Geeta Gajula , May 1, 2012 ......... ..I happen to travel back from Delhi .
"....I happen to travel back from Delhi to Hyderabad on 2nd April, this was the last flight out, and your staff at the airport was extremely professional. I had to return my boarding card due to an emergency and must say Roma, who was the manager at that time, handled this request very promptly and professionally. I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism depicted by her and the team. Request you to pass on this message to her. . ..."
Gautam Kumar, May 1, 2012 ......... ..I write this to compliment your ground .
"....I write this to compliment your ground crew who took me out of one of the biggest peril of my life. I had left my wallet at a lounge in domestic terminal. Needless to say it had everything and its loss could have jeopardized my career. First of all heartiest gratitude to the person who acknowledged possession of wallet at the lounge. But what was more important was to get the wallet to me. I was stranded at Patna without any money and desperately calling your branch at Delhi to please expedite the process as there was a connecting flight at 1225 and the people there were just giving shallow promises till 1145. At Patna I was hungry and irritated to the highest extent. It was a call to the attendant at 1145 who understood my position. I don't remember his name. Then Miss Soni Kumari went on to take the wallet at around 1205. Needless to say I had lost hope as the connecting flight was at 1225. Kudos to the lady for her presence of mind, sincerity to my request as she somehow managed to hand over the wallet at the nth moment. Finally my wallet reached me on time else I would have had to fast the whole day. My sincerest gratitude to the people involved especially the lady who ensured the dispatch on time. I believe she can be utilized in greater role in the company. Cheers and keep it up Miss Soni. . ..."
Rachit Khemlani, May 1, 2012 ......... ..I used indigo airline for Delhi - Dubai .
"....I used indigo airline for Delhi - Dubai and I had an amazing experience of flying in indigo. Your staff is very cooperative and because of their support I was able to catch my flight although I reached airport a bit late and the counters were closed 20 min earlier but still they allowed me to check-in. I would really like to thank your staff (check in counter) for the cooperation. I love indigo and will suggest all my friends and relatives to fly with indigo. Thank you once again. Will fly with you very soon!!!! Go indigo indigo!!! . ..."
Sujal Mayatra, May 1, 2012 ......... ..Comfortable and courteous crew .
"....Comfortable and courteous crew members. I would like to thanks and request you if you can personally send "thank you" note to Priyanka and "leading lady" Nishitha. She explained the query well while serving other passengers.. ..."
Rashmi Gautam, May 2, 2012 ......... ..I forgot my baby's stroller after .
"....I forgot my baby's stroller after landing at Nagpur airport. Indigo team contacted me multiple times to inform regarding the same and I picked up the stroller in the evening. Also, the staff provided me assistance with my luggage. Thank you for the same.. ..."
Saumil Pathak, May 2, 2012 ......... ..I was traveling by IndiGo flight .
"....I was traveling by IndiGo flight no. 6e487 from Delhi to Vadodara on 30th April, 2012. I forgot my wallet in the aircraft and left for home. On the way, I received a call from Mr. Kamlendu Mahato from Vadodara airport mentioning he had found my wallet and waiting for me though his duty hours were over. When I reached there, he returned my wallet with all belongings intact. I really appreciate his honesty from bottom of my heart. Good job Mr. Mahato. Thank you very much.. ..."
Anish Paul, May 4, 2012 ......... ..It was a packed Bangalore - Hyderabad- Jaipur .
"....It was a packed Bangalore - Hyderabad- Jaipur flight tonight (6e-152). I was travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad and I desperately needed to buy some items from the inflight sales booklet and we had already begun our decent to the Hyderabad airport. I was getting concerned when a very pleasant spoken in flight attendant named Shefali assured me that she would get me my stuff. She informed me that since the seat belt sign was on she could not get it to me directly but that I could pick it up at the time of de-boarding the plane. I was impressed with the way she both abided by her rules and sure enough got me my product at the time of de-boarding the plane. I made note of her name as I wanted to inform someone in charge that they have an asset in the form of Shefali and that I was really impressed with the way she dealt with my request tonight. Thank you and instances like this will ensure that I will continue to have indigo as my preferred mode for flying domestic always. . ..."
Ramakant Rai, May 4, 2012 ......... ..I want to provide feedback for an extraordinary .
