Padarbinda Mishra, 01 December 2011, 6E 257, (date of travel: November 26): .................. ..I just wanted to give some good feedback .
"....I just wanted to give some good feedback for Indigo instead of pointing out the grey areas. . ..."
S Gupta, 01 December 2011, 6E 329, (date of travel: November 23) : .................. ..It was indeed an unfortunate experience and .
"....It was indeed an unfortunate experience and one that left me a bit perplexed. I could not fathom why my luggage, checked in together, reached different locations!! But i do want to mention here that your officer/ manager by the name of JUSTIN at the Goa airport was truly amazing in his professionalism. Actually he went far beyond his call of duty and not just tracked down both my pieces of luggage, but also facilitated in them being delivered at my place of stay promptly. His efficiency and diligence should not go unrewarded/ unnoticed. If there is any way i can contribute to his service record getting a mention of this, please do let me know . ..."
Abhishek Naik, December 02, 2011: .................. ..I recently used your services for the first time and having .
"....I recently used your services for the first time and having flown many times by the rest of the Airlines, I felt it necessary to write this letter of appreciation. I am a Physically Challenged individual, and need a bit of assistance, Indigo staff right from the baggage screening were helpful, the executives at boarding pass counter showed concern and extended help, usually that never happens with any other airlines, secondly while boarding the flight the ramp system to get on to the plane is a lot more convenient than stairs not only for differently abled like me but for all, no doubt it saves operational time as well. Thirdly the whole process right from baggage screening to baggage collection at destination was right on time , it was good to experience such professional services , waiting time at all transaction points was nominal. Hope to use Indigo soon. :) . ..."
Sourav Saha, 05 December 2011, 6E 339, (date of travel: December 1) : .................. ..I Sourav Saha living in Bangalore. On 01 Dec .
"....I Sourav Saha living in Bangalore. On 01 Dec 11 i came to Kolkata by Indigo flight 6E 339. This is not the first time by air, but this time i was little confused in arrival. So i was felling shy to ask anyone what to do. Suddenly one lady came to me and helped me out by all the way. The way Ms. Priyanka Paul help me out on that day, i was just surprised and i really thankful to Indigo team rather Ms. Priyanka Paul. I am travelling back on 10 Jan 12 by 6e 156 CCU to BLR. I am sure that i will get the same service from Indigo team. Once again thanks to Ms. Paul specially and wish her all the best in her life . ..."
Nachiket Nirhali, 06 December 2011 6E 376, (date of travel: February 11) : .................. ..This is in regard to the quick response i got .
"....This is in regard to the quick response i got to my name change request; I am very delighted by the quick & positive response from Indigo team. I would like to appreciate your sincere efforts & going out of way to resolve the issue. This clearly shows how sincerely you try to resolve the small issues with personal attention & i am touched by this gesture and more than anything else i am proud & happy that i choose Indigo. I'm very thankful to the whole Indigo team . ..."
Ashutosh Sandhal, 06 December 2011, 6E 109, (date of travel: December 5) : .................. ..I would like to thank you the Pilot and co-pilot for .
"....I would like to thank you the Pilot and co-pilot for the wonderful landing of the flight 6E-109 on Monday 5/Dec - Delhi to Bangalore flight. The landing was so smooth that I didn't realize that the plane had actually landed without any jerk at Bangalore airport at 9am on 05/Dec. I have been traveling with indigo for quite some time now but this flight landing was the best and would call it as Smooth landing. I would like to thank the Pilot and the co-pilot for this. Please do convey my regards to them . ..."
Ritu Mathur, 07 December, 2011, 6E 141, (date of travel: November 27) : .................. ..I am compelled to write to you .
"....I am compelled to write to you to thank you for the amazingly great service provided to us (me and my grandmother) during our travel from Lucknow to Delhi on 27th Nov 2011. All queries over phone and thru email were promptly answered My 92 year old grandmother (nani) was well taken care of Your ground crew at Lucknow and Delhi were very courteous and kind The flight was on time and the flight crew made us very comfortable. My Nani sends her special blessings to you all. . ..."
Ailia Ahmed, 07 December, 2011 : .................. ..I am writing this feedback form because of .
