Anirban Mitra, June 01, 2011 6E 345, ( Date of Travel: May 26 ) : " .I'd like to inform your good self that ..........
".....I'd like to inform your good self that I, Mr. Anirban Mitra, am satisfied with the customer care services provided by your staff members - Mr. Jagdeesh H.P. and Ms. Renuka D. of your office at the Bangalore airport. Briefly, I was a passenger in the Indigo flight from Kolkata to Bangalore on the 26th May, 2011 (departure time 1035 hours). I had checked in with one main luggage which was noted and carried off by your staff at the NSCB airport, Kolkata. However, when I landed at Bangalore, I found my bag was missing. On informing, Mr. Jagdeesh promptly called the Kolkata office, tried to locate my bag and assured me that my bag would be delivered at my residence. Later on, he updated me that my bag had been located at the Kolkata airport. Subsequently, he (and a couple of your other staff members) returned my bag at my residence at 11.30PM that night. I thank all those concerned for this help . ..."
Gaurav Agarwal, June 01, 2011 6E 106, ( Date of Travel: May 30 ) : " .I flew indigo from BLR to DEL on 30th ..........
".... .I flew indigo from BLR to DEL on 30th of May, flight 106. I must say it was a pleasure right from the word 'go'. I was the first one to enter the aircraft and the senior attendants 'good evening' with a dash of lovely smile was far from the plastic greetings offered by almost all airlines. The body language was perfect and mannerism was infectious. Yes also the uniform is truly gorgeous. Now this shows how passion changes everything. In an era where airhostesses are stone faced or just pretty dolls, you are bringing the charm of flying back into the business. The crew on board that day was Shivani, Ruchi, and Anuradha (I may be missing a few names). One thing that i may suggest you improve is the quality of buses used to ferry passengers back and forth . ..."
Jaganpreet Singh, June 02, 2011 6E 181, ( Date of Travel: June 10 ) : " I would like to share my awesome experience today ..........
".....I would like to share my awesome experience today when I called on your customer care number to make payment for two on hold bookings Thankfully I had a chance to speak to Mr Saurabh who was very helpful throughout the call, and I really appreciate all the additional information provided by him. Talking to him was such a nice experience that I am forced to write this mail to you. He did the needful with utmost zeal and patience which left me with a sweet experience with your call centre again. Earlier also some lady helped me a lot in a stuck case. Your guy deserves a pat on his back and I would like to wish him all the good luck for his future endeavours. Saurabh, Thank you soooooooo very much buddy . ..."
Uttiya Bhattacharyya, June 03, 2011 6E 206, ( Date of Travel: May 21) : " The undersigned travelled by IndiGo ..........
"..... The undersigned travelled by IndiGo Flight Number 206 on 21st May 2011 from Dibrugarh to Kolkata. The flight was delayed by one hour. I had a connecting flight by Jet Airways from Kolkata to Mumbai. Due to the delay, I was about to miss the flight of other airline from Kolkata. The information about IndiGo ETD being delayed by one hour came after we had crossed the security check. While I was very much concerned about by reaching Mumbai on the same day, I contacted Shri Gurucharan Singh. Shri Singh took extra care by co-ordinating with Jet Airways and blocking one seat for the next flight at 2100 hours from Kolkata to Mumbai to ensure that I reach Mumbai on the same day. He also suggested me to take the checked in luggage by hand. Nearly, 45 minutes Shri Singh spent very effective time in resolving an issue of a customer. I sincerely thank Shri Singh for such care . ..."
Yasaswini, June 05, 2011 6E 315, ( Date of Travel: May 26 ) : " .I was travelling from San Francisco ..........
"..... I was travelling from San Francisco to Chennai with Emirates. Due to delays, I missed the connection from Dubai to Chennai and I was re-routed through Trivandrum. I booked myself an Indigo flight from Trivandrum to Chennai and wanted to let my parents know about the change in plans. However, the STD booth in the domestic terminal at Trivandrum was not working and my phone did not have roaming, so I couldn't use it outside Chennai. I asked the airport staff at Trivandrum to help me out and they were really nice in giving me their personal phone. I was able to let my father know that I was flying Indigo. The staff's kindness saved all of us a lot of trouble and anxiety, and I will definitely try to fly Indigo as much as I can . ..."
Charu, June 06, 2011 : " . I am quite a frequent flyer ..........
