Anil Verma 03 October 2011 6E 155, (Date of Travel: October 2): .................. . I really want to thanks indigo ..
"....I really want to thanks indigo and its entire team for helping me in getting my wallet back which i left in the flight 6e-155 travelling on seat no 2c while De-Boarding at Ahmedabad. Once again heartiest thanks and wish you all a great success ahead. . ..."
Sudhanshu Bajpai 03 October 2011 6E 155, (Date of Travel: October 3): ......... I would like to give my feedback
"....I would like to give my feedback for the flight i flew by today i.e. 6E 155 from Bangalore and 1 more flight i did couple of weeks back again by indigo from delhi. I would just like to express my beautiful experience i had on this flight and all the credit goes to the crew and majorly the lead Swati dive. I have flown with indigo many times before but couple of week back when i flew, i had the same crew and she was extremely courteous, polite, helpful, and so well-mannered but i could not ask her name and its only today that i again saw her and i had to ask her name. She has been so helpful even in the early morning hours when the passengers also are not in too good mood. Even today she tried her best to help most of the people with their luggage, greeted everyone and was so responsive ad so caring, the crew with her was so nice & disciplined too. She probably would be one of the main reasons that i would try to fly more by indigo airlines. I hope to see all your crew trained like her and i am sure that would give the best on board service to any domestic or international passengers. I really would not have bothered to email unless i would not have been extremely impressed. Way to go guys......... . ..."
Love Sharma 05 October 2011 6E 283, (Date of Travel: October 2):......... My name is love Sharma and i am a frequent ..
"....My name is love Sharma and i am a frequent flyer with indigo airlines. I was travelling by your flight 6e-283 from Delhi to Chennai on 2nd Oct 2011 at 16:40 hrs. I am overwhelmed with your staff attitude and helpful nature. On very that day i somehow got late and boarding counters were about to close and suddenly my bag lock got opened and all the stuff came out of it, by watching this one of your lady executive Upasna Sawhney rush to me and helped me in packing my bag and she helped to get to the boarding counter quickly because i told her about my flight status. I am surprised that being a senior staff she helped me so much and helping me out with the bags and with the security check. I seriously/really appreciate the way she handled everything and assured me that i won't miss my flight. I am very happy about the staff that you are keeping up which help the travellers to move on delighted, this brings joy to the travellers. I am delighted to get such a wonderful experience from indigo. Hope it continue long. I would recommend others also about services provided by you. Good to fly with indigo .hope to fly soon. Thank you, . ..."
Sachin elenjikal, 05 October, 2011 6E 435, (Date of Travel: October 4): ......... Crew on both the flights were very professional
"....Crew on both the flights were very professional & friendly as well. Specially crew on flight 6e 435 BLR - NAG. Crew helped me to buy the indigo accessories also suggested me the best meals considering the time for breakfast, crew on flight 6e 436 was also good & concerned about the safety of the passengers. I would like to appreciate Elysia from 6e 346 has done a great in terms of inflight service. Entire team of 6e 345 was excellent in terms of inflight service, also ensured that they maintain the highest level of hygiene on board. Indigo rocks!!! . ..."
Eknath Gulhane, 06 October, 2011 6E 436, (Date of Travel: October 1): .................. ..My name is Eknath Gulhane; i traveled ..
"....My name is Eknath Gulhane; i traveled on your flight 436 on 01st Oct 2011, to Bangalore. My seat number was 01d, i traveled with my wife. My wallet fall down on seat and i didnt realise it at all and i left the airport and reached at home. When i checked at home i thought that it was left in cab or i may drop down it somewhere else. But later around 1'o clock, your staff name gaurav from Bangalore airport called me 1st. i didnt pick the call but he kept calling me later i picked his call and he informed me that i left my wallet on flight and its 3000/- rupees in the wallet. He said you come and collect it. There is still honesty in this world, i heard that. But your staff proved it. I even didnt realise that i drop my wallet in flight and i even didnt claim for it. But he himself have taken initiative and called me several time and informed me to come and collect it. He was very humble and polite on phone. I really owe a great thanks and appreciation for your staff. I tried to be in touch with him, but unfortunately i couldnt. Then my friend suggested me to mail this id. I hope you guys will take the issue to the concern person. Your staff (gaurav) really needs some kind of reward for this. This type of staff is real asset to the company. Dont let him leave your company. Keep good work up! . ..."
