Ayush Didwania, 01st December, 2012..Excellent landing!.
"....Hello, I am a frequent IndiGo traveller And on the 29th of November I had flown from Kolkata to Delhi via IndiGo and when the plane landed of the Delhi airport runway I was shocked and at the same time very happy as this was the best landing I have ever felt.! The plane landed so smoothly! The pilot of the plane 6E 226, Kolkata to Delhi, at 7:05 am should get special credit for the landing! Please give my regards to the pilot. And thank you IndiGo :) Ayush Didwania .. ..."
Ravi Chandran, 01st December, 2012. Was helped by Taranjyot Singh
"....Thanks for the reply. I had contacted the call centre on 1st Dec and was helped by Taranjyot Singh. I would like to place my appreciation of his excellent customer service on record. He was able to give me all details and was proactive in introducing certain other features of your service, which I was not aware. Well done to your team. In future, I will certainly be travelling by IndiGo on my trips to MAA, TRV, etc. Thanks once again. Regards, Ravi . ..."
Satish Saluja, 04th December, 2012.. Appreciation for crew
"....Customer Care, My wife & myself travelled by Flight 6E 306 Hyderabad-Delhi on 25th November 2012. We were occupying seats IE & ID. This is just to compliment your cabin crew. The care she extended to the senior citizens is really praise worthy. My wife had asked for the Wheel Chair but due to some reasons it could not reach the Aircraft in time. On arrival at Delhi your cabin crew with all her affections & care helped my wife to come down the ramp. Fortunately at that time the wheel chair also arrived and she ensured that my wife was comfortably put on the wheel chair & on to the coach to reach the terminal. We even complimented her for her concern & care & her reply was that she would have done the same thing for her Parents. Parents are different than Passengers. I could not resist but bring it to your notice for having such excellent staff.. Regards, Satish Saluja . ..."
Pranshu Bhutra, 15th December, 2012..Big Thank You to Naveen Pai at Bengaluru International Airport.
"....Dear Indigo Airlines, Today, on the 15th of December, 2012, my sister, Kanu Priya Maheshwari was travelling by an early morning Indigo Flight from Kolkata to Bengaluru (6E 377). On reaching Bengaluru at around 8:40 AM, while being taken from the Aircraft to the Terminal, my sister vomited and fainted in the bus. She was travelling with her 5 year old son at that time. Fortunately for my family, I had just landed half hour later at Bangalore Airport from Chennai. During the time when I wasn't at the Airport and after, Mr Naveen Pai of Indigo Airlines, ensured that my sister was taken to the clinic at the Airport swiftly. He was there throughout the time she was at the clinic lying on the bed absolutely weak. He also took due care not to forget her 5 year old son and attended to him. He also assisted us in shifting her to the Ambulance and called me an hour later, to enquire on her health. For helping us out at a time of crucial need, apart from co-passengers and the staff of Bangalore Airport, we remain indebted to him and your organization. Thank you a million times over! Regards Pranshu . ..."
Purujit Chakravorty, 16th December, 2012. .Deep Appreciation
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing this to keep on record my deep appreciation for the help and support provided by your executive Mr Debasish Saraswat. I had to book a ticket on your Mumbai - Kolkata flight no 6E 319 dated 17th December, on an emergency. Since I generally get all my tickets (both business and personal trips) booked through travel agents, I am not very familiar with the online booking procedure. Mr Debasish invested a great deal of time in being on the phone with me and helping me book my ticket as it took me quite some time to complete the process. Not even once did I find him running out of patience or being impolite in any way. I greatly admire his customer focus. It is little experiences such as this which actually differentiate one organization from the other. I wish Mr Debasish all the best in all his forthcoming endeavours, both professional as well as personal.. Sincerely Purujit Chakravorty . ..."
Rajendra Kumar Zabakh, 18th December, 2012. .Dear..
"....Dear Mr. Mohammed from Chennai helped in getting the change know and sent me changed itinerary with full enthusiasm and was cordial enough to extend help. Regards Rajendra Zabakh . ..."
Albert Jebanayagam, 19th December, 2012..Well Done.
"....Dear Sir Well Done I flew by IndiGo 6E291 Guwahati to Chennai. I wish to congratulate you on an Excellent service. Your staff was very efficient and courteous. I was helped greatly by a young man Named Pritam Sarkar at the Guwahati Airport. I am a Gold Card holder of Sri Lankan Smiles programme and also frequent flier card holder of Emirates & British Airways. Your services are quite admirable and I suggest that you extend your services to Colombo Sri Lanka. Best Wishes Albert Jebanayagam . ..."
Rahul Tandon, 19th December, 2012..Appreciation.
