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Debasis Mohapatra 02 January 2012: ......... ..In 2011, I planned for a trip to Goa.
"....In 2011, I planned for a trip to Goa for me and my wife. We just returned from a fantastic and memorable trip. Both of us really appreciated the hospitality and service accorded to us while flying from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai en route to Goa and backs the same route. Please find attached a picture I took of the setting sun at the Goa Airport while awaiting for our flight back to Mumbai. Coincidentally, the picture also captures one IndiGo aircraft ambling on the tarmac! . ..."
Tamal Kanti 02 January 2012 6E 212, (date of travel: December 24): ......... ..It is rare to experience a flight
"....It is rare to experience a flight and an airline for its professional conduct. One such rare opportunity unfolded when I travelled to India from 19th to 24th December, 2011. Flight no 6E 223 on 19th and Flight no 6E 212 on 24th from Kolkata to Delhi while returning from a trip to Sundarban south of Kolkata. It was my first contact with Indigo, apparently a non-legacy airlines, I welcome. My flying experience and opinion about the airline is extremely positive due to their service. On my way to Kolkata the flight 6E 223 ON 19th was delayed by 2 hours due to fog in Delhi. All passengers were on board and captain was in position when the call came. Some passengers complained about the state of radars, industries close to the airport etc. The captain instead of directing the responsibility to aviation officials came out with an announcement, that the Captain on behalf of Indigo airlines would meet the passengers to explain the situation. A young Captain Mallick appeared, talking like Lord Krishna and the situation turned peaceful. I felt there was no other response possible to the situation from any professional angle. ArJunas remained quiet. Flight no 6E 212 (PNR no VLBZER 24DEC, DEL6E0312311895) (Seat NO 2C) from Kolkata to Delhi was in a cold early morning. After all the checks and verifications the passengers are on their nerves. A challenge for the cabin staffs; the seats are close. No one enjoys the flight alone. The flight in other airline could easily turn into angers, egos etc. A short flight (below 2 hours) happens to be driven by a community feeling. All needed to bring that together. Your cabin staffs brought about the community feeling within that small space by their dedication and professional skills. I wish I remembered all of their names. If I am not wrong Captain Chakraborty from Hyderabad was in cockpit and Ms Poonam, chief stewardess - inside the cabin from Mumbai, were guiding flight and the passengers. These fine airlines staffs are delivering across the sky of India from 0600hrs to Midnight. I hope the passengers express that more frequently. I would appreciate if my little thanks are conveyed to them. As for myself Indigo, will be my chosen airline again when I would visit India after 3 months. . ..."
Rajan Sadasivan, 02 January 2011 6E 315, (date of travel: January 02): ......... ..Travelled today from Hyderabad
"....Travelled today from Hyderabad to Chennai and the person booked me wrong seat for my 87 year old aunt,the airhostess Madhuri was courteous and kind enough to seat my aunt in the front of the plane and override the booking; i am grateful for this help tendered to my aunt who had difficulty walking. . ..."
Anishya, 04 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: December 17): ......... ..What I relate below needs
"....What I relate below needs to be taken note of by you, not only from the point of view of the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety that I experienced, but also the excellent follow up done by your team in resolving the problem to my entire satisfaction. The Deficiency in your Service: I boarded the Dubai Mumbai flight on 17th. Dec 2011. I checked in my baggage at the counter well in time. Unfortunately, I was not handed over the baggage tags, nor were they stuck on to my boarding pass, which is the standard procedure followed by all airlines. On my arrival in Mumbai, I realized that my baggage had not arrived. My compliments and appreciation to: It was then that I started a series of phone calls and follow up to locate my lost baggage and would like to put on record my personal thank you and appreciation to Mr. Engelbert from Dubai, who was extremely co-operative and helpful in locating my baggage for me, which as it transpired was never put on the flight, and was left behind at Dubai airport. I would go to the extent of saying that it was mainly because of his efforts that I got my baggage. I would also want to thank Ms. Veda and Mr. Savio of Mumbai for their co-operation and follow up in helping me retrieve my baggage, which was eventually delivered to me at my residence in Pune. Last but not the least, I extend my appreciation to Indigo Airlines in general for the professional manner in which they reacted in retrieving my baggage but also would want the management to be extra careful to avoid such unpleasant experience for any Indigo flyer. . ..."
Aparna Srivastava 04 January 2012 6E 315, (date of travel: December 22): ......... ..My flight from Delhi to Koch
"....My flight from Delhi to Kochi on 22nd Dec, 2011 (6E 315) was quite a delight. Thanks to the Captain of the aircraft who seemed to be quite humorous. The light moments he shared with guest in the aircraft were really superb. The way the crew was introduced was quite innovative, along with their name, the place to which they belonged was told too!!! The personal touch in the small interactions by the Captain was quite remarkable!!! He belonged to Allahabad, which is incidentally my home town too!!! The hostesses were also very decent and wore a happy smile throughout!!! All of us were taken good care throughout! Thank u so much for making the journey memorable. . ..."
Nilesh Gharage 04 January 2012: ......... ..I Nilesh Gharage and this mail .
"....I Nilesh Gharage and this mail is in regard to appreciate the effort of Mr. Hujefa, who has helped me in a big way. I was about to catch a flight on 13th November from Indore to Bangalore, and sadly missed it by only 11 Minutes. Sometimes there are little things which meant so important and this was no other but i had to Board on that flight in any case, because it was Very imp for me to be in Office on Monday for official reasons. I got stuck in traffic and reached only 15 min before the takeoff time...X-ray Security was closed, i Contacted Mr. Hujefa, who was at the counter that time...he tried his best and still managed to allow me to board with my Hand baggage...But i had a big luggage with me so he couldn't allow me further. Then i felt very bad and become a little emotional, and Hujefa not only well behaved, he helped me arranging the next flight for me and was attending me carefully till i become comfortable and its really a very satisfying and desired effort by any customer representative.... I must congrats Mr. Hujefa for the Job well done and Indigo for having such good employees. Suggestion - Would suggest to have more number of flights to Mumbai and Bangalore . ..."
Madhu Lachhwani, 05 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: January 4): ......... ..Hi! I travelled from Dubai to Mumbai yesterday
"....Hi! I travelled from Dubai to Mumbai yesterday (4th Jan) night 8:25pm flight. Our flight number was 6E 62. My Parents were both on wheel chairs and i loved the way the Airhostess "Devanshi" took care of them. I want to whole heartedly appreciate the Airhostess called "Devanshi" and thank her for all her care towards my parents. I look forward to travelling in Indigo again looking at the care she served us with and i will also recommend people indigo now on. Thank you so much Indigo!. ..."
Parag Amin 05 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: November 18): ......... ..I was a passenger on your flight .
"....I was a passenger on your flight 6E 62 from Dubai to Mumbai on November 18th 2011. I am a US based executive who also happens to be a Private Pilot. There was a lady sitting next to me (across the aisle) who was pregnant (over 34 weeks). She was allowed to board the aircraft by your ground staff. Once onboard, the IFE asked her for her medical clearance certificate. On examining the certificate she found that the woman was passed the company limit for allowing pregnant women to travel. The lady was requested by your on board and subsequently your ground crew to debark but she was distraught as she had no one in the UAE and felt that it was imperative that she travel to India for her delivery. To make things more complicated, her mother was traveling with her to take her back and since she only had single entry visa, could not accompany the daughter back into the UAE. With that preface, I am writing this email to let you know that both as a first time passenger of your airline who has actually flown over 2 million miles commercially as a passenger and as a private pilot, I wanted to applaud your onboard staff of Manvi Kapoor, Roohi Bhala, Hiral Zala and Nikkin Dhillon. These women are extraordinary citizens and invaluable employees of your organization. Their demeanor during this hour and a half ordeal was calm, collective, passionate and genuine. In my 15 years of flying, I have never seen a group of flight attendants so professional (under a dire circumstance) and so helpful. A couple of them gave the debarked woman their cell phone numbers for her to call them if there were any issues. With all that said, a DGCA flight auditor was onboard this flight who observed the whole episode. I had the pleasure to talk to this gentleman in Mumbai and even he agreed that the onboard staff was at par excellence in their approach of the whole situation. He was critical of your ground staff who he felt should not have let this woman board the aircraft in the first place saving the airline gate fees for the hour+ delay and preventing the other guests the inconvenience caused by the delay. I hope the least that your airline does for these fine young women is acknowledge their gallant effort by a simple thank you from your upper management. They have made you and your organization proud on that day along with winning the heart and earning the business from this one globetrotting citizen. . ..."
Dr. Misbah 05 January 2012 6E 178, (date of travel: January 4): ......... ..I would like to thank the airlines .
"....I would like to thank the airlines for excellent services they offered to my parents while travelling with Flight no. 6E 178. I would like to thank Ms. Rama Chandra, the flight air hostess who was very nice & concerned about my parents. I would also like to thank the porter at New Delhi domestic airport who tried his level best to take excellent care of my ailing mother in much needed condition. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the name of that gentleman. Anyway, God bless them. Great job after all. . ..."
Anurag Dhawan, 06 January, 2012: ......... ..I am a frequent traveller
"....I am a frequent traveller on the domestic circuit and without doubt IndiGo has been my choice of airline for some years now. The entire process at IndiGo starting from the point i Check-in to baggage collection at destination is very well managed. 'Timeliness', which for me like most other is the most important factor for liking or disliking an airline is where you have always delivered. Apart from this i also highly appreciate cleanliness and soothing cabin interiors in all your aircrafts. Must also mention that i have not once experience a bad landing when on an IndiGo airline which i cannot say for your competitors. So kudos to your pilots for that! Your team is doing a great job in all departments and i hope i would be able to continue to fly IndiGo for as long as i fly and would continue to have an excellent overall experience as i have today. I logged onto your website today to check if you have any frequent flier program but it seems you dont. Maybe you should look at this as i believe you would be able to convert many fliers into IndiGo-ers only! My Congratulations & best wishes to your entire team. . ..."
Padmesh Sewda 06 January 2012 6E 324, (date of travel: December 18): ......... ..I feel really great with the services .
"....I feel really great with the services provided by indigo ground staff when i faced hassles on kolkata airport on 18th December '2011 because of security and i missed my morning indigo flight to Mumbai. Mr. Pritam Mukherjee ,Mr Sudip Kumar Biswas and Mr. Gurdeep from indigo ground staff team from kolkata airport that day helped me out with the situation and gave 6E 324 flight the same day . Thanks indigo for the great customer support . Keep up with such good work. . ..."
Sachin Elenjikal, 06 January, 2012 6E 404, (date of travel: December 22): ......... ..I would like to appreciate the .
"....I would like to appreciate the work done by one of the Ground Crew at NGP airport. After security check in I misplaced my phone, so I contacted Numan form the Indigo Ground Staff, who helped me to get my phone back in less than 5 minutes by speaking to the security personnels... Please pass on my appreciation to him and reward him. . ..."
R K Narula 08 January 2012 6E 453, (date of travel: January 7): ......... ..Yesterday i.e.7th Jan.'12, i have .
"....Yesterday i.e.7th Jan.'12, i have travelled from Raipur to Hyderabad by 6E 453 flight. After having checked in i realized that i had forgotten my mobile at home which was at a far off place and it was must for me to have it. I explained my problem to Mr. Nitin of Indigo Raipur. He assured me all help and without delaying the flight, he ensured that i got my mobile though i had occupied my seat no 15 D in the air craft. This has given me lot of peace of mind and i am able to do my job very effectively. I wish to put on record and appreciate the help I got from Mr. Nitin and other ground staff at Raipur. This has further enhanced my confidence in the services of Indigo.. ..."
Saurabh Tandon 09 January 2012 6E 122, (date of travel: January 6): ......... ..I would like to share the wonderful experience
"....I would like to share the wonderful experience I had flying with you on flight# 6E 122, 6th Jan 2012. This feedback specially goes to the lady who was incharge of the 4 member crew on board. Unfortunately, I forgot her name but she introduced herself as someone from Chandigarh, and her name was starting with S (Sonali may be, not sure). I must say the kind of service provided to the guests was nowhere a low cost airline's service. In fact it was of an international class. Everything was well rehearsed, well on time, well-mannered and truly brilliant. Always, with a smile! Thank you for hiring such a wonderful staff. I wish all the very best to the airline. Can someone please pass on this feedback to that crew's managers, so that the group gets its due appreciation? . ..."
Arun Gurusamy 09 January 2012 6E 286, (date of travel: January 9): ......... ..Had a wonderful journey flying in Indigo
"....Had a wonderful journey flying in Indigo between Coimbatore and Delhi. Hope this service continues forever and had an excellent experience In-flight. My best wishes to Indigo to stand first in the airline sector. ..."
Suresh G 09 January 2012 6E 102, (date of travel: January 8): ......... ..My parents Mr. KA Gopalakrishnan .
"....My parents Mr. KA Gopalakrishnan and Mrs. GK Jayalakshmi travelled by flight 6E 102 from Bangalore to Pune yesterday morning. I was there to send off my parents. Considering my parents' health challenges, I had requested for wheelchair assistance for both of them. Your external counter staff in Bangalore Airport - Ms. Padma Pallavi and Ms. Rashmi B.R - was very proactive and very helpful. It was a very reassuring and comforting care that my parents got. The persons (Mr. Bhima and another whose name I do not recollect) who navigated the wheelchairs were also very sensitive in handling the needs of the elderly. I place on record my deep appreciation of above staff in particular, and Indigo Airlines in general. I can certify that Indigo Airlines is the best airlines for elderly care and care of disabled passengers. Whenever my parents travel, they insist that they want to fly Indigo only! And we have also done that consistently to trust only Indigo for their travel. Thank you once again. . ..."
Kapil Thacker 13 January 2012 6E 317, (date of travel: January 28): ......... ..I flew to Chennai twice this month
"....I flew to Chennai twice this month and both times I only returned by Indigo since there was no morning flight to Chennai. I much appreciate the common sense approach to simplify flying like web check-in, the ramp to reach the flight instead of stairs and the overall cleanliness. Everything is seamless and above all timely. This time the cabin crew was just outstanding. One of them made efforts to call the passenger by their last names while offering food and beverages which was a thoughtful. The other didn't hesitate to quickly reach out for the overhead lockers to make space for my hand luggage since bags were haphazardly put. I had a wonderful flight. Thank you . ..."
Anuj Jain 14 January 2012 6E 317, (date of travel: January 28): ......... ..I did a mistake while booking my travel
"....I did a mistake while booking my travel tickets and was really worried about it. I called up call center to rectify it. During the call I interacted with Mr. Sandeep Kapoor who really understood my problem and helped me rectify it. I appreciate this and look forward to do business with Indigo in future. Good Luck.. ..."
Soumendra Mohanty 14 January 2012: ......... ..Would like to formally share a note of appreciation .
"....Would like to formally share a note of appreciation for the excellent support and commitment provided by Vinayak in tracing my baggage and following up with me to deliver at my location. On Sunday night the 8th Jan, I landed in Bangalore and somehow could not locate my checked in baggage, it was also getting late in the night and I had important early morning meetings hence I had to get to the hotel. I called up Indigo help line and logged my complaint, after that I was talking to many of your representative, none could give me any definitive answer, I had lost all hope of getting the baggage, went to the shops and bought a complete new wardrobe including a Samsonite baggage, you can imagine the whole thing cost me quite a lot. Then Vinayak called me on Wednesday evening with the good news and did everything possible at his end to get the baggage to me in Delhi by Thu midday. Really appreciate his sincerity. . ..."
Ankur Chokhani, January 15, 2012: ......... ..I am a Facebook fan of your page "Indigo" on Facebook.
"....I am a Facebook fan of your page "Indigo" on Facebook. Let me tell this to you - The page has come to us (aviation enthusiasts) as a super boon. We've got a platform to discuss so many issues and topics with each other as well as the Indigo mgmt. The exchange of ideas is helping us understand what others feel on different issues and the problems faced by each of us at various positions :( The page is acting as a forum where we all can relaxingly clear each others queries, ask doubts and gain a lot of knowledge about different things. It has also resulted in me making a few good friends :) I also appreciate the way Indigo facebook team is working, making us aware about the various possibilities of different stuff at airports, new flights, etc. which we would not have known if there weren't such a platform. All I'd say to end the mail is that keep up this impressive spirit of oneness and the dedication your staff has shown so far, and I can assure you that loads of success is coming your way. Thanks for providing us with such an awesome and well managed page. Best regards to the efficient 6E team. . ..."
Pascoal Soares 15 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: January 14): ..I would like to congratulate the IndiGo team .
"....I would like to congratulate the Indigo team for the wonderful service that we were provided during our flight from Dubai-Mumbai-Goa and back.... the Ground staff and the In-flight crew was very helpful, they really know how to take good care of the passengers. The most important factor being the On-time or one could say before time that makes a lot of difference when travelling. Wishing all the very best to Indigo and do keep the service standard.. ..."
Sanjay Chatterjee 16 January 2012: ......... ..I am a frequent traveler on Indigo .
"....I am a frequent traveler on Indigo Airline primarily between Jaipur Kolkata & Jaipur Ahmadabad sectors. Mostly I do feel the straight jacketed approach of Indigo service staff is a pain but had to appreciate & acknowledge the professionalism through which they handle the responsibilities. However what is making me to write this email is a complete out of the way approach by a few Indigo individuals at Kolkata airport who helped me to board my flight. As usual I had travelled to Kolkata my home on 13th Jan to spend the week end with my family and to take the Monday early morning flight 16th Jan 12 out of CCU. Since the ticket was booked by my office travel desk, I didnt feel like checking it before showing it to the CCU apt security at the entrance, to my horror I was told & shown that my return was booked for 19th Jan12 and not 16th Jan12. I had some very important meeting which was lined up since last week and also to visit couple of places related to work, which I just had to conclude and was beyond any rescheduling opportunity. To add to my woos, I had left my wallet in a hurry when I took my flight out of Jaipur on 13th Jan12, hence I didnt had any debit or credit cards on me to purchase a new ticket from the CCU APT reservation counter. Dreading the consequence I called my old airline friend Rizwan Quadir for help .. As always my friend understood the whole situation and asked me to be at the reservation counter as he went about exploring options for me with his team. My wife was on the phone with me who had the credit card details, so that I could buy the ticket. After that what happened was a sheer pleasure to watch, as like a well-oiled machine , Shivani Sharma, Nilanjana Debbarma & Priyanka Chakraborty went about getting my tickets changed to finally handing me over the boarding card ( SL 172 1C) on Indigo 6E 238 to ensure I can meet my meeting schedules. Hats off to them and the training that the organization had inculcated in them. Looking at them reminded me of my time with Jet way back in late 90s when customer service delivery was taken very seriously. All I would like to say is right training to right people makes the right organization and I am very happy to experience this outstanding humane side of Indigo as well. Would like to add a word of caution, that when an organization grows and grows very fast, losing sight of such delicate relationship management & not meeting customer expectations becomes a common occurrence, biggest Private Airline operator in India is a live example of the same. Please stay grounded and keep a firm check on these realities so that you keep on growing not just financially but also in the heart & mind of millions of air travelers. . ..."
Matthew Willden 17 January 2012: ......... ..I wanted to extend a compliment to a member of .
"....I wanted to extend a compliment to a member of your team who has done an unusually nice job for me. I stay in Hyderabad on an international assignment, and often find myself visiting the HYD airport for both international and domestic trips. At least two times Ive been helped at the check-in desk by an agent named Taranjeethe was always very friendly, helped me in any way I needed. And most importantly, hes incredibly efficienthe really knows how to get his work done quickly, so the customers move through his queue very quicklyto me thats the ultimate complimentthat he cares about my time enough to do his work quickly and well. Please pass along the message of the great job hes doing and give him and his manager my personal thanks. . ..."
Varun Sharma 17 January 2012 6E 321, (date of travel: January 15): ......... ..As i had to catch the flight on 15 Jan 2012
"....As i had to catch the flight on 15 Jan 2012 from Mumbai to Kolkata 6E 321 and for the same i missed the boarding call. I would like to appreciate Go Indigo airport staff for calling me otherwise i would have missed that flight and there would have been huge loss for my company. . ..."
Bethan Cobley 17 January 2012 6E 156, (date of travel: January 12): ......... ..I would like to thank and congratulate
"....I would like to thank and congratulate you on your excellent team. I recently travelled from Calcutta to Bangalore on 12th January. Due to the support and help of your ground staff I was able to catch an earlier flight than the one I had booked. This saved me 5 hours and meant I was able to attend an important meeting. I am from the UK and live in London I travel a lot internationally and usually a request of this nature would have been turned down. However due to the exceptional help and assistance from your staff member Abarena Sharma - I was able to travel as hoped. I will try and travel IndiGo whenever possible in future. Thank you so much again and very best wishes . ..."
Dr. B. Venkatkrishna 18 January 2012 6E 306, (date of travel: December 30): ......... ..I had a pleasant trip to Kochi. Great airline
"....I had a pleasant trip to Kochi. Great airline, great crew! Was above my expectations! Was under the wrong impression that KF is the best but after my first flight in indigo i say indigo is the best......go indigo wow indigo...thank you for your services....looking to join u on flight in near future.. ..."
Ankur Chokhani, 18 January, 2012: ......... ..Indigo would achieve a lot of success .
"....Indigo would achieve a lot of success, that's my assurance. Lots of success is sure to come your way. You deserve appreciation in so many ways. Its your airline which has made flying for common man affordable, yet always on time and with comfort. You're moving in a very much correct direction, and would surely reach the top of Indian Aviation in the time to come. Flying with Indigo is always a wonderful experience, thanks to the awesome flight crew as well as the ground staff! Regarding your Facebook page, its awesome and i have been recommending it to many of my aviation enthusiastic friends lately. Its a wonderful experience, interacting with your team which handles the FB page. They're very responsive and appreciative. I also feel very nice to interact with other members on the page. I would not eat much of your time. Just conveying my best regards, and wishing that Indigo prospers in the time to come, and it will surely do. . ..."
Pramod K Kumar, January 18, 2012: ......... ..Just wanted to share a recent experience .
"....Just wanted to share a recent experience which perhaps can be called as 'Indigo Experience' wherein someone on the call by name Joshan had been of real help. I wanted to share my feedback and the call was connected to one MS Sakshi Rawat and she too has been so courteous. It is great of Indigo to have such a wonderful team- and sending a note out of my schedule to acknowledge this experience. While many a times customers might send complaints- a note of appreciation of this kind would also matter. . ..."
Sudarshan V 18 January 2012 6E 282, (date of travel: January 17): ......... ..I was pretty much impressed with my journey
"....I was pretty much impressed with my journey on 6E 282 last night. Right from baggage screening everything went hassle free. The crew was well groomed and I would like particularly to appreciate the services of Ms. Niavy. The crew was definitely the best I have seen on Indigo over the past two years. ..."
Surya Nalamati, 19 January 2012, 6E 106, (date of travel: January 11): ......... ..My Flight 106 was delayed on Jan 11th .
"....My Flight 106 was delayed on Jan 1th. After I explained to the staff (Ms. Praveena) at Bangalore airport that if the flight gets delayed further that i might miss my international connection, she responded most efficiently. She discussed the matter with her superior and then arranged my travel on jet airlines flight, which was scheduled to leave at the original indigo flight. I commend her for her job. I would not have flied Indigo again except for this positive experience today. I will make indigo my first preference for future travel. Thanks.. ..."
Debolina J, 19 January 2012 6E 324, (date of travel: January 6): ......... ..It is my immense pleasure to mention
"....It is my immense pleasure to mention that I have experienced an excellent fly on 6th Jan'11(flight 324, 11:20am) Basically I wasn't well and was all alone and thus came across with one of your executives Nandita. She guided me through to the luggage counter and towards the flight as well and arranged a window seat as I feel nauseous on air. So I would definitely like to appreciate the extra service that she provided me that day while travelling from Kolkata to Mumbai, if I remember correctly the flight landed exactly on the scheduled time. So I was too happy & would always appreciate saying that if you please can keep such excellent employees in your organization. . ..."
Biju Pillai, 19 January, 2012: ......... ..I'm a frequent traveller on GoIndiGo airlines .
"....I'm a frequent traveller on GoIndiGo airlines between Chennai and Mumbai. So far it has been a very Good Experience for me with GoIndigo staff from Airport till inflight and as said "On time is a wonderful thing". I would like to THANK all the Ground Staff & Inflight Staff of Go Indigo and wish you all a very Happy New Year. . ..."
Ashok Bardhan, 19 January, 2012 6E 186, (date of travel: January 12): ......... ..I would like to commend your ground
"....I would like to commend your ground staff at the Delhi airport Shaveta Bhardwaj and Amit V., as well as the cleaning crew of flight 6E-186 from Mumbai to Delhi on January 12, for locating my laptop promptly and getting it to me after the flight had landed, and I had forgotten to pick it up from my seat. ..."
Daksha Pisat 19 January 2012 6E 61, (date of travel: February 9): ......... .. I sincerely appreciate prompt reply from
".... I sincerely appreciate prompt reply from Indigo in terms to action to help me book the tickets. (I was experiencing problem in booking tickets from Dubai through my international credit card) Special Thanks to Ms. Hinal in bur Dubai ticketing office as she helped me by directing the procedure in case of payment declined and timely forwarding mail to India reservation customer care. I am also impressed with customer care executive who helped me to book tickets from India and having thoroughly professional attitude in handling my queries and delays in following his instructions. I am regular traveller of Mumbai Dubai sector and had travelled with different airlines but I must take note of efforts Indigo is putting in getting foot hold in international market where other airlines (budget or regular) having quite laid back attitude in handling customer problems. I hope Indigo keeps up this attitude and services. Hope my parents have similar word of praise for their flying experience with your airline. . ..."
Bipin Arora 19 January 2012: ......... ..Thanks a million for introducing HOT BEVERAGES
"....Thanks a million for introducing HOT BEVERAGES in flight...Kudos! Atleast one can have a cup of tea/coffee n feel more relaxed. Welcome move. Keep the spirits HOT!!. ..."
Shabana Kamal, 19 January, 2012: ......... ..This is to bring to your notice regarding
"....This is to bring to your notice regarding the best service offered by one of your staff member 'MOHAMMED ZUBAIR-7562' ON 08.01.2012. I'm please by his pleasant behavior when i was checking for my kolkata flight. I was travel from Hyderabad to kolkata. This gentleman was well behaved & mannered & represented the company's standard in a very professional manner. I would like everyone in your department to follow the same etiquette as he has present. Once thanks for the excellent gesture. . ..."
Col B K Uppal 20 January 2012 6E 12, (date of travel: February 5): ......... ..My congratulations to you and especially
"....My congratulations to you and especially to the one who made your website. It is excellent, convenient, to the point and comprehensive. It should be a pleasure travelling on the 5th for us to Delhi. . ..."