Xavier Jos Thottan, 07 October, 2011 6E 404, (Date of Travel: October 06): .................. ..On the 6th of Oct 2011 was for the first time ..
"....On the 6th of Oct 2011 was for the first time in my life in 58 years i was given the privilege of experiencing a flight from Goa to Mumbai along with my wife, Salvita. It is my most humble duty to say a very sincere thank you to the entire ground staff of Dabolim airport foe rendering such personal attention to us both at the airport terminal right from the time of getting our E-ticket printout right up to the time of getting our boarding pass. A very special thanks to the operation manager, who did all the needful of arranging our boarding pass without having us take trouble of standing in the queue. That was very touching. I wish the entire indigo staff our sincere thanks & gratitude for making our flight to Mumbai a very memorable one. Thanks once again, & god bless!! . ..."
Pavan Matai, 07 October, 2011 6E 404, (Date of Travel: October 07): .................. ..Okay... So here it is...i am dead tired and want to ..
"....Okay... So here it is...i am dead tired and want to reach home for a good sleep. But how could i do that before giving a feedback. Sorry your website feedback column doesn't support me to upload a video or would've put up my video for indigo with a standing round of applause. Guys i am seriously impressed with this complete colourful makeover. Indigo earlier was for me always a third choice although it since inception has an on-time record. I boarded after a year on your flight (sexy) 6E404, which was delayed by an hour due to late arrival from Kolkata. I boarded from Nagpur to Mumbai after a power nap. I liked below: Flights sparkling cleanliness, new uniform (which for a second made me feel if Ive boarded an international flight), Malabar Paneer Kulcha, Trust me never tasted before @ this amazing price. The packing in this matchbox style, all these things actually relieve you by the travel tiredness. Few more observations, baggage belt announcement on landing, multilingual announcements, presentation of on-board staff, A to Z contended and one happier customer added to your list. I was to freeze my holiday plans for Dubai this New Year, would appreciate if u can keep me posted on seasonal tariff for international flights started off lately. Lastly hello 6E was quiet well designed and yes needs a special mention for its honest prices and bright look. Warm regards and all the best for flying much higher... !! . ..."
Mish Pereira, 10 October, 2011 ......... This is to place on record the good performance
"....This is to place on record the good performance of Mr. Hassan's customer care executive on call in the afternoon today. He helped me very promptly with a name correction and if hadnt done so i would need to purchase a new ticket which would work our every expensive for me indeed. He was very patient, empathetic and proactive in attending my call and request. Hope this goes on his record. . ..."
Pawan Naresh 11 October 2011 ......... .Flying with indigo has always been a pleasing .
"....Flying with indigo has always been a pleasing experience. Without exception, this was repeated in the latest indigo flight that i undertook in the past week. And i am still basking in the turbulence of indigo's magnificence.. ..."
Chandan, 13 October, 2011 6E 284, (Date of Travel: October 12): .................. .I am just totally impressed by the way you .
"....I am just totally impressed by the way you handle the business. The creative meal boxes, inflight magazine, merchandise, all point in one direction, and you want to handle this business differently. Asking people to save their work before switching off their laptops is another way of saying "we'll take care of you on board." i am all gaga about you and i am going to tell people. Thank you. And yes, i believe indigo has come far and still a long way to go. Best of luck! . ..."
Rehan Kaskar, 13 October, 2011 6E 254, (Date of Travel: October 8): .................. .I was travelling by flight 6E 254 ..
