Niren Sen, 01 February ......... ..This is, rather belatedly but sincerely
"....This is, rather belatedly but sincerely, an attempt to put on record my deep appreciation for the Ms Rimpa Das, one of the ground crew at Kolkata. I traveled by 6E324 on 23rd Oct 2011 from Kolkata to Mumbai. I had just gotten out of a major illness and at the Kolkata airport suddenly had misgivings about my fitness to travel. This young lady, Rimpa Das, however took so much care of me that I began to feel reassured. From the entry point itself, from organizing a wheel chair for me, to her personally handling my baggage including its X-ray check to a smooth check in (Arunima, was that the girl at the counter to whom Rimpa handed me over? They even ensured that there was a wheel chair for me at Mumbai too. Or was it as per your SOP?), she, Rimpa Das, did it all. With so much of care and warmth. And all with a smile. In case you are conveying this to Rimpa (and I strongly urge you to do so): Dear Rimpa, Apologies and apologies! I shall never forget your kindness. Love & God bless . ..."
Anand Watwe, 02 February ......... ..I travelled on Pune -Kolkata-Pune sector in December
".... travelled on Pune -Kolkata-Pune sector in December 2011. As always it was an amazing experience. I would particularly like to mention about the inflight service provided by the crew Shivani Palshikar and Bijal Suratwala. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cabin attendants could recollect that I had flown with them just a couple of days back. Over cleanliness was amazing. Extremely good service. Other carriers should take lessons from Team Indigo. . ..."
Sachin Jaiswal, 04 February ......... ..If an individual, an organization or an industry
"....If an individual, an organization or an industry wants to bring a smile or cheer on its customers face in a service industry he/she/they need to go that extra mile to win their heart. Walking on the same path they also need to make sure that they make every possible attempt to Keep the Promises they make to their honorable and dedicated client base. Having said so gives me immense pleasure to state that the Team Members of the Customer Service department of IndiGo Airlines have literally EARNED every bit of Compliment that I am going to shower on them now. While my earlier email dated December 21, 2011 highlighted my experiences with the Airline on a mixed note, I must say it didnt even took them another month to set the records straight and work extensively on the feedback provided. (Refer to my email below) The morning of January 27th would always remain a memorable day for me when exactly a couple of hours before my scheduled departure I got a call from Indigo Ground Staff named Syed (apologies for not asking his designation) that he would be waiting for me at the Check-In Counter at Chennai Airport to hand over my requested merchandise which I desired for in my earlier flight with IndiGo. The call came as a surprise to me as I never expected such a prompt and dedicated follow up from someone in the Service Sector as competitive as Airlines. But then this is what makes the difference and gives you an edge over others, Kudos to your team. Once I checked in and called Syed he promptly greeted me with a warm smile and introduced me to Assistant Manager Gousiya Yakoob, who in turn apologized for the inconvenienced caused to me on my earlier flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai Flight 6E-263 - 16Dec11 - HYD-MUM (refer to my email below). She ensured that the feedback has been provided to the concerned department / staff and that the bouquet has been forwarded to the Captain of that flight as well. Gousiya & Syed ensured that I was handed over my requested merchandise before I boarded the flight to Kolkata on 6E-523 27 Jan 12, MAS-KOL. Such gestures are a rare experience in these days of cut throat competition in the service Industry. My heartiest Thanks to both the staffs of the Airlines (Gousiya & Syed). They truly are the Gems of your Airline carrier and certainly an asset to the industry. Having said that I cannot choose to ignore the intervention and prompt action taken by 2 other people as well; who proudly held the Flag of IndiGo behind the scenes. Yes- I am referring to the Customer Relations Officers of your Team Mr Ankit Saxena & Mr. Kshitij Mehta, who worked behind the scenes to fulfill my request. (Refer to the email below) Ankit promptly responded to my email on 23rd December enquiring about my next travel with the carrier promising to make my desired merchandise available on the same and I must say he kept every word of the same. Hats-Off to his commitment level and dedication towards Customer Service..... With this I would like to end my mail and state the Golden Rule of Customer Service One unhappy customer can mar your business while one happy customer can help generate business by ten folds, and you surely have won One such Happy Customer in me. With the word of mouth publicity I promise you will fly sky high today, tomorrow and always. Before I bid good bye- May I make one final request to pass on my gratitude once again to IndiGo Staff - Syed, Assistant Manager Gousiya Yakoob, Customer Relations Officer Ankit Saxena as well as Mr. Kshitij Mehta. Did I just forget to mention that this time there was a personal touch to the services of the crew member on board as well :o) . ..."
