Debasis Mohapatra 02 January 2012: ......... ..In 2011, I planned for a trip to Goa.
"....In 2011, I planned for a trip to Goa for me and my wife. We just returned from a fantastic and memorable trip. Both of us really appreciated the hospitality and service accorded to us while flying from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai en route to Goa and backs the same route. Please find attached a picture I took of the setting sun at the Goa Airport while awaiting for our flight back to Mumbai. Coincidentally, the picture also captures one IndiGo aircraft ambling on the tarmac! . ..."
Tamal Kanti 02 January 2012 6E 212, (date of travel: December 24): ......... ..It is rare to experience a flight
"....It is rare to experience a flight and an airline for its professional conduct. One such rare opportunity unfolded when I travelled to India from 19th to 24th December, 2011. Flight no 6E 223 on 19th and Flight no 6E 212 on 24th from Kolkata to Delhi while returning from a trip to Sundarban south of Kolkata. It was my first contact with Indigo, apparently a non-legacy airlines, I welcome. My flying experience and opinion about the airline is extremely positive due to their service. On my way to Kolkata the flight 6E 223 ON 19th was delayed by 2 hours due to fog in Delhi. All passengers were on board and captain was in position when the call came. Some passengers complained about the state of radars, industries close to the airport etc. The captain instead of directing the responsibility to aviation officials came out with an announcement, that the Captain on behalf of Indigo airlines would meet the passengers to explain the situation. A young Captain Mallick appeared, talking like Lord Krishna and the situation turned peaceful. I felt there was no other response possible to the situation from any professional angle. ArJunas remained quiet. Flight no 6E 212 (PNR no VLBZER 24DEC, DEL6E0312311895) (Seat NO 2C) from Kolkata to Delhi was in a cold early morning. After all the checks and verifications the passengers are on their nerves. A challenge for the cabin staffs; the seats are close. No one enjoys the flight alone. The flight in other airline could easily turn into angers, egos etc. A short flight (below 2 hours) happens to be driven by a community feeling. All needed to bring that together. Your cabin staffs brought about the community feeling within that small space by their dedication and professional skills. I wish I remembered all of their names. If I am not wrong Captain Chakraborty from Hyderabad was in cockpit and Ms Poonam, chief stewardess - inside the cabin from Mumbai, were guiding flight and the passengers. These fine airlines staffs are delivering across the sky of India from 0600hrs to Midnight. I hope the passengers express that more frequently. I would appreciate if my little thanks are conveyed to them. As for myself Indigo, will be my chosen airline again when I would visit India after 3 months. . ..."
Rajan Sadasivan, 02 January 2011 6E 315, (date of travel: January 02): ......... ..Travelled today from Hyderabad
"....Travelled today from Hyderabad to Chennai and the person booked me wrong seat for my 87 year old aunt,the airhostess Madhuri was courteous and kind enough to seat my aunt in the front of the plane and override the booking; i am grateful for this help tendered to my aunt who had difficulty walking. . ..."
Anishya, 04 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: December 17): ......... ..What I relate below needs
"....What I relate below needs to be taken note of by you, not only from the point of view of the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety that I experienced, but also the excellent follow up done by your team in resolving the problem to my entire satisfaction. The Deficiency in your Service: I boarded the Dubai Mumbai flight on 17th. Dec 2011. I checked in my baggage at the counter well in time. Unfortunately, I was not handed over the baggage tags, nor were they stuck on to my boarding pass, which is the standard procedure followed by all airlines. On my arrival in Mumbai, I realized that my baggage had not arrived. My compliments and appreciation to: It was then that I started a series of phone calls and follow up to locate my lost baggage and would like to put on record my personal thank you and appreciation to Mr. Engelbert from Dubai, who was extremely co-operative and helpful in locating my baggage for me, which as it transpired was never put on the flight, and was left behind at Dubai airport. I would go to the extent of saying that it was mainly because of his efforts that I got my baggage. I would also want to thank Ms. Veda and Mr. Savio of Mumbai for their co-operation and follow up in helping me retrieve my baggage, which was eventually delivered to me at my residence in Pune. Last but not the least, I extend my appreciation to Indigo Airlines in general for the professional manner in which they reacted in retrieving my baggage but also would want the management to be extra careful to avoid such unpleasant experience for any Indigo flyer. . ..."