"....I am writing this feedback form because of the great experience I had with IndiGo last Friday. In Lucknow, I forgot my jacket in the security check up. The fault totally remains with me but since I boarded early I wanted to see if there was any possibility of getting my jacket. This jacket is very special to me. When I informed the in-flight crew, they gave me a positive response and showed that they would put effort into getting my jacket. This effort made me happy. When the flight was closed and the plane was getting ready for flight, I thought that my jacket was to be left in the baskets of Lucknows security. Yet, before I knew it, I received my jacket from a crew member. I am very thankful for the effort, care and heart that IndiGo puts in taking care of customers. Flying is a tough business and losing a special jacket can be a sad thing. Thankfully, IndiGo saved the day. Thank you IndiGo! . ..."
Aditi, 07 December 2011: .................. ..I wanted to write about multiple areas for the .
"....I wanted to write about multiple areas for the airline right from the booking to the fares to the inflight services, indigo has really came up to be the best. And most significant thing is they never fail to abide by their promise of being on time. Inflight experience is again one incredible. Now its one of my regular carriers. ..."
Brendan S. Gillon, 07 December 2011, 6E 176, (date of travel: January 4) : .................. ..This is to compliment you on handling .
"....This is to compliment you on handling a problem. There was an error made in my online booking. I emailed you company about it. I got a phone call within 24 hours from a very helpful and resourceful agent. Thank you very much. I look forward to flying with Indigo. ..."
Vinod Kumar J, 09 December 2011, 6E 132, (date of travel: December2): .................. ..I like to bring it to your notice the excellent .
"....I like to bring it to your notice the excellent service i experienced from the folks at Indigo Airlines at Jammu and Bangalore. My baggage went missing at Jammu during my Bangalore-Delhi-Jammu journey with Indigo. However the composure, presence of mind, swift action by Tushar, Preethi and Rowmika at Jammu Airport is commendable. I truly appreciate their assistance and I am happy that I received my baggage now. Though I was upset that my baggage went missing the way the matter was handled by your team has removed the inhibitions about Indigo Airlines. Thanks and keep up the good work. ..."
Akhil Kesavan 09 December 2011 6E 372, (date of travel: December 4): .................. ..I would like to appreciate the help .
"....I would like to appreciate the help and service extended by Maria Shanthi while I was in an emergency situation yesterday at the Hyderabad Airport. My baggage was mistaken by someone else traveling on the same plane (Indigo - Chennai to Hyderabad 4 Dec 2011). I had reported the matter immediately at the customer service department and lucky to get assistance by Maria Shanthi. She took every step to contact all concerned people and to help me get back my baggage in minimum time and apprehension. Her sincerity and politeness had greatly impressed me, which urged me to drop in this mail. I take this opportunity to thank him once again for his help and support . ..."
Janti Basha, 10 December 2011, 6E 236, (date of travel: February 24): .................. ..I contacted 9910383838 today dated 10.02.11 .
"....I contacted 9910383838 today dated 10.02.11 at 5.30pm Australian time. I forgot to note the customer service operator's name. Compliments to the excellent customer service he provided. I admired his communication skills, excellent greeting & acknowledged my situation, listened & apologised for first operators mistakes (he actually took ownership and put on the Indigo hat). I appreciate his quality of customer service & he made that difference. Thank you Indigo, your staff was GREAT . ..."
Benedict Texeira 10 December 2011 6E 61, (date of travel: December 9): .................. ..I had an extremely pleasant experience dealing with .
"....I had an extremely pleasant experience dealing with your ground staff Miss Michelle who i feel had delivered a good customer service when i actually required. My name is Mr. Benedict Texeira and had a flight from Mumbai to Dubai -19:00 hrs. on 9th Dec 2011 . I was late and reached at the counter at sharp 17.57 and was expecting some rude and sarcastic comments which is normal with most of the airline staff when someone is late. But Michelle was extremely polite and more over provided tips on how to be on time to the boarding counter, the way this situation was handled was something i would like to highlight. I thank you Michele for your kind words and tips you provided to ease my anxiety. I am from a service industry and you have been a good example for me to relate to. Hope to see you soon on the next visit to Bombay in Jan. Merry Xmas and Happy new. An acknowledgment to the email would be appreciated Thanks you Indigo team . ..."
