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"....We travelled from Hyderabad to kolkata by your airlines. The service was very good and especially I would like to thank and appreciate Ankita at kolkata airport on 14th Feb, 2012. We flew out of Kolkata by flight number 6E352. She was very patient, helpful and courteous towards us and helped our smooth travel. I travelled with two senior physically disabled women and she was very gracious in making arrangements to move them to the right gates and through the security gates. The wheel chair persons were also very helpful and courteous. In all I would like to thank you and your staff for making our plans so well organized. . ..."
"....Thank you for making my journey so comfortable (which I thought would be difficult). I was travelling by 6E - 275 to Bangalore from Kolkata, it was via Chennai and I was the only passenger who was waiting in the aircraft in Chennai and I had to take my medicine at 9:00, so was wondering whom to ask as the cabin attendants were busy with the boarding of passengers from Chennai, suddenly I heard this lady's voice offering a glass of water.. "wow" is what I felt. Her name was Sushmita (don't remember the surname sorry), but she was great... believe me I have travelled by Kingfisher, Go Air & Air India but never such an experience... awesome Indigo .. Hats off... to you all specially the lady... I think you all will see me more often using your flights. Sometimes small things matter a lot. Thank you again Indigo.. ..."
"....Had a good experience on my flight from Mumbai to Chennai. I wanted to extend my congratulations to the design team that produced the inflight magazine. Its a great piece of graphic design and layout. Well done! . ..."
"....I had to send off my brother-in-law to Chennai but, due to traffic problem we were delayed to the Airport. In spite of the tight schedule they had issued the boarding pass and then said that they will try to connect the baggage in the same flight. We were worried as he has to travel to US next day. His schedule may miss as he needs to organize his things. Thanks to the Staff at Hyderabad who had ensured that he landed safely as well as he was able to get the baggage. Real time performance and excellent customer service. Kudos to the team at Hyderabad. . ..."
"....This one is for Cadence (or Candence) Williams, one of the in-flight executive. I bought a few items thru your in-flight magazine and for some reason your credit card machine couldnt read my card. Cadence went an extra-mile and accompanied me to the airport ATM upon landing just so that I could complete my transaction. She was well dressed, extremely polite, courteous and helpful. Shes a jewel in your crown. Retain her at all costs.. ..."
"....I am a regular traveler every two weeks to Baroda and back to Mumbai since several years and have been flying Indigo since it started. However on every single trip the service has been outstanding compared to any other airline. I would like to congratulate Indigo for the excellent service of the ground staff at Baroda airport. I would like to be more specific regarding Mr Mit and Mr Rakesh Salvi who go out of the way to make you comfortable and resolve any issues to the satisfaction of the passenger. Keep up the good work and motivate your staff the way you have been doing. This would go a long way in the interest of the airline. . ..."
"....I wanted to thank Indigo customer care department for actively looking in to my problem regarding flight rescheduling and helping me with it. Even though I had to do some follow up and write some harsh words to get things done, I appreciate Indigo's commitment to help the customers. Ankit -- who worked on my complaint handled it very well and gave the exact resolution I needed. I am very pleased and hope to fly with you Indigo again. Wish you guys all the best!!!. ..."
"....I would like to give you big thank for introducing more numbers of flights to Bhubaneswar, which means a lot for me. As, normally no airline consider Bhubaneswar while expanding their network, so thank you once again. Because of this I feel like indigo airlines is ours, it belongs to us.. ..."
".... I missed my flight to Delhi because of unavoidable circumstances and your check in staff were supremely helpful and accommodated me on the next flight, after paying the cancellation/re-booking/difference amount of course :). It was prompt, efficient and saved me a lot of trouble. Proving once again why you are probably my favorite Indian airline! Thanks a lot guys!. ..."
"....This is to bring to your notice that today I had a word with one of your customer service desk advisor name "RJ Sathis" it was a delightful experience. As I am the first time traveler via Indigo Airlines and also in my life time it is a big thing for me. I must say thank you Indigo Airlines for making the customer service experience excellent than I thought! Thank you again to Mr. RJ Sathis great customer service from him!!! . ..."
