Kanchan Mulchandani, 01 July, 2012 ......... ..Hi, .
"....Hi,My Name is Kanchan, I was flying from Delhi to Hyderabad, date 1st July 2012 ,flight 6E-311. I would like to appreciate Swati, I was not well, was very hungry , n I forgot my wallet at my place in Delhi , was having only my ATM cards with me , I have to take medicine on time. She help me with the meal, n that was really appreciated, Swati keep up the good work And Many thanks to you and to IndiGo. Keep it up n thank you so much once again... I would love to fly IndiGo again n again .... :) Regards, Kanchan . ..."
Hari Rohit, 02 July, 2012 ......... ..Dear IndiGo, .
"....Dear IndiGo, Greetings yesterday i read about IndiGo airlines in the hindu newspaper calicut edition . it was nice to read that IndiGo airlines are in profit and good aspects read in the paper about the airline, hats off to you IndiGo airlines. . ..."
Junaid Ahmad, 03 July, 2012 ......... ..My sister travelled on 29.06.12
"....My sister travelled on 29.06.12 from Luck now-Bangalore by IndiGo Airlines. She lost her baggage at Delhi Airport. But I would like to appreciate IndiGo people who traced our luggage and delivered the baggage to my sister at Bangalore at her residence. I would also like to appreciate and thanks to Ms.Sugandha (IndiGo Executive-Bangalore Airport).She really helped us so much. She was the person who traced our luggage and sorted all the things in a respective manner. GOOD JOB Sugandha. Keep it up. . ..."
Rohit Phulsunge, 04 July, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent traveler .
"....I am a frequent traveler and a loyal customer of Indigo Airlines. The thing I like most about your airlines is that it respects the punctuality of the system and sets up a benchmark for the entire Indian Airline industry as far as timely arrivals/departures are concerned. The on-board services are pretty good and the on-board staffs are very helping especially when you want to exchange a seat with a fellow passenger for some reason. I can find all IndiGo flights on makemytrip.com or for that matter yatra.com and the good thing about them is that they are on top i.e cheaper than their counterparts viz. SpiceJet, Jetconnect etc. I have also seen Indigo Airlines operating in less profitable routes like from Nagpur-Indore etc , which is very commendable. No other Airline company has managed to copy what Indigo has been doing. Great going and best wishes to your company in the future. Regards Rohit Phulsunge . ..."
Sulabh Koolwal, 07 July, 2012 ......... ..I have been flying IndiGo .
"....I have been flying IndiGo for past three years. I am very happy with the airline service overall. The planes are very clean and the food quality is topmost. I like the on time performance of indiGo. Hope you keep it the same way in years to come. . ..."
Utsav Parashar, 08 July, 2012 ......... ..Dear Sir/Mam
"....Dear Sir/Mam, Kindly Convey My Special thanx To "Mr Shashikant Tiwari, Executive Security, Indigo Patna" He is the person who called me up and returned my wallet which was full of currency and cards which i forgot in the flight 6E386 when i reached Patna on 30th June. I am really thankful To Mr Shashikant for the great deed. And wish him a very bright Future. . ..."
Vikhyat Umrao, 09 July, 2012 ......... ..Hi IndiGo, .
"....Hi IndiGo, First of all thanks a lot for making me a winner of Pune-Hyderabad promotion offer going on Facebook. I got a call from Mr. Hasan Shariff your duty manager, He was so much supportive throughout the booking process. Thank you Hasan for making my booking to Hyderabad, I am sure that IndiGo is very lucky to have such good employee with them. Regards, Vikhyat Umrao. . ..."
Abhay Gandhe, 10 July, 2012 ......... ..The cabin crew of 6E- 185 .
"....The cabin crew of 6E- 185, Lucknow to Delhi, on 8.7.12 was super efficient. In the short span, they served all the passengers and were so cordial and friendly. For the first time, I have seen the crew confirming meal orders of passengers with CPML facility even before the flight has taken off to save on time. I appreciate their team spirit and strategy. . ..."
Siddharth Singh, 12 July, 2012 ......... ..Hi .
