Siva Sivasubramanian, January 01, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am deeply indebted to you for saving my family holiday from a disaster. My daughter was carrying our reserve funds in USD while I was carrying Indian currency. She has dropped it in the plane and we did not realize it till you folks called us. I am very touched and moved. You have not only upheld your high personal integrity but also the image of India. India lives in people like you and it will survive the onslaughts of crooked and corrupt politicians. This is the first time we travel with Indigo and I was unsure of my choice. Now that I have experienced firsthand the cool efficiency of your staff and the exemplary integrity and customer focus, I will be singing your praises at different forums. Now I have been sold of a personal choice of airline in India, Indigo. If you could send me your CEO's email address, I would personally write to him about this incident and thank every one of you and in particular Mr Neeraj Ailawadi, Duty Manager who contacted me and returned our wallet . ..."
Hany Babu, January 02, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... Here is a poem my 7 year old daughter Farzana wrote while on board the indigo flight from Coimbatore to Delhi. Indigo is very bright Flying through the sun light. Indigo is very nice It doesn't have any mice. Indigo is very good. But it is not made of wood. I will always fly indigo Anywhere I go. She especially appreciated the service of the stewardess Ms. Shreya who was on board the flight. . ..."
Rajan Sadasivan, 02 January 2011 6E 315, (date of travel: January 02): ......... ..Travelled today from Hyderabad
"....Travelled today from Hyderabad to Chennai and the person booked me wrong seat for my 87 year old aunt,the airhostess Madhuri was courteous and kind enough to seat my aunt in the front of the plane and override the booking; i am grateful for this help tendered to my aunt who had difficulty walking. . ..."
Jatin Tarkunde, January 04, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... .I had flown on the Indigo Mumbai Nagpur flight. I had come to Mumbai after a 14 day holiday in Dubai. My daughter had been throwing up on the 2nd and my son was on antibiotics. I requested your ticket counter lady to help me after explaining that my children were not well but she just said to take the shortest line as others were waiting too. I was really disappointed till I told other Indigo personnel Mr Eric to help me. Mr Eric opened up a new counter and gave us our boarding pass. These are some of the things that make any organization great. Such sensitivities are often required in emergencies. The lady on the first counter was totally insensitive compared to Mr Eric who really went out of the way to help me. My daughter threw up twice after that; once on the plane and once when getting down from your ramp. I apologize for getting it dirty. Thank you for your help. I hope you get promoted for having the needed empathy that people lack today . ..."
Kannan Natarajan, January 12, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I want to express my deep appreciation to stewardess Ms. Amandeep. On our return trip from Hyderabad to Chennai on January 1, my wife developed a painful ear ache as a consequence of nasal congestion. Her pain was rapidly becoming unbearable. Ms. Amandeep noticed my wife's discomfort as I was trying to aid her, and on her own came forward to offer help by way of a hot water treatment. The treatment was quite effective and helped to ease the ear ache. Ms. Amandeep's kindness, compassion, her calm demeanor and skilled responses during what was a personal crisis for us left a deep impression. We are extremely grateful to her. She is a credit to Indigo Airlines. As a result of our experience with Ms. Amandeep I plan to use Indigo Airlines for future domestic travel in India and will heartily recommend Indigo to our friends and family. If all of Indigo's hires are of the caliber of Ms. Amandeep, I have no doubt that Indigo Airlines will thrive. . ..."
Deepak Nayak, January 12, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I would like to commend the entire Indigo Staff for committing themselves to sticking on time for all flights. I travelled from Mumbai to Bangalore and back on 8th January and surprisingly both times the flight landed well before schedule. The flights are always clean and the hostesses are always cheerful. The captains speak fluent and audible English while giving the flight information unlike other flights. I would love to fly Indigo always . ..."
