Nalin Dhingra, 01 September, 6E 308, (Date of Travel: September 28): ......... Abhijeet has been really helpful and patient .
"....Abhijeet has been really helpful and patient in guiding me through the payment mess-up on the IndiGo site. He offered suggestions and very politely kept me on the IndiGo website rather allow me to change to a different portal and sorted out the issues and helped me complete the booking. Abhijeet's approach, cheerful nature and patience is much appreciated. ..."
Gargi Guha, 02 September 2011 : .................. .Shilpa, Greetings from the Venetian Macao ..
"....Shilpa, Greetings from the Venetian Macao. I would like to thank you for your teams prompt follow-up. My query was answered within 24 hours by e-mail and later, on the phone. I was assisted on the phone first by Ketan and then by Dhruv, who was able to help me with the booking even while i was traveling and there was constant noise in the background. The booking was for our Asst. V. P., Sales of the Venetian, Mr. David Traynor. Thanks again and i look forward to experiencing IndiGo on the 20th Sept from Ahmedabad to Bangalore . ..."
Kaushik Chatterjee, 05 September, 2011 6E 191, (Date of Travel: September 4): : .................. .I wishes to give compliments ..
"....I wishes to give compliments to your crew for providing excellent in flight ambience. I do fly often and currently IndiGo holds the top position in my preference list of domestic carriers. Also i congratulate and wish you well in your international venture . ..."
Srikanth Vasireddy, 05 September, 2011 ......... ..I am a regular customer of your airlines and just
".... I am a regular customer of your airlines and just now i finished conversation with one of your operators Mr. Vineet Kumar. He was excellent in helping me out when i was in a confused state of what to do when i had to book a ticket to my cousin Mr. Gummadi Venkateshwarlu by adjusting my balance in the prior cancelled ticket. He walked me through all the details in a very patient manner, right from getting a passcode from my credit cards bank besides answering all my queries (though some of them were stupid). He had abundant patience in answering my questions without any hesitation, which i found only with this gentleman and your airlines(with my experience with Mr. Vineet kumar , i could also conclude that your customer service is also excellent like your all new planes in excellent condition and also reaching on time). I am a U.S. citizen currently residing in India and i always prefer to travel by your airlines because of obvious reasons and that too with helpful staff like Mr. Vineet Kumar i have decided to make it a point to travel only by IndiGo airlines. I am sure that he is a big asset to your company and hope he will continue with you for a long time. I strongly believe he is an excellent asset to your company. I find such customer service only in U.S. with so much patience, clarity and excellent communication skills (unlike India). But Mr. Vineet Kumar proved my view to be wrong and proved that in India also people are excellent in both patience and also he has excellent communication skills. ..."
David, 07 September 2011, 6E 256, (Date of Travel: September 6): ......... .I'd like to give a shout out
"....I'd like to give a shout out and offer an apology to the IndiGo ticketing staff that was on duty at the Goa airport on the afternoon of august 17th. I showed up at the airport with a group of 10 people and very little time to spare. Their heroic efforts got us all on board the plane to Delhi, with all of our bags to boot! Thank you so much for your help! Great work!. ..."
S. Danish Hussain, 07 September, 2011: .................. ..I always wanted to appreciate IndiGo airline.........s services
".... ..I always wanted to appreciate IndiGo airlines services but couldnt do it well in time. However i decided to send this small appreciation note without fail today. I have had few opportunities to travel by your airline to different cities across India, each time i fly, i truly feel safe and enjoy my journey, landing and take-off is so smooth and you dont feel that you have taken off and landed until you hear the noise of wheels. Your air crew is so helpful and especially the uniform of your crew is so well designed that it enhances the good looks of those lovely ladies attending to passenger's every beck and call always with a smile. Further, i shall never forget the day when i was taken to the cockpit by your hostess and was introduced to a tall, dark & handsome pilot Capt. Thomas Kurian - he answered all my questions impeccably and fulfilled my long cherished dream of viewing the pilot's aircraft bay. Also let me put this on record that till date, i haven't come across any delays while taking an IndiGo flight. Your efforts / initiatives taken to provide such great service need to be appreciated and applauded always. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Now you have one more passenger as your true and loyal customer . ..."
Viraj Deshpande 10 September 2011 6E 176, (Date of Travel: September 9): ......... ..I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi on your flight ..
