Alpesh Thacker, 01 April, 2012 ......... ..Traveled Muscat-Mumbai-Muscat and was quite .
"....Traveled Muscat-Mumbai-Muscat and was quite pleased with the overall services from Indigo. Your staff is very well trained and up to the mark. Everything is very punctual and on time. Really enjoyed travelling with Indigo and will be my first choice for future travel. Continue your quality service and at a competitive price.. ..."
Manish A. Badiyani, 02 April, 2012 ......... ..I had just an hour before bought a ticket from .
"....I had just an hour before bought a ticket from Mumbai Airport for Mumbai to Delhi flight for 3/4/2012, while I was busy in counting cash a person pickup my mobile handset and left, I was not sure who took the handset, I asked Tarannum Khan about my mobile but as she was also busy in booking my ticket she said let me try and called to Paromita Das who was about to issue boarding pass to the person who had taken my mobile, Tarranum told her that person is carrying my mobile, and as soon as Paromita tried to confirm with that person he immediately handed over my phone to Paromita, and she hand it over to me, this feedback is to give thanks to TEAM INDIGO And special thanks to TARANNUM KHAN Employee No. 4707 and Paromita Das, thanks for presence of mind of both of you.. ..."
Amitya R. Sony, 02 April 2012 ......... ..On 25th March 2012, I was booked on .
"....On 25th March 2012, I was booked on Indigo Flight No. 6E 165, Ahmedabad-Delhi at 18:30 Hrs. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable reasons, I reached airport at 18:05 hrs. only to find myself too late to board the flight. Upon my request, the ground staff tried hard to arrange the boarding possibility but remained unsuccessful on technical grounds. I was sure that I've not only missed the flight but also the amount paid towards booking the flight and any possibility of reaching Delhi soon. But to my surprise, Indigo (Ahmedabad) ground Member Mr. Hozefa & Paras Mistry were greatly helpful towards their guest and along with team members Ms. Mohini Tiwari, Mr. Niket Desai & Ms. Mitali Garud arranged, not only an Indigo flight just 2.5 hrs. Later but also managed it with an additional sum of Rs. 210 only. By 12:15, I was with my family in Delhi delighted by the warming example of Indigo's commitment toward customer satisfaction. I hope Indigo will continue this philosophy towards its guests and wish it to reach new heights in Indian and International aviation Industry. . ..."
Ajay Jha, 02 April 2012 ......... ..I needed some help from Indigo customer .
"....I needed some help from Indigo customer care team on my booking. As I know my call can be received by any random guys from indigo customer care team. Lucky I got in touch with Salman. And he demonstrated the work, which the customer is expecting from relationship center.. ..."
Shweta B Bhambri, 03 April 2012 ......... ..I called Indigo helpline to book return
"....I called Indigo helpline to book return tickets from Del Sin. The call was attended by Mr. Deepak. He is very prompt and clear in his communication skills. He guided me to the best available rate and very quickly helped me book my tickets. I asked him for a personal favor wanting to enquire a visa query on my expired passport. He was very courteous to assist me through rather than just handing over another contact number. Such experiences definitely leave an everlasting image of the brand. It was an extremely pleasant experience to talk to him and led to a very good image of Indigo in my mind. Deepak is truly an asset to your organization. . ..."
Ravi, 05 April 2012 ......... ..Today I was travelling from .
"....Today I was travelling from Guwahati to Delhi (6E 128), but the Flight has delayed. I have my connecting flight from Delhi to Indore at Terminal-3 I have requested the Crews and Ground Staff about my problem which was my connecting flight from Terminal 3. Though I have missed my Flight and I am not feel for missing my flight, But really I have to appreciate your Staffs in Guwahati, Crews and Specially your Ground Staffs in Delhi on 04.04.2012, their effort taken on me to connect with my Indore Flight is really Fantastic & unforgettable . ..."
Ninan Jacob, 05 April 2012 ......... ..It is with great joy that I am sending this mail .
