The inflight service was excellent. Travel crew, especially the Captain Air Hostess, were very warm, hospitable, elegant and efficient. Take-off and landing were silk smooth. Wonderful experience, would like to go Indigo again. Congratulations . ..."
Dilip Kr. Khiroria, 22 December 2011.: .................. ..I travel mostly Lucknow-Kolkata-Lucknow .
"....I travel mostly Lucknow-Kolkata-Lucknow and Lucknow-Delhi-Lucknow so many times in a year; if Indigo seat is not available I can compromise with my travel date but no compromise with any other Air Company/Services. East or West Indigo is the best . ..."
Fletcher Franklin, 23 December 2011, 6E 276, (date of travel: December 17): .................. ..I travelled on 6E 236 from Chennai to Delhi .
"....I travelled on 6E 236 from Chennai to Delhi on 17th Dec 2011. The in flight attendant Ms. Doretta's announcements were excellent, warm, informative, and new and proved that she takes her job seriously and loves to do new things. Example - She addressed even the little children on the plane apart from the elders. She also mentioned the languages which the air hostesses on that flight spoke. She gently reminded that people must save their work before closing their laptops! Superb and excellent Doretta you are a great asset to Indigo. On my return trip from Delhi, a certain flight was late. Indigo was so very apologetic and repeatedly ensured that no passenger was kept in the dark about the delay. Your flights are also clean and bear a fresh look. Your red competitor would do well to learn from you . ..."
Chennaidilip Timblo, 24 December 2011 6E 329, (date of travel: December 22): .................. ..On Thursday, 22nd of December I was flying by Indigo .
"....On Thursday, 22nd of December I was flying by Indigo airlines flight no 6E-329. On that flight an old lady was fumbling for breath and then an announcement came over the speaker system that if there is any medical professional they could please come forward because somebody was in need of medical attention. However, nobody came forward. The stewardess named Swati grabbed the oxygen cylinder and applied the oxygen mask to her face and very soon the lady became all right. She must have descended after me. I, congratulated Ms Swati on her versatility and I promised her that I would write a letter. This is just to let you know that I found Ms Swati to be very stable, very able and a very capable stewardess . ..."
Mayank mehta, 24 December 2011 6E 31, (date of travel: December 10): .................. ..I am mayank mehta traveled by indigo flight 6E 31 .
"....I am mayank mehta traveled by indigo flight 6E 31 on 10th Dec and i am pleased by the service rendered by Aakash Deep, a customer service provider at international airport at terminal 3. Me and my wife were above to travel by 8th Dec to Kathmandu from delhi but due to improper identification proof i missed my flight as i was informed that either passport or voter's id are the valid id proofs and we had neither of it and had only driving licence for the same. We went to service desk and informed about it to them that we are not able to travel due to improper id proofs and hence asked Aakash deep to book the tickets for 10th Dec 10:55 am. We insisted Aakash to try to arrange for the refund of the money for the missed flight as much as possible and Aakash ensured to try for the same. He understood our problem and tried to help us as his best. We are really pleased by his revert on the issue and also appreciate for his sincerity towards his work. A WOW to Aakash Deep! . ..."
Suhas Gopinath 24 December 2011: .................. ..I wish to introduce myself as Suhas Gopinath, Chairman .
"....I wish to introduce myself as Suhas Gopinath, Chairman and CEO of Globals, and Member of World Bank's ICT Adv. Board, Washington D.C. I am writing this to recognise and appreciate Indigo Airlines' commendable customer service. Yesterday when my flight from Delhi to Pune on Kingfisher was delayed almost by 1.5 hours, and was about to miss my connection to Pune to Nagpur at 1615 hours on Indigo, your staff at Pune ensured I am on board, they facilitated smooth transfer post my arrival from Delhi and since my baggage couldn't get loaded on Pune-Nagpur flight, they sent it promptly today morning. As soon as I landed in Nagpur airport yesterday night, your Executive Ms Renuka Mall met me at Baggage Claim area, greeted me and she was already informed that I was the last passenger to board the flight at Pune and my baggage was left. She immediately facilitated and ensured my baggage is delivered to me today morning which was extremely crucial for me as I had business meetings. Ms Reunka Mall also followed up via phone to ensure my baggage is picked up and is in good condition. She's gone the extra mile and supported me. Credits to your company's leadership and staff training! . ..."
Shailendra Gupte, 25 December 2011 6E 203, (date of travel: December 22): .................. ..This is to commend Sumiti Shrivastava, posted .
"....This is to commend Sumiti Shrivastava, posted at the Indigo air Kiosk at the Arrivals section at Kolkata Airport for her exceptional help in getting back my Canon camera which I had inadvertently forgotten on flight 6E 203 on 22.12.2011. I was travelling with my family, including my mother in law on flight 6E 203 from Delhi to Kolkata on 22/12/2011. On the flight my mother in law lost consciousness and was revived thanks to the calm & professional support of the airhostesses to a doctor who luckily was seated in a row behind my mother in law. On arrival, we were deplaned on priority. However in the rush I forgot my camera; something I realised only as I was about to board the car to take her to the hospital. I rushed back in to terminal & lodged in my complaint to Sumiti who was on duty. I must say she was calm, focused & most reassuring. A couple of hours later she contacted me that the camera had been located (the craft had then gone on to Nagpur) & the next day I was re united with my camera. This is to commend Sumiti for her professionalism. I am a frequent flyer around the world (have 3 gold frequent flyer cards) & this must count as my best example of customer service . ..."
