Karan Varma 02 November 2011 6E 417, (Date of Travel: October 30): .................. ..We just returned .
"....We just returned from Germany to Mumbai to Nagpur on the 30th October. At the Mumbai Airport your staffs were commendable. Even our hand luggage which was a bit heavy was offered to be booked as there was no room in the cabin. We were a bit overweight by 3 Kilos but after telling your staff that we are international ticket holders and have just arrived after a tiring journey - they went all out to help us ad make us comfortable wish other airlines would train their staff as you do. We are senior citizen and do appreciate when are shown little courtesies. Wish I had taken down the names of your personnel who helped us. But they were great and God Bless to them and wish you all a very bright future . ..."
Dr. C V Ramamohan 03 November 2011 6E 372, (Date of Travel: November 2): .................. ..This is to appreciate .
"....This is to appreciate the excellent response and service rendered by the ground staff of Indigo at Hyderabad airport. My wife Parvathi travelled today (02/11/11) morning by a flight (6E 372) from Chennai to Hyderabad. On arrival in Hyderabad, she did not find her baggage and lodged a complaint with the ground staff. At the airport, Sravan of Indigo was extremely helpful and he called a little while later to say that the baggage was traced. In the evening we received another call to say that the baggage has indeed reached Hyderabad and the staff was kind enough to offer to reach it to Himayathnagar, the place where we live. Sameer is the person who was in constant touch with us and made sure the baggage was delivered at a point that we agreed is mutually the most convenient place to meet. Thro' this mail, would like to place on record the excellent services of Indigo and particularly thank Sravan and Sameer . ..."
Niloy Chatterjee, November 08, 2011 6E 377, (Date of Travel: November 7): .................. ..I started with a horrible .
"....I must say that I am impressed, delighted and happy on having flown IndiGo. I am going to make sure I fly IndiGo each and every time from now on. It so perfectly takes care of the basic deliverable and product promise of an airline, BEING ON TIME. On my Kolkata - Delhi flight 6E212, we reached 10 minutes. Prior to the scheduled arrival time and the landing procedures were smooth. I really appreciate the seamless service, courteous staff and no nonsense attitude of IndiGo personnel. Flying out of Kolkata on time is a challenge and I am delighted at how efficacy is maintained even in Kolkata. Kudos! Superb is the word and I am going to advocate everyone to always fly IndiGo. ..."
Ipshita Saha, November 09, 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: November 8): .................. ..I must say that I am impressed .
"....This mail is to appreciate your support and coordination extended to us, me & my family in time of emergency. Till now in 3 incidences Indigo went out of way on airport to help us. 1) My mother is arthritis patient; wheel chair is always provided and in emergency helped us to board in time. 2) My grandfather was new to airport and got lost, due to which delay in departure was accepted by Indigo. 3) During peak season (Diwali) due to failure of systems ticket couldnt be blocked online/ telephone but still indigo blocked ticket and kept provision of making payment at airport within time. Thank you, we wish you best luck ahead and keep up your high spirits. Such good customer service initiatives should be taken by other Indian airways too which unfortunately are missing . ..."
Nupoor Charde, 10 November 2011: .................. ..This mail is to appreciate .
"....I am very happy with your customer care and service. Though I am unable to prove whether the mistake was from my side or makemytrip side, still you accepted my request and waived off re-scheduling charges of Rs. 750/= . Excellent service rendered by Nirmal Singh and Robin. Over all, I am very happy with Makemytrip customer service. I am very happy to do business with Indigo in future and looking forward for similar customer support in future and for all the customers as well . ..."
Umesh H Rao 11 November 2011: .................. ..I am very happy .
"....My booking online had a glitch and the process was incomplete. Mr. Toushif, at your call center, helped me sort out the issue in a very professional manner. I sincerely appreciate the help extended. He is an asset to your organisation. ..."
Kaushik Basak, 13 November 2011 6E 156, (Date of Travel: November 13): .................. ..I flew 6E-156 from KOL .