"....It is with great joy that I am sending this mail. I happened to travel by your Chennai-Trivandrum (4.40pm) flight today. I wish to appreciate you on 2 matters. 1. Once again you have kept your commitment of landing on time (in fact this time you have landed 15mins before time). 2. I forgot my Hand Luggage in the flight (which happened to be some really yummy sweets from Chennai's Sri Krishna Sweets). Your ground staff Mr. Manoj Varkey at Trivandrum Airport traced out my identity from the sales invoice which was attached to the plastic cover. He took the pain of cross checking the flight details to get my contact number and was kind enough to call and remind me about the baggage left unclaimed. This is true commitment to ones Job. I would like to call it a wonderful example of 'Customer Delight'. Hats off to you Mr. Manoj. So far I have shared this experience with more than 4people I met today. Keep it up Team Indigo. Looking forward to flying with you again. ..."
Jagrat Jain, 02 April, 2012 ......... ..I am not sure about the full name, but sure that .
"....I am not sure about the full name, but sure that it was Satish (RJ Satish) who helped me without giving any argument. I would love if you trace that particular call and listen my conversation with him; you will find that he gave me complete & exact resolution which was practical. We are also working in service industry & the first thing they taught to me is whatever the bad situation the customer is stuck with, but if you listen him completely & try to realize his actual problem, guest will be happy with your service & will not bark on you. Never give irrelevant arguments to customers because THEY ARE OUR GOD. I shall not discuss the whole scenario here, but I would love to discuss the outline of resolution. In the very beginning I explained the whole situation to Satish & asked to waive off cancellation fee for the wrongly booked ticket & told that 'I know that you can help me in this situation, please help whatever you can'. He gave a resolution to me in such a manner that he has really some faith with customer. I know that allowing partial cancellation with the new updated penalty 950 for four guest is not a great relief to customer, but I & the customer Anil Bhal feels that applying 950 is a lot better that then the no-show policies of Indigo. I am writing this mail not only because I am happy with his services, but also because the guest Anil Bhal has appreciated for Satish & his efforts. I would love if the management authority appreciates Satish in front of whole team & give him some praise gift for his performance. I never mean performance in terms of quality of a call or the duration of the call, but performance means customer satisfaction, pure satisfaction. @ CSR Satish; Dear, I have no words to explain my joy, I will pray for your promotion. I am really satisfied with your service. In response of this mail I am waiting for a photo of Satish in front of whole team having a praise gift in his hand . ..."
Dr. Nitin Kulkarni, 07 April 2012 ......... ..I would like to thank the Chennai .
"....I would like to thank the Chennai airport staff and Mrs. Gousiya in particular for the invaluable help rendered for me and my family in transporting my uncle's dead body. All the appreciation I received on bringing his mortal remains to his house in Hyderabad is all because of that lady. She is really an asset to the company and reflects her upbringing in helping strangers like me. God bless her and her family. ..."
Devanshi Patel, 09 April 2012 ......... ..I was onboard Ahmedabad-Pune .
"....I was onboard Ahmedabad-Pune flight on Sunday 8th of April. Just wanted to say that you guys did it again! Always on time and this time, before time. We landed in Pune 20 minutes before the ETA! The lady pilot (I forget her name) did an amazing job of it. Thanks.. ..."
Brajesh Mishra, 10 April 2012 ......... ..I had a booking to be changed and .
"....I had a booking to be changed and when I called up the customer service number, I was told that I will have to pay a difference fare online else the change will not be effected. Your executive Syed guided me very patiently through the entire process. When I realized that there was a need to have the OTP generated for using the IVR and that I would not be able to generate it, Syed suggested that I can make the payment through the website. He waited patiently while I switched on my laptop and did the transaction. I was very happy with his approach and solution that he provided. . ..."
Chirag Doshi, 10 April, 2012 ......... ..I would like to convey my sincerest .
"....I would like to convey my sincerest appreciation to the Employees of IndiGo for the honesty and efficiency shown by them during my last flight on Sunday 9th April 2012. A SPECIAL MENTION to MR. SANJAY SINGH BISEN - Security Staff who apparently is the gentleman who found the IPad that I had left in the airplane and gave it to his superiors to be returned to me. What was also so impressive was the speed with which your Customer Care department called me to inform me that I had left something on the plane (within one hour of me leaving the airplane). I am extremely impressed with the entire operations and service of IndiGo and look forward to many more flights with you in the future. I hope you will share this email with your superiors all the way up to Mr. Rahul Bhatia and will reward Mr. Bisen for the honesty shown by him appropriately, especially with recognition if not monetary reward. . ..."
