Subodh Rao, February 02, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....This is to appreciate the services rendered to me by your airlines. My travel both ways was superb. Right from airport check in to receiving baggage at arrivals I loved the services provided. Ground staff, in flight staff, announcements etc have been fabulous. Am impressed and am looking forward to travelling with you in future. It is really great to have a guy like Alam who helped me with the booking and such good rates with Indigo for my Jammu trip. I am into services too and currently with AOL as a Head of facility. I know what kind of time/energy your employ took to take all my requests patiently and confirmed it. God bless you and you must award these employees with really something nice. Encouragement is recommended a lot . ..."
Vishnu Sureka, February 03, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I would like to introduce myself as Vishnu Sureka from PRAKASH Group of Companies and would like to just say one word; "Thank You Rizwan" Yes, I would like to thank the entire team along with Rizwan for the wonderful act done on Sunday 30th January to help me catch the flight to Nagpur from Kolkata. I was badly stuck with the unknown traffic due to Book Fair and got badly late to reach Airport. I called up Rizwan for help and any amount of words are small to appreciate his act of help to me enabling that I could catch the flight in Very short span of reaching Airport. Just to say THANK YOU to the entire team of Indigo and especially to Rizwan and his shift team at that time . ..."
Gaver Thapliyal, February 05, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....My compliments to your airline on the outstanding work culture you have instilled in your staff at all levels. They are not only great service providers, but also care-givers of a very high standard. These well-worn clichs are normally used in a trite and hackneyed sense. Today, I use them as a truism. I had the misfortune of suffering a bad fall while I was about to board the bus at Departure Gate #10. Providentially, the damage was limited in that I suffered no fracture and could get back on my feet with assistance after several minutes. The impact, however, left me in great pain and shock. I wish to commend the young INDIGO officer who rushed to my aid. I wish I had taken the trouble to ask for or note his name and am sorry I was in no condition to do so. He went to great lengths to ensure I was okay before helping me to my feet. He also assigned a Helper for my cabin baggage and alerted the staff at the aircraft to do the same while I was boarding. Another young officer, who was over-seeing the boarding procedure, was equally attentive and caring. He requested me to step aside as he had summoned the doctor to come and check me up. This was minutes before scheduled departure. I waited a few minutes, then told him I felt confident to board provided I was given an ice pack and pain spray on the aircraft. I was, however, provided with a can of Relispray and given sufficient ice cubes and a duster which I managed to use as a compress for the first 45 minutes of the flight, until the ice melted. I particularly wish to commend the services of Cabin Crew Smita and Indermohan who, throughout the flight, showered me with attention and care. The two other members of your Cabin Crew, Pramila and Lavita, also frequently checked on my condition and needs. Smita ensured I was assigned a Helper to take care of my baggage as soon as we landed, both within the aircraft and at the carousel. I would like to request you to please take the trouble to ascertain the names of the two officers concerned and convey my personal thanks and appreciation individually to them as well as to each member of the Cabin Crew . ..."
Utkalika, February 05, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I want to take this time out to congratulate you for very good on time service. I had a good experience with indigo during my last travel. While other airlines delayed flights saying weather is foggy from Delhi. In reality it was not, Indigo was on time and saved our time. I am really thankful to indigo service. . ..."
K Gopalakrishnan, February 05, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....First of all, thank you Indigo for commencing new services from Trivandrum International Airport to various destinations. Its a great appreciation that Indigo is taking care of Defense personnels & family no other airline yet to come or had came in India even the National Carrier doesnt provide these facilities. I am a retired defense personnel and going forward I encourage all of my retired defense colleagues to travel in Indigo along with their family. Its a great experience and good service moreover meeting on time schedules. I wish Indigo all my heartfelt wishes in the nearing future. All the Best, keep on time . ..."
Amit Jain, February 08, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I would like to pass my appreciation note to all concern for my interaction with one of your team member Pallavi Baroya. I interacted with her on 5th Feb for almost around 30 minutes; I was very impatient because of my flight delays and express the same to her, never in my interaction I found her impatient or in hurry to hang up the call. And in last she told me the she will check and call me back, which is the most conman line I experienced in which they never call back. But she called back along with the solution of my problem. I was highly impressed with the dedication towards job and customer satisfaction . ..."