Aparna Srivastava 04 January 2012 6E 315, (date of travel: December 22): ......... ..My flight from Delhi to Koch
"....My flight from Delhi to Kochi on 22nd Dec, 2011 (6E 315) was quite a delight. Thanks to the Captain of the aircraft who seemed to be quite humorous. The light moments he shared with guest in the aircraft were really superb. The way the crew was introduced was quite innovative, along with their name, the place to which they belonged was told too!!! The personal touch in the small interactions by the Captain was quite remarkable!!! He belonged to Allahabad, which is incidentally my home town too!!! The hostesses were also very decent and wore a happy smile throughout!!! All of us were taken good care throughout! Thank u so much for making the journey memorable. . ..."
Nilesh Gharage 04 January 2012: ......... ..I Nilesh Gharage and this mail .
"....I Nilesh Gharage and this mail is in regard to appreciate the effort of Mr. Hujefa, who has helped me in a big way. I was about to catch a flight on 13th November from Indore to Bangalore, and sadly missed it by only 11 Minutes. Sometimes there are little things which meant so important and this was no other but i had to Board on that flight in any case, because it was Very imp for me to be in Office on Monday for official reasons. I got stuck in traffic and reached only 15 min before the takeoff time...X-ray Security was closed, i Contacted Mr. Hujefa, who was at the counter that time...he tried his best and still managed to allow me to board with my Hand baggage...But i had a big luggage with me so he couldn't allow me further. Then i felt very bad and become a little emotional, and Hujefa not only well behaved, he helped me arranging the next flight for me and was attending me carefully till i become comfortable and its really a very satisfying and desired effort by any customer representative.... I must congrats Mr. Hujefa for the Job well done and Indigo for having such good employees. Suggestion - Would suggest to have more number of flights to Mumbai and Bangalore . ..."
Madhu Lachhwani, 05 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: January 4): ......... ..Hi! I travelled from Dubai to Mumbai yesterday
"....Hi! I travelled from Dubai to Mumbai yesterday (4th Jan) night 8:25pm flight. Our flight number was 6E 62. My Parents were both on wheel chairs and i loved the way the Airhostess "Devanshi" took care of them. I want to whole heartedly appreciate the Airhostess called "Devanshi" and thank her for all her care towards my parents. I look forward to travelling in Indigo again looking at the care she served us with and i will also recommend people indigo now on. Thank you so much Indigo!. ..."
Parag Amin 05 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: November 18): ......... ..I was a passenger on your flight .
"....I was a passenger on your flight 6E 62 from Dubai to Mumbai on November 18th 2011. I am a US based executive who also happens to be a Private Pilot. There was a lady sitting next to me (across the aisle) who was pregnant (over 34 weeks). She was allowed to board the aircraft by your ground staff. Once onboard, the IFE asked her for her medical clearance certificate. On examining the certificate she found that the woman was passed the company limit for allowing pregnant women to travel. The lady was requested by your on board and subsequently your ground crew to debark but she was distraught as she had no one in the UAE and felt that it was imperative that she travel to India for her delivery. To make things more complicated, her mother was traveling with her to take her back and since she only had single entry visa, could not accompany the daughter back into the UAE. With that preface, I am writing this email to let you know that both as a first time passenger of your airline who has actually flown over 2 million miles commercially as a passenger and as a private pilot, I wanted to applaud your onboard staff of Manvi Kapoor, Roohi Bhala, Hiral Zala and Nikkin Dhillon. These women are extraordinary citizens and invaluable employees of your organization. Their demeanor during this hour and a half ordeal was calm, collective, passionate and genuine. In my 15 years of flying, I have never seen a group of flight attendants so professional (under a dire circumstance) and so helpful. A couple of them gave the debarked woman their cell phone numbers for her to call them if there were any issues. With all that said, a DGCA flight auditor was onboard this flight who observed the whole episode. I had the pleasure to talk to this gentleman in Mumbai and even he agreed that the onboard staff was at par excellence in their approach of the whole situation. He was critical of your ground staff who he felt should not have let this woman board the aircraft in the first place saving the airline gate fees for the hour+ delay and preventing the other guests the inconvenience caused by the delay. I hope the least that your airline does for these fine young women is acknowledge their gallant effort by a simple thank you from your upper management. They have made you and your organization proud on that day along with winning the heart and earning the business from this one globetrotting citizen. . ..."