"....I flew 6E-156 from KOL to BLR today and took a wrong luggage from conveyer belt (same model & colour of suitcase) and left the airport. However, within 5-10 min, I got a call from your Ms. Netravathi who co-ordinated the exchange of luggages with utmost efficiency and care. I am really impressed with the way this was handled (issue resolved within 15 min). Thanks to Indigo! . ..."
Debjyoti Gangopadhyaya 15 November 2011 : .................. ..This is to intimate the Indigo .
"....This is to intimate the Indigo team, and thank Mr Tony Gehlot from the corporate Calls Desk / Helpline. My interaction with Mr Tony Gehlot was due to the inability of being able to process payments via the corporate booking link from our organizations travel portal using the Amex card payment method. There was some error on the field to input address for Amex card and since it is mandatory for us to process payments for all corporate travel expenses using Amex cards, I was in a big fix since it was a Saturday and travel was scheduled for Monday. At this juncture Mr Gehlot came on line once I dialled the Indigo corporate help desk suggested a couple of ameliorative measures, subsequently once it do not work he also got onto a con-call with the Amex Travel desk help line team to try and sort out the issue which also did not yield any results. Finally he created a booking through backend after due verifications and checking my attempts real time online on a parallel approach and hold it for a while till I made payments immediately, the process worked and we also found out that the Amex card address details can flow to the next line (field for city on the payment screen) and the system accepts payments in such a case I would like to commend Mr Tony Gehlot, for his skill in handling the call, for being extremely customer focussed, for ensuring that a corporate traveller is retained with the airline, for going ahead and supporting my through the entire booking process although it took repeated calls and iterations since I was working on the booking attempts online and communicating with him at the same time giving him the results in a iterative manner. It is advised that Mr Tony Gehlot be commended for his performance, and nurtured in a manner that he feels appreciated and has an even stronger bond with the organization. It may also be adequately addressed through the Indigo employee recognition & benefit policies I thank Mr Tony Gehlot & wish him & the Indigo team, the best . ..."
......... Hoshang Garivala 15 November 2011 6E 52, (Date of Travel: November 12): .................. ..Your staff on flight 6E52 .
"....Your staff on flight 6E52 on 12th November 2011 did a great job, the way they tackled a large number of passengers who were obnoxious and rude and treated the aircraft as if it was a local passenger train with children running around while the flight was landing and the poor air hostess making them sit down and facing opposition from the parents. Also please have a way of informing passengers that there are no free meals on flight because the crew was insulted and spoken down to by a passenger as he did not get free food. This is just to appreciate the great work your crew did in face of extreme provocation and bad behaviour of some passengers on our flight . ..."
Jitendra Patil 15 November 2011 6E 108, (Date of Travel: November 19): .................. ..Since last 3 years .
"....Since last 3 years i m travelling with Indigo which makes a difference to my journey than any other airline in India. Specially i m thankful to you b cause no flight is as careful about the timing, which is very valuable, which once goes never comes back, which I observed and i like a lot about Indigo flights. Several times i have set my watch about Take off at source and landing at destination which is amazing and very accurate that is why i appreciate a lot right from my heart that no one is like Indigo about timing. I always told my colleagues to travel by Indigo coz of timing and flight cancellation ratio as compared to others. I have read also about your awards and definitely Indigo deserves it. I have a very bad experience about other flights especially about timing and cancellation, which is not acceptable in this era. thats why i prefer Indigo which is on time always. Once again i am thankful to all of you about your service. I always appreciate about your services in each area . ..."
Pradyumn Sharma 16 November 2011 6E 421, (Date of Travel: November 10): .................. ..I want to make a special .
"....My family and I travelled from Ahmedabad to Mumbai on flight 6E-216 on 16th November. I needed to urgently recover some baggage checked in by me inadvertently and I approached the ground staff for assistance on the same. Ms Dharmishta Parmar and Ms Jharna Purohit were available at the check-in counter and the assistance I received from them has left me completely in awe of their customer focus and their willingness to go beyond the call of duty to leave behind a happy customer. They listened to my problem very patiently and informed me of the steps that would have to be taken to recover my baggage, requesting me to ensure that the urgency justified the effort that would be required. Once they were convinced that the need was genuine and urgent, they spared no effort in ensuring that steps were taken quickly to help me out and I am happy to say that I was very pleased with the way they handled the whole situation. Needless to say, it will be a pleasure to fly Indigo again and I hope the exemplary conduct of these two ladies will be appreciated within the organisation . ..."