Malhar Anaokar, 11 December 2011 : .................. ..I wanted to document a great experience .
"....I wanted to document a great experience I had at the Indigo counter at the Bangalore international airport. I was carrying a special order cake for my daughter and was to take the BLR-MAA-CCU segment. The cake turned out to be rather large and I requested help from the representative at the counter. I was asked to speak to Mr Naveen, who was helpful beyond belief. After explaining that the package was too big to fit inflight and too delicate to be checked in, after severe rounds my pleas and Naveen hapless to do anything, he suggested that I see if BIAL security allow me through. In the meanwhile, he along with Mr Santhosh had gotten me checked in and had managed a way for me. Naveen waited to ensure that I passed through security and then came all the way to my flight to ensure that my cake and I had successfully boarded and seated. Wow! This is a fabulous example of awesome customer service and Naveen was a simply great! It is because of people like Naveen and Santhosh that I look forward to flying on Indigo more often! Traveling with a huge smile on my face! . ..."
Swaroop Kulkarni, 12 December 2011 6E 136, (date of travel: December 5): .................. ..I Swaroop Kulkarni take this .
"....I Swaroop Kulkarni take this opportunity to appreciate Indigo Airlines (Nagpur) staff for helping me to get my missed luggage from Pune to Nagpur. I was travelling from Pune to Nagpur by Indigo flight 6E-136 on 5th December. I reached Nagpur and i realised that i have missed my luggage at screening point in Pune only. There were two bags containing my clothes and some important belongings. I have informed this to Indigo staff members Miss. Mugdha and Miss. Renuka who were available at the arrival. I told them how important that luggage is for me. They have taken this issue on priority, interacted with Indigo at Pune Airport and confirmed me that they have found the bags at Screening point. They have taken an application / Authority Letter from me for getting that baggage to Nagpur at the earliest. And with their efforts finally next day (Tuesday) morning i got my luggage at 8 am. I understand that if the luggage is not checked in its not a responsibility of a particular Airline. But I really appreciate Indigo staff for helping me and getting my luggage to Nagpur within 12 hours. Indigo is always my preferred airline for travelling and it will always be. Special Thanks to Miss. Mugdha and Miss. Renuka for helping me on priority. Their efforts are highly appreciated . ..."
Vimla Sharma, 13 December 2011, 6E 285, (date of travel: December 10): .................. ..I was on my First ever Indigo .
"....I was on my First ever Indigo flight on Dec 10, 2011 from Delhi to Chennai. I am a wheelchair traveller and came to visit my 88 year old aunt who is recovering from a massive stroke. To cut a long story short. When I reached the luggage carousel to pay the wheelchair attendant I discovered my wallet was gone. I immediately informed ground staff Brinda who first called the aircraft and then the bus and went in person to retrieve my wallet from the bus. She returned it to me in about twenty minutes, saving me a lot of anxiety and worry. I commend her timely action and ask you include a commendation in her file. Thank you. Please confirm receipt of this missive by telephone to my Indian cell phone. ..."
Sai Kumar, 14 December 2011: .................. ..I spoke to one of your executive in call centre .
"....I spoke to one of your executive in call centre name Ms. Chandana today morning regard one reservation. I hope she is new to the process but she gave me such nice and polite assistance. She is the best customer executive i spoke in my life time till now. I want to say one thing every time i asked some query she gave that much good and clear explanation. I am a first time flyer in indigo so i don't know anything about your policy and all but aft spoke to her i think i can come and join your company as a customer support executive like this people only can attract the customers in this competitive world. So keep giving good service like this. I hope Ill get the same experience while traveling in your flight so i am keeping my finger crossed. ..."
Mohammed Kareem 14 December 2011 : .................. ..At this time, there is no other low cost Airline .
"....At this time, there is no other low cost Airline in India that gives reliable service other than Indigo. Im afraid to fly Kingfisher and SpiceJet because they cancel flights like its a cupcake. Go Air don't have many routes and JetLite is a bit on the higher side. I have been flying Indigo for few years now, and the most crucial flight being last year when you landed in thick fog in New Delhi while other airlines cancelled their flights. I cannot express how important it is for travellers to reach their destination especially when they book flight tickets. For all other non-urgent journey, our humble Indian Railways do their job pretty well. I want to appreciate your prompt service and hope you keep it up. Be the first low cost to introduce one. You will be surprised to see how many loyal customers you have. Unless you don't want to know. ..."