Meenakshi Sarathy, 10 February ......... ..I travelled from Hyderabad to Trivandrum
"....I travelled from Hyderabad to Trivandrum on Jan 30, 2012 by the 6E 316 Indigo flight that took off at 3:05 pm from Hyderabad and arrived at Trivandrum at 6 pm. The young man (I am sorry I don't know his name) at the counter in Hyderabad was most helpful, especially when the Security check resulted in removing a couple of items. I ran back to check in but the counter had just closed. This young man there quickly sent the small bag by manual check-in. That was very considerate of him. It is nice to know you have such helpful people at the counter. My very big thanks to him. But he warned me that my bag would arrive that day or the next. In Trivandrum, I informed the Indigo staff and showed them my manual check-in stub soon after we landed. Again they were most helpful. My item had not arrived but they said they would call when it came. And sure enough they did. It arrived not the next day but the day after that. Mr. Rajath Gopinath took it up and communicated with your Hyderabad office and saw to it that my bag reached me safely. Once again thanks to him. This is my first time in Indigo. But now you have a regular Indigo flyer in me. Keep up the good work. And I wish you all the best. . ..."
Dr. Ajay Gaur, 11 February ......... ..I am late. But better late than never
"....I am late. But better late than never. I would like to appreciate Indigo staff, especially Mr Pranav Kumar and Rana Kauser of Patna Airport, who went out of their way to help me and accommodated my luggage as cabin baggage. They came forward and promised all support and help. I was so tense because of my flight to Kolkata on 23.01.12 being delayed and I had a connecting flight to Hyderabad from Kolkata. Thanks Indigo, thanks Pranav and Rana. Keep it up . ..."
Imran Malkani, 11 February ......... ..I am thoroughly impressed with your inflight
"....I am thoroughly impressed with your inflight staff. I being a Muslim pray 5 times a day and in today morning's flight i had to perform my prayers. Never ever in any airlines i have seen in-flight attendants so co-operative ever. Not only did your staff allow me to pray but also made sure that the place where i pray i clean. I have decided to always fly only n only with indigo. I am a frequent flyer for Jet but hats off to indigo and hence forth only indigo! . ..."
Anette Uddqvist, 14 February ......... ..I just wanted to send my appreciations for your .
"....I just wanted to send my appreciations for your nicely and funny written texts on the on-board food, for instance the sandwiches with advices how to survive the flight and to stay friend with your seat neighbor and also the name "nut case" on the cashew nut box. Thank you for that well done design! . ..."
Jaidev J. Mehta, 15 February ......... ..I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi by
"....I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi by 6E178 on 15th Feb 2012. Seat No 4A. I would like to complement the Chief Flight Attendant. I don't remember her name but she announced that she was from Hyderabad. I travel very often by other airlines, but I must mention that she had the best diction and was extremely clear in all her announcements in English as well as Hindi. I think she is an asset to your airline as she was very attentive and polite to all the passengers. Please do inform her about my appreciation of her work. Thank you. However one small complaint! I wanted to buy the radio which was in your catalogue but it was not available. Will try again on my return to Mumbai on 17th Feb. ..."