V N Kala Devi, February 10, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....I wish to put on record appreciation for the effort Mr. Askgar (I think that was the name) at Bangalore airport embankment gate put in to ensure I reached home in time. The flight 6E 155 on 8th was delayed from 11 AM earlier to 1:55 PM. It meant I would reach Kolkata airport at 4:15 PM. I had a connecting train from Howrah at 5:30 PM to Jamshedpur. The next train would be next morning at 6am requiring overnight stay at Kolkata. Getting to the station from airport takes about 2 hours normally. Mr. Askgar volunteered to have my luggage stowed in the last so that I would be able to get it early at Kolkata. Thanks to Mr. Askgar's effort I reached the station in record 1 hour (thanks to my driver too) and helped me reach home at 10 PM the same night. Please pass this appreciation to him. I am happy I chose to fly Indigo . ..."
Vikram Kamala, February 10, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....The pilot Capt Randhawa and co pilot Miss Raveena Thakur were both very interactive.They did an excellent job. The cabin crew was polite and was very friendly. The flight was on time as usual. Thank you very much. Will only fly indigo . ..."
Naila Ibrahim, February 11, 2011: .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....Customer "WOW"!!! Yes, that is exactly what 2 of your call centre executives working today's late night shift achieved. I had been trying all of last night and most part of today morning to book a seat for my daughter from Mumbai to Bangalore on 16th April 2011 but for some reason I was having trouble with the website and could not complete my booking. Finally I sat down past 11 p.m. Today to try again and due to some website or human error (I really cant say which) I booked and paid for a ticket on the correct date but got the wrong flight. Instead of booking the 1355hrs flight I realized that the system had booked me a ticket on the 0615 hrs flight. I was extremely anxious and upset but reason prevailed and I decided to call the Indigo call centre immediately to see if they could help me. To my pleasant surprise I was attended to by a courteous Abhishek Kumar who understood my problem and immediately advised me to hold on till he could get some advice from his team leader/supervisor. Shortly, he put me onto Shyam Singh who also was most attentive and appreciated that I had called immediately on realizing my mistake and as a "customer service" gesture changed my booking to the 1355 flight without any additional cost! I appreciate both these young men for their dedicated customer service and wish this note to be put on their records and shared with their seniors . ..."
Anuradha Shyam, February 11, 2011 : .................. .I am very pleased to see your..........
".....We travelled by Indigo Airlines on the 8th of February from Delhi to Bangalore. We were very happy with the service provided by the staff on board. We would like to congratulate the pilot-she ensured a perfect landing and was very good at communicating details to the passengers. We wish her all the best in her future flights. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
Vishal Anand, February 11, 2011: .................. .I am very thankful to all ..........
".....I traveled from Delhi to Hyderabad on 9th of Feb 2011 from the flight no 6E 309. I lost my wallet on the flight and I realized it when I reached home. It contained lot of important original documents and credit cards and I was worried about it. Immediately I lodged a complaint about my lost wallet in customer care and went back to airport. And on reaching the Indigo outlet, I received my lost wallet. I specially want to thank Mr. B. Hari Babu who found my wallet on flight and all other staff members of Indigo airlines; otherwise I would have lost my wallet back. I wish Indigo airlines and Mr. Haribabu all the best for future . ..."
Kedar Bhide, February 12, 2011 : .................. .Truly impressed by the wonderful ..........
"..... I would like to put on record my appreciation for the support provided by your Airport staff, Mr. Hemanto Kumar Roy & Mr. Rahul Mukharjee at Dibrugarh Airport, on 11th February in my difficult time. I have booked Kolkata- Dibrugarh -Kolkata on website for 4th February and 11th February. Unfortunately when I reached airport, your staff pointed out that my ticket is of 11th March and not of 11th February. Though it was totally my mistake while booking, your above mentioned staff was very courteous and supportive. Though flight was totally full, they asked me to wait till the last moment, if they had any cancellations, and once they had one cancellation, they put me on the same flight. I have to buy new ticket though. So I could catch my onward flight form Kolkata. Thanks to both of them, I could reach my home to Mumbai . ..."
Shahrzaad M Parekh, February 13, 2011: .................. .This is to express my heartfelt..........