Himangshu Sekhar Bose 21 January 2012 6E 291, (date of travel: January 17): ......... ..I would like to thank you for taking
"....I would like to thank you for taking care of me when I fell sick on my return flight from Guwahati to Kolkata ( Indigo 6e -291 ) and also arranging for ambulance and making necessary arrangements for medical facilities on 17th of Jan, 2012. ..."
Sandip Kundu 22 January 2012 6E 378, (date of travel: January 23): ......... ..We have been traveling with Indigo
"....We have been traveling with Indigo and while your service has always exceeded the expectation, today we found out another completely new angle to your customer service and couldn't resist myself to pass on the appreciation. My parents (senior citizen) were scheduled to travel to CCU from Bangalore on 23rd Jan 2012 bearing booking reference of RBBCBF. As the connecting flight is reaching without much time in between, we decided to change the Indigo flight to a later one. This is where your call centre executive Ms. Survi Ghosh came in. On the IVR our transaction was not going through and I had to reach out to my bank for a fresh OTP... This took huge amount of time and during this period not only was Survi very helpful and patient she also tried to help us with all possible means proactively. Haven't experienced such thoughtful and customer oriented service as she could have easily kept the phone down and we had to go through the booking process all over again. Thank you so much for all what we experienced today... this is what is needed for a great airline and the reason how you became a great airline got established by this act. On time Everytime. Great Service... Is not just only on time performance its performance beyond flying! This has touched not only my heart but my family's as well and hence this elaborate mail. Cheers and All the very best. . ..."
Balakrishnan 22 January 2012 6E 275, (date of travel: January 21): ......... ..I really appreciate the gentle man
"....I really appreciate the gentle man at the baggage screening point at the entrance of the kolkata airport who was kind enough to find a carton to pack my rasgollas which unknowingly took in a soft bag. Also i was in a hurry to re check in the baggage as they didnt allow the bag as cabin baggage. His hospitality gesture is highly appreciated. As i was in a hurry, i couldnt find his name. Great job! Felt good. ..."
Parizad Elchidana, January 23, 2012: ......... ..I had left my novel in the flight from Mumbai
"....I had left my novel in the flight from Mumbai to Bangalore on 12th Jan. When I had reported through the toll free number there was no response, but when I had sent a feedback through the feedback form, I was immediately contacted and the novel traced and handed over to me. Value wise it was not very high, but the sentiment was high and I really appreciate the fact that Bangalore airport personnel managed to trace it, contact me back and make arrangements for it to be handed over during my follow up trip. Thanks to all involved.s. ..."
Sourav Bhattacharya, January 23, 2012 6E 136, (date of travel: August 14): ......... ..Thank you for your email
"....Thank you for your email. Late on Saturday I noticed that my bank has credited my account with the amount below, proving that the transaction was unsuccessful. I have subsequently proceeded to make the payment online against PNR OBJQLA using my debit card. The booking is now confirmed (as reported by I would like to thank you and the customer services staff on phone in helping sort this out and keeping the booking on hold till this is resolved. You have been extremely helpful. Especially the staff we talked to on phone. Unfortunately I do not remember their name. . ..."
Unnikrishnan, 24 January, 2012 6E 524, (date of travel: January 24): ......... ..I had travelled a few times in indigo around couple
"....I had travelled a few times in indigo around couple of years back. Around two years back, I had a few unpleasant experiences in one of your Kolkata flight headed by a cabin crew by name Asha Balachandran. After that I was avoiding your airline. On 10th Jan i happened to travel in your Bangalore Chennai sector and found that there is a sea of changes. So today i decided to travel by Indigo again. I was really surprised at various counts 1. The warmth of the cabin crew. 2. The pleasant way in which announcements were made. She was facing the passengers 3. The way food was presented. I got it in a match box shaped paper carton! I would really say that you are the best airline in India at the moment. Wish you good luck! . ..."
Ashly, 25 January, 2012 ......... ..Y'day was the first time i was using IndiGo
"....Y'day was the first time i was using IndiGo and LOVED the service. I travelled both the ways via your service and I must say both were good experiences for me. Also, you dropped me in time, in both the trips!! Keep up the good work!!! . ..."
Meenakshi Das, 25 January 2012, 6E 265, (date of travel: February 17): ......... ..Thank you so much for considering
"....Thank you so much for considering my request and looking into the matter so promptly. I would also like to put forward a special appreciation for the call center team and specially Manoj (Team Leader) who has been extremely helpful and went that extra mile to give me call and inform me about the current status of the ticket. Not only that Manoj had been extremely patient and he really guided me well how go forward with the cancellation. He does know what customer service is and does brings back the smile of his customers. He is an asset to the company.. ..."
Sarthak Mohanty, 25 January, 2012 6E 265, (date of travel: February 17): ......... ..I had booked a round trip ticket
"....I had booked a round trip ticket for my sister and nephew but while booking in hurry i had misspelled the name of my sister. This i realized only when i took the print out of the ticket i called the call center and the executive over the phone compassionately acknowledge my request and promised he do his best to get it rectified. I was pleasantly surprised when i found an updated and rectified ticket in my mail box with-in 48hrs of my request. Hats off to u're surely on your way to be a model of truly modern airlines....keep it up and thanks a lot.. ..."
Shimy Jayachandrababu 26 January 2012 ......... ..The photo expedition's logistics worked
"....The photo expedition's logistics worked well. I traveled to Ahmedabad (where the trip started) from Delhi on Indigo, a privately-owned Indian airline, and I can't be complimentary enough. Its time-keeping and its in-flight staff (not only gorgeous, but efficient and attentive) put American and European airlines to shame." I recently read this in a famous photographer's blog...Just sharing it... . ..."
Sushila Pradhan, 30 January, 2012 6E 355, (date of travel: January 9) ......... ..Hi, I would like to thank you Jyothi Yadav
"....Hi, I would like to thank you Jyothi Yadav (6380-IGA) for her Tremendous help when i was on seek in the Calcutta Airport (19tH Jan).She was really kind and helped me lot. May God bless you Jyothi and all your dreams comes true :-) . ..."
Niren Sen, 01 February ......... ..This is, rather belatedly but sincerely
"....This is, rather belatedly but sincerely, an attempt to put on record my deep appreciation for the Ms Rimpa Das, one of the ground crew at Kolkata. I traveled by 6E324 on 23rd Oct 2011 from Kolkata to Mumbai. I had just gotten out of a major illness and at the Kolkata airport suddenly had misgivings about my fitness to travel. This young lady, Rimpa Das, however took so much care of me that I began to feel reassured. From the entry point itself, from organizing a wheel chair for me, to her personally handling my baggage including its X-ray check to a smooth check in (Arunima, was that the girl at the counter to whom Rimpa handed me over? They even ensured that there was a wheel chair for me at Mumbai too. Or was it as per your SOP?), she, Rimpa Das, did it all. With so much of care and warmth. And all with a smile. In case you are conveying this to Rimpa (and I strongly urge you to do so): Dear Rimpa, Apologies and apologies! I shall never forget your kindness. Love & God bless . ..."
Anand Watwe, 02 February ......... ..I travelled on Pune -Kolkata-Pune sector in December
".... travelled on Pune -Kolkata-Pune sector in December 2011. As always it was an amazing experience. I would particularly like to mention about the inflight service provided by the crew Shivani Palshikar and Bijal Suratwala. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cabin attendants could recollect that I had flown with them just a couple of days back. Over cleanliness was amazing. Extremely good service. Other carriers should take lessons from Team Indigo. . ..."
Sachin Jaiswal, 04 February ......... ..If an individual, an organization or an industry
"....If an individual, an organization or an industry wants to bring a smile or cheer on its customers face in a service industry he/she/they need to go that extra mile to win their heart. Walking on the same path they also need to make sure that they make every possible attempt to Keep the Promises they make to their honorable and dedicated client base. Having said so gives me immense pleasure to state that the Team Members of the Customer Service department of IndiGo Airlines have literally EARNED every bit of Compliment that I am going to shower on them now. While my earlier email dated December 21, 2011 highlighted my experiences with the Airline on a mixed note, I must say it didnt even took them another month to set the records straight and work extensively on the feedback provided. (Refer to my email below) The morning of January 27th would always remain a memorable day for me when exactly a couple of hours before my scheduled departure I got a call from Indigo Ground Staff named Syed (apologies for not asking his designation) that he would be waiting for me at the Check-In Counter at Chennai Airport to hand over my requested merchandise which I desired for in my earlier flight with IndiGo. The call came as a surprise to me as I never expected such a prompt and dedicated follow up from someone in the Service Sector as competitive as Airlines. But then this is what makes the difference and gives you an edge over others, Kudos to your team. Once I checked in and called Syed he promptly greeted me with a warm smile and introduced me to Assistant Manager Gousiya Yakoob, who in turn apologized for the inconvenienced caused to me on my earlier flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai Flight 6E-263 - 16Dec11 - HYD-MUM (refer to my email below). She ensured that the feedback has been provided to the concerned department / staff and that the bouquet has been forwarded to the Captain of that flight as well. Gousiya & Syed ensured that I was handed over my requested merchandise before I boarded the flight to Kolkata on 6E-523 27 Jan 12, MAS-KOL. Such gestures are a rare experience in these days of cut throat competition in the service Industry. My heartiest Thanks to both the staffs of the Airlines (Gousiya & Syed). They truly are the Gems of your Airline carrier and certainly an asset to the industry. Having said that I cannot choose to ignore the intervention and prompt action taken by 2 other people as well; who proudly held the Flag of IndiGo behind the scenes. Yes- I am referring to the Customer Relations Officers of your Team Mr Ankit Saxena & Mr. Kshitij Mehta, who worked behind the scenes to fulfill my request. (Refer to the email below) Ankit promptly responded to my email on 23rd December enquiring about my next travel with the carrier promising to make my desired merchandise available on the same and I must say he kept every word of the same. Hats-Off to his commitment level and dedication towards Customer Service..... With this I would like to end my mail and state the Golden Rule of Customer Service One unhappy customer can mar your business while one happy customer can help generate business by ten folds, and you surely have won One such Happy Customer in me. With the word of mouth publicity I promise you will fly sky high today, tomorrow and always. Before I bid good bye- May I make one final request to pass on my gratitude once again to IndiGo Staff - Syed, Assistant Manager Gousiya Yakoob, Customer Relations Officer Ankit Saxena as well as Mr. Kshitij Mehta. Did I just forget to mention that this time there was a personal touch to the services of the crew member on board as well :o) . ..."
Meenakshi Sarathy, 10 February ......... ..I travelled from Hyderabad to Trivandrum
"....I travelled from Hyderabad to Trivandrum on Jan 30, 2012 by the 6E 316 Indigo flight that took off at 3:05 pm from Hyderabad and arrived at Trivandrum at 6 pm. The young man (I am sorry I don't know his name) at the counter in Hyderabad was most helpful, especially when the Security check resulted in removing a couple of items. I ran back to check in but the counter had just closed. This young man there quickly sent the small bag by manual check-in. That was very considerate of him. It is nice to know you have such helpful people at the counter. My very big thanks to him. But he warned me that my bag would arrive that day or the next. In Trivandrum, I informed the Indigo staff and showed them my manual check-in stub soon after we landed. Again they were most helpful. My item had not arrived but they said they would call when it came. And sure enough they did. It arrived not the next day but the day after that. Mr. Rajath Gopinath took it up and communicated with your Hyderabad office and saw to it that my bag reached me safely. Once again thanks to him. This is my first time in Indigo. But now you have a regular Indigo flyer in me. Keep up the good work. And I wish you all the best. . ..."
Dr. Ajay Gaur, 11 February ......... ..I am late. But better late than never
"....I am late. But better late than never. I would like to appreciate Indigo staff, especially Mr Pranav Kumar and Rana Kauser of Patna Airport, who went out of their way to help me and accommodated my luggage as cabin baggage. They came forward and promised all support and help. I was so tense because of my flight to Kolkata on 23.01.12 being delayed and I had a connecting flight to Hyderabad from Kolkata. Thanks Indigo, thanks Pranav and Rana. Keep it up . ..."
Imran Malkani, 11 February ......... ..I am thoroughly impressed with your inflight
"....I am thoroughly impressed with your inflight staff. I being a Muslim pray 5 times a day and in today morning's flight i had to perform my prayers. Never ever in any airlines i have seen in-flight attendants so co-operative ever. Not only did your staff allow me to pray but also made sure that the place where i pray i clean. I have decided to always fly only n only with indigo. I am a frequent flyer for Jet but hats off to indigo and hence forth only indigo! . ..."
Anette Uddqvist, 14 February ......... ..I just wanted to send my appreciations for your .
"....I just wanted to send my appreciations for your nicely and funny written texts on the on-board food, for instance the sandwiches with advices how to survive the flight and to stay friend with your seat neighbor and also the name "nut case" on the cashew nut box. Thank you for that well done design! . ..."
Jaidev J. Mehta, 15 February ......... ..I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi by
"....I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi by 6E178 on 15th Feb 2012. Seat No 4A. I would like to complement the Chief Flight Attendant. I don't remember her name but she announced that she was from Hyderabad. I travel very often by other airlines, but I must mention that she had the best diction and was extremely clear in all her announcements in English as well as Hindi. I think she is an asset to your airline as she was very attentive and polite to all the passengers. Please do inform her about my appreciation of her work. Thank you. However one small complaint! I wanted to buy the radio which was in your catalogue but it was not available. Will try again on my return to Mumbai on 17th Feb. ..."
Rajesh Khare, 16 February ......... ..Dear Neha, I am extremely thankful to you for your
"....Dear Neha I am extremely thankful to you for your quick reply to my e-mail. Now I am sure that I will get the money refunded soon. I assure you that I will keep on utilizing the services of your IndiGo airline in future. Let me take this opportunity to tell you, just for your kind information only, that I will be going to Bangalore (on 3/3/2012) from Lucknow and coming back (on 11/3/2012) by IndiGo flight no. 6E-164 and 6E-162 respectively. . ..."
Ian Dunning, 17 February ......... ..We were served at your sales kiosk
"....We were served at your sales kiosk at Bangalore Airport yesterday evening by a young lady called Renuka - (Employee number 3310). She was ably assisted by another young lady called Jacqueline. We had previously been to other airline counters looking to purchase a ticket to Mumbai and had been dismayed by the generally lack of interest and customer service. Renuka was like a breath of fresh air, she was positive, always smiling and very efficient. I think she was an excellent representative of your airline and should be commended as such. I flew to Bangalore in the morning using Indigo and back to Mumbai in the evening I was very impressed throughout my trip. It was the first time I had used your airline and will defiantly use you again.. ..."
Vijay Nagaraj, 18 February ......... ..This is Vijay...I am writing this email to
"....This is Vijay...I am writing this email to thank indigo and appreciate Ms. Aparna sharma for the assistance when my father was traveling on 16th Feb.M My father is an aged man of 75yrs.and he was flying from CCU to BLR.6E345 We went to the reservation counter to ask for a wheel chair, we waited long but the wheel chair did not come and my father started panicking thinking of missing of the flight and he said he would move alone, but I was worried Then Ms. Aparna sharma a ground staff who was there in the reservation as my father to enter the airport she helped him with a chair from the reservation counter n when the wheel chair didn't report she took my father along with her towards the check in counters and took boarding pass and cleared the security.. After clearing the security check she came and confirmed me that my father has cleared the security check .I really appreciate the way Ms. Aparna Sharma helped us. I wish all the best to Ms. Aparna Sharma and indigo . ..."
Sudhanshu Singhania, 18 February ......... ..I would like to appreciate the help
"....I would like to appreciate the help extended by Ms. Aparna Sharma during my visit to Hyderabad at Kolkata Airport. I was flying on 16th Feb Kol-Hyd-Kol on a death of my friend and by over sight I had forgot to carry my ID Proof where she helped me outright to ensure I can travel after i made available the soft copy of my ID Proof. I appreciate her help and kind gesture. . ..."
Nikhil Mundayur, 18 February ......... ..This was the first time I was flying
"....This was the first time I was flying Indigo (Bangalore-Pune), and I must say I was impressed! Not just the absolutely clean aircraft but also the flight services and behavior of the cabin crew on board. One incident that I remember is I was in an exit row seat, and usually in that situation I'm used to a stern one-sided lecture on how to open the door in an emergency (that in reality makes you damn nervous), but on this flight the cabin crew (two ladies, I didn't catch their names) explained the process in a very gentle and natural manner - as if we were having a normal conversation. Really appreciate that! As mentioned in your inflight magazine, you seem to be concentrating on the things that matter - on-time performance and low rates. Those two generally don't seem to go together, but you are doing an obviously good job of that. Good job! . ..."
Hashmath Raza, 19 February ......... ..This is Hashmath Raza here
"....This is Hashmath Raza here, I had made a call on 18001803838 and spoke to Melina M and realize that why indigo is going good in aviation industry, I wanted to make a booking from Mumbai-Bangkok-Mumbai, and I had my dates fixed where as I was getting a bit higher fare, where as your execute Melina with her sweet voice asked me if I'm flexible with dates and quoted me the best fare, and I'm very much convinced and I'm going to make the booking. And I truly believe that its an awesome service and customer delight given by your execute Melina, may god bless her and give her all the success in her life. I'm truly convinced and from now on word I'm going to be an Indigo passenger, I really respect the way you treat every call, I request you to convey my thanks and regards to Melina on her best service and convincing me to fly with indigo. . ..."
Maneesh Kaushik, 20 February ......... ..Just wanted to bring to your notice
"....Just wanted to bring to your notice some fantastic customer service experience I had while dropping my parents on to their return flight to Delhi. As a background, there was some confusion on their final date of return (I had made the date change online but hadnt paid) so in effect we found out a couple of hours before the flight departure that my parents had to travel on 19th instead of 20th. We rushed to airport (making the payment on the way via call center). When we reached the airport, the grumpy check-in desk lady to come back the next day since their system was not updated. After a few minutes of discussion, she called Engelbert. I was at that time ready to explode with indignation, but he handled us brilliantly, calmed us down and ensured we got the flight. I am frequent traveler in Asia and have faced my share of pain, but am yet to meet anyone who diffused a situation so smoothly. Well done Engelbert and Indigo! . ..."
Jai Rathod, 20 February ......... ..travelled from Bangalore to Raipur on .
"....I travelled from Bangalore to Raipur on 18th Feb. Excellent service, superb staff, special thanks to our pilot Best landing experience ever had. Instead of saying on time every time u should say before time every time. :) keep going guys! . ..."
Gauri Bhatwadekar, 21 February ......... ..I am Gauri, and was flying
"....I am Gauri, and was flying from Pune to Chennai on Monday i.e.20th Feb. Due to some FOG problem in Chennai, we could not land in Chennai airport, and the pilot had to divert the flight to Bangalore. After the FOG clearance, they again moved flight back to Chennai. So, during this whole time, (around 6 hours), the crew members handled the situation in a very excellent manner. I would like to specifically appreciate the efforts taken by the crew staff to make the passengers as comfortable as possible. Though there was a panic situation amongst the passengers, and everybody was very bored due to a long flight, the crew members could still stay in the same peppy and happy mood, and were trying to create the atmosphere more enthusiastic. Passengers were continuously asking them different kinds of questions, and all the time, they had to serve water, and beverages and other items, they were doing this tirelessly and without fawning. I thank all of them and the flight captain who was giving us the updates time to time. I thank Indigo for the wonderful service. . ..."
Saurav Kejriwal, 21 February ......... ..I was feeling dizzy and
"....I was feeling dizzy and without me telling her anything she got me water and with utmost politeness asked me whether I needed anything else. She was polite throughout the flight and smiled at every passenger. This kind of hospitality is mind blowing and unparalleled in Indian skies (being a gold frequent flier of jet I can say that with conviction). I am pleased to tell u that I will choose indigo over jet, even though I will not get an advantage of adding miles to my account. . ..."
Poonam Lakhiani, 21 February ......... ..I would like to bring to your notice
"....I would like to bring to your notice that a staff member named Sumit, working at ticketing counter at The Indira Gandhi international airport in Delhi, had been very helpful to me on 16th February 2012 ...when i was desperately in need for a ticket to go back to Dubai...i m very thankful to him as he took the efforts to send request for a booking when it was just two hours before the flight to take off and seemed impossible to see any hope. His timely help saved me from many unseen problems which i would have encountered had i not reached Dubai on time ...i recommend him as an asset to your organization and a wonderful human being.. ..."
Anirudh Biswas, 22 February ......... ..I wanted to highlight an exceptionally delightful
"....I wanted to highlight an exceptionally delightful behavior by one of your staff called Ms. Kriti at Delhi's 1D terminal. I have wrongly booked an 8pm flight instead of 8am on 21st Feb. and I realized this only when I reached the airport. This is when I spoke to Kriti and she started acting in a flash, she made my cancellation of the ticket and booked me on the next flight, with my choice of seat , got me preferential check in , all in flat 15 min of the me speaking to her . My PNR number is HCPTBF dated 21 Feb. and I traveled from New del to Nagpur. Its because of her that I could manage my imp work , she displayed a tremendous sense of handholding a customer , deep sense of ownership and its because of her that Indigo continues to rock . I want her supervisor's to applaud her great work and thus I am putting it on record. People like her are an asset to the organization. . ..."
Ashwath Patil, 23 February ......... ..Really appreciate the in-flight services .
"....Really appreciate the in-flight services under command of Ms Devi Nair was great and as per international norms. I was really surprised to see how effectively and efficiently team managed the guest. Wish you all the best and hope to see IndiGo reaching new height.. ..."
Prof. Ranjit Goswami, 23 February ......... ..I flew Kolkata-Delhi on
"....I flew Kolkata-Delhi on 20th & back on 21st Feb. Great services! As an Operations Management faculty, I was particularly observing business processes in each customer interface point - while checking in or on-board. I wanted to thank you in twitter, but found no credible IndiGo account there. Today saw another person saying same in an article: ''Why I will fly Indigo, not Kingfisher or Jet'. Wish you maintain this service level as you capture more and more market share. Indian customers have been used in getting poor sub-standard services everywhere. We deserve a change, and hope IndiGo provides some fresh air. And may look forward to working on a Management Case behind your business objectives and strategies from operational view point some time, if top management supports. . ..."
Mallika Hanif, 24 February ......... ..My husband and I were on board .
"....My husband and I were on board the flight 6E-302 from Chennai to (via Hyderabad) Delhi on 22nd Feb 2012 wherein we were served by Airhostess Jahanvi. She burnt herself while pouring hot water for tea coffee in paper glasses. I wanted to appreciate her dedication to her work as she got immediately back to serving us again not minding her burnt fingers.. ..."
Ophealia DeRoze, 24 February ......... ..I would like to pen down my .
".... I would like to pen down my sincere thanks to Ehtram Ali one of your Customer service agent who helped me this afternoon with the add-ons that I needed for my aged parents who are travelling to Chennai. He has done INDIGO proud! He is a role model for all newcomers. My loyalty to flying with INDIGO has further strengthened because of his professional approach, an attitude of helpfulness and service orientation of politeness and care that I received from him. Thank you Ali, you will go a long way in your career because of these qualities. All the best to you Ali and to INDIGO . ..."
Sudharshan, 26 February ......... ..I travelled Indigo aboard 6E-311 .
"....I travelled Indigo aboard 6E-311 from Delhi to Madras on 15th Feb. While the plane stopped over in Hyderabad, we discovered that my infant was running temperature. I requested the air hostesses for help & I was provided with hitherto unseen amount of help and support aboard the flight. The two ladies doing the service aboard the flight, especially a lady who mentioned to us that her birthday falls on 21st of March, same month as my infant - sadly owing to the nature of emergency I could not catch their names - were absolutely brilliant. I was provided tremendous help in taking care of my child on board while a doctor was summoned from bay area to examine the kid. The ladies tried to keep me on the same flight as much as possible even as they helped with my child. Ultimately I had to deplane taking the advice of the doctor, but not before i formed the firm opinion that this was the best ever in flight support I have received in all domestic and international travels. Request you to figure out the ladies (especially the one I mention) in question and pass on my thanks and appreciation to them.. ..."
L Srinivasan, 26 February ......... ..This feedback is an appreciation towards .
"....This feedback is an appreciation towards the sincere, dedicated services of two of your executives. Their names are as below: Ms Lynette in-flight crew member 6E 254 on 25th Feb 2012. (Jaipur- Mumbai) Ms Sanapreeti at Jaipur Check in counter on 25th Feb 2012. Kindly convey my sincere thanks to both of them for their excellent services committed towards total customer delight. ." ..."
Jatin Anand, 27 February ......... ..I am really glad that I use IndiGo to .
"....I am really glad that I use IndiGo to fly to Nepal. Last time I wasn't carrying any Indian currency with me and had just a few sterling pounds and a maestro debit card, none of which would buy be anything on the menu. But the air hostess was very kind enough to provide me with a sandwich free of cost! It was a really nice gesture. I don't recall her name, wish I could thank her! Keep up the good work. ..."
Aniruddha Bhaduri, 27 February ......... ..I would like to state that your advertisement .
"....I would like to state that your advertisement on television is excellent. Its musical rhythmic, excellently choreographed and a visual treat in the smart presentation. In fact it brought me to write down a few more words In fact it perfectly matches the impeccable service that you have been providing us, the frequent flyers. I have been travelling by air for the last 15 years and am FF member of well-known airlines of both in India and international, and certify that Indigo is unparalleled in its excellence and clearly the best. Kudos! I wish you all the best for years to come and keep flying, soar high and be the best forever. . ..."
Sabaleel Nandy, 28 February ......... ..This is to mention that today .
"....This is to mention that today morning I called up your call center at 18001803838 and spoke to Mr Sahil Singh. It was about a cancellation of a ticket (PNR CCVECI), actually booked through a travel agent for 6E 324 from CCU to BOM today at 11:20am. It was difficult since the flight departure time was 2.5 hours later. I am happy to mention that Mr Singh went out of his way to help me out and though I was charged the mandatory cancellation charges of Rs. 750/-, I was happy that the ticket could be cancelled finally.> This is a satisfied customer writing to put on record the good services done by Mr Singh. Keep it up! . ..."
Ushnish Paul, 29 February ......... ..Indian Aviation has seen .