"....I want to provide feedback for an extraordinary and timely assistance rendered by Mr. Bablu Jatti (asst. Manager, security, Patna airport), an indigo employee. Basically, six of my family members were travelling on indigo flight number 6e 233 from Patna to Delhi on 28 April, 2012. Two of them left certain bags at the Patna airport at the time of security check-in. Next morning, i.e. On 29 April, I made several calls to indigo offices at Patna airport. However, I did not get any satisfactory response until I managed to speak to Bablu. He went out of his way to help us. In fact, he also did repackaging of certain items in the bags to secure their safety. Finally, he handed over our luggage to another indigo employee, who delivered the same to us at the Delhi airport. The timely delivery of the bags was very helpful. I would like to thank Bablu and indigo family for the extraordinary assistance provided to us. . ..."
Shermeen Merchant, May 4, 2012 ......... ..Last evening, I had the opportunity .
"....Last evening, I had the opportunity to interact with you for the second time. I was quite distressed as I had to make some urgent changes to my bookings for travel to Singapore due to a family emergency. Both you and Brij Mohan went out of your way to be extremely helpful and accommodating and ensured that all my travel arrangements were in perfect order! I am aware that you stretched your shift hours and only logged off from work when my booking was complete. You gave me good advice on how I should best go ahead with the travel arrangements required. I have been part of the back office of an international airline myself, and now manage the learning & development function for my organization. In my training programs on customer service, I will share examples of the high levels of professional competence in customer service displayed by the both you and Brij mohan. Thanks once again! I appreciate your help! . ..."
Aditya Singhvi, May 4, 2012 ......... ..I was booked on the flight from Delhi .
"....I was booked on the flight from Delhi to Pune yesterday [6e-137] and Ive got to really appreciate the quality of service provided by your cabin crew. The tone, demeanor and cheerfulness were really good. I haven't seen that in a while now. Hope you continue to provide such lovely service in the future to everyone. Oh and very nice take-off and landing. You had a great team yesterday on that plane! . ..."
Bijay Singh, May 8, 2012 ......... ..I've been travelling with IndiGo .
"....I've been travelling with IndiGo for almost 2 years & Ive had the best of the services industry can provide. To add up to the quality I guess the call center team also did a greattttttt job. I had to reschedule my booking & I called up the customer care # @ 1.15pm (8th may) after explaining everything. The line got disconnected twice, I tried for the third time & asked the gentleman (Mr. Abdul) to make sure the line does not get Disconnected & explained everything again & the entire procedure took almost 45-50min (due to delay from my end) at last I was so thrilled that Mr. Abdul was sooooooo patient enough to clear all my queries & got me a solution. Now I guess I havent made a mistake by choosing indigo & will make sure all my friends & relatives choose the same thanks To people like Abdul that the quality is always up kept.... Cheers!!!!!!!! . ..."
Vikas Mathur, May 8, 2012 ......... ..I would like to express my sincere thanks .
"....I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the service extended to my parents when they were travelling from Dubai to Delhi on May 06, 2012. The staffs at the airport (Engelbert Murzello and Ashmita) were very helpful and understanding. Given the age of my parents they were considerate and accommodating for the excess baggage. Although we understand the policies regarding excess baggage, especially for budget airlines, the staff co-operated on compassionate grounds and made the experience memorable for me and my parents. This is highly appreciated and I would like to wish you and your staff all the very best in their endeavors for enhancing passenger experience. . ..."
Shalini Singh, May 9, 2012 ......... ..I Shalini Singh from Ahmadabad would .
"....I Shalini Singh from Ahmadabad would like to congratulate indigo on behalf of my husband and myself for having this airline run for us. I have been a frequent flyer with indigo for quiet sometime now and the experience has been great so far but a girl in your company named Priya Biswas has actually given me that customer delight which I have been looking for. she could actually comfort my baby inflight who was crying out loud, perhaps as a mother what I could understand what was wrong which the young lady did and took care of me and my baby throughout the husband and I were also glad to see that we were assisted with our bags till the aircraft. Indeed we felt special travelling on that day. I hope indigo does well and keeps making us reach our destinations on best wishes with the indigo team. . ..."
Rajeev Suri, May 17, 2012 ......... ..Wanted to thank indigo's employees for the solid .
"....Wanted to thank indigo's employees for the solid, beyond the call of duty effort and service that I received this week, which has helped cement my liking and loyalty for brand indigo. While flying on 6e132, from Bangalore to Delhi on the 15th of May, I had forgotten my apple MacBook pro laptop at Bangalore security- and on reaching Delhi, spoke to your customer relations folks, who identified the laptop, guided me through the documents required to establish identity, and collected the laptop on my behalf from Bangalore, flew it to Delhi and handed it over to me. A great coordinated set of services that was done by the following people- blessin, and Rini in Delhi, and Tamel and Andrea in Bangalore, as well as Pravin, who finally coordinated the actual handing over. I want to put these folks' contribution on record and thank them . ..."