".....I am quite a frequent flyer and an ardent Indigo traveller. I prefer Indigo as a preferred fight due to a simple fact that it actually takes care of all its passengers. I would like to thank the team for making all my travel comfortable and safe especially during the times needed the most. I would like to quote a personal experience where in I had met with an accident and had to travel frequently with an injured leg last year. To tell the truth, I did try other airlines, but the travel experience with Indigo was the best. The special treatment given by ground staff for helping me board, and take care of the baggage; the caring attitude of the flight attendants and everyone else, making it a hassle free, comfortable and memorable journey during a tough chapter in my life. Whatever marketing gimmicks the airlines sought to, but its only after personal experience one is able to distinguish the best amongst rest, and times like those count a lot. I would once again like to thank the team for Hassel free bookings, Easy check-ins, Assistance in boarding, aboard and de-boarding, extra care taken by ground staff and smooth flights. To strengthen this engagement with the airlines, which is more than anything, is close to my heart, I would like to apply for an airlines cards, if you have any for future flying . ..."
Shirley Gonsalves, June 06, 2011 6E 181, ( Date of Travel: June 06 ) : " I travelled for the first time ..........
".....I travelled for the first time by Indigo flight and appreciate that it reached on time. I would specially like to thank two of your staff members Ms. Sweta and Ms. Vina for having put up a lot of patience with the passenger a young boy who was pressing the call button, maybe 8 - 10 times (seat no. 26 D - the seats were exchanged between the family members). The other passengers were getting irritated on the boy too. But your staff members served them with a smile and a lot of patience. All the best!! . ..."
Ramdas Menon, June 07, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: June 11 ) : " I called your call centre a short ..........
"..... I called your call centre a short while ago to change my return flight on the BOM-MAA sector from 10th to 11th Jun. I had the opportunity to interact with your Ms. A. Benazir, whom I found to be exceptionally efficient, articulate and courteous. Actually I tried to do it on the web under her guidance, but the fare differential did not reflect the round trip fare concept. It was way too high at Rs 3700 instead of Rs 2400 as explained by her. I then tried to make the payment using the OTP of HDFC Bank twice. When these attempts failed, she enabled the web payment with the round trip fare. The entire process lasted about 20 minutes, and she was very professional in her handling of the entire process. I hope you have more people like her in your team. This call can perhaps be made a part of your training module, if I might be permitted to say so . ..."
Vikram Ganpule, June 09, 2011 6E 135, ( Date of Travel: June 08 ) : " I have flown on 6E 135 from Pune to Kolkata..........
"..... I have flown on 6E 135 from Pune to Kolkata on 8th June 2011 and I must congratulate you on 2 things--your punctuality which lived up to your commitment of "on time"--the flight was before scheduled arrival time in fact. The other part was the pleasure of experiencing the skill of your captain on the Vadodra--Kolkata leg. In spite of having flown so many times both internationally and domestic, I am always nervous on takeoff and landing. I must say the landing at Kolkata airport that day was the smoothest I have ever experienced; it was like the plane "kissed" the ground you are indeed fortunate to have someone like that working for you. Unfortunately I cannot recollect his name but am sure you can trace it. I made it a point to thank him but I thought I would also make it "official: by writing in Keep up the good work. I will surely fly Indigo if there is a flight . ..."
Alok Kejriwal, June 09, 2011 6E 187, ( Date of Travel: June 07 ) : " The day before, I flew Indigo..........
"..... The day before, I flew Indigo Flight No 187 from Delhi to Mumbai. I was sitting in the Emergency Seat and Jyoti - a Cabin Crew hostess requested the passengers in the emergency row for our attention to understand how to open the Emergency door if the occasion so arose. In all my countless flights, I have NEVER heard such a PASSIONATE pitch about how to open that never opened door and make sure that the emergency path is cleared! Jyoti told us things like 'be careful - the door is 15 kilos so it will be heavier than you think'; 'remember to throw the door in the front of the aircraft and not at the back' and other such trivia. She was instructing as like a school teacher determined to teach dreamy eyed kids how to tie their shoe laces! At the end of the conversation (and not sermon), I was half motivated to actually stand up, open and throw the door out of the aircraft and then holler to Jyoti - 'Hey Jyoti, check this out.... you will be proud of me'. Thank God I didnt, or I would also be getting a Sun Tan at Tihar Jail! I am old grumpy guy who seldom changes brand loyalty. For me, Jet Airways is where you meet people that matter - Kingfisher is where you meet people who are fun and then its better to just not fly. However, I am beginning to fall in love with Indigo Airlines. Slowly but steadily, i really am. - I like that Indigo flights are always on time. That's nice for predictable travel and hygiene for most travellers. - I really like that everything is available at a price! I love seat no 1 C or 1 D and that just Rs 300 can buy you that throne - so that you can stretch your legs and check out everyone coming in and also access the bathroom like its your own. - I like the food. The Veg sandwich should only be in wheat bread (one is brown and the other white), but it tastes nice. I like it that you can buy beverages and snacks that you want - and you are not forced to eat some idli that drowned in a Sambhar lake 24 hours ago and whose corpse is served to you the next morning. - I like the 'attitude'. I like the 'Hello boys and girls' even though there aren't boys and girls on board Indigo Airlines is setting a new standard of LOW COST products and services. For me, I now travel Budget and yet get the experience almost close to a FCC. Indigo is demolishing the idea that MONEY MEANS QUALITY. Nope. Its SERVICE more than Money that matters now . ..."
