Capt. Sunil Ramachandran, April 01, 2011 6E 435, ( Date of Travel: April 18) : .................. .please convey my heartfelt thanks to Miss ..........
".....please convey my heartfelt thanks to Miss Chandana and her superiors who went out of the way to help me out in my re-booking of tickets. As they say "YOUR ATTITUDE DECIDES YOUR ALTITUDE", it is these broad minded employees with positive attitude that will take your Airlines to new heights. Keep up the good work . ..."
Shyamal Sengupta, April 03, 2011, 6E 378, ( Date of Travel: March 15) : .................. .This is the first time ..........
".....This is the first time I traveled by indigo. I took flight 6E-414 from Bangalore to Bombay. The flight took-off 15 minutes before the departure time and landed 20 min before arrival time. I have heard of planes landing on time but planes landing before time I saw for the first time in life. You guys sure are keeping your word. The ambience was amazing. The flight attendants were extremely courteous. You treat passengers as guests not customers something that other airlines don't. I took flight 6E-415 back to Bangalore the next day. I must mention this... While the attendants were serving food I had dozed off, later on i requested for a cookie which was served instantly, but i wanted a different flavor so she had to go back and get the other one. Throughout the process she was calm and did not show any sign of irritability. I don't know her name, so thank her on my behalf. It is no surprise that indigo has managed to capture 19% of market in just four years another marvelous feat. Now I know the reason behind it. When it comes to hospitality indigo is invincible. Keep up the good work . ..."
Arun Muralidhar, April 04, 2011 : .................. .I am global traveler based in the US ..........
".....I am global traveler based in the US with executive privileges on many airlines but I wanted to bring to your attention some exceptional service I received from two of your colleagues at BLR airport Ms. Nisha Sinha (CSE) and Ms. Kavita Linttoi (CSA) along with others at the desk on the evening of 1st April. Since I was an international passenger, through some miscommunication between me and the ticketing agent/Bombay check-in staff, I had an issue with my baggage at the time of checking in at BLR. Your colleagues first treated me with a lot of respect (unlike some other Indian airlines) to try to explain their perspective while listening to my position, and then went out of their way to help me so that my travel was not disrupted and that I was made to feel like a valued customer. The situation could have easily escalated into an unpleasant experience but your colleagues showed maturity and poise and tried to work with me to help. I am in the services business and so I recognize exceptional service when I experience it, and hence wanted to make sure that you commend your colleagues for upholding your brand and this experience was better than most that I receive on airlines where I am premier member!! Given this positive experience, I will do my best to make sure that my Indian and global colleagues use your airline for their India travels whenever possible . ..."
Yogesh M Shah, April 05, 2011 6E 181 ( Date of Travel: April 7) : .................. .Dear Vikas Kumar, This is with regard..........
".....Dear Vikas Kumar, This is with regards my PNRs - GYPSDS and XYNZAT for which i had lodged an email complaint also. Subsequent to my talk with you i am happy to say that my issue was solved and i fully appreciate the goodwill gesture on your part. I am very impressed by the way you handled my complaint and helped me resolve the same. I assure you that you have made me an INDIGO fan and despite being a Gold member with Kingfisher and a Platinum member with Jet Airways, i will fly Indigo as much as i can and will move our corporate business to you as well. Thank you once again and appreciate your help. I request that the complaint i sent via your website be deleted as my issue is amicable resolved . ..."
Parthasarathi Sahoo, April 06, 2011: .................. .I am writing on behalf of my father..........
".....I am writing on behalf of my father (Dr. Kartikeswar Sahoo). We got our lost baggage. I really appreciate the effort made by Indigo and Bhubaneswar airport staffs. This gesture will definitely prompt me to avail only your services in future . ..."
G Narayana, April 07, 2011 6E 371 ( Date of Travel: April 6) : .................. .It gives me a great feeling..........