"....I only provided my first and last name when I booked my ticket through your website and only realized at a later stage that this might be a problem because I have a middle name on my passport. I called your customer service number today and spoke to NAVEEN! I must say that I am impressed with the way he handled the query. The guy was very professional and helpful. He assured me that my full name has been updated on the ticket and the airport team will be informed so I won't have any issue at the airport. He deserves the accolades for providing outstanding customer service! One small issue; this should be mentioned clearly on your website that you enter the passport name of the traveler so no one would have any issues. Well I am looking forward to fly with Indigo for the first time and I hope it will be a pleasurable experience! Keep up the good work Naveen! . ..."
"....A special thanks to Ms. Shreya Bhalla the leading leady on board 6E 313. She is truly a role model for the new crew who demonstrated a very positive outlook and took up every possible opportunity to delight her guests. Keep up the good work!!! Your wonderful attitude will make us come back. . ..."
"....First time I had travelled in Indigo Flt. I being a physically challenged person, I have lot of apprehensions and usually choose Air India or King Fisher, though both the airlines are performing very poorly in all aspects! I was very much impressed with the Indigo Services, in flight or otherwise. Indigo Airlines have either their own ladders with ramp (no other Airlines has this type of ladders) or they have the arrangement of aero-bridge. Whenever people carry me down the steps on the ladder, I shudder with fear and the wheel-chairs too usually are badly maintained, unlike Indigo. Now I have decided to travel by indigo. Please keep it up. All the best. ..."
"....I am a frequent traveler by Indigo, and yesterday was on the 6E212 from Bombay to Bangalore. I wanted to write in my appreciation of the commendable job done by an onboard flight attendant named Rekha. There was an extremely irate passenger sitting in the row diagonally across me, on 22 B seat number. He had a lot of cabin baggage, and as soon as he came on board, he was screaming for a flight attendant to stuff them all up for him. Every passenger was standing by the aisle and stuffing their baggage up, so this man's rude shouts wasn't audible to the cabin attendants. Passengers like me who were nearby were extremely irritated by this man's rudeness. As soon as the aisle cleared, cabin attendants were passing by to help any passengers, and this man immediately started complaining very rudely to Rekha. He was scolding, and behaving outrageously. And Rekha meanwhile, kept her composure, was humble and apologized profusely. She patiently listened to that passenger all the while he went on a tirade, which was totally unwarranted. I just wanted the officials at Indigo to know what happened, and probably let Rekha know that she did an extremely good job. I am a journalist with DNA newspaper and I fly a lot, but this flying experience was most humbling because of that young lady's grace under pressure. Please let her know of my appreciation for it. . ..."
"....I just wanted to appreciate the excellent service provided by your ground staff as well as your cabin crew. The Cabin was nice and CLEANS unlike many other Indian Airlines. It felt like I travelled in a plane NOT a bus. Thanks: D. ..."
"....I would like to place on records, a small token of appreciation for Ms. Lolita. Ms Lolita helped me during a very emergency situation, where I needed to book a flight for my mother. She was on hold for over half an hour and assisted me step by step. The kind of patience and dedication she showed towards Customer Satisfaction is unparalleled. I wish her all the best for her future.. ..."
"....On 6th March I arrived from Pune to Chennai on the morning Indigo flight. When I collected the luggage at the carousal I realized to my horror that my cellphone was missing from the baggage-left for security reasons in the bag while checked in at Pune. While walking to Indigo counter to register my complaint, I heard my name announced on PA system asking me to report to baggage collection center. I found a couple of Indigo ground staff waiting for me. After suitable introductions and verification, I was handed over my cell phone to me, indeed a pleasant surprise that I cannot express fully after it was explained to me that the cell fell off the baggage on tarmac at the time of being loaded on trolley. Entire team of Indigo needs to be congratulated on the systems adopted and the work culture inculcated. I am thanking myself that I chose to travel on Indigo. . ..."