Hardeep Singh Bhatia, June 10, 2011 6E 136, ( Date of Travel: May 15 ) : " I am a frequent flyer of your prestigious Airlines ..........
"....I am a frequent flyer of your prestigious Airlines. I travelled on your flight 6E-136 NAG-DEL on 15th May 2011. I would like to appreciate that you have really brought happiness to our lives by operating your airlines to various destinations from Nagpur. The glamour of flying was never so good, you really have a very impressive way and I feel you are a blessing to all Indians. You have a really very caring and optimistic staff. I would here like to mention one name specially Ms. Prakrithi Mathur. She was the crew in my flight, she is really very impressive and I feel she will go a long way. I am influenced by Ms. Prakrithi Mathur especially for the courtesy and warmth she extended to the passenger in the flight. There was couple with infant in the flight whom the counter staff did not gave the seats together and that couple started shouting in the flight as they wanted the seats together but the way Ms. Prakrithi Mathur handled a irate passenger in the flight was very appreciable. She is very polite, optimistic and is very Professional. I would suggest your training in-charge to get your staff trained under this crew Ms. Prakrithi Mathur. I wish "INDIGO AIRLINES" a very Bright Future . ..."
Swaminathan, June 12, 2011 6E 436, ( Date of Travel: June 11 ) : " I travelled in 6E 436 from New ..........
".....I travelled in 6E 436 from New Delhi to Nagpur on 11th June 2011. I would like to appreciate your cabin crew for their wonderful service and support to the passengers on board. The crew is so kind and patient, and managed the flight very well. The journey was a bit with rough weather. But then the Captain himself came to the board and addressed the passengers about the position. The air hostesses were handling the situation very well. On one side, they handled the unrest, due to the bad weather; on the other side they did their job as well. All together, its wonderful travelling with INDIGO. Please pass on this appreciation to all the Cabin crew of that particular flight . ..."
Virendra Taksande, 15 June 2011 6E 436, ( Date of Travel: May 24 ) : " We have travelled with your flight ..........
".....We have travelled with your flight on 24.5.2011 from Srinagar to Delhi, during our security check we have lost our luggage at Srinagar airport which was found later on found by airport authority .That we made request to u to collect the luggage and mailed the authority letter to you. You all gave full cooperation to us made possible to reach that luggage to us, your one of the officer Mr. Imran cooperated us to great extent. He took pain and made efforts, because of his efforts the luggage reached to us. We all are thankful for everything u have done for us .Thanks again . ..."
Rashmi Joshi, June 17, 2011 6E 551, ( Date of Travel: June 14 ) : " . Rashmi Joshi was travelling from Indigo ..........
".....I Rashmi Joshi was travelling from Indigo Airlines from Jammu to Delhi by flight 6E 551 on 14 June 2011. It was my first experience with Indigo i was amazed by the service rendered by one of the Indigo Ground staff Pallavi. She was the first one to approach me at the Departure hall at X- ray Machine. As i was travelling alone with my 6 month old baby she took my boarding pass and Further assisted me towards Counters, Suddenly there was another staff member who told me that i dont have the Ticket of my infant. I felt Helpless but she helped me by taking me to reservations counter and booked another ticket for my child ticket not only for Jammu to Delhi but also for Delhi to Nagpur on other Ticket. I feel Honoured by the excellent service she (Pallavi) provided me by making my journey comfortable from Jammu to Delhi n Delhi to Nagpur . ..."
Indu Balachandran, June 18, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: June 9 ) : " .Dear Indigo..........