Radhika S, December 14, 2011 : .................. ..I read about how you all refused to check .
"....I read about how you all refused to check in Asaram Bapu at the Vadodara airport because he was late. I am writing to congratulate you! Well Done! I have taken Indigo a few times but I am very impressed and am sure to tell my travel agent to book me more frequently on your airlines. Its high time we Indians begin to respect time and punctuality. ..."
Vernon, 14 December 2011, 6E 482, (date of travel: January 11): .................. ..Excellent service rendered by Mr. Faizal .
"....Excellent service rendered by Mr. Faizal who helped me with my bookings. I am very happy to see the patience of the staff to wait till i finish my booking which took me a very long time. And this was my first time in Indigo and hats off to you all and all the best and keep up the good work. ..."
Prachi Vig, December 15, 2011 6E 319, (date of travel: December 13): .................. ..I was flying off to Calcutta from Bombay .
"....I was flying off to Calcutta from Bombay by 6E319. The crew on board was very supportive at all times to me. I was travelling with my 1 year old baby for the first time but the air-hostesses helped me a lot in terms of all means. The whole idea for me to write this is that i personally wanted to provide this feedback to Ms. Vatsala Kuthialia who absolutely exceeded my expectations by providing an extravagant service! I left delighted and that is what the best part is about a journey. She is a real Asset to your firm. I have made up my mind of always flying Indigo since then. ..."
Hasmukh, 17 December 2011, : .................. ..I really appreciate the co-operation from the .
"....I really appreciate the co-operation from the team. and one thing which caught my attention was that one crew member standing at exit, politely requesting to check the bags according to boarding pass, so that nobody can take away others' precious bags from belts intentionally or unintentionally. Keep going.Sent: 15 December 2011 I really enjoyed the service of cabin crew and appreciate their efforts to make the journey very relaxing and enjoyable. Especially, Afrin Sheikh to name, she was very helpful & friendly and made my journey comfortable and memorable one. Thanks to Afrin Sheikh & Indigo for on time service. . ..."
Arup Dutta, 18 December 2011, 6E 342, (date of travel: December 16): .................. ..I was on board the flight 6E 342 from Lucknow .
"....I was on board the flight 6E 342 from Lucknow, coming to Kolkata on Friday 16th. December, 2011. Apart from enjoying the IndiGo experience, I was really impressed to see one of your crew members Ms Isha Patel - the way she has been attending to and serving the passengers on board. She has been respectfully and appropriately communicating with others and demonstrated behaviour that is reflective of true professional conduct. Her courtesy and assistance . ..."
Nishant Johri 18 December 2011 6E 22, (date of travel: December 15): .................. ..I had taken the round trip .
"....I had taken the round trip Flight of Dubai- Delhi (6E 21/22) on 15th Dec. Being a Frequent Emirates flyer, Earlier i was bit worried about the quality of the services being provided by the low cost airline but the way the Indigo staff responded right from check-in to Inflight comfort etc. is amazing. I had liked the seats, friendly behaviour of the staff and food. The best part is time punctuality maintain by the airline, which is rarely seen in any low cost carrier. Moreover changing the flights via internet is also very user friendly. Thanks for the entire great job done. I will fly Indigo more often in future now. Keep up the good work! . ..."
Dr. Richard H. Jones 19 December 2011 : .................. ..On 9 December 2011, my wife and I had a .
"....On 9 December 2011, my wife and I had a problem with an item not being allowed by airport security at Delhi airport, Terminal 3. It was an item that we did not want to lose. We were helped by Mukti Srivastava. She gave us professional, courteous and effective support in getting an extra piece of luggage checked in -- after we had already passed thru security. This was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Mukti's assistance, we now have a VERY favourable view of Indigo Airlines. Please commend her for her good customer service. She is an employee that you do not want to lose! . ..."
Abhishek Kumar, 19 December 2011, 6E 399, (date of travel: February 11): .................. ..I am happy to inform that after online sending .
"....I am happy to inform that after online sending a complaint for not getting itinerary of ticket, I was called back within 2 hours on that very day from your representative and I received my booked itinerary within 10 minutes. I appreciate your prompt response from your concerned team . ..."