Dr. Misbah 05 January 2012 6E 178, (date of travel: January 4): ......... ..I would like to thank the airlines .
"....I would like to thank the airlines for excellent services they offered to my parents while travelling with Flight no. 6E 178. I would like to thank Ms. Rama Chandra, the flight air hostess who was very nice & concerned about my parents. I would also like to thank the porter at New Delhi domestic airport who tried his level best to take excellent care of my ailing mother in much needed condition. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the name of that gentleman. Anyway, God bless them. Great job after all. . ..."
Anurag Dhawan, 06 January, 2012: ......... ..I am a frequent traveller
"....I am a frequent traveller on the domestic circuit and without doubt IndiGo has been my choice of airline for some years now. The entire process at IndiGo starting from the point i Check-in to baggage collection at destination is very well managed. 'Timeliness', which for me like most other is the most important factor for liking or disliking an airline is where you have always delivered. Apart from this i also highly appreciate cleanliness and soothing cabin interiors in all your aircrafts. Must also mention that i have not once experience a bad landing when on an IndiGo airline which i cannot say for your competitors. So kudos to your pilots for that! Your team is doing a great job in all departments and i hope i would be able to continue to fly IndiGo for as long as i fly and would continue to have an excellent overall experience as i have today. I logged onto your website today to check if you have any frequent flier program but it seems you dont. Maybe you should look at this as i believe you would be able to convert many fliers into IndiGo-ers only! My Congratulations & best wishes to your entire team. . ..."
Padmesh Sewda 06 January 2012 6E 324, (date of travel: December 18): ......... ..I feel really great with the services .
"....I feel really great with the services provided by indigo ground staff when i faced hassles on kolkata airport on 18th December '2011 because of security and i missed my morning indigo flight to Mumbai. Mr. Pritam Mukherjee ,Mr Sudip Kumar Biswas and Mr. Gurdeep from indigo ground staff team from kolkata airport that day helped me out with the situation and gave 6E 324 flight the same day . Thanks indigo for the great customer support . Keep up with such good work. . ..."
Sachin Elenjikal, 06 January, 2012 6E 404, (date of travel: December 22): ......... ..I would like to appreciate the .
"....I would like to appreciate the work done by one of the Ground Crew at NGP airport. After security check in I misplaced my phone, so I contacted Numan form the Indigo Ground Staff, who helped me to get my phone back in less than 5 minutes by speaking to the security personnels... Please pass on my appreciation to him and reward him. . ..."
R K Narula 08 January 2012 6E 453, (date of travel: January 7): ......... ..Yesterday i.e.7th Jan.'12, i have .
"....Yesterday i.e.7th Jan.'12, i have travelled from Raipur to Hyderabad by 6E 453 flight. After having checked in i realized that i had forgotten my mobile at home which was at a far off place and it was must for me to have it. I explained my problem to Mr. Nitin of Indigo Raipur. He assured me all help and without delaying the flight, he ensured that i got my mobile though i had occupied my seat no 15 D in the air craft. This has given me lot of peace of mind and i am able to do my job very effectively. I wish to put on record and appreciate the help I got from Mr. Nitin and other ground staff at Raipur. This has further enhanced my confidence in the services of Indigo.. ..."
Saurabh Tandon 09 January 2012 6E 122, (date of travel: January 6): ......... ..I would like to share the wonderful experience
"....I would like to share the wonderful experience I had flying with you on flight# 6E 122, 6th Jan 2012. This feedback specially goes to the lady who was incharge of the 4 member crew on board. Unfortunately, I forgot her name but she introduced herself as someone from Chandigarh, and her name was starting with S (Sonali may be, not sure). I must say the kind of service provided to the guests was nowhere a low cost airline's service. In fact it was of an international class. Everything was well rehearsed, well on time, well-mannered and truly brilliant. Always, with a smile! Thank you for hiring such a wonderful staff. I wish all the very best to the airline. Can someone please pass on this feedback to that crew's managers, so that the group gets its due appreciation? . ..."