"..... I travelled from CCU - BOM on 12 FEB 2011 via 6E-322. At the time, I was carrying as registered baggage a cardboard carton containing a dozen PET plastic bottles of Rose Syrup from Kolkata. At the baggage x-ray screening, one Mr. Sourav (apologies if the name is miss-spelt) was extremely helpful in making me aware of the complexities and pitfalls of carrying liquid materials in a cardboard container. I appreciate his candor as well as his helpfulness in assisting me with the strapping of the box and further procedures. I want to appreciate Mr. Om at the check-in counter. He not only advised me on procedures to ensure that the excess baggage weight was paid for but the box marked FRAGILE was taken care of by Ground Services in an appropriate manner. On arrival at Mumbai, I was happy to recount that NO damage occurred. Many thanks for the close attention paid to me . ..."
Jasbir Dhillon, February 14, 2011 : .................. .Thank you so much for your..........
".....I am Jasbir Singh Dhillon. I am An NRI an often fly with lots of international carrier due to my work obligations. I was on my vacations to India in the month of January. I had to travel to Mumbai, Patna, & Luck now to visit family & friends. When she first told me that it is Low cost Carrier I immediately made my mind not to fly indigo as I have heard bad flying experience from friends on board low cost carrier including the international sectors. However she insisted and I booked my entire sectors on Indigo. To my surprise I find the indigo experience truly amazing and unbelievable specially being a Low cost carrier. The Baggage screening was swift, the check in was fast. The staff at airport was courteous, pleasing & very polite. As I thought that it might be one isolated case of such a good experience there were lot of other surprises in stores for me. The In-flight experience was even more delight. The cabin crew was smart, young, pleasing, courteous, smartly dressed and helpful. I particularly like the hair style/ Wigs worn by the cabin crew. The Aircraft were very neat and clean. I was flying from Delhi during the foggy mornings and to my surprise the flight departure was DOT on TIME. All my flights although they were spread across, north, west & eastern India, had ON time departure & arrival. Overall I had such an experience that I am tempted to write a feedback to you. The services were almost equivalent, in some cases even better than a full cost carrier. The sheer professionalism was reflected by each and every team member. I wish you best of luck for future and eagerly wait for you to start the international sector. You guys are doing a great job and make me proud as an Indian. Indigo has raised the Bar in terms of service and I will for sure in future fly always with indigo and to recommend it to all my friends who usually fly fully fledged carrier. I also observed the extra care taken by the Ground staff lady for baggage lock of one of the pox for Patna Delhi sector (14th Jan). Such kind of professional was never experienced by me before in any part of the world I travelled so far. Although I forgot to ask her name but I was immensely touched by the dedication for the work. I conclude by saying that Indigo is surely the Best carrier for Domestic operations. It was such a delight to fly indigo; I must admit that Indigo experience is an experience which must not be missed . ..."
Sanjeev Saikia, February 15, 2011 : .................. .This is to appreciate the prompt..........
"..... I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the courtesy and help extended to me by Ms. Ramandeep Kaur Team Leader go indigo. I had made a mistake in my booking, and being a medical emergency, I wanted the mistake to be corrected at your end. All my requests on the phone fell on deaf ears, be it the customer care executive or the duty officer, but when I explained the problem to Ramandeep Kaur, she took in all the information, and very professionally ascertained the sensitivity of the problem and helped me out. Kudos to Ramandeep! I will certainly choose to travel by Indigo from now onwards . ..."
Divya Dhawan, February 16, 2011: .................. .I am writing this to recognize the service..........
"..... On 13th Feb 2011, My Grandfather and Grandmother were travelling on flight no. 6E551( Jammu to Delhi).I had got in touch with Miss Neha Basson to help them out to board the flight as in Jammu airport due to Security reasons I could not enter without Ticket. As my Grandfather had a Prepaid Connection of Delhi, hence that was also not function as per TRAI regulation in J&K. Therefore, I could not get in touch with them after they would have entered the airport. Hence they were very anxious because they were OLD and all by their self .The flight was 4 hours delayed due to the weather conditions. But when they landed in Delhi, My grandmother gave me a call requested to me give the feedback to your airport authorities that they didnt know in todays world also people like Neha exist who go an extra mile to facilitate Senior Citizens. She was touched by little-little gestures of Miss Neha which made her comfortable during the time 4 hours the flight was delayed and later made her journey so memorable. Neha Also gave her own Mobile handset to make a call to a relative who was suppose to pick them from Delhi airport. She extended a Hand to support in Luggage check and making it a Delightful journey . ..."
Vikas Sharma, February 16, 2011 : .................. .Thank you for understanding the problem..........