Ankit Tibrewala, 11 April, 2012 ......... ..This is an appreciation for Miss Sonali .
"....This is an appreciation for Miss Sonali Nebhnani (Lead). I flew DXB - BOM on the 8th April and I had an amazing experience with the above mentioned crew. Crew was very courteous and the way the service was portrayed, I was more than impressed. Now I am always going to fly Indigo. I had a very comfortable flight. Special thanks to Miss Sonali Nebhnani. She is definitely an asset to your airline. Keep up the good work. :D. ..."
Gautam Kaikini, 11 April, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent Indigo flier on the Bangalore .
"....I am a frequent Indigo flier on the Bangalore-Ahmedabad route. I would like to congratulate Indigo for providing excellent services and wish that Indigo continues to remain India's leading domestic carrier forever. It is indeed a great pleasure travelling by Indigo. . ..."
Sumant Parmar, 12 April 2012 ......... ..My grandparents just travelled .
"....My grandparents just travelled from Patna to Bangalore yesterday. My grand mom has problem in walking and I had therefore requested for a wheelchair. I would like to thank everyone the Indigo check-in counter, the flight attendants and yes especially the wheelchair attendants at Patna and Bangalore airport for all their help and awesome service. Thank you for making them feel so comfortable during the whole trip, considering it was their 1st air trip. Keep up the great service Indigo. . ..."
Dinesh Kovuri, 13 April 2012 ......... ..Hello, I was on the flight from .
"....Hello, I was on the flight from Delhi to Hyderabad and because of weather problems the flight had to be diverted to Bangalore. We were delayed by 4-5 hrs. However the Flight attendants and the Pilots Especially were extremely cordial and managed it well. They set the expectations correctly and communicated every now and then to keep the passengers informed. Really appreciate the entire crew of the flight. I would love to fly Indigo again. :). ..."
Ajay Rattan, 15 April 2012 ......... ..It is my pleasure to inform you that .
"....It is my pleasure to inform you that I am really very happy with your services specially by Mr. Varun kalra, he is the who gave all the details and it was easy for me to do it, he told me about hotels also you book for your guest so next time I will choose you for hotel, Varun did a great job today, wish to speak to him soon again, I am flying tomorrow from del to CCU 6E203. I think Varun is CCE in your Call center; I am not sure, really very nice. Once again thank you so much! . ..."
Manjiri Nair, 16 April 2012 ......... ..I the under signed Dr. Manjiri Nair presently .
"....I the under signed Dr. Manjiri Nair presently settled in Melbourne Australia was on a personal visit to Nagpur. I had my returned ticket booked by Indigo Airlines from Nagpur to Mumbai on 25th March 2012 vide booking No Ldd1EAB in Flight 6E418 from Nagpur to Mumbai. My two year Daughter Anika Nair was also travelling with me. I was carrying lot of luggage and hand baggage with me and even my daughter was in my arms. I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by your ground staff and specially Mr. Abhishek. Although they duly charged me for my extra luggage but were also courteous in accommodating my hand baggage in the check in luggage and I did not mind paying for this. I was also provided with an attendant till the flight who helped me with my hand baggage since I was carrying my child. This was my first experience in my life that people have been so kind and helpful and I am happy that it has happened with me at my home town Nagpur. I once again, Thank Indigo and Mr. Abhishek for this courtesy. Needless to mention Indigo would be my preferred Airlines when even I visit India next. . ..."
Rajan Bhise, 18 April 2012 ......... ..On 22nd March when I was travelling Mumbai .
"....On 22nd March when I was travelling Mumbai to Muscat, my visa copy was not clear. But your ground staff lady at boarding pass issuing counter & Customer Services Manager Savio Saldanha allowed me to access my mail account to retrieve visa copy & helped to print clear copy of visa from their office. I really appreciate their helping attitude though being rush hours........It's really can be said "Delivered the difference. ..."
Johnson Abraham, 20 April 2012 ......... ..I would like to thank Jeetander .
"....I would like to thank jeetander and akhil very much to help me out in the time of my need... especially jeetander (TF9SDB) who really helped in holding a ticket till the last moment until we had gone to airport to get the ticket as the ticket was accidentally cancelled.. ..."