Arun Gurusamy 09 January 2012 6E 286, (date of travel: January 9): ......... ..Had a wonderful journey flying in Indigo
"....Had a wonderful journey flying in Indigo between Coimbatore and Delhi. Hope this service continues forever and had an excellent experience In-flight. My best wishes to Indigo to stand first in the airline sector. ..."
Suresh G 09 January 2012 6E 102, (date of travel: January 8): ......... ..My parents Mr. KA Gopalakrishnan .
"....My parents Mr. KA Gopalakrishnan and Mrs. GK Jayalakshmi travelled by flight 6E 102 from Bangalore to Pune yesterday morning. I was there to send off my parents. Considering my parents' health challenges, I had requested for wheelchair assistance for both of them. Your external counter staff in Bangalore Airport - Ms. Padma Pallavi and Ms. Rashmi B.R - was very proactive and very helpful. It was a very reassuring and comforting care that my parents got. The persons (Mr. Bhima and another whose name I do not recollect) who navigated the wheelchairs were also very sensitive in handling the needs of the elderly. I place on record my deep appreciation of above staff in particular, and Indigo Airlines in general. I can certify that Indigo Airlines is the best airlines for elderly care and care of disabled passengers. Whenever my parents travel, they insist that they want to fly Indigo only! And we have also done that consistently to trust only Indigo for their travel. Thank you once again. . ..."
Kapil Thacker 13 January 2012 6E 317, (date of travel: January 28): ......... ..I flew to Chennai twice this month
"....I flew to Chennai twice this month and both times I only returned by Indigo since there was no morning flight to Chennai. I much appreciate the common sense approach to simplify flying like web check-in, the ramp to reach the flight instead of stairs and the overall cleanliness. Everything is seamless and above all timely. This time the cabin crew was just outstanding. One of them made efforts to call the passenger by their last names while offering food and beverages which was a thoughtful. The other didn't hesitate to quickly reach out for the overhead lockers to make space for my hand luggage since bags were haphazardly put. I had a wonderful flight. Thank you . ..."
Anuj Jain 14 January 2012 6E 317, (date of travel: January 28): ......... ..I did a mistake while booking my travel
"....I did a mistake while booking my travel tickets and was really worried about it. I called up call center to rectify it. During the call I interacted with Mr. Sandeep Kapoor who really understood my problem and helped me rectify it. I appreciate this and look forward to do business with Indigo in future. Good Luck.. ..."
Soumendra Mohanty 14 January 2012: ......... ..Would like to formally share a note of appreciation .
"....Would like to formally share a note of appreciation for the excellent support and commitment provided by Vinayak in tracing my baggage and following up with me to deliver at my location. On Sunday night the 8th Jan, I landed in Bangalore and somehow could not locate my checked in baggage, it was also getting late in the night and I had important early morning meetings hence I had to get to the hotel. I called up Indigo help line and logged my complaint, after that I was talking to many of your representative, none could give me any definitive answer, I had lost all hope of getting the baggage, went to the shops and bought a complete new wardrobe including a Samsonite baggage, you can imagine the whole thing cost me quite a lot. Then Vinayak called me on Wednesday evening with the good news and did everything possible at his end to get the baggage to me in Delhi by Thu midday. Really appreciate his sincerity. . ..."
Ankur Chokhani, January 15, 2012: ......... ..I am a Facebook fan of your page "Indigo" on Facebook.
"....I am a Facebook fan of your page "Indigo" on Facebook. Let me tell this to you - The page has come to us (aviation enthusiasts) as a super boon. We've got a platform to discuss so many issues and topics with each other as well as the Indigo mgmt. The exchange of ideas is helping us understand what others feel on different issues and the problems faced by each of us at various positions :( The page is acting as a forum where we all can relaxingly clear each others queries, ask doubts and gain a lot of knowledge about different things. It has also resulted in me making a few good friends :) I also appreciate the way Indigo facebook team is working, making us aware about the various possibilities of different stuff at airports, new flights, etc. which we would not have known if there weren't such a platform. All I'd say to end the mail is that keep up this impressive spirit of oneness and the dedication your staff has shown so far, and I can assure you that loads of success is coming your way. Thanks for providing us with such an awesome and well managed page. Best regards to the efficient 6E team. . ..."
