Uppin G, May 04, 2011, 6E 435, ( Date of Travel: April 10 ) : " .I would like to share ..........
".....I would like to share my good experience with indigo airline. Your staff Radhika Sachdev, was very pleasing personality, I was excess by 5 kilos; I did not know the procedures of your airline for excess baggage. She explained me the procedure so well giving 20 minutes of her valuable duty time that I was convinced to pay with a smile feeling it was totally worth on her part. Shes an asset to your airline. Keep that up Indigo, good going! . ..."
Sanjiv Gupta, May 04, 2011 6E 254, ( Date of Travel: May 3 ) : " .I flew last night by 6E 254..........
".....I flew last night by 6E 254 from Mumbai to Hyderabad, with my wife. I wish to record my sincere compliments to the lead cabin attendant (I think her name was Priya). I was not feeling too well and my wife was often checking my forehead. Priya demonstrated most admirable concern - almost like that of a member of the family. I have always preferred Indigo over most other domestic airlines for several reasons - punctuality, cleanliness etc, but the attitude of Priya rose above all else. Even her announcements over the PA was extremely clear, well punctuated and with perfect diction. I compliment you for hiring her. I will be obliged if this note is shown to this bright and most courteous girl . ..."
Prabhas Kumar, May 05, 2011 ) : " . would like to appreciate the help ..........
".....I would like to appreciate the help provided by TONY (Corporate Representative) for his work & assisting yesterday, May 04th evening for our much esteemed guest on Indigo Flight. Thanks for the timely coordination & confirming his boarding. He has great customer service skills, positive attitude & best of all was he stayed connected with us and waiting for him to confirm the booking for us and the customer boarding. Keep up the good work, patience to handle, dedication & professionalism and staying there just to show whether the customer boards or not but the Indigo team is with us. You are a valuable member in the Team & look forward to have many more opportunities to work with you. People like you define the difference between after sales service and customer service. Dude the best was not the service rendered but staying with customer to see he is does not feel cheated and deceived. May you glow like glory in life! . ..."
Bharat Dhamija, May 05, 2011 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: May 3 ) : " .I traveled from Goa to Delhi ..........
".... .I traveled from Goa to Delhi on 3rd May on flight 6E 192 and wish to record my sincere appreciation for courteous cabin crew especially Ms. Harsheen Bindra who was overwhelmingly considerate and charming. She was attending to all passengers with a warm smile even under stressful conditions of a fully packed flight . ..."
Kewal Kohli 05 May 2011 ) : " .I like to take this opportunity to ..........
".....I like to take this opportunity to inform you that my recent travel on Indigo Airline to my hometown Srinagar from Delhi has been quite pleasant due to your very courteous staff in Srinagar. In this matter I must mention the name of Mr.Burhan-Ul-Ayab (Assistant Manager Srinagar Airport) who is very efficient and helpful; such staff needs to be encouraged in their career . ..."
Mayur Parikh, May 05, 2011 6E 422 6E192, ( Date of Travel: April 7 ) : " .Indeed it was pleasure to fly ..........
"..... Indeed it was pleasure to fly with indigo on the day 7th April 2011. I was travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai. And main pilot of aircraft was just superb, intelligent and much more efficient than Ive ever found with any other airlines. I dont recollect his name but I can remember his words, when he announced Dear passengers, as usual we are asked to do ringa-ringa roses. around Mumbai because of heavy traffic at Mumbai airport. And we will be late by 40 45 minutes. So, here is one quiz for you!!! Our flight consumes 65 liters of fuel per minute. And rate of fuel per liter is around 60 65 Rs. Per liter. So, please calculate that how much amount we are going to spend on petrol. I could clearly see that most of the passengers were calculating the amount of damages. This quiz raised many questions in my mind, and now through RTI I m going to collect the answers. And at proper time I will circulate the information in media as well. Now onwards this is no longer quiz for me but a serious matter of concern. At the end of the Journey, this Pilot was at door step and was greeting every passenger. This was awesome experience!!! After this trip Ive asked my office to book indigo flight at preference. Thank you Indigo! . ..."
Sunil Saxena 05 May 2011 6E 435, ( Date of Travel: April 27 ) : " .let me introduce firstly myself ..........