"....We wish to convey our sincere thanks to the two IndiGo lady staff on duty at the baggage collection center at Kolkata around 4 pm on 12 Mar 12. We, a group of four which included my mother aged 84 returning from Varanasi, were scheduled to catch the connecting flight 6E352 to Hyderabad. The baggage did not arrive in time making our next flight very critical, but for the intervention of these two IndiGo Ladies. We not only boarded the HYD flight, with all the possible assistance to my mother, but were relieved to see that the luggage was also loaded in the same aircraft. It was a divine touch to our holy trip. Thanks to those two ladies in particular and thanks to IndiGo. . ..."
"....Yesterday I have undertaken a journey with my family by your evening flight no.6E 277 from Chennai to Kolkata. We were overwhelmed by your hospitability. Your flight attendant Ms. Poonam had served diligently. She was nice and sober in her approach that I got sometimes in International Flights. I want to wish her all success in her career. Secondly I want to thank your Flight Captain and his copilots for a comfortable journey. The landing and take off was so smooth that we could hardly understand. This is very rare in domestic flights. My customer account no is 2100968110 and user name - ASHOK SURANA. I again convey my gratitude for the comfort and hospitality and shall be eagerly waiting to experience the same. . ..."
"....I loved my Indigo experience... Check in was a breeze... you had so many counters open and your staff is efficient too. The flight took-off on time and landed ten minutes before the scheduled time. I take three flights a week on an average and I wonder why I haven't always only flown Indigo. Trust me, I will from now on.. ..."
"....My parents were to travel on the Bangalore - Hyderabad 6E152 flight on the 15th of March. They are aged and were travelling with a lot of baggage. Given the rush at Bangalore airport at the time, and all the chaos, I was concerned about them. There were two actions by the Indigo staff that I truly want to appreciate. One, they provided us the boarding passes when we approached them at the counter outside for a printout of the ticket (we weren't carrying any). Second and this is where I appreciate the human touch, was that we approached one of your lady staff and asked if it would be possible to let us know my parents had been able to get the baggage checked in. She immediately let us know that they had indeed and had proceeded for security clearance. Later on, she called me up on my mobile and informed that my parents had boarded the flight. I was not expecting this second gesture. It is obvious that your lady staff understood well my anxiety and made the thoughtful gesture of calling me and letting me know. I can understand how rushed and busy these days the Bangalore airport is. In all of this, the fact that she made this effort was heartwarming. This kind of service is frankly not really expected by us in India. I missed asking the lady her name. But I hope you would be able to trace who was manning the Indigo counter around 7:00 pm at the airport on 15th March and convey my thanks. If possible please share her example with your other staff. I have been a regular Indigo traveler and with service like this shall remain loyal to your brand. . ..."
"....We had flight on 13/1/12 from Bangalore to Delhi and 16/1/12 back. Absolutely your flight was very good in both directions. We had very smooth flight and enjoyed your food. From departure to back, all are very good. Thanks for your excellent service . ..."
"....I am an Emirates Gold Card holder. I heard good things about Indigo from my friends so decided to fly Indigo for the Dubai-Delhi-Dubai sector. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my maiden experience with Indigo. The check in was smooth and hassle free and the aircraft departure and arrival was on time. The inflight attendants were polite and courteous. The seats were comfortable. The quality of service provided by Indigo far exceeds the fare and I will definitely recommend Indigo to all my friends and will also fly again. . ..."
"....This is to express my (and wife's) deep appreciation and thanks to INDIGO and particularly to Ms. Shyja Princy and to Mr. Rajat Gopinath of your airlines working at Trivandrum for helping us to get back our lost hand baggage which contained items we valued very high. We had a round trip with Indigo (TVM-Chennai-TVM) which was over by today's flight (316) to TVM. Incidentally, we also have very good appreciation for the punctuality of your flights as well as the neatness maintained in the insides of the aircraft. Once again thanking you and your team!! . ..."
"....I travel a considerable amount and I would like to recommend one of your flight attendants. Swati Vashistha is among the best flight attendants I have come across. She is an extremely efficient girl and I do believe that hard work should not go unnoticed. I hope this mail would support her during her appraisals. Thanks!. ..."
"....I am myself Kannan who travelled to and from Delhi to Bangalore. The services were excellent and marvelous which made me a memorable journey. I had a great pleasure in meeting Air hostess for the first time and they were cool enough. Hat's off to you Guys. You all made my day memorable one. ..."
