Vishal Puri, 01 July, 2011, 6E 61, ( Date of Travel: October 19 ) : " I had the privilege of booking ..........
".....I had the privilege of booking a holiday for Dubai on Indigo flight/s. While doing the online booking from the Indigo website, I remember filling out the details of passengers (my family). However due to some error my wife's name appeared in passenger 2 as well as 3 instead of my son's name as passenger 3. I informed your reservation centre and spoke to Mr. Sourabh. He told me it was against the company policy for a name change. However he grasped the situation quickly and told me he will forward my request to the concerned dept. and I was asked to enquire after 24-48 hrs. Then again I checked the web site and it was updated as Palakh Maahir instead of Ms. Palakh Puri and child Maahir Puri. Then I called the toll free number again and spoke to Ms Sunaina Sharma, who was courteous, polite and very helpful. She did the needful immediately and saved the trauma of cancellation and re booking whereby the whole charm of getting a ticket to Dubai for 10,000/- would have been gone. Indigo is really in good hands with staff like Sunaina and Sourabh. Indigo has definitely won a permanent customer today and I am sure to put in a good word in my small little world as well. Thank you INDIGO!! . ..."
Nilesh Tathawadekar, 02 July 2011, 6E 151, ( Date of Travel: June 30 ) : " I Travelled with IndiGo for the first time ..........
".....I Travelled with IndiGo for the first time. I was amazed with timely departure and arrival and had the smoothest landing ever. Kudos to IndiGo and the Pilot! . ..."
Prashant Dhanke, 03 July 2011 : " . .Dear Indigo Team ..........
".....Dear Indigo Team, Thanks a lot for the care and patience shown to my uncle in the BLR-NGP-IDR flight on 22nd June. My uncle nearly fainted due to food poisoning. The air-hostesses handled the situation really well and we have heart-felt gratitude and admiration for the same . ..."
Ravi Nath, 03 July 2011 6E 194, ( Date of Travel: July 1 ) : " . This is to place on record my ..........
".....This is to place on record my sincere appreciation for the excellent flying of the aircraft done by Ms Sukanya Sukumar on flight 6E 194 on 1st July 2011 from Chennai to Mumbai. She is an excellent pilot and Commander . ..."
Monica, July 04, 2011 : " .I wish to convey a heartfelt appreciation ..........
".....I wish to convey a heartfelt appreciation for Mr. Maniraj, a Chennai airport staff, customer relations. I had dropped my phone on Delhi airport on 12 June and realised it when i was in plane. He went out of his way to get it back from the airport security at Delhi and get it to Chennai for me. It was not his work, but he assured me that it will be done. Many thanks to him! . ..."
Dr. Mohammed Shahzad Syed, 05 July 2011 6E 218, ( Date of Travel: July 3 ) : " .I took the flight 6E 218 from Jaipur ..........
".....I took the flight 6E 218 from Jaipur to Mumbai on the 3rd of July 2011. My flight was a memorable one. This was the first time i flew by Indigo and I must say that your planes have a world class standard. The interior of the plane is simply awesome. The flight was very smooth including the take-off and landing. Your ground staff and the in flight attendants are really very polite and professional. Keep up the good work . ..."
Nidhi Belani 05 July 2011, 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: July 4 ) : " . I would like to bring in the exceptional..........
".....I would like to bring in the exceptional in-flight experience I had on my flight to Ahmedabad from Bangalore to your notice. I was travelling in economy class and was served by Lead Renu Gupta and her colleagues Deepti Damodaran, Sneha Kirola and Mansi Kapoor. They were extremely pleasant to talk to and very professional in their work throughout the flight. It was a quite a demanding flight given a lot of passengers kept pressing call bells but they maintained their calm throughout the flight. Given the fact that there were other passengers to attend to, I never missed a smile from them. They made my journey so comfortable that I would not think of any other airline to fly with in future. I would also like to highlight that the announcements made by the leading lady were very clear and professional at all times. I and other passengers were always made aware of the flight situation and what is the happening around. I appreciate the fact that when she made the announcement to turn the lights to dim for passengers to have rest, they all made sure that they take a round to check whether passengers who are reading need the reading light. I think these small things make a lot of difference. They were excellent in their approach towards me and all the other passengers. She not only took time to take care of me but also anticipated my needs. I did not eat much on the flight and even though it was a full load, they took a moment to check with me if I was feeling fine or the food was not too appetizing. All them at all times made sure they attended each passenger by their names which I believe made my travel a very personal experience. They worked as a team at all times and displayed utmost professionalism. Their dedication towards their work speaks from the excellence in their work. I could never see any stress on their face. I think people like these are real asset to indigo. They are the real reason passengers like me would love to fly with indigo at all times. I think it says a lot about the staff and the airline. This little joy and comforts of travelling make a lot of difference to the passengers and they knew exactly what to do. I always saw them in the cabin taking care of all the passengers specially the elderly. I and the other passengers never had to wait for almost anything. They attended to all passengers request promptly and efficiently. I am sending this compliment today because the experience indeed was so memorable that it has stayed with me even after the flight. Thank you to the above mentioned crew for making my in-flight experience with Indigo the best and ensuring me that it is indeed the coolest airline . ..."