"....Indian Aviation has seen many airlines which started operating with many promises. Many airlines tried to differentiate on the class of on board service. I used to be a frequent flyer of Kingfisher Airlines But now if I have to travel my first priority is Indigo (how badly I wish you guys too had a frequent flyer program, I understand that the back end support cost will shoot up. I dont mind flying with Indigo without a frequent flyer program, if service is of such personalized level-as I will be disclosing in this mail and the basic requirement of travel is fulfilled). You serve my basic need of travel. To go from point A to point B, at a very reasonable price and most importantly on time (before time sometimes). To add to that I have had two wonderful experience with Indigo staffs at Kolkata airport and on a flight from Bangalore to New Delhi. On 31st of Jan, 2012 my close friend was traveling from Kolkata to Bangalore by the evening flight. I wanted to surprise her with a note. Few days before she was supposed to travel I got in touch with one of your employee at the Kolkata Airport, Ms. Gargi Saha. I explained to her what I wanted and she assured that it will be taken care. She even went out of the way to deliver the note to her by checking with her when she was reaching the airport. I was really impressed by the personalized service I got. The next incident happened on 28th February, when I was traveling to New Delhi from Bangalore by the 19:45 flight (6E106). I had a long day and managed to reach the Bangalore airport just in time for checking in. I had some 70 Kg of extra luggage so ended up emptying my pocket. To add to the bad long day the ATM at the Bangalore airport was out of order. I was hungry as I had to skip my lunch. After the flight took off and as the on board sales started I inquired if I could pay by card. I was dishearten to learn that the minimum purchase has to be of Rs. 500 if one wishes to use the card and as I was traveling alone there was no way I could have finished all that food. But then one of the flight attendant Ms. Javita Kataria came as a savior, she suggested that she will serve me the crew food from her quota and I need not pay. I was in double mind as I dint want to accept the food without paying but my stomach gave a growl and I said yes. She gave an option between a veg and a non-veg burger and also served me a lemonade. Later she even came back and asked me how the sandwich was. After a long bad day, all someone wants is a little extra care and personalized service. The right cord was hit in my case. I was flattered. To end it I would say that Indigo is doing a great job with the unmatched performance in the industry and to make it even better you have a strong and dedicated force that makes us come back to you fly again and again. The dedicated and loyal customer base which Indigo is building will not be easily being fooled and taken away by other airlines. Thank you Gargi, Javita and Indigo for the amazing servicesand experience. Good luck for the future endeavors. . ..."
Anuradha Garlapati 01 March, 2012 ......... ..We travelled from Hyderabad to kolkata by your .
"....We travelled from Hyderabad to kolkata by your airlines. The service was very good and especially I would like to thank and appreciate Ankita at kolkata airport on 14th Feb, 2012. We flew out of Kolkata by flight number 6E352. She was very patient, helpful and courteous towards us and helped our smooth travel. I travelled with two senior physically disabled women and she was very gracious in making arrangements to move them to the right gates and through the security gates. The wheel chair persons were also very helpful and courteous. In all I would like to thank you and your staff for making our plans so well organized. . ..."
Sudeep Mukherjee 01 March 2012 ......... ..Thank you for making my journey so comfortable .
"....Thank you for making my journey so comfortable (which I thought would be difficult). I was travelling by 6E - 275 to Bangalore from Kolkata, it was via Chennai and I was the only passenger who was waiting in the aircraft in Chennai and I had to take my medicine at 9:00, so was wondering whom to ask as the cabin attendants were busy with the boarding of passengers from Chennai, suddenly I heard this lady's voice offering a glass of water.. "wow" is what I felt. Her name was Sushmita (don't remember the surname sorry), but she was great... believe me I have travelled by Kingfisher, Go Air & Air India but never such an experience... awesome Indigo .. Hats off... to you all specially the lady... I think you all will see me more often using your flights. Sometimes small things matter a lot. Thank you again Indigo.. ..."
Douglas Wittnebel 02 March 2012 ......... ..Had a good experience on my flight .
"....Had a good experience on my flight from Mumbai to Chennai. I wanted to extend my congratulations to the design team that produced the inflight magazine. Its a great piece of graphic design and layout. Well done! . ..."
Sivarama Krishna Bontala 02 March 2012 ......... ..I had to send off my brother-in-law to Chennai but, .
"....I had to send off my brother-in-law to Chennai but, due to traffic problem we were delayed to the Airport. In spite of the tight schedule they had issued the boarding pass and then said that they will try to connect the baggage in the same flight. We were worried as he has to travel to US next day. His schedule may miss as he needs to organize his things. Thanks to the Staff at Hyderabad who had ensured that he landed safely as well as he was able to get the baggage. Real time performance and excellent customer service. Kudos to the team at Hyderabad. . ..."
Vikram Jit Singh 02 March 2012 ......... ..This one is for Cadence (or Candence) Williams, one of the in-flight executive .
"....This one is for Cadence (or Candence) Williams, one of the in-flight executive. I bought a few items thru your in-flight magazine and for some reason your credit card machine couldnt read my card. Cadence went an extra-mile and accompanied me to the airport ATM upon landing just so that I could complete my transaction. She was well dressed, extremely polite, courteous and helpful. Shes a jewel in your crown. Retain her at all costs.. ..."
Deven Shah 03 March 2012 ......... ..I am a regular traveler every two weeks to Baroda and back to .
"....I am a regular traveler every two weeks to Baroda and back to Mumbai since several years and have been flying Indigo since it started. However on every single trip the service has been outstanding compared to any other airline. I would like to congratulate Indigo for the excellent service of the ground staff at Baroda airport. I would like to be more specific regarding Mr Mit and Mr Rakesh Salvi who go out of the way to make you comfortable and resolve any issues to the satisfaction of the passenger. Keep up the good work and motivate your staff the way you have been doing. This would go a long way in the interest of the airline. . ..."
Simmi Mittal 03 March 2012 ......... ..I wanted to thank Indigo customer care department for actively .
"....I wanted to thank Indigo customer care department for actively looking in to my problem regarding flight rescheduling and helping me with it. Even though I had to do some follow up and write some harsh words to get things done, I appreciate Indigo's commitment to help the customers. Ankit -- who worked on my complaint handled it very well and gave the exact resolution I needed. I am very pleased and hope to fly with you Indigo again. Wish you guys all the best!!!. ..."
Pinaki Mishra 03 March 2012 ......... ..I would like to give you big thank for introducing more .
"....I would like to give you big thank for introducing more numbers of flights to Bhubaneswar, which means a lot for me. As, normally no airline consider Bhubaneswar while expanding their network, so thank you once again. Because of this I feel like indigo airlines is ours, it belongs to us.. ..."
Sorabh Pant 04 March 2012 ......... ..I missed my flight to Delhi because of unavoidable .
".... I missed my flight to Delhi because of unavoidable circumstances and your check in staff were supremely helpful and accommodated me on the next flight, after paying the cancellation/re-booking/difference amount of course :). It was prompt, efficient and saved me a lot of trouble. Proving once again why you are probably my favorite Indian airline! Thanks a lot guys!. ..."
Siddharth 05 March 2012 ......... ..This is to bring to your notice that today I .
"....This is to bring to your notice that today I had a word with one of your customer service desk advisor name "RJ Sathis" it was a delightful experience. As I am the first time traveler via Indigo Airlines and also in my life time it is a big thing for me. I must say thank you Indigo Airlines for making the customer service experience excellent than I thought! Thank you again to Mr. RJ Sathis great customer service from him!!! . ..."
Mohammad Haque 05 March 2012 ......... ..I only provided my first and last name when I booked .
"....I only provided my first and last name when I booked my ticket through your website and only realized at a later stage that this might be a problem because I have a middle name on my passport. I called your customer service number today and spoke to NAVEEN! I must say that I am impressed with the way he handled the query. The guy was very professional and helpful. He assured me that my full name has been updated on the ticket and the airport team will be informed so I won't have any issue at the airport. He deserves the accolades for providing outstanding customer service! One small issue; this should be mentioned clearly on your website that you enter the passport name of the traveler so no one would have any issues. Well I am looking forward to fly with Indigo for the first time and I hope it will be a pleasurable experience! Keep up the good work Naveen! . ..."
Ravi Sinha 05 March 2012 ......... ..A special thanks to Ms. Shreya Bhalla the leading .
"....A special thanks to Ms. Shreya Bhalla the leading leady on board 6E 313. She is truly a role model for the new crew who demonstrated a very positive outlook and took up every possible opportunity to delight her guests. Keep up the good work!!! Your wonderful attitude will make us come back. . ..."
K Vijayalaxmi 06 March 2012 ......... ..First time I had travelled in Indigo Flt. I being .
"....First time I had travelled in Indigo Flt. I being a physically challenged person, I have lot of apprehensions and usually choose Air India or King Fisher, though both the airlines are performing very poorly in all aspects! I was very much impressed with the Indigo Services, in flight or otherwise. Indigo Airlines have either their own ladders with ramp (no other Airlines has this type of ladders) or they have the arrangement of aero-bridge. Whenever people carry me down the steps on the ladder, I shudder with fear and the wheel-chairs too usually are badly maintained, unlike Indigo. Now I have decided to travel by indigo. Please keep it up. All the best. ..."
Malavika Velayanikal 06 March 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent traveler by Indigo, and yesterday was on the 6E212
"....I am a frequent traveler by Indigo, and yesterday was on the 6E212 from Bombay to Bangalore. I wanted to write in my appreciation of the commendable job done by an onboard flight attendant named Rekha. There was an extremely irate passenger sitting in the row diagonally across me, on 22 B seat number. He had a lot of cabin baggage, and as soon as he came on board, he was screaming for a flight attendant to stuff them all up for him. Every passenger was standing by the aisle and stuffing their baggage up, so this man's rude shouts wasn't audible to the cabin attendants. Passengers like me who were nearby were extremely irritated by this man's rudeness. As soon as the aisle cleared, cabin attendants were passing by to help any passengers, and this man immediately started complaining very rudely to Rekha. He was scolding, and behaving outrageously. And Rekha meanwhile, kept her composure, was humble and apologized profusely. She patiently listened to that passenger all the while he went on a tirade, which was totally unwarranted. I just wanted the officials at Indigo to know what happened, and probably let Rekha know that she did an extremely good job. I am a journalist with DNA newspaper and I fly a lot, but this flying experience was most humbling because of that young lady's grace under pressure. Please let her know of my appreciation for it. . ..."
Krishna Bajaria 06 March 2012 ......... ..I just wanted to appreciate the excellent service provided .
"....I just wanted to appreciate the excellent service provided by your ground staff as well as your cabin crew. The Cabin was nice and CLEANS unlike many other Indian Airlines. It felt like I travelled in a plane NOT a bus. Thanks: D. ..."
Vishal Kapoor 09 March 2012 ......... ..I would like to place on records, a small token .
"....I would like to place on records, a small token of appreciation for Ms. Lolita. Ms Lolita helped me during a very emergency situation, where I needed to book a flight for my mother. She was on hold for over half an hour and assisted me step by step. The kind of patience and dedication she showed towards Customer Satisfaction is unparalleled. I wish her all the best for her future.. ..."
Manoj Hanamsagar 12 March 2012 ......... ..On 6th March I arrived from Pune to Chennai .
"....On 6th March I arrived from Pune to Chennai on the morning Indigo flight. When I collected the luggage at the carousal I realized to my horror that my cellphone was missing from the baggage-left for security reasons in the bag while checked in at Pune. While walking to Indigo counter to register my complaint, I heard my name announced on PA system asking me to report to baggage collection center. I found a couple of Indigo ground staff waiting for me. After suitable introductions and verification, I was handed over my cell phone to me, indeed a pleasant surprise that I cannot express fully after it was explained to me that the cell fell off the baggage on tarmac at the time of being loaded on trolley. Entire team of Indigo needs to be congratulated on the systems adopted and the work culture inculcated. I am thanking myself that I chose to travel on Indigo. . ..."
Jandhyala Naryana Murthy 12 March 2012 ......... ..We wish to convey our sincere thanks to the two IndiGo .
"....We wish to convey our sincere thanks to the two IndiGo lady staff on duty at the baggage collection center at Kolkata around 4 pm on 12 Mar 12. We, a group of four which included my mother aged 84 returning from Varanasi, were scheduled to catch the connecting flight 6E352 to Hyderabad. The baggage did not arrive in time making our next flight very critical, but for the intervention of these two IndiGo Ladies. We not only boarded the HYD flight, with all the possible assistance to my mother, but were relieved to see that the luggage was also loaded in the same aircraft. It was a divine touch to our holy trip. Thanks to those two ladies in particular and thanks to IndiGo. . ..."
Ashok Surana, March 14, 2012 ......... ..Yesterday I have undertaken a journey with my family .
"....Yesterday I have undertaken a journey with my family by your evening flight no.6E 277 from Chennai to Kolkata. We were overwhelmed by your hospitability. Your flight attendant Ms. Poonam had served diligently. She was nice and sober in her approach that I got sometimes in International Flights. I want to wish her all success in her career. Secondly I want to thank your Flight Captain and his copilots for a comfortable journey. The landing and take off was so smooth that we could hardly understand. This is very rare in domestic flights. My customer account no is 2100968110 and user name - ASHOK SURANA. I again convey my gratitude for the comfort and hospitality and shall be eagerly waiting to experience the same. . ..."
Jerson James 14 March 2012 ......... ..I loved my Indigo experience... Check in was a breeze .
"....I loved my Indigo experience... Check in was a breeze... you had so many counters open and your staff is efficient too. The flight took-off on time and landed ten minutes before the scheduled time. I take three flights a week on an average and I wonder why I haven't always only flown Indigo. Trust me, I will from now on.. ..."
Vinayak Joshi, 16 March, 2012 ......... ..My parents were to travel on the Bangalore - Hyderabad .
"....My parents were to travel on the Bangalore - Hyderabad 6E152 flight on the 15th of March. They are aged and were travelling with a lot of baggage. Given the rush at Bangalore airport at the time, and all the chaos, I was concerned about them. There were two actions by the Indigo staff that I truly want to appreciate. One, they provided us the boarding passes when we approached them at the counter outside for a printout of the ticket (we weren't carrying any). Second and this is where I appreciate the human touch, was that we approached one of your lady staff and asked if it would be possible to let us know my parents had been able to get the baggage checked in. She immediately let us know that they had indeed and had proceeded for security clearance. Later on, she called me up on my mobile and informed that my parents had boarded the flight. I was not expecting this second gesture. It is obvious that your lady staff understood well my anxiety and made the thoughtful gesture of calling me and letting me know. I can understand how rushed and busy these days the Bangalore airport is. In all of this, the fact that she made this effort was heartwarming. This kind of service is frankly not really expected by us in India. I missed asking the lady her name. But I hope you would be able to trace who was manning the Indigo counter around 7:00 pm at the airport on 15th March and convey my thanks. If possible please share her example with your other staff. I have been a regular Indigo traveler and with service like this shall remain loyal to your brand. . ..."
M Maran March 18, 2012 ......... ..We had flight on 13/1/12 from Bangalore to Delhi .
"....We had flight on 13/1/12 from Bangalore to Delhi and 16/1/12 back. Absolutely your flight was very good in both directions. We had very smooth flight and enjoyed your food. From departure to back, all are very good. Thanks for your excellent service . ..."
Mitresh Singh 18 March 2012 ......... ..I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my maiden .
"....I am an Emirates Gold Card holder. I heard good things about Indigo from my friends so decided to fly Indigo for the Dubai-Delhi-Dubai sector. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my maiden experience with Indigo. The check in was smooth and hassle free and the aircraft departure and arrival was on time. The inflight attendants were polite and courteous. The seats were comfortable. The quality of service provided by Indigo far exceeds the fare and I will definitely recommend Indigo to all my friends and will also fly again. . ..."
Raghavan Pattathil 18 March 2012 ......... ..Ms. Shyja Princy and to Mr. Rajat Gopinath of your airlines working at Trivandrum .
"....This is to express my (and wife's) deep appreciation and thanks to INDIGO and particularly to Ms. Shyja Princy and to Mr. Rajat Gopinath of your airlines working at Trivandrum for helping us to get back our lost hand baggage which contained items we valued very high. We had a round trip with Indigo (TVM-Chennai-TVM) which was over by today's flight (316) to TVM. Incidentally, we also have very good appreciation for the punctuality of your flights as well as the neatness maintained in the insides of the aircraft. Once again thanking you and your team!! . ..."
Arjun Mehta 19 March 2012 ......... ..I travel a considerable amount and I would like to recommend .
"....I travel a considerable amount and I would like to recommend one of your flight attendants. Swati Vashistha is among the best flight attendants I have come across. She is an extremely efficient girl and I do believe that hard work should not go unnoticed. I hope this mail would support her during her appraisals. Thanks!. ..."
Kannan K R, 19 March 2012 ......... ..I am myself Kannan who travelled to and from Delhi .
"....I am myself Kannan who travelled to and from Delhi to Bangalore. The services were excellent and marvelous which made me a memorable journey. I had a great pleasure in meeting Air hostess for the first time and they were cool enough. Hat's off to you Guys. You all made my day memorable one. ..."
Avinash Jaiswal, 19 March 2012 ......... ..I would like to share my experience for .
"....I would like to share my experience for your valuable and tremendous service from your two associates named Soni Kumari and Rini Singh. Really I would appreciate them for their kind help to me when I was missed my flight. I had gone through all the airlines but I am really happy by the service provided by these two members. They are doing fantastic job and giving 100% satisfaction to passengers by helping them in a very critical situation. I would like to say again ton of thanks to them and I will fly only in Indigo from now onwards. Great job done by your associates. . ..."
Ayush Anand 19 March 2012 ......... ..I am really impressed with one of your employee named .
"....I am really impressed with one of your employee named "Shaista Parvez". I met Shaista on "Boarding pass collection counter of INDIGO airlines" at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata. I am really impressed with Shaista's code of conduct. She is Intelligent, Capable of solving passengers problem quickly and as per my understanding an asset to any organization she is associated with. Please consider this mail of mine as a token of appreciation for Indigo airlines and most importantly for Shaista Parvez. I wish Shaista a very successful life ahead with all the great opportunities and success. . ..."
Dhruv Nigam 20 March 2012 ......... ..I flew Indigo from Delhi to Bangalore and back about .
"....I flew Indigo from Delhi to Bangalore and back about a year back. Since then I have flown just about every other airline except Indigo since I'm at Bhopal. Just want to tell you guys that your services are exceptional be it the crew (cabin and cockpit), your aircraft or just the ambience. Requesting you to please expand your services to include a Bhopal-Delhi flight. Much needed and much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!. ..."
Siddharth 20 March 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flier and take almost 50 flights a year. .
"....I am a frequent flier and take almost 50 flights a year. Yesterday I traveled on 6E 185 (departs Delhi 8:35 pm, arrives Mumbai 10:45 pm) and would like to highlight that it was one of the most comfortable flight I have taken in years. The take-off and landing were the smoothest that I have ever experienced. I would like to congratulate Indigo for having such good pilots. . ..."
Prerna 20 March 2012 ......... ..I was supposed to travel from Delhi to Raipur .
".... I was supposed to travel from Delhi to Raipur on 19th March and take IndiGo flight from Terminal 1D of the New Delhi Airport. But being new to the city I Had missed this and instead went to Terminal 3 and was directed to terminal 1. It is a 10 km journey and took me almost 20 min to get there. Once inside the terminal when I went to the IndiGo counter I was told that I was late and the flight was closed. I was requesting the staff to help but they said they could not help, and then I requested the Manager to help me get inside the flight. He immediately informed the ground crew over the walkie-talkie and directed the staff to help. He sent the one of the members to help me get past the security; take the baggage in the shortest possible time. When I got near the gate it was closed, but they opened it. I took the cab and went near the plane, Even the flight ramp was removed, but they added it in no time and the member took the baggage inside the plane and I finally boarded the plane. The flight took off immediately and I could not even thank anyone....and apologize for the delay (of at least 10 min). Yet the flight reached the Raipur terminal before time by almost 20 min. All this was possible because of the help from the Manager and the staff of IndiGo at Delhi terminal. I want to thank all of them especially the Manager and member who helped me board the flight as it was my engagement ceremony in the evening. I cannot imagine how life would have taken a turn had I missed the flight. Seeing you I feel humanity is still alive. Thank you again for the support. ..."
Rajat Sinha 21 March 2012 ......... ..I just wanted to take a couple of minutes from your busy .
"....Please refer to your booking number: HDSGBB on 3/20/2012 from New Delhi to Hyderabad. I just wanted to take a couple of minutes from your busy schedule and appreciate your team for the wonderful experience I had during my flight. Everything from the ground staff to the aircraft and the on flight staff were so good that I thought I was not in a domestic but a world class flight. Thank you very much for making it so easy for me. I took the flight when I was awake for 30 continuous hours and was totally exhausted. I request your check in staff to give me a window seat and despite of all challenges of not having a window seat, she still tried her best to give me one. This effort changed my complete outlook towards flying with Indigo. Also during the flight I kept bothering the air staff for water again and again and never had they had any grins. They always kept coming back to me with a smile and kept ensuring that I am comfortable. I do not recollect the names of those people whom I met, but overall it was a great show for Indigo as a team. I have decided that now every time I fly I will take Indigo provided it goes where I GO. Once again Kudos to your team and a big thank you for making it a great and memorable flight for me. I cant express my gratefulness in words but I have tried my level best. . ..."
Manvendra Saraswat 22 March 2012 ......... ..Strong appreciation to be conveyed regarding in -flight Staff .
"....Strong appreciation to be conveyed regarding in -flight Staff Ms Kavita Kanwar while my visit from CCU-AMD on March 18th, thats called as Customer delight rather than just customer service, I was really impressed the way she handled one irritating and ill-mannered Customer in flight and still maintaining that smile and doing her duty, she was all so active and taking care of Customers so nicely which was really an eye opener for all super charging super frill airlines where customer delight lacks, Kudos Girl, Keep flying.. ..."
David 22 March 2012 ......... ..Felt like appreciating the crew members on the Flight 6E 309 .
"....Felt like appreciating the crew members on the Flight 6E 309 to Hyderabad. I remember few names Doyel, Josephine, Gunjan who made me feel that they enjoy serving others. I recall my neighbors wild remark about Indigo beverages to Gunjan but the situation was so gracefully handled by her & Josephine with a smile & immediate help... If there is a rating system Id call is 10/10 ...guess Ive been flying with Indigo since a year & I guess Im forced to do it again & again... . ..."
Mahesh Subramanian 26 March 2012 ......... ..I am extremely grateful and appreciative of your .
"....I am extremely grateful and appreciative of your services rendered by your ground staff at Mumbai and Chennai airports. This was for my niece who is visually challenged and travelling alone from Mumbai to Chennai on March 25, 2012. She was escorted right from the ticketing counter through obtaining boarding pass, baggage checking and boarding at Mumbai. The flight crew also helped her and made her feel comfortable. She was also assisted in Chennai from the aircraft and obtains her baggage. She was escorted till the gate to the people who came to receive her. I am extremely glad and thankful once again towards the staff of indigo airline for their gesture. I will confidently suggest indigo airlines to my acquaintance friends and relatives. I had heard good things about indigo airlines from my friends and now I have experienced the same. I wish indigo airlines the best to keep up their good work.. ..."
Dilip Timblo, March 28, 2012 ......... ..This is to applaud the functioning of your airline ground .
"....This is to applaud the functioning of your airline ground staff at Dabolim airport. I am very impressed by it. Hitherto, I used to fly by whichever flight was convenient. Now, seeing the warm treatment given to me by Mr. Justin Gowe, Station Manager, I try as hard as possible to fly by Indigo Airlines. Over the last month itself I have flown at least eight times on Indigo Airlines - from Goa to Delhi or Goa to Bombay and Bombay to Delhi because I find that the ground handling is much superior to that of other airlines and probably, this reflects in the on-time arrivals. I also find that departures are five or ten minutes before the scheduled departures and arrivals ten to twenty minutes before the scheduled arrivals. This is to congratulate you and bring to your notice my appreciation of the efforts of Mr. Justin Gowe and to thank him for according me this reception at the airport. . ..."
Janny Chan 29 March 2012 ......... ..I would like to compliment Ms. Neelima of the call center .
"....I would like to compliment Ms. Neelima of the call center staff for her courteous service and professionalism. She handled my inquiries with perfect English and helped me process a change in my booking very quickly. Much appreciated!. ..."
Xavier Kuriyan 30 March 2012 ......... ..ust thought I would send this out, to say thanks... .
"....Just thought I would send this out, to say thanks... Was seated on seat 1D right up front for this flight and since there was no place in the overheads to keep my bag the flight crew took the bag and kept it at the back. Now this has happened to me several times before on other airlines, and the normal process is that you wait for the flight to almost completely disembark and then go fetch your bag. This time however the inflight supervisor came back to me at the end of the flight before landing, and told me to get off and another member of the crew would bring the bag from the back and hand it to me outside the flight. I travel for work quite a lot, doing about 150 flights a year. And I must say this is one of the few times a crew member has gone out of the way to save me time. It's the small things that make a difference. . ..."
Rajiv Bajaj 31 March 2012 ......... ..I traveled on Indigo Flt. 6E 315 at 6:20 a.m., on 16th March 2012 .
"....I traveled on Indigo Flt. 6E 315 at 6:20 a.m., on 16th March 2012, from Delhi to Kochi. I am writing this in appreciation of the excellent service extended to me by the Cabin Crew, with special thanks to Ms. Akshi (I suspect that is her name). Her professionalism and consideration is commendable. Being a disabled person, she assisted me to the seat and was very attentive to me during the entire flight. I, am from the airline industry as well, having worked with Air India and Air Canada as a Flight Attendant, I sincerely appreciated the care shown to me by Ms. Akshi and your ground personnel as well. Please extend my sincere thanks to Akshi and the rest of the crew and the trainers of Indigo for an excellent job done. I look forward to flying with Indigo during my stay in India. ..."
Shalini Khanna 31 March 2012 ......... ..I was pleasantly surprised by the flight attendant on flight .
".... I was pleasantly surprised by the flight attendant on flight to Ahmedabad on 29th March (10:40 a.m., Del- Ahmedabad) who came specially to my visually impaired (blind) friends from japan to explain safety measures and equipment by making them touch and feel all items. Felt proud of the hostess. ..."
Alpesh Thacker, 01 April, 2012 ......... ..Traveled Muscat-Mumbai-Muscat and was quite .
"....Traveled Muscat-Mumbai-Muscat and was quite pleased with the overall services from Indigo. Your staff is very well trained and up to the mark. Everything is very punctual and on time. Really enjoyed travelling with Indigo and will be my first choice for future travel. Continue your quality service and at a competitive price.. ..."
Manish A. Badiyani, 02 April, 2012 ......... ..I had just an hour before bought a ticket from .