Punit PunJ, May 17, 2012 ......... ..This is Punit Punj, on 16th may I was travelling .
"....This is Punit Punj, on 16th may I was travelling by jet airways and my wife and children were travelling by indigo from kolkata to Ahmedabad. My family was carrying only check in baggage and did not carry any hand baggage, when reported at the counter we learnt from the executive that there is an extra weight of 16kgs, then I insisted that they are not carrying any hand baggage then this weight should be waived off, but Ms. Aparna (the executive at the counter) explained me that its not as per company's norms, but I still insisted that indigo should implement this , when a passenger does not carry any hand baggage he/she should be given waiver for the excess baggage weight for the check in baggage, but Ms aparna was kind enough to explain that , we can shuffle out bags and make them split and carry the extra kilos as hand baggage, it was very helpful and kind of her, I was really rude enough initially when she was denying to accept, but later I realized the way she explained. This mail is truly to thank Ms. Aparna to guide us in a good way...thank you again to whole indigo team and Ms. Aparna. Have a great day!! . ..."
Dipak Dutta, May 18, 2012 ......... ..I am Dipak Dutta, and I flew IndiGo on wed the .
"....I am Dipak Dutta, and I flew IndiGo on wed the 16th may 2012, after a hurried one-day trip. On arrival, I realized that my unaccompanied baggage was missing. It was well past 10pm and I had a heavy schedule ahead the next day. Being a man of 65 years - I felt rather hassled, unhappy and anxious. All my daily usable (clothes, toiletries, shave-set, small gifts for my Grandchildren, some office papers) - were in that small Samsonite bag. I could never imagine that this could happen on a domestic flight - and that too of indigo, an airline that I admire. I then went to your customer service counter and I met the staff there, one girl named Aditi. There did what I could expect most as a hassled customer at that late hour. She made calls and informed me in minutes that my bag was left behind in Hyderabad airport. She assured me that the bag would be delivered to my address (thankfully, I live close-by in Salt Lake City) next morning by 10.30 am. Surely, the luggage did come to my address the next morning at 10.30am. I am writing this mail to specially record my thanks to Aditi - though she humbly told me "it was her duty". I feel that people like Aditi keeps the system ticking and restore our faith in it. It was most re-assuring to meet her at your counter and to be comforted with her sincere efforts and words, especially at that late hour. My best wishes to Aditi - I wish her all success in her career. She is an asset and a marvelous brand ambassador for indigo through her sincerity and quiet efficiency. God bless her! . ..."
Farokh J. Mehta, May 19, 2012 ......... ..I traveled from Mumbai to Hyderabad on .
"....I traveled from Mumbai to Hyderabad on flt # 6e-254, on 17 May 12. By mistake I picked a bag that looked just like my own. I checked its lock and that too was identical and stepped out with it. As I was heading for my car, I got a surprised call on my mobile, informing me that I have someone else bag and he is holding mine! All this happened within five minutes of stepping out. On inquiry I was told by the grateful real owner that he was helped by one. . ..."
Ganesh, May 19, 2012 ......... ..Nili is exceptional and I wish .
"....Nili is exceptional and I wish you folks have the network of jet soon so I could fly you more often. Meanwhile do pass a personal note of my thanks to Nili for the extra strong coffee and making our flight to mum from Lucknow a 'feel so good' experience. . ..."
Samuel Mani, May 19, 2012 ......... ..This is to record my appreciation for .
"....This is to record my appreciation for your agent Priya who is staffing the airport office at Bangalore for her superb assistance in retrieving my property that I had left on board your flight from Trivandrum. I greatly appreciate her promptness and efficiency and that of all your other employees who handled this matter. Your staff does a great job.. ..."
Subhadip Das, May 20, 2012 ......... ..I would like to convey my deep appreciation .