"..... let me introduce firstly myself as Mr. Sunil Saxena from Indore. I had a great experience while traveling by Indigo from Indore to Delhi on 27th April 2011 and my PNR was GBEUDV and my flight number was 6e-435. The service which has made me feels so good about one of your staff at Indore airport Mr Ankur Ganguli at the time of boarding. I was carrying a hand baggage and Ankur was so helpful by helping me out to carry my hand baggage and assisting me till the aircraft and with a smile wishing me so politely that i was really impressed. So much of work pressure but still having a smile can make anyone special. Apart from that he was also very helpful to elderly guest who needed assistance. It's very rare to see that kind of help with a smile in people these days. I have also mentioned about the wonderful services to my people to fly Indigo, because for me Ankur has made a bench mark in terms of services which is provided by Indigo. Indigo is very lucky to have such kind of staff like Ankur and i wish Indigo and Ankur all the very best for future endeavors . ..."
Sandeep Agarwal, May 07, 2011 6E 319, ( Date of Travel: May 3 ) : " . Mr. Sandeep Agarwal travelled..........
".....I Mr. Sandeep Agarwal travelled on your flight 6E 319 on 3rd may 2011. As well as I am the regular passenger of IndiGo since 3 years. On 3rd I had travelled to Mumbai by your above flight. At security screening point I left my mobile as I was late to board the flight. After boarding in the aircraft, i realized that my mobile is at security. I had told Mr. Somaiah the same who was in charge of the flight; he tried his best and handed over the same to operating crew at the time of door close. The crew forgot to hand over to me. When I came back to Hyderabad on next day, I enquired the same with Somaiah. He then got in touch with different departments and made near about 50 calls to various stations to know where about my mobile. The mobile is not costly but the information and the data was very impotent. He realized the same After 5 days I have got my mobile safely that too he delivered in the mid city instead airport, he saved my 100 kilometers journey and time. I really appreciate he honest, dedication and grate co-ordination Mr. Somaiah or else I would have not received my phone. Once again I would like to say thanks Mr. Somaiah and his team . ..."
Sankaranarayanan, 07 May 2011 ) : " ..I wish bring on record my appreciation..........
".....I wish bring on record my appreciation of the staff at the check in counter at Chennai during my check in today to Pune. Special mention to Keerthika who was courteous and helped in getting one of my hand baggagess packed and taken as check-in luggage. Hats off! . ..."
Siddhartha Bhandari, May 08, 2011 6E185, ( Date of Travel: May 7 ) : " .I would like to take this ..........
"..... I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts that you all are doing. I have been since last 3 years travelling only with INDIGO. I would like to specially mention about Ms. Nishitha Thakur (hope the spelling is right) who was the leading lady in the flight I took yesterday (7th May2011) from Delhi to Mumbai, timing of the flight was 8:50 pm in the evening. She was absolutely customer centric and ensured that the passengers travelling in the flight were happy and satisfied with the services. Such employees are the pride of any organization and I would really like to appreciate her efforts. If you by any kind can appreciate her efforts it would be great . ..."
Bhuvnesh Dhingra, May 09, 2011 6E 156, ( Date of Travel: May 6 ) : " I would like to appreciate "Ruchi"..........
"..... I would like to appreciate "Ruchi" (officer at the ticketing counter @ Ahmedabad) for her efforts in getting us tickets to Delhi. We had lost all our hopes in getting the tickets for Delhi but this lady had helped us and made her best to get the tickets for us. In future I would really prefer traveling in indigo as the departure and arrival are always on time as well as the staff is really helping and cooperative. Once again I would like to thank Ruchi and team Indigo for their help . ..."
Pawan Mahajan, May 10, 2011 6E 223, ( Date of Travel: May 11 ) : " .It is always pleasure travelling..........
"..... It is always pleasure travelling via Indigo Airlines and experience with Call Center was no less. It is indeed a soothing experience taking assistance from one your customer Support Executive Sunaina Sharma. I wish her success in life. Keep Growing INDIGO! . ..."
Nikhil Rao, May 11, 2011 6E 422, ( Date of Travel: May 9 ) : " .My Mom travelled on 9th ..........
".....My Mom travelled on 9th May from Bengaluru to Mumbai by the 9.35 flight. She arrived a little hassled and late at the airport, due to the miserable traffic conditions.For this flight apparently she arrived at the airport at 9.00. Thereafter she was just wonderfully taken care of, by the airport staff. A pity she did not take note of their names. But the way she describes how well she was taken care of, Well hats off to you guys.Now whenever I travel in sectors where your flights are, u have gained my family as guests for sure . ..."