Dr. Gaurav Bhagra, 05 July 2011 : " .I wish to appreciate Mr Pawan Kumar ..........
".....I wish to appreciate Mr Pawan Kumar. My father had to reach Jammu as we received shocking news of my chachas sad demise in morning. Due to some change in programme related to cremation in Jammu, I had to modify booking for my father's flight with Indigo- One sector cancellation and one sector date change. He looked into the entire history carefully and saw what all things could be refunded. What I particularly liked, that he went extra mile just to get refund for our meal voucher. Overall, he not only understood the problem in one time but executed it very well. I would like to appreciate the entire call centre for being quick in answering calls as I have had a bad experience with Kingfisher. Their call wait time is 11 Minutes till the call get disconnected and one has to retry calling them, so you can imagine how harrowing tele check-in would be. Thanks once again. Keep it up! Buddy, you definitely made a lasting impression about indigo airlines in my mind at least . ..."
Serajul Arfeen, 06 July 2011 6E 263, ( Date of Travel: July 2 ) : " I am pleased to write this feedback ..........
".... .I am pleased to write this feedback for IndiGo airlines and its staff at Hyderabad airport. On 2nd of July 2011, I got to know that my flight to Lucknow got delayed by more than two and half hours. When I reached the airport, my tension increased when I came to know it will be more delayed as I need to change the flight in Delhi. I had to reach to Lucknow before sunset on that day. Mr. Jagdeeshwar (Customer Care Officer at IndiGo office in the airport) came to my help and I am highly thankful to him that he arranged my ticket via the Mumbai flight to Lucknow and I was able to reach there by 4:30. He was prompt and understood the situation I was in. As soon as I reached the Check-in counter, Mr. Taranjeet Singh (not sure of the name, but Sardaar ji) delighted me the way he offered me boarding passes, both from HYD-BOM, and then BOM-LKO together. Nothing unusual but I noticed an extra care he showed while talking to me. Thanks to him. Last but the best, and this was icing on the cake, after relieving from so much tension that now I will be able to reach my destination on time, when I boarded the flight and took my seat, the music being played was of my favourite genre and I was able to hear one of the concertos from god of western classical music Johanne Sebastian Bach! Thank you so much for this experience I had. This is how you make good image for the brand with the PEOPLE you have in your airlines. Kudos!!! . ..."
JAshok Chaudhury 06 July 2011 : " It gives me immense pleasure ..........
".....It gives me immense pleasure to communicate to you that I have been a frequent Indigo traveller as I enjoy the defence concession, in most of the sectors that I have been to, I am yet to see a very competent staff as Rahul Gupta of your Lucknow Team. I suggest that you could use his professional approach and courteous behaviour as an ideal model for your in house training . ..."
Anso Jacob, 07 July 2011 6E 244, ( Date of Travel: July 7 ) : " My parents are travelling ..........
"..... My parents are travelling today on the above said booking reference from Mumbai to Cochin. Since they are new to Mumbai airport and also were having some language barriers I asked your counter executive Manpreet / Harpreet (A sardarji- I forgot the name, he was at counter from 9 o clock onwards today) to help them to reach the boarding gates. Immediately he deputed a boy and escorted them till boarding gates. I am extremely happy with the service provided by Manpreet. Though he was busy he could manage for all these and trust me he got the real customer caring attitude and needless to state that he is an asset for your company. All the best to this guy and Indigo!! . ..."