"....I was travelling by flight 6e 254, from BOM - HYD on 8th Oct 2011. I just wanted to share my overall experience. I did submit the feedback, but my internet connection was facing some problem so not sure if you did get the feedback. To begin with i took me less than 10 Sector to get my boarding pass, via self-check-in counter, and this was possible only because of the proactive help of the ground staff. Must say they were very helpful warm and friendly, to the passengers around. The cabin crew did an exceptionally good job as well. Especially would like to comment on the lead cabin attendant, Ms. Jennifer Dmellow, she came across very confident, professional, yet very warm, helpful and friendly. She was very well groomed and so was her team. She had a genuine smile on her face, throughout the journey. She had a great command on her language and cause of this, her announcements were very clear and not to mention detailed too. She also took did timely inspection in the flight, to check if the passengers had their seat belts on, or had their cell phone on the switched off mode, or their seats are in the required position before take-off, which shows the concern of the passengers safety. The visibility of the crew was very evident. I did like the servicing part as well, where the crew would introduce themselves before asking the passengers if they did like anything to eat. Kudos to you Ms. Jennifer Dmellow and your team. Great job! Hope this feedback goes on file for Ms Jennifer Dmellow. And last but not least the on time performance by indigo; you guys are the best. The reason Im able to give such extensive feedback is coz i could see the difference in the quality of service on my way back from HYD to BOM in a different airline. And everything that i mentioned above, most of the things were missing. So much so at times the visibility of the crew was zero. Today indigo is definitely my airline of choice. Thank you for making my flying experience a great one. Looking forward to fly with you guys again and every time . ..."
M Rajendra kumar, 14 October, 2011 6E 309, (Date of Travel: October 8):......... I was travelling from Srinagar to
"....I was travelling from Srinagar to Hyderabad with my family members on 08.10.2011....i have booked my Srinagar - Delhi sector through other airline and DEL - HYD sector by indigo (1700 hrs.6e 309). 'Air India' which is a national carrier arrived late at Srinagar airport and started half an hour late from Srinagar... There was no word of apology either from the captain of the aircraft or from the crew. It reached Delhi ...45 minutes late at terminal 3... My indigo flight operates from terminal 1d (old airport). We have collected our baggage and rushed outside the terminal 3 to catch a shuttle service to terminal 1..when we reached the terminal 1 it was 1630 hrs.. Normally the counter closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure...but when we explained our position, the staff at the counter including the loader who handles the check in baggage responded swiftly and allowed us to board the flight.....the supervisor at the counter even sent a young lady with us to see that we board the flight without any problem...that young lady. Not only reminded us of our valuable thing which we left at the security check in our eagerness to board the flight ....she was there till we got into the bus waiting there to transfer us to the aircraft.... Their service is still fresh in our minds. We shall always be thankful to the staff at the delhi airport.....what i observed that they have even reopened the baggage area to load our baggage...we are overwhelmed and we thank them from bottom of our hearts. We could not thank them properly...i would like the concerned to let them know that we sincerely appreciate their service. Thank you. ..."
Mayur Sarma, 15 October, 2011 6E 254, (Date of Travel: October 15): .................. ..Reached the check-in counter over ..
"....Reached the check-in counter over 15 minutes late due to traffic congestion but your ground staff allowed me to check-in the flight. Thank you very much. Appreciate the customer service. Also your on time performance is really commendable.. ..."
Ashish Ruparel, 16 October, 2011 6E 153, (Date of Travel: October 16): ......... I was travelling today from Ahmedabad
"....I was travelling today from Ahmedabad to Bangalore. I was at Junagadh and had started my journey towards the Ahmedabad airport at about 9:30 am. Due to heavy traffic in Ahmedabad, i got delayed. I called the airport staff at about 4:15 pm and requested to try and allow me to do a late check-in. I was travelling with 3 other passengers. I finally reached there at about 4:35 pm. The airport staff was supportive and got me checked in and got me on the aircraft and the flight took off exactly in time. I would like to give kudos to the airport staff of indigo for going the additional mile for assisting passengers in real need. Indigo has made me their loyal passenger. . ..."
J R Contractor 16 October 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: October 16): .................. .Today morning i had cancel my boarding ..
"....Today morning i had cancel my boarding pass due to emergency situation in new delhi, the services rendered by the ground staff was just amazing need a lot of appreciation i am a frequent flyer on jet and kingfisher but this first experience with IndiGo has changed my mind-set. Keep up the good work.. ..."