".....It gives me a great feeling to share an occasion of service and goodwill by two of your staff while travelling by Indigo flight today evening i.e. 6.4.2011 from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad. About 15 minutes after we took off, we heard an announcement requesting for a doctor amongst the passengers since there was an emergency as one of the passengers was sick. Then we saw two of the cabin staff Ms. Sangita Mothe and Ms. Deesa Raman and a doctor, a bright young man joined them. It seems the passenger had a heart problem. The responsibility, care and empathy and efficiency demonstrated by Ms. Mothe and Ms. Raman were exemplary. They took every action with a sense of service and dedication. The doctor, Mr. Shail Vasavda from Ahmedabad was calm, confident, stable and prompt. Three of them together gave oxygen, medicines and confidence and assurance to the patient. Being seated nearby for me it was a humane experience to see the commitment, concern and empathy in the eyes of Deesa and Sangita. Both of them were almost like mothers. After sometime the patient became comfortable but the doctor and angels continued to be attentive till we reached Hyderabad. Congratulations to Indigo for having such a groomed and committed staff members and for having leadership qualities of responsibility and spirit of humanity. We later noticed that flight reached 5 minutes earlier than scheduled arrival time. With best wishes and love and light . ..."
Oyndrilla Dutta, April 08, 2011 6E 404 ( Date of Travel: April 25) : .................. .I would like to appreciate your staff Renuka..........
".....I would like to appreciate your staff Renuka from Nagpur airport. I am very much pleased with the kind of Service she has given at indigo counter while booking tickets. She explained me each and everything patiently but also given me good option . ..."
Shreejeith Meynan, April 11, 2011 : .................. .This is an email of appreciation ..........
".....This is an email of appreciation for Ms. Akanksha Thakur, who is based out of your Delhi office and did a wonderful job of rescheduling my flight, this morning. She was very polite, patient and solution oriented throughout the interaction which really lasted long. Keep up the good work Akanksha!!! . ..."
Jitendra Mittal, April 11, 2011 : .................. .Dear team Indigo..........
".....Dear team Indigo, as expected, you have converted a potential disgruntled customer to a delighted one by giving VOW service. I would like to congratulate your team who did this as an exception and with a lightning speed. I will take this opportunity to tell all my friends and relatives about the kind of service you provide, and how much you care for your loyal customers. Special Thanks to Ms. NITU VERMA who promptly and religiously tried reaching me on my phone multiple times when I left a message for her. I am sure Indigo is No.1 airlines because of such staff and attitude!! I am copying this mail to all management so that they may applaud this gesture of Customer Relations Department. Cheers! . ..."
Sujit Basu, April 11, 2011 6E 309 ( Date of Travel: April 6) : .................. .Hi Mr. Mehta, I am really delighted ..........
".....Hi Mr. Mehta, I am really delighted the way you have acted on my feedback. I am really surprised that in India such an efficient customer relations team exists. I realized why Indigo has been awarded best airlines in India. Really you deserved it, when they have such an efficient Customer Relations Team. I am really thankful to Ms. Padmaja and Md. Yousuf of Hyderabad who has taken personal interest and spent their personal time in spite of their odd working hours to deliver the item to me. Please convey my sincere thanks and regards to them . ..."
Amit Bagaria, April 12, 2011 6E 151 ( Date of Travel: April 12 ) : .................. .I flew on 6E151 from Jaipur to ..........
".....I flew on 6E151 from Jaipur to Bangalore today and was seated in 1C. After the aircraft started taxiing at Jaipur airport, one passenger (I was told his name is Saurabh Jain) walked up to the front galley and asked the cabin crew to give him cotton for his child's ears. Leading Lady Priya Prasad informed the passenger that Indigo does not give cotton. The passenger insisted that - since other airlines do - she should also give him cotton. Priya politely told him that Indigo was a different company and had its own rules. The passenger did not listen - his behavior turned ridiculous. He asked Priya what she would do if his child's ear drum burst. She explained that the cabin crew was all individually trained on First Aid and that a First Aid Box was on every aircraft. The passenger asked whether there was "cotton" in the First Aid Box. When informed that there was cotton in the box, he insisted that Priya should give him some from the box. She politely told him that this was not possible as it was against Indigo rules. The passenger again asked what the airline would do if the child's ear drum burst - Priya replied that normally such things don't happen on hundreds of flights every day, but if there was such an emergency, the Captain would probably try to land at the nearest airport. The passenger was still not satisfied and started asking if the Airline had an official Doctor on board - without waiting for an answer, he started asking to meet this (non-existent) doctor. When being informed that flights do not have official doctors, the passenger started insisting on meeting the Captain. The other cabin crew, Shikha