Mukesh Varma, 07 July 2011 : " I Thank you so much for patience ..........
"..... I Thank you so much for patience, Great Help, its nice talking to you, u have really good product knowledge and moreover good customer handling skills, without your help my pending file would not be completed so easily. I really appreciate your work. Keep it up . ..."
Sankar Mondal, 07 July 2011, 6E 135, ( Date of Travel: May 17 ) : " Thank you very much..........
".....Thank you very much. I received the Travel certificate in less than 24 hours and it served my purpose. Its really an honour to fly in such airline. Thank you once again Indigo . ..."
Radhika Prasad, 07 July 2011 : " I would like to put in a word ..........
".....I would like to put in a word of appreciation for your employee - Mr. Hasan. I got a call from IndiGo team confirming the cancellation of a flight that my daughter was to catch. I did not have the PNR as I was travelling. Mr. Hasan went out of his way to locate the PNR no. and accommodate us on another convenient flight at no extra cost. He was extremely helpful. This letter was to express thanks to him for his services . ..."
Shikha Bagaria, July 08, 2011 6E 286, ( Date of Travel: July 3 ) : " On a recent flight from Coimbatore ..........
".....On a recent flight from Coimbatore to Kolkata (via Chennai, dated 03.07.11); I left my shawl in the aircraft on the Coimbatore-Chennai sector. I noticed the loss just before boarding the Chennai-Kolkata flight, and upon boarding I informed the airhostess (Leading Lady, in your case), not really expecting that my shawl would be found. To my immense surprise and delight she brought it to me within 10 minutes. It is highly commendable that not only was the shawl retrieved by your staff but that it was so quickly located and brought to me on the flight. Many congratulations on your brand of service!! . ..."
Anjula Kumari, Jul 12, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: June 12 ) : " My parents were travelling..........
"..... My parents were travelling on 12th June on 6E 191 from Patna. Somehow they got late as check-in counter was closed and ground staffs were not ready to accept them on flight. My mother was so worried. I spoke to her over phone as i was in Delhi. I spoke to Mr. Bablu Jatti and requested him to help my mother as she was traveling for the first time. He somehow managed and agreed to accept one passenger. I confirmed for my mother. Mr. Dheeraj was very helpful and he did great job. I wish to send a note of appreciation to the indigo staff especially Mr. Bablu Jatti who managed to handle the situation very nicely. I am grateful to that person who did not lose his cool. He really deserves appreciation. Please pass my token of appreciation to Bablu Jatti and Dheeraj and thanks for the wonderful service . ..."
Hemanth Rao, 12 July 2011 6E 276, ( Date of Travel: July 11 ) : " Congrats!! I have just today..........
"..... Congrats!! I have just today completed two round trips from Lucknow to Chennai within a week for the occasion of my younger sisters marriage. Indigo played a very important part in this considering the fact that arranging and completing a function in Chennai while staying in Lucknow is a huge task. This particular email is in appreciation of a cabin flight attendant named Lakshmi on the Delhi to Lucknow sector. Although I did not have any direct interaction with her, yet in a short period of 45 minutes I observed her high level of professionalism and courtesy. It feels really good to see thorough professional behaviour akin to world class levels in a "so called" budget airline. I am a marine engineer and have travelled extensively around the world and would like to congratulate you on your excellent progress. Please keep up the good show and i look forward to numerous associations with INDIGO! . ..."
Siddhartha Sharma, 13 July 2011 6E 414, ( Date of Travel: June 11 ) : " It was my first time in air ..........
"....It was my first time in air and prior to this journey i was having so many doubts in mind & obviously fear too. But Indigo In-Flight staff made my first journey very comfortable, memorable& awesome. Thanks to all Indigo Staff members for support . ..."
Pravin Kumar 13 July 2011 6E 286, ( Date of Travel: July 3 ) : " .I wish to place on record ..........