PM Gokhale, May 12, 2011 6E 136, ( Date of Travel: March 24 ) : " .I was flying from Ahmedabad..........
"..... I was flying from Ahmedabad to Nagpur on 24-03-11 Flight No 6E 136 along with my wife who was seriously sick for a long time. Miss Roxane D'Souza, In charge of the cabin crew took personal interest; without any prompting from us and made her journey from Pune to Nagpur as comfortable as possible. My wife was later-on operated upon for Spleen abscess, and the ultimate diagnosis was Blood Cancer. She is now improving. I very much appreciate the kindness shown by Miss D'Souza to us and I put my gratitude on record. I wish Miss D'Souza a bright future and would like to inform M/s Indigo Air Lines that this young lady is as asset to them. I wish her all the best . ..."
Giriraj Pai Vernekar, May 15, 2011 ) : " ..On 27th of April, I returned ..........
".....On 27th of April, I returned from an International tour only to find my Air India flight to Goa being cancelled due to some strike. Immediately, I booked myself only an afternoon (12:30) Indigo flight to Goa. I experienced wonderful service right from the word go. May it be the booking office at Airport or the lady at check-in; it was all flawless. In cabin, the crew was very good. She was very helpful, courteous and well mannered. The aircraft was maintained superbly. Best part of the journey was on-flight arrival. We arrived in Goa 5-10 minutes prior to schedule which took the experience from Satisfaction to Delight. This was first time with Indigo but can assure that this wont be my last. Henceforth, if Indigo timings suit mine, it will be my first preference. Keep up the good work. Hope you live up to the expectations of many like me . ..."
Thang thian Siam tonsing, May 16, 2011 ) : " .When we took off from Delhi and .........
".....When we took off from Delhi and landed in Imphal, we were told that our luggages were on a different flight and that we have to wait until the next day. So many of us protested about the bad service (at least 70% of the passengers were on it) and experience we had. I, at that point of time said to myself that never ever, will I do any business with INDIGO AIRLINES no more because the services that I experienced with other airlines was far better. I reluctantly left my address to the INDIGO AIRLINES staffs at the airport and told them to deliver at my place, which at the first attempt, I was denied, but finally kicked off and they agreed on it. Out of the blue and unbelievably, all my luggage got delivered at my place the very same evening by one our your staff, out of his initiative, which I think, was also done for the rests of the people who got the same trouble.Indigo Airlines has again, gained the trusts of many customers/travelers . An appreciation for the staff David Hangzo, Indigo Imphal. I took all these details when I returned, using your own service again, which I wouldn't have done and will never do in the future, had I not received my stuffs on time . ..."
Narayanan S, May 16, 2011 6E 191, ( Date of Travel: May 14 ) : " . had travelled by 6E 191..........
".....I had travelled by 6E 191 on the 14th of this month. The onboard service was unusually (for Indian Service Standards) good. I was on seat 4c and I was having fever, the onboard crew was very helpful and empathetic. Please treat this as a token of appreciation for the good work done. Please do reward them so that they are encouraged and energized to keep up the good work . ..."
Sunil Varma, May 18, 2011 ) : " .Dear Vishal..........
"..... Dear Vishal, This is to inform you that your Indigo team is excellent. They have located the IPAD and even the delivery was done to me on 17th May 2011. Thanks to the TEAM INDIGO for their excellent job . ..."
Sharmila Bose, May 18, 2011 6E 275, ( Date of Travel: May 6 ) : " . This is to put on record ..........
"..... This is to put on record my gratitude for Subhendu Sarkar from the Kolkata Airport team and Ms. Keka Sarkar of the city office for their efforts in retrieving a prayer bag which I left behind on 6E 275, 6 May Bangalore - Kolkata. Both made great efforts to have the bag traced and returned to me in good condition, needless to say this bag was immensely valuable to me and I was totally bereft having discovered that I had left it on the aircraft. I fly Indigo very frequently because of its great service and on time performance and this exemplary service have further strengthened my resolve to keep flying Indigo . ..."
Vijayalakshmi V, May 19, 2011 6E 372, ( Date of Travel: May 14 ) : " .I just wanted to convey that ..........