Shukla, then intervened and explained to the passenger that if he is insisting on meeting the Captain, they will have to request the Captain to return to bay and he (the passenger) would have to be offloaded. To the shock of the 15-20 passengers seated on the first four rows who could distinctly hear all of this conversation, the passenger said - YES, please take the aircraft back and offload me. At this juncture, many of the passengers (including myself) started telling Mr. Jain not to behave like an utter idiot and to go back to his seat. In the meantime, Priya spoke to the Captain on the intercom and the Capt. stopped the aircraft. When Mr. Jain still did not return to his seat, some passengers started demanding that he be offloaded and handed over to authorities. Some lady passengers even commented that parents should carry everything that their child may require on a journey. Priya made an announcement that the aircraft would return to bay to offload a passenger and due to certain procedures, there would be a 20 minute delay. Immediately on hearing this, many more passengers started heckling at Mr. Jain and blaming him for the delay. On seeing himself alone against unanimous public opinion, Mr. Jain returned to the seat. The aircraft did not return to bay and I was informed by Priya that Mr. Jain had agreed to cooperate since he did not want to be offloaded. Throughout the 15-odd minute episode, both cabin crews were extremely polite and behaved with the highest quality of professionalism. I must add that I was witness to the same passenger creating a ruckus earlier at the Check-In Desk also, insisting that all airlines allow 32 Kilos baggage per passenger and that Indigo was cheating him by allowing only 20 Kilos. Without going into details of that episode, I must say that both Indigo ground staff also acted professionally. There too, Mr. Jain behaved badly asking for all passengers' baggage (which had already checked in) to be re-weighed in front of him, so that he could "prove" that other passengers were allowed 32 Kilos and he was singled out by the airline for "harassment". I sincerely hope that God give some wisdom to such idiots who spoil the mood of normal frequent flyers (such as myself) and airline staff almost regularly in India. Cheers! . ..."
Shivu Singh, April 14, 2011 6E 279 ( Date of Travel: April 12) : .................. .It was my first time on Indigo and ..........
".....It was my first time on Indigo and I was very happy with all the service elements. You have really done a good job of training your staff to offer each contact with the guest an opportunity to leave a good impression. Keep it up. Usually things need to be continuously improved and i hope you would do that well . ..."
Annesha Chakraborty, April 14, 2011 6E 205 ( Date of Travel: April 15 ) : .................. .Your Mr. Hasan has helped my father ..........
"..... Your Mr. Hasan has helped my father to purchase the ticket thro' internet by his patient guidance and advice. We are thankful to him as well as to Indigo for this support . ..."
Bala, April 15, 2011 6E 238 ( Date of Travel: April 15) : .................. .Dear Sir, I was travelling in ..........
"..... Dear Sir, I was travelling in 6E 238 from Jaipur to Chennai this morning and my seat number is 24D. Since Im 6.2 ft. tall I want a change of seat near the emergency exit. When I informed the in-flight attendant Ms. Sharmistha, she was very kind in doing that for me. Suddenly I got sick and I was uncomfortable, she was very kind in treating me to get comfortable. She gave me a tablet from her own bag and took care of me like anything until the journey was completed. I have never experienced such a wonderful behavior of cabin crew in any of the airways. I have no words to express my satisfaction level. I appreciate the level of HR and the employee, company relationship in your organization. I personally thank Ms. Sharmistha for the warm treatment and I wish her a very good time ahead. I would like to reward Ms. Sharmistha please help me with the formalities. . ..."
Shalu, April 16, 2011 6E 283 ( Date of Travel: April 14) : .................. .Dear Team, I travelled on..........
".....Dear Team, I travelled on 14 April DEL-MAA 6E283, I am writing this to express my appreciation to ground staff's and lead crew member Ms. Gill's, kindness, compassion, her calm, experienced and skilled responses left a deep impression. She is a credit to Indigo Airlines. I have no doubt that Indigo Airlines will thrive. Over all Great on time performance . ..."
Sudhan, April 18, 2011 : .................. .I just had to travel from Coimbatore..........
".....I just had to travel from Coimbatore to Delhi for my business visit. It was when I went to the ticket counter inside the airport I remembered that I had forgotten my mobile phones and had left it in my car. I just went to ask a guy at baggage screening for making a phone call and told him it was an emergency. He immediately handed over his mobile phone, not having a second thought to ask if I was Indigo Passenger. I then called upon my driver and got my mobile phone back. I thanked him a lot and in a hurry forgot to ask his name. But he was your employee working at the baggage screening at CBE airport. I was very much delighted then on with the services provided by all your staffs during my travel. I very much appreciate the enduring performance of the team and wish success through all the way. Btw, I have decided to use INDIGO always and have referred all my friends to travel on INDIGO . ..."