".....I wish to place on record the excellent customer care I experienced. On 11th July I travelled from Kolkatta to Coimbatore on an International transit from Dhaka. I carried some liquor which the domestic security check officer at Kolkatta domestic terminal didnt allow to be carried as hand baggage. I was reluctant to part with the item as I was about to gift it. It was huge rush and I could not check-in the item thereafter. One of the Indigo team members Mr.Tajender helped me. He said he will leave the parcel in the Indigo security and someone on my behalf could collect it. When my friend approached airport he could not find the right person to retrieve the parcel. When I decided it is gone, I received a call from Indigo Kolkatta, Ms. Aparna Sharma. She confirmed my identity, checked the package is available and ensured that it reached my friend the next day. The important point is, Ms. Aparna had only seen a pending case and she took it up personally and ensured that it reached me. The courtesy, which I have not experienced with any other airline, was fabulous and I was overwhelmed with a kind of satisfaction! Thank you Ms. Aparna & thank you Mr. Tajendar! My hearty kudos to Indigo Kolkatta Team!!!! . ..."
Ravi Appana, July 14, 2011 6E 487, ( Date of Travel: July 14 ) : " I couldn't manage to bring cash ..........
".....I couldn't manage to bring cash with me on board. I was hungry and asked an air hostess if they would accept cheque or card - and they did not. However, after an hour onboard the air hostess came back to me with a complimentary meal. That was really nice! You guys have your priorities right! Thank you . ..."
Antony,14 July 2011 : " .One of the best airline that i have ever travelled, ..........
".....One of the best airline that i have ever travelled, i have been to many parts of the world and seen many airlines, my choice is always indigo, I always book my ticket in indigo airways be it any domestic travel. The website is so user friendly and the prices are very attractive compared to the competition. I am really a happy customer of Indigo airlines ... good job guys! Keep up the good work! Looking forward for more business with you ... Cheers!!! . ..."
Anand Bajoria, 15 July 2011, 6E 275, ( Date of Travel: July 13 ) : " .Good morning. I was flying..........
".....Good morning. I was flying on 6E 275, from Kolkata to Chennai, July 13, 2011. After about an hour of being air-borne, one of our co- passengers had some medication issues, which called for attention and services of a professional medical practitioner. On board, air-hostesses, made an announcement and they were looking after the passenger concerned. A special note must be made for air hostesses, Ms. Ponnam and Ms. Aditi. They were constantly helping out the passenger concerned, coordinating an on-board doctor. Throughout, rest of the journey they were assisting the passenger, providing comfort to his family, at the same time making sure the rest of travellers were not disturbed, nor a drop if service quality. The rest of the crew members went on with their tasks in an orderly manner. A word of appreciation will be too less for Ms. Poonam and Ms. Aditi. Such team members are an asset to any organization. Good wishes to them . ..."
Rajesh Kabra, July 16, 2011 : " I'd like to take this opportunity ..........
"..... I'd like to take this opportunity to appreciate the services of Mr. Pritam Mukherjee- Assistant Manager, Kolkata. I was not able to travel on the above mentioned PNR, because i had a mild Asthma Attack. His caring gesture was really touching. Not only he instantly got my luggage offloaded from the plane, but also arranged for fast departure from Airport so that i could immediately go to my family physician. Not only him and his team were efficient, but what really impressed me was his polite behaviour, in spite the inconvenience caused by me. I like to convey my best wishes to the entire team of Indigo. You've once again proved to me that why you are undisputed leader not just as low cost airline but in complete Aviation sector in India . ..."
Oliver Mathai, July 16, 2011, 6E 244, ( Date of Travel: July 13 ) : " . My wife and I travelled on your ..........
"..... My wife and I travelled on your flight 6E 244, Mumbai to Cochin on the 13th July 2011. The flight was delayed slightly, what impressed me most was your captain Kapoor who was in command. The manner in which he explained the cause of the delay , what was to be expected in the time ahead and once in the air just past mid- flight of the progress and basic explanation of weather conditions ---it was like listening to a story that I could sense had the whole audience listening in appreciation , it was entertaining ! You should be proud of a colleague like this who is a real good advert for your airline. Incidentally your cabin crew and check in staff were excellent -- as good as any other highly regarded airline . ..."
Kamala Kanta Mohapatra, July 17, 2011 6E 266 ( Date of Travel: June 27 ) : " .The Pilot (I think an Anglo Indian) ..........
".....The Pilot (I think an Anglo Indian) was very much pleasant, interactive with customers- at each landing coming out of his place meeting customers saying something simply does not say about the depth of bonding he is having towards carrying out his job responsibilities, equally reciprocate the love and affection he was having in making the passengers happy to enjoy the great flight from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. We would like to enjoy more flying with him (i have forgotten the name of the pilot) in near future. His intermediate announcement during the entire flight as regards to the happening was also more value added. Please communicate my sincere regards to the pilot- May god give him added strength and vigour to make people fly high and entertained their life..." ..."