"....I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi on your flight. It was a very good experience. Your airline takes care of some very basic things. Example: the bus had picture showing the exact way people should enter in flight as per their seat numbers, the ac in the bus was working and flight attendants were cordial. And the flight was on time. Also my luggage had a minor problem, since its zip was open. But your ground force personnel duly informed about it to me and even packaged it nicely in a plastic bag. I am writing a feedback to an airline for the first time though i have travelled by air umpteen number of times. Your good service has ensured that i would always be flying by IndiGo. Thank you. ..."
Anish Kalam, 13 September 2011 6E 206, (Date of Travel: September 2): ......... ..Well i am a frequent flyer of jet airways .
"....Well i am a frequent flyer of jet airways but unfortunately on 2nd September 2011, i had to fly by IndiGo due to some urgency as there was no direct connection from dibrugarh to Kolkata in jet airways. That was my journey by IndiGo and the flight was delayed, i was very angry and got frustrated and when i went to make the enquiry with the staff in boarding gate, why it is delayed she make my anger down immediately by convincing me the actual reason why the flight was delayed. I was very pleased with her behaviour, i will never forget her by her name she was Ms Anwara. I wish her all the success in her life and congratulate IndiGo for recruiting such well trained and well behaved staff . ..."
Rajan Losalka, 14 September, 2011 6E 216, (Date of Travel: September 13): ......... The inflight services are excellent from all ..
"....The inflight services are excellent from all counts starting with sincere welcome to assisting passengers to settle to helping passengers to keep their luggage to attending small requests promptly with smile. I flew on 13.9.11 by 6e 216 and was impressed with the services. Though i avoided flying with IndiGo earlier but for this experience, i have changed my views. ..."
Nagendra Rathore 14 September 2011 ......... ..I was flying Kolkata to Delhi and wanted to pen
"....I was flying Kolkata to Delhi and wanted to pen my appreciation for the whole crew who handled an irate flyer with poise and calm and in particular Ms Sweetal who was very polite and courteous and affable. Thank you for the wonderful experience . ..."
Viral Chhaya, 15 September 2011 ......... ..I had the pleasure of speaking to 3 of your call taking .. .........
"....I had the pleasure of speaking to 3 of your call taking agents this morning - Sushil, Amit & Stephina - over a no. Of complicated changes i was making to my itinerary ... I found them very eager to help, pleasant & most of all, endowed with utmost patient - i ran a call centre for GE so i know how the handle time / talk time pressures on productivity are: usually all agents want to just get the job done & move on, but they were all completely focussed on customer delight! Also, because all 3 of them were like that, while they are all great agents; it also means this must not be an individual trait but a more generic part of the training you are giving them! So these compliments are as much for you, your floor managers & the training team - now not only is IndiGo my favourite airline, but the IndiGo call centre is my favourite call centre! . ..."
Vinit Taneja, 16 September, 2011......... .My friend's sis in law could not board the international
"....My friend's sis in law could not board the international flight on 14th because of her visa complication but she got a finite chance to do so thanks completely to you and IndiGo. It was really heart-warming to know that your staff took their own empowering decision in supporting her journey to t3 and also helping her in that location. It is a small wonder that you are the fastest growing airline. Do convey my heartfelt appreciation to your concerned staff . ..."
Nishant Radhakrishnan, 18 September 2011, 6E 61, (Date of Travel: November 21): .................. .I just wanted to thank you very .
"....I just wanted to thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. I had the opportunity to interact with Sunaina Sharma and Neetu Singh Bisht. Both of them communicated clearly, promptly and were able to resolve my ticketing issues to my complete satisfaction. This is an excellent standard of customer relations, which i feel is sorely lacking across all service sectors in India. Please continue to set this kind of example, IndiGo. ..."
Akanksha, 20 September, 2011......... This is to bring to your kind notice that Mr. Rahul .
"....This is to bring to your kind notice that Mr. Rahul who is an employee of your esteemed airlines and is currently placed at the Ahmedabad airport has been extremely helpful. I had left my camera in the flight 6e 237 and had lodged the case with your helpline last night but they said it will take 24 to 48 hours. I was extremely worried as it had some precious memories in it. The person at the helpline gave me the number of your Ahmedabad airport office after calling which i spoke to Rahul. He said he will look into the matter and let me know as soon as possible. To my surprise he gave me a call in less than half an hour with the good news that the camera was found. I would like to extend my genuine appreciation for Mr. Rahul for his prompt and kind gesture in bringing me back what i thought i almost lost. It is employees like him that make us want to fly with you time and again. You have a great staff and it is the personal touch, amazing services and fantastic setup that makes you our no. 1! . ..."