Arivudainambi Jagannathan, January 12, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... First of all 1 million thanks to the management and staff of Indigo for making me happy for the first time in my domestic travel. I have a physical disability; find difficulties to climb the stairs. I have been flying overseas and domestic for the past 15 years, not in any country or airline I have seen such a WONDERFUL, MEANINGFUL, THOUGHTFUL access friendly service. I dont know whose idea is this. But anyways I am grateful to whoever has designed or recommended and not to miss to thank the management to consider the idea and implementing it with motherly care and empathy. I have taken an oath to fly only indigo in India and I read wonderful news that you have placed order for 150 flights, in case you venture into international routes I will take ONLY Indigo. I took Indigo for the first time. I am deeply impressed with this kind of kindness and service. Its obvious you care for the people who travel. You wouldnt believe my lid corners wet with joy of tears seeing a friendly approach of IndiGo. I wanted to write to the team as soon as I come from Kolkata, but I was caught up with the series of meetings. However I had it written in my task list, no matter how long I stay in Office that I vowed to write to you IndiGo to thank you for making my life easier and happy. I am sure there are many like me out there happiest customers of IndiGo, if not the disabled at least the old ones would feel the same too. Just a gentle request please has a re-look at the bus, its all nice, but it has three steps, its the only thing that bothered me, couldnt climb as there are no support like hand railings. Otherwise I am the happiest person on the earth seeing the physically challenged people friendly access to the aircraft. Wishing all the best for the airline to prosper and be successful to serve us and make our trip a memorable one. Thanks again a billion times . ..."
Arjan Narbad, January 15, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am writing to complement you on the service you provided during our recent flight from Poona to Ahmedabad on 28th December 2010. I am from UK and travel on many different airlines each year for business and leisure. This year I and my friend Rasik Chotai booked an Indigo flight through The ticket was very affordable and as I had not travelled with Indigo before I had assumed that the service would be similar to many 'no frills' airlines we have in UK. Therefore it came as a complete surprise when we travelled with Indigo. EVERY single member of your team in Pune and on the flight was exceptionally professional. The young man who placed our luggage through the security check in Pune was extremely polite and handled our luggage with care (instead of throwing it on the belt!!!). Then a young lady came with an electronic device and gave us our boarding cards. And the gentleman who checked in our luggage was also very friendly and professional. Eventually when we were boarding the plane both staff members greeted us and apologized for the slight delay. On board the new plane it was a pleasant journey and air stewardesses were again very friendly and very professional. The pilot kept the passengers informed of the flight progress and reassured them with humour when he had to abort the take off because a dog had strayed onto the runaway. It was truly a 5 star service with very affordable ticket price. Congratulations and when I return to India next year I hope to use your services again . ..."
Amit Kumar, January 16, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for Mr Nadeem, representative of Indigo Airlines for displaying commendable sense of honesty and integrity. At Srinagar airport, I misplaced my purse containing Rs 27,000. As the purse didnt contain any credit cards or address, I was not hopeful of getting the purse back. It is really commendable on Mr. Nadeem's part that he with the help of my photograph in the purse located me after 40 days and handed over the purse. He has set an example of a person with high moral values. I want to put on record that Indigo Airlines have such great, honest, sincere & dedicated people as part of their team. I would like to wish you all great success for being the number 1 Airlines in the country and such persons like Mr Nadeem will help you to achieve greater heights . ..."
Sanjay Pradhan, January 16, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am Vice President for the World Bank in Washington DC. I am writing to express my appreciation for outstanding service given by Mr. Rupesh Singh, Assistant Manager AO & CS in Patna Airport, and by Mr. Nadeem, Indigo's Mumbai staff. I was a passenger on Flight 6E 341 on January 2, 2011 from Patna to Mumbai. I was traveling with my elderly mother and her nurse, and we had a very short connection in Mumbai. Mr. Rupesh Singh was extremely helpful in making arrangement for my mother and us to be met at Mumbai airport and taken to our connecting flight -- thanks to his efforts and the help of Nadeem, we were able to make our tight connection, without which it would have been very hard for my mother who was on wheel chair. I am writing to express my tremendous appreciation. . ..."