Capt. Surendra Bhadauria, 19 December 2011, 6E 311, (date of travel: December 13): .................. ..I inadvertently left my cell .
"....I inadvertently left my cell phone in the side pocket of my checked in hand bag which was not locked. I approached the young guy by the name of Gagan on the counter, probably he was the supervisor. He assured me not to worry and would ensure that cell would be delivered to me in the aircraft. True to his words the cell phone was delivered to me in the aircraft just before the take-off. I could not have imagined this sort of response from any other airline including mine. I appreciate the effort and sincerity of Gagan and the cultural ethos of Indigo. I have posted this on my blog. Have nice flights. ..."
Valerio Fernandes 19 December 2011 : .................. ..Thank you very much for the goodwill gesture extended .
"....Thank you very much for the goodwill gesture extended towards me. I cannot even begin to mention how much I appreciate this gesture - from the monetary aspect, no doubt but equally (or even more) so from the thought behind this gesture. I would like to place on record the fact that Customer service at Indigo not only meets, but even exceeds all the expectations I have had of you. Keep it going and you are sure to reach the top . ..."
Dr. Nellori 20 December 2011 6E 309, (date of travel: December 16): .................. ..I would like to express my appreciation .
"....I would like to express my appreciation to one of your finest staff at Hyderabad Airport Mr. M.V Girish Kumar. We had left behind our video camera and digital camera on our Flight from Lucknow to Hyderabad on December 16th 2011. This camera contained several memories to our first trip to the see the Taj Mahal and other wonderful places with our daughter. Mr. Girish was very professional. He followed due protocol and asked us several questions to determine that we are the rightful owners of the items. He was thoughtful, considerate and respectful. I am truly grateful for all his help . ..."
Tahmeed 21 December 2011 : .................. ..I really appreciate your hospitality. Few .
"....I really appreciate your hospitality. Few days back my brother who returned from Jidah after performing haj boarded your flight from Delhi to Srinagar. He told me that, the ground staff of IndiGo are very cooperative and they really helped me a lot. The best thing about them was that they should great respect for ZUM ZUM (holy water which every haji brings from Makah) which i was carrying. The weight of zum zum can was not included in my luggage. Thank you for this hospitality. ..."
Ashok Sharma, 22 December 2011, 6E 212, (date of travel: December 20): .................. ..I travelled on the above Indigo flight from .
"....I travelled on the above Indigo flight from Delhi to Vadodara. The inflight service was excellent. Travel crew, especially the Captain Air Hostess, were very warm, hospitable, elegant and efficient. Take-off and landing were silk smooth. Wonderful experience, would like to go Indigo again. Congratulations . ..."
Dilip Kr. Khiroria, 22 December 2011.: .................. ..I travel mostly Lucknow-Kolkata-Lucknow .
"....I travel mostly Lucknow-Kolkata-Lucknow and Lucknow-Delhi-Lucknow so many times in a year; if Indigo seat is not available I can compromise with my travel date but no compromise with any other Air Company/Services. East or West Indigo is the best . ..."
Fletcher Franklin, 23 December 2011, 6E 276, (date of travel: December 17): .................. ..I travelled on 6E 236 from Chennai to Delhi .
"....I travelled on 6E 236 from Chennai to Delhi on 17th Dec 2011. The in flight attendant Ms. Doretta's announcements were excellent, warm, informative, and new and proved that she takes her job seriously and loves to do new things. Example - She addressed even the little children on the plane apart from the elders. She also mentioned the languages which the air hostesses on that flight spoke. She gently reminded that people must save their work before closing their laptops! Superb and excellent Doretta you are a great asset to Indigo. On my return trip from Delhi, a certain flight was late. Indigo was so very apologetic and repeatedly ensured that no passenger was kept in the dark about the delay. Your flights are also clean and bear a fresh look. Your red competitor would do well to learn from you . ..."
Chennaidilip Timblo, 24 December 2011 6E 329, (date of travel: December 22): .................. ..On Thursday, 22nd of December I was flying by Indigo .