Prodosh Bhattacharyya, 17 October, 2011 ......... .This time, we, the whole family went out
"....This time, we, the whole family went out for a tour to south India by taking air route (Kolkata- Trivandrum - Kolkata) with your indigo. We are narrating our impression about it as under: (1) Best look exterior (2) Best look interior (3) Best roomy plane (4) Best time-maintaining flight (5) Scientifically arranged seat & front table with quite cordially-behaved staff always make us think why go there, when indigo is here! . ..."
Jonas Olsson 17 October 2011, 6E 144, (Date of Travel: October 14): ......... I managed to forget my ipad on
"....I managed to forget my ipad on the early morning flight from Bangalore to Delhi on October 14th. Thanks to Mr Sukhdev in customer relationships and the ground staff at Delhi airport, i could recover it when returning to Bangalore the same afternoon. Great help and assistance rendered from the indigo staff. You constantly keep exceeding expectations!. ..."
Vatsalya Narain 18 October 2011, 6E 157, (Date of Travel: October 14): .................. .I am merely short of words ..
"....I am merely short of words here to appreciate indigo. In all the customer touch points like flight experience, interaction with staff and airport services, indigo has been exceptionally good and i must say above all its peer airline carriers. Indigo's on time commitment has made me a loyal indigo customer and i am very much surprised to see that despite tough delivery times and pressure , indigo has been able to live with its commitments. I have chosen myself and my dear ones to fly with indigo on multiple times ( guess more than 25 occasions ) in last 3 months only and i look forward to fly with indigo - proudly to see Indias one of the best airlines. I highly recommended for all fliers and best of luck to indigo towards its international operations.. ..."
A C Krishnan 22 October 2011, 6E 283, (Date of Travel: October 21): .................. .Amazing service rendered
"....Amazing service rendered by Ms Shefali. I had asked for a gift item to be purchased (citizen ladies watch) and even though the flight was about to descend (i.e. before the captain could make the announcement), she made sure with a smile to show me the items available. She went to the extent of assuring me that it was a good piece to buy and that the price too is competitive. She was very apologetic when she didnt have the credit card machine and in fact went about suggesting as to how i could buy the next time i travel. Her support to all passengers was admirable and her announcements were clear and crisp. She led the team very well and her team was no less. In fact, one of her team members--(the person whom i asked first about the product) went out of her way to contact Shefali and to help her show me the products. A very clean cabin, excellent service, on-time arrival and departure, good food, clarity in announcements, ensuring utmost safety of passengers, etc. All leave very enjoyable and pleasant memories. My onward flight experience was too good. . ..."
Rohith, 23 October 2011, 6E 308, (Date of Travel: October 20): ......... .I couldn't stop myself from writing .
"....I couldn't stop myself from writing this mail as i had a wonderful flight with indigo on 20th of this month. I was travelling with 2 of my especially abled team members. They were on the flight for the first time in their life and were so happy to experience such an amazing hospitality. All credit goes to Ms Prakrithi, as she was not just doing it as part of her duty but really feeling it. I am pretty much impressed with the quality of team you have got which is hard to find in other airlines and she will be a great asset to you guys...... I frequently fly to Delhi and i can't stop myself to say that i will only fly from indigo... Great job guys!!! . ..."
Rama Rao, 24 October 2011, 6E 286, (Date of Travel: October 12): .................. ..I was booked on the Chennai-Delhi flight 6E 286 on October .
"....I was booked on the Chennai-Delhi flight 6E 286 on October 12th. This was inordinately delayed due to weather conditions at Coimbatore and the incoming flight being diverted. There were many irate passengers due to this delay. Your supervisor, Divya, handled the situation very well and was able to calm the passengers. I would like to pass on my appreciation of her sense of duty. She also helped in getting me on to 6e 282 which left earlier. I would appreciate letting her know about this mail.. ..."
Rishi lekhi, 24 October 2011, 6E 41, (Date of Travel: October 16): ......... I would like to thank indigo staff at the bangkok ..
"....I would like to thank indigo staff at the bangkok airport that went out of their way to help me find my lost bag. I had a wonderful experience flying with your airlines. I found indigo staff very helpful and very professional. There were no delays rather we landed a good forty minutes ahead of our scheduled time in Delhi. . ..."