Karan Parwani, 20 September, 2011: .................. ..I had called in on 20th September to inquire about Mumbai Kolkata return .
".... ..I had called in on 20th September to inquire about Mumbai Kolkata return trip. The executive i spoke to Mr Samir Maharana spoke very professionally to me. I appreciate the fact that he kept me well informed about cheaper fares and website and debit card use. It is always a pleasure talking to IndiGo team. And the airline is beautiful especially because of the tag line 'on time'. Please forward my huge appreciation for Samir and keep up the good work . ..."
Ramdas Pai, 21 September 2011 6E 209, (Date of Travel: September 23): .................. ..I needed to cancel and rebook my wife.........s
"....I needed to cancel and rebook my wifes ticket and i spoke with an agent Mr. Ram roughly between 7.30 - 9.00 P.M. today - 21st Sept. He was extremely helpful, kind and very patient. I would like to you commend him. He is an asset to IndiGo! . ..."
Saurabh Kumar, 21 September 2011......... .Your on time departure and arrival performance is fantastic...
"....Your on time departure and arrival performance is fantastic - probably best in class. I take approx. 10 flights per month and whenever i fly IndiGo, i am sure it will land on time. Fabulous work by you guys and this is a clear differentiator between you and other run of the mill airlines. Well done and thanks for giving an airline that values time! . ..."
Yogesh Gautam, 21 September, 2011 6E 215, (Date of Travel: September 19): .................. ..It.........s really a very pleasant experience from .
"....Its really a very pleasant experience from one of the leading airline like you. The incident is like that: I booked a ticket through makemytrip website on 19-09-11 at around 2 am for Mumbai to Ahmadabad. Due to some technical mistake my name was reflecting on ticket : first name h Gautam ... However it should have been Yogesh Gautam, it means when i was putting my name in block of first name first 5 letters (yogis) of my name might have been overlapped by first name which was mentioned in block by default. When i discussed the matter with customer support executive he simply asked me to cancel the ticket & booked the another one ...despite of my request of providing some option because cancellation and rebooking of my ticket will cost another Rs 3000 to me.. He said there is no option other than that... To be utmost surprise when i called up to your IndiGo customer support executive regarding same matter & request to do some solution then after his discussion with their supervisor they did the changes in name immediately... It simply shows how you are caring about your customers. I am a regular flyer of IndiGo and really so appreciate for your support because if i blindly believe in makemytrip's executive suggestions & wouldn't contact to IndiGo executive, really it will dent Rs 3000 to my pocket. Once again thanks a lot for your kind support . ..."
Baishampayan Sanyal, 21 September 2011 ......... It was indeed pleasure to receive .
"....It was indeed pleasure to receive outstanding service from cabin crew Priyanka. Myself with my wife were travelling back to Singapore after a brisk Delhi trip, she made our journey pleasant with courteous attitude and assistance. I wish Priyanka best of luck! Incorporation of polite and well-mannered cabin crews like Priyanka with affordable range of food and drink can make the journey further pleasant. Thanks IndiGo. ..."
Amit Nandi, 21, September, 2011 6E 237, (Date of Travel: September 16): .................. ..I was travelling from Ahmadabad to Kolkata .
"....I was travelling from Ahmadabad to Kolkata in 6E237. Passenger sitting next to me was travelling from Chennai to Jaipur and he walked off with my laptop leaving his. Laptop bag contained cash, debit & credit cards and my identities apart from the laptop. I appreciate the efforts made by ground staff of Kolkata and Jaipur who handed over the laptop bag with all its contents at Jaipur when i was returning in 6E 238. I particularly wish that this message to be conveyed to all your ground staff in Kolkata & Jaipur (both) . ..."
S. S. Bedi, September 21, 2011 6E 144, (Date of Travel: September 21): .................. .This is regarding my experience with IndiGo ground staff which ..
