B. Brindavanam, 01 August 2011, 6E 256, (Date of Travel: July 28): .................. ..On my flight from Bhubaneswar to
".....On my flight from Bhubaneswar to Delhi on 28th July, i incidentally lost my passport. I realized the loss lately and approached the airport authorities first for its tracing. In a pleasant surprise, one of your team members, Manish at Delhi airport informed me about the availability of my passport in his custody. Reportedly, it fell down in the aircraft and one of the crew members aboard, took care of it. Yesterday, i visited your office and collected it, in person. In addition to the crew member concerned (i dont know her name), -perhaps, many members of your team were involved in ensuring its safe return to me. They worked in precise coordination. Such coordination shows that the entire team is concerned and caring for their customers. My sincere thanks to each one them and i apologise any inconvenience caused to you all- due to my own negligence . ..."
Yogesh, 03 August 2011, 6E 242, (Date of Travel: July 24): ......... On 24th July, i travelled form Ahmedabad ..
".... .On 24th July, i travelled form Ahmedabad to Agartala. I started early in the morning from Baroda and reached Agartala in the afternoon; it was tiring journey for me; even though it was my first visit to northeast. During alighting form staircase at Agartala; i did not had that energy; due to long travel. It was noticed promptly by an airhostess Ms. Esha who was standing there. She called me specifically and wished good day with smile. I specifically wanted to mention this as, the kind of hospitality & promptness of in-flight staff is not expected in low cost airlines also to add cleanliness in flight was remarkable. Reverse of this is observed in other airlines by which i normally had travelled . ..."
Dwarakanath R, 06 August 2011, 6E 122, (Date of Travel: August 06): .................. . This is with reference to the service provided by Mr. Robin Mathew .
".....This is with reference to the service provided by Mr. Robin Mathew Kavumkal, on 06th August 2011. My parents aged about 75 years, were travelling to New Delhi via IndiGo flight 6E-142 at 1:45 pm. Due to unforeseen circumstances they were not able to continue with the scheduled trip and had to re-schedule the trip. At this time, they were in deep concern, as their travel to Delhi cannot be cancelled. Air IndiGo team's member Mr. Robin Mathew had come forward to assist my parents at nick of time and helped my parents to get on to the next available flight at 5:00pm on 6th August 2011 and we were able pay for the differential amount very comfortably. My parents were new to the airport, and were lost in the sea. IndiGo team's Mr. Robins support and service will be remembered by us for long. My parents have also communicated via phone about the excellent and relentless service provided to needy passengers by IndiGo team and they were also been assisted till boarding. We would remember the selfless service provided by Mr. Robin Mathew to us and hope that the whole of IndiGo team would be of similar service orientation. At least, we from my family would continue to fly with IndiGo air, without much fear & anxiety. Again, i am offering my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Robin Mathew for the best - on time services offered . ..."
Subash, 06 September 2011 6E 216, (Date of Travel: August 29): ......... On 29-8-11, i travelled by IndiGo
"....On 29-8-11, i travelled by IndiGo Trivandrum-Chennai-Hyderabad flight. Due to some confusion, my baggage was booked to Mumbai. I did realise this at the Hyderabad airport when my baggage did not arrive. But there was an efficient vigilant young customer service agent Mr Augustine George who did all the best to see that the baggage was transported from Mumbai to Hyderabad and go delivered to my place of stay at a guest house in Kanchanbagh-Hyderabad. I had my medicines in the baggage. I got the baggage intact and in good condition. Mr Augustine deserves the best rise for his devotion to duty, concern to the customer, promptness and cool & assuring manners . ..."
Ramesh Katipally, 08 August, 2011 6E 319, (Date of Travel: July 11): .................. .You are just awesome! ......
"..... You are just awesome! I took an early morning service from Hyderabad to Mumbai on 11th July. While getting down at Mumbai, I forgot to pick my iPod. After returning to my hotel, I called up at the IndiGo call centre. The journey from there till the time i got a call back from you guys is just memorable. The way IndiGo handled was fantabulous. The iPod having all my memories is a treasure for me on the move and you have helped me. I and my family appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. IndiGo is just awesome . ..."
Manoj Gupta, 09 August 2011: ......... It had been a great pleasure for me to travel in your airlines ..
"....It had been a great pleasure for me to travel in your airlines. I also enjoyed the delicious cookies served by you along with boarding card on the occasion of celebration of IndiGo five years in service celebrations. Indeed i not only relished the cookies but i also appreciate the timings and schedules for departure and arrival are being maintained by you. Distance, duration, fare etc. After earning a fixed numbers of bonus points, the passenger can be benefited by way of awarding some souvenir or anything which meet your budget also. I am sure with this the frequent fliers will prefer IndiGo airlines. I sincerely wish IndiGo to celebrate such more years and decades successfully . ..."