Sandesh Kamath, April 19, 2011 6E 122, ( Date of Travel: April 17) : .................. .Ms. Delnaz understood that..........
"..... Ms. Delnaz understood that I was upset because of my bad seat allocated because of delay by Mr. Suhas Iyer at check in. She offered me the Emergency Exit seat @ extra cost and attended to my queries till I off boarded at Delhi. She was also very polite and efficient. I am still ok to fly with Indigo after the upset handling by Suhas is because of this beautiful lady who made me feel at ease in flight. So congratulations for having a good employee . ..."
Rodney Weaver, April 21, 2011 6E 254, ( Date of Travel: March 24) : .................. .I feel compelled to share with you..........
"..... I feel compelled to share with you a very good deed that was done for me when I flew your airline in March: While exiting the aircraft I neglected to pick up my BOSE HEADPHONES and IPOD off of the seat. When I arrived at my hotel in Mumbai, I received a phone call at my hotel from Sandish letting me know that I had left my belongings on the aircraft and we made arrangements for me to pick it up on my return to the Mumbai Domestic Airport. To achieve the call to me, Sandish must have found an out of date business card with my name on it, somehow tracked down the company I was traveling with and they referred Sandish to the hotel I was staying at. Mr. Ghosh, this is an amazing event and I hope that you will compliment and reward the crew of Flight 6E-254 accordingly. The belongings were both gifts from my wife and I would have been extremely disappointed in myself if I had lost them . ..."
Parthasarathi Chakrabarty, April 21, 2011 6E 277, ( Date of Travel: April 3) : .................. .I wanted to thank a member..........
"..... I wanted to thank a member of the Chennai Indigo ground staff, for his kindness. I needed to get some medicine, and since the shop was outside the security area, he arranged to have them procured. In my hurry I was unable to clearly note his name (it was most probably Arjun - but I am not very sure). Please pass on this note of thanks to the Chennai Indigo team. They rock!! . ..."
Nirmalya Mukherjee, April 21, 2011 6E 275, ( Date of Travel: April 23) : .................. .Hello,I am really pleased with the response..........
"..... Hello, I am really pleased with the response I got from your team. Thanks a lot for all your help and understanding our problem. This gesture will make Indigo my first choice for my further trips . ..."
Srikrishna Mohanta, April 22, 2011 6E 264, ( Date of Travel: May 7) : .................. .Dear Pratibha, It gives me immense pleasure..........
"..... Dear Pratibha, It gives me immense pleasure to thank you for taking up my case sensitively and also taking necessary positive step thereof. This kind of small customer oriented steps definitely help your airlines to achieve greater level of success in future. Wish you good luck!! . ..."
Nilabsultani, April 22, 2011 : .................. .This is nilabsultani. I had a flight..........
".....This is nilabsultani. I had a flight from Bangalore to Delhi on 22nd morning I really want to appreciate the work of Mr. Robin Mathew with me at the airport. I have missed my flight however he really behaved well and supported me like a brother got me the other flight so i could reach Delhi soon. Thanks from your services and you should be proud of having such employee . ..."
Riju, April 23, 2011: .................. .I wanted to the great support..........
".....I wanted to the great support that I received from one of your team members, Ehtram Ali, who helped me to modify my flight booking as well. He was very patient during the entire conversation and was kind enough to help me out in spite of frequent mobile phone and laptop issues. Thank you Ali for all your support provided . ..."
Anirban Das, April 24, 2011 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: May 10) : .................. .I would like to appreciate the Call..........
".....I would like to appreciate the Call center agent who helped me with this booking. Since, I am currently in US and can't use IVR I was told last time that I cannot book using my credit card. But this guys found an alternate way and facilitated by booking thorough the website. Not sure, but his name might be Abhinav. He deserved a pat in the back for good customer service . ..."
Ruchi Prasad, April 24, 2011 6E 422, ( Date of Travel: April 2) : .................. .I fly regularly and everyone is always courteous..........
"..... I fly regularly and everyone is always courteous and polite. But this time Vinayak (Bangalore Airport Check-in) went the extra mile. When he asked me which seat would I prefer, I told him any seat would do as long as it is a good seat, he said "we have 180 great seats which one would you prefer?" Also they were running the drill where they had to act as if the computer support was not available. While he was writing my boarding pass, when I asked why was he following this procedure he explained the drill to me. I was truly impressed with such pleasant behavior. Way to go Indigo! . ..."
