Anup, March 01, 2011, 6E316, ( Date of Travel: February 27 ) : .................. .I recently chose to travel..........
"..... I recently chose to travel in 6E 316 from Kochi to Delhi on 27th February. I am very pleased with every one of your staff at the Kochi airport and on the flight i encountered. I am sorry i didn't get their names. Every one of the people i encountered certainly are worthy of high praise. Words fail me as i try to put in words the marvelous experience i had flying with you. Thank you so much for doing what you did . ..."
Ankur Gupta, March 05, 2011 ( Date of Travel: March 04) : .................. .I would like to thank and appreciate Neeraj..........
"..... On 13th Feb 2011, I would like to thank and appreciate Neeraj Alawadi, part of the ground staff team on New Delhi Airport (terminal 1D).While departing for Jammu by IndiGo flight I bought a toy for my niece on the airport and misplaced the bill, since the toy was not tagged and stamped the police officer could not allow it to be taken on board. While I took the toy back from the baby leaving her crying, Neeraj as part of the boarding gate staff not only got a tag for the toy but also ran all the way back to the scan machine, got it scanned and got a stamp on the tag and got it back for the 1 year old baby bringing the smiles back. I must appreciate this great piece of customer care work from Neeraj in stretching out of what was his normal duty and making the journey a wonderful experience. Looking forward to continue flying with IndiGo. Great work from your team . ..."
Janakiraman, March 07, 2011 6E278 ( Date of Travel: March 04 ) : .................. .This mail is being sent to you ..........
"..... This mail is being sent to you to bring to the notice of the management that the handling of the flight by the captain was fantastic and fabulous from take off to touch down. His announcements were excellent and his take off and touchdown was nothing less than marvelous. He had a great concern for the airlines as well as passengers and he was briefing the updates to the delight of passengers and the flight naturally landed before time and the credit goes to the captain. I was extremely happy and i would make it a point in future to take IndiGo because of this experience Please forward to your management that few more pilots of his caliber will take the airlines to great heights. I would be happy if you could forward this appreciation to Captain Patil so that he would know that people appreciate his efforts . ..."
Ankush Adhikary, March 08, 2011, 6E137 ( Date of Travel: March 05) : .................. .I would like to share my wonderful ..........
"..... I would like to share my wonderful experience while travelling to Pune with IndiGo. On 05th March 2011 we had to board an IndiGo flight (6E 137) scheduled departure at 21:45.We reached Nagpur airport at 21:05 in that course unfortunately one of our baggages we found missing, containing our baby s belongings. Then at that time helping hands of Mr. Abhay relieved us and created a wonderful faith on IndiGo. He escorted us and assured that the missing baggage will be sent by the next day. Meanwhile his empathetic statement gave us the confidence and belief that there are still few good men in this society. At the same time he informed and updated my Father and Mother-in-Law who were in panic and helped them when they were at the entrance. Mr. Abhay like a gentleman informed them after the missing baggage reached Pune airport. Please continue the great help and we sincerely appreciate your help and support. When we reached Pune, Namita and her colleagues at the reservation counter helped us to locate our rest of the baggage. The next day i.e. on 06th March 2011 Shraddha and Amit helped us to procure our missing baggage. At the end I would like to thank the IndiGo team for their caring nature, help with empathy and supportive in all respect. Due to this in future I would like to board only IndiGo flights . ..."
Aditya R. Rajan, March 09, 2011 ( Date of Travel: March 17) : .................. .I was flying to Goa on the 17th ..........
"..... I was flying to Goa on the 17th February by IndiGo Air. The flight was delayed by a couple of hours. After boarding the flight and being seated, there was a complete different feeling running through my mind. I didn't feel at all that the flight was delayed. Also there was a very positive energy amongst the CREW. I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by all of them, especially Ms. Priyanka Malhotra for extending her heartfelt services to all the passengers in that flight. I had a great flight and loved the service . ..."
Joms Thomas John, March 09, 2011, 6E182 ( Date of Travel: March 8) : .................. .I just wanted to let you ..........
"..... I just wanted to let you all know that, i really liked my travel with IndiGo Airlines. I have only traveled twice so far, but the services were amazing and the crew was warm-hearted. I really liked the flight 6E182 that i took from Mumbai to Delhi. The cabin crew was lead by Ms. Hema Bhandari and the Captain made a wonderful landing at Delhi which i liked the most. I wish IndiGo Airlines the best and hope to travel with you always . ..."
Samit Misra, March 10, 2011 : .................. .I saw a lot of bubbly and youthful enthusiasm..........
".....I saw a lot of bubbly and youthful enthusiasm (in the job) in your in-flight crew Vandana (specifically) and Neha. The friendly banter was extremely infectious. Vandana was probably the most spontaneous cabin crew i have come across on any flight in the last one year or so. I would like to give full marks to her for making a boring flight journey as lively as she could have made for the passengers. . ..."
Tirthankar Basu, March 10, 2011: .................. .This is to sincerely appreciate the service..........
".....This is to sincerely appreciate the service received during my flight from Kolkata to Ahmedabad rendered by Ratna who was excellent at it. She was very helpful and ensured a comfortable journey. Thank you so much for the hospitality. I greatly appreciate the assistance Ratna and her team provided me . ..."