Fricke Weber Aamalie, 10 August 2011 6E 276, (Date of Travel: August 10): .................. .I travelled with you today from Chennai to Delhi
".....I travelled with you today from Chennai to Delhi. I really appreciate the counter staff who explained me ever clearly about the Indian procedure and i was so amazed when he spoke with me in German. You guys are awesome. I really loved your customer service and i never knew you people will talk in German very fluently. As i was in a hurry i couldn't thank him personally for his information which helped me today in Delhi. Please do convey the boy this message (hallo meinlieber, ichdankeihnen so sehrfr die ur art informationen, die mirsehrviel in delhigeholfen. Gutearbeit Gottsegneeuchmein kind.mitvielliebedeinefreundliche amalie). Congratulate you for really a good job over all . ..."
Gautham, 10 August 2011 6E 275, (Date of Travel: July 31): ......... The IndiGo check in staff at Chennai domestic airport
".....The IndiGo check in staff at Chennai domestic airport went out of their way to help my parents who were returning from an international trip with the baggage details. My parents were not aware of the rules and regulations but your staff was really patient, courteous and helpful enough to guide them through the entire process. Also my mother was accidently carrying a Swiss knife that she had purchased abroad with her. During the security check she was asked to leave it there. Not taking no for an answer my mother went back to the check in counter and the staff there ensured that the Swiss knife was placed inside her check in baggage, which had already been processed. This meant a lot to her as the Swiss knife was a gift from my mother to me. I wish to thank IndiGo for going that extra mile and ensuring a smile on all our faces. Our family will definitely look forward to flying on your airlines henceforth. Thanks once again . ..."
Vikrant Jaiswal, 12 August, 2011: .................. ..I am writing to express my thanks and admiration for the way that.
"....I am writing to express my thanks and admiration for the way that the problem concerning my friends round trip (Mumbai Delhi Mumbai) was dealt with. When i contacted the customer services department on behalf of my friend the person who dealt with the matter was excellent. She immediately offered an alternative flight that solved the problem and option to make additional payment over the counter at the airport when online transaction didnt work. The whole thing was dealt with in a friendly, efficient and productive manner. I was very impressed with the excellent customer service i received. The representative was courteous and informative. This was perfectly acceptable to me and handled very well by customer service. Thank you so much for making this a pleasant experience. In this day and age it seems that customer service is a lost art. Go IndiGo is a welcome exception. Thank you again for an excellent service Pragya, keep up the good work . ..."
Akhil Jain, 13 August, 2011: ......... This feedback is not for any particular booking as when i get chance
".....This feedback is not for any particular booking as when i get chance i prefer to travel with IndiGo. In fact, this is in general and i wanted to communicate it long back. I travel with different airlines but i have not seen such a professionalism in any of the airlines i travel from and that too the youngest airline of India. The best feature of yours is the time punctuality which has been consistent whenever i travel. The 2nd is you in flight attended (air hostess) who are always courteous and also you ground staff which prepare the plane for next flight in no time. Last time i travel by IndiGo from CCU to PNQ via MAA. Also, almost a year back my wife also travelled by IndiGo from Del was PNQ, when she was pregnant and she travelled alone. But she never felt alone as your staff (ground as well as in-flight) attended her very nicely. There is no match of services if i compare with no frill airlines and at many instances you are at par with so called star airlines of count! I wish you continue to provide services like this and grow in the future by leaps and bounds. Also, congratulation and best wishes for your soon to be commenced international sector . ..."
Mankalaphani Bhushan, 14 August, 2011: .................. ..Congrats for 5 years......... experience. It was wonderful to fly with you .
"..... Congrats for 5 years experience. It was wonderful to fly with you 5th year anniversary. I just want to give compliments to entire crew on particular flight from Srinagar to Delhi on 4th August 2011. Crew was very helpful in many aspects. I, my wife and daughter got different seats while returning from SXR your crew taken initiative and requested many of passengers to put us in one row. That really impressed me . ..."
Pulkit Midha 15 August 2011 6E 125, (Date of Travel: August 10): ......... This is especially for your customer care agent Mr. Sameer Rana ..