Varadarajan Krishnan, 26 October 2011, 6E 436, (Date of Travel: October 24): .................. .I had left my hand baggage on the security ..
"....I had left my hand baggage on the security checking area during my recent flight from Nagpur to Bangalore. Mr Swapnil and Mr Abhishek from indigo Nagpur helped a lot in retrieving the bag. In fact they and the security from Nagpur airport Mr Sarkar and Mr Gurucharan singh need to be commended for solving a great problem for me as all important documents, passport, money, credit cards, and valuables were in the bag. I cannot describe my relief when the security called my family in Bangalore on their own accord and informed of my bag being in their possession. Such exemplary actions reaffirm my faith that the simple people of our country are the ones who keep our ethos alive. Thanks very much to Indigo Nagpur. On another note the staff in indigo Bangalore Ms Manjushree did not help at all and was very indifferent to my difficulties. When i requested her and Mr Praveen to scan my document to indigo Nagpur they said they could not and were in fact saying that i should email from a public internet centre in the late night. Ms Manjushree said it was my fault that i left my bag and she has other things to do. I was surprised that a customer service person could speak like that. I am amazed that indigo Nagpur was so customer oriented while Bangalore was indifferent. Overall thanks again to indigo Nagpur for resolving a great problem for me. . ..."
Pankaj Kumar Singh 28 October 2011 ......... This is a mail for the awesome services .
"....This is a mail for the awesome services provided by customer care officer by name Shubham Dahl. First of all the hospitality provided on flight is too good along with scheduled time of departure and arrival, because i have travelled in the past. Well i just want you guys to keep doing the same. Keep up the good work and last not the least appreciating the way Shubham handled the call. He was very courteous, friendly and helpful, went extra mile to provide information. Thanks for providing such a nice service and also ready to help customer care officers. . ..."
Uday Nair, 28 October 2011, 6E 279, (Date of Travel: October 27): .................. ..Hi, wanted to take a quick moment .
"....Hi, wanted to take a quick moment to appreciate the kind of customer service that i have been getting from indigo over the past couple of months. I have been frequently flying on the Chennai - Mumbai route and i make it a point that i am booked only on indigo. I come from a customer service background and work as an operations manager, and am pretty hard to please i must say. The attention to details, small but significant measures, the warmth and smile that i get from each and every member of your staff has been consistent on every occasion. Right from the ground staff to your in-flight, experience has been excellent. Just two days back i travelled from Mumbai to Chennai on flight 279. I had a situation at hand where in i wanted to handover a book to a very close friend of mine who was leaving Chennai for good. Coincidentally she was booked on the same flight 278 which was going back to Mumbai. Samantha was the lead attendant on my flight and the very reason i could even ask a favour of her was because i knew if it's indigo i am sure they would help me out. As it turned out, i was not wrong. I just had to request her to hand over the book to my friend when she boards the plane, and it was done. Thanks to Samantha and indigo, our friendship has grown stronger. More than anything else, indigo is creating a benchmark in customer service which was lacking big time in other airlines and i hope and wish that you are consistent and continue growing. I am recommending indigo to everyone i meet and i hope each of them in turn become advocates for you guys. Thanks once again and please keep this focus and customer centricity on. You will go places... A very satisfied and happy indigo-flyer.... . ..."
Rajesh Aswani, 30 October 2011, 6E 152, (Date of Travel: October 29): .................. ...My father 82 year & mother 72 years
"....My father 82 year & mother 72 years, travelled on 29th Oct from Bangalore to Jaipur, i being son was worried who will provide extra assistant for such old persons, cause airport authority does not allow visitors in departure area. Even my parents were too worried as they had several questions in their mind with travelling tension. they cud not walk freely, so i requested wheel chair over phone and the service offered by airport staff were excellent. They provided following facility:- 1) Indigo staff attended on time, they rushed in seconds with wheel chair. 2) Indigo staff took luggage carefully. 3) Indigo staff helped to get boarding pass. 4) Indigo staff offered water at airport. 5) Indigo staff guided toilet & helped them nicely. 6) Finally they dropped till cabin. Overall my father realized that these boys has helped to such extend like my son. He decided to give Rs. 100/- to each as Diwali gift. But best think they did not even accept the money and simply said its our duty wish you happy journey. My father realized that in India still there are good person like indigo staff. He called me after reaching Jaipur, to write all these, on his behalf to you all. I thanks to those boys and other staff. Keep it up. . ..."