"....Hi I had a pleasant trip from Delhi to Singapore on 8th of July due to the special gestures and courteous behavior of cabin crews. One noticeable mention would be crew member namely ILA QUADRO. She went extra mile to provide me assistance on various occasions especially when I had a knee injury. I was very pleased with her helping attitude all the time. I would like to sincerely thank ILA for making my trip pleasant and congratulate INDIGO for grooming such a wonderful cabin crew team. Siddharth Singh . ..."
Anirban Kapat, 12 July, 2012 ......... ..Thanks to Captain .
"....Thanks to Captain for his excellent capability to handle the climatic crisis. Time to time posting to passengers & his cool attitude to face the situation while trying hard to land in Kolkatta out of such a bad weather. God Bless. . ..."
Subrata Pramanick, 13 July 2012 ......... ..Congratulations to you .
"....Congratulations to you all for keeping up the Standards of your Service Quality, On time Performance etc. I also feel proud of IndiGo Airlines with whom I am associated from its inception in the Indian Skyies. Subrata Pramanick . ..."
Vikram Verma, 14 July, 2012 ......... ..I want to thank IndiGo .
"....Hi, I want to thank IndiGo ground staff at Kolkata and Bangalore and specifically call out for your employee Ms. Martha at Kolkata airport who helped me get back my Bank ATM Card and Rs.2000/- cash that I had misplaced on 28 June.2012 at Kolkata airport while boarding/security check of the flight 6E 342. I collected the same with tremendous support from Ms. Martha and other Indigo staff. Thanks a lot again. . ..."
Ravindra Kadam, 14 July, 2012 ......... ..I have had booked ticket .
"....I have had booked ticket for my collogue Mr. Sameet Khan, but unfortunately he forgot the Credit Card Copy. It was nice of Ms. Shalini from IndiGo to use her mobile number and coordinate with us in Dubai, to get emailed the required copy of Credit Card to her. This gesture is very appreciable and increases our Trust in IndiGo. I recommend an appropriation letter from your good office- which will motivate the deserving employees. . ..."
Sandeep Pande, 15 July, 2012 ......... ..Leading Lady Manasvi .
"....Leading Lady Manasvi was very professional and it was very evident that she was indeed a very good leader. We witnessed a closely knit professional team performing at clockwork precision under Manasvi. Another pleasing thing of "personal care" to note was including the mention of "Boys & Girls" in the announcement besides the usual Ladies & Gentlemen. Another one was when Manasvi considerately reminded the passengers to save their work on laptops before switching them off. Overall good inflight experience and the inflight team deserves an accolade. . ..."
Parag Shindekar, 16 July, 2012 ......... ..I travelled from HYD to Pune .
"....I travelled from HYD to Pune on Friday Jul 13. At Pune when I collected my baggage from belt I observed bag handle is broken. I complaint it to ground staff for this incidence and raised concerns for baggage handling. Rupali from Indigo ground staff offered me some compensation after some debate. All though the travel to service center and repair cost was much more than the compensation offered to me but I accepted the compensation, considering customer handling skills of your ground staff. I appreciate Rupali (hope the name is correct) from ground staff for her interpersonal skills, convenience customer, reach to solution and to retain Indigo brand name. Wish her all the best and to IndiGo for having good people. . ..."
Vikram Gupta, 17 July, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flyer .
"....I am a frequent flyer with indiGo on your corporate program. I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and hard work of all your crew who operated the flight 6E- 212, Kolkata to Delhi on the 12/07/12. It is been one of my finest flights with very well trained crew must say. Please keep up the good work. . ..."
Pooja Kapur, 18 July, 2012 ......... ..This is a mail to inform you .
"....This is a mail to inform you that I was extremely happy with the customer service support provided by Nupur Sharma on 17th July 10.00 am. She was articulate, prompt, professional, well versed and extremely helpful.. ..."
Geeta Balasubramaniam, 19 July, 2012 ......... ..I along with my family .
"....I along with my family wish to thank your airport staff both at Chennai & Pune for the excellent service rendered by them. We were a bit late as we were stuck in the traffic, but they took care of us well. Special mention has to be made of Mr.Kannandhiran who helped us with our grandson & hand baggage. Even at Pune they helped me climb down the stairs. Thanks to all of you. Keep up your good work. You have done your company proud. . ..."
Saurasish Saha, 20 July 2012 ......... ..Just wanted to appreciate .