"....Hi Priya How're you doing. Trust all well at your end. The reason for my writing into you is not for any complaint or issue, it's just a small feedback on how this pre travel update reminder helped save my Christmas weekend. Like you know I travel to Delhi every weekend and book my tickets in bulk a month in advance. I make it a point to take a print of every ticket and file.. Now here's what happened to me. I did not find a ticket for this weekend in my file and hence thought I had forgotten to book the ticket, so I looked up the IndiGo site last Sunday to book the tickets. However since the prices were high I chose not to travel. I even called your call centre and looked up the Cheap fare sites but finally gave up. This morning I got your alert for a Pre Travel update for the weekend flight .and must I say it was a delight ....I had totally forgotten about this booking. Just wanted to let know the importance of each of these things that you do which really set you apart from the rest ..thanks and Merry Christmas. Regards, Rahul . ..."
Senthil Kumar, 19th December, 2012..Appreciation and thanks
"....Dear Sir/Madame, It is a pleasure to inform you that I had a fantastic experience when I called your customer care centre. I called on 18th Dec 2012, around 2 am (perhaps) I was to travel to Kolkata from Bangalore. My flight was scheduled to leave 0700. Due to personal reasons I decided to postpone my travel. I wasn't sure if I could reschedule the trip at the late hours and about 5 hrs before the scheduled departure. Contrary to my perception my experience with customer care was indeed very pleasant. I was directed swiftly and efficiently by your customer care agents in rescheduling the flight. The first agent (Name unknown) was very informative about rescheduling. However we could not proceed further with the rescheduling because I had to obtain the one time password from our credit card company. When we called back we were assisted by Mr Ravi Baghel. All I can say is that I was very much satisfied with their professional approach. I hereby thank the IndiGo Airlines as a whole and in specific to Mr Ravi and the other agent (Name unknown), for the assistance accorded to me regards to my rescheduling.. Regards, Senthil A. Kumar . ..."
Trigunesh Mukherjee, 22nd December 2012...Thank you.
"....Dear Sir I want to bring to your notice the positive attitude and excellent sense of relationships of two of your employees - Arif and Cynthia (sorry, didn't get the surnames). They were at your counter at the entrance to the Mumbai airport. We were really impressed and congratulate you on their training. Please convey our appreciation to them. We were scheduled to fly back from Mumbai to Delhi on the 20th after a corporate learning programme. to ensure adequate lead time we had booked ourselves on the 10.25 pm flight. However, as it happened we could reach the airport quite early. We thought we would take a chance. Arif and Cynthia really made us feel wanted and took less than 5 minutes to find us 2 seats on the 8.35 pm (182) flight. We were both impressed and grateful. I need to also compliment the super efficiency of both the cabin crew and ground force in getting the aircraft ready so quickly. The flight was delayed somewhat but their combined effort ensured that we were ready to board even as the last passengers (earlier flight to Mumbai) were boarding the bus to get to the terminal building. Well done indeed. Take care Regards and Greetings Sincerely Trigunesh . ..."
Sangeeta Saxena, 27th December, 2012..Appreciation of your services..
".... Me and my husband are doctors by profession n frequent flyers through your renowned air service. I'm highly obliged to INDIGO & your ground staff personnel of Jaipur airport who showed a great help indeed. Mr. Surendra Sharma, member of your ground staff has remarkably depicted the trustworthiness and reliability together with a genuine commitment towards the passengers. I (n my husband) were late at Jaipur airport on 19th Dec so had to leave our baggage to further transport them through next day flight n your staff had efficiently taken responsible steps towards the passengers which has aroused in me thankfulness & gratitude. Yours Sincerely, Dr. Sangeeta Saxena . ..."
Mohit Raval, 27th December, 2012..FeedBack for Given Services..
"....Dear Sir/Mam, This is mail is to Thanks and appreciate Mr.Alam (Supervisor) who has us helped us in Booking ticket for our trip.. We must say that Mr.Alam is very Polite, hardworking and dedicated to work. He has taken a great follow-ups for 2 days and Helped us in selecting flight, Booking tickets and doing payment Many times we have called IndiGo customer care but we must say that, the services provided by him was one of the best till now we have received from Indigo Airlines. Regards, Mohit Raval 9909978188 . ..."
Anuj Sethi, 28th December, 2012.. Your representative Mr. Ramnik Gupta.
"....Your representative Mr. Ramnik Gupta has attended me very well. I had a small issue and he had responded to me very patiently with courtesy. Really impressed by his service. Impressive! Regards Anuj Sethi . ..."
Sunny Panchgam, 29th December, 2012... I would like to update you
"....Hi, I am really happy with the kind of service I received from Bhagvati and Devyanshu. Never expected that at this hour nearly 04:00 am they helped. me out big time to book my ticket. Especially Devanshu, he stayed online for almost an hour with me helping me through all the hurdles. I appreciate the effort and wish them luck for their career in customer support. I was really supported. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Devesh . ..."
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