".....I just wanted to convey that I was profoundly impressed with the proactive issue resolution of Indigo airlines. The system of automatically triggering a refund of the fare when an International credit card holder books a ticket; however, not travelling. He was worried initially and then pleasantly surprised and impressed when you guys proactively refunded the debited amount. WAY TO GO. We wish you keep on impressing every passenger who comes by your way ..."
Mahato Prakash, May 19, 2011 6E 223, ( Date of Travel: May 18 ) : " .I would like to thank you for the effort..........
".....I would like to thank you for the effort taken by your team to relocate my bag. I did receive my bag today at 1330 hrs. Though there were many communication gaps between Delhi and Kolkata team, I would like to appreciate efforts done by Christina from Kolkata who did her best to help me out. She kept following up and kept me updated on the whereabouts of my bag. She was very professional in her attitude and did her job very well. I really had a very bad day yesterday but today when Christina called and informed me that she is dispatching my bags as soon as possible it really made my day. She is a true hospitality industry professional. I wish her all the best for all her future. Request you to forward this mail and my regards to Christina . ..."
Mridula Ghodke, May 19, 2011 6E 136, ( Date of Travel: May 2 ) : " .I am Mridula Ghodke and was..........
".....I am Mridula Ghodke and was suppose to fly to Delhi from Pune on 2nd May under PNR - T8K3LD and C9TVAS. I just wanted to thank you for issuing me the 50% discount vouchers. It is very kind of you to do the same. I would like to mention that Mr. Sampat, Ms. Shweta and other officers on duty were very kind and supportive when i met with the mishap. There prompt response is arranging ambulance and medical help is very appreciating and heart felt. I am really grateful to all the indigo staff. Thank you once again .. ..."
Donbosco Paily, May 21, 2011 ......... .I have always been flying ..........
"..... I have always been flying with other Airlines, and last week I happened to do the Jaipur Mumbai sector, the travel was just amazing, the first time I would say that I have travelled a first class airline of its kind, the service was excellent, the aircraft was very clean, the landing especially at Mumbai airport was very safe and smooth, Kudos to Commander Prasad and Co-Pilot, also had a glimpse of the cockpit from my seat, thanks to the crew. Amazing airline to fly with will keep flying Indigo from now on . ..."
Dr. Febha Susan Varkey, May 22, 2011, 6E 316, ( Date of Travel: May 21 ) : " .I had travelled yesterday on Indigo..........
".....I had travelled yesterday on Indigo flight 6E 316 from Cochin to Delhi. Due to bad weather the aircraft was delayed. My sister was worried and called up customer care to enquire. They apprised her of the reason for delay and even contacted her on phone after the aircraft had landed to inform her that the aircraft had landed safely and gave her the time of landing as well. I wish to place on record and appreciate the pro active attitude and helpful nature of the customer care executives at Indigo. Looking forward to flying with you again. Thank you . ..."
Sachin Malhotra, May 22 2011, 6E 192, ( Date of Travel: May 21 ) : " . My wife Jyothi Malhotra travelled..........
"..... My wife Jyothi Malhotra travelled on above flight on 22nd May 2011. She forgot to take a bag from the belt after landing but the helpful staff rang us up to collect it when we were in the parking lot. Appreciate the prompt action by your staff particularly Sravan . ..."
Lele, Harshawardhan R, May 24, 2011 ) : " .I would like to thank your staff ..........
".....I would like to thank your staff at Nagpur airport for helping me with my luggage on 19th April. The issue was that security did not allow a small pack of batteries to be carried in hand baggage. I approached your check-in counter. They were very helpful. They packet it for me, got it through security and put in as check in baggage. I was able to get this small pack after I reached Bangalore. Thanks to your staff in Nagpur on 19th April. I think the name of the executive who helped us was Ms. Dipti - a special thanks to her. Keep it up . ..."
BK Hrangkhawl, May 25, 2011 : " .With great joy I am sending this ..........
"..... With great joy I am sending this humble email to all rank and file of your organization for outstanding services in regard to punctuality, politeness, and all round services right from check-in to boarding and during the time of sky sojourning and landing. It is one of my memorable testimonies that IndiGos staff Mr.Arindom Debbarma and one of his colleagues of Agartala telephoned me and informed me that a purse belonging to my son Mr. Borkunglal Hrangkhawl was found. My son was travelling from Delhi to Agartala and slipped out his purse out of his trouser's back pocket, in which all his important papers like I card of election, driving license, College I card were packed. Small amount of money was intact; an ATM card also was there. Now considering the faithfulness of the security and official staffs of the Indigo flight are praise worthy for their outstanding job. I am indeed grateful for the unexpected service from the Indigo staffs of Agartala Airport. I want to say a big Thank You to Mr. Arindom Debbarma and all the official staffs of the loved Indigo establishment. To all you Ladies and Gentlemen, for your information, we will always choose to travel by Indigo . ..."