"....I would like to share my experience for your valuable and tremendous service from your two associates named Soni Kumari and Rini Singh. Really I would appreciate them for their kind help to me when I was missed my flight. I had gone through all the airlines but I am really happy by the service provided by these two members. They are doing fantastic job and giving 100% satisfaction to passengers by helping them in a very critical situation. I would like to say again ton of thanks to them and I will fly only in Indigo from now onwards. Great job done by your associates. . ..."
"....I am really impressed with one of your employee named "Shaista Parvez". I met Shaista on "Boarding pass collection counter of INDIGO airlines" at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata. I am really impressed with Shaista's code of conduct. She is Intelligent, Capable of solving passengers problem quickly and as per my understanding an asset to any organization she is associated with. Please consider this mail of mine as a token of appreciation for Indigo airlines and most importantly for Shaista Parvez. I wish Shaista a very successful life ahead with all the great opportunities and success. . ..."
"....I flew Indigo from Delhi to Bangalore and back about a year back. Since then I have flown just about every other airline except Indigo since I'm at Bhopal. Just want to tell you guys that your services are exceptional be it the crew (cabin and cockpit), your aircraft or just the ambience. Requesting you to please expand your services to include a Bhopal-Delhi flight. Much needed and much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!. ..."
"....I am a frequent flier and take almost 50 flights a year. Yesterday I traveled on 6E 185 (departs Delhi 8:35 pm, arrives Mumbai 10:45 pm) and would like to highlight that it was one of the most comfortable flight I have taken in years. The take-off and landing were the smoothest that I have ever experienced. I would like to congratulate Indigo for having such good pilots. . ..."
".... I was supposed to travel from Delhi to Raipur on 19th March and take IndiGo flight from Terminal 1D of the New Delhi Airport. But being new to the city I Had missed this and instead went to Terminal 3 and was directed to terminal 1. It is a 10 km journey and took me almost 20 min to get there. Once inside the terminal when I went to the IndiGo counter I was told that I was late and the flight was closed. I was requesting the staff to help but they said they could not help, and then I requested the Manager to help me get inside the flight. He immediately informed the ground crew over the walkie-talkie and directed the staff to help. He sent the one of the members to help me get past the security; take the baggage in the shortest possible time. When I got near the gate it was closed, but they opened it. I took the cab and went near the plane, Even the flight ramp was removed, but they added it in no time and the member took the baggage inside the plane and I finally boarded the plane. The flight took off immediately and I could not even thank anyone....and apologize for the delay (of at least 10 min). Yet the flight reached the Raipur terminal before time by almost 20 min. All this was possible because of the help from the Manager and the staff of IndiGo at Delhi terminal. I want to thank all of them especially the Manager and member who helped me board the flight as it was my engagement ceremony in the evening. I cannot imagine how life would have taken a turn had I missed the flight. Seeing you I feel humanity is still alive. Thank you again for the support. ..."
"....Please refer to your booking number: HDSGBB on 3/20/2012 from New Delhi to Hyderabad. I just wanted to take a couple of minutes from your busy schedule and appreciate your team for the wonderful experience I had during my flight. Everything from the ground staff to the aircraft and the on flight staff were so good that I thought I was not in a domestic but a world class flight. Thank you very much for making it so easy for me. I took the flight when I was awake for 30 continuous hours and was totally exhausted. I request your check in staff to give me a window seat and despite of all challenges of not having a window seat, she still tried her best to give me one. This effort changed my complete outlook towards flying with Indigo. Also during the flight I kept bothering the air staff for water again and again and never had they had any grins. They always kept coming back to me with a smile and kept ensuring that I am comfortable. I do not recollect the names of those people whom I met, but overall it was a great show for Indigo as a team. I have decided that now every time I fly I will take Indigo provided it goes where I GO. Once again Kudos to your team and a big thank you for making it a great and memorable flight for me. I cant express my gratefulness in words but I have tried my level best. . ..."