"....This is especially for your customer care agent Mr. Sameer Rana. I recently called him to help me to modify a booking. I was booking a round trip for my parents but since the return date was different for both of them, i had to book separately, for some reason, the arrival time for my mother's ticket got wrongly captured. I immediately contacted the IndiGo customer care and was serviced by Mr. Rana. He was extremely helpful in making modifications and what was more important to me was the fact that he created an exception and i was not charged the regular cancellation fare of Rs. 750. This means a lot to me. As a customer i really appreciate the employee as well as the company for enabling policies and the empowerment it has given to the team . ..."
Munna K. Gupta, 16 August, 2011: .................. ..I am frequent flyer and have been regularly flying with IndiGo
".....I am frequent flyer and have been regularly flying with IndiGo. I would like to congratulate you for providing fantastic inflight as well as ground services. The crew staff are really helpful and professional especially Sangita Bhagat and team. Because of the commendable service provided by the crew and the ground staff, i select IndiGo over other airlines. The overall flying experience is exemplary. The flight always takes off on time and the crew are always accommodative and polite.M Keep up the good work . ..."
Anoop Vijaykumar, 16 August, 2011 6E 422, (Date of Travel: August 15): .................. .I would like to congratulate IndiGo on doing the important.....
".....I would like to congratulate IndiGo on doing the important things right in air travel, namely, departing and arriving on time. There is a general air of efficiency about your operations, from check-in to boarding and arriving. Keep up the good work and wish you the best with your soon-to-be-launched international operations . ..."
Anil Patwardhan 19 August, 2011: .................. ..I would like to put on record my .
".....I would like to put on record my deep sense of appreciation for your representatives. First, i was informed about a faux pas done by the agency through which i made a booking. There were six bookings for me on the same flight. I was informed well in advance so that i could ask the agency to have the bookings cancelled in time. Today i wanted to check whether the agency had actually done the cancellations. Ms. Sandeepa was kind enough to check for me whether the cancellations were effected. She was very efficient, prompt and courteous! I very much appreciate her assistance! Once again i wish to thank IndiGo and the staff for being so helpful. I wish the airline and its staff all the very best . ..."
Raktim Roy, August 19, 2011 6E 321, (Date of Travel: July 25): ......... It.........s always a nice time flying with your airline every time the......
".....Its always a nice time flying with your airline every time the special care which you provide on board is simply awesome and worth to choose your product, from this email just wanted to thank miss. Payal Thapa, who was the senior flight-attended of 6E 321 on 25th July 2011 which was flying to GAU, she was really polite and co-operative so that i was really pleased with the kind of service she delivered. Cheers . ..."
Nishit Kumar 19 August 2011 6E 125, (Date of Travel: August 12): .................. ..I took a flight from New Delhi to Bangalore ..
"..... II took a flight from New Delhi to Bangalore on 14th August 2011, after a really long time the inflight experience was really good. The crew was very friendly and it did look that they are enjoying serving the customers. Having been on all the major airlines in the country i am happy to see IndiGo's flight experience being way ahead of the others. I hope IndiGo continues to improve and maintain its standard all round . ..."
M Jayaram 19 August 2011 6E 285, (Date of Travel: August 17): .................. ..I had booked a ticket for my 79 year old grandmother .
"..... I had booked a ticket for my 79 year old grandmother who was travelling to CJB. She was really impressed with the airport services personnel at MAA (unfortunately, do not have the name) who volunteered to ensure that she had a hassle free boarding. I am glad to state that IndiGo will continue to be our preferred airline for business or leisure travel . ..."
Navin Arora 19 August 2011: ......... It was a great help from IndiGo people when my parents
".....It was a great help from IndiGo people when my parents who are above 60, were travelling from Kolkata to Bangalore by flight no 156. On reaching Kolkata to their misfortune they found that flight was not operating and the next flight was scheduled later in the evening. It was a tuff situation for my parents as the staffs were neither able to issue boarding pass nor accept the luggage instead were asked to come back after 2pm, they kept on requesting but all went in vain. Anyways a staff name Aparna Sharma was monitoring came to my parents and took them to the manager. It was so kind of her she not only helped my parents getting boarding pass but even guided them for security check and made them seated, even she arranged a seat on the third row....almost before the departure she came back again and guided them to the concerned gate and informed the other staff to help my parents with boarding. I am really very thankful to her for taking care of my parents as they were first time fliers and old too, IndiGo was my last choice whenever i plan a tour now i would change it to my first choice i know i am safe here. Again i would like to thanks Aparna Sharma for her kind attitude towards my parents...." ..."
Pria Parkash, 20 August, 2011: 6E 302, (Date of Travel: August 17): .................. .I would like to thank IndiGo and their awesome ..