".....Dear Indigo I wish to put on record the wonderful care and concern I got from your staff during a recent flight I took, from Mumbai to Chennai. This was on June 9th, 2011, Indigo Flight 6E 191 leaving Mumbai at 1915 hours. I was very sick, but was given such care and comfort, by Amrita, who immediately gave me a medicine and often looked to see if I was alright and needed anything. Also, Shefali too took a lot of care to do the same. I have never ever been treated with such care by any other airline, ever. Even after I landed, and was quite ill collecting my baggage etc, your ground staff, Abdul Rahim near the baggage counter assisted me with a lot of concern. Please note these 3 names: Amrita, Shefali and Abdul Rahim (ground staff) and reward then suitably! I also wish to say that this was the first time I flew Indigo-and I am pleased at your promptness, your staff's manners, etc. I shall try always to fly your airline from now! . ..."
Sanjay Mendiratta 19 June 2011 6E 177, ( Date of Travel: June 10) : " .My name is Sanjay Mendiratta and ..........
"..... My name is Sanjay Mendiratta and I head a MNC in India as a COO in the industry of Telecom. This refers to my above Booking reference no. I was supposed to fly on flight 6E183 from Delhi to Mumbai on 10th June, 2011. My flight was missed, and I was rescheduled at 12.05pm flight the same afternoon. Unfortunately, I was asked to pay Rs. 2800/- for re accommodation. My wallet was Pick-Pocketed and I requested yr duty officer and the Manager to book my ticket, though I would pay by 10.30 am as soon as Banks open. I could not find any help. And there came a messiah in the name of Ms Blesin Kurien, who listened to me, booked my ticket with her own money. This was something, unprecedented and really calls for a round of applause for this lady from Indigo and a letter of Recommendation and promotion. I strongly recommend her immediate elevation, and would like to convey as a peer to you that, I would be too willing to hire her in my Organization in the Client Relations dept. at a managerial level . ..."
Satish Kambrath, June 19, 2011 6E 436, ( Date of Travel: April 25 ) : " This letter comes all your way ..........
"..... This letter comes all your way to show my thankfulness to your Customer Care department Supervisor in Indore, Madhya Pradesh - Mr Shashi Vishwakarma who helped me a great way. Two months back (on 25th April), my parents were planning to travel from Indore to Bangalore in your airlines. While reaching the Indore airport, my father suddenly got ill with nausea and high fever. On informing your customer care department Mr Shashi, who was the supervisor at that time, immediately arranged for first aid medical help. Also he helped me in rearranging my father's ticket to another day and ensured a pleasant and safe journey for us. I am a regular airline flier who has travelled across India and Europe, but it was beyond my anticipation to receive such a goodwill gesture from your airport staff. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to Mr. Shashi from your airlines. His efforts were a true reflection of the high levels of standard that we have come to expect of Indigo Airlines . ..."
Rajan Kalia, 20 June 2011 : " .I really wants to congratulate ..........
".....I really wants to congratulate the management and staff of India's coolest and cheapest airline. We welcome the introduction of your international flights to Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore in September and October 11 respectively, will definitely avail of the same in the days to come. Indigo today is the largest private airline covering most of the destinations in India and now flying outside the country with such attractive fares is indeed like a cherry over the ice cream. Wishing you all the very best for the coming days..." ..."
Shantanav P. Chitnis 21 June 2011 6E 207, ( Date of Travel: June 17 ) : " This mail is to express my appreciation..........
".....This mail is to express my appreciation for your staff and your airline. I was aboard Flight 6E 207 on Friday 17th June, flying from Jaipur to Guwahati. As we approached Kolkata, we ran into a storm I guess a 100 Kilometres from Kolkata. From my window seat, all I could see was clouds. Rain pounded against the aircraft, buffeted by strong winds (the pilot reported a gale with wind speeds of 70km/ hr was lashing Kolkata airport). The aircraft kept going around in circles before it attempted to land, but this was aborted at the last minute and I could feel the aircraft urgently pull up and away to a safer place that I rightly guessed to be Bhubaneswar. Those 30 minutes of flying in the storm must have been one of the most dangerous flying experiences I have ever had, and I admired the pilots for their courage and presence of mind. Despite the most modern of appliances, one cannot overlook that is very human to feel fear when you are tearing through wind and rain, staring at a blank wall of clouds, suspended some thousand feet in the air with the danger of stalling or being flipped around. We landed at Bhubaneswar safely, and while the pilots awaited instructions, in typically Indian style, a section of the passengers pounced upon the pilots. Way back from my seat, I could not make out what was happening, but I did realise that these heroes were being targeted. The cabin crew were not spared either, and I must commend the way crew member Alvina Passanha handled the situation. We left for Kolkata an hour later, through slightly improved weather, and landed safely. This is to put on record my appreciation of the professionalism, courage and presence of mind shown by all of the Cabin and Cockpit Crew onboard. Thanking you . ..."