"....I had just an hour before bought a ticket from Mumbai Airport for Mumbai to Delhi flight for 3/4/2012, while I was busy in counting cash a person pickup my mobile handset and left, I was not sure who took the handset, I asked Tarannum Khan about my mobile but as she was also busy in booking my ticket she said let me try and called to Paromita Das who was about to issue boarding pass to the person who had taken my mobile, Tarranum told her that person is carrying my mobile, and as soon as Paromita tried to confirm with that person he immediately handed over my phone to Paromita, and she hand it over to me, this feedback is to give thanks to TEAM INDIGO And special thanks to TARANNUM KHAN Employee No. 4707 and Paromita Das, thanks for presence of mind of both of you.. ..."
Amitya R. Sony, 02 April 2012 ......... ..On 25th March 2012, I was booked on .
"....On 25th March 2012, I was booked on Indigo Flight No. 6E 165, Ahmedabad-Delhi at 18:30 Hrs. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable reasons, I reached airport at 18:05 hrs. only to find myself too late to board the flight. Upon my request, the ground staff tried hard to arrange the boarding possibility but remained unsuccessful on technical grounds. I was sure that I've not only missed the flight but also the amount paid towards booking the flight and any possibility of reaching Delhi soon. But to my surprise, Indigo (Ahmedabad) ground Member Mr. Hozefa & Paras Mistry were greatly helpful towards their guest and along with team members Ms. Mohini Tiwari, Mr. Niket Desai & Ms. Mitali Garud arranged, not only an Indigo flight just 2.5 hrs. Later but also managed it with an additional sum of Rs. 210 only. By 12:15, I was with my family in Delhi delighted by the warming example of Indigo's commitment toward customer satisfaction. I hope Indigo will continue this philosophy towards its guests and wish it to reach new heights in Indian and International aviation Industry. . ..."
Ajay Jha, 02 April 2012 ......... ..I needed some help from Indigo customer .
"....I needed some help from Indigo customer care team on my booking. As I know my call can be received by any random guys from indigo customer care team. Lucky I got in touch with Salman. And he demonstrated the work, which the customer is expecting from relationship center.. ..."
Shweta B Bhambri, 03 April 2012 ......... ..I called Indigo helpline to book return
"....I called Indigo helpline to book return tickets from Del Sin. The call was attended by Mr. Deepak. He is very prompt and clear in his communication skills. He guided me to the best available rate and very quickly helped me book my tickets. I asked him for a personal favor wanting to enquire a visa query on my expired passport. He was very courteous to assist me through rather than just handing over another contact number. Such experiences definitely leave an everlasting image of the brand. It was an extremely pleasant experience to talk to him and led to a very good image of Indigo in my mind. Deepak is truly an asset to your organization. . ..."
Ravi, 05 April 2012 ......... ..Today I was travelling from .
"....Today I was travelling from Guwahati to Delhi (6E 128), but the Flight has delayed. I have my connecting flight from Delhi to Indore at Terminal-3 I have requested the Crews and Ground Staff about my problem which was my connecting flight from Terminal 3. Though I have missed my Flight and I am not feel for missing my flight, But really I have to appreciate your Staffs in Guwahati, Crews and Specially your Ground Staffs in Delhi on 04.04.2012, their effort taken on me to connect with my Indore Flight is really Fantastic & unforgettable . ..."
Ninan Jacob, 05 April 2012 ......... ..It is with great joy that I am sending this mail .
"....It is with great joy that I am sending this mail. I happened to travel by your Chennai-Trivandrum (4.40pm) flight today. I wish to appreciate you on 2 matters. 1. Once again you have kept your commitment of landing on time (in fact this time you have landed 15mins before time). 2. I forgot my Hand Luggage in the flight (which happened to be some really yummy sweets from Chennai's Sri Krishna Sweets). Your ground staff Mr. Manoj Varkey at Trivandrum Airport traced out my identity from the sales invoice which was attached to the plastic cover. He took the pain of cross checking the flight details to get my contact number and was kind enough to call and remind me about the baggage left unclaimed. This is true commitment to ones Job. I would like to call it a wonderful example of 'Customer Delight'. Hats off to you Mr. Manoj. So far I have shared this experience with more than 4people I met today. Keep it up Team Indigo. Looking forward to flying with you again. ..."
Jagrat Jain, 02 April, 2012 ......... ..I am not sure about the full name, but sure that .
"....I am not sure about the full name, but sure that it was Satish (RJ Satish) who helped me without giving any argument. I would love if you trace that particular call and listen my conversation with him; you will find that he gave me complete & exact resolution which was practical. We are also working in service industry & the first thing they taught to me is whatever the bad situation the customer is stuck with, but if you listen him completely & try to realize his actual problem, guest will be happy with your service & will not bark on you. Never give irrelevant arguments to customers because THEY ARE OUR GOD. I shall not discuss the whole scenario here, but I would love to discuss the outline of resolution. In the very beginning I explained the whole situation to Satish & asked to waive off cancellation fee for the wrongly booked ticket & told that 'I know that you can help me in this situation, please help whatever you can'. He gave a resolution to me in such a manner that he has really some faith with customer. I know that allowing partial cancellation with the new updated penalty 950 for four guest is not a great relief to customer, but I & the customer Anil Bhal feels that applying 950 is a lot better that then the no-show policies of Indigo. I am writing this mail not only because I am happy with his services, but also because the guest Anil Bhal has appreciated for Satish & his efforts. I would love if the management authority appreciates Satish in front of whole team & give him some praise gift for his performance. I never mean performance in terms of quality of a call or the duration of the call, but performance means customer satisfaction, pure satisfaction. @ CSR Satish; Dear, I have no words to explain my joy, I will pray for your promotion. I am really satisfied with your service. In response of this mail I am waiting for a photo of Satish in front of whole team having a praise gift in his hand . ..."
Dr. Nitin Kulkarni, 07 April 2012 ......... ..I would like to thank the Chennai .
"....I would like to thank the Chennai airport staff and Mrs. Gousiya in particular for the invaluable help rendered for me and my family in transporting my uncle's dead body. All the appreciation I received on bringing his mortal remains to his house in Hyderabad is all because of that lady. She is really an asset to the company and reflects her upbringing in helping strangers like me. God bless her and her family. ..."
Devanshi Patel, 09 April 2012 ......... ..I was onboard Ahmedabad-Pune .
"....I was onboard Ahmedabad-Pune flight on Sunday 8th of April. Just wanted to say that you guys did it again! Always on time and this time, before time. We landed in Pune 20 minutes before the ETA! The lady pilot (I forget her name) did an amazing job of it. Thanks.. ..."
Brajesh Mishra, 10 April 2012 ......... ..I had a booking to be changed and .
"....I had a booking to be changed and when I called up the customer service number, I was told that I will have to pay a difference fare online else the change will not be effected. Your executive Syed guided me very patiently through the entire process. When I realized that there was a need to have the OTP generated for using the IVR and that I would not be able to generate it, Syed suggested that I can make the payment through the website. He waited patiently while I switched on my laptop and did the transaction. I was very happy with his approach and solution that he provided. . ..."
Chirag Doshi, 10 April, 2012 ......... ..I would like to convey my sincerest .
"....I would like to convey my sincerest appreciation to the Employees of IndiGo for the honesty and efficiency shown by them during my last flight on Sunday 9th April 2012. A SPECIAL MENTION to MR. SANJAY SINGH BISEN - Security Staff who apparently is the gentleman who found the IPad that I had left in the airplane and gave it to his superiors to be returned to me. What was also so impressive was the speed with which your Customer Care department called me to inform me that I had left something on the plane (within one hour of me leaving the airplane). I am extremely impressed with the entire operations and service of IndiGo and look forward to many more flights with you in the future. I hope you will share this email with your superiors all the way up to Mr. Rahul Bhatia and will reward Mr. Bisen for the honesty shown by him appropriately, especially with recognition if not monetary reward. . ..."
Ankit Tibrewala, 11 April, 2012 ......... ..This is an appreciation for Miss Sonali .
"....This is an appreciation for Miss Sonali Nebhnani (Lead). I flew DXB - BOM on the 8th April and I had an amazing experience with the above mentioned crew. Crew was very courteous and the way the service was portrayed, I was more than impressed. Now I am always going to fly Indigo. I had a very comfortable flight. Special thanks to Miss Sonali Nebhnani. She is definitely an asset to your airline. Keep up the good work. :D. ..."
Gautam Kaikini, 11 April, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent Indigo flier on the Bangalore .
"....I am a frequent Indigo flier on the Bangalore-Ahmedabad route. I would like to congratulate Indigo for providing excellent services and wish that Indigo continues to remain India's leading domestic carrier forever. It is indeed a great pleasure travelling by Indigo. . ..."
Sumant Parmar, 12 April 2012 ......... ..My grandparents just travelled .
"....My grandparents just travelled from Patna to Bangalore yesterday. My grand mom has problem in walking and I had therefore requested for a wheelchair. I would like to thank everyone the Indigo check-in counter, the flight attendants and yes especially the wheelchair attendants at Patna and Bangalore airport for all their help and awesome service. Thank you for making them feel so comfortable during the whole trip, considering it was their 1st air trip. Keep up the great service Indigo. . ..."
Dinesh Kovuri, 13 April 2012 ......... ..Hello, I was on the flight from .
"....Hello, I was on the flight from Delhi to Hyderabad and because of weather problems the flight had to be diverted to Bangalore. We were delayed by 4-5 hrs. However the Flight attendants and the Pilots Especially were extremely cordial and managed it well. They set the expectations correctly and communicated every now and then to keep the passengers informed. Really appreciate the entire crew of the flight. I would love to fly Indigo again. :). ..."
Ajay Rattan, 15 April 2012 ......... ..It is my pleasure to inform you that .
"....It is my pleasure to inform you that I am really very happy with your services specially by Mr. Varun kalra, he is the who gave all the details and it was easy for me to do it, he told me about hotels also you book for your guest so next time I will choose you for hotel, Varun did a great job today, wish to speak to him soon again, I am flying tomorrow from del to CCU 6E203. I think Varun is CCE in your Call center; I am not sure, really very nice. Once again thank you so much! . ..."
Manjiri Nair, 16 April 2012 ......... ..I the under signed Dr. Manjiri Nair presently .
"....I the under signed Dr. Manjiri Nair presently settled in Melbourne Australia was on a personal visit to Nagpur. I had my returned ticket booked by Indigo Airlines from Nagpur to Mumbai on 25th March 2012 vide booking No Ldd1EAB in Flight 6E418 from Nagpur to Mumbai. My two year Daughter Anika Nair was also travelling with me. I was carrying lot of luggage and hand baggage with me and even my daughter was in my arms. I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by your ground staff and specially Mr. Abhishek. Although they duly charged me for my extra luggage but were also courteous in accommodating my hand baggage in the check in luggage and I did not mind paying for this. I was also provided with an attendant till the flight who helped me with my hand baggage since I was carrying my child. This was my first experience in my life that people have been so kind and helpful and I am happy that it has happened with me at my home town Nagpur. I once again, Thank Indigo and Mr. Abhishek for this courtesy. Needless to mention Indigo would be my preferred Airlines when even I visit India next. . ..."
Rajan Bhise, 18 April 2012 ......... ..On 22nd March when I was travelling Mumbai .
"....On 22nd March when I was travelling Mumbai to Muscat, my visa copy was not clear. But your ground staff lady at boarding pass issuing counter & Customer Services Manager Savio Saldanha allowed me to access my mail account to retrieve visa copy & helped to print clear copy of visa from their office. I really appreciate their helping attitude though being rush hours........It's really can be said "Delivered the difference. ..."
Johnson Abraham, 20 April 2012 ......... ..I would like to thank Jeetander .
"....I would like to thank jeetander and akhil very much to help me out in the time of my need... especially jeetander (TF9SDB) who really helped in holding a ticket till the last moment until we had gone to airport to get the ticket as the ticket was accidentally cancelled.. ..."
R. Krishnan, 21 April 2012 ......... ..This is to put on record my .
"....This is to put on record my heartfelt gratitude & appreciation for the dedicated support given by Mr. Neeraj Ailawadi (Delhi airport) every time I have needed it. His strong & genuine value towards Customer Service is very evident & encourages me to talk good about Indigo airlines to others too. I write this mail because I feel such exemplary care is worth mentioning & putting it on records. . ..."
Budhaditya, 23 April, 2012 ......... ..Just wanted to thank you all for continuing to .
"....Just wanted to thank you all for continuing to be one of the most understanding airlines around. I just did a round trip to Bombay and back from Bengaluru and I'm quite tall (6' 3").I also have an issue with a surgery on my knee. Both times during check in I requested footroom and both times I was given the emergency aisle without having to ask me for extra money. It is the little things like these that make my journey more comfortable and why I continue to fly your airline. ..."
Shanti kumar Bhandari, 24 April, 2012 ......... ..I came to Singapore on 23/04/2012 from .
"....I came to Singapore on 23/04/2012 from Mumbai and are pleased to informed that flight was dote on time and was very clean and staff on board were very polite and helpful which is very rare in India Gov. Serve airlines I hope same during my return on 15th July. Staff at counter at Mumbai airport was also very nice and co-operative. Thanks . ..."
Aruna Kumari, 24 April 2012 ......... ..On 21st April, 2012, I was travelling with my .
"....On 21st April, 2012, I was travelling with my husband Dr. Baldev Raj, by 6E317, Delhi - Coimbatore, just boarding plane we came to know that from security check, we forgot to collect one stroller which contained passport, some foreign currency and many importat documents. 6E 317 flight's ground staff manger listened patiently and organized to collect our bag just in time of departure. We thank him (if I am right, his name Gagan) and all your ground team for their efficiency. Keep it up. Baldev Raj & Aruna Kumari. ..."
Raktim Hazarika, May 24, 2012 ......... ..This is to appreciate the service .
"....This is to appreciate the service of indigo in-flight service for the flight 6e-221 on 7th of May 2012 flying from Delhi to Guwahati. All the flight crew was very polite and hospitable. I would particularly like to highlight the service provided by Shiba Aggarwal as she was very courteous and provided me with valuable suggestions on the food menu as well as asked for my review. I found her very respectful in her behavior and I would like to thank her for her service. . ..."
Raj Narayan, 25 April, 2012 ......... ..Your pilot hailing from Costa .
"....Your pilot hailing from Costa Rica is a true gem. He kept us engaged through the flight and gave us one of the best landings ever. I believe he can teach your younger pilots some lessons in courtesy as well as overall passenger engagement which some need badly. Suggest you have him take refresher courses for the rest of your fleet of pilots. Truly wonderful experience that comes from the pilot's own experience with flying. Keep it up!. ..."
Rajesh Dogra, 25 April 2012 ......... ..I landed today morning by Indigo flight 6E 554 .
"....I landed today morning by Indigo flight 6E 554 at Srinagar airport and found that my bag had not arrived. When I contacted the ground staff - Imran Pandit, he assured all help and comforted me. He immediately escorted me to Indigo office at the airport and made me relax. After a few frantic calls by him to multiple people at Srinagar and Jammu, he rushed to the aircraft which was about to leave for Delhi. He finally located the bag in the aircraft itself which was probably kept in Delhi hold area by mistake by your staff at Jammu. He came back running with my bag in no time as I was in a hurry to leave for a meeting with senior Police officers for official work. I would like to thank the team and especially Imran who showed courtesy, urgency and sense of responsibility to resolve the problem. I am a frequent flyer on Indigo and feel that it is such commitment and hard work of your staff which has catapulted your airline to the Numero UNO position in Indian aviation! Thanks once again and wishing good luck for continued success of Indigo airlines! . ..."
Rasbehari Jena, 28 April 2012 ......... ..I just wanted to drop an email .
"....I just wanted to drop an email for the great support provided by Prasanta Kumar Rout. He was very professional and well aware of the process. I had called to change the title of a passenger, for the ticket that I booked today. Thanks for the great work and keep it up. Needless to say, Indigo is my favorite airlines. . ..."
Geeta Gajula , May 1, 2012 ......... ..I happen to travel back from Delhi .
"....I happen to travel back from Delhi to Hyderabad on 2nd April, this was the last flight out, and your staff at the airport was extremely professional. I had to return my boarding card due to an emergency and must say Roma, who was the manager at that time, handled this request very promptly and professionally. I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism depicted by her and the team. Request you to pass on this message to her. . ..."
Gautam Kumar, May 1, 2012 ......... ..I write this to compliment your ground .
"....I write this to compliment your ground crew who took me out of one of the biggest peril of my life. I had left my wallet at a lounge in domestic terminal. Needless to say it had everything and its loss could have jeopardized my career. First of all heartiest gratitude to the person who acknowledged possession of wallet at the lounge. But what was more important was to get the wallet to me. I was stranded at Patna without any money and desperately calling your branch at Delhi to please expedite the process as there was a connecting flight at 1225 and the people there were just giving shallow promises till 1145. At Patna I was hungry and irritated to the highest extent. It was a call to the attendant at 1145 who understood my position. I don't remember his name. Then Miss Soni Kumari went on to take the wallet at around 1205. Needless to say I had lost hope as the connecting flight was at 1225. Kudos to the lady for her presence of mind, sincerity to my request as she somehow managed to hand over the wallet at the nth moment. Finally my wallet reached me on time else I would have had to fast the whole day. My sincerest gratitude to the people involved especially the lady who ensured the dispatch on time. I believe she can be utilized in greater role in the company. Cheers and keep it up Miss Soni. . ..."
Rachit Khemlani, May 1, 2012 ......... ..I used indigo airline for Delhi - Dubai .
"....I used indigo airline for Delhi - Dubai and I had an amazing experience of flying in indigo. Your staff is very cooperative and because of their support I was able to catch my flight although I reached airport a bit late and the counters were closed 20 min earlier but still they allowed me to check-in. I would really like to thank your staff (check in counter) for the cooperation. I love indigo and will suggest all my friends and relatives to fly with indigo. Thank you once again. Will fly with you very soon!!!! Go indigo indigo!!! . ..."
Sujal Mayatra, May 1, 2012 ......... ..Comfortable and courteous crew .
"....Comfortable and courteous crew members. I would like to thanks and request you if you can personally send "thank you" note to Priyanka and "leading lady" Nishitha. She explained the query well while serving other passengers.. ..."
Rashmi Gautam, May 2, 2012 ......... ..I forgot my baby's stroller after .
"....I forgot my baby's stroller after landing at Nagpur airport. Indigo team contacted me multiple times to inform regarding the same and I picked up the stroller in the evening. Also, the staff provided me assistance with my luggage. Thank you for the same.. ..."
Saumil Pathak, May 2, 2012 ......... ..I was traveling by IndiGo flight .
"....I was traveling by IndiGo flight no. 6e487 from Delhi to Vadodara on 30th April, 2012. I forgot my wallet in the aircraft and left for home. On the way, I received a call from Mr. Kamlendu Mahato from Vadodara airport mentioning he had found my wallet and waiting for me though his duty hours were over. When I reached there, he returned my wallet with all belongings intact. I really appreciate his honesty from bottom of my heart. Good job Mr. Mahato. Thank you very much.. ..."
Anish Paul, May 4, 2012 ......... ..It was a packed Bangalore - Hyderabad- Jaipur .
"....It was a packed Bangalore - Hyderabad- Jaipur flight tonight (6e-152). I was travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad and I desperately needed to buy some items from the inflight sales booklet and we had already begun our decent to the Hyderabad airport. I was getting concerned when a very pleasant spoken in flight attendant named Shefali assured me that she would get me my stuff. She informed me that since the seat belt sign was on she could not get it to me directly but that I could pick it up at the time of de-boarding the plane. I was impressed with the way she both abided by her rules and sure enough got me my product at the time of de-boarding the plane. I made note of her name as I wanted to inform someone in charge that they have an asset in the form of Shefali and that I was really impressed with the way she dealt with my request tonight. Thank you and instances like this will ensure that I will continue to have indigo as my preferred mode for flying domestic always. . ..."
Ramakant Rai, May 4, 2012 ......... ..I want to provide feedback for an extraordinary .
"....I want to provide feedback for an extraordinary and timely assistance rendered by Mr. Bablu Jatti (asst. Manager, security, Patna airport), an indigo employee. Basically, six of my family members were travelling on indigo flight number 6e 233 from Patna to Delhi on 28 April, 2012. Two of them left certain bags at the Patna airport at the time of security check-in. Next morning, i.e. On 29 April, I made several calls to indigo offices at Patna airport. However, I did not get any satisfactory response until I managed to speak to Bablu. He went out of his way to help us. In fact, he also did repackaging of certain items in the bags to secure their safety. Finally, he handed over our luggage to another indigo employee, who delivered the same to us at the Delhi airport. The timely delivery of the bags was very helpful. I would like to thank Bablu and indigo family for the extraordinary assistance provided to us. . ..."
Shermeen Merchant, May 4, 2012 ......... ..Last evening, I had the opportunity .
"....Last evening, I had the opportunity to interact with you for the second time. I was quite distressed as I had to make some urgent changes to my bookings for travel to Singapore due to a family emergency. Both you and Brij Mohan went out of your way to be extremely helpful and accommodating and ensured that all my travel arrangements were in perfect order! I am aware that you stretched your shift hours and only logged off from work when my booking was complete. You gave me good advice on how I should best go ahead with the travel arrangements required. I have been part of the back office of an international airline myself, and now manage the learning & development function for my organization. In my training programs on customer service, I will share examples of the high levels of professional competence in customer service displayed by the both you and Brij mohan. Thanks once again! I appreciate your help! . ..."
Aditya Singhvi, May 4, 2012 ......... ..I was booked on the flight from Delhi .
"....I was booked on the flight from Delhi to Pune yesterday [6e-137] and Ive got to really appreciate the quality of service provided by your cabin crew. The tone, demeanor and cheerfulness were really good. I haven't seen that in a while now. Hope you continue to provide such lovely service in the future to everyone. Oh and very nice take-off and landing. You had a great team yesterday on that plane! . ..."
Bijay Singh, May 8, 2012 ......... ..I've been travelling with IndiGo .
"....I've been travelling with IndiGo for almost 2 years & Ive had the best of the services industry can provide. To add up to the quality I guess the call center team also did a greattttttt job. I had to reschedule my booking & I called up the customer care # @ 1.15pm (8th may) after explaining everything. The line got disconnected twice, I tried for the third time & asked the gentleman (Mr. Abdul) to make sure the line does not get Disconnected & explained everything again & the entire procedure took almost 45-50min (due to delay from my end) at last I was so thrilled that Mr. Abdul was sooooooo patient enough to clear all my queries & got me a solution. Now I guess I havent made a mistake by choosing indigo & will make sure all my friends & relatives choose the same thanks To people like Abdul that the quality is always up kept.... Cheers!!!!!!!! . ..."
Vikas Mathur, May 8, 2012 ......... ..I would like to express my sincere thanks .
"....I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the service extended to my parents when they were travelling from Dubai to Delhi on May 06, 2012. The staffs at the airport (Engelbert Murzello and Ashmita) were very helpful and understanding. Given the age of my parents they were considerate and accommodating for the excess baggage. Although we understand the policies regarding excess baggage, especially for budget airlines, the staff co-operated on compassionate grounds and made the experience memorable for me and my parents. This is highly appreciated and I would like to wish you and your staff all the very best in their endeavors for enhancing passenger experience. . ..."
Shalini Singh, May 9, 2012 ......... ..I Shalini Singh from Ahmadabad would .
"....I Shalini Singh from Ahmadabad would like to congratulate indigo on behalf of my husband and myself for having this airline run for us. I have been a frequent flyer with indigo for quiet sometime now and the experience has been great so far but a girl in your company named Priya Biswas has actually given me that customer delight which I have been looking for. she could actually comfort my baby inflight who was crying out loud, perhaps as a mother what I could understand what was wrong which the young lady did and took care of me and my baby throughout the husband and I were also glad to see that we were assisted with our bags till the aircraft. Indeed we felt special travelling on that day. I hope indigo does well and keeps making us reach our destinations on best wishes with the indigo team. . ..."
Rajeev Suri, May 17, 2012 ......... ..Wanted to thank indigo's employees for the solid .
"....Wanted to thank indigo's employees for the solid, beyond the call of duty effort and service that I received this week, which has helped cement my liking and loyalty for brand indigo. While flying on 6e132, from Bangalore to Delhi on the 15th of May, I had forgotten my apple MacBook pro laptop at Bangalore security- and on reaching Delhi, spoke to your customer relations folks, who identified the laptop, guided me through the documents required to establish identity, and collected the laptop on my behalf from Bangalore, flew it to Delhi and handed it over to me. A great coordinated set of services that was done by the following people- blessin, and Rini in Delhi, and Tamel and Andrea in Bangalore, as well as Pravin, who finally coordinated the actual handing over. I want to put these folks' contribution on record and thank them . ..."
Punit PunJ, May 17, 2012 ......... ..This is Punit Punj, on 16th may I was travelling .
"....This is Punit Punj, on 16th may I was travelling by jet airways and my wife and children were travelling by indigo from kolkata to Ahmedabad. My family was carrying only check in baggage and did not carry any hand baggage, when reported at the counter we learnt from the executive that there is an extra weight of 16kgs, then I insisted that they are not carrying any hand baggage then this weight should be waived off, but Ms. Aparna (the executive at the counter) explained me that its not as per company's norms, but I still insisted that indigo should implement this , when a passenger does not carry any hand baggage he/she should be given waiver for the excess baggage weight for the check in baggage, but Ms aparna was kind enough to explain that , we can shuffle out bags and make them split and carry the extra kilos as hand baggage, it was very helpful and kind of her, I was really rude enough initially when she was denying to accept, but later I realized the way she explained. This mail is truly to thank Ms. Aparna to guide us in a good way...thank you again to whole indigo team and Ms. Aparna. Have a great day!! . ..."
Dipak Dutta, May 18, 2012 ......... ..I am Dipak Dutta, and I flew IndiGo on wed the .
"....I am Dipak Dutta, and I flew IndiGo on wed the 16th may 2012, after a hurried one-day trip. On arrival, I realized that my unaccompanied baggage was missing. It was well past 10pm and I had a heavy schedule ahead the next day. Being a man of 65 years - I felt rather hassled, unhappy and anxious. All my daily usable (clothes, toiletries, shave-set, small gifts for my Grandchildren, some office papers) - were in that small Samsonite bag. I could never imagine that this could happen on a domestic flight - and that too of indigo, an airline that I admire. I then went to your customer service counter and I met the staff there, one girl named Aditi. There did what I could expect most as a hassled customer at that late hour. She made calls and informed me in minutes that my bag was left behind in Hyderabad airport. She assured me that the bag would be delivered to my address (thankfully, I live close-by in Salt Lake City) next morning by 10.30 am. Surely, the luggage did come to my address the next morning at 10.30am. I am writing this mail to specially record my thanks to Aditi - though she humbly told me "it was her duty". I feel that people like Aditi keeps the system ticking and restore our faith in it. It was most re-assuring to meet her at your counter and to be comforted with her sincere efforts and words, especially at that late hour. My best wishes to Aditi - I wish her all success in her career. She is an asset and a marvelous brand ambassador for indigo through her sincerity and quiet efficiency. God bless her! . ..."