Rajesh Khare, 16 February ......... ..Dear Neha, I am extremely thankful to you for your
"....Dear Neha I am extremely thankful to you for your quick reply to my e-mail. Now I am sure that I will get the money refunded soon. I assure you that I will keep on utilizing the services of your IndiGo airline in future. Let me take this opportunity to tell you, just for your kind information only, that I will be going to Bangalore (on 3/3/2012) from Lucknow and coming back (on 11/3/2012) by IndiGo flight no. 6E-164 and 6E-162 respectively. . ..."
Ian Dunning, 17 February ......... ..We were served at your sales kiosk
"....We were served at your sales kiosk at Bangalore Airport yesterday evening by a young lady called Renuka - (Employee number 3310). She was ably assisted by another young lady called Jacqueline. We had previously been to other airline counters looking to purchase a ticket to Mumbai and had been dismayed by the generally lack of interest and customer service. Renuka was like a breath of fresh air, she was positive, always smiling and very efficient. I think she was an excellent representative of your airline and should be commended as such. I flew to Bangalore in the morning using Indigo and back to Mumbai in the evening I was very impressed throughout my trip. It was the first time I had used your airline and will defiantly use you again.. ..."
Vijay Nagaraj, 18 February ......... ..This is Vijay...I am writing this email to
"....This is Vijay...I am writing this email to thank indigo and appreciate Ms. Aparna sharma for the assistance when my father was traveling on 16th Feb.M My father is an aged man of 75yrs.and he was flying from CCU to BLR.6E345 We went to the reservation counter to ask for a wheel chair, we waited long but the wheel chair did not come and my father started panicking thinking of missing of the flight and he said he would move alone, but I was worried Then Ms. Aparna sharma a ground staff who was there in the reservation as my father to enter the airport she helped him with a chair from the reservation counter n when the wheel chair didn't report she took my father along with her towards the check in counters and took boarding pass and cleared the security.. After clearing the security check she came and confirmed me that my father has cleared the security check .I really appreciate the way Ms. Aparna Sharma helped us. I wish all the best to Ms. Aparna Sharma and indigo . ..."
Sudhanshu Singhania, 18 February ......... ..I would like to appreciate the help
"....I would like to appreciate the help extended by Ms. Aparna Sharma during my visit to Hyderabad at Kolkata Airport. I was flying on 16th Feb Kol-Hyd-Kol on a death of my friend and by over sight I had forgot to carry my ID Proof where she helped me outright to ensure I can travel after i made available the soft copy of my ID Proof. I appreciate her help and kind gesture. . ..."
Nikhil Mundayur, 18 February ......... ..This was the first time I was flying
"....This was the first time I was flying Indigo (Bangalore-Pune), and I must say I was impressed! Not just the absolutely clean aircraft but also the flight services and behavior of the cabin crew on board. One incident that I remember is I was in an exit row seat, and usually in that situation I'm used to a stern one-sided lecture on how to open the door in an emergency (that in reality makes you damn nervous), but on this flight the cabin crew (two ladies, I didn't catch their names) explained the process in a very gentle and natural manner - as if we were having a normal conversation. Really appreciate that! As mentioned in your inflight magazine, you seem to be concentrating on the things that matter - on-time performance and low rates. Those two generally don't seem to go together, but you are doing an obviously good job of that. Good job! . ..."
Hashmath Raza, 19 February ......... ..This is Hashmath Raza here
"....This is Hashmath Raza here, I had made a call on 18001803838 and spoke to Melina M and realize that why indigo is going good in aviation industry, I wanted to make a booking from Mumbai-Bangkok-Mumbai, and I had my dates fixed where as I was getting a bit higher fare, where as your execute Melina with her sweet voice asked me if I'm flexible with dates and quoted me the best fare, and I'm very much convinced and I'm going to make the booking. And I truly believe that its an awesome service and customer delight given by your execute Melina, may god bless her and give her all the success in her life. I'm truly convinced and from now on word I'm going to be an Indigo passenger, I really respect the way you treat every call, I request you to convey my thanks and regards to Melina on her best service and convincing me to fly with indigo. . ..."