Alok Daga, March 13, 2011, 6E274, ( Date of Travel: March 12) : .................. .I was a passenger on your Flight 6E..........
".....I was a passenger on your Flight 6E 274 from Kolkata to Delhi on 12th March 2011. After boarding the plane I realized that I had left my mobile phone in the security hold area. I contacted your officer Mr. B. Ganesh Iyer but was told, politely but firmly, that since there was no time left for the Flight to take off I could not go back to the terminal. He also assured me that he would personally try to find the phone and get it back to me. I boarded the plane with a lot of apprehension since we rarely get anything back in India. However, as soon as I landed in Delhi, I got a message from him that he had found my phone, logged it in the register and was sending it to Delhi by the first flight. I went to the Delhi airport today and after some formalities was promptly handed over the Phone. I would like to put on record my appreciation for IndiGo airlines and especially for Mr. B.Ganesh Iyer for handling the situation in such a professional way . ..."
Shreenivas S, March 13, 2011 6E156, ( Date of Travel: March 13) : .................. . I traveled on 6E 156 & 6E 153 ..........
"..... . I traveled on 6E 156 & 6E 153 (Bangalore- Ahmedabad- Bangalore) on 12th & 13th March 2011. I sincerely appreciate the outstanding service provided by Ms. Saini, main flight stewardess who was incidentally on both flights. Being a frequent flyer, I found this lady charming and very highly committed to her work. I saw her helping an old lady to disembark from the aircraft, which most cabin crew do not do. Onward from Bangalore, our flight hardly had 50 passengers while during return, it was packed. She showed the same zeal in both situations. Hats off!! No wonder IndiGo is doing extremely well with such fantastic cabin crew. May her tribe increase! . ..."
Ravindar Kumar, March 14, 2011: .................. .I was at the Mumbai domestic airport..........
"..... I was at the Mumbai domestic airport along with a friend today who had to travel to her hometown for emergency. I would like to appreciate the effort put in by your customer care assistants at the IndiGo booking counter. Unfortunately i don't recollect their names; one of them was Soniya & not too sure about the other girl who replaced Soniya due to shift changes. Both showed amazing patience in dealing with us and our travel department and also managing the customers at the counter. Thanks for the help once again . ..."
Sumit Kumar Satpathy, March 15, 2011 : .................. .I am Sumit, a customer of IndiGo airlines..........
"..... I am Sumit, a customer of IndiGo airlines. I am very happy with the customer care executive named "Shafiq" for his great work in this field. I made a mistake during the booking of ticket and he easily solved my problem. Thanks him for his work . ..."
David Busfield, March 16, 2011 : .................. .I (retired training captain) and my wife..........
".....I (retired training captain) and my wife (recently retired cabin crew manager) were most impressed with your whole operation - on time, helpful staff and clean aircraft. I would particularly single out Arun (duty manager) at Chennai, who was most helpful and polite in spite of being under considerable pressure dealing with passengers . ..."
Manish Vishal, March 17, 2011 6E342, ( Date of Travel: March 13 ) : .................. .I would like to mention here..........
".....I would like to mention here that I am very much impressed with the kind of attentiveness and response provided by Himanshu at Patna Airport. I travelled on 13th March. I missed 2 of my cabin luggages at SHA area. The moment I realized, I informed this to available staff of IndiGo Airlines at Patna Airport. The kind of assurance and promptness provided by Himanshu about the whereabouts of my cabin luggage consoled me, as the articles inside baggage were valuable for me. He diligently guided me for the process of claims from Airport. He went a step ahead when he kept me always updated about how and when I can receive my lost and found articles. He was very professional and humble in this matter. This shows how an employee can add value to the service provided by a company. Because of his promptness in this matter, I could plan the receiving of my luggage. Lastly, I have received my lost belongings. Thanks a lot to Himanshu and never-the-less to another staff Anita at Patna Airport who assisted me in this trouble .. ..."
Deepesh, March 19, 2011, 6E189: .................. .I am a frequent flier with other airlines..........
"..... I am a frequent flier with other airlines. You are an aviation geek, have a passion and the spark to be one of the best airline, this is what i felt today in flight 6E189 after experiencing with warm service of your crew, ground staff and clean aircraft. Most importantly captain and co-pilot did good job. Keep flying high!!! . ..."
Deepak Kashyap, March 21, 2011 6E 192 ( Date of Travel: March 20 ): .................. .I am writing to appreciate the customer..........
".....I am writing to appreciate the customer service of the following three customer relation executives at the Delhi domestic arrivals: Sakshi, Roma and Shashank. Our issue was that we had forgotten our wallets at security check in Mumbai. I was also attended splendidly by the on board staff of the same flight called Rueben. She was very empathetic and polite and offered some free snacks when she realized that we have no money, due to the loss of the wallet, to buy food and drinks. The above mentioned Customer Service Executives were more than kind and generous to hear our issues and solving it for us. They also offered us water to drink and a sincere smile to comfort my tense and anxious nerves. They were well spoken and sincere in their intention to help and support. I applaud their services and the company who chose and trained their employees with a lot of care . ..."