Farokh J. Mehta, May 19, 2012 ......... ..I traveled from Mumbai to Hyderabad on .
"....I traveled from Mumbai to Hyderabad on flt # 6e-254, on 17 May 12. By mistake I picked a bag that looked just like my own. I checked its lock and that too was identical and stepped out with it. As I was heading for my car, I got a surprised call on my mobile, informing me that I have someone else bag and he is holding mine! All this happened within five minutes of stepping out. On inquiry I was told by the grateful real owner that he was helped by one. . ..."
Ganesh, May 19, 2012 ......... ..Nili is exceptional and I wish .
"....Nili is exceptional and I wish you folks have the network of jet soon so I could fly you more often. Meanwhile do pass a personal note of my thanks to Nili for the extra strong coffee and making our flight to mum from Lucknow a 'feel so good' experience. . ..."
Samuel Mani, May 19, 2012 ......... ..This is to record my appreciation for .
"....This is to record my appreciation for your agent Priya who is staffing the airport office at Bangalore for her superb assistance in retrieving my property that I had left on board your flight from Trivandrum. I greatly appreciate her promptness and efficiency and that of all your other employees who handled this matter. Your staff does a great job.. ..."
Subhadip Das, May 20, 2012 ......... ..I would like to convey my deep appreciation .
"....I would like to convey my deep appreciation for one of the indigo's staff named Liza Sutradhar during the boarding time with indigo 6e-136, on 30th April, 2012 for one special incident that happened in kolkata airport. During the security check, I lost my wallet along with my credit card, my company id and with approx. 8000INR in it. I came late their as the security gate was having a long queue and in the process somehow I missed my wallet. I only realize it when I was at the airplane's gate where I have to show my boarding pass, I didnt knew what to do about this, so I approached a nearby indigo stuff, her name was Liza Sutradhar. While I told her the problem, she rushed to the security checking gate telling me to wait there and within 5 minutes, I dont know from where, she retrieved my wallet and told me to check if everything is proper inside. I was unable to appreciate her work that time as I was getting late. All I can say, if I didnt get that wallet, I will end up in unwanted problems in my job and other stuff, hence this e-mail. I like to appreciate her for her ability to listen calmly to what was being said and ask questions to get a deeper understanding when the other person is so much pissed off and horribly panicked, her properly placed words which helped me calm down and finally her activeness and quick response for solving my trouble. Thanks indigo. . ..."
Rudolph Poojary, May 20, 2012 ......... ..Greetings everyone, I am Mr. Rudolph Ronald .
"....Greetings everyone, I am Mr. Rudolph Ronald Poojary, employed currently in Dubai. It gives me immense pleasure in taking time to put down on paper my recent travel from Dubai to Mumbai and back, via this super effective airline indigo. I had a return ticket for a very short trip from Dubai to Mumbai (17th may 19th may 2012). From the outset itself, I was absolutely impressed with the on time promise by indigo. I reached Mumbai, all fine at all.Now here comes the impressive part. I had my return flight towards Dubai on the 19th may 2012 flight 6e 61, my Pnr number being kfnzci which was to depart at 18.35 and hence like all international flights, as a passenger I needed to be there at least 3 hours prior to departure. However to be honest, I was late, kind of very late for the flight, all thanks to the persistent Mumbai road traffic that we are all subject to (no pun intended). I reached Mumbai airport at approximately 17.05 odd something, with the obvious fear that I may not make it on time for the flight; keeping in mind baggage check in , immigration, security etc Now here is the difference I felt compared to all the other leading airlines that I have frequently travelled. The gentleman at the baggage check-in counter Mr. Saneel Rane, was absolutely welcoming, friendly, understanding (though it was my fault as I was late) and more importantly prompt and professional. Saneel displayed a fantastic helping attitude and had my baggage checked in; in no time, more over assisted me further more through security and also boarding onto the flight so that I do not miss it. It was an absolute team effort when Mr. Saneel Ranes kind co-operation was backed up with yet another passenger centric indigo staff Mr. Ranvindran Thakur, who was very helpful and re assuring when I had no hopes of being onboard the flight, especially since, I had to resume work on Sunday (the very next morning). Finally onboard the aircraft literally 10 15 minutes before door close time and I owe it in a very very big way to Mr Saneel Rane and Mr. Ranvindran thakur and indigo airlines for recruiting such efficient employees who ensure that all passengers are imprinted with the indigo dots on their hearts and feeling of being well assisted. Onboard, it was just a continuation of the great service quality by all the flight cabin attendants especially one by the name of Alka, simply nice, always with a genuine smile, attending to passengers with passion for customer service. Once more thank you very much Mr Saneel Rane and Mr. Ranvindran Thakur for this gesture and I assure you, I will be opting for indigo every time and wherever your airline network is ..."
Deepti Mangtani, May 21, 2012 ......... ..Thanks, firstly to your system and prompt .
"....Thanks, firstly to your system and prompt service - as for booking, amending and cancellation. It is hassle free and very quick. Also thanks to Mr. Utkarsh who helped me to get the refund back as per the information he gave me (which I was worried) as I was dealing first time with indigo. Unfortunately we could not fly this time - but will surely do so in near future once our things get sorted out. Many thanks again to the full management and support staff of indigo . ..."
Ravi Bhartia, May 21, 2012 ......... ..I am following IndiGo on Facebook and too .
"....I am following IndiGo on Facebook and too happy with your today's post on Facebook, which shows someone in airline industry is still following some ethics and apologies publicly / also on social networking sites for mistakes: mention bellow- .............................................................. Indigo We are extremely distressed and deeply regret the incident concerning Mr Shybe Chalken, a passenger on our flight 6e 176 from Mumbai to Delhi on 17th may 2012. It has come to our notice that one of our employees had wrongly written paralyzed on Mr. Chalken s boarding pass, without realizing the consequences of his ignorant and inappropriate use of language. This is not part of our standard operating procedure. The staff member in question has been suspended and further corrective action is being taken to ensure that such incidents are never repeated. Our initial inquiry has revealed that the particular staff wanted to be over cautious (so that the passenger gets all help at various stops of his journey) without realizing the consequences of his naivety in using the hurtful word. In fact, when passengers with reduced mobility choose to use their own wheelchairs, the indigo staff shadows such passengers with our own wheelchairs. At most times, Indian security agencies at the various airports do not allow passenger-owned wheelchairs in the security hold area and at that time, the indigo wheelchair is offered to the passengers and their wheelchairs are loaded as luggage in the aircraft. Courteous and considerate service is one of indigos fundamental values, and it is something that each one of us at indigo from our ground staff to our president truly believes in. This is why we do our utmost to ensure that each of our passengers is treated with dignity, respect and care. On May 17th morning itself, 15 other passengers with special needs commuted in and out of Mumbai on indigo flights without any problem. We admit the mistake that has occurred and corrective actions are being taken so that such incidents are not repeated. We are sorry! Indigo team . ..."
Mohan Rao, May 24, 2012 ......... ..I would like to record appreciation .
"....I would like to record appreciation for your call center executive, Ehtram Ali who assisted me with multiple bookings and modifications on 23-May-12. I am very pleased with Ehtrams professional attitude and his ability to work through and answer multiple queries I had. At the end, I was able to complete all my travel requirements. Ehtram was very patient, attentive and courteous in his interaction and provided accurate and beneficial advice. Please take this opportunity to convey much deserving appreciation to Ehtram . ..."
Vinayak M. Yadery, May 25, 2012 ......... ..Your staff Chanchal at call Centre .
"....Your staff Chanchal at call Centre is simply great. He is wonderful and a valued asset to indigo. By providing 5c isle seat and meet assist he has given world class service to my bank. Wishing you all the best as the airline of millennium! God bless. ..."
Rakesh, May 25, 2012 ......... ..I would like place on record an .
"....I would like place on record an appreciation for the Capt. of the Delhi Lucknow flight no 6e 312. The winds were awful at the time of landing at Lucknow airport on 24 may 2012 at 1400h. The way the Capt. piloted the aircraft and made an excellent landing without any shudder or banging of the under carriage on the runway is truly and absolutely commendable. Her steering of the aircraft in those heavy winds is really appreciable. I would recommend this appreciation be placed in her service record. I have travelled off late quite a bit with indigo but this was the best landing ever. . ..."
S M Nivasan, May 26, 2012 ......... ..I would to thank the entire indigo .
"....I would to thank the entire indigo on ground staff for ensuring that I got my connecting flight even after 30 min departure from Vizag. I was received @ Hyderabad airport like a VVIP and taken to the jet airways terminal to catch my flight to Bangalore. A very good co-ordination of team between Vizag & Hyderabad has seen me spend quality time with my family. A special thanks to Ms. Prashanthi in Vizag for taking this extra care and the one more person who looked the supervisor. . ..."
Schubert Gonsalves, May 28, 2012 ......... ..We would like to take this opportunity .
"....We would like to take this opportunity to thank your team at the kolkata airport ticket counter and call center for the exemplary service provided on 26th may'12. We were getting our cash refund processed and would like to acknowledge the following for rising to the occasion: Priyanka Paul and Sarojini Singh at kolkata airport for ensuring smooth interaction between call center, finance team and us. Manoj singh - floor manager on duty at the call center for taking empowered decision towards problem resolution and customer delight. Keep up the great effort! . ..."
Vishal Yadav, May 28, 2012 ......... ..This is in regards to the feedback .
"....This is in regards to the feedback which I want to share with indigo airlines. I travelled from Chennai to Delhi on 26th may 2012 in flight no 6e 286. During the flight one of the crew members has done a wonderful job. She took care of one of the passengers in the flight and made sure that he felt special by the end of the journey. She has set a great example of provide consumer service and her work is appreciable. Her name is Geetanjali. Please pass on my regards to her and also tell her that she is doing a great job and should continue to do the same. . ..."
Vijayaraghavan Casuba, 28 May, 2012 ......... ..We had contacted your toll free
"....We had contacted your toll free number today at 10:30pm to book 5 tickets on a round journey. We would like to let you know that we had a very pleasant experience talking to your desk agent "Varun Mehta". He was very patient and polite. We really appreciate it. Thanks for the wonderful service. Hope to have a good journey with indigo too! . ..."
Jayanth Murthy, 29 May, 2012 ......... ..I wish to congratulate your airline .
"....I wish to congratulate your airline - you not only fly your groom human beings to become great professionals and humans! Today - 29 may at Ahmedabad airport I requested Pooja Patel to hand over my friends phone which he had lost. She kept it, took my details and his details and went out of the way to help- he got the phone, it was not her duty, but after careful consideration she decided to help me! Exemplary customer service and focus! Bravo! . ..."
Moirangthem Kiran, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..I have received my parcel which .
"....I have received my parcel which was forgotten at the kolkata airport by one my friends who was traveling from kolkata to Bangalore by indigo airline (6e 342) on 27th may 2012. I am very much thankful to the indigo airlines staffs at kolkata airport for their kind help and effort in tracing the missing parcel and letting me get back my important documents. I will never forget this generous effort of indigo staffs in fulfilling customers expectation to the fullest. "long live indigo airline- may you prosper further and further" . ..."
Vinayak M. Yadery, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..You all at indigo are phenomenal .
"....You all at indigo are phenomenal and simply wonderful. Classy and exceptional. You have recreated wonderful customer services and also excelling in every way. Simply superb. You bring a smile to air travel. Your supervisor respected Mr Gaurav and entire indigo team is simply awesome. Pray that you all reach greater heights of prosperity, usefulness and growth as worlds no 1 airline keep it up. Splendid. ..."
Ophealia Deroze, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..For Ibrahim Suleiman (Chennai) .
"....For Ibrahim Suleiman (Chennai) very professional, courteous, went out of his way to help with the needs of an elderly person. A role model for youngsters, who join your airline. Ibrahim brings one more feather to your airline cap. Thank you Ibrahim and all the best for your career!. ..."
Niranjan, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..On 31st of January, 2012, on flight 6E .
"....On 31st of January, 2012, on flight 6e 422, I was the last person to board the flight due to a medical emergency (injured and bleeding finger). On reaching the boarding gate, I was barred from boarding as my bags did not have tags. Having lost quite a bit of blood already, and without any painkillers, I was thoroughly flustered when I was told to go through security check again; and was in no state to argue even in the event of my luggage being deplaned. However, the staff at the door was generous enough to offer to wait. Not only that, one of the ground staff helped me through the entire security check as I had trouble handling the luggage with only one hand. She went and got the tags and endured they were stamped. I regret that I did not take notice of her name and that I did not thank her enough. After reaching the boarding gate, in spite of being late, the staff did not unnecessarily push me to hurry up and extended excellent courtesy. I have flown with indigo over 10 times in the past 12 months. This incident just bolsters my confidence in indigo and why it should be every persons first choice airline. Thank you for the excellent service and courtesy extended. . ..."
Tamal Kanti Roy, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..Congratulations and greetings .
"....Congratulations and greetings to indigo on their recent achievements. It is rare to experience a flight and an airline for its professional conduct. One such rare opportunity unfolded when I travelled to India from 1st may to 12th may, 2012. It was my second contact with indigo, apparently a non-legacy airlines, I welcome the clean living staff of the airline. On my flight to Bangalore 4.5.12, all passengers on board and when captain emerged from his cabin in a gesture of welcoming all passengers. I was in front in seat 1c, I shook hands with him. He came back again after landing and asked again how I enjoyed the flight. A rare experience now days. The second surprise was when the lead cabin staff Ms Nithya Mahajan made and served a cup of black tea - piping hot. In a gesture of gratitude I tried to say that the tea was not being served in Dec. 2011. She answered hot beverage started from Feb., 2012 and added "we are improving our services and a disarming answer at a height of 10 km above India. These fine airline staffs are delivering across the sky of India from 0600hrs to midnight. I hope the passengers express their thanks more frequently. I would appreciate if my little thanks are conveyed to them. For me, indigo will be my chosen airline again when I would visit India. . ..."
Siddharth Shukla, 01 June, 2012 ......... ..I would like to extend my appreciation to you .
"....I would like to extend my appreciation to you , that your customer service representative " Joshan " has been excellent in customer service . I was very unhappy with the details i found on the website in terms of charges wherein he helped me change the flight seemlessly :D i am very happy at this moment when i am writing this email. I did not choose Air India or Jet airways or King fisher as i dont like the customer service because of word of mouth from my friends. Ontime is such a good thing.. i want to reach on time :) Again i thank you Joshan for being patient with me and help me with the proceedings.. And i am happy that i am all set now .. THANK YOU JOSHAN FOR MAKING MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO INDIGO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ..."
Vikram Singh, 01 June, 2012 ......... ..Very very good services .
"....Very very good services which made us feel special than any other flights. On time is very good thing. In flight services were very good. All together travel made very easy with IndiGo. One suggestion if your next television ad be in Hindi language it will be great. Always in support of IndiGo. . ..."
Jnaneshwar.S, 02 June, 2012 ......... ..At the outset I would like to express my immense .
"....At the outset I would like to express my immense gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Muhammed Sajoob, Airport Operations & Customer Service, Coimbatore Airport, for retrieving my bag with laptop, cash, mobile phone & important documents, which I had left in the airport premises when I reached Coimbatore by indigo 6E 285 on Wednesday, May 30 2012 and handing over the same to the Airport Manager immediately. The Airport Manager promptly informed me over the phone about the retrieved baggage & handed over the same to me after completing all the formalities in a highly professional manner. I once again commend the exemplary and professional attitude of Mr. Muhammed Sajoob and thank him for this help. . ..."
Seshadri, 02 June, 2012 ......... ..My wife, Dr.Sarojini Seshadri & I .
"....Dr.Sarojini Seshadri & I travelled by Indigo Airline to Vishakhapatnam & back to Chennai on 22nd &25th last month by flight nos.6E-511 & 512 respectively. Being senior citizens in 80s, we had received best attention from your ground staff as well as Air hostesses at both trips. This is to place our deep appreciation of their helpful services at every stage. . ..."
Dr. Vikas Sinha, 02 June 2012 ......... ..At your IndiGo Counter .
"....At your IndiGo Counter at Delhi on 1.5.2012 in the morning , at the counter check in madam Giashma was extremely helpful. It is a word of encouragement for her. . ..."
Richa Bharara, 04 June, 2012 ......... ..This is to place on record .
"....This is to place on record the good performance of Mr. Ankit Arora customer care executive on call in the night just few days back. He helped me very promptly with a name correction and if hadnt done then I would need to purchase a new ticket which would work our every expensive for me indeed. He was very patient, empathetic and proactive in attending my call and request. My flight was Delhi to Mumbai. God Bless u Mr.Arora . This to put on record that I was traveling from Delhi to Srinagar on Friday, the 27th of April on an IndiGo flight. One of the pieces of checked baggage did not get loaded onto the aircraft and was left behind in Delhi, even though it had been checked-in. When I reached Srinagar, I was very upset with the situation. However, Mr. Imran Pandit was very helpful & ensured that the piece of baggage was put on the next flight & reached my hotel the same evening. . ..."
Mrs. Michael, 05 June, 2012 ......... ..Absolutely excellent .
"....Absolutely excellent. To meet expectations is mediocre, call centre staff exceed expectations, fabulous work.. ..."
Sandeep Ghosh, 07 June, 2012 ......... ..First I would like to extend my warm greetings .
"....Dear Mr. Ghosh, First I would like to extend my warm greetings to you and your Indigo Team. This email is being sent to you with an intent to express my sense of loyalty and satisfaction towards your team full of vibrant and energetic crew members. And just a simple one liner defines your service on board or off the ground: You guys are world class. To add to this let me share an incident which I unfortunately went through when I was travelling from Kolkata to Mumbai on 19th Jan 2010 morning flight. As the flight was airborne and of course the seatbelt sign was off, I was about to get my laptop case from the overhead bin and accidently could not manage the balance and the bag toppled over my left shoulder. Result-I immediately dislocated my left shoulder with tremendous pain .Though it was mid-January and visibility was poor, we could not flew back to Kolkata however had to bear that pain till the flight landed at Mumbai. The co-pilot extended all support whatever could have been possible on board. My elder brother was contacted promptly to be at the airport in Mumbai and the ambulance and emergency services were arranged so well. I was rushed to Nanavati Hospital for reduction therapy and surgery. However this incident did not allow my loyalty towards you guys drop. I dont know what other passengers may have done-might be not opt for IndiGo in future. But my loyalty and love towards your airline grew manifold. And from then onwards I always opted for Indigo-best in class service, on time performance and world class crew members .And I also do recommend my colleagues, family members, relatives and friends to opt for Indigo anytime. And now whenever I travel, be it Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Kolkata, Kolkata-Delhi, Kolkata-Mumbai- I just rely on IndiGo and instruct my Admin to book me only with IndiGo .. As I will be travelling from Delhi to Hyderabad on 18th June 2012-I opted for IndiGo again . Just to summarize Team Indigo is just amazing and I will always want to fly with Indigo ..Just a small suggestion-Check if you guys can start some loyalty programs !!! Thanks for being the most efficient airline in todays dynamic and competitive aviation industry. Just keep it up ..Cheers to you and your team!! . ..."
Dishant Patel, 08, June, 2012 ......... ..I travelled from Delhi to Vadodara .
"....I travelled from Delhi to Vadodara on 08/06/2012 by flight 6E-212. My PNR is BH89BL. I would like to appreciate the services provided to me on the boarding counter by Mr. Imran Pandit (IGA-7626)on Delhi IGIA. And looking forward for this good service in future. . ..."
Rajesh Nambiar, 11 June, 2012 ......... ..I fly to Bangalore every week .
"....I fly to Bangalore every week by 6E-352. I do appreciate the In-Flight Services of IndiGo. The services are too good that I have stopped looking at any other flight. Keep it up. The best low cost flying experience.... . ..."
Debolina J, 14 June, 2012 ......... ..Just had a tremendous experience .
"....Just had a tremendous experience with a happy ending. Had my flight today at 5:55am and while coming towards airport my cab broke down and as usually was late for check in. It was here when IndiGo again proved to be the best air service. Mr. Joydeep Sarkar and his team took immense trouble to reach me to a proper boarding when I was quite tensed and nervous about the fact that I would surely miss my flight and the gradual programs accordingly but he took the responsibility and helped me immensely to reach me to my seat 5F. Want to appreciate highly for his effort and would say that IndiGo is the best airlines when it comes to perfection. Thanks a lot to u all :) . ..."
Naveen Arya, 16 June, 2012 ......... ..Thank You Neha Singh .
"....Thank You Neha Singh, Appreciate your support on phone, you have been one of most patient and helpful Customer Executive I have come across. You are an asset for Indigo....Keep up the good work!!. ..."
Mrinmoy Dutta, 17 June, 2012 ......... ..I'm extremely thankful to INDIGO .
"....I'm extremely thankful to INDIGO airlines to serve me in an exemplary way!! I was travelling in 6E-524 Chennai to Pune on 15th June 2012 with my Spouse (NIBEDITA DUTTA) and Son (SOURISH DUTTA). My son was occupying Seat 29B which was originally allotted to my wife. While leaving aircraft after it landed in Pune, my son forgot to collect his P.S.P. (Play Station Portable) from seat pocket in front of seat 29B. He only realized this following day afternoon. I immediately contacted IndiGo counter in Pune and reached at airport to check if same is available with them. IndiGo was kind enough to hand over the play station to me. This definitely brought smile to my sons face and my growing confidence on services provided by IndiGo:) You're the best!! . ..."
Laura Quinn, 19 June, 2012 ......... ..Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed .
"....Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I was with your team on my trip to Mumbai yesterday. I had a terrible delay reaching the airport and a really important meeting in Mumbai to get to - your staff did everything in their power to rush me on to the flight - it was beyond the call of duty and i don't think any other low cost carrier would bother to help like that. On the way back, it was a late night flight but we took off early and landed early. I was in my house before the flight was even scheduled to land! Your staff members really are the smartest and most sensible of all the airlines - please keep supporting and empowering them. . ..."
Prarthana Kumar, 20 June, 2012 ......... ..Just a small note of appreciation .
"....Just a small note of appreciation for one of your employees who was of such a huge help to us yesterday at the Mumbai airport. Vinod, the supervisor at the airport is nothing short of a truly star employee. Due to a delay at the Goa Airport, flight 6E 192 was delayed by short of two hours, due to an exigency my companion had to be in Delhi sooner than the revised arrival time. Even though the next flight was a completely booked flight, Vinod assured us in the most calm, patient manner that he would help us in any way that he can and he delivered my companion was able to get onto an earlier flight. Having that said, the 45 minutes that we waited at the counter Vinods interactions with all other customers regardless of how irritated the customer was, were an epitome of the high standard of customer service Indigo strives for. Truly a delight to come across people like him. Thank you Vinod. . ..."
Ishdeep Singh Anand, 20 June, 2012 ......... ..This is to appreciate / thank the efforts .
"....This is to appreciate / thank the efforts of Mr. Eric Wadia (Manager, Customer Services) because of whom our whole trip was saved from being spoiled. I am a frequent traveller with your Airline and as I travelled with my parents and child via your Mumbai Indore flight on the 18th June 2012 and there was some security issue with my 6 yr old sons belongings and the Mumbai Airport Security was being very uncooperative / unreasonable and situation was getting chaotic, but due to swift efforts of Mr. Eric Wadia the whole situation was defused / resolved. I would like to thank the Airline and especially Mr. Eric Wadia for his co-operation and efforts, it really lifted the Image of the Airline and Customer Service given by you. . ..."
Brig A.N.Surynarayanan, 21 June, 2012 ......... ..I write to commend your staff .
"....I write to commend your staff on an exceptional level of service when I travelled with your airline on the above date. I accidently left my wallet (ladies) in the Indigo Flight. Not realizing was half way home when I got a call from your Executive Mr Salim informing me of my lost wallet. Within minutes I was at the Indigo counter & Mr Salim himself personally carried the wallet and handed it over to me. He was extremely courteous assuring me that all my valuables were intact. I really appreciated his gesture and write to thank your organisation. Once again thanks for a truly award winning airline service. . ..."
Harish Kiran, 22 June, 2012 ......... ..I travelled on 6E-311 .
"....I travelled on 6E-311 from Hyderabad to Chennai on the 20 June 12' and was impressed with the leading lady of the flight Ms. Himani. She was extremely courteous and was very helpful to passengers. She understood the needs of elderly passengers and young children and treated them with utmost care. Her grooming standards were exemplary and the announcements she made were crystal clear. It was very heartening to see such a service on board. Please do convey my best wishes for her outstanding service. . ..."
Rajiv Kumar Gogoi, 23 June, 2012 ......... ..I had forgotten to carry my Tablet .
"....I had forgotten to carry my Tablet PC from my seat in the flight I was travelling from Dibrugarh to Kolkata. However the Indigo team members "Tanogha Pal" and "Ahujee Saha" were awesome and took perfect responsibility to call me on my mobile and return it back. "Tanogha Pal" and "Ahujee Saha" are definitely stars showing the perfect symbol of honesty and responsibility. I will definitely fly IndiGo again. Highly appreciated!!!!. ..."
Shilpa Joshi, 24 June, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flyer with IndiGo .
"....I am a frequent flyer with IndiGo airlines. Have flown to many places & my experience so far has been okay. This time i made the longest flight with IndiGo from Bangkok to Mumbai .i.e. on 6E 072 on 22/6/2012 & had a very pleasant & fine experience. All thanks to a crew member Ms. Tusarika. Not only did she have a smiling face throughout the journey but also she catered to all my needs without any complains or irritation. No matter how many times i asked her for hot water she made it a point to serve me even if it was after 10-15 mints without fail. I didn't have to remind her about anything. Most of the time you ask for water the crew gets so irritated & most of them tend to forget. But i was indeed very delighted with her service as she not only didn't forget to serve hot water, i asked for but upfrontly would even ask me if i need some more when she passed by. She sure does deserve an appreciation for her work & and boost to carry on the same way throughout. . ..."
Nitu, 25 June, 2012 ......... ..I was keen to place on record .