Maneesh Kaushik, 20 February ......... ..Just wanted to bring to your notice
"....Just wanted to bring to your notice some fantastic customer service experience I had while dropping my parents on to their return flight to Delhi. As a background, there was some confusion on their final date of return (I had made the date change online but hadnt paid) so in effect we found out a couple of hours before the flight departure that my parents had to travel on 19th instead of 20th. We rushed to airport (making the payment on the way via call center). When we reached the airport, the grumpy check-in desk lady to come back the next day since their system was not updated. After a few minutes of discussion, she called Engelbert. I was at that time ready to explode with indignation, but he handled us brilliantly, calmed us down and ensured we got the flight. I am frequent traveler in Asia and have faced my share of pain, but am yet to meet anyone who diffused a situation so smoothly. Well done Engelbert and Indigo! . ..."
Jai Rathod, 20 February ......... ..travelled from Bangalore to Raipur on .
"....I travelled from Bangalore to Raipur on 18th Feb. Excellent service, superb staff, special thanks to our pilot Best landing experience ever had. Instead of saying on time every time u should say before time every time. :) keep going guys! . ..."
Gauri Bhatwadekar, 21 February ......... ..I am Gauri, and was flying
"....I am Gauri, and was flying from Pune to Chennai on Monday i.e.20th Feb. Due to some FOG problem in Chennai, we could not land in Chennai airport, and the pilot had to divert the flight to Bangalore. After the FOG clearance, they again moved flight back to Chennai. So, during this whole time, (around 6 hours), the crew members handled the situation in a very excellent manner. I would like to specifically appreciate the efforts taken by the crew staff to make the passengers as comfortable as possible. Though there was a panic situation amongst the passengers, and everybody was very bored due to a long flight, the crew members could still stay in the same peppy and happy mood, and were trying to create the atmosphere more enthusiastic. Passengers were continuously asking them different kinds of questions, and all the time, they had to serve water, and beverages and other items, they were doing this tirelessly and without fawning. I thank all of them and the flight captain who was giving us the updates time to time. I thank Indigo for the wonderful service. . ..."
Saurav Kejriwal, 21 February ......... ..I was feeling dizzy and
"....I was feeling dizzy and without me telling her anything she got me water and with utmost politeness asked me whether I needed anything else. She was polite throughout the flight and smiled at every passenger. This kind of hospitality is mind blowing and unparalleled in Indian skies (being a gold frequent flier of jet I can say that with conviction). I am pleased to tell u that I will choose indigo over jet, even though I will not get an advantage of adding miles to my account. . ..."
Poonam Lakhiani, 21 February ......... ..I would like to bring to your notice
"....I would like to bring to your notice that a staff member named Sumit, working at ticketing counter at The Indira Gandhi international airport in Delhi, had been very helpful to me on 16th February 2012 ...when i was desperately in need for a ticket to go back to Dubai...i m very thankful to him as he took the efforts to send request for a booking when it was just two hours before the flight to take off and seemed impossible to see any hope. His timely help saved me from many unseen problems which i would have encountered had i not reached Dubai on time ...i recommend him as an asset to your organization and a wonderful human being.. ..."
Anirudh Biswas, 22 February ......... ..I wanted to highlight an exceptionally delightful
"....I wanted to highlight an exceptionally delightful behavior by one of your staff called Ms. Kriti at Delhi's 1D terminal. I have wrongly booked an 8pm flight instead of 8am on 21st Feb. and I realized this only when I reached the airport. This is when I spoke to Kriti and she started acting in a flash, she made my cancellation of the ticket and booked me on the next flight, with my choice of seat , got me preferential check in , all in flat 15 min of the me speaking to her . My PNR number is HCPTBF dated 21 Feb. and I traveled from New del to Nagpur. Its because of her that I could manage my imp work , she displayed a tremendous sense of handholding a customer , deep sense of ownership and its because of her that Indigo continues to rock . I want her supervisor's to applaud her great work and thus I am putting it on record. People like her are an asset to the organization. . ..."