Hridayanand Gogoi, March 23, 2011, 6E351 ( Date of Travel: February 8 ) : .................. .I specially want to thank ..........
".....I specially want to thank Mr. Quadir was on duty on 8th of Feb'2011, morning hours. I would like to congratulate IndiGo to have a staff like him who is more than worth for any organization. I wish him all the best in his life and recommend IndiGo authorities to appreciate and give him recognition and encourage the staff for a kind of service as rendered by Mr. Quadir . ..."
Shahnawaz Ali, March 23, 2011 : .................. .I would like to thank.........
"..... I would like to thank IndiGo for hiring such highly customer focused staff members who makes travelling a pleasant experience, I have been travelling with other airlines for the last 3 years & I rate your overall service the booking experience as none less than any other 5 star airline. I thank Robin for making me book my ticket at the last hour get me on board I truly appreciate his commitment for his job which results in customer loyalty. I would wish to fly more frequently after this experience . ..."
Pandian M Veppur, March 24, 2011, 6E 194, ( Date of Travel: March 22 ) : .................. .I had an opportunity to travel by ..........
"..... I had an opportunity to travel by IndiGo on 22nd March and i must admit that your dedication towards punctuality, hospitality, manners and sincerity shown by the cabin crew was fantastic. The madam who was announcing about IndiGos achievements and targets in the flight was so nice. I appreciate and wishing the IndiGo a great success, i took pledge that henceforth i, my family, friends and relatives shall travel only by IndiGo, also best wishes to cabin crew . ..."
Himani Bahuguna, March 25, 2011, 6E 274, ( Date of Travel: March 24: .................. .PI traveled on 6E 274 from Kolkata ..........
"..... I traveled on 6E 274 from Kolkata to Delhi on 24th March. I wanted to thank the pilot who kept updating the passengers with the cricket scores every 15 minutes. It was a very appreciable gesture, commended by all aboard. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
Jaganpreet Singh, March 28, 2011: .................. .This is regarding one of your very enthusiastic ..........
"..... This is regarding one of your very enthusiastic, knowledgeable customer service agents who seem to be very dedicated to her job Karunya. I just want to say some deserving words for the job she just did on call. She just made my day by her dedication for customer satisfaction and her zeal. I called your customer care for making some changes in one of the booking. I know that this was not a big thing to do for a customer care executive but the way she handled he call was awesome by every mean. I would really appreciate if one of the senior there can give her a chocolate on my behalf as a gift. This is the maximum I can do . ..."
Rajesh Neelakanta, March 30, 2011 : .................. .This email is to place on record ..........
"..... This email is to place on record the excellent and most courteous interaction and service that Mr. Ajay Sharma extended to me when I called your Call centre for assistance with change of flight schedule on 30th March 2011 at about 01.15 am. The likes of Mr. Ajay Sharma in your organization will certainly take your airline to much greater heights . ..."
Carroll D.........silva, March 30, 2011, 6E322, ( Date of Travel: March 04 ) : .................. .The purpose of sending this mail..........
"..... The purpose of sending this mail is to send my sincere appreciation for Mr. Rajeev Medhi. On 4th March 2011, i was travelling from Guwahati to Mumbai by 6E322. Being new to Guwahati i was so confused about where and how of Guwahati airport which was one of my problem and once i did reach i was baffled as i was alone. However, without hesitation Rajeev assisted me and made sure i reach my boarding gate. I was very impressed by his patience with me as i was in a bad state. He understood my dilemma as i was travelling for the first time from Guwahati to Mumbai and he stayed with me till i boarded my flight. The extra effort by Rajeev was most impressive and i have never seen such committed working people before. It has been my experience when employees provide quality customer service of highest caliber, they tend to be employees to be quickly promoted to higher positions, and competing organization seek to hire, so do take care of this employee as he is a true asset to your airline. I commend both Mr. Medhi and your airline for the value of service provided and i feel grateful to be one of your customers. Based on your service I have received from Mr. Medhi, I will not hesitate to recommend your airline to all my colleagues and friends . ..."
Abhishant Pant, March 30, 2011, 6E192, ( Date of Travel: March 18 ) : .................. .We have always held very high image ..........
".....We have always held very high image of yours because of timely arrival and departure of flights operated by you. However on 18th march 2011 your team from 6E-192 (Raksha, Sonali, Poonam, Manjit "Pilot" and Co pilot)have earned my respect because of their humane' approach for lifetime. On that day, mid way, my wife started experiencing pain in stomach which kept on increasing in intensity. We sought support of Raksha and she suggested for seeking help from in flight doctor luckily we found one, Dr. Tajinder Kataria. She along with your team members continued supporting us during next one hour. They not only arranged for emergency landing at Delhi but also ambulance was waiting for us as soon as we walked out of flight. Manjit along with co pilot came to airport medical center to enquire and express support. My wife went through a small operation same night at Fortis and Now she is back to normal. I must say my family will always remain indebted to the effort and support provided by your team from Flight 6E-192. Keep up the good job!! . ..."
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