"..... I am really thankful to a girl named Sunaina Sharma. Yesterday night I called at your call centre and I was very disturbed because I was having problem with my PNR, coincidently sunaina picked up my call and I told her the whole matter, after understanding my problem she apologized and said that let see what I can do for you to make things better for you this time and she put me on hold, after gathering all the information of my both the PNR numbers she gave me exact solution. Then I asked her if she can book a ticket for me then she booked my ticket as well .throughout the call she was really very helpful. I think she is such a nice executive of your call centre. Every time I call at your call centre none of your executives are helpful as compared to Sunaina, she really helped me alot. I wish to talk to her only from now onwards whenever I will call at your call centre in future as she is very helpful and very smart . ..."
Sapnajeet Chakraborthy, February 17, 2011: .................. .I would really appreciate..........
"..... My mom called to your customer care today and had a word with Hassan for the amount refund. The way of co-operating with my mom is very fantastic and I am really happy while my mom informing this to me and about him patience. She is 75 Years of old and she is a sick person also. She told him that she wants to make the reservation from Delhi to Chennai for her treatment but she didnt have the card to make the payment. Then the way of co-operating with us is a pethatic. So convey my regards to him and whenever she calling to indigo customer care, kindly transfer the call to him . ..."
Rakesh, February 17, 2011: .................. .I was travelling from Delhi..........
"..... Had a good experience last time when I was traveling from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar via Hyderabad. The way things are handled in general, quick turnaround at airport shows the sign of an efficient airline. You have all traits of a successful airliner . ..."
Goonpreet Singh, February 17, 2011: .................. .My experience with Indigo..........
"..... I would like to thank Indigo staff of Flight no 6e 554 from Jammu to New Delhi via Srinagar on 14th Feb 2011 due to weather conditions flight could not be routed through Srinagar, but before deciding of not going to Srinagar we had to wait for 6 hours in the Aircraft at Jammu. The able and on the task officers of Indigo at Jammu airport particularly Mr. Hitesh and Ms Akriti flight in charge did a commendable job to manage the restless passengers which was almost full. The manner in which Mr. Hitesh kept the smiles on the faces of all passengers by taking care of children and senior citizen at the time of total confusion and chaos calls for a pat on his shoulder. I would recommend to Indigo Management that the able workforce, who understand the need of the hour and bring laurels to the company, should be appreciated and awarded as per your policy. I am really happy with the indigo service and would recommend it for comfortable and on time travel . ..."
Sarang Pandit, February 17, 2011: .................. .I take this opportunity to thank..........
".....My mother aged 65 years undertook her first ever flight onboard flight no 6E-102 from Pune to Delhi on 04 Feb 11. She, despite all her apprehensions on being a first timer and that too unescorted, had a wonderful experience that she would like to cherish. It was largely due to the efforts of your airline ground staff at Pune and cabin crew onboard. Please convey my heartfelt appreciation to your staff . ..."
Nilesh Samant, February 18, 2011: .................. .I would like to convey my sincere..........
".....Thanks we received the baggage on 13th Feb. We would like to appreciate the quick action and response shown by your team at Trivandrum airport. I want to convey a special appreciation for Bipin, Nikesh and Tejas from the Indigo team. We would request you to award these staff members for customer service and customer satisfaction, because of them our vacation plans were back on track . ..."
P.N Mathur, February 18, 2011: .................. .I am a frequent flier with indigo..........
".....I and My wife have travelled from Bangalore to Delhi on 16th Feb. 2011 in the 5.00 pm flight Number 122. We would like to extend our heart- felt Thanks and appreciation to the in-flight crew members for their tremendous efforts and help in locating my wallet on my seat and informing me in the most prompt manner about the same. In fact one of the ground officials specially came outside the airport to hand over my wallet to me. We really appreciate the prompt action taken by the in - flight staff members and would request to convey the same to them from our end . ..."
Chandan Samal, February 20, 2011: .................. .I am quite pleased by your responsiveness..........
".....While booking my tickets on 19th Midnight; by mistake I made the return ticket from Bhubaneswar to Delhi on 1st March, at 7.20 flights instead of 10.10 am in the morning. Then I contacted your customer care and Mr. Kumar Abhishek helped in this regard. He did consider my case favorably and helped me in changing the schedule. I m very thankful to Mr. Kumar for his cooperation and highly appreciate his handling of the mater . ..."
Ajay Kumar, February 21, 2011: .................. .This email is to thank the entire Indigo..........