Sagar Sharma, 30 October 2011, 6E 155, (Date of Travel: October 28): ......... This is to appreciate the efforts
"....This is to appreciate the efforts made my indigo ground staff of delhi to help me board my flight for Ahmedabad on 28th Oct. Due to delay of my previous flight, i reached delhi airport when the boarding for my Ahmedabad flight had already begun. But due thanks to the indigo staff, i completed all d formalities in just 20 minutes. Plus the indigo staff also sent me my check-in baggage on the same day that i was not able to pick up from my previous flight.. ..."
Bhasmang Mehta, 30 October 2011, 6E 21, (Date of Travel: October 23): .................. .. This is Bhasmang Mehta from ..
"....This is Bhasmang Mehta from Ahmedabad, India. I am a travel lover and a frequent flier. I have been on board indigo flights on quite a few occasions in the last 2 years and every time Ive flown, i have had the best of services. I specially appreciate the crew members collecting most of the litter before landing so that the next flight can be on time... Tonight i am writing this to you to share my 'most memorable' travel experience. I along with my wife, my 10 year old son Mudit and 3 cousins was flying to Dubai with indigo on the 23rd of October 2011 from Mumbai. However when i reached the airport, my travel agent informed me that he would be e-mailing me visa for my son Mudit by 3 p.m. it was a 6:30 p.m. flight and when i inquired at the check in counter i was told by Ms Lavina that the check in would close by 5:30 latest, which means if Mudit's visa are not obtained by that time he may miss the flight. We were waiting for the e-mail, but due to some server problem we couldn't receive that until 1715 hours, i was tensed and i was thinking about where we should go now as to me it felt that we were going to miss the flight surely. But two of your employees Ms Lavina s and Mr. Ralston Pereira were there with me in those tense times ensuring that i don't get frustrated and their calm, co-operative and friendly nature helped me passing those crucial 20 minutes until the visa e-mail was finally received. And that was not all, immediately upon the receipt of the visa mail, Lavina very efficiently went through the check in procedure, called up the staff so that our bags were loaded to the flight, and Mr Pereira stood by us until we actually reached boarding gate. I am really touched by the services of these two employees of yours, as if there was any other non-co-operative staff member it would have been tough for us to go through this phase of time. I really wanted to thank you for hiring such people who actually "care for the customers"... These two are perfect example of "customer care"... Thanks to Ms Lavina and Mr. Ralston Pereira, for being so cooperative and friendly. I really can't thank them enough. My best wishes to you all at indigo and i am sure you're going to be one of the leading airlines in the world... . ..."
Malay Nema, 31 October 2011, 6E 414, (Date of Travel: November 2): .................. ..Greetings! I have been trying .
"....Greetings! I have been trying to mail you to request for a wheelchair in my parents tickets. But my mail server gave up. So i decided to call your call centre. I must appreciate the proficiency of your staff members. I called your call centre twice and i felt exactly the same warm welcoming behaviour and swift helping nature. I must thank you again and your staff members. It was a pleasant experience . ..."
Jyothikumar Dharmadheeran, 31 October 2011, 6e 281, (Date of Travel: October 23): ......... . Dear Shilpa, we have always found indigo ..
"....Dear Shilpa We have always found indigo services beyond par and were extremely upset to face the behaviour /response encountered, when we had a problem. We were going through a very difficult time. At times like this one tries to do everything that is possible for ones loved ones and thats all that i was trying to do. I am happy to make note of the arrangements now made by you. My wife and i thank you for the same. The feedback sent was to you was for your staff that they must follow the ethos of the airline they work for. One odd incompetent or indifferent employee can destroy the good work done by the rest who strive to put their best foot forward. Your informed reply and the assurances given have reaffirmed the faith we have in indigo. . ..."
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