Pramesh Aurora, January 17, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I refer to my travel on Indigo airlines and more so my reservation(s). A little more than 2 hrs before the flight I was intimated from Delhi that I require to carry certain official documents without which the entire purpose of my journey would not have materialized. I spoke with your reservation agent (who reluctantly parted with her name as Ms. Rashmi Bhandari) but between my call and the requirements of punching the details of my credit card, the two hour limit expired! On explaining this, your Ms. Rashmi Bhandari made considerable efforts, even after she failed to reach her supervisor and ensured that my reservation was changed to the later flight, albeit at the applicable charges which were happily paid. It is rare that telecommunication services listen and understand the predicament of such situations and while she could have fulfilled her duty by regretting her ability to make this change, she expended the effort to be of service for which I write this letter to call your attention to such exceptional employees. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any further details . ..."
Sambhu Nath Ray, January 18, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... A group of our esteemed dealers from Kolkata were flown to Guwahati for a Business Meeting on 17th evening and the same was a grand success in the chilling evening at Guwahati. All of them were also blessed having opportunity to visit Maa Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati on 18th morning. The group of 30 dealers had booked by the evening Indigo flight for Kolkata. Despite their leaving Guwahati city at around 3.15 PM (flight departure is 6.40 PM), they found it difficult to reach airport on time due unprecedented traffic jam en-route. It was difficult for us as well to make it faster. We got in touch with your Mr. Rajeev Medhi of Guwahati and it was so nice of hearing from his end that they will try their best to accommodate all the passengers to the fullest possible extent and it so happened as well. All our dealers were boarded and left for their Home at Kolkata. It was an excellent goodwill gesture by Team Guwahati of Indigo led by Mr. Rajeev Medhi with true reflection of customer delight. Wish very best of luck . ..."
Alain Willaume, January 20, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I wish to express my deepest gratitude to your staff, your call centre, and the crew and notably at the Kolkata airport, M. Avinash and the local security service. At the end of my flight, I did a heavy mistake: seated at the 6F seat, I forgot my laptop in the flap of the front seat. I only realized this 4 hours later. I called your customer central service to inform about my problem. After two attempts only, they connected me directly to a Mr. Avinash at the Kolkata airport. After my anxious report, this gentleman asked me very clearly all the details to guide his research at the security service. He then called me back only 15' later to tell me that my laptop (+ return ticket and a book) was at my disposal at the airport. So, 2 hours later I could meet him personally, accompanied by the security officer. After I expressed to them my gratitude, they told me very modestly that they only did their duty. Please do convey my greatest satisfaction to the IndiGo Company and to the mentioned persons about my experience and feedback: instead of turning into a personal disaster, it has been mostly appreciable in terms of honesty, kindness and efficiency of a chain of a well trained staff . ..."
Faheem Agboatwala, January 24, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....I was travelling Indigo 20-01-11 6E185 seat 24A from Delhi to Mumbai I forgot my credit card wallet while disembarking at Mumbai. Within a few minutes I got a call from Shrutika informing me that it was found. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to have received that call. No wonder indigo is Indias fastest growing airline! I appreciate the attitude of both Shrutika. Kudos to your team! . ..."
Kamlesh Dash, January 24, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... Thank you very much for the safe custody and shipment of my laptop which I had left in the security check-in area in the Bhubaneswar airport. I received the laptop in the Bangalore airport on Sunday. Your support was indeed a big relief for me as the laptop contained all my official data. Cheers to you! . ..."
Archana Rai, January 24, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I am writing to express appreciation of Sunanda and Snikta working at the airport. I arrived from Bangalore by the 7.20am flight and found that one piece of my baggage was missing. Between the 2 ladies, they very efficiently managed to locate the baggage and hand it over to me. Their follow through and genuine courtesy towards me impressed me. Keep up the good work and please convey my best wishes to the employees concerned. I wish them the very best in their career . ..."