Antony George 21 June 2011 : " .I along with my ailing mom,..........
".....I along with my ailing mom, would like to put in a special thanks to Rizwan, Abhilash and Shivani for all the care, warmth & attention extended to both of us prior to our departure to Kochi from Kolkata & also to your team in Kochi who took special care of my mom post arrival too. After receiving all the special care from Rizwan & his team, i must proudly say that my mom and I have become frequent fliers with your wonderful airline. We are indeed deeply touched by your team work, your warmth, your care & your work culture. Please accept our appreciation & we both wish you all good luck and hope your team continues to keep up their good work to maintain your position as India's premier airline .. ..."
Bhavesh Fabiani, June 22, 2011, 6E 181, ( Date of Travel: June 17 ) : ......... This is by far one of my best experience ..........
"..... This is by far one of my best experience by an airline for a 5 star quality of service, staff, the feel of the aircraft & above all the punctuality to & fro. I am amazed & completely in affirmation with your claim of being on time. Keep up the great job. You are going to be my first preference airline . ..."
Ayon Chatterjee, June 22, 2011 6E 292, ( Date of Travel: June 21) : " .I was sustaining a fracture in my right..........
".....I was sustaining a fracture in my right femur and was travelling by flight 6E 292 from Chennai to Kolkata on 21-June-11. I would like to thank the indigo airlines staff at Chennai and Kolkata airport as well as the flight airhostess, specially the Bengali airhostess who helped me to get to my seat and giving me a comfort and all the necessary help to make my flight as relaxed as possible. I would be like to know the name and contact no. of that Bengali airhostess who helped me so much so that I may thank her personally for her care. Thanks again for giving me the much required services . ..."
Arun Kumar, June 22, 2011 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: June 15 ) : " .I had the opportunity to travel..........
".....I had the opportunity to travel by Indigo on 15th and 21st June 2011. Unfortunately due to bad health, I suffered a black out in your flight 6E 275 on 21st June and lost consciousness. I write to mention my gratitude to your cabin support staff. It was a girl from North East, whose name I do not know but she was making all announcements, so I believe she was the senior most there. She took all possible care to see that I recovered well from my sickness. Her presence was very reassuring for my wife who was travelling with me and did not know what help to get. I request you to please convey to her my gratitude for her support and care. All I can say after this experience is, "I would make it a point hereafter to choose Indigo as my first flight option, irrespective of the fare". Truly, "when you fly Indigo you are NEVER alone" The crew act as an extended family. Thanks once again, especially for that kind and professionally very sound girl in your cabin crew . ..."
Ojas Purandare, 22 June 2011 6E 134, ( Date of Travel: May 17 ) : " I wish to take this opportunity to present..........
"..... I wish to take this opportunity to present few words of praises for one of your ground staff force at Pune Airport whose name is "Sushma". We are regular travellers of IndiGo airlines and have been impressed every time we flew IndiGo. On the 21st of June 2011 my mother had to urgently travel to Nagpur due to an emergency and I was very pleased with the efficiency, swiftness and cooperative nature of the above mentioned crew member in helping me issuing the booking and addressing my difficulties. On behalf of my family I thank Sushma and the entire IndiGo family for assisting us in our emergency. I wish you guys all the best, especially for the maiden international venture that you have announced recently . ..."
Rajesh Bilwani, 27 June 2011 " Hey Pratibha, First of all, I must say, ..........
"..... Hey Pratibha, First of all, I must say, Im amazed at your customer relations concern. I never expected a call from Indigo for such a trivial issue, but you actually did. It shows that somewhere in Indigos philosophy, customers do matter. And about me choosing to fly Indigo, let me correct you I no longer choose Indigo whenever I fly, rather its my default booking. Some of the reasons why Indigo is my only option: 1. Started out in 2005 with all BRAND NEW Airbus A320s, which means: a. New aircrafts, no safety issue, all new parts b. Airbus A320: the best in class for medium range flights, perfectly serves the purpose here in India 2. Ordering 100 new aircrafts shows the serious intent Indigo has about flying commercially 3. Comes from a business group which has previous exposure to international commercial aviation (if I remember correctly, InterGlobe used to handle airport services somewhere in US). Not unlike other breweries or masala company who suddenly decide to dump their money into this sector, and their customers at the airports! 4. The way your air-hostesses announce with absolute professionalism, the early departure than scheduled time, stating it as Indigo Standard Time. 5. Its recent order of another 180 new A320 NEOs only confirms and reaffirms my faith in this airline. Its a pleasure flying with Indigo! . ..."