"..... I had booked my Indigo flight through Yatra, which was a good experience. The airport staff was courteous but I suggest that if the queue gets longer than 4-5 people on a counter, then please open another counter to dissipate crowd. The flight took off on time and the in-flight team was efficient, courteous and helpful. The messages and updates from Crew including pilots was very good (can elaborate if required) compared to other airlines. Flight reached before time which made most of passengers happy. Baggage counter number was also announced before disembarking from flight. Thank you Indigo team. Keep it up! . ..."
Ashwin Gupta, February 21, 2011: .................. .Though I have made it a habit..........
"..... Dear Abninav/Team, With regards to our conversation, I would like to thank you for making my life easy at Kolkata Airport. If I had known that you are going to be so pro-active with my complaint, I would have booked our company conference tickets on Indigo and no Spice Jet. We called over a 100 people from across the country for end of year business conference on the 7th and 8th of February and spent approx 5 Lakhs on other airline. Anyway, seeing what you have done, I have started booking tickets on Indigo again. Thanks again for your help . ..."
Shouvik, February 21, 2011: .................. .During my early travel days..........
".....Dear indigo, I am a corporate & a frequent flier of indigo airlines. I was a bit late & was in a hurry. No one was accepting me for the flight. Then I met with a gentleman named Shouvik. He accepted me & took me towards the security hold area. There was a long queue but he took me inside within seconds. What I liked in Mr. Shouvik was his customer service. I mean the way he talk with me, his positive body language, everything was just what a passenger demands from a customer service executive. Indigo is known for its on-time performances & I think Shouvik is the perfect example of it as the way he took me inside SHA with ease. I & my entire corporate family wish Shouvik a very good luck for his future. God bless him!! . ..."
Amitesh Bhattacharyya, February 22, 2011 : .................. .Thanks for your prompt response..........
"..... I take this privilege to thank the ground staff at the LGB International Airport especially Mr. Arindam Shaw Rongpi. I was delayed by a 15 minutes post boarding time on 20/2/2011 with PNR no. A8G1DN (Guwahati / Kolkata / Mumbai) and almost missed my flight if it wasnt for Mr. Rongpi. Such experiences are rare to me and I could not help but mail a simple "thank you note" to the ground staff. Believe me, in this busy life it feels too good to feel relieved and that's what they made me feel. Keep up the good work and trust me you have only earned one more loyal frequent flyer. For once the ads were true and we touched Mumbai before time .. ..."
Ram, February 23, 2011: .................. .I agree that IndiGo is the best..........
"..... Dear indigo, I have just started flying indigo. I would like to pen a note of special appreciation on your crew Rishika and Chinu on board flight. The above said crew was well groomed, polite, courteous, and displayed excellent hospitality and stupendous customer service skills. In addition they were warm, pleasing and professional and a certain asset to your organization... It is crew like them who make flying with Indigo a pleasure . ..."
Rakesh S Sinha, February 24, 2011: .................. ..Indigo is undoubtedly the best..........
".....II would like to genuinely appreciate the good work done by your airlines in general and two employees in particular. The employees are Pinky and Jawed Iqbal posted at Dibrugarh Airport. I was traveling in flight 6E 205 from Kolkata to Dibrugarh on 22nd, I forgot my book in the aircraft. Yesterday afternoon while I was returning I checked with Pinky, who was in the customer desk, she promptly asked for the name of the book and in no time the book was returned to me by Pinky and Jawed.Thanks a lot and keep up the good work Pinky and Jawed . ..."
Kawita Purohit, February 24, 2011: .................. .We definitely have a very good..........
".....This letter comes all your way to show my thankfulness to your airport ground staff who helped me a great way. I reached airport 20 minutes late (my watch was behind and I was not aware of it). I faced three problems that day and your ground staff managed it amazingly. Problem 1 - like excess luggage was handled brilliantly by Mr. Mahesh and his colleagues. Problem 2 - like carrying a Swiss Knife which got left in my wallet by mistake was taken care of fantastically by Ms. Preeti and Mr. Santos. Problem 3 - I was the only passenger left to board the plane and in that hurry I left my hand bag, a book and my shawl at security check in, this problem of mine was a huge one as I had boarded the plane, but Mr. Lohit Rao handled this problem of mine remarkably, a million thanks to him. He helped me again while taking the flight back from Nagpur to Mumbai with my excess luggage, thanks again to Mr. Lohit. Your ground staff is excellent, very efficient, well trained with a very natural and sincere SMILE and PATIENCE on their face. Because of this timely help and action, I would like to say my thanks to all of them who helped me. Thank you so much, you all have done a commendable and an outstanding work effortlessly with a smile. Keep up the Quality Work going on...!!!! . ..."