Basab Ghosh, April 25, 2011 6E 371, ( Date of Travel: April 24) : .................. .I, along with my wife took ..........
"..... I, along with my wife took flight No. 6E 371 from Hyderabad to Chennai on April 24, 2011. Due to having a pair of scissors in my shaving kit, I was forced to check in a piece of luggage which was originally planned as cabin baggage. Unfortunately, in my haste, I had left my mobile in the outer pocket of the bag and I realized it after the bag was checked in and had gone to the loading area. I went back to your check-in desk and requested if the luggage can be retrieved so that I can take out my mobile. Your staff Mr. Augustine George was very helpful. He went out of his way to take me all the way to the luggage scanning area to help me retrieve the bag and the mobile. I commend his service and would like to bring this positive action to your notice. In fact all your ground staff that I met, your check in desk personnel (three of them) and your personnel at the scanner was very helpful and courteous and made sure that I was happy and satisfied. I commend you in selecting the right personnel and imparting proper training in customer satisfaction . ..."
Arun Jha, April 25, 2011 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: April 16 ) : .................. .Dear Nitu, Thanks a lot..........
"..... Dear Nitu, Thanks a lot, my work got done. I would like to mention special thanks to Chanchal (Bangalore Indigo Staff) who has attended all my calls and helped me a lot. Please forward this message to Bangalore Indigo team also since I don't have their mail Id now . ..."
Jajodia Shirish, April 25, 2011 : .................. .I had a conversation with Rahul..........
".....I had a conversation with Rahul Meena regarding my flight tickets booking. I found the person really helpful and co-operative. He helped me with all my queries and concerns patiently. Overall I would say it was a satisfying experience. Good to have nice helpful people associated with Indigo. Hope to receive similar convincing experience with indigo going forward! . ..."
VikramaVardhana, April 26, 2011 6E 346, ( Date of Travel: April 02 ) : .................. .I convey my profound appreciation..........
".....I convey my profound appreciation for the customer care cell at Bangalore for having recovered my lost baggage. Special mention of Mr. Vinayak Desai who went out of his way to ensure that my baggage reaches my address "ON TIME" which is Indigo's Mantra.This put an end to my bouts of stress and anxiety. I had lost my baggage on 21 Apr and received it on 26 Apr, courtesy Mr. Vinayak Desai. I express my sincere compliments to Indigo Airlines for its commitment to being "ON TIME" and Mr. Vinayak Desai for putting customer first "EVERY TIME". I look forward to continue this relationship for a long time to come .. ..."
Aaryaman Singh, April 26, 2011 6E 346, ( Date of Travel: April 02) : .................. .I want to share some good ..........
"..... I want to share some good experience with you during my travel by your amazing airliner Indigo from Delhi to Indore. I was a frequent flyer with another domestic airline in past but my travel with Indigo airlines dated 02/04/2011 from Delhi to Indore on 6E-436 has completely changed my perception and now i will be traveling more with Indigo Airlines in respect to any other airline. I am praising Indigo not because of its cheap fares or services on board but the dedication of the staff to make their guests happy at all times. I would really want to mention the name of a staff that impressed me the most at Indore airport, Ankur Ganguli, who was so courteous and polite to assist me during my arrival at the Indore station. By mistake i had gone to the wrong way of the arrival's on deplaning and Ankur was so alert in respect of his work that he guided me with such courteously and politely to the right path of the arrival, and i kept on observing him, he made sure the bags were delivered properly and the passengers were guided properly to the right place. As in few airlines we generally observe that people just throw the bags on the trolleys and hardly take care of the baggages but he was so focused that the bags are put properly so that it reaches the arrival properly.My experience with Indigo was truly amazing and i congratulate Indigo to commence it operations from Indore. Indigo should be very proud to have such dedicated, focused staff like Ankur . ..."
Srinivasa K, April 26, 2011 6E 122, ( Date of Travel: April 17 ) : .................. .I Srinivasa K a frequent traveller..........
".....I Srinivasa K a frequent traveller using your airlines as usual i travelled on 17th April 2011 from Bangalore to Delhi and return on 24th April respectively. This is really a fantastic journey i ever had in your airlines. The time keeping overall service by your staff including inflight air hostess is really excellent. I am very happy to travel with your airlines please keep it up in future also what a pleasant travel. Wah meri indigo! Hats off to you guys . ..."