Pascoal Soares 15 January 2012 6E 62, (date of travel: January 14): ..I would like to congratulate the IndiGo team .
"....I would like to congratulate the Indigo team for the wonderful service that we were provided during our flight from Dubai-Mumbai-Goa and back.... the Ground staff and the In-flight crew was very helpful, they really know how to take good care of the passengers. The most important factor being the On-time or one could say before time that makes a lot of difference when travelling. Wishing all the very best to Indigo and do keep the service standard.. ..."
Sanjay Chatterjee 16 January 2012: ......... ..I am a frequent traveler on Indigo .
"....I am a frequent traveler on Indigo Airline primarily between Jaipur Kolkata & Jaipur Ahmadabad sectors. Mostly I do feel the straight jacketed approach of Indigo service staff is a pain but had to appreciate & acknowledge the professionalism through which they handle the responsibilities. However what is making me to write this email is a complete out of the way approach by a few Indigo individuals at Kolkata airport who helped me to board my flight. As usual I had travelled to Kolkata my home on 13th Jan to spend the week end with my family and to take the Monday early morning flight 16th Jan 12 out of CCU. Since the ticket was booked by my office travel desk, I didnt feel like checking it before showing it to the CCU apt security at the entrance, to my horror I was told & shown that my return was booked for 19th Jan12 and not 16th Jan12. I had some very important meeting which was lined up since last week and also to visit couple of places related to work, which I just had to conclude and was beyond any rescheduling opportunity. To add to my woos, I had left my wallet in a hurry when I took my flight out of Jaipur on 13th Jan12, hence I didnt had any debit or credit cards on me to purchase a new ticket from the CCU APT reservation counter. Dreading the consequence I called my old airline friend Rizwan Quadir for help .. As always my friend understood the whole situation and asked me to be at the reservation counter as he went about exploring options for me with his team. My wife was on the phone with me who had the credit card details, so that I could buy the ticket. After that what happened was a sheer pleasure to watch, as like a well-oiled machine , Shivani Sharma, Nilanjana Debbarma & Priyanka Chakraborty went about getting my tickets changed to finally handing me over the boarding card ( SL 172 1C) on Indigo 6E 238 to ensure I can meet my meeting schedules. Hats off to them and the training that the organization had inculcated in them. Looking at them reminded me of my time with Jet way back in late 90s when customer service delivery was taken very seriously. All I would like to say is right training to right people makes the right organization and I am very happy to experience this outstanding humane side of Indigo as well. Would like to add a word of caution, that when an organization grows and grows very fast, losing sight of such delicate relationship management & not meeting customer expectations becomes a common occurrence, biggest Private Airline operator in India is a live example of the same. Please stay grounded and keep a firm check on these realities so that you keep on growing not just financially but also in the heart & mind of millions of air travelers. . ..."
Matthew Willden 17 January 2012: ......... ..I wanted to extend a compliment to a member of .
"....I wanted to extend a compliment to a member of your team who has done an unusually nice job for me. I stay in Hyderabad on an international assignment, and often find myself visiting the HYD airport for both international and domestic trips. At least two times Ive been helped at the check-in desk by an agent named Taranjeethe was always very friendly, helped me in any way I needed. And most importantly, hes incredibly efficienthe really knows how to get his work done quickly, so the customers move through his queue very quicklyto me thats the ultimate complimentthat he cares about my time enough to do his work quickly and well. Please pass along the message of the great job hes doing and give him and his manager my personal thanks. . ..."
Varun Sharma 17 January 2012 6E 321, (date of travel: January 15): ......... ..As i had to catch the flight on 15 Jan 2012
"....As i had to catch the flight on 15 Jan 2012 from Mumbai to Kolkata 6E 321 and for the same i missed the boarding call. I would like to appreciate Go Indigo airport staff for calling me otherwise i would have missed that flight and there would have been huge loss for my company. . ..."
Bethan Cobley 17 January 2012 6E 156, (date of travel: January 12): ......... ..I would like to thank and congratulate
"....I would like to thank and congratulate you on your excellent team. I recently travelled from Calcutta to Bangalore on 12th January. Due to the support and help of your ground staff I was able to catch an earlier flight than the one I had booked. This saved me 5 hours and meant I was able to attend an important meeting. I am from the UK and live in London I travel a lot internationally and usually a request of this nature would have been turned down. However due to the exceptional help and assistance from your staff member Abarena Sharma - I was able to travel as hoped. I will try and travel IndiGo whenever possible in future. Thank you so much again and very best wishes . ..."