Megha, February 24, 2011: .................. .Just to let you know..........
"..... Dear Mahesh Thanks for all your support last night last minute changes by going out of way and blocking seat without credit card details and providing time limit. I really appreciate your efforts in helping me and believing in me . ..."
Ravi Agarwal, February 24, 2011 : .................. .I am writing in to say..........
"..... I wish to place on record my heart-felt appreciation of the wonderful services and exceedingly nice behavior of two flight attendants during my return journey from Kolkata to Delhi on 13th Feb. I am sorry that I can't recall their names but they were on the rear part of the plane. They exceeded my expectations and I really appreciate their concern in resolving my queries . ..."
Sunil Agarwal, February 25, 2011: .................. .People will always compare ..........
"..... I am a passenger who had traveled in you indigo flight 6e194 from Mumbai to Delhi yesterday, and I would like to share my beautiful experience with you my name is Sunil Agarwal and I am 54 years old and was travelling with my wife, and usually I am a frequent traveler of jet and kingfisher and have heard about indigo many times and thought would give a try, and your on-board hospitality is really very nice and you crew members are very helpful and dedicated towards work especially a child my name Lubna (MISS INDIGO) was the badge she was wearing, she was really pretty and was very much dedicated towards her work and she was really helpful to me in getting my wife medicines from my bag which was there in the overhead bin and she even managed to get a hot water for my wife and the main part is that after my wife had her tablets Ms Lubna came to us and inquired about my wife health and was asking about all the problem related to my wife health and after the flight landed she even managed to get our bag from the over head bin and wished us a better luck and also asked my wife to get well soon. It is really nice to see your employees are so dedicated to make passengers happy and comfortable and this girl Ms lubna is really an assets for your organization and even me and my wife decided that we your only fly indigo if we are getting that much of hospitality from your employees. God bless you indigo and please convey mine and my wife regards to you crew member Ms Lubna god bless her . ..."
Ramani, Friday, February 25, 2011: .................. .I have not used Indigo ..........
"..... This is to record appreciation for M Lakshminarayanan, from your call centre. He was prompt, supportive and helpful. He also knew his job well. He corrected an error that had occurred when I booked a ticket on line, which would have lost me Rs 750 had he not been customer-responsive I wish him all the best in his career . ..."
Dipankar Gupta, February 26, 2011: .................. .I traveled yesterday by flight..........
"..... I traveled yesterday by flight No.6E 343 from Bangalore to Kolkata. I am a very frequent flier allover & across the country. My first preference is always indiGo even though I have higher tier membership association with other major airlines. As usual the fight left Bangalore 10 minutes ahead of schedule a landed Kolkata 25 minutes before time. While disembarking the aircraft I could not stop myself from personally thanking each and every person of your cabin crew for all the requests they honored throughout the flight, every passenger made . ..."
Anirudh Kumar, February 28, 2011: .................. .I took the Indigo flight 6E 179..........
"..... I took the Indigo flight 6E 179 from Delhi to Mumbai today at 8.10 AM. I did not get a chance to fill the feedback form (since I was catching up on my sleep :)) and I wanted to take the time out to appreciate the quality of your services. 1. To start, the boarding was started well in time and thus avoided any passenger related delays and gave everyone ample time to settle in. The entire boarding process was seamless 2. The aircraft interiors were impeccable and the music was very soothing and at the right volume 3. The in-flight staff deserves special mention. They were courteous, polite, extremely well groomed and professional, while maintaining an amazing level of efficiency. They made the flight extremely relaxing While Indigo is a low cost airline, you have surpassed in quality and service all other Indian Full-service airlines. Keep it up!! . ..."
Archana Sisodiya, February 28, 2011: .................. .I would request Indigo ..........
".....I would request Indigo to reward Ms. Megha (emp. Code IGA 0319) for going out of her way to assist me during my flight to Delhi from Mumbai. I was down with bad cold and all messed up and asked for some hot beverages, which is not served on your flight. She could have just conveyed that to me and said sorry instead she said she will offer me a glass of hot water with her personal green tea bag and did that, which for me proved to be a great relief. No organizations especially the service industry can achieve heights without their employees living the vision of the company. Request you all to appreciate her so that in turn and only adds to indigo's good will. . ..."
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