Bhupinder Arora, July 18, 2011 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: July 17 ) : " ..I am travelling frequently ..........
".....I am travelling frequently and Indigo is my most preferred airlines not only because of the low cost, primarily because of its on-time performance. Departure and arrival on time always keeps passenger in high spirits, fresh and good mood. With Indigo's on time performance I could reach at my destinations on time and complete my work successfully, and on return reached home comfortably. Good Luck to whole team of Indigo Airlines and I sincerely wish that Indigo performs excellently in time to come as well . ..."
M Srinivasan 18 July 2011 6E 237, ( Date of Travel: July 15 : I appreciate Aradhana; call enter ..........
"....I appreciate Aradhana; call enter agent who helped me in making my journey comfortable and hassle free. She had lots of patience and she knows how to talk to an irate person. I was irritated because of my payment procedure but she handled all the things very politely and with patience. I really appreciate the hard work. Keep it up! .. ..."
Chandan Shewani, 20 July 2011 : I.........m writing to you to share a ..........
"..... Im writing to you to share a very pleasant and happy experience I had with indigo! I had left my phone behind in Chennai and requested the driver to hand it over to indigo airport staff. At the ticketing and reservations i met Saumya and Anand; they were very helpful. And then i got the number of the airport duty manager. And appraised them of the situation and that the phone will arrive in the morning. And i was assured that if and when the phone will arrive it will be sent to Pune Airport from where I can pick that. I reached Pune airport on 18th July 2011 from Chennai at 2300 hours. There i met Mr. Prathamesh and informed him about the phone. He then proceeded to photocopy my id and boarding pass. The phone reached the Chennai airport and subsequently reached Pune (in my hands) in good sound condition. At every stage the staffs of indigo was effective, efficient, courteous, patient and compassionate! Kudos to indigo! For having done not only a brilliant job flying people inexpensively but also securely! Please keep up the good work! :) . ..."
Sayantan Roy, 21 July 2011: " .I had spoken to some customer service..........
".....I had spoken to some customer service agent to modify my booking. I had a very bad experience with the agent and was willing to just cancel my booking and seek services of some other service provider other than Indigo. This employee was not at all confident and for every query kept me in hold. He left keeping me on hold for 15 minutes while I was on the IVR providing my payment details. I had to disconnect and call back only to cancel this time around. Second time around I spoke to Tarun Jain from the Chennai call centre. It was because of him Indigo was able to retain me a customer. I not only modified my current booking, also booked returned flight. I experienced a true customer service. Tarun always kept his cool and patience although I was very irritated with my previous experience. Please convey this appreciation to him, his Team Leader and trainer. Tarun made my day and I will always remember this experience . ..."
Ashish Qudrat, 25 July 2011 6E 142, ( Date of Travel: July 23 ) : " .The entire flight experience ..........
".....The entire flight experience was absolutely great. I think Indigo is the best business example of ruining low cost liner in the entire world and I am not exaggerating. I have seen how to run a flight in right time sorry before time and make it a best flying example. The flight was easy to check in still I believe a little more amicable and helpful team can be kept at Bangalore Airport who can direct me like person who is from small town and knows little of airport like Bangalore, still great service. In flight cabin crew is really great, friendly and the cabin is spotless and sparklingly clean. The flight was before time on all spots and crew made sure the cabin was really clean each time. Real and sincere thanks to everyone. You have made a "goindigo" believer in me. Hip Hip Hurray!! . ..."
Abdul Jabbarriya Zauddin, 26 July 2011, 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: July 28 ) : " . I am happy to bring to your ..........
"..... I am happy to bring to your notice that your Employee's went out of the way to help me reschedule the flight as i had by mistake book an early morning flight for my old age parents. They were patience and also understood my problem. I would like to thank them again for wonderful support and wish them best of luck for future Vertical movements in your organisation. Your team made me lean towards INDIGO for my frequent future travel Plans. Star Employee's - Gaurav Jeena and Sushmita Paul. . ..."
Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay, 26 July 2011 6E 321, ( Date of Travel: June 29 ) : " . would like to whole heartedly..........