Dr. B. Venkatkrishna 18 January 2012 6E 306, (date of travel: December 30): ......... ..I had a pleasant trip to Kochi. Great airline
"....I had a pleasant trip to Kochi. Great airline, great crew! Was above my expectations! Was under the wrong impression that KF is the best but after my first flight in indigo i say indigo is the best......go indigo wow indigo...thank you for your services....looking to join u on flight in near future.. ..."
Ankur Chokhani, 18 January, 2012: ......... ..Indigo would achieve a lot of success .
"....Indigo would achieve a lot of success, that's my assurance. Lots of success is sure to come your way. You deserve appreciation in so many ways. Its your airline which has made flying for common man affordable, yet always on time and with comfort. You're moving in a very much correct direction, and would surely reach the top of Indian Aviation in the time to come. Flying with Indigo is always a wonderful experience, thanks to the awesome flight crew as well as the ground staff! Regarding your Facebook page, its awesome and i have been recommending it to many of my aviation enthusiastic friends lately. Its a wonderful experience, interacting with your team which handles the FB page. They're very responsive and appreciative. I also feel very nice to interact with other members on the page. I would not eat much of your time. Just conveying my best regards, and wishing that Indigo prospers in the time to come, and it will surely do. . ..."
Pramod K Kumar, January 18, 2012: ......... ..Just wanted to share a recent experience .
"....Just wanted to share a recent experience which perhaps can be called as 'Indigo Experience' wherein someone on the call by name Joshan had been of real help. I wanted to share my feedback and the call was connected to one MS Sakshi Rawat and she too has been so courteous. It is great of Indigo to have such a wonderful team- and sending a note out of my schedule to acknowledge this experience. While many a times customers might send complaints- a note of appreciation of this kind would also matter. . ..."
Sudarshan V 18 January 2012 6E 282, (date of travel: January 17): ......... ..I was pretty much impressed with my journey
"....I was pretty much impressed with my journey on 6E 282 last night. Right from baggage screening everything went hassle free. The crew was well groomed and I would like particularly to appreciate the services of Ms. Niavy. The crew was definitely the best I have seen on Indigo over the past two years. ..."
Surya Nalamati, 19 January 2012, 6E 106, (date of travel: January 11): ......... ..My Flight 106 was delayed on Jan 11th .
"....My Flight 106 was delayed on Jan 1th. After I explained to the staff (Ms. Praveena) at Bangalore airport that if the flight gets delayed further that i might miss my international connection, she responded most efficiently. She discussed the matter with her superior and then arranged my travel on jet airlines flight, which was scheduled to leave at the original indigo flight. I commend her for her job. I would not have flied Indigo again except for this positive experience today. I will make indigo my first preference for future travel. Thanks.. ..."
Debolina J, 19 January 2012 6E 324, (date of travel: January 6): ......... ..It is my immense pleasure to mention
"....It is my immense pleasure to mention that I have experienced an excellent fly on 6th Jan'11(flight 324, 11:20am) Basically I wasn't well and was all alone and thus came across with one of your executives Nandita. She guided me through to the luggage counter and towards the flight as well and arranged a window seat as I feel nauseous on air. So I would definitely like to appreciate the extra service that she provided me that day while travelling from Kolkata to Mumbai, if I remember correctly the flight landed exactly on the scheduled time. So I was too happy & would always appreciate saying that if you please can keep such excellent employees in your organization. . ..."
Biju Pillai, 19 January, 2012: ......... ..I'm a frequent traveller on GoIndiGo airlines .
"....I'm a frequent traveller on GoIndiGo airlines between Chennai and Mumbai. So far it has been a very Good Experience for me with GoIndigo staff from Airport till inflight and as said "On time is a wonderful thing". I would like to THANK all the Ground Staff & Inflight Staff of Go Indigo and wish you all a very Happy New Year. . ..."