R. Krishnan, 21 April 2012 ......... ..This is to put on record my .
"....This is to put on record my heartfelt gratitude & appreciation for the dedicated support given by Mr. Neeraj Ailawadi (Delhi airport) every time I have needed it. His strong & genuine value towards Customer Service is very evident & encourages me to talk good about Indigo airlines to others too. I write this mail because I feel such exemplary care is worth mentioning & putting it on records. . ..."
Budhaditya, 23 April, 2012 ......... ..Just wanted to thank you all for continuing to .
"....Just wanted to thank you all for continuing to be one of the most understanding airlines around. I just did a round trip to Bombay and back from Bengaluru and I'm quite tall (6' 3").I also have an issue with a surgery on my knee. Both times during check in I requested footroom and both times I was given the emergency aisle without having to ask me for extra money. It is the little things like these that make my journey more comfortable and why I continue to fly your airline. ..."
Shanti kumar Bhandari, 24 April, 2012 ......... ..I came to Singapore on 23/04/2012 from .
"....I came to Singapore on 23/04/2012 from Mumbai and are pleased to informed that flight was dote on time and was very clean and staff on board were very polite and helpful which is very rare in India Gov. Serve airlines I hope same during my return on 15th July. Staff at counter at Mumbai airport was also very nice and co-operative. Thanks . ..."
Aruna Kumari, 24 April 2012 ......... ..On 21st April, 2012, I was travelling with my .
"....On 21st April, 2012, I was travelling with my husband Dr. Baldev Raj, by 6E317, Delhi - Coimbatore, just boarding plane we came to know that from security check, we forgot to collect one stroller which contained passport, some foreign currency and many importat documents. 6E 317 flight's ground staff manger listened patiently and organized to collect our bag just in time of departure. We thank him (if I am right, his name Gagan) and all your ground team for their efficiency. Keep it up. Baldev Raj & Aruna Kumari. ..."
Raktim Hazarika, May 24, 2012 ......... ..This is to appreciate the service .
"....This is to appreciate the service of indigo in-flight service for the flight 6e-221 on 7th of May 2012 flying from Delhi to Guwahati. All the flight crew was very polite and hospitable. I would particularly like to highlight the service provided by Shiba Aggarwal as she was very courteous and provided me with valuable suggestions on the food menu as well as asked for my review. I found her very respectful in her behavior and I would like to thank her for her service. . ..."
Raj Narayan, 25 April, 2012 ......... ..Your pilot hailing from Costa .
"....Your pilot hailing from Costa Rica is a true gem. He kept us engaged through the flight and gave us one of the best landings ever. I believe he can teach your younger pilots some lessons in courtesy as well as overall passenger engagement which some need badly. Suggest you have him take refresher courses for the rest of your fleet of pilots. Truly wonderful experience that comes from the pilot's own experience with flying. Keep it up!. ..."
Rajesh Dogra, 25 April 2012 ......... ..I landed today morning by Indigo flight 6E 554 .
"....I landed today morning by Indigo flight 6E 554 at Srinagar airport and found that my bag had not arrived. When I contacted the ground staff - Imran Pandit, he assured all help and comforted me. He immediately escorted me to Indigo office at the airport and made me relax. After a few frantic calls by him to multiple people at Srinagar and Jammu, he rushed to the aircraft which was about to leave for Delhi. He finally located the bag in the aircraft itself which was probably kept in Delhi hold area by mistake by your staff at Jammu. He came back running with my bag in no time as I was in a hurry to leave for a meeting with senior Police officers for official work. I would like to thank the team and especially Imran who showed courtesy, urgency and sense of responsibility to resolve the problem. I am a frequent flyer on Indigo and feel that it is such commitment and hard work of your staff which has catapulted your airline to the Numero UNO position in Indian aviation! Thanks once again and wishing good luck for continued success of Indigo airlines! . ..."
Rasbehari Jena, 28 April 2012 ......... ..I just wanted to drop an email .
"....I just wanted to drop an email for the great support provided by Prasanta Kumar Rout. He was very professional and well aware of the process. I had called to change the title of a passenger, for the ticket that I booked today. Thanks for the great work and keep it up. Needless to say, Indigo is my favorite airlines. . ..."
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