Charanjit Singh 17 November 2011 6E 306, (Date of Travel: November 12): .................. ..While I really appreciate .
"....Dear Mr Rishabh, Kindly refer to our telephonic conversation with you, yesterday noon, regarding shifting of a patient Mr. D S Walia, from Delhi (1D) to Ahmedabad in your flight No 6E-153, of Nov 18, 2011 . We are thankful to Indigo Airlines to have provided best seats in advance (1A to 1C) and permitting the patient to fly, in the said flight of Nov 18, 2011. We landed safely and on time, on Nov 18th at Ahmedabad and my father Mr D S Walia, is happy and safe, at Ahmedabad. He was, otherwise, declared fit to fly, by the treating physician, at Fortis-Noida hospital. I want to place on record, the care provided by Indigo Airlines, yesterday. Kindly continue this spirit for any other patient, who is travelling, in distress. This shows that, humanity is still prevalent in this 'material' world- where money seems to be ruling, although the actual situation is not so......!! Humanity still exists and will continue to exist...to keep this world running....!! Best wishes...!!!!..... Long Live INDIGO....!! ...... . ..."
Abhijit Mutha 17 November 2011 6E 216, (Date of Travel: November 16): .................. ..My family and I travelled .
"....While I really appreciate the operating efficiency of Indigo, but I would like to suggest that drinking water should be given to all the passengers on board, instead of being offered on demand. I had put it on your suggestion card while travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi on Nov 12 by 6E 306. I am not aware whether it was passed on to senior management. Nonetheless, I was really impressed by the excellent announcing system and courteous behaviour of ground and in flight staff. The flight left 15mts before time and also reached Delhi before time. This efficiency can be exhibited only by Indigo, I would like fly only by Indigo. ..."
Paresh Harlalaka 21 November 2011 6E 286, (Date of Travel: November 19): .................. ..I traveled in your flight from .
"....I traveled in your flight from Delhi to Coimbatore (6E 286) on 19th Nov. 2011. The cabin crew was very kind and polite. I am a frequent traveller and I have not witnessed such a polite and profession service from any other low cost airlines. I was very much impressed the way your hostess attended a small baby, sitting beside me, especially Nupur and Meera (as i read on their plates). I will see that my preference is Indigo for my travels in future. Good Luck . ..."
Ashwini Bhatt, 21 November 2011 6E 61, (Date of Travel: October 23): .................. ..I would like to place .
"....I would like to place on record the superb assistance provided by your airport representative and porters to us upon our arrival at Mumbai airport on 28 October 2011 from Dubai. The airport rep & porter assisted with locating our baggage and pulling it off the carousel. The porter particularly was very helpful as he helped us load our entire luggage onto the single baggage trolley that we were able to locate with great difficulty. Keep up the good work!. ..."
Manjunath SS 21 November 2011 : .................. ..I would like to appreciate .
"....I would like to appreciate for the excellent service provided by Mr Gurmeet in solving my problem on 21st November 2011, within 15minutes ,regarding the booking done on 18.11.11, during the booking the amount was debited from my bankers through net banking &the ticketing could not be completed due to internet connectivity . My best regards to him & i wish to inform that i am always very proud to fly in Indigo . ..."
Kuldeep Singh, 22 November 2011 : .................. ..I would like to bring in .
"....I would like to bring in your kind notice that on 22 Nov 2011 I made a call on 1800 180 3838 (Indigo toll free) to add Infant passengers in some bookings. Call received by Ms. Sakshi Nagpal which is very impressive and she help me a lot on a single call. Many times we called to different Airlines and heard that max 3 bookings were entertain on 1 call, but it sounds very nice when Sakshi asked that she can entertain all the bookings which needs to add infants in it. Great work and I appreciate her from my end . ..."
Adi Sethna, 23 November 2011 6E 417, (Date of Travel: November 17): .................. ..I wanted to express my .