Ashwath Patil, 23 February ......... ..Really appreciate the in-flight services .
"....Really appreciate the in-flight services under command of Ms Devi Nair was great and as per international norms. I was really surprised to see how effectively and efficiently team managed the guest. Wish you all the best and hope to see IndiGo reaching new height.. ..."
Prof. Ranjit Goswami, 23 February ......... ..I flew Kolkata-Delhi on
"....I flew Kolkata-Delhi on 20th & back on 21st Feb. Great services! As an Operations Management faculty, I was particularly observing business processes in each customer interface point - while checking in or on-board. I wanted to thank you in twitter, but found no credible IndiGo account there. Today saw another person saying same in an article: ''Why I will fly Indigo, not Kingfisher or Jet'. Wish you maintain this service level as you capture more and more market share. Indian customers have been used in getting poor sub-standard services everywhere. We deserve a change, and hope IndiGo provides some fresh air. And may look forward to working on a Management Case behind your business objectives and strategies from operational view point some time, if top management supports. . ..."
Mallika Hanif, 24 February ......... ..My husband and I were on board .
"....My husband and I were on board the flight 6E-302 from Chennai to (via Hyderabad) Delhi on 22nd Feb 2012 wherein we were served by Airhostess Jahanvi. She burnt herself while pouring hot water for tea coffee in paper glasses. I wanted to appreciate her dedication to her work as she got immediately back to serving us again not minding her burnt fingers.. ..."
Ophealia DeRoze, 24 February ......... ..I would like to pen down my .
".... I would like to pen down my sincere thanks to Ehtram Ali one of your Customer service agent who helped me this afternoon with the add-ons that I needed for my aged parents who are travelling to Chennai. He has done INDIGO proud! He is a role model for all newcomers. My loyalty to flying with INDIGO has further strengthened because of his professional approach, an attitude of helpfulness and service orientation of politeness and care that I received from him. Thank you Ali, you will go a long way in your career because of these qualities. All the best to you Ali and to INDIGO . ..."
Sudharshan, 26 February ......... ..I travelled Indigo aboard 6E-311 .
"....I travelled Indigo aboard 6E-311 from Delhi to Madras on 15th Feb. While the plane stopped over in Hyderabad, we discovered that my infant was running temperature. I requested the air hostesses for help & I was provided with hitherto unseen amount of help and support aboard the flight. The two ladies doing the service aboard the flight, especially a lady who mentioned to us that her birthday falls on 21st of March, same month as my infant - sadly owing to the nature of emergency I could not catch their names - were absolutely brilliant. I was provided tremendous help in taking care of my child on board while a doctor was summoned from bay area to examine the kid. The ladies tried to keep me on the same flight as much as possible even as they helped with my child. Ultimately I had to deplane taking the advice of the doctor, but not before i formed the firm opinion that this was the best ever in flight support I have received in all domestic and international travels. Request you to figure out the ladies (especially the one I mention) in question and pass on my thanks and appreciation to them.. ..."
L Srinivasan, 26 February ......... ..This feedback is an appreciation towards .
"....This feedback is an appreciation towards the sincere, dedicated services of two of your executives. Their names are as below: Ms Lynette in-flight crew member 6E 254 on 25th Feb 2012. (Jaipur- Mumbai) Ms Sanapreeti at Jaipur Check in counter on 25th Feb 2012. Kindly convey my sincere thanks to both of them for their excellent services committed towards total customer delight. ." ..."
Jatin Anand, 27 February ......... ..I am really glad that I use IndiGo to .
"....I am really glad that I use IndiGo to fly to Nepal. Last time I wasn't carrying any Indian currency with me and had just a few sterling pounds and a maestro debit card, none of which would buy be anything on the menu. But the air hostess was very kind enough to provide me with a sandwich free of cost! It was a really nice gesture. I don't recall her name, wish I could thank her! Keep up the good work. ..."