"....On Thursday, 22nd of December I was flying by Indigo airlines flight no 6E-329. On that flight an old lady was fumbling for breath and then an announcement came over the speaker system that if there is any medical professional they could please come forward because somebody was in need of medical attention. However, nobody came forward. The stewardess named Swati grabbed the oxygen cylinder and applied the oxygen mask to her face and very soon the lady became all right. She must have descended after me. I, congratulated Ms Swati on her versatility and I promised her that I would write a letter. This is just to let you know that I found Ms Swati to be very stable, very able and a very capable stewardess . ..."
Mayank mehta, 24 December 2011 6E 31, (date of travel: December 10): .................. ..I am mayank mehta traveled by indigo flight 6E 31 .
"....I am mayank mehta traveled by indigo flight 6E 31 on 10th Dec and i am pleased by the service rendered by Aakash Deep, a customer service provider at international airport at terminal 3. Me and my wife were above to travel by 8th Dec to Kathmandu from delhi but due to improper identification proof i missed my flight as i was informed that either passport or voter's id are the valid id proofs and we had neither of it and had only driving licence for the same. We went to service desk and informed about it to them that we are not able to travel due to improper id proofs and hence asked Aakash deep to book the tickets for 10th Dec 10:55 am. We insisted Aakash to try to arrange for the refund of the money for the missed flight as much as possible and Aakash ensured to try for the same. He understood our problem and tried to help us as his best. We are really pleased by his revert on the issue and also appreciate for his sincerity towards his work. A WOW to Aakash Deep! . ..."
Suhas Gopinath 24 December 2011: .................. ..I wish to introduce myself as Suhas Gopinath, Chairman .
"....I wish to introduce myself as Suhas Gopinath, Chairman and CEO of Globals, and Member of World Bank's ICT Adv. Board, Washington D.C. I am writing this to recognise and appreciate Indigo Airlines' commendable customer service. Yesterday when my flight from Delhi to Pune on Kingfisher was delayed almost by 1.5 hours, and was about to miss my connection to Pune to Nagpur at 1615 hours on Indigo, your staff at Pune ensured I am on board, they facilitated smooth transfer post my arrival from Delhi and since my baggage couldn't get loaded on Pune-Nagpur flight, they sent it promptly today morning. As soon as I landed in Nagpur airport yesterday night, your Executive Ms Renuka Mall met me at Baggage Claim area, greeted me and she was already informed that I was the last passenger to board the flight at Pune and my baggage was left. She immediately facilitated and ensured my baggage is delivered to me today morning which was extremely crucial for me as I had business meetings. Ms Reunka Mall also followed up via phone to ensure my baggage is picked up and is in good condition. She's gone the extra mile and supported me. Credits to your company's leadership and staff training! . ..."
Shailendra Gupte, 25 December 2011 6E 203, (date of travel: December 22): .................. ..This is to commend Sumiti Shrivastava, posted .
"....This is to commend Sumiti Shrivastava, posted at the Indigo air Kiosk at the Arrivals section at Kolkata Airport for her exceptional help in getting back my Canon camera which I had inadvertently forgotten on flight 6E 203 on 22.12.2011. I was travelling with my family, including my mother in law on flight 6E 203 from Delhi to Kolkata on 22/12/2011. On the flight my mother in law lost consciousness and was revived thanks to the calm & professional support of the airhostesses to a doctor who luckily was seated in a row behind my mother in law. On arrival, we were deplaned on priority. However in the rush I forgot my camera; something I realised only as I was about to board the car to take her to the hospital. I rushed back in to terminal & lodged in my complaint to Sumiti who was on duty. I must say she was calm, focused & most reassuring. A couple of hours later she contacted me that the camera had been located (the craft had then gone on to Nagpur) & the next day I was re united with my camera. This is to commend Sumiti for her professionalism. I am a frequent flyer around the world (have 3 gold frequent flyer cards) & this must count as my best example of customer service . ..."
Shariq Azim, 26 December 2011, 6E 332, (date of travel: December 23): .................. ..I had booked a passenger Shahnaz Siddiqui .
"....I had booked a passenger Shahnaz Siddiqui 6E 332 on 23rd December from Goa to Delhi. The request for a wheel chair & porter, both during departure from Goa and in Delhi were taken care of and the passenger was at ease with the service provided by the airline. I would like to thank you for this level of understanding and commitment towards guest satisfaction. Thank you once again . ..."