Sandeep Brahma, April 27, 2011 : February 8 : .................. .I have raised a concern ..........
".....I have raised a concern about my loss of mobile to Delhi staff especially Sunita Singh of Delhi indigo.They responded immediately and within one day i got my mobilephone back. Great Job!! Keep up the good work guys . ..."
Dinesh Khanna, April 27, 2011 6E551, ( Date of Travel: April 27 ) : .................. .I Dinesh Khanna was travelling..........
"..... I Dinesh Khanna was travelling by the Indigo Airlines 6E551 with my family. When we reached Jammu Airport we found we were late. Miss Pallavi really helped us by screening our baggage as the X-ray of the airline was closed she further assisted us by guiding us towards counters and treated us like her own family and requested J&K Police to allow us as on Priority as our Flight was already landed. I would Appreciate Miss Pallavi for her service by Heart it was really nice travelling with Indigo Airlines . ..."
Suman Mukhuty, April 28, 2011 6E318, ( Date of Travel: April 27) : .................. .I happen to travel to India..........
"..... I happen to travel to India on an average of once a month. I generally prefer availing Indigo flights, unless the cost becomes too much of a concern for me. This is because I have always had a pleasant experience travelling on the Indigo flights, more importantly, the on time factor. On the 27th of April, I travelled on 6E318 to Mumbai. I hereby, wish to make a special mention of the entire in-flight crew Leena, Laxmi, Mona and Puravi. They had conducted themselves extremely professionally and had ensured an extremely smooth flight not only for me but for all the passengers on board. Effective service, a welcome smile, a pleasing tone while conversing, addressing any of passengers'requests immediately, etc. all go a long way in making an experience memorable. And this was one of such flights, wherein, everything seemed perfect. Please accept my heartiest congratulations to the entire team for carrying out a wonderful service and making my experience a memorable one. My heartiest congratulations to Indigo airlines dedicated team who recruit such fine people to serve its passengers. This surely does instill a sense of loyalty in the minds of the passengers. Cheers! Please keep up the great work . ..."
Lalson sunny, April 28, 2011 6E 215, ( Date of Travel: April 09) : .................. .Good quality service ..........
"..... Good quality service from call center and wait time is less than one min . ..."
JAnil K. Beejawat, April 28, 2011 6E 554, ( Date of Travel: April 27) : .................. . I wish to put my thanks ..........
"..... I wish to put my thanks and appreciation on record.I was booked on Jammu Delhi flight.A friend gifted me a Glass vase which I thought I will carry as a cabin baggage however due to security reasons it was not allowed from Jammu. When I got to know that it will go as a checked baggage, I lost hope of getting it intact at Delhi Airport.Ms. Kavita a ground staff at Jammu sensed my concern and not only took initiative to repack the gift with extra care, she went out of her way to assure me that it will reach Delhi safely and surely it did. I really want to thank you Kavita and all your colleagues from Indigo.It is people like you who make organizations what they are. Wish you all the best. God bless . ..."
Krupa Shah 29 April 2011 6E 186, ( Date of Travel: April 29 ) : .................. .I had made an online booking ..........
"..... I had made an online booking which I needed to cancel. I called your customer care and I am very impressed with the way the executive patiently helped me with my query. His knowledge of the product and service orientation was really good. His name is Jitendra Singh. Kudos again on the great service in air and off air too! . ..."
Nimit Parmar, April 29, 2011 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: March 18 ) : .................. . It was a pleasure speaking ..........
"..... It was a pleasure speaking with your team member over the phone Manish. I always prefer to book all my tickets online because I feel the standard of support on phone service in India is not up to the mark but Manish proved me wrong. I felt very comfortable booking the ticket over the phone with him. In fact as I was comfortable to book ticket online he helped me to do the same over phone by staying with me on phone for more than 30 min and guided me booking the same online.. KUDOS Manish happy to book tickets on Indigo flight, I am sure my in laws shall have a much better experience on flight as I had experienced it with Manish. Cheers to Indigo Go Indigo!!! . ..."
Ritu Duggal, April 30, 2011 : .................. .I would like to thank Your ..........
".....I would like to thank Your Neeraj Singh and Shiv Anand Sharma at Patna airport, for locating my hand bag which I had left in the aircraft. I would like to thank Bablu Jatti for getting it back to me. Expecting good service from your end in future as well . ..."
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