Aniruddha Bhaduri, 27 February ......... ..I would like to state that your advertisement .
"....I would like to state that your advertisement on television is excellent. Its musical rhythmic, excellently choreographed and a visual treat in the smart presentation. In fact it brought me to write down a few more words In fact it perfectly matches the impeccable service that you have been providing us, the frequent flyers. I have been travelling by air for the last 15 years and am FF member of well-known airlines of both in India and international, and certify that Indigo is unparalleled in its excellence and clearly the best. Kudos! I wish you all the best for years to come and keep flying, soar high and be the best forever. . ..."
Sabaleel Nandy, 28 February ......... ..This is to mention that today .
"....This is to mention that today morning I called up your call center at 18001803838 and spoke to Mr Sahil Singh. It was about a cancellation of a ticket (PNR CCVECI), actually booked through a travel agent for 6E 324 from CCU to BOM today at 11:20am. It was difficult since the flight departure time was 2.5 hours later. I am happy to mention that Mr Singh went out of his way to help me out and though I was charged the mandatory cancellation charges of Rs. 750/-, I was happy that the ticket could be cancelled finally.> This is a satisfied customer writing to put on record the good services done by Mr Singh. Keep it up! . ..."
Ushnish Paul, 29 February ......... ..Indian Aviation has seen .
"....Indian Aviation has seen many airlines which started operating with many promises. Many airlines tried to differentiate on the class of on board service. I used to be a frequent flyer of Kingfisher Airlines But now if I have to travel my first priority is Indigo (how badly I wish you guys too had a frequent flyer program, I understand that the back end support cost will shoot up. I dont mind flying with Indigo without a frequent flyer program, if service is of such personalized level-as I will be disclosing in this mail and the basic requirement of travel is fulfilled). You serve my basic need of travel. To go from point A to point B, at a very reasonable price and most importantly on time (before time sometimes). To add to that I have had two wonderful experience with Indigo staffs at Kolkata airport and on a flight from Bangalore to New Delhi. On 31st of Jan, 2012 my close friend was traveling from Kolkata to Bangalore by the evening flight. I wanted to surprise her with a note. Few days before she was supposed to travel I got in touch with one of your employee at the Kolkata Airport, Ms. Gargi Saha. I explained to her what I wanted and she assured that it will be taken care. She even went out of the way to deliver the note to her by checking with her when she was reaching the airport. I was really impressed by the personalized service I got. The next incident happened on 28th February, when I was traveling to New Delhi from Bangalore by the 19:45 flight (6E106). I had a long day and managed to reach the Bangalore airport just in time for checking in. I had some 70 Kg of extra luggage so ended up emptying my pocket. To add to the bad long day the ATM at the Bangalore airport was out of order. I was hungry as I had to skip my lunch. After the flight took off and as the on board sales started I inquired if I could pay by card. I was dishearten to learn that the minimum purchase has to be of Rs. 500 if one wishes to use the card and as I was traveling alone there was no way I could have finished all that food. But then one of the flight attendant Ms. Javita Kataria came as a savior, she suggested that she will serve me the crew food from her quota and I need not pay. I was in double mind as I dint want to accept the food without paying but my stomach gave a growl and I said yes. She gave an option between a veg and a non-veg burger and also served me a lemonade. Later she even came back and asked me how the sandwich was. After a long bad day, all someone wants is a little extra care and personalized service. The right cord was hit in my case. I was flattered. To end it I would say that Indigo is doing a great job with the unmatched performance in the industry and to make it even better you have a strong and dedicated force that makes us come back to you fly again and again. The dedicated and loyal customer base which Indigo is building will not be easily being fooled and taken away by other airlines. Thank you Gargi, Javita and Indigo for the amazing servicesand experience. Good luck for the future endeavors. . ..."
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