Ashok Bardhan, 19 January, 2012 6E 186, (date of travel: January 12): ......... ..I would like to commend your ground
"....I would like to commend your ground staff at the Delhi airport Shaveta Bhardwaj and Amit V., as well as the cleaning crew of flight 6E-186 from Mumbai to Delhi on January 12, for locating my laptop promptly and getting it to me after the flight had landed, and I had forgotten to pick it up from my seat. ..."
Daksha Pisat 19 January 2012 6E 61, (date of travel: February 9): ......... .. I sincerely appreciate prompt reply from
".... I sincerely appreciate prompt reply from Indigo in terms to action to help me book the tickets. (I was experiencing problem in booking tickets from Dubai through my international credit card) Special Thanks to Ms. Hinal in bur Dubai ticketing office as she helped me by directing the procedure in case of payment declined and timely forwarding mail to India reservation customer care. I am also impressed with customer care executive who helped me to book tickets from India and having thoroughly professional attitude in handling my queries and delays in following his instructions. I am regular traveller of Mumbai Dubai sector and had travelled with different airlines but I must take note of efforts Indigo is putting in getting foot hold in international market where other airlines (budget or regular) having quite laid back attitude in handling customer problems. I hope Indigo keeps up this attitude and services. Hope my parents have similar word of praise for their flying experience with your airline. . ..."
Bipin Arora 19 January 2012: ......... ..Thanks a million for introducing HOT BEVERAGES
"....Thanks a million for introducing HOT BEVERAGES in flight...Kudos! Atleast one can have a cup of tea/coffee n feel more relaxed. Welcome move. Keep the spirits HOT!!. ..."
Shabana Kamal, 19 January, 2012: ......... ..This is to bring to your notice regarding
"....This is to bring to your notice regarding the best service offered by one of your staff member 'MOHAMMED ZUBAIR-7562' ON 08.01.2012. I'm please by his pleasant behavior when i was checking for my kolkata flight. I was travel from Hyderabad to kolkata. This gentleman was well behaved & mannered & represented the company's standard in a very professional manner. I would like everyone in your department to follow the same etiquette as he has present. Once thanks for the excellent gesture. . ..."
Col B K Uppal 20 January 2012 6E 12, (date of travel: February 5): ......... ..My congratulations to you and especially
"....My congratulations to you and especially to the one who made your website. It is excellent, convenient, to the point and comprehensive. It should be a pleasure travelling on the 5th for us to Delhi. . ..."
Himangshu Sekhar Bose 21 January 2012 6E 291, (date of travel: January 17): ......... ..I would like to thank you for taking
"....I would like to thank you for taking care of me when I fell sick on my return flight from Guwahati to Kolkata ( Indigo 6e -291 ) and also arranging for ambulance and making necessary arrangements for medical facilities on 17th of Jan, 2012. ..."
Sandip Kundu 22 January 2012 6E 378, (date of travel: January 23): ......... ..We have been traveling with Indigo
"....We have been traveling with Indigo and while your service has always exceeded the expectation, today we found out another completely new angle to your customer service and couldn't resist myself to pass on the appreciation. My parents (senior citizen) were scheduled to travel to CCU from Bangalore on 23rd Jan 2012 bearing booking reference of RBBCBF. As the connecting flight is reaching without much time in between, we decided to change the Indigo flight to a later one. This is where your call centre executive Ms. Survi Ghosh came in. On the IVR our transaction was not going through and I had to reach out to my bank for a fresh OTP... This took huge amount of time and during this period not only was Survi very helpful and patient she also tried to help us with all possible means proactively. Haven't experienced such thoughtful and customer oriented service as she could have easily kept the phone down and we had to go through the booking process all over again. Thank you so much for all what we experienced today... this is what is needed for a great airline and the reason how you became a great airline got established by this act. On time Everytime. Great Service... Is not just only on time performance its performance beyond flying! This has touched not only my heart but my family's as well and hence this elaborate mail. Cheers and All the very best. . ..."
Balakrishnan 22 January 2012 6E 275, (date of travel: January 21): ......... ..I really appreciate the gentle man
"....I really appreciate the gentle man at the baggage screening point at the entrance of the kolkata airport who was kind enough to find a carton to pack my rasgollas which unknowingly took in a soft bag. Also i was in a hurry to re check in the baggage as they didnt allow the bag as cabin baggage. His hospitality gesture is highly appreciated. As i was in a hurry, i couldnt find his name. Great job! Felt good. ..."
