Siddharth Shukla, 01 June, 2012 ......... ..I would like to extend my appreciation to you .
"....I would like to extend my appreciation to you , that your customer service representative " Joshan " has been excellent in customer service . I was very unhappy with the details i found on the website in terms of charges wherein he helped me change the flight seemlessly :D i am very happy at this moment when i am writing this email. I did not choose Air India or Jet airways or King fisher as i dont like the customer service because of word of mouth from my friends. Ontime is such a good thing.. i want to reach on time :) Again i thank you Joshan for being patient with me and help me with the proceedings.. And i am happy that i am all set now .. THANK YOU JOSHAN FOR MAKING MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO INDIGO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ..."
Vikram Singh, 01 June, 2012 ......... ..Very very good services .
"....Very very good services which made us feel special than any other flights. On time is very good thing. In flight services were very good. All together travel made very easy with IndiGo. One suggestion if your next television ad be in Hindi language it will be great. Always in support of IndiGo. . ..."
Jnaneshwar.S, 02 June, 2012 ......... ..At the outset I would like to express my immense .
"....At the outset I would like to express my immense gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Muhammed Sajoob, Airport Operations & Customer Service, Coimbatore Airport, for retrieving my bag with laptop, cash, mobile phone & important documents, which I had left in the airport premises when I reached Coimbatore by indigo 6E 285 on Wednesday, May 30 2012 and handing over the same to the Airport Manager immediately. The Airport Manager promptly informed me over the phone about the retrieved baggage & handed over the same to me after completing all the formalities in a highly professional manner. I once again commend the exemplary and professional attitude of Mr. Muhammed Sajoob and thank him for this help. . ..."
Seshadri, 02 June, 2012 ......... ..My wife, Dr.Sarojini Seshadri & I .
"....Dr.Sarojini Seshadri & I travelled by Indigo Airline to Vishakhapatnam & back to Chennai on 22nd &25th last month by flight nos.6E-511 & 512 respectively. Being senior citizens in 80s, we had received best attention from your ground staff as well as Air hostesses at both trips. This is to place our deep appreciation of their helpful services at every stage. . ..."
Dr. Vikas Sinha, 02 June 2012 ......... ..At your IndiGo Counter .
"....At your IndiGo Counter at Delhi on 1.5.2012 in the morning , at the counter check in madam Giashma was extremely helpful. It is a word of encouragement for her. . ..."
Richa Bharara, 04 June, 2012 ......... ..This is to place on record .
"....This is to place on record the good performance of Mr. Ankit Arora customer care executive on call in the night just few days back. He helped me very promptly with a name correction and if hadnt done then I would need to purchase a new ticket which would work our every expensive for me indeed. He was very patient, empathetic and proactive in attending my call and request. My flight was Delhi to Mumbai. God Bless u Mr.Arora . This to put on record that I was traveling from Delhi to Srinagar on Friday, the 27th of April on an IndiGo flight. One of the pieces of checked baggage did not get loaded onto the aircraft and was left behind in Delhi, even though it had been checked-in. When I reached Srinagar, I was very upset with the situation. However, Mr. Imran Pandit was very helpful & ensured that the piece of baggage was put on the next flight & reached my hotel the same evening. . ..."
Mrs. Michael, 05 June, 2012 ......... ..Absolutely excellent .
"....Absolutely excellent. To meet expectations is mediocre, call centre staff exceed expectations, fabulous work.. ..."
Sandeep Ghosh, 07 June, 2012 ......... ..First I would like to extend my warm greetings .