".....I would like to thank IndiGo and their awesome staff that helped me out to catch my flight back to United Kingdom on the same day night. I have informed the counter staff that i have a flight to catch and i was so worried whether i would miss the flight but the staff was so enthusiastic and helped me in whatever way he could. He gave me the seats in the front, made my luggage to come out at the first in Delhi. He went and asked his Manager also when i was there, what and he can do further, i was so glad that Mr. Praveen the manager also helped me out in informing the staff in delhi regarding the same. I thank you Girish and the manager Mr. Praveen. Thank you so much to you both. Thank you. I will never forget your help. I will be travelling with IndiGo only here after. I will be coming back to India in Oct., and actually my husband as already booked the ticket from Chennai to Bombay in jet airways for the month of Oct., i made him to cancel the ticket and told him to book with IndiGo. I would love to fly again with you guys. Thank you once again . ..."
Prajot Naik 21 August 2011, 6E 181, (Date of Travel: August 21): .................. ..Well i am a culinary professional working for a cruise line .
"....Well i am a culinary professional working for a cruise line and travel a lot around the world. I have travelled with many airlines over the years (domestic and international) and IndiGo was new to my list but surely the best experience ever. I travelled today from Mumbai to Goa and i enjoyed it to the fullest. The crew, Samipa and Alisha did an outstanding job. It was a busy and short flight but they just managed every little thing with a refreshing smile and a sweet tone in my words i would say "they went the extra mile". Well Done guys, keep it up..... In general, IndiGo is doing very well. I will surely recommend my company to fly our crew by IndiGo. Thank you and god bless all!!!! .. ..."
Amit Guruprasad, 24 August, 2011 6E 125, (Date of Travel: August 22): ......... .Must say, exceptional flying, ........
".....Must say, exceptional flying, particularly during turbulence. I haven't seen better flying in the past 4 years, especially during turbulent conditions. Also, the communication between the pilot and passengers seems new, and different from the routine one. Good going! Keep it up. Cheers . ..."
Sayan Choudhury, 25 August, 2011 6E 523, (Date of Travel: August 15): .................. ..I really appreciate the hospitality of the ground staff at the Chennai .
".....I really appreciate the hospitality of the ground staff at the Chennai airport. And one more thing to add, on 15th August, i couldnt help but notice that the IndiGo staffs were dressed completely differently than the other airlines in the traditional Indian dresses which made them stand apart... You guys made me feel proud as an Indian. Thanks and hats off to you guys. Keep up the great work . ..."
Uday Nadar, 25 August 2011 6E 177, (Date of Travel: August 20): .................. .Trust me not always i write these feedbacks but this time i really want
".....Trust me not always i write these feedbacks but this time i really want to write it, the experience on your flight 6E 177 was truly awesome. I have been on this route with other airlines too without any hesitation i can this was the best of experience which i won't forget for long...the inflight announcements were crystal clear and pleasant to hear, i turned back to see if it was really an auto announcement but to my surprise it was your leading lady on the job...in Hindi as well in English. I wish to give full marks to her for the efficiency. At all times the crew was well groomed with a smile on their face which never faded and working extremely hard to serve passengers on board. Although i didnt have any food on flight but i saw that the trolley was neat & clean and the crew was giving a good service to all passengers... I also liked the magazine "HELLO 6E"didnt purchased anything but the selection of merchandise offered was nice. Also mid time flight updates as how the climate is the route of the cruise mention was also a good piece of info from the cockpit crew, kudos to your training & development efforts. It shows up very well in the way your crew carries them. I am very impressed by the good job. I really feel bad about my bad memory that i didnt remember all the names of the inflight crew. Really wanted to mention their individual names here to let them know they were awesome & can be easily stated as benchmark for inflight service. Please do share my feedback with your crew who were present on 6E that day...once again good job guys. It was a pleasure flying with you :) . ..."
Bikramjit Maitra 25 August 2011: ......... I thought i will share my pleasant experience .
"..... I thought i will share my pleasant experience on 23rd evening at Delhi airport. On 23rd August, i was trying to reach Delhi airport terminal 1 in the evening to catch the 2035 hours Bangalore flight. Because of terrible traffic jam i reached the security check in station with my boarding pass printed online only 12 / 13 minutes before the schedule departure time. The security person told me that i needed to get it stamped at the IndiGo counter. After trying to influence him for few seconds, i went to the nearest counter for the required stamping and i was politely and firmly told by the lady at the counter that, that i was late and i cannot be accommodated in the flight. I requested the lady to give it a try. She (in my anxiety i did not notice the name of the lady) immediately tried to contact appropriate authority first on wireless and then using mobile. After couple of tries she could speak to the person at other side and could persuade him / her to take me in. Then she called one of her colleague, a person from the look of it (again i did not notice the name if he was wearing a name tag) who helps people with luggage at the check in counters. He told me sir you run along with me and i will take care of your luggage and literally we dashed across the airport went through the security in double quick time and went to the boarding gate. All along this gentleman was running with my overnight bag. By the time we reached the gate, a car was arranged and i was whisked away in that car towards the aircraft. As soon as i boarded the aircraft the door was closed and we started moving for an on time take off. It was very important for me to catch that flight on that evening and i could do that because of the extraordinary efficiency and effort of few IndiGo employees. Most important to note is that all this happened without sacrificing the service level efficiency for other IndiGo passengers. I thought i should take few minutes to record this and to say thank you to all who were involved . ..."