"....I wanted to express my appreciation for Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Megha, ground staff at the booking / check-in counters at the Nagpur airport. They handled my stressful situation extremely well. Without them i would have surely missed the flight. These two ladies have made my preference for Indigo even stronger. Keep it up. ..."
Dr. G. V. Sudhakar 23 November 20116E 208, (Date of Travel: November 20): .................. ..I traveled on flight 6E 208 .
"....I traveled on flight 6E 208 from Guwahati to Hyderabad on 20th November. I am impressed by the efficiency and crispness of announcements by the cabin crew specially the leader of the team Ms. Saloni. The cabin was really clean and the service was impressive. More than anything when there was delay in getting water on my request the spontaneity of apology was unexpected with my experience in the present day quality of cabin crew. I wish them all success in career and congratulate the management in training them to be efficient and human . ..."
Samir Kumar Chatterjee 25 November 2011 6E 292, (Date of Travel: November 21): .................. ..I am a frequent Indigo flyer .
"....I am a frequent Indigo flyer. I had a mixed experience during my last official visit to Guwahati by 6E-292. On my arrival at Guwahati airport I could not find by checked-in baggage on the belt. All the passengers left the airport while I was still hoping my bag to come. A ground staff of Indigo, Ms Neha came to me enquiring about my problem. Once she verified my Boarding pass she started searching for it everywhere ever she could, but to no success. In the meanwhile I was naturally getting restless. She spoke to the staff at Kolkata (from where I came) and then to Delhi where the flight went from Guwahati. All her efforts proved futile. Eventually, she got the formalities completed by me and I had to leave the airport without the baggage which contained all the items I needed during my stay at Guwahati and Shillong. She told me that Indigo will leave no stone unturned to trace my bag and also assured to keep me updated with the progress in the matter. I had to buy from the local market some of the items of my immediate requirement and spent a sleepless night. As promised, Neha called me the next morning only to say that Indigo has been sent information to all the airports where Indigo flights fly and the moment any information is received she will let me know. At about 7 p.m. when (I was at shillong) she called me again and gave the much awaited news that the bag has been traced out and also offered to have it delivered to the hotel (Nandan) where I was putting up at. I thanked Neha for all the efforts put-in by Indigo. Once I reached back to the hotel I was glad to see my bag in intact condition and after opening it I found the items were in the same condition as I had packed. All my agonies were gone. The pain of making un-necessary expenses for a few thousands of Rupees was vanished and I am a happy man today. I returned to Kolkata on 23rd Nov, again by an Indigo flight. Once again my heartfelt thanks to Indigo, particularly to Neha who kept her promise. GOD BLESS INDIGO . ..."
S Yogananth, 27 November 2011 6E 291, (Date of Travel: November 26): .................. ..On 26/11/2011 Flight No : 6E 291 .
"....On 26/11/2011 Flight No : 6E 291 Kolkatta - Chennai. Flight Departure time in Kolkatta Airport at 2050 hours. That Day I came from Guwahati, Unfortunately my earlier flight is got delayed. Because of that I reached Kolkatta airport to catch the above mentioned flight. That day I was Hope less to catch this flight. But M/s INDIGO Ground Staffs did very great job. Because their timely support I could able to catch the Flight. I am a Frequent Flyer of M/s INDIGO Airlines. But this time the support extended by you people on 26/11/2011 it was great & very fast in response. I am very much Excited. With this Email I am heart fully appreciated the following ground staffs who had helped me a lot to get into the flight. 1. Shivami Sharma 2. Liza Sutradhar 3. Baisaki Ghosh 4. Priya Roy Choudhury (Please pardon me if the Spelling is wrong). Here with this Email I am very thankful to them for extended timely & fast response. I hope you people will extend the same support for further Journey. All the Best & INDIGO Keep Rocking . ..."
Krishnan, November 27, 2011 6E 283, (Date of Travel: October 21): .................. ..I am writing this to you though .