"..... I would like to whole heartedly commend the services extended by two of your customer service representatives at the Mumbai airport on the night of June 28, 2011. I had arrived in Mumbai late that night by an overseas flight, and intended to catch the Indigo flight next morning to Kolkata after spending the night in the Mumbai airport. The CSR, whose name is either Mrinalini went out of my way to help me by allowing me to make some calls on her and her colleague's phone (I could not catch the name of her colleague, but he was a very pleasant young man who was at the counter along with Mrinalini) and patiently answering all my queries at that hour. Neither of them had to extend any service to me whatsoever, and could have easily brushed me off. But instead they went out of their way to help me. If these two young people are any indication of the quality of people at Indigo, you have a very bright future. I always fly Indigo when I am in India for your on-time service, but from now on, it will also be because of your customer service. Once again, I sincerely thank Mrinalini and her colleague. You made your organization proud! . ..."
Rahul Arora, 28 July 2011, 6E 41, ( Date of Travel: October 11 ) : " .I would like to thank one ..........
"..... HI would like to thank one of your staff members (Ms. Anishma Sharma) who helped me in getting the indigo tickets booked as my debit card was showing declined. She helped me with extra efforts and with pure customer service skills. It feels good to know that you have this kind of executive in your airlines. Thanks . ..."
Rajesh Rajamani, 29th July 2011, 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: July 28: This morning, I spoke to your call..........
".....This morning, I spoke to your call centre via the toll-free number to know more information about the Cancellation and Re-fund charges. I was promptly guided and explained that the Cancellation charges are Rs 750/- per flight per passenger and the cancellation can be made until 2 hours before the departure. Thanks for the great service. Once again, Thanks to Nalina (from the customer care centre) for the great, accurate, polite and prompt guideline . ..."
Om Prakash Srivastava, 29 July 2011, 6E 309, ( Date of Travel: July 28 ) : " .Yesterday (28.07.2011), I travelled ..........
".....Yesterday (28.07.2011), I travelled from Lucknow to Hyderabad via Delhi by your flight no. 6E 309. I am writing this mail to inform you that I have been thoroughly impressed by the high quality of hospitality exhibited by the airhostesses in general. Especially the quality exhibited by the air hostess Ms Renam during my above said journey from Delhi to Hyderabad was amazing. I have travelled extensively by various airlines in India and abroad and have seen the services and conduct of hundreds of airhostesses but, for the first time, I could see an air hostess who if I describe as perfect would not be an exaggeration. Her way of welcoming the passengers on board, excellent announcing skills in Hindi and English languages, pleasing interaction with the passengers during flight and matchless manners, body-Language as well as smile distinguishes her from rest of the lot. I would give full credit to your training and grooming methods but surely some credit would go to Ms Renam as well as she has achieved a big margin over the other crew members despite receiving the same training / grooming that others have. While I compliment your airline for grooming the air hostesses so well, I would like to convey my appreciations to Ms Renam as well for conducting and displaying herself as an Icon of the airhostesses. I am confident if other air hostesses in your airline also achieve and display the same standard as that of Ms Renam your airline will surely one day receive best Hospitality on Board award too and very soon your airline will make its presence felt internationally with an edge over most of the other airlines operating internationally . ..."
Krishna Rajendra 31 July 2011 : .................. . I record our sincere appreciation ..........
"..... I record our sincere appreciation for the best services and helping hand provided by Sakshi and Neeraj on 15/07/2011 at New Delhi airport. Our above flight was from Chennai and we were to reach Sri Nagar on the same day on your connecting flight. We were four passengers. Due to bad weather at Delhi our flight overflew Delhi and diverted to Jaipur. Consequently we missed our Srinagar flight. Taking into account our Amarnath Yatra, your above referred ground staff excellently handled the situation and arranged for next day flight apart from taking care of our stay. Timely action, help and assistance rendered by your above referred staff made our Amarnath Yatra possible which we could manage to complete on time. Please record our heartiest appreciations by personally conveying the same to Sakshi and Neeraj. We took your return flight only on 16th, from Srinagar to Chennai and i am a very frequent traveller / user of your airline services. Our best wishes for prosperity to your airlines and all the bests to concerned staff too . ..."
Deepthi, 31 July, 2011: June 28..........This was my first flight experience
".... This was my first flight experience which was even more fantastic than i thought it to be and all because of INDIGO :) Thank you so much :):) . ..."
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