"....I was keen to place on record my sincere appreciation for the quick thinking and understanding shown by Lianna and Dilraj on Flight 6E 404 (22 June 2012) from Kolkata to Mumbai via Nagpur. My sister had a splitting migraine and the only way to help her was to get her a hot water bag. The flight was for 3 hours and 45 minutes and that just made the situation even more difficult for her. I requested Lianna and Dilraj for help and if they had a bottle that could be filled with hot water. Immediately they got a bottle from somewhere emptied it, got the hot water and my sister was able to use that to get her headache down. This species of migraine runs in our family and I absolutely know how painful it can be. Mighty grateful to Lianna and Dilraj for helping out during the little time that they get as a break. One request to the airline - you might want to consider keeping at least a few blankets per flight. Consider having one look at the number of Thyroid disorders in India and you will know exactly how difficult the air-conditioning can be for atleast 30% of your customers to bear. I appreciate that there will still be some people who will have to be told 'sorry, don't have one' when they ask for a blanket but hey that's better than telling everyone you don't have one! . ..."
Savinay Dangi, 26 June, 2012 ......... ..I want to really thank Lisa .
"....I want to really thank Lisa, one of the ground crew at Kolkata airport. If it was not for her i would not have made the flight. I love IndiGo and it is because of her. If every member is like her, none can stop you from becoming the best. Please convey my sincere thanks to her and i wish her all the best.. ..."
R.K. Mehta, 28 June, 2012 ......... ..I was really impressed .
"....I was really impressed by the impeccable welcome, announcements and service of the cabin crew of Flight 6E 259 from Delhi to Bhubaneswar on 24th June. It really stood out. Perfection was visible in every part of the service right to the way in which the bottle of water was handed over. however, the service on the return flight 6e 258 from Bhubaneswar to Delhi on 27th June, although not bad, was not of the same standard.. ..."
Shriram M.Paranjpe, 28 June, 2012 ......... ..Our close family friend .
"....Our close family friend Mr. Shriram M. Paranjpe travelled from Delhi to Mumbai by IndiGo plane. He narrated one pleasant & marvellous incidence about staff members of air craft crew staff of your company and requested me to convey his experience & feelings to IndiGo. On 18th June Mr. Paranjpe catch Delhi Mumbai flight no. 6E 185 (Seat no.: 18F, sequence 50, Class: V) from Delhi airport. While reaching exit gate of Mumbai Airport, he noticed empty trouser pocket, missing the money purse having nearly Fifteen thousand rupees within it! While moving with nervous mind he got a call from one of the aircraft crew staff reporting that the missing money purse is in the safe hands of the staff member & will be returned to Mr. Paranjpe immediately. In a moment after the call, a security person reached Mr. Paranjpe & handed over the money purse to him with all money inside the purse! Overwhelmed by the honesty Mr. Paranjpe offered a small reward to him, but the layman humbly refused to accept it !! . ..."
Mansi, 29 June, 2012 ......... ..Hi team IndiGo. .
"....Hi team IndiGo. I was delighted to travel on your flight 6e-306 ,from Hyderabad to Delhi. Beautiful aircraft , nicely maintained. Nice helpful cabin crew. Especially Yamini was there .She really was friendly, ever smiling and took care of me and my friend very well, your customer service definitely rank in the top league .Way to go IndiGo. I am traveling to Delhi again .hope to fly with the same crew. Best of luck. . ..."
Kanchan Mulchandani, 01 July, 2012 ......... ..Hi, .
"....Hi,My Name is Kanchan, I was flying from Delhi to Hyderabad, date 1st July 2012 ,flight 6E-311. I would like to appreciate Swati, I was not well, was very hungry , n I forgot my wallet at my place in Delhi , was having only my ATM cards with me , I have to take medicine on time. She help me with the meal, n that was really appreciated, Swati keep up the good work And Many thanks to you and to IndiGo. Keep it up n thank you so much once again... I would love to fly IndiGo again n again .... :) Regards, Kanchan . ..."
Hari Rohit, 02 July, 2012 ......... ..Dear IndiGo, .
"....Dear IndiGo, Greetings yesterday i read about IndiGo airlines in the hindu newspaper calicut edition . it was nice to read that IndiGo airlines are in profit and good aspects read in the paper about the airline, hats off to you IndiGo airlines. . ..."
Junaid Ahmad, 03 July, 2012 ......... ..My sister travelled on 29.06.12
"....My sister travelled on 29.06.12 from Luck now-Bangalore by IndiGo Airlines. She lost her baggage at Delhi Airport. But I would like to appreciate IndiGo people who traced our luggage and delivered the baggage to my sister at Bangalore at her residence. I would also like to appreciate and thanks to Ms.Sugandha (IndiGo Executive-Bangalore Airport).She really helped us so much. She was the person who traced our luggage and sorted all the things in a respective manner. GOOD JOB Sugandha. Keep it up. . ..."
Rohit Phulsunge, 04 July, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent traveler .
"....I am a frequent traveler and a loyal customer of Indigo Airlines. The thing I like most about your airlines is that it respects the punctuality of the system and sets up a benchmark for the entire Indian Airline industry as far as timely arrivals/departures are concerned. The on-board services are pretty good and the on-board staffs are very helping especially when you want to exchange a seat with a fellow passenger for some reason. I can find all IndiGo flights on or for that matter and the good thing about them is that they are on top i.e cheaper than their counterparts viz. SpiceJet, Jetconnect etc. I have also seen Indigo Airlines operating in less profitable routes like from Nagpur-Indore etc , which is very commendable. No other Airline company has managed to copy what Indigo has been doing. Great going and best wishes to your company in the future. Regards Rohit Phulsunge . ..."
Sulabh Koolwal, 07 July, 2012 ......... ..I have been flying IndiGo .
"....I have been flying IndiGo for past three years. I am very happy with the airline service overall. The planes are very clean and the food quality is topmost. I like the on time performance of indiGo. Hope you keep it the same way in years to come. . ..."
Utsav Parashar, 08 July, 2012 ......... ..Dear Sir/Mam
"....Dear Sir/Mam, Kindly Convey My Special thanx To "Mr Shashikant Tiwari, Executive Security, Indigo Patna" He is the person who called me up and returned my wallet which was full of currency and cards which i forgot in the flight 6E386 when i reached Patna on 30th June. I am really thankful To Mr Shashikant for the great deed. And wish him a very bright Future. . ..."
Vikhyat Umrao, 09 July, 2012 ......... ..Hi IndiGo, .
"....Hi IndiGo, First of all thanks a lot for making me a winner of Pune-Hyderabad promotion offer going on Facebook. I got a call from Mr. Hasan Shariff your duty manager, He was so much supportive throughout the booking process. Thank you Hasan for making my booking to Hyderabad, I am sure that IndiGo is very lucky to have such good employee with them. Regards, Vikhyat Umrao. . ..."
Abhay Gandhe, 10 July, 2012 ......... ..The cabin crew of 6E- 185 .
"....The cabin crew of 6E- 185, Lucknow to Delhi, on 8.7.12 was super efficient. In the short span, they served all the passengers and were so cordial and friendly. For the first time, I have seen the crew confirming meal orders of passengers with CPML facility even before the flight has taken off to save on time. I appreciate their team spirit and strategy. . ..."
Siddharth Singh, 12 July, 2012 ......... ..Hi .
"....Hi I had a pleasant trip from Delhi to Singapore on 8th of July due to the special gestures and courteous behavior of cabin crews. One noticeable mention would be crew member namely ILA QUADRO. She went extra mile to provide me assistance on various occasions especially when I had a knee injury. I was very pleased with her helping attitude all the time. I would like to sincerely thank ILA for making my trip pleasant and congratulate INDIGO for grooming such a wonderful cabin crew team. Siddharth Singh . ..."
Anirban Kapat, 12 July, 2012 ......... ..Thanks to Captain .
"....Thanks to Captain for his excellent capability to handle the climatic crisis. Time to time posting to passengers & his cool attitude to face the situation while trying hard to land in Kolkatta out of such a bad weather. God Bless. . ..."
Subrata Pramanick, 13 July 2012 ......... ..Congratulations to you .
"....Congratulations to you all for keeping up the Standards of your Service Quality, On time Performance etc. I also feel proud of IndiGo Airlines with whom I am associated from its inception in the Indian Skyies. Subrata Pramanick . ..."
Vikram Verma, 14 July, 2012 ......... ..I want to thank IndiGo .
"....Hi, I want to thank IndiGo ground staff at Kolkata and Bangalore and specifically call out for your employee Ms. Martha at Kolkata airport who helped me get back my Bank ATM Card and Rs.2000/- cash that I had misplaced on 28 June.2012 at Kolkata airport while boarding/security check of the flight 6E 342. I collected the same with tremendous support from Ms. Martha and other Indigo staff. Thanks a lot again. . ..."
Ravindra Kadam, 14 July, 2012 ......... ..I have had booked ticket .
"....I have had booked ticket for my collogue Mr. Sameet Khan, but unfortunately he forgot the Credit Card Copy. It was nice of Ms. Shalini from IndiGo to use her mobile number and coordinate with us in Dubai, to get emailed the required copy of Credit Card to her. This gesture is very appreciable and increases our Trust in IndiGo. I recommend an appropriation letter from your good office- which will motivate the deserving employees. . ..."
Sandeep Pande, 15 July, 2012 ......... ..Leading Lady Manasvi .
"....Leading Lady Manasvi was very professional and it was very evident that she was indeed a very good leader. We witnessed a closely knit professional team performing at clockwork precision under Manasvi. Another pleasing thing of "personal care" to note was including the mention of "Boys & Girls" in the announcement besides the usual Ladies & Gentlemen. Another one was when Manasvi considerately reminded the passengers to save their work on laptops before switching them off. Overall good inflight experience and the inflight team deserves an accolade. . ..."
Parag Shindekar, 16 July, 2012 ......... ..I travelled from HYD to Pune .
"....I travelled from HYD to Pune on Friday Jul 13. At Pune when I collected my baggage from belt I observed bag handle is broken. I complaint it to ground staff for this incidence and raised concerns for baggage handling. Rupali from Indigo ground staff offered me some compensation after some debate. All though the travel to service center and repair cost was much more than the compensation offered to me but I accepted the compensation, considering customer handling skills of your ground staff. I appreciate Rupali (hope the name is correct) from ground staff for her interpersonal skills, convenience customer, reach to solution and to retain Indigo brand name. Wish her all the best and to IndiGo for having good people. . ..."
Vikram Gupta, 17 July, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flyer .
"....I am a frequent flyer with indiGo on your corporate program. I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and hard work of all your crew who operated the flight 6E- 212, Kolkata to Delhi on the 12/07/12. It is been one of my finest flights with very well trained crew must say. Please keep up the good work. . ..."
Pooja Kapur, 18 July, 2012 ......... ..This is a mail to inform you .
"....This is a mail to inform you that I was extremely happy with the customer service support provided by Nupur Sharma on 17th July 10.00 am. She was articulate, prompt, professional, well versed and extremely helpful.. ..."
Geeta Balasubramaniam, 19 July, 2012 ......... ..I along with my family .
"....I along with my family wish to thank your airport staff both at Chennai & Pune for the excellent service rendered by them. We were a bit late as we were stuck in the traffic, but they took care of us well. Special mention has to be made of Mr.Kannandhiran who helped us with our grandson & hand baggage. Even at Pune they helped me climb down the stairs. Thanks to all of you. Keep up your good work. You have done your company proud. . ..."
Saurasish Saha, 20 July 2012 ......... ..Just wanted to appreciate .
"....Just wanted to appreciate the great In-flight service that we received in our return flight to Kolkata, 6E-378, on 17th July, 2012. The flight crew members namely : Hariet, Asangla, Anna & Pema, did deliver awesome service from the beginning to the end of the flight. They have set examples that other flight crew members and even other fight services should follow. KUDOS to their dedication to their job. Keep it up. . ..."
Sanjay Kumar Gupta, 20 July, 2012 ......... ..I traveled by your flight 6E-114 .
"....I traveled by your flight 6E-114, Bangalore-Delhi on 17 July 2012 at 18.25 hours. The landing at the Delhi airport was just PERFECT and SMOOTH. I didn't come to know when the plane actually landed!! Wow moment! Please pass on my complements to the PILOT. . ..."
Aarti shorewala, 23 July, 2012 ......... ..I would like to mention .
"....I would like to mention a special note of thanks for your employee Ms. Priyanka Sharma at the check-in counters on Delhi airport---for all her help and cooperation.. ..."
Rajeev Pandiya, 25 July, 2012 ......... ..This is to convey my appreciation .
"....This is to convey my appreciation for the patience and support shown on the phone by your call centre staff Ms Manisha. She was very professional, patient and polite and walked me through 4 return ticket bookings for me and my family from Bangalore to Jaipur.. ..."
Saritha Pillai , 26 July, 2012 ......... ..My name is Saritha Pillai .
"....My name is Saritha Pillai and would like to bring to your attention my experience with your flier. I generally fly with Kingfisher however due to the current situation was looking to book tickets to Delhi and back and couple of people referred me to IndiGo stating that it is a no frills but very good flier. I did have my reservations however went ahead and was trying to book my ticket online yesterday morning and ended up facing an issue with the payment. I called up your helpline and was attended to by this employee of yours -Mohammed. The first thing he did was to give me a goodwill discount when he realized that I was facing issue making a payment. Likewise since the IVR was down he could not take a payment on the phone. He called me couple of times yesterday to keep me appraised of my booking which was on hold and as promised called me exactly at 7.00 a.m today and did the booking over the phone. In a long time, this has been my best experience with any customer service Executive and wanted to bring this to the attention of IndiGo that they have an excellent employee who not only knows how to handle a customer but also very efficient and delivers on his role. I was extremely pleased with the overall experience especially because I faced a lot of issues while making the payment but this Gentleman helped and guided me throughout. . ..."
Taral Vaidya, 28 July, 2012 ......... ..I was on flight 6E 22 .
"....I was on flight 6E 22 on the 22nd/23rd July from Dubai to Delhi. It was a pleasant experience to have the flight crew look after the passengers and attend to them diligently & quickly. I make special mention, by name of Ms. Lavleen Syal who, aided by Ms. Bhavika ensured that the flight was a good experience. The 3 things they did which i could readily notice were: They smiled in acknowledgment at each & every passenger whenever they attended to them. They retraced the food trolley at least 8-10 times so the passengers could use the rear lavatory. They did so without complaint & with smile. Lavleen handled a disgruntled passenger politely but firmly especially when it was the passenger's fault. She made sure too, that the passenger was taken care of and in a way the passenger was not offended. I think the training given to the recent lot is just great & if there were other IndiGo crew which could take a leaf out of Lavleen's book, they shall make sure that passengers remain loyal to this fantastic airline. . ..."
Sandeep Desai, 31 July, 2012 ......... ..We were booked on Goa-Ahmedabad .
"....We were booked on Goa-Ahmedabad flight the day before yesterday (6E -160) and the computer system at the Goa Airport had crashed. The staff at the Boarding Counter, hurried as they were under stress, managed the situation very well. They were calm and polite, despite a few difficult customers. They deserve to be appreciated. . ..."
Munna Kumar Gupta, 31 July, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flier .
"....I am a frequent flier with your airline and I had recently flown to Cochin from Bangalore (return trip) and it happened to be the same set of crew on board. I write to commend your staff on an exceptional level of service when I traveled with your airline on the above dates. The service I had was a superb experience throughout the flight on Bangalore - Kochi sector. The service was truly flawless. Sangita Bhagat, the Leading Lady was truly professional. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to the specific staff members from this flight. They are a true reflection of the high levels of standard that we have come to expect of IndiGo Airlines. . ..."
Azmat Zuberi, 02 August, 2012 ......... ..We appreciate the way the travel .
"....We appreciate the way the travel of our daughter was handled by the staff it was a very courteous and professional attitude of the staff which made our daughter feel happy and safe to travel. A special appreciation for Mr Ishwar in Dubai office who is a true gentleman and a very professional manager. This is to thank your Delhi Team, Mr. Dheeraj Kumar and Mr. Bablu Jatti stationed on the Patna airport, who were extremely helpful and courteous in helping me find my cell phone that was left on the Flight 6E 386 from Delhi to Patna on July 31. I realized that my phone was left in the aircraft soon after embarking from the flight. By the time I reported the event to the ground staff (Mr. Dheeraj Kumar), the flight had already taken off for New Delhi. However, Mr. Dheeraj reached out to his Delhi based colleagues and notified them of the incident right away. He requested me to call him back next morning. As promised, I ent to the airport this morning and was delighted when Mr. Jatti confirmed that that my phone was found. I was traveling from the US on work, and the blackberry was going to be of utmost importance during my trip - this is almost a life-saver!! I genuinely cannot thank Dheeraj and your Delhi team enough for their prompt and attentive service. I highly recommend the IndiGo team for their overall approach to this situation, and look forward to many more flights with IndiGo when traveling across India. Thanks, Vishal Anand . ..."
Prajna Kamath, 02 August, 2012 ......... ..Thanks for your prompt response.
"....Dear Abhijeet, Thanks for your prompt response. I would really like to thank you for addressing my concern and taking quick action on this matter. I would specially like to thank Farooq who got my issue resolved at the earliest after reporting the issue. He was very patient to listen to my problem and was very helpful in following up with me. I'm sure he would have taken lot of effort to find my lost purse. I'm very thankful to him and service provided. He has returned my purse containing all the said documents in it safely. I appreciate Farooq's effort and would like to thank him for the wonderful service provided. I would request you to forward this appreciation mail to the higher management so that the entire team of Indigo can appreciate and value Farooq's effort. I also wish his good work is recognized by the entire staff. Regards, Prajna Kamath . ..."
Nihal Parashar, 03 August, 2012 ......... ..Hello Team Manager,.
"....Hello Team Manager, I am Nihal from Bangalore. I work as a Senior Research Engineer with EMC. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Gurshan Kumar. One of the best support staff from IndiGo. I thank him from the bottom of my heart who was very patient in answering all my queries at 2:00 am in the night. Please give him a pat on his shoulder which he really deserve and we as a passenger look forward for such a jubilant, kind and soft spoken person from one of the esteemed Airlines of our country every time. Thank you IndiGo for such a wonderful service. Three Cheers for Gurshan Kumar. Regards, Nihal Parashar . ..."
Andrew Williams, 03 August, 2012 ......... ..Dear Pooja.
"....Dear Pooja I do hope this email goes to the relevant higher authorities since I am not sure of the email addresses. I apologise for not writing the same earlier. However I have had a busy week and have just got time to express my heartfelt gratitude for your efforts in recovering my laptop from the security hold at the Old Terminal at the Delhi Airport. I was quite surprised that I received the laptop back in Mumbai on the very same day itself. Truly terrific! More so that the return of the laptop incurred no cost. Your efforts to - Ensure that the laptop was traced Collecting the necessary documents from me over mail Doing follow-ups with your staff in Delhi and me to check whether the documents had been sent and later, whether I received the laptop Post your shift to contact me later in the evening to understand whether I had indeed received the laptop or not. Truly a great customer servicing experience in my time of need....I thank you and IndiGo for this experience. Needless to say that apart from on-time arrivals (and sometimes before time arrivals :) ) I have found another reason to fly Indigo more often. Thank you very much. Indeed you are a shining example of what customer service should be across any industry. Regards Andrew Williams . ..."
Shraman Jha, 03 August, 2012 ......... ..We were passengers on 6E 286 .
"....We were passengers on 6E 286 from Delhi to Coimbatore on July 31, on seats 1 D to 1 F. Writing this to compliment the leading crew member, one Ms Sangita, on exceptional clarity of announcements both in Hindi and in English. Rarely has one found such clear diction, no accents and a natural command over both the languages, especially Hindi amongst flight crew across airlines. Our compliments, and hope her work can be used to train other flight crew. . ..."
Samuel Joseph, 04 August, 2012 ......... ..I have had booked ticket.
"....Hi there, I would like to thank Ms. Asha who was at the check-in counter today for doing a splendid job at processing my ticket and checking in my baggage with ease. She was kind enough to even ask me what seat I wanted - I have been traveling a fair bit over the past few years and could not remember the last time I had a window seat! I had a very tiring day today, and being greeted so kindly by Ms. Asha really brought in a positive vibe to my evening. I really enjoyed my flight today by the window! Thank you Asha, for making my evening a better one with your pleasant and professional attitude! Keep up the great work! Best Regards Samuel Joseph . ..."
Ashutosh Trivedi, 06 August, 2012 ......... ..I have been flying through IndiGo .
"....I have been flying through IndiGo quite frequently but never got time to give any feedback, therefore I take this opportunity to thank the cabin crew members of Flight 6E 524(kolkatta to Pune) dated 5-08-2012 for their sincere and friendly services. I was highly impressed by the cabin crew member Ms. Apurva, for her honest services. . ..."
Prodeep Kumar Keith 06 August, 2012 ......... ..Heartiest Congratulations from my wife .
"....Heartiest Congratulations from my wife and self to the IndiGo Family on this auspicious and happy occasion. We have really enjoyed traveling with you and recommended IndiGo to all our acquaintances, for its excellent service, smiling faces of its staff including the Captain of the aircraft and especially the home-like hospitality of the air hostesses. Wishing IndiGo all the best for the future and may you safely advance ahead in leaps and bounds or should we say, on secure and speedy wings. . ..."
Ravichand 06 August, 2012 ......... ..I wish to place on record .
"....I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation to the wonderful service experienced by me through Call centre. I was interacting with one- "Jyoti Ranjan Mohapatra. The service provided was wonderful. I had a failed internet transaction on the 31st July where my funds got debited from my bank account but experienced a failed transaction. Jyoti ranjan who was handling my call that day called me regularly and promptly on various agreed dates to check if i had got the refund. Today when i confirmed the refund from my bank the booking was completed. Sincere appreciation for calling promptly at the specified time and date on each occasion. Hats off to IndiGo, will continue to use your services in the future.. ..."
Vaibhav Kalway, 13 August, 2012 ......... ..Hello, .
"....Hello, This email is to thank Mr. Pravin Kumar from IndiGo, Delhi airport who takes care of lost and found items. I wish to put on record the amazing service provided by him. I had forgotten my iPod on flight 6E 184 on 30/07/2012 while landing at Delhi airport. Soon after that I received a call from Mr. Pravin Kumar informing me that my iPod was found in the seat pocket in front of the seat and was safe with him. I collected the iPod on 3 August and it was handed to me personally by him. I am extremely delighted to get my precious gadget back! Thanks a lot for such an amazing customer service. Please keep it up IndiGo! : ..."
Arjuna Bahadur 18 August, 2012 ......... ..Dear IndiGo Team.
"....Dear IndiGo Team, Just read in the newspapers that you are the No. 1 LCC in India beating Jet Group Heartiest Congratulations !!! You may not have a data base of my earlier mails to you but i had predicted this years ago Your biggest asset is your 'Human Touch' ! While professional competence can be achieved by training, motivation can be induced by incentives, where you stand above others is your 'ATTITUDE' !!! Absolutely positive and charming with great humility. Keep up the good work. With best regards Col AJ Bahadur . ..."
Manish Srivastava, 18 August, 2012 ......... ..I am writing this message to appreciate.
"....I am writing this message to appreciate the In flight support that was provided to me by Ms.Nikhat Fatema, Emp ID : IGA- 8603. But before that I want to tell you about my condition, I am diabetic with Hypertension and its imperative for me to take all my medicines ( including Insulin), the flight was delayed by 30 minutes on that day so as soon as the Seat Belt lights were switched off, I got up to go to the wash room, only to find that both the ends were blocked by the food trolly's. I waited for a while but since I was almost in the middle of the aircraft, it started to get delayed, I approached another cabin crew who told me that it will take another 20 minutes for the trolly to pass by my seat, in the meantime, I had started feel the effect of hypertension and was feeling dizzy, so I again made the request to Nikhat this time and she pulled the trolly back to the pantry, so that I can go to the wash room and take my medication, and even after I came out of the wash room, she offered my water and made me comfortable till the trolly had passed my seat, and again she came back to me for informing that I can go to my original seat, I have been with the 20 years and we preach about the "Extra Mile" for service industry for the last the customer, my Kudos to Nilhat for walking the talk and putting a smile back on a passenger's face. Please pass on my compliments and Thanks to Nikhat for making me believe in IndiGo again. Regards Manish Srivastava . ..."
Pankaj Dwivedi, 19 August, 2012 ......... ..I would like to highlight the contribution .
"....I would like to highlight the contribution and excellent job of one of your employee Mr. Uma Maheshwar at the customer service desk. I had bought a circular ticket bearing PNR number RHDVCL on Delhi Lucknow Delhi sector. Due to some change in travel plans I had to cancel the return ticket from Lucknow to Delhi, for which I approached my travel agent, who refused to take up my request stating it as their inability to accommodate my request, blaming it as an airline policy. I then spoke to Mr. Maheshwar as above, briefed him on my case, which he understood keenly & assured me of the best possible solution/support; post which he took the pains of taking an exceptional approval for me as an one off case. He confirmed it to me that the cancellation request has been accepted & I will get my refund through the travel agent as above. I am truly delighted at the approach of your above mentioned employee who was absolutely polite, knew his job & ensured the best possible solution for an irate client. I find Mr. Maheshwar suitable for a much senior role & my best wishes are for him. Such employees are true assets for any organization. With this experience I will surely patronize Indigo for all possible travels in future & will recommend all my friends & colleagues to travel on your airline. Thanks, Warm Regards, Pankaj Dwivedi . ..."
Sujit Kumar Sahu, 19 August, 2012 ......... ..I have just returned from Srinagar .
"....I have just returned from Srinagar after enjoying 4 days holiday at Srinagar. Thanks to IndiGo for its "Get Packing" offer. I specially want to thank Mr Kishuk Bansal for his kind and valuable cooperation in the process of Booking of this Holiday package. The Airport as well as In Flight service of IndiGo is also EXCELLENT. Hope IndiGo will convey my sincere thanks to Mr Kinshuk Basal for his excellent service towards the passengers/Guests of IndiGo. Best Wishes to IndiGo as well as Mr Kishuk Bansal.. ..."
Amaresh Samantaraya, 19 August, 2012 ......... ..Thank you for your kind help.
"....Dear Ms. Rohilla, Thank you for your kind help. I wish to thank all of you, particularly Mr. Rahul, Ms. Bhatia and yourself for kindly considering my request and providing helpful information. I am fully satisfied with the services rendered by each one of you. I also herewith request to review the working of your billdesk payment gateway and may discuss with net banking personnel of Indian Bank so that in future such hindrances in online payment can be overcome and customers will have a smooth ticket booking experience. Once again, I am thankful for your kind and considerate services. I will continue with Indigo Airlines as my most favourite airline. I wish Indigo Airlines and each one of you all success. With regards, Amaresh . ..."
Amitava Mukherjee , 21 August, 2012 ......... ..Recently myself, my wife and my infant .