Sendhil Kumar, May 26, 2011 : " .I am writing this email with reference ..........
"..... I am writing this email with reference to the wow service received from one of your executives with name as Yoganand Bhaskar in the customer care. Even though he is new in the process, he has never sounded like one and have always taken an extra mile to assist me be whatever the situation. He truly is an asset for your organization and hope he continues to give the same experience to all the customers he interacts with. I would like to bring one of the instances to your notice he was very soft, polite and courteous, however he went ahead and assisted me without feeling that i was a burden to him, for which I am really grateful to him. Believe me, its only executives like him who make us feel happy; you have chosen a right company to work with. It takes a lot of hard work and sincerity with patience for one to prove his/her potential and ability to come out of the crowd and emerge as supreme in such a short span of time, and he is one of them. Finally, I just want to say that an employee like him truly deserves a good hike and I am sure he will achieve it along with the new heights in his career. So, good luck to him for future, and cheers to INDIGO for having such delightful executives . ..."
Pranjal Goswami, May 27, 2011 6E 207, ( Date of Travel: June 17 ) : " .Melina from reservation centre helped me ..........
"..... Melina from reservation centre helped me out with a reservation today. While my card did not work and then I had to generate some more information online, I found the interaction quite positive. She was patient and helpful and I believe this is what customer care is. Thank you Melina & keep it up . ..."
Brij Singh, May 28, 2011 6E351, ( Date of Travel: May 22 ) : " .I was travelling for the first ..........
"..... I was travelling for the first time via Air bus and knew nothing about flying. I was a little confused as to whom to approach and where to go, when I came across one of your employee "Hari Om" who not only guided us but took out time from his daily schedule and helped us ease the tension. He approached in a kind and friendly manner, helped us to get the boarding pass and also helped us to get window seats as it was our first time flying. He guided us till the security and greeted us at the plane to show us our seats. I would like to thank Hari Om personally, please make sure that he gets appreciation for his kind and gentle customer service, I am glad that I chose Indigo which made my trip memorabl . ..."
Chris Navis Angelo, May 29, 2011 : .................. . I had to travel to Trivandrum ..........
"..... I had to travel to Trivandrum this weekend for my friend's wedding and unfortunately I missed my train on Thursday, Checked flights online on the same night, I found Indigo's flight which suited my timing. I might have used your service once prior to this and I do not compromise on service. Your Ground staff members and the Crew onboard are highly professional and extremely courteous / polite. As a matter of fact I would like to mention their names ( Sukhpreet, Karobi, Smiriti and Geethanjli ). Please pass my token of appreciation to them and thanks for the wonderful service. I had plans to travel by train for my return trip to Bangalore but I cancelled my train ticket and choose to experience your service and you exceeded my Expectation, While getting into the flight your Staff ( Ms. Smirti ) could recall and said " Welcome back " . May be its a small gesture but you have gained a customer for a life time. Kudos!! . ..."
Thomas Joseph, May 30, 2011 6E 378, ( Date of Travel: May 28 ) : " I was travelling with my family ..........
".... I was travelling with my family on Indigo Flight 6E 378 on Saturday 28th May, 2011 from TRV to BLR. During, scan of my check-in baggage, I was told that I was carrying a lighter. As I do not smoke and had no idea of that, I said I had not put any such thing. The Indigo staff checked my baggage in the position they claimed it was, but could not find. The scan was repeated and a 2nd position was pointed out which also on searching, did not retrieve the lighter. A 3rd scanning revealed a 3rd position of the lighter! - The consequent search was negative then too. Obviously, I lost my cool then. To cut short, after emptying the box and repeated scanning, the elusive lighter was found in the extendable handle slot beneath the box - could have come in by kids but was not deliberate. I wish to send a note of appreciation to the Indigo staff who manned the scanner that evening (except one male staff with moustache) for not losing their cool. The rest of the staff were calm throughout, in spite of my losing my temper, and deserve appreciation . ..."
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