"....I am writing this to you though i am not sure whether this mail would reach you. I was moved on seeing your emotional speech at the ET awards function and hence this mail. Everyone is human and you have proved that you are no exception even though you might be occupying the highest position within your company. The tiger story that you highlighted was good to hear and I liked your modest approach too. I would like to be measured in my appreciation of your flights services and so far my experience has been good though I may not be contributing to the coffers of indigo in a big way as I am not in and out of flights every alternate day. Why I said that I want to be measured in my appreciation is because of the fact that your airline is still new and it has a long way to go and the real appreciation will be when your company stands the test of time like many other reputed/ethical industries and flourishes over the years. However, the fact remains that it is all of your hard work that has brought the airline to where it has and helped you bag the coveted award . ..."
Kanta Talukdar Stanchina, 28 November 2011 6E 359, (Date of Travel: November 27): .................. ..I travelled on 27th November .
"....I travelled on 27th November 2011 by your flight 6E 329 from New Delhi to Goa. I waited very patiently in line, almost over an hour and found when i got to the counter that my flight was closing or had closed. Since only calls for the Patna aircraft were being called i thought the Goa flight was delayed, as had been the case for over 3 hours a couple of days ago and was standing in line. However, I had to attend a marriage ceremony and i have to highly commend GAGAN, who was in charge or doing the checking in for that flight and other flights. He immediately got me on the flight and said he would send my luggage on by the later flight which he did. It was excellent work, and he sent someone else to accompany me to the aircraft. Nikasa on your Goa end was also excellent and i got my luggage as promised. I thought you might like the feedback about your two excellent employees . ..."
Sunil Kumar Singh, 29 November 2011, 6E 191, (Date of Travel: November 29): .................. ..Today on 29th of November 2011 .
"....Today on 29th of November 2011 i took your indigo flight 6E191, from Patna to Delhi. I was allotted seat no 3C. The inflight cure members were very nice with me. I would like to mention the name of one of them. She is Mrinalini, who was very attentive, receptive, polite, and quick. Such behaviour infuses confidence in a customer to take your flight in future. Kindly convey my regards to her . ..."
Lieutenant Deven Savant, 29 November 2011 : .................. ..In the past 3 days I have travelled .
"....In the past 3 days I have travelled twice in your airline from Mumbai-Nagpur and Nagpur to Ahmedabad. I must say it was a wonderful experience. At such a low cost the facilities and hospitality offered by your airline is appreciable. I am sure if u continues in the same way your airline will be a frequent mode of transport for the mango people (aam aadmi!!) of India. All the very best, keep it up and I hope you make it not large but LARGER!!! ;) . ..."
Durlov Baruah 29 November 2011 6E 244, (Date of Travel: November 27): .................. ..Last Sunday - 27th November .
"....Last Sunday - 27th November, I had flown from Ahmedabad to Mumbai taking the 9:50 AM flight. The experience was awesome. You guys are good. I liked the 'I am going International Badge' on the hostesses... great communication idea. ..."
Gurdeep Singh Saini 30 November 2011: .................. ..You guys are doing an absolutely .
"....You guys are doing an absolutely fantastic job. I have flown over 12 times in the last 6 months and more than half of those with Indigo. Only when I fly other airlines do I understand what difference your efficiency makes. Keep up the great job. ..."
Vijay Singh, 30 November 2011 : .................. ..I have had experience of flying .
"....I have had experience of flying several Airlines worldwide and i have realized Indigo are amongst best of them in terms of hospitality of the crew and new fleet of aircrafts. I am proud to say that Indigo shining name of our Indian Aviation Industry. The crafts are new and seems unique while at first glimpse and through a bird eye view. Indigo crew & Ground officials are very hospitable and professional and warm with welcome tone. I appreciate it better than Spice jet and even better than Jet Airways. I compare Jet Airways staff shows proud and non-friendly. Since 3 years i have had experience flying Indigo in various sectors like Delhi-Vadodara, Delhi-Patna, Delhi-Hyderabad, Delhi-Mumbai each time i find Indigo and it's staff with new developments in means of hospitality and other facilities. Most important is Indigo now affordable which offers like us Indian quality of International standards. I extend my warm wishes for grand success of Indigo in Airlines Industry and warm wishes for long run operation in National & International route . ..."
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