"....Dear Mr. Ghosh, First I would like to extend my warm greetings to you and your Indigo Team. This email is being sent to you with an intent to express my sense of loyalty and satisfaction towards your team full of vibrant and energetic crew members. And just a simple one liner defines your service on board or off the ground: You guys are world class. To add to this let me share an incident which I unfortunately went through when I was travelling from Kolkata to Mumbai on 19th Jan 2010 morning flight. As the flight was airborne and of course the seatbelt sign was off, I was about to get my laptop case from the overhead bin and accidently could not manage the balance and the bag toppled over my left shoulder. Result-I immediately dislocated my left shoulder with tremendous pain .Though it was mid-January and visibility was poor, we could not flew back to Kolkata however had to bear that pain till the flight landed at Mumbai. The co-pilot extended all support whatever could have been possible on board. My elder brother was contacted promptly to be at the airport in Mumbai and the ambulance and emergency services were arranged so well. I was rushed to Nanavati Hospital for reduction therapy and surgery. However this incident did not allow my loyalty towards you guys drop. I dont know what other passengers may have done-might be not opt for IndiGo in future. But my loyalty and love towards your airline grew manifold. And from then onwards I always opted for Indigo-best in class service, on time performance and world class crew members .And I also do recommend my colleagues, family members, relatives and friends to opt for Indigo anytime. And now whenever I travel, be it Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Kolkata, Kolkata-Delhi, Kolkata-Mumbai- I just rely on IndiGo and instruct my Admin to book me only with IndiGo .. As I will be travelling from Delhi to Hyderabad on 18th June 2012-I opted for IndiGo again . Just to summarize Team Indigo is just amazing and I will always want to fly with Indigo ..Just a small suggestion-Check if you guys can start some loyalty programs !!! Thanks for being the most efficient airline in todays dynamic and competitive aviation industry. Just keep it up ..Cheers to you and your team!! . ..."
Dishant Patel, 08, June, 2012 ......... ..I travelled from Delhi to Vadodara .
"....I travelled from Delhi to Vadodara on 08/06/2012 by flight 6E-212. My PNR is BH89BL. I would like to appreciate the services provided to me on the boarding counter by Mr. Imran Pandit (IGA-7626)on Delhi IGIA. And looking forward for this good service in future. . ..."
Rajesh Nambiar, 11 June, 2012 ......... ..I fly to Bangalore every week .
"....I fly to Bangalore every week by 6E-352. I do appreciate the In-Flight Services of IndiGo. The services are too good that I have stopped looking at any other flight. Keep it up. The best low cost flying experience.... . ..."
Debolina J, 14 June, 2012 ......... ..Just had a tremendous experience .
"....Just had a tremendous experience with a happy ending. Had my flight today at 5:55am and while coming towards airport my cab broke down and as usually was late for check in. It was here when IndiGo again proved to be the best air service. Mr. Joydeep Sarkar and his team took immense trouble to reach me to a proper boarding when I was quite tensed and nervous about the fact that I would surely miss my flight and the gradual programs accordingly but he took the responsibility and helped me immensely to reach me to my seat 5F. Want to appreciate highly for his effort and would say that IndiGo is the best airlines when it comes to perfection. Thanks a lot to u all :) . ..."
Naveen Arya, 16 June, 2012 ......... ..Thank You Neha Singh .
"....Thank You Neha Singh, Appreciate your support on phone, you have been one of most patient and helpful Customer Executive I have come across. You are an asset for Indigo....Keep up the good work!!. ..."
Mrinmoy Dutta, 17 June, 2012 ......... ..I'm extremely thankful to INDIGO .
"....I'm extremely thankful to INDIGO airlines to serve me in an exemplary way!! I was travelling in 6E-524 Chennai to Pune on 15th June 2012 with my Spouse (NIBEDITA DUTTA) and Son (SOURISH DUTTA). My son was occupying Seat 29B which was originally allotted to my wife. While leaving aircraft after it landed in Pune, my son forgot to collect his P.S.P. (Play Station Portable) from seat pocket in front of seat 29B. He only realized this following day afternoon. I immediately contacted IndiGo counter in Pune and reached at airport to check if same is available with them. IndiGo was kind enough to hand over the play station to me. This definitely brought smile to my sons face and my growing confidence on services provided by IndiGo:) You're the best!! . ..."
Laura Quinn, 19 June, 2012 ......... ..Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed .
"....Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I was with your team on my trip to Mumbai yesterday. I had a terrible delay reaching the airport and a really important meeting in Mumbai to get to - your staff did everything in their power to rush me on to the flight - it was beyond the call of duty and i don't think any other low cost carrier would bother to help like that. On the way back, it was a late night flight but we took off early and landed early. I was in my house before the flight was even scheduled to land! Your staff members really are the smartest and most sensible of all the airlines - please keep supporting and empowering them. . ..."
Prarthana Kumar, 20 June, 2012 ......... ..Just a small note of appreciation .
"....Just a small note of appreciation for one of your employees who was of such a huge help to us yesterday at the Mumbai airport. Vinod, the supervisor at the airport is nothing short of a truly star employee. Due to a delay at the Goa Airport, flight 6E 192 was delayed by short of two hours, due to an exigency my companion had to be in Delhi sooner than the revised arrival time. Even though the next flight was a completely booked flight, Vinod assured us in the most calm, patient manner that he would help us in any way that he can and he delivered my companion was able to get onto an earlier flight. Having that said, the 45 minutes that we waited at the counter Vinods interactions with all other customers regardless of how irritated the customer was, were an epitome of the high standard of customer service Indigo strives for. Truly a delight to come across people like him. Thank you Vinod. . ..."
Ishdeep Singh Anand, 20 June, 2012 ......... ..This is to appreciate / thank the efforts .
"....This is to appreciate / thank the efforts of Mr. Eric Wadia (Manager, Customer Services) because of whom our whole trip was saved from being spoiled. I am a frequent traveller with your Airline and as I travelled with my parents and child via your Mumbai Indore flight on the 18th June 2012 and there was some security issue with my 6 yr old sons belongings and the Mumbai Airport Security was being very uncooperative / unreasonable and situation was getting chaotic, but due to swift efforts of Mr. Eric Wadia the whole situation was defused / resolved. I would like to thank the Airline and especially Mr. Eric Wadia for his co-operation and efforts, it really lifted the Image of the Airline and Customer Service given by you. . ..."
Brig A.N.Surynarayanan, 21 June, 2012 ......... ..I write to commend your staff .
"....I write to commend your staff on an exceptional level of service when I travelled with your airline on the above date. I accidently left my wallet (ladies) in the Indigo Flight. Not realizing was half way home when I got a call from your Executive Mr Salim informing me of my lost wallet. Within minutes I was at the Indigo counter & Mr Salim himself personally carried the wallet and handed it over to me. He was extremely courteous assuring me that all my valuables were intact. I really appreciated his gesture and write to thank your organisation. Once again thanks for a truly award winning airline service. . ..."
Harish Kiran, 22 June, 2012 ......... ..I travelled on 6E-311 .
"....I travelled on 6E-311 from Hyderabad to Chennai on the 20 June 12' and was impressed with the leading lady of the flight Ms. Himani. She was extremely courteous and was very helpful to passengers. She understood the needs of elderly passengers and young children and treated them with utmost care. Her grooming standards were exemplary and the announcements she made were crystal clear. It was very heartening to see such a service on board. Please do convey my best wishes for her outstanding service. . ..."
Rajiv Kumar Gogoi, 23 June, 2012 ......... ..I had forgotten to carry my Tablet .
"....I had forgotten to carry my Tablet PC from my seat in the flight I was travelling from Dibrugarh to Kolkata. However the Indigo team members "Tanogha Pal" and "Ahujee Saha" were awesome and took perfect responsibility to call me on my mobile and return it back. "Tanogha Pal" and "Ahujee Saha" are definitely stars showing the perfect symbol of honesty and responsibility. I will definitely fly IndiGo again. Highly appreciated!!!!. ..."
Shilpa Joshi, 24 June, 2012 ......... ..I am a frequent flyer with IndiGo .