Shariq Azim, 26 December 2011, 6E 332, (date of travel: December 23): .................. ..I had booked a passenger Shahnaz Siddiqui .
"....I had booked a passenger Shahnaz Siddiqui 6E 332 on 23rd December from Goa to Delhi. The request for a wheel chair & porter, both during departure from Goa and in Delhi were taken care of and the passenger was at ease with the service provided by the airline. I would like to thank you for this level of understanding and commitment towards guest satisfaction. Thank you once again . ..."
Varun Rathore 26 December 2011 : .................. ........... .Guys your commercial .
"....Guys your commercial is awesome.............. Im loving it . ..."
Bhupat Kanani, 27 December 2011, 6E 212, (date of travel: December 27): .................. ..I, Bhupat Kanani take this opportunities .
"....I, Bhupat Kanani take this opportunities to thanks executives of indigo who have support very well to my parents during boarding at delhi airport today morning for flight 6E 212. I am really impressed with the support and service provided by indigo, look forward to use your service in future. ..."
Sunita, 27 December 2011, 6E 156, (date of travel: December 23): .................. ..I traveled from Bangalore to Ahmedabad .
"....I traveled from Bangalore to Ahmedabad on 23.12.2011 by Indigo Flight - 6E 156. As the Ahmedabad and Bangalore teams know, my Acer Tablet-Laptop got left in the security tray at the Security Check at Bangalore Airport on 23rd Dec, 2011 due to the chaos of festive season. I realised what had happened after I boarded the flight. I was deeply concerned as the airport was jam-packed due to festive season and my heart sank as I realised I had little hopes of getting my laptop back. I kept my calm and hoped that my instincts would prove correct. My instinct told me to trust and have faith on Indigo Airlines - the airlines I always preferred to fly on the Bangalore - Ahmedabad - Bangalore sector for the safe take offs and landing. They crew assured me smilingly that all would be well and I would get my laptop. I trusted them. On Christmas day 25th Morning, within a span of less than 48 hours Santa Claus in the form of Indigo Airlines delivered my Acer Tablet - Laptop all packed safely into my hands. I am so overwhelmed that I feel the need to send this out and I sincerely hope that it is read by one and all right up to the CXO level as I know each of you must have contributed to making this airline into what it is today! The best in the country! I as a common Indian feel the immense pride of knowing that there are people within my country who are doing a great service to this nation to all of us with the greatest level of honesty and dedication. I feel very proud to be an Indian for the way Indigo Airlines in perfect co-ordination with BIAL and CISF has handled the whole matter so professionally and meticulously in less than 48 hours. I would like to salute all of you and pay my sincere respects and honour to an organisation with a bunch of fantastic people who are dedicated to providing world-class service to its people and customers. I have had the privilege to travel by the very best airlines in the world but I am happier traveling by Indigo Airlines as I rate it better than the very best for its honesty, professionalism, service, dedication and ever smiling faces of the crew. I am sure as much as we are elated having world-class airports we would be happier to have world-class services rendered by our airports and airlines. Keep it up... you are showing the way what India is capable of delivering to the world. It is the way forward... coming from within us... from the people to the people! . ..."
NN Sen, 28 December 2011, 6E 324, (date of travel: October 23): .................. ..A huge thank you to Rimpa Das, your Kolkata .
"....A huge thank you to Rimpa Das, your Kolkata ground crew, who took care of me. I had just got out of a major illness but her care and warmth reassured me. From personally handling my baggage, to getting the wheel chair to the check in, she was an angel. I wish to apologize to that lovely young girl for the delay in my feedback. Please do convey it to her. Thank you Indigo. ..."
Dr Amar Mishra, 29 December 2011 : .................. ..I just want to express my feelings .
"....I just want to express my feelings regarding my travel experience with Indigo. I have travelled about five times in the recent past and always I have found the service of all the staff simply excellent. Hope your airline shall continue this in future. I wish the airline all success . ..."
Bijnu S Thomas, 29 December 2011, 6E 105, (date of travel: December 17): .................. ..I would like to appreciate all services provided by .
"....I would like to appreciate all services provided by Indigo and its staff on my flight mentioned above. My baggage was handled with care. The staffs were very supportive and helpful. The flight experience was great. Indigo will be my first preference when I have to book a flight next time. ..."
Vinod Pathak, 30 December 2011, 6E 274, (date of travel: December 28): .................. ..Being frequent flier with major .
"....Being frequent flier with major airlines , I was amazed to experience the service of Indigo Airlines which I took first time , High degree of attention from cabin crew , Highly motivated , Very neat CABIN and good atmosphere , as a suggestion if frequent flier program can be started , standing ovation to entire crew . ..."
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