"....This is regarding my experience with IndiGo ground staff which is highly appreciable & memorable. Today morning , after check- in at Bangalore airport, flight no 6E 144 , Bangalore to Delhi, when i went to security check counter, i found that my mobile set was lost somewhere. I rushed back to check in counter to enquire about my lost mobile, it was not there. Ms Kavitha on the check in counter, asked about my cell no & tried to call on my cell no, which was picked up by the cab driver. She co-ordinated so well with the cab driver & arranged the collection of my mobile from passenger dropping area. I was highly obliged for the courtesy & pain taken by her for tracing the lost mobile. I was so delighted for her co-operation & i am compelled to write this feedback to IndiGo, cell was so important for me because in addition to my 800 plus contact numbers & other valuable data, it was brand new Nokia dual Sim, which is a recent birth day gift by family. I am also thankful to the cab driver, who has shown his full honesty; otherwise it was not possible . ..."
Sahiba Singh, 22 September 2011, 6E 181, (Date of Travel: August 19): .................. ..I had the privilege to fly your esteemed airline on
"....I had the privilege to fly your esteemed airline on 19th from Del to Mumbai. I was really well looked after and assisted by your ground staff- Ms Vaishali Sudan. She greeted me with a smile and was extremely efficient and helpful in assisting me with a large suitcase. I had also notified your manager on duty Mr Neeraj the same day. I appreciate your staff assisting their customers so well and making it comfortable for them to fly your prestigious airline. ..."
Kanwaldeep Singh Sethi 22 September 2011: .................. .This is regarding a feedback that i would .
"....This is regarding a feedback that i would like to give about Mr Dhruv from your customer service desk online supervised by Ms Preeti (pardon me for the spelling mistakes in mentioning their names if any). I thought i had made one of the biggest typo errors of my life or i must say "one of the small as your representatives made me feel". I was very obliged with the kind behaviour and helpful nature of Mr Dhruv and miss Preeti that they helped me to sort the matter in minutes which i thought could take me an hour/or days/ or in fact could not be solved. I would really like to tell you that they are your star performers or in the making . ..."
Abhinav Singhal, 25, September, 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: September 25): .................. ..My flight to Delhi 6E212 just landed
"....My flight to Delhi 6E212 just landed. Today at CCU i was helped by ground staff Aparna. When i was doing security check i realised that i have left my mobile in car .Aparna helped me to move out from airport. She helped to trace the driver and kept the boarding gates open. Her professional approach and helpful nature actually made me feel better. ..."
Mohit Luthra 25 September 2011 ......... I would like to place on record .
"....I would like to place on record and appreciate the commendable hospitable attitude of your air hostess "Ruchi" on flight 6e 186 from Mumbai to Delhi on the 22nd September 2011. The manner in which she was addressing and taking care of all the passengers was really amazing & worth anyone's admiration. She also has a beautiful knack to handle other crew staff the best air hostess i have ever come across in my experience of air travel since 1996, whether domestic/ international. IndiGo is lucky to have a crew member like her on their payroll nurture & cultivate such staff. ..."
Vikas Shah 25 September 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: September 24): .................. .This was the first time i travelled in
"....This was the first time i travelled in your flight. I must tell you the right from booking my tickets online till arrival your service has been excellent. I definitely would spread a good word within my peers and friends. ..."
Mekanapurath Mohandas 25 September 2011: .................. ..My sincere appreciations to Mr Tejas Arte and Mr Vinayaka .
"....My sincere appreciations to Mr Tejas Arte and Mr Vinayaka Desai for the support offered in restoring my missed laptop during security check at Trivandrum airport on 22 September, while traveling by IndiGo flight to Bangalore. Efforts by Tejas to coordinate with all concerned are commendable, while he had to work with the passenger, who picked up my laptop, was non-cooperative and unwilling to return, even after realizing the mistake committed. Vinayak was on duty while i landed on 22 September evening and i was quite worried about my missing laptop. However, Vinayak was quick by giving the procedure and assurance to get the item back from Trivandrum. This gave me the confidence and further the IndiGo team went on to prove they deliver what they promise!! Thanks to Tejas and Vinayak once again and keep up the good work, Appreciate IndiGo team's commitment to customer, in addition to the best on time service!! . ..."
Arjuna Bahadur, 25 September, 2011: .................. ..I, Col. A Bahadur travelled .
"....I, Col. A Bahadur travelled from Bangalore to Delhi. I would like to put on record the commendable service done by the cabin crew. I was closely observing the assistance rendered to a senior citizen, a lady suffering from high blood pressure and arthritis, no relative/friend of mine. The leading lady, Rishika was ably supported by Mrinalini and both took care of this passenger beyond the call of duty. Apart from displaying professional competence of the highest order, both Rishika and Mrinalini demonstrated compassion, empathy, consideration and respect for a guest with integrity, loyalty, organisational intent and utmost humility. It was a joy to watch their patience and smile!! These girls are your brand ambassadors and more importantly evolved human beings with beautiful souls!! . ..."