"....I am a frequent flyer with IndiGo airlines. Have flown to many places & my experience so far has been okay. This time i made the longest flight with IndiGo from Bangkok to Mumbai .i.e. on 6E 072 on 22/6/2012 & had a very pleasant & fine experience. All thanks to a crew member Ms. Tusarika. Not only did she have a smiling face throughout the journey but also she catered to all my needs without any complains or irritation. No matter how many times i asked her for hot water she made it a point to serve me even if it was after 10-15 mints without fail. I didn't have to remind her about anything. Most of the time you ask for water the crew gets so irritated & most of them tend to forget. But i was indeed very delighted with her service as she not only didn't forget to serve hot water, i asked for but upfrontly would even ask me if i need some more when she passed by. She sure does deserve an appreciation for her work & and boost to carry on the same way throughout. . ..."
Nitu, 25 June, 2012 ......... ..I was keen to place on record .
"....I was keen to place on record my sincere appreciation for the quick thinking and understanding shown by Lianna and Dilraj on Flight 6E 404 (22 June 2012) from Kolkata to Mumbai via Nagpur. My sister had a splitting migraine and the only way to help her was to get her a hot water bag. The flight was for 3 hours and 45 minutes and that just made the situation even more difficult for her. I requested Lianna and Dilraj for help and if they had a bottle that could be filled with hot water. Immediately they got a bottle from somewhere emptied it, got the hot water and my sister was able to use that to get her headache down. This species of migraine runs in our family and I absolutely know how painful it can be. Mighty grateful to Lianna and Dilraj for helping out during the little time that they get as a break. One request to the airline - you might want to consider keeping at least a few blankets per flight. Consider having one look at the number of Thyroid disorders in India and you will know exactly how difficult the air-conditioning can be for atleast 30% of your customers to bear. I appreciate that there will still be some people who will have to be told 'sorry, don't have one' when they ask for a blanket but hey that's better than telling everyone you don't have one! . ..."
Savinay Dangi, 26 June, 2012 ......... ..I want to really thank Lisa .
"....I want to really thank Lisa, one of the ground crew at Kolkata airport. If it was not for her i would not have made the flight. I love IndiGo and it is because of her. If every member is like her, none can stop you from becoming the best. Please convey my sincere thanks to her and i wish her all the best.. ..."
R.K. Mehta, 28 June, 2012 ......... ..I was really impressed .
"....I was really impressed by the impeccable welcome, announcements and service of the cabin crew of Flight 6E 259 from Delhi to Bhubaneswar on 24th June. It really stood out. Perfection was visible in every part of the service right to the way in which the bottle of water was handed over. however, the service on the return flight 6e 258 from Bhubaneswar to Delhi on 27th June, although not bad, was not of the same standard.. ..."
Shriram M.Paranjpe, 28 June, 2012 ......... ..Our close family friend .
"....Our close family friend Mr. Shriram M. Paranjpe travelled from Delhi to Mumbai by IndiGo plane. He narrated one pleasant & marvellous incidence about staff members of air craft crew staff of your company and requested me to convey his experience & feelings to IndiGo. On 18th June Mr. Paranjpe catch Delhi Mumbai flight no. 6E 185 (Seat no.: 18F, sequence 50, Class: V) from Delhi airport. While reaching exit gate of Mumbai Airport, he noticed empty trouser pocket, missing the money purse having nearly Fifteen thousand rupees within it! While moving with nervous mind he got a call from one of the aircraft crew staff reporting that the missing money purse is in the safe hands of the staff member & will be returned to Mr. Paranjpe immediately. In a moment after the call, a security person reached Mr. Paranjpe & handed over the money purse to him with all money inside the purse! Overwhelmed by the honesty Mr. Paranjpe offered a small reward to him, but the layman humbly refused to accept it !! . ..."
Mansi, 29 June, 2012 ......... ..Hi team IndiGo. .
"....Hi team IndiGo. I was delighted to travel on your flight 6e-306 ,from Hyderabad to Delhi. Beautiful aircraft , nicely maintained. Nice helpful cabin crew. Especially Yamini was there .She really was friendly, ever smiling and took care of me and my friend very well, your customer service definitely rank in the top league .Way to go IndiGo. I am traveling to Delhi again .hope to fly with the same crew. Best of luck. . ..."
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