"....Recently myself, my wife and my infant was travelling Lucknow-Mumbai sector. Since many seats were going vacant, one of your officer, Ms Iram, blocked the middle seat for our son to sit and travel comfortably. With such a proactive thinking and a small gesture from her side, she has made us your permanent customer. We wish the very best to the company and Ms Iram specially.. ..."
Ravi Kumar Venkatesan, 22 August, 2012 ...........To introduce myself.
"....To introduce myself, I am a Chartered Accountant based out of Kolkata. Our firm has branches in most of the metros and we are a group of around 12 Partners. I am writing this mail to you in appreciation of the excellent service that I have just experienced from your airline. I had made a booking for one of my staff and by mistake my name got printed as the passenger instead of the name of my staff. I got in touch with Ms Sakshi Batra (of the PR Division) and explained the problem to her. She was so nice in having the customer care division get in touch with me for solving the problem. Mohit from Customer care was very helpful and had the entire cancellation fee waived and also cancelled the ticket from his end. I thereafter rebooked the ticket in the name of my staff. I must mention that I am a frequent traveller on your airline and have found the services to be of the highest quality. The courteousness of the ground staff and the aircraft crew is superb and makes flying a pleasure. Your On time performance is unbeatable and I have very rarely experienced delays. I would once again like to thank IndiGo for helping me out with the problem. I am sure with the kind of customer care and services that your airline offers, IndiGo would go places. I would like to extend a special thanks to Sakshi and Mohit. Regards Ravi Kumar Venkatesan . ..."
Ravi Kumar Venkatesan, 22 August, 2012 ...........To introduce myself.
"....To introduce myself, I am a Chartered Accountant based out of Kolkata. Our firm has branches in most of the metros and we are a group of around 12 Partners. I am writing this mail to you in appreciation of the excellent service that I have just experienced from your airline. I had made a booking for one of my staff and by mistake my name got printed as the passenger instead of the name of my staff. I got in touch with Ms Sakshi Batra (of the PR Division) and explained the problem to her. She was so nice in having the customer care division get in touch with me for solving the problem. Mohit from Customer care was very helpful and had the entire cancellation fee waived and also cancelled the ticket from his end. I thereafter rebooked the ticket in the name of my staff. I must mention that I am a frequent traveller on your airline and have found the services to be of the highest quality. The courteousness of the ground staff and the aircraft crew is superb and makes flying a pleasure. Your On time performance is unbeatable and I have very rarely experienced delays. I would once again like to thank IndiGo for helping me out with the problem. I am sure with the kind of customer care and services that your airline offers, IndiGo would go places. I would like to extend a special thanks to Sakshi and Mohit. Regards Ravi Kumar Venkatesan . ..."
Bharat B Pujari, 23 August, 2012 ...........I would like to inform you .
"....Hi, I would like to inform you that I have received my luggage last night. I would further like to thank three of your executives who had been a great help during this time. Ms. Ashwini Chawala : for her cool temperament and efficiency Ms. Stacy D`souza : for her promptness and commitment Ms. Yamini Jangida : for her helping attitude and support. Best Regards Bharat B Pujari Associate Vice President . ..."
Sanjoy Deepak, 24th August, 2012 ...........I sincerely appreciate the staff of IndiGo.
"....I sincerely appreciate the staff of IndiGo. I especially appreciate woman Heena in her services. We were travelling in the group of 27.She handled well. We were allotted seats away from each other but somehow she managed to make us sit together by. Since there were two of our friends travelling first time by air, had airsickness they gave us some mouth freshener to avoid puking. Took extra care of us by asking if we were well and was very quick to come when we called. Again, thank you so much to your staff for making our journey pleasant and comfortable. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided. Best Regards, Sanjoy Deepak . ..."
Syed Mahmood, 01 September, 2012 ...........I would like to congratulate
"....Hi, I would like to congratulate and convey my appreciation to management for excellent service for my journey to Dubai Hyderabad return. It was great experience with your newly launched route from Dubai, hope you will continue to offer the same services. I am frequent traveller Dubai Hyderabad for over 20 years and i must say, excellent service. Wish you all good luck, keep it up. Best Regards . ..."
Gunjan Singh, 01 September, 2012 ...........To the Customer Relations Manager, IndiGo .
"....To the Customer Relations Manager, IndiGo My name is Gunjan Singh, today was my first fight with your airline. I had the privilege to travel from Delhi to Indore on flight 6E 436 with the IndiGo team. My experience from check in to check out was nothing short of perfect. Firstly I was impressed that I was called on my mobile to board the aircraft. Most importantly I was impressed with Ms. Denise's overall performance while flying. Her presentation was immaculate. She wore a smile to every passenger she attended and checked and looked after every passenger courteously and amiably. I highly recommend Ms. Denise for either a promotion/ award. Wishing Denise and IndiGo the best endeavours. IndiGo has won another loyal flyer. Best regards Gunjan Singh . ..."
Ramkey Ananthakrishnan, 02 September, 2012 ...........I left my iPad in the plane .
"....I left my iPad in the plane and only realized when I was at the baggage collection. Your customer agent "Tanusha" was very helpful. She stayed with me as we waited and ensured that I got it back. She had a great demeanour and helpful attitude. Go IndiGo Go. . ..."
Raul Narain, 08 September, 2012 ...........On 6th September, 2012 .
"....Hi, On 6th September, 2012 , I was returning from Hyderabad to Delhi by 6E 302, 5.25 PM flight. During the journey, I started feeling very uneasy and fainted. My special gratitude to all the inflight staff, they all took came for my help and immediately gave me the first aid. Because of their immediate care, I recovered well and reached home safely. I really do not know their names but would like to personally thank all of them for their selfless support and utmost care. Thank you all!!! . ..."
Joyeeta Roy, 11 September, 2012 ...........Dear Sir/Madam.
"....Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is to inform you that Miss Sreyoshi Chowdhury was very helpful and sympathetic towards older people and helped myself and my wife a lot during our journey. We were traveling by 6E 136 from Kolkata to Pune on 4th September on the 11:15 am flight. God bless her and we hope that your flight continues to employ people as understanding and helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help your customers so we have an enjoyable journey and keep using your facilities. Best wishes, Anil Kumar Sen . ..."
Arpan Patel, 12 September, 2012 ...........This flight has been the best experience .
"....This flight has been the best experience I've ever had while flying, and I've been flying for years now. The staff was very helpful and understanding. The professionalism was apparent in the way they carried themselves and took care of fellow passengers. Have got to say that IndiGo has been the best domestic airline I've travelled in. A special mention of Ms. Yashika Sharma, she was the best when it came to serving with a smile not once but as many times as you asked for she took care of passengers needs with a smile, politeness, and a sense of responsibility!. Kudos to team IndiGo for a great flying experience and for having a great team that is just perfect!! . ..."
Rohin, 13 September, 2012 ...........Would like to Compliment the person .
"....Would like to Compliment the person called Reagan from the Baggage Services from IndiGo. Arrived on a Flight Number 52 from Singapore on the 10th September. We were travelling in IndiGo and had some friends in Singapore airlines in the flight landing after us. At the Singapore Airport we had accidentally put one of our bags with our friends travelling in Singapore Airlines. When we landed here we were looking for the baggage in our baggage at IndiGo. Since we were the last passengers Reagan came to us and enquired what the problem was. We told him that we couldnt find one bag. He then checked our ticket and said we had only 2 bags which had come. I told him we had 3 bags. He then checked with the luggage team and the airplane and all luggages were dispatched. He then told me that he would check with the Singapore Indigo team and he confirmed to me that we had checked in only 2 bags. He then asked us if we had accidentally left the bags there which we were not sure of. He gave us his number and told us to call him in an hour and he would check with the Lost and found there. In the meantime the Singapore Airlines flight landed with our friends and we got to know that they had the bag which we informed Reagan. Really appreciate the support and help given by him by going out of his way to help us. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
Swarup Kumar Roy, 13 September, 2012 ...........While on Board in the above flight.
"....While on Board in the above flight, I discovered that I left my Mobile on the Lounge at Gate No 11. The Aircraft door was about to close. Immediately I contacted the Staff on Board who directed me to a Gentleman on Ground Duty. He promptly contacted personnel in the lounge and managed to locate the Mobile which ultimately I got back. My appreciation goes to the Ground Staff for his kind helpfulness and action, I forgot to ask his name, but like to talk to him if possible sometime to express my gratitude. This kind of people will surely bring reputation and glory to your Airlines. Regards Swarup Kumar Roy . ..."
Deepa Chandrasekaran, 14 September, 2012 ...........I am Capt Deepa.
"....Hi, 1. Im Capt Deepa, now a frequent flyer with indigo. I am a paraplegic and have to travel to Kerala for my treatment often. But somehow i used to always prefer flying by Jet Airways/ Jet Konect. I am holding their frequent flyer membership card also. I guess being a paraplegic, u really want good service from the airline staff, be it ground or air crew. I didnt have any experience with your airline. 2. But all that changed when we got posted to east. My husband and i had to take IndiGo to fly from Guwahati to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Kochi. I was actually surprised!! The ground staff at Guwahati, one Ms Pompi Borgohain was extremely helpful to my state. She ensured a hassle free check in for us. We again flew IndiGo the next month for my treatment. She recognised me and was there to help us out. I was so impressed by her that once due to some official commitment my husband couldnt take me from Guwahati to Mumbai. But thanks to Pompi i had the most comfortable check in and trip that time!!!! 3. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Pompi and IndiGo for doing what they do the BEST!!! Now, I am proud flyer with IndiGo. My Jet card is gathering dust! :) ALL THE BEST Regards, Deepa Chandrasekaran . ..."
F R Singhvi, 14 September, 2012 ...........I would like to place on record my appreciation.
"....I would like to place on record my appreciation to your Airline ,it's staff and among them Mr.Santosh Darumal and his team for finding and returning my purse. I had left the purse on seat 15B on flight 6E 277 from Delhi to Bangalore today 12th September. I wish all of you the very best. With warm regards FR Singhvi . ..."
Venu Madhav, 15 September, 2012 ...........This refers to my travel on your Airline .
"....This refers to my travel on your Airline on 12th September from Hyderabad to Delhi and seated on 1A, wish to draw to your kind attention my appreciation of service on Board. Being a frequent traveller across India and globally with various airlines, also until recent a loyalist with Jet air holding Platinum membership for almost a decade, comfort and satisfaction is benchmark. It gives me immense pleasure to share that after a very long period I could experience the same on your carrier last night. The In-flight attention and service has been thoroughly rewarding purely due to the unending endeavor of your crew under the supervision of the lead lady Ms. Meghna Chhetri. Not just on an individual priority, but my observation of the crew showing utmost care and pleasantness in offering service to one and everyone around is remarkable. I specially commend Ms. Meghna Chhetri for few aspects, Her announcements on board being immaculate with pristine clarity, sound voice with apt pronunciation. Uninterrupted flow of total communication without support of manual. She was very observant of total cabin, be it passengers, crew on board, even a little drop of water at the service area mopped personally, to keep everything in order and speck clean. She was very impromptu to any call unhesitatingly despite repeated call coming from certain passengers, truly an endeavor to give the best service with utmost politeness and sincerity. Thoroughly professional but sensible shades of human touch, very articulate in handling the passenger need, very patient listener and aptly giving crisp and precise service in spontaneity. Under her leadership my observation of her and with the team has been, Her leadership was very demonstrative with delegation to crew at galley the job tasks and drawing emphasis for a courteous service, evident the whole team working dedicatedly. The team work was impeccable with work rotation well synchronized and the lead lady herself worked in togetherness as role model leading ahead is simply outstanding. The Grooming of the crew in appearance was at its finesse, evident in the conduct brush strokes of passion to excel, commitment to succeed and cohesive team working. I sense you are gifted with a good lead lady and she must truly be an exception in your team. I compliment your airline of having an asset any good organization would like to possess and grooming given for her to showcase these qualities. Kindly apprise Ms. Chhetri of my feedback for her work and agility in performing her duty. A big WOW for her and her team for a stupendous team work. Regards Venu Madhav . ..."
Harishanker Subramaniam, 15 September, 2012 ...........I just landed from Mumbai.
"....I just landed from Mumbai on flight 6E 178 today Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 11.30 am and by mistake had left my iPad in seat 1F. When I returned after 15 minutes and mentioned to customer service they immediately contacted Security staff and retrieved the IPad all in a matter of 10 minutes. I really appreciate this gesture and would like place on record my appreciation. IndiGo is a fantastic airline and you'll have won my heart. I am a Partner with Ernst & Young and in one of our partner conferences was witness to your CEO Mr Aditya Ghosh's address us, he took us all through the facts of why Indigo is so successful and each of us applauded enthusiastically because we experience it every moment we fly with you. But today's experience adds a new chapter to your customer service and professionalism. In my excitement of having found the IPad I forgot to note down the name of the customer service staff located in the office situated near the entry gate when you get off from the bus who attended to me. Would like you'll to convey my thanks and appreciate her. The people who work for a company create the brand of the company through their actions and your customer service staff today added value to the brand Indigo. This also demonstrates the work ethic and culture you'll impart to your staff something Aditya shared when he addressed us. Thanks IndiGo for this wonderful experience. Harishanker Subramaniam . ..."
Prasanna Venkatesan, 17 September, 2012 ...........I flew IndiGo on 13th Sept to Delhi .
"....I flew IndiGo on 13th Sept to Delhi which was piloted by a Armenian commander. I travel quite frequently in India and abroad and do pay attention to pilot skills. This flight was piloted very skillfully and from take off to landing it was a very smooth flight. The captain exhibited lot of experience and expertise. Hope you rooster such good pilots in important routes and also they can train young pilots. Also the cabin crew were equally good. We reached before time, what more to ask for! . ..."
Krishna Natarajan 19 September, 2012 ...........Dear Sir.
"....Dear Sir, My wife and I travelled by your airlines on the following flights. We were very impressed with the efficiency of your operations clean, timely and courteous. Your staff has been excellently trained. Congratulations on your performance and we look forward to flying with you again soon! Best regards K.Natarajan . ..."
Stefano Virgilli, 19 September, 2012 ...........Dear IndiGo customer service.
"....Dear IndiGo customer service, I would like to share with you the positive experience I was involved in while flying for the first time with IndiGo. Upon checking in from Singapore to Muscat, the check-in staff informed me that I could not board without a return ticket. Mr. Michael Liao stepped in and helped me to understand the immigration rules and flight policy. I took off smoothly and the flight was awesome. I would like to thank Mr Liao and offer a personal recommendation for him. Stefano Virgilli . ..."
Ayan, 19 September, 2012 ...........I am at present working in Dallas .
".... I am at present working in Dallas and recently my U.S client team visited India and took IndiGo for domestic travel. They were highly impressed with the punctuality and professionalism of the flight and went on to say its better than the any American domestic airlines. Thanks for making our country proud. . ..."
Mitchel Fernandes, 21 September, 2012 ...........Dear IndiGo Management.
"....Dear IndiGo Management, I really appreciate you guys taking good care of me. Hands down when you say it is the best airline in India. And yes it is! The cabin crew were extremely professional. I would like to thank and extend my gratitude to Ms. Cindlee (I cannot exactly remember her name) at the check-in desk. She was extremely courteous and went out of her way to assist me with my check-in luggage and also her skills at quick check-in was amazing. The counter was really busy with many passengers and she never forgot to smile. Ms.Perpetual in In flight services was courteous and friendly and made every moment a memorable one. She ensured all my last minute shopping request done on such a short and busy flight. I have never seen cockpit crew interacting with passenger's and it was nice to see Capt. Thakur do the same. And thank you for being on time. I should say in the low cost aviation sector and even premium airlines I have never seen such class and dedication. Mitchel Fernandes . ..."
Harpreet Singh, 24 September, 2012 ...........I would like to appreciate your customer care .
"....I would like to appreciate your customer care Manager Mr.Kamil deputed at Ahemedabad Airport. Regarding his excellent Service delivered to the Customers. On that day Flight No 6E156 was delayed by more than 2 hours and Mr. Kamil has very carefully attended more than 100 passengers with his patience and calmness and we never felt that he was not interested in helping us. He has sent excellent example for his Team members what is excellent Customer service really a Real True Hero for your Organization who should be rewarded by management for his excellent service . ..."
John Larman , 26 September, 2012 ...........I recently travelled from Bangalore .
"....I recently travelled from Bangalore to Pune with IndiGo and was very impressed with the In flight staff. The service was friendly. I travel a lot around India and overseas and I found the inflight staff to be some of the best I have experienced recently in my travels and I hope that you continue to provide this level of service and quality. I wish I could have your team from this flight attend me on all my travels!! Well done! John Larman . ..."
Harsh Sachdev, 28 September, 2012 ...........I had taken the Indigo flight 6E209.
".... I had taken the IndiGo flight 6E209 from Delhi to Kolkata on September 27,2012. I was working on my Laptop in the flight .I had kept the Laptop in the front pocket, behind the seat in front of my seat. I got off the flight without remembering to pack my Laptop in my laptop bag. I got a call from Ms ATTEYEE SAHA & MR KALYAN DAS checking with me if i had forgotten anything on the flight. I went back to the Airport to collect my Laptop & they waited after the crew had left in order to hand this laptop back to me. I would like to place on record the outstanding service given by both KALYAN & ATREYEE to ensure that I got my Laptop back. The mail is to place on record that their efforts were truly appreciated & they need to get recognised for the same. My Congratulations to IndiGo for having such outstanding employees. Warm regards Harsh Sachdev . ..."
Yogesh Salvi, 28 September, 2012 ...........This is with reference to my Journey .
"....This is with reference to my Journey dated 26th Sep2012 from New Delhi to Ahmedabad in 6E-157 (Evening Flight 8.00 PM). This is with reference to my Journey dated 26th Sep2012 from New Delhi to Ahmedabad in 6E-157 (Evening Flight 8.00 PM). To give Feedback I must tell about my self. I m Yogesh Salvi working as Sr. Manager and looks after Punjab National Bank, Marketing - Gujarat Circle. Prior to this I worked with MNCs like Citi as branch Manager for 5 years and DBS, fullerton for 3 years. In my career I flew through many domestic / international airlines but not IndiGo. Hence I am quite known to the customer service aspect deliverables in MNCs and Public sector organization. I m writing this feedback just to appreciate the crew and the leading lady Miss Neethi who was on flight that day. One of the passenger went annoyed when asked to wait as there was someone in the lavatory. She was quite polite but the passenger has reacted in very bad manner. Despite of the fact, she handled him very gently and held herself to the position. Thus I strongly appreciate the Commitment, dedication, politeness in the stressed flight when u r serving and selling (saw for the first time in flight selling of food items as never travelled through LCC). I appreciate Vibha her colleague also and other team mates also for their cheering faces in that much stress. All the best to team indiGo. I will definitely recommend INDIGO to my known ones. Yogesh Salvi . ..."
Rajesh Dube, 30 September, 2012..Letter of Appreciation for Indigo Airlines .
"....Dear Sir, It gives me real pleasure while expressing my non-forgettable experience with Indigo Airlines for this vacation with my family to Mumbai via Dubai during my childs school holidays. Firstly let me confess I was too closed minded to go for a budget airline for my family. Special reason being going with my family once a year & my lovely little new Angel (Rachita) who was born in UAE a few months back to this travel time of mine to India that too for the first time. The reason being that this time I was too late in booking my flight & the rates by competitor airlines had been shot up too high than my budget. Finally some friend of mine told me about Go IndiGo who had taken the flight to Delhi, Firstly I laughed on his view but to my surprise when I checked the rates I was really carried away with the same & thought of giving it a try. WOW ! ! ! Fantastic ! Awesome ! Is the immediate feeling right from Dubai Airport on 23rd June 2012 when I was taken care by the airport ground staff in a much polite manner than any other liner I have come across my journey for past 5 years now. Especially I was whelmed to see the Duty Manager helping my family & extending his kindness & courtesy upon seeing my small daughter. In fact we were very late at the airport, but the help of the Duty Manager, I guess named Mr. Engelbert Murzello (a unique name I came across in my life ? , thanks to the name badge he had & noted it immediately in my cell) helped us be in time for everything. Further after my check-in & proceeding towards the aircraft I was happy to see that we got the front seats arranged for us due to our baby, something which we had really forgotten. The cabin crew too was well groomed & energetic. All of them were very nice & seemed enjoying the journey. This was something inexperienced in most of the crew staff of other airlines. Special thanks to IndiGo for taking that extra step for bringing such high quality service at budget prices for everyone to afford. This journey for me was like a family drive back home. I liked the services so much so that, I decided that my next visit again I would plan with Indigo only & wow ! Immediately after I came back within 10 days I had again a 4 day trip to Mumbai, India & decided Indigo only again 19th July - 23rd July (VHPPDL).. My luck again brought the same person at the counter desk, Mr. Engelbert Wow ! This was the right time to Thank him for his last help & kindness he provided while going with my family. Such a humble person. I would like to mention here, IndiGo airlines is really blessed to have a staff like this person whom I saw handling all kinds of cases while I was in queue awaiting for my boarding pass. Hats off to this guy! After all I feel it is the people who act as the face of the company, such good people will always win people & in turn generate good & better customer relations & create repeat flyers. After these recent visits & experiences with Indigo Airlines , I wish to remain a Indigo flyer always. Thanks n Keep up the good work. . ..."
Kish Jha, 01 October, 2012 ......... ..Thank you for a great flight and how .
"....Thank you for a great flight and how well you guys run your airlines. Two weeks ago I was on an Indigo flight from Bangalore to Mumbai and I left my Ipad on the plane. I called the next day and spoke to Eric and you guys had found my Ipad. So Thank You to the crew / ground staff to recover my Ipad (I had assumed I would not recover my Ipad). The following day I was travelling to Delhi on an Indigo and I met with Yogendra Deolekan (Asst. Manager in Mumabi). He had my Ipad and a great smile. I dont have the names of all the folks that helped me to recover my IPAD. But thanks Indigo. I have been living in States for last 30 years and the service I got from you guys will ensure that I only fly Indio in India.. ..."
Radhika Prasad , 06 October, 2012 ......... ..I would like to thank Mr.Vipin and who .
"....I would like to thank Mr.Vipin and who helped me with my booking and was immensely patient and tolerant to my queries. Unfortunately the phone got cut just before I could thank him and I would like to thank him for his patience and help. Thanks to Mr. Sandeep who helped me convey this message to him.. ..."
Rashmi Barbhaiya , 07 October, 2012 ......... ..Let me take liberty of introducing myself first .
"....Let me take liberty of introducing myself first. I am Rashmi H. Barbhaiya, CEO and Managing Director of Advinus Therapeutics Ltd, a Tata Enterprise. I am one of Indigos loyal customers and an admirer of the airline. I am sending this note to inform you of an experience at Mumbai airport that has left an impression on me about one of your supervisors at the check-in counters. Her name is Dolsy Koli. As a business passenger, I normally like to fly with luggage that I can carry in my hand. At the check-in counter, the person who checked me in asked to put my handbag on the weighing machine. I complied and the weight was 10 kg. I was informed that the weight is above 7 kg allowed by the airline. I explained that I am not checking in luggage, there is no objection with the size what difference does it make whether the bag goes with me or as a check-in luggage. The person was not ready to listen and kept reminding me of the Indigo policy. I had no choice but to check my bag and it was checked in. As I was leaving the check-in counter, I saw the Indigo supervisor. I politely went to her and asked if she could spare a minute or two. She listened to me. She understood that I had no check-in luggage, The total weight of everything I was carrying was just 10 kg and yet I was forced to check-in the luggage. I informed her who I was, how much I travel and how such episodes leave a bad taste in the mouth of loyal customers who have options to choose. The supervisor immediately understood the situation and had a quick mind to identify a fine line between company policy and common sense. She asked me if I want to carry the bag. I said yes but it is already checked. She assured me that she will get it back if I am willing to wait for 10 minutes. I agreed and in seven minutes my bag was back with me. The name of the supervisor is Dolcy Koli. I have taken liberty to write about Dolcy as I, as the CEO of a company, like to hear extraordinary effort made by my employee. It is employees like Dolcy who make or break the company. You are very fortunate to have such a customer oriented supervisor who has commonsense to do what is right for the customer without hurting the company. In facts such deeds eventually solidify the customer base of any company. I had said thanks to Dolcy at the Mumbai airport. I would now like to say thank you to Indigo Airline for recruiting and grooming such an employee. . ..."
Sidhartha Bhattacharya , 08 October 2012 ......... ..I travelled from Mumbai to Kolkata on September .
"....I travelled from Mumbai to Kolkata on September 30, 2012 by Indigo flight 6E 321. I was accompanied by my 90 year old mother. The air hostesses of the flight were extremely helpful. My mother walks with difficulty but had to visit the toilet 3 times during the two and half hour journey. Each time, the air hostesses took great care and showed exemplary consideration towards her. It filled our hearts with gratitude and good wishes. All of them were very good and one young lady, named Doel was excellent in her dealings.. ..."
Glenn Alexander, 09 October, 2012 ......... ..Good Afternoon, .
"....Good Afternoon, It is not too often that I fly IndiGo as I always prefer to fly Jet Airways but my recent experience of the service offered in IndiGo might just change my mind to fly more on IndiGo going forward. This was a flight from Bombay to Bangalore, departing at 20:00 Hours and the good thing was there were absolutely no delays and the on boarding process was just seamless. I do travel a lot on work and on holidays and there are very few moments when you meet people that make your journey comfortable and one that you remember. The flight back to Bangalore was one of them as the staff members on board were very well trained and hospitable. In particular I would like to mention Chanchal Soni whos name I took for the purpose of providing this feedback as I believe any job well done needs appreciation. Chanchal was extremely attentive and one of the very few attendants I have seen who is vigilant throughout the flight. Never seen hospitality and customer service coming so naturally from any attendants before. Thank you Chanchal and all the best, IndiGo should be proud to have employed fine individuals like you and your crew members and employees like you are assets to the service based industry. As I mentioned in the beginning of this email I will certainly fly more of IndiGo going forward. Glenn Alexander Offshore Operations . ..."
Rajagopala Chakravarthy, 09 October, 2012 ......... ..I would like to take this opportunity .
"....I would like to take this opportunity to thank your staff at Delhi Airport as well as the staff at Bangalore (Mr. Dinakaran) for taking extra care of my package that I could not carry on person due to statutory norms. They had taken extra care to package it well and ensure it reached Bangalore safely. My heartfelt thank you and appreciation for a job well done. . ..."
Chinmay Sharma, 10 October, 2012 ......... ..Nidhima Agarwal .
"....Hi, I want to let you know that one of your executives, Nidhima Agarwal, was very helpful in getting my ticket booked through IndiGo. I appreciate her behaviour and am really impressed by the quality of service she provided. Regards, Chinmay Sharma . ..."