Paurush Sharma 27 June 2011 : " There was a mistake in filling ..........
"..... There was a mistake in filling in the name of one of the passenger and there was request to correct it. Muzzaffar was the person handling the query. He did a very good job and helped us from getting into trouble. Really appreciate his help . ..."
BhuvneshThakar, 28 June 2011 6E 215, ( Date of Travel: June 26 ): "..I would like to thank INDIGO for excellent.......... .........
".....I would like to thank INDIGO for excellent services provided to me at Mumbai Airport. I would like to thank personally, Ms. Roxina who was manning check-in desk for the service extended and understanding my requirement as I was dead tired after my journey from Kuala Lumpur to India and wanted a good rest. I am impressed by the way you have trained your personnel and experience I have had with INDIGO. This was my first flight with INDIGO but now onwards, my first preference will be INDIGO and only and only if INDIGO is not available, will chose any other airline for travel . ..."
Samir Tiwari, 28 June 2011 : " .I would like to pen down the wonderful ..........
".....I would like to pen down the wonderful experience I had at Indore airport. Few days back I was booked for Nagpur flight from Indore and I reached late at reservation counter, as I gave my PNR to the reservation staff for ticket printout I came to know my agent has booked me for wrong date. As it was urgency for me, I requested the reservation staff to make the booking for same day. The staff immediately called up the supervisor to change the booking. The supervisor named Hufeza stood as an angel for me. He came and immediately changed my booking for same day, while making the changes he also guided me that I need to keep my photo-id ready as it will be required at the departure gate for entrance. He asked me to rush inside from the gate, before I could reach the gate he was already standing over there to assist me for check in. He came along with me to the check-in counter to make sure that I am getting my boarding card well on time; another staff was issuing me the boarding card, he himself tagged my hand baggage, while other staff informed us to collect the tag from the counter. He escorted me till the security check and till I boarded the coach as well. I keep on travelling frequently on different airlines, but I have never ever seen such type of customer service. I always had a controversy with the airline staff regarding the delay on the flight, but first time in my life I am writing the appreciation mail for airline staff. He has completely changed my perception towards airline staff. I agree Indigo staff delivers the customer service from the bottom of the heart. I do not have the email id of Hufeza. Please send this message to him on my behalf as he has displayed the dynamic efforts and activeness to help me out . ..."
Sathiadas Vincent 30 June 2011 6E 316, ( Date of Travel: June 24): ".. Dr Solomon Vincent, a former professor ..........
"..... I, Dr Solomon Vincent, a former professor from Loyola College Chennai and a social researcher at present. I flew in your airlines from Chennai to Cochi on 24th of June. I left my NIKON camera, inadvertently, while passing through the security in the Chennai airport. On my arrival at Cochin Airport I realised it - while I told of this loss to Miss. Rakhi Rajendran, your staff, she was ready to walk an extra mile with a great concern which we seldom find in any profession, now a days; she called Chennai airport immediately in spite of her very busy schedule and got my camera by the next flight and communicated to me instantly retaining the same in your office at Cochi. On my flight back to Chennai on 29th indigo flight, she handed over to me promptly. At the outset I appreciate and thank indigo for having such an efficient and brisk staff with a concern for the passengers. I am sure she is an asset to your airlines and will add further feathers to your cap. It is not just a word of appreciation; but my wishes too for your Airlines and Miss. Rakhi for a great future. God bless Rakhi and such staff of yours and Indigo Airlines. Let us look forward to have a better world with such better souls. Thanking you I remain . ..."
SS Manjunath, 30 June, 2011 6E 105, ( Date of Travel: June 28 ): ".. I would like to appreciate Indigo Airlines..........
".... I would like to appreciate Indigo Airlines, for the On-time Performance whenever i have travelled on Indigo, my first preference is INDIGO always, recently travelled on Pune - Bangalore Flight on 28th June 2011, very courteous staff, and also very Kind of the captain of the Flight Mr. Thomas to wish all the passengers at the time of de -boarding . The Temperature of the cabin is always well maintained. Please give more connectivity in future so that i can fly In Indigo again. My next visit to Cochin/ Trivandrum in July will be Indigo . ..."
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