Somnath Misra, January 24, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... I wanted to appreciate the help I received from one of your colleagues Uma Maheshwar Rao on 21st of Jan. I was a little worried as I called in for help and Uma kept me assured all through the call that my request would be attended the right way and would be resolved soon. He kept me engaged even when he put me on hold a couple of times by giving me a status update when the hold was getting a little longer. That was something I never experienced talking to any customer service folks in the Airline Industry from time to time. Importantly this was a fabulous overall experience for me after having spoken to various domestic customer service folks from different companies and their support organizations all through these years. Uma was standout and I just wanted to call out his efforts and let you all know that you have a champion resource in your team. And off course Kudos to the team as well- Uma set a standard that folks around can follow . ..."
Patrick Gangte, January 25, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... IThis email is in regards to an appreciation that I wanted to inform you about one of your supervisors. I had a word with Mr. Puneet Wahi the supervisor and would like to appreciate his effort as he was patient and very kind to me and the customer service that he gave me was so surprising and unexpected. If everyone is like him over the phone then I hope the airline will also grow more and more as a call centre is the first point of contact and it is the customers first impression. I will suggest my friends and family to fly with indigo. . ..."
Kushal Shah, January 25, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....It gives me great pleasure to write this letter to your company. I would like to refer to my recent experience with Indigo flight 6E 482 from Bangalore to Vadodara on 21st January 2011. The in-flight team was lead by Ms. Ahanya Nanda. I would like to appreciate and thank Ms. Nanda and her team for the excellent customer experience they delivered to me and many others on the flight. I observed that Ms. Nanda herself was thoroughly enjoying her job and was smiling throughout the flight. She and her team members very passionate about their jobs and delivering the best experience to the passengers. They interacted with many passengers during the stop at Mumbai for one hour and made most of the customers laugh with their wit. After 10 years of frequent flying experience in India and abroad, I would like to rate Ms. Nanda and her team as the best crew I have met so far. Congratulations to Indigo for having such employees! I am a delighted customer for sure and it has a long-lasting impact. . ..."
Sunita Thomas, January 26, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
"..... While traveling through your airline I had missing my coat with many of my valuable thinks but due to your employee Mr Gurcharan Singh. I was able to get all my thinks as it is than for I want to thank you all for the kind approach especially thanks to Mr. Gurcharan singh who helping me as my brother. I also thanks to indigo air line staff and members to release my tension and my best wishes to indigo for great success and become no one air line in not in India but also in international level. Thanks with love and lot of wish . ..."
Sacchidanand Bhide, January 27, 2011 : .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....We had booked a two nights/three days holiday package for Goa through your Get Packing Holidays. We want to convey a big thank you to your ground staff at Mumbai Airport and Goa Airport for taking care of us. We were informed that we were the second couple on your package. All the flight attendants were also very helpful and polite. The hotel we stayed in Fortune Regina Select was very comfortable and their service was excellent. We felt the price was really Value for Money. I am sure with your excellent service standards you will be able to attract many more tourists for your holiday packages. Thanks once again to all of you at Indigo . ..."
Vishnu Vardhan, January 28, 2011: .................. .I was happy to know that..........
".....This message is for Mr. Sandipan who was employed in Kolkata airport dated 22 December 2010 between 5.30 PM IST on security and baggage counter. Not sure if you can locate his identity with such little information provided by me. I wanted to recognize his excellent sense of customer service on my travel to Bangalore from Kolkata. I would like to appreciate his stand for integrity on not allowing me to carry holy Gangajal in luggage. Mr Sandipan also suggested me an alternative to consign holy Gangajal and has gone an extra mile to help me in do so which showed his genuine respect for my religion. He demonstrated a very strong integrity to Indigo with an extraordinary sense of customer service and keeping my religious sentiment. I am extremely happy and satisfied the way you serviced my needs. Great job done! Your service certainly made me a permanent customer of Indigo. Thanks a ton once again. . ..."
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