Varun Rathore 26 December 2011 : .................. ........... .Guys your commercial .
"....Guys your commercial is awesome.............. Im loving it . ..."
Bhupat Kanani, 27 December 2011, 6E 212, (date of travel: December 27): .................. ..I, Bhupat Kanani take this opportunities .
"....I, Bhupat Kanani take this opportunities to thanks executives of indigo who have support very well to my parents during boarding at delhi airport today morning for flight 6E 212. I am really impressed with the support and service provided by indigo, look forward to use your service in future. ..."
Sunita, 27 December 2011, 6E 156, (date of travel: December 23): .................. ..I traveled from Bangalore to Ahmedabad .
"....I traveled from Bangalore to Ahmedabad on 23.12.2011 by Indigo Flight - 6E 156. As the Ahmedabad and Bangalore teams know, my Acer Tablet-Laptop got left in the security tray at the Security Check at Bangalore Airport on 23rd Dec, 2011 due to the chaos of festive season. I realised what had happened after I boarded the flight. I was deeply concerned as the airport was jam-packed due to festive season and my heart sank as I realised I had little hopes of getting my laptop back. I kept my calm and hoped that my instincts would prove correct. My instinct told me to trust and have faith on Indigo Airlines - the airlines I always preferred to fly on the Bangalore - Ahmedabad - Bangalore sector for the safe take offs and landing. They crew assured me smilingly that all would be well and I would get my laptop. I trusted them. On Christmas day 25th Morning, within a span of less than 48 hours Santa Claus in the form of Indigo Airlines delivered my Acer Tablet - Laptop all packed safely into my hands. I am so overwhelmed that I feel the need to send this out and I sincerely hope that it is read by one and all right up to the CXO level as I know each of you must have contributed to making this airline into what it is today! The best in the country! I as a common Indian feel the immense pride of knowing that there are people within my country who are doing a great service to this nation to all of us with the greatest level of honesty and dedication. I feel very proud to be an Indian for the way Indigo Airlines in perfect co-ordination with BIAL and CISF has handled the whole matter so professionally and meticulously in less than 48 hours. I would like to salute all of you and pay my sincere respects and honour to an organisation with a bunch of fantastic people who are dedicated to providing world-class service to its people and customers. I have had the privilege to travel by the very best airlines in the world but I am happier traveling by Indigo Airlines as I rate it better than the very best for its honesty, professionalism, service, dedication and ever smiling faces of the crew. I am sure as much as we are elated having world-class airports we would be happier to have world-class services rendered by our airports and airlines. Keep it up... you are showing the way what India is capable of delivering to the world. It is the way forward... coming from within us... from the people to the people! . ..."
NN Sen, 28 December 2011, 6E 324, (date of travel: October 23): .................. ..A huge thank you to Rimpa Das, your Kolkata .
"....A huge thank you to Rimpa Das, your Kolkata ground crew, who took care of me. I had just got out of a major illness but her care and warmth reassured me. From personally handling my baggage, to getting the wheel chair to the check in, she was an angel. I wish to apologize to that lovely young girl for the delay in my feedback. Please do convey it to her. Thank you Indigo. ..."
Dr Amar Mishra, 29 December 2011 : .................. ..I just want to express my feelings .
"....I just want to express my feelings regarding my travel experience with Indigo. I have travelled about five times in the recent past and always I have found the service of all the staff simply excellent. Hope your airline shall continue this in future. I wish the airline all success . ..."
Bijnu S Thomas, 29 December 2011, 6E 105, (date of travel: December 17): .................. ..I would like to appreciate all services provided by .
"....I would like to appreciate all services provided by Indigo and its staff on my flight mentioned above. My baggage was handled with care. The staffs were very supportive and helpful. The flight experience was great. Indigo will be my first preference when I have to book a flight next time. ..."
Vinod Pathak, 30 December 2011, 6E 274, (date of travel: December 28): .................. ..Being frequent flier with major .
"....Being frequent flier with major airlines , I was amazed to experience the service of Indigo Airlines which I took first time , High degree of attention from cabin crew , Highly motivated , Very neat CABIN and good atmosphere , as a suggestion if frequent flier program can be started , standing ovation to entire crew . ..."
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