Ritik Mathur, 25 August 2011 6E 312, (Date of Travel: August 24): .................. .This is to appreciate the services
".....This is to appreciate the services provided in my flight 6E 312 Hyderabad to Lucknow on 24th of August 2011. This was my best domestic flight experience ever, even if i compare it to big fishes of the aviation industry like jet and kingfisher i couldn't believe that it was with such a grace that the services were provided matching the international standards of aviation services. It was a pleasure to see the captain taking the initiative to bid farewell. Cheers to team IndiGo. Good job done. Thanks a ton . ..."
Nikhil Khanna 25 August 2011 6E 157, (Date of Travel: October 06): .................. ..Yesterday i had raised an issue on inappropriate .
".....Yesterday i had raised an issue on inappropriate resolution to my issue. Would like to thank and appreciate Gurmeet and his customer relations team at IndiGo who not only paid heed to my issue, took pains to acknowledge the genuineness of the case and resolve it to my satisfaction! And to top it all, much before their TAT which i didn't expect. Thanks for the resolution and thanks to the entire team to ensure a happy customer . ..."
Narendra Raj, 26 August 2011: ......... I live in Bangalore and on 24th afternoon at 1:45 pm i was informed
".....I live in Bangalore and on 24th afternoon at 1:45 pm i was informed that my uncle in Mumbai had expired and that the funeral was at 7:00 pm at Chembur. I thought that i would be able to go pay my respects and return back to Bangalore the same day. I was unable to book the tickets online and i rushed to my travel agent to pick up the tickets. I boarded a jet airways flight at 4:30 pm reaching Mumbai at 6:00 pm and had also booked a return IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Bangalore at 8:50pm. After i landed and exited at 6:30. I realized my complete lack of judgement and i walked up to the customer service of IndiGo and asked them if i can make the return flight on time. Mr Reagan understood my plight, he politely and sensibly advised me to reschedule my flight. He went out of the way and rescheduled my return flight to the next afternoon without charging me the additional fare change. However i did pay the standard flight rescheduling charge. I must commend Reagen for his exceptional managerial skills and his ability to take the right decisions quickly. He is a great asset to your airline and i wish him luck and success in his career and life. I would also like to mention that your customer service team in Mumbai is very good. In addition, your pilots always have a softer landing (kiss landing) as compared to other airlines . ..."
Punyasloka Khuntia, 27 August 2011 6E 265, (Date of Travel: August 26): ......... I.........m frequent flier & always i prefer IndiGo .
"....Im frequent flier & always i prefer IndiGo airlines for its best services. Yesterday (26th August) evening while travelling from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore i was getting severe headache and your crew member Miss Chanchal was very instrumental who acted on this promptly. She guided me till destination. At Bangalore i was completely relieved from the pain. Thanks a million to her & you should be proud of such staffs who uphold the spirit of hospitality. Please pass this message to her . ..."
Kirit Patel, 30 August, 2011 6E 154, (Date of Travel: August 31): ......... Recently, i missed the flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad .
"..... Recently, i missed the flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and i would like to by Mr. T Peasant acknowledge extra ordinary service offered, manager at Bangalore ticketing office and Mr. K R Sagar, a staff member in his office. Mr Prasant helped me rebook my ticket on next day and finding transport and accommodation overnight. Both went extra mile to help me in frustrating situation. I am impressed with their professional attitude and personal attention to client . ..."
Banijyot, 30 August 2011 6E 244, (Date of Travel: August 28): ......... I travelled from Ahmedabad to Cochin ..
".... I travelled from Ahmedabad to Cochin. Due to some confusion, my baggage got exchanged with someone. I would really like to thank Ms Rakhi Ravendran at IndiGo airport, Cochin. She not only helped me, but went a step forward to help me out, and calling me back with information. I will prefer IndiGo over other airlines whenever possible . ..."
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