"....Strong appreciation to be conveyed regarding in -flight Staff Ms Kavita Kanwar while my visit from CCU-AMD on March 18th, thats called as Customer delight rather than just customer service, I was really impressed the way she handled one irritating and ill-mannered Customer in flight and still maintaining that smile and doing her duty, she was all so active and taking care of Customers so nicely which was really an eye opener for all super charging super frill airlines where customer delight lacks, Kudos Girl, Keep flying.. ..."
"....Felt like appreciating the crew members on the Flight 6E 309 to Hyderabad. I remember few names Doyel, Josephine, Gunjan who made me feel that they enjoy serving others. I recall my neighbors wild remark about Indigo beverages to Gunjan but the situation was so gracefully handled by her & Josephine with a smile & immediate help... If there is a rating system Id call is 10/10 ...guess Ive been flying with Indigo since a year & I guess Im forced to do it again & again... . ..."
"....I am extremely grateful and appreciative of your services rendered by your ground staff at Mumbai and Chennai airports. This was for my niece who is visually challenged and travelling alone from Mumbai to Chennai on March 25, 2012. She was escorted right from the ticketing counter through obtaining boarding pass, baggage checking and boarding at Mumbai. The flight crew also helped her and made her feel comfortable. She was also assisted in Chennai from the aircraft and obtains her baggage. She was escorted till the gate to the people who came to receive her. I am extremely glad and thankful once again towards the staff of indigo airline for their gesture. I will confidently suggest indigo airlines to my acquaintance friends and relatives. I had heard good things about indigo airlines from my friends and now I have experienced the same. I wish indigo airlines the best to keep up their good work.. ..."
"....This is to applaud the functioning of your airline ground staff at Dabolim airport. I am very impressed by it. Hitherto, I used to fly by whichever flight was convenient. Now, seeing the warm treatment given to me by Mr. Justin Gowe, Station Manager, I try as hard as possible to fly by Indigo Airlines. Over the last month itself I have flown at least eight times on Indigo Airlines - from Goa to Delhi or Goa to Bombay and Bombay to Delhi because I find that the ground handling is much superior to that of other airlines and probably, this reflects in the on-time arrivals. I also find that departures are five or ten minutes before the scheduled departures and arrivals ten to twenty minutes before the scheduled arrivals. This is to congratulate you and bring to your notice my appreciation of the efforts of Mr. Justin Gowe and to thank him for according me this reception at the airport. . ..."
"....I would like to compliment Ms. Neelima of the call center staff for her courteous service and professionalism. She handled my inquiries with perfect English and helped me process a change in my booking very quickly. Much appreciated!. ..."
"....Just thought I would send this out, to say thanks... Was seated on seat 1D right up front for this flight and since there was no place in the overheads to keep my bag the flight crew took the bag and kept it at the back. Now this has happened to me several times before on other airlines, and the normal process is that you wait for the flight to almost completely disembark and then go fetch your bag. This time however the inflight supervisor came back to me at the end of the flight before landing, and told me to get off and another member of the crew would bring the bag from the back and hand it to me outside the flight. I travel for work quite a lot, doing about 150 flights a year. And I must say this is one of the few times a crew member has gone out of the way to save me time. It's the small things that make a difference. . ..."
"....I traveled on Indigo Flt. 6E 315 at 6:20 a.m., on 16th March 2012, from Delhi to Kochi. I am writing this in appreciation of the excellent service extended to me by the Cabin Crew, with special thanks to Ms. Akshi (I suspect that is her name). Her professionalism and consideration is commendable. Being a disabled person, she assisted me to the seat and was very attentive to me during the entire flight. I, am from the airline industry as well, having worked with Air India and Air Canada as a Flight Attendant, I sincerely appreciated the care shown to me by Ms. Akshi and your ground personnel as well. Please extend my sincere thanks to Akshi and the rest of the crew and the trainers of Indigo for an excellent job done. I look forward to flying with Indigo during my stay in India. ..."
".... I was pleasantly surprised by the flight attendant on flight to Ahmedabad on 29th March (10:40 a.m., Del- Ahmedabad) who came specially to my visually impaired (blind) friends from japan to explain safety measures and equipment by making them touch and feel all items. Felt proud of the hostess. ..."
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