Pradeep Satam, 26 September 2011, 6E 185, (Date of Travel: September 24): ......... I would like to congratulate Capt. Subhash Patil
"....I would like to congratulate Capt. Subhash Patil for making announcements in chaste Marathi. This must be the first time in many years Marathi language was used by crew. Also i would like to thank the IndiGo management for giving some recognition to local language. The landing at Mumbai airport was very smooth, thanks to the captain!. ..."
Sanjay Marathe 26 September 2011 6E 321, (Date of Travel: September 15): .................. .I travelled Mumbai-Guwahati with .
"....I travelled Mumbai-Guwahati with your airline. I would like to thank IndiGo for a smooth travel experience through check-in, in-flight and baggage clearance. The interior of the planes was bright and spotless. The flights were on time or before. The flight captains spoke clearly and pleasantly in their announcements. Your in-flight crew on all flights was well trained and affable and a pleasure to fly with; and a special mention for the guwahati - Kolkata crew on 6e 322 on 24 sep.11. This was my first IndiGo experience and i loved it. Congratulations to you and your team and keep it up. ..."
Daryl Peris, 27 September 2011 6E 212, (Date of Travel: September 17): .................. ..I was flying from Kolkatta to Vadodara ..
".... I was flying from Kolkatta to Vadodara via New Delhi on flight 6e-212 on September 17th, and since i had 2 different reservations for both segments, i faced a problem while obtaining my boarding pass. In Kolkatta i was told that the boarding pass for my 2nd leg of the journey would be available at New Delhi itself. I was assured that my luggage would not be released at New Delhi and that it would stay in the flight and be released at Vadodra. After reaching New Delhi, the ground person was very helpful in helping me get from the arrival terminal to the departure terminal, hand me my boarding pass, help with the check in procedures and rush me back into the same flight within 15 minutes. I was greatly impressed with the courtesy and effectiveness shown by the ground staff especially the lady at Kolkatta airport who was the head of the check in counters (i do not recollect her name) and also the young gentleman from new Delhi airport terminal 1d who was at the arrivals customer service counter. Please do pass on my gratitude if possible and do let them know that their genuine hospitality is always well appreciated and is reason enough to keep returning to your flight. I apologize for not recollecting the names of the staff. ..."
Sumit Khetan, 28 September 2011, 6E 348, (Date of Travel: September 28): .................. ..This is Sumit Khetan travelling Kolkata .
"....This is Sumit Khetan travelling Kolkata Hyderabad 6e 348 this morning seat 13c. Check in was pleasure with Aruj courteous and efficient person manning the counter this morning. It makes me feel better before fly. flight was on time but i feel sad from deep inside when i see u are flying with only 30 % load. I am flying 1st time Kolkata-Hyderabad, may be two flights at same time (kingfisher) is the reason. I had the choice to fly with kef where i am platinum member Sheetal, Candida, Monaz and Swapna are the fantastic IndiGo cabin crew whose energy level service commitment and smile are unmatched in Indian sky. Please accept my appreciation for grooming them to serve us in the best possible manner. I have requested Swapna to change the name to Sapna. She is the most beautiful IndiGo cabin crew. Choice of food was available and shopping cart has few good things to take for loved ones when you don't get time to shop at the malls due to over busy schedule. This is my 20th flight in last 40 days more than 100 hours (mostly international). I love shopping at 35000 ft. and thank you once again for good collection on board. Wish you to fly high and high . ..."
Bharat, 30 September, 2011 6E 415, (Date of Travel: September 30): .................. .Just landed by 6E 415 from Mumbai to Bangalore was .
".... Just landed by 6E 415 from Mumbai to Bangalore was very happy with your on board staff and specially air hostess Gargi as i am not well she tried to help me in all possible ways one thing which i specially want to mention is i was feeling cold and i asked for a blanket but there was no blanket on board (please arrange for blankets inboard) she was so kind and generous to offer her own shawl which she was carrying she got the shawl and gave me trust me the entire flight i was thanking her from the bottom of my heart as the shawl was of immense help once again thanks to Gargi and IndiGo and please do something about mosquitoes on board. ..."
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