Arjun Khanna, 12 October, 2012 ......... ..Thank you so much... You made my day .
"....Dear team IndiGo I left my laptop in the plane and realised 40 minutes later. I called Shatrupa but she wasn't at her desk. A lady called Ritu from HR ... Asked me how can she help, it was very reassuring ... I told her my problem. She said no problem and she took under 5 minutes to trace the right person...Mr. Sushman . I called Mr Sushman who asked me where I would meet him. Then I got a call from Mr. Drona Chopra who said he has the laptop and would meet me outside. Oh My God! Never ever experienced such awesome service. I salute you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Warm regards Arjun Khanna . ..."
Poornima Thapa, 13 October 2012 ......... ..Customer Service at its Best .
"....Dear Sir / Ma'am, Greetings! At the onset let me congratulate you on the excellent team that you have in your call centre . " Being on Par with in terms of price and quality only gets you in the game. Its the Service that wins the game." I have interacted with three very good IndiGo team workers Mr. Rishi, Mr. Anuj and Ms. Anupama, yesterday and today . All of them were helpful and proactive. I am most impressed with Ms. Anupama and her going the extra mile. I and my mother ( even my family ) have always preferred to travel by INDIGO because of the OTP and the reasonable fares, various flight options. Due to my interaction with your team and especially Ms. Anupama who was compassionate enough to allocate a seat for my mother as I was unable to do so despite desperate efforts, I have become a Die Hard Fan of INDIGO .. I am myself in the Customer Service line for high end project for the last seven years and I believe I have learnt something from Ms. Anupama today. As per her, it is her duty only and humanity. You can surely trust that a lot of people will hear about Indigo's customers service par excellence through word of mouth and Facebook. Best Wishes Poornima Thapa . ..."
Sankarasubramanian Venkataraman, 17 October 2012 ......... ..Service appreciation - Abhishek Kumar Singh .
"....Hi, I want to place it on record of appreciation - Abhishek Kumar Singh for his extra ordinary polite service during my call for changing my itinerary. I just though during the time when we point a finger for a mistake done by someone. we should not fail to appreciate for the good work done too... hence my mail at this hour soon as I finish my transactions with him.. Thanks Abhishek. Keep it up way forward...all the best to you in the days ahead. Thanks. Have a great day. Shankar . ..."
Rakesh Khanna, 17th October, 2012 ......... ..I travelled on your flight 6E 61 .
"....I travelled on your flight 6E61 from Mumbai to Dubai on 14th Oct 201 on seat 5D. During this travel I fell sick, got fever & felt very cold & uncomfortable. I wanted a blanket but IndiGo does not provide any blanket. A quick suggestion is to add blanket in your in-flight shopping list. However, the lead lady, Ms Aarti Shrimali, did her best to provide me comfort. She gave me her "OWN PERSONAL SHAWL", This definitely goes beyond the call of duty and I believe this deserves a special recognition. Staff as dedicated towards customer satisfaction as Aarti makes all the difference between a preferred airline and another airline. I wish you guys all the best. Regards, Rakesh Khanna Head Sony business, Jumbo Electronics Ltd (LLC) Dubai. . ..."
Nipa Ladiwala, 22nd October, 2012 ......... ..Appreciation .
"....To Whomsoever it may Concern I had a problem with my booking and Mr. Tarun Jain (the person who answered my call) was very helpful. He was extremely patient and reassuring. The comfort he gave me in assisting the change in booking was very good. A very helpful and competent person. I appreciate the service provided by Mr. Tarun Jain. Regards Nipa Ladiwala . ..."
Gaurav K Sharma , 27th October, 2012 ......... ..Appreciation for Ms.Munmun (Bangalore airport) .
"....Hi IndiGo Team, On the 21st of October, I had to travel urgently to my home town Delhi from Bangalore given a medical urgency at home but I missed this flight (Air India) for the same journey due to late arrival. So I booked the next available flight with your airlines for the next day. Today the 22nd of October, when I approached the INDIGO counter at the Bangalore airport I was told in no uncertain words that I will not be allowed to board the flight because I have reported only 30 minutes prior to the departure time. I tried to explain the urgency and the reasons for my travel as well as late arrival to a wonderfully gracious lady on duty by the name of Ms. Munmun. She certainly had a lot of warmth in her heart for a stranger in the name of customer service. Initially she resisted but on my explanation she agreed to help me and without even telling me she arranged for my boarding pass and on boarding in an unbelievable quick time. I would like to tell the INDIGO team that my mother is now out of danger and keeping well because I could make it to Delhi just in time, for this favour, I would like to thank Ms.Munmun and the whole INDIGO team for the dedicated and humanly approach that you have given to your business. I AM GRATEFUL...! This behaviour is unlike Air India where they decided not to help me right from the word go, the least I could say about them is that Air India Behaviour was inhuman but Ms. Munmun demonstrated very brilliantly and with loads of princess like elegance that 'after all we are all human beings and that life is about give and take'. Up till now it was not the case but because of the above mentioned favour, from today, INDIGO would be on top of my list whenever I choose to travel by air, this is a crystal clear case of customer retention through customer care. Thanks a million times to team INDIGO and Ms. Munmun. Regards, Gaurav K Sharma Package Solution Consultant Global Business services . ..."
Ajay Joyson , 29th October, 2012 ......... ..Every good effort should be rewarded .
"....Hi IndiGo, I have had the pleasure of flying your airline about three to four times now, and guess's fabulous! On my job, I have flown with many-a-airlines worldwide. The youthful, energy in your airline always makes me smile. Specially love the helpful and very pretty crew, the naughty signage , every effort that goes into Hello 6E. ( Extra "Like" on the concept of cover girl), and surely the on time performance. Special mention to your design/communications team for coming up with cheerful designs and content. I believe every good effort must be appreciated. Hence this mail to you Regards AJ . ..."
George Nooromplakal, 30th October, 2012 ......... ..: Its easy to implement things .
"....Its easy to implement things but it is very difficult to maintain the same phase. I really appreciate the way IndiGo has been pulling the crowd since few years. Amazing service in and out of the flight. Its fun to travel with IndiGo. . ..."
Girish Prajapati 31st October, 2012 ......... ..Mr. Atit, Mr. Niket and Mr. Sidhu .
"....Mr. Atit, Mr. Niket and Mr. Sidhu these three your employees have helped me tremendously and made it possible to travel through your flights immediately. As I was too late to board. You should appreciate them like anything otherwise I would have lost my job as well as money and time. I would also like to convey my heartiest greetings and thanks on this Diwali. I would request your top management to consider them for award this year. I was travelling for Ahmedabad to Delhi route. Regards, . ..."
Ajay Kumar Chandel , 02nd November, 2012..On 22nd September I travelled from Singapore .
"....Dear IndiGo Team, I express my heartiest thanks and regards to you for providing me with my lost I Pad in your flight. I specially express my thanks to Mr Nilesh and Miss Kanchan Bhalla to take care of this matter on priority and immediately taking care of this on urgent basis. Once again load of thanks for the same. Best Regards AJAY KUMAR CHANDEL Director/Country Head-India and SAARC . ..."
Commodore F H Dubash, 02nd November, 2012..Since I am a retired Armed forces Officer...
"....Since I am a retired Armed forces Officer, I fly with your Airline very frequently, and we greatly appreciate your Airline giving us an Armed Forces Concession. This is not the only reason nor the deciding factor. Honestly, it is a pleasure to fly IndiGo to experience the professionalism on ground and in the air, by every vertical of your airline, whether it be the Check-in Staff or the Transport Department and of course the efficient staff inside the aircraft, your Cabin Crew. It is really wonderful experience from start to finish! You have set very high standards and I do hope that your Airline grows from strength to strength. I shall be obliged if you could please let me know whether you have a Frequent Flyer Programme like most of the other Airlines, as I have decided to fly IndiGo every time and I would like to enroll. This mail is essentially because I could not find the link on your website. Regards, Commodore FH Dubash, VSM (Retd) . ..."
Jai Raj Yadav, 03rd November, 2012..This mail is to appreciate IndiGo .
"....Dear Sir This mail is to appreciate IndiGo and your staffs Sagar KR and Naga Vamsi at Bangalore airport. I and my wife travelled from Pune to Bangalore by 6E105 (seat nos 19E and 19F). While getting down my cell phone got dropped in plane which was realised by me on reaching baggage claim area. I spoke to Sagar who promptly called the crews and they confirmed of having picked up the phone. Sagar and Naga organised its pickup and gave the same to me within 10 minutes. Once again big thank you IndiGo , Sagar and Naga..!! Jairaj Yadav .. ..."
Sanand Mitra, 06th November, 2012. This is with regards to my flying experience
"....Dear All, This is with regards to my flying experience with your flight no. 6E 134, from Pune to Nagpur on 6th Nov'12. It was a pleasant flight & Ms. Fariyaz Kalaji (Cabin Crew), was especially very helpful & prompt with her service. I would sincerely commend her work & encourage IndiGo to promote & reward sincere personnel like Ms. Kalaji, who go out of their way to ensure the passenger's comfort & safety. Hope to fly with IndiGo again. Warm regards, Sanand . ..."
Jai Ahluwalia, 09 November, 2012... Appreciation for staff
"....I wish to place on record the efficient and most customer friendly service provided by check in staff Mr Kunal Chaugule. My best wishes to him for the future. Best regards, Jai Ahluwalia . ..."
Ram Panjabi, 11th November, 2012..I wish to inform you about the above help extended.
"....Dear Sir, I wish to inform you about the above help extended to me by Mr.Michale Lam. I lost my Mbl phone while purchasing my free duty liquor I left behind my mobile phone while making payment and realised only at the final security check at gate No.37. I immediately approached this gentleman and informed him about my loss. He called various liquor outlets to find it. Not only that he ran back with me even though there was very little time left for departure to the shop to find my phone. Though I was not lucky to find the same as someone must have picked up without reporting, He spared no effort to do whatever possible. I have no words to express my thanks and appreciation. It was my rare experience to see someone so sincerely trying to help. I am a business man though now a retired person. I have all the praise for him. I am sure such a staff member is a great asset for any business organisation in present times. With my best wishes and regards for him and GOINDIGO. Sincerely Yours Panjabi Ram . ..."
Shrinivas M, 17th November, 2012.. .IndiGo officials @ Patna,
"....Dear Mr Ghosh/customer relations team, Greetings! I am one of your very regular customers flying your airline almost 5-6 times a month. I too work in service industry and recognise the value that we assign to exceptional services. The objective of this mail is to bring to your notice some very exceptional services extended by your Patna team; Mr Rupesh in specific. I forgot to pick up my glasses at the check-in counter in Delhi airport on Wednesday this, flying from Delhi to Patna.. on reaching Patna I realised this and got in touch with Mr Rupesh at the airport...he was one such excellent service professional that I would have hardly met; he took hardly any time to get in touch with the Delhi counterparts and trace the glasses.. Mr Rupesh also ensured that I get them back me, it was not just getting back my glasses but meeting a young service oriented airline senior staff that was a nice feeling...while I immediately thanked him for his active help and very positive attitude, I consider it worth my time to bring it to your notice...I think with such staff as part of your team, you will always score very high vs competition on services...Good job. well done, Rupesh...well done, team IndiGo...Your good service and kind help is always appreciated sincerely. Thanks and keep it up! Shrinivas Murty . ..."
Ratish Trehan, 18th November, 2012.. .Dear Sir /Mam..
"....Dear Sir /Mam Dear Sir /Mam Just wanted to drop you a note about the excellent manner in which Mr Amjad Hussian ( working under Mr Rajeev) handled my call and sorted my problem Amjad was very courteous, understood my problem and offered a solution which not only solved the issue but was financially better for me. Well done and keep it up Amjad really appreciate what you did for u , that to within a minute or so! The situation was as follows- Today I had booked a ticket for Mum to Coimbatore for 20th Dec on When i got my ticket by email, the date mentioned on it was 21st. I contacted make my trip and after speaking to two representatives. They finally asked me to contact the airline (make my trip could not help which was very sad for me) I tried calling indigo many times and finally got through ( i kept on getting stuck at the first voice response i.e dial 1 for Hindi and dial 2 for English, the system could not recognize my input) Amjad picked up our call. He understood the problem checked our bookings, the fare we had paid. Immediately he offered us alternates for 20th which were cheaper fares than our original ticket. We took the options suggested by Amjad. I think the whole transaction lasted only a few minutes! Again well done Amjad and IndiGo!! Regards Ratish . ..."
Rana Haldar, 19th November, 2012..A pat for Swapnil Arora .
"....Hi I would like to put a note for Mr. Swapnil Arora with whom I had a transaction over phone regarding refund of cancelled tickets. He was very helpful, swift and appropriate. Each clarification he made was to the point and even if he had to point out a difference in IndiGo policy and my understanding of it. He was very courteous. He is a no-nonsense efficient guy which is a rare commodity in these services. I just hope there are more Swapnil's in our industry. Surely Indigo airlines have very good guys working for them. Regards Rana Haldar . ..."
Smitha Usha, 21st November, 2012..Appreciation.
"....To whomsoever it may concern I would like to share my experience with you. We had a return flight on Indigo from Jaipur to Bangalore on the 11th Nov, 2012 at 3.00 p.m. However, when we reached the airport, we were informed that our flight had been rescheduled and departed to Bangalore earlier that morning itself. We were in a state of shock and the situation is unexplainable. It was a blunder on the part of our travel agent as the IndiGo staff had informed the reschedule but the travel agent missed to inform us. Ms.Anubha Maal and Mr.Rajnish Jha, the ground staff in the airport in Jaipur, we our saviours. They put in all efforts to work things out for us with the Finance Dept. and finally booked us on the next day morning flight without us having to pay a single penny for the cancellation or new tickets. Thanks to both of them, we could reach Bangalore and be with our family for Diwali. Their efforts are commendable and I would recommend them in whichever way possible for their career. Thanks so much for everything and if all the staff at IndiGo are like Anubha and Rajnish, I would definitely recommend the airline to my friends and family. With Regards, Mrs. Usha and Mr. Raghunand . ..."
Rouf Bashir, 23rd November, 2012 ..Words of Appreciation .
"....Dear Respected Sir/Madam, This is in continuity to my earlier mail. I, Rouf Bashir, had travelled in Go IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Srinagar in the flight at 11 AM. This customer executive of your Airline is very helping, dedicated, compassionate with the name, Ms Preeti Suvarna. Great to have such staff in your Airline. My words of appreciation are due for her and your Airline. With Thanks, Rouf . ..."
Sayantani Sen, 23rd November, 2012...Dear IndiGo Team..
"....Dear IndiGo Team, "Dear IndiGo Team, Last night I went to the airport and picked up my phone. I take this opportunity to convey my regards and best wishes to your team and crew at the airport for the trust and great work they are doing. Also a little note of appreciation for "Lim" who was the 1st customer executive I spoke to, who told me that if the phone was left in the flight I will surely get it back. A very big thank you for tracing my phone and making sure that it didn't get misplaced. Kudos! Regards Sayantani . ..."
Sourav, 25th November, 2012..I wanted to comment on the crew .
"....To whom it may concern, I wanted to comment on the crew for the flight mentioned in the subject. They were extremely organized and did a great job. Notably, one crew member named Ria Banerjee was extremely attentive and had an extremely positive approach to her job. She was prompt in responding, and was always with a welcoming smile. You should commend her and the rest of the crew on doing a great job on an early morning flight when passengers are generally tired and irritable. This is one of the reasons Indigo has become one of my more favoured domestic airlines. Please accept my thanks for an enjoyable experience. Regards, Sourav . ..."
Capt Surjeet S J Singh, 27th November, 2012.. Sincere thanks to M/s Pratibha Bhatia.
"....Dear Sir, With absolute delight, we like to inform you that our interaction with M/s Pratibha Bhatia employed in your good organisation, has been a great pleasure. Her thorough sincerity and positive professional attitude is much appreciated in assisting us and we take this opportunity to thank her and wish her all the Best. Regards Capt Surjeet S J Singh & Sarabjeet Gangar . ..."
Yuvaraj Pawar, 29th November, 2012.. Many thanks for your reply .
"....Hi Shilpa, Many thanks for your reply and action taken. However, i am glad to inform all of you at IndiGo that i am in receipt of forgotten camera. I could get it from your office at Pune Air Port. I cannot express in words my joy and relief of the stress when i received my camera. Honesty and integrity of all of you is second to none. Thanks INDIGO !!! Y B Pawar . ..."
Sriram Sreenivasan, 30th November, 2012... I would like to update you
"....Hi, I would like to update you that I travelled from Bangalore to Hyderabad on 26th Nov by 6E266. When I got my baggage from the baggage escalator, I found that the lock of my Mont Blanc Bag was broken. I promptly visited your counter and spoke to Ms. Steffi. She was courteous enough to resolve the issue and issued me compensation. However, I would like to compliment that Ms. Steffi - IGA8358 and Ms. Swapna - IGA9903 were very caring and understood the problem very clearly and resolved the issue well within 5 minutes. I appreciate the efforts taken by them for resolving the issue within no time and assure you that I would opt for IndiGo as a preferred airline through my company for any official trip and also assure you that personally I would use your airline since I am happy that you have people who are very caring for the customer. Thanks once again for everything. I wish all the very best to your airline and would like to thank both the ground staff once again. Requesting you to share the mail to your employees also. Thanks & Regards, Sriram Sreenivasan . ..."
Ayush Didwania, 01st December, 2012..Excellent landing!.
"....Hello, I am a frequent IndiGo traveller And on the 29th of November I had flown from Kolkata to Delhi via IndiGo and when the plane landed of the Delhi airport runway I was shocked and at the same time very happy as this was the best landing I have ever felt.! The plane landed so smoothly! The pilot of the plane 6E 226, Kolkata to Delhi, at 7:05 am should get special credit for the landing! Please give my regards to the pilot. And thank you IndiGo :) Ayush Didwania .. ..."
Ravi Chandran, 01st December, 2012. Was helped by Taranjyot Singh
"....Thanks for the reply. I had contacted the call centre on 1st Dec and was helped by Taranjyot Singh. I would like to place my appreciation of his excellent customer service on record. He was able to give me all details and was proactive in introducing certain other features of your service, which I was not aware. Well done to your team. In future, I will certainly be travelling by IndiGo on my trips to MAA, TRV, etc. Thanks once again. Regards, Ravi . ..."
Satish Saluja, 04th December, 2012.. Appreciation for crew
"....Customer Care, My wife & myself travelled by Flight 6E 306 Hyderabad-Delhi on 25th November 2012. We were occupying seats IE & ID. This is just to compliment your cabin crew. The care she extended to the senior citizens is really praise worthy. My wife had asked for the Wheel Chair but due to some reasons it could not reach the Aircraft in time. On arrival at Delhi your cabin crew with all her affections & care helped my wife to come down the ramp. Fortunately at that time the wheel chair also arrived and she ensured that my wife was comfortably put on the wheel chair & on to the coach to reach the terminal. We even complimented her for her concern & care & her reply was that she would have done the same thing for her Parents. Parents are different than Passengers. I could not resist but bring it to your notice for having such excellent staff.. Regards, Satish Saluja . ..."
Pranshu Bhutra, 15th December, 2012..Big Thank You to Naveen Pai at Bengaluru International Airport.
"....Dear Indigo Airlines, Today, on the 15th of December, 2012, my sister, Kanu Priya Maheshwari was travelling by an early morning Indigo Flight from Kolkata to Bengaluru (6E 377). On reaching Bengaluru at around 8:40 AM, while being taken from the Aircraft to the Terminal, my sister vomited and fainted in the bus. She was travelling with her 5 year old son at that time. Fortunately for my family, I had just landed half hour later at Bangalore Airport from Chennai. During the time when I wasn't at the Airport and after, Mr Naveen Pai of Indigo Airlines, ensured that my sister was taken to the clinic at the Airport swiftly. He was there throughout the time she was at the clinic lying on the bed absolutely weak. He also took due care not to forget her 5 year old son and attended to him. He also assisted us in shifting her to the Ambulance and called me an hour later, to enquire on her health. For helping us out at a time of crucial need, apart from co-passengers and the staff of Bangalore Airport, we remain indebted to him and your organization. Thank you a million times over! Regards Pranshu . ..."
Purujit Chakravorty, 16th December, 2012. .Deep Appreciation
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing this to keep on record my deep appreciation for the help and support provided by your executive Mr Debasish Saraswat. I had to book a ticket on your Mumbai - Kolkata flight no 6E 319 dated 17th December, on an emergency. Since I generally get all my tickets (both business and personal trips) booked through travel agents, I am not very familiar with the online booking procedure. Mr Debasish invested a great deal of time in being on the phone with me and helping me book my ticket as it took me quite some time to complete the process. Not even once did I find him running out of patience or being impolite in any way. I greatly admire his customer focus. It is little experiences such as this which actually differentiate one organization from the other. I wish Mr Debasish all the best in all his forthcoming endeavours, both professional as well as personal.. Sincerely Purujit Chakravorty . ..."
Rajendra Kumar Zabakh, 18th December, 2012. .Dear..
"....Dear Mr. Mohammed from Chennai helped in getting the change know and sent me changed itinerary with full enthusiasm and was cordial enough to extend help. Regards Rajendra Zabakh . ..."
Albert Jebanayagam, 19th December, 2012..Well Done.
"....Dear Sir Well Done I flew by IndiGo 6E291 Guwahati to Chennai. I wish to congratulate you on an Excellent service. Your staff was very efficient and courteous. I was helped greatly by a young man Named Pritam Sarkar at the Guwahati Airport. I am a Gold Card holder of Sri Lankan Smiles programme and also frequent flier card holder of Emirates & British Airways. Your services are quite admirable and I suggest that you extend your services to Colombo Sri Lanka. Best Wishes Albert Jebanayagam . ..."
Rahul Tandon, 19th December, 2012..Appreciation.
"....Hi Priya How're you doing. Trust all well at your end. The reason for my writing into you is not for any complaint or issue, it's just a small feedback on how this pre travel update reminder helped save my Christmas weekend. Like you know I travel to Delhi every weekend and book my tickets in bulk a month in advance. I make it a point to take a print of every ticket and file.. Now here's what happened to me. I did not find a ticket for this weekend in my file and hence thought I had forgotten to book the ticket, so I looked up the IndiGo site last Sunday to book the tickets. However since the prices were high I chose not to travel. I even called your call centre and looked up the Cheap fare sites but finally gave up. This morning I got your alert for a Pre Travel update for the weekend flight .and must I say it was a delight ....I had totally forgotten about this booking. Just wanted to let know the importance of each of these things that you do which really set you apart from the rest ..thanks and Merry Christmas. Regards, Rahul . ..."
Senthil Kumar, 19th December, 2012..Appreciation and thanks
"....Dear Sir/Madame, It is a pleasure to inform you that I had a fantastic experience when I called your customer care centre. I called on 18th Dec 2012, around 2 am (perhaps) I was to travel to Kolkata from Bangalore. My flight was scheduled to leave 0700. Due to personal reasons I decided to postpone my travel. I wasn't sure if I could reschedule the trip at the late hours and about 5 hrs before the scheduled departure. Contrary to my perception my experience with customer care was indeed very pleasant. I was directed swiftly and efficiently by your customer care agents in rescheduling the flight. The first agent (Name unknown) was very informative about rescheduling. However we could not proceed further with the rescheduling because I had to obtain the one time password from our credit card company. When we called back we were assisted by Mr Ravi Baghel. All I can say is that I was very much satisfied with their professional approach. I hereby thank the IndiGo Airlines as a whole and in specific to Mr Ravi and the other agent (Name unknown), for the assistance accorded to me regards to my rescheduling.. Regards, Senthil A. Kumar . ..."
Trigunesh Mukherjee, 22nd December 2012...Thank you.
"....Dear Sir I want to bring to your notice the positive attitude and excellent sense of relationships of two of your employees - Arif and Cynthia (sorry, didn't get the surnames). They were at your counter at the entrance to the Mumbai airport. We were really impressed and congratulate you on their training. Please convey our appreciation to them. We were scheduled to fly back from Mumbai to Delhi on the 20th after a corporate learning programme. to ensure adequate lead time we had booked ourselves on the 10.25 pm flight. However, as it happened we could reach the airport quite early. We thought we would take a chance. Arif and Cynthia really made us feel wanted and took less than 5 minutes to find us 2 seats on the 8.35 pm (182) flight. We were both impressed and grateful. I need to also compliment the super efficiency of both the cabin crew and ground force in getting the aircraft ready so quickly. The flight was delayed somewhat but their combined effort ensured that we were ready to board even as the last passengers (earlier flight to Mumbai) were boarding the bus to get to the terminal building. Well done indeed. Take care Regards and Greetings Sincerely Trigunesh . ..."
Sangeeta Saxena, 27th December, 2012..Appreciation of your services..
".... Me and my husband are doctors by profession n frequent flyers through your renowned air service. I'm highly obliged to INDIGO & your ground staff personnel of Jaipur airport who showed a great help indeed. Mr. Surendra Sharma, member of your ground staff has remarkably depicted the trustworthiness and reliability together with a genuine commitment towards the passengers. I (n my husband) were late at Jaipur airport on 19th Dec so had to leave our baggage to further transport them through next day flight n your staff had efficiently taken responsible steps towards the passengers which has aroused in me thankfulness & gratitude. Yours Sincerely, Dr. Sangeeta Saxena . ..."
Mohit Raval, 27th December, 2012..FeedBack for Given Services..
"....Dear Sir/Mam, This is mail is to Thanks and appreciate Mr.Alam (Supervisor) who has us helped us in Booking ticket for our trip.. We must say that Mr.Alam is very Polite, hardworking and dedicated to work. He has taken a great follow-ups for 2 days and Helped us in selecting flight, Booking tickets and doing payment Many times we have called IndiGo customer care but we must say that, the services provided by him was one of the best till now we have received from Indigo Airlines. Regards, Mohit Raval 9909978188 . ..."
Anuj Sethi, 28th December, 2012.. Your representative Mr. Ramnik Gupta.
"....Your representative Mr. Ramnik Gupta has attended me very well. I had a small issue and he had responded to me very patiently with courtesy. Really impressed by his service. Impressive! Regards Anuj Sethi . ..."
Sunny Panchgam, 29th December, 2012... I would like to update you
"....Hi, I am really happy with the kind of service I received from Bhagvati and Devyanshu. Never expected that at this hour nearly 04:00 am they helped. me out big time to book my ticket. Especially Devanshu, he stayed online for almost an hour with me helping me through all the hurdles. I appreciate the effort and wish them luck for their career in customer support. I was really supported. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Devesh . ..."
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