"....Just wanted to appreciate the great In-flight service that we received in our return flight to Kolkata, 6E-378, on 17th July, 2012. The flight crew members namely : Hariet, Asangla, Anna & Pema, did deliver awesome service from the beginning to the end of the flight. They have set examples that other flight crew members and even other fight services should follow. KUDOS to their dedication to their job. Keep it up. . ..."
Sanjay Kumar Gupta, 20 July, 2012 ......... ..I traveled by your flight 6E-114 .
"....I traveled by your flight 6E-114, Bangalore-Delhi on 17 July 2012 at 18.25 hours. The landing at the Delhi airport was just PERFECT and SMOOTH. I didn't come to know when the plane actually landed!! Wow moment! Please pass on my complements to the PILOT. . ..."
Aarti shorewala, 23 July, 2012 ......... ..I would like to mention .
"....I would like to mention a special note of thanks for your employee Ms. Priyanka Sharma at the check-in counters on Delhi airport---for all her help and cooperation.. ..."
Rajeev Pandiya, 25 July, 2012 ......... ..This is to convey my appreciation .
"....This is to convey my appreciation for the patience and support shown on the phone by your call centre staff Ms Manisha. She was very professional, patient and polite and walked me through 4 return ticket bookings for me and my family from Bangalore to Jaipur.. ..."
Saritha Pillai , 26 July, 2012 ......... ..My name is Saritha Pillai .
"....My name is Saritha Pillai and would like to bring to your attention my experience with your flier. I generally fly with Kingfisher however due to the current situation was looking to book tickets to Delhi and back and couple of people referred me to IndiGo stating that it is a no frills but very good flier. I did have my reservations however went ahead and was trying to book my ticket online yesterday morning and ended up facing an issue with the payment. I called up your helpline and was attended to by this employee of yours -Mohammed. The first thing he did was to give me a goodwill discount when he realized that I was facing issue making a payment. Likewise since the IVR was down he could not take a payment on the phone. He called me couple of times yesterday to keep me appraised of my booking which was on hold and as promised called me exactly at 7.00 a.m today and did the booking over the phone. In a long time, this has been my best experience with any customer service Executive and wanted to bring this to the attention of IndiGo that they have an excellent employee who not only knows how to handle a customer but also very efficient and delivers on his role. I was extremely pleased with the overall experience especially because I faced a lot of issues while making the payment but this Gentleman helped and guided me throughout. . ..."
Taral Vaidya, 28 July, 2012 ......... ..I was on flight 6E 22 .
"....I was on flight 6E 22 on the 22nd/23rd July from Dubai to Delhi. It was a pleasant experience to have the flight crew look after the passengers and attend to them diligently & quickly. I make special mention, by name of Ms. Lavleen Syal who, aided by Ms. Bhavika ensured that the flight was a good experience. The 3 things they did which i could readily notice were: They smiled in acknowledgment at each & every passenger whenever they attended to them. They retraced the food trolley at least 8-10 times so the passengers could use the rear lavatory. They did so without complaint & with smile. Lavleen handled a disgruntled passenger politely but firmly especially when it was the passenger's fault. She made sure too, that the passenger was taken care of and in a way the passenger was not offended. I think the training given to the recent lot is just great & if there were other IndiGo crew which could take a leaf out of Lavleen's book, they shall make sure that passengers remain loyal to this fantastic airline. . ..."
Sandeep Desai, 31 July, 2012 ......... ..We were booked on Goa-Ahmedabad .
"....We were booked on Goa-Ahmedabad flight the day before yesterday (6E -160) and the computer system at the Goa Airport had crashed. The staff at the Boarding Counter, hurried as they were under stress, managed the situation very well. They were calm and polite, despite a few difficult customers. They deserve to be appreciated. . ..."
Munna Kumar Gupta, 31 July, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flier .
"....I am a frequent flier with your airline and I had recently flown to Cochin from Bangalore (return trip) and it happened to be the same set of crew on board. I write to commend your staff on an exceptional level of service when I traveled with your airline on the above dates. The service I had was a superb experience throughout the flight on Bangalore - Kochi sector. The service was truly flawless. Sangita Bhagat, the Leading Lady was truly professional. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to the specific staff members from this flight. They are a true reflection of the high levels of standard that we have come to expect of IndiGo Airlines. . ..."
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