Parizad Elchidana, January 23, 2012: ......... ..I had left my novel in the flight from Mumbai
"....I had left my novel in the flight from Mumbai to Bangalore on 12th Jan. When I had reported through the toll free number there was no response, but when I had sent a feedback through the feedback form, I was immediately contacted and the novel traced and handed over to me. Value wise it was not very high, but the sentiment was high and I really appreciate the fact that Bangalore airport personnel managed to trace it, contact me back and make arrangements for it to be handed over during my follow up trip. Thanks to all involved.s. ..."
Sourav Bhattacharya, January 23, 2012 6E 136, (date of travel: August 14): ......... ..Thank you for your email
"....Thank you for your email. Late on Saturday I noticed that my bank has credited my account with the amount below, proving that the transaction was unsuccessful. I have subsequently proceeded to make the payment online against PNR OBJQLA using my debit card. The booking is now confirmed (as reported by I would like to thank you and the customer services staff on phone in helping sort this out and keeping the booking on hold till this is resolved. You have been extremely helpful. Especially the staff we talked to on phone. Unfortunately I do not remember their name. . ..."
Unnikrishnan, 24 January, 2012 6E 524, (date of travel: January 24): ......... ..I had travelled a few times in indigo around couple
"....I had travelled a few times in indigo around couple of years back. Around two years back, I had a few unpleasant experiences in one of your Kolkata flight headed by a cabin crew by name Asha Balachandran. After that I was avoiding your airline. On 10th Jan i happened to travel in your Bangalore Chennai sector and found that there is a sea of changes. So today i decided to travel by Indigo again. I was really surprised at various counts 1. The warmth of the cabin crew. 2. The pleasant way in which announcements were made. She was facing the passengers 3. The way food was presented. I got it in a match box shaped paper carton! I would really say that you are the best airline in India at the moment. Wish you good luck! . ..."
Ashly, 25 January, 2012 ......... ..Y'day was the first time i was using IndiGo
"....Y'day was the first time i was using IndiGo and LOVED the service. I travelled both the ways via your service and I must say both were good experiences for me. Also, you dropped me in time, in both the trips!! Keep up the good work!!! . ..."
Meenakshi Das, 25 January 2012, 6E 265, (date of travel: February 17): ......... ..Thank you so much for considering
"....Thank you so much for considering my request and looking into the matter so promptly. I would also like to put forward a special appreciation for the call center team and specially Manoj (Team Leader) who has been extremely helpful and went that extra mile to give me call and inform me about the current status of the ticket. Not only that Manoj had been extremely patient and he really guided me well how go forward with the cancellation. He does know what customer service is and does brings back the smile of his customers. He is an asset to the company.. ..."
Sarthak Mohanty, 25 January, 2012 6E 265, (date of travel: February 17): ......... ..I had booked a round trip ticket
"....I had booked a round trip ticket for my sister and nephew but while booking in hurry i had misspelled the name of my sister. This i realized only when i took the print out of the ticket i called the call center and the executive over the phone compassionately acknowledge my request and promised he do his best to get it rectified. I was pleasantly surprised when i found an updated and rectified ticket in my mail box with-in 48hrs of my request. Hats off to u're surely on your way to be a model of truly modern airlines....keep it up and thanks a lot.. ..."
Shimy Jayachandrababu 26 January 2012 ......... ..The photo expedition's logistics worked
"....The photo expedition's logistics worked well. I traveled to Ahmedabad (where the trip started) from Delhi on Indigo, a privately-owned Indian airline, and I can't be complimentary enough. Its time-keeping and its in-flight staff (not only gorgeous, but efficient and attentive) put American and European airlines to shame." I recently read this in a famous photographer's blog...Just sharing it... . ..."
Sushila Pradhan, 30 January, 2012 6E 355, (date of travel: January 9) ......... ..Hi, I would like to thank you Jyothi Yadav
"....Hi, I would like to thank you Jyothi Yadav (6380-IGA) for her Tremendous help when i was on seek in the Calcutta Airport (19tH Jan).She was really kind and helped me lot. May God bless you Jyothi and all your dreams comes true :-) . ..."
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