"....I would like to convey my deep appreciation for one of the indigo's staff named Liza Sutradhar during the boarding time with indigo 6e-136, on 30th April, 2012 for one special incident that happened in kolkata airport. During the security check, I lost my wallet along with my credit card, my company id and with approx. 8000INR in it. I came late their as the security gate was having a long queue and in the process somehow I missed my wallet. I only realize it when I was at the airplane's gate where I have to show my boarding pass, I didnt knew what to do about this, so I approached a nearby indigo stuff, her name was Liza Sutradhar. While I told her the problem, she rushed to the security checking gate telling me to wait there and within 5 minutes, I dont know from where, she retrieved my wallet and told me to check if everything is proper inside. I was unable to appreciate her work that time as I was getting late. All I can say, if I didnt get that wallet, I will end up in unwanted problems in my job and other stuff, hence this e-mail. I like to appreciate her for her ability to listen calmly to what was being said and ask questions to get a deeper understanding when the other person is so much pissed off and horribly panicked, her properly placed words which helped me calm down and finally her activeness and quick response for solving my trouble. Thanks indigo. . ..."
Rudolph Poojary, May 20, 2012 ......... ..Greetings everyone, I am Mr. Rudolph Ronald .
"....Greetings everyone, I am Mr. Rudolph Ronald Poojary, employed currently in Dubai. It gives me immense pleasure in taking time to put down on paper my recent travel from Dubai to Mumbai and back, via this super effective airline indigo. I had a return ticket for a very short trip from Dubai to Mumbai (17th may 19th may 2012). From the outset itself, I was absolutely impressed with the on time promise by indigo. I reached Mumbai, all fine at all.Now here comes the impressive part. I had my return flight towards Dubai on the 19th may 2012 flight 6e 61, my Pnr number being kfnzci which was to depart at 18.35 and hence like all international flights, as a passenger I needed to be there at least 3 hours prior to departure. However to be honest, I was late, kind of very late for the flight, all thanks to the persistent Mumbai road traffic that we are all subject to (no pun intended). I reached Mumbai airport at approximately 17.05 odd something, with the obvious fear that I may not make it on time for the flight; keeping in mind baggage check in , immigration, security etc Now here is the difference I felt compared to all the other leading airlines that I have frequently travelled. The gentleman at the baggage check-in counter Mr. Saneel Rane, was absolutely welcoming, friendly, understanding (though it was my fault as I was late) and more importantly prompt and professional. Saneel displayed a fantastic helping attitude and had my baggage checked in; in no time, more over assisted me further more through security and also boarding onto the flight so that I do not miss it. It was an absolute team effort when Mr. Saneel Ranes kind co-operation was backed up with yet another passenger centric indigo staff Mr. Ranvindran Thakur, who was very helpful and re assuring when I had no hopes of being onboard the flight, especially since, I had to resume work on Sunday (the very next morning). Finally onboard the aircraft literally 10 15 minutes before door close time and I owe it in a very very big way to Mr Saneel Rane and Mr. Ranvindran thakur and indigo airlines for recruiting such efficient employees who ensure that all passengers are imprinted with the indigo dots on their hearts and feeling of being well assisted. Onboard, it was just a continuation of the great service quality by all the flight cabin attendants especially one by the name of Alka, simply nice, always with a genuine smile, attending to passengers with passion for customer service. Once more thank you very much Mr Saneel Rane and Mr. Ranvindran Thakur for this gesture and I assure you, I will be opting for indigo every time and wherever your airline network is ..."
Deepti Mangtani, May 21, 2012 ......... ..Thanks, firstly to your system and prompt .
"....Thanks, firstly to your system and prompt service - as for booking, amending and cancellation. It is hassle free and very quick. Also thanks to Mr. Utkarsh who helped me to get the refund back as per the information he gave me (which I was worried) as I was dealing first time with indigo. Unfortunately we could not fly this time - but will surely do so in near future once our things get sorted out. Many thanks again to the full management and support staff of indigo . ..."
Ravi Bhartia, May 21, 2012 ......... ..I am following IndiGo on Facebook and too .
"....I am following IndiGo on Facebook and too happy with your today's post on Facebook, which shows someone in airline industry is still following some ethics and apologies publicly / also on social networking sites for mistakes: mention bellow- .............................................................. Indigo We are extremely distressed and deeply regret the incident concerning Mr Shybe Chalken, a passenger on our flight 6e 176 from Mumbai to Delhi on 17th may 2012. It has come to our notice that one of our employees had wrongly written paralyzed on Mr. Chalken s boarding pass, without realizing the consequences of his ignorant and inappropriate use of language. This is not part of our standard operating procedure. The staff member in question has been suspended and further corrective action is being taken to ensure that such incidents are never repeated. Our initial inquiry has revealed that the particular staff wanted to be over cautious (so that the passenger gets all help at various stops of his journey) without realizing the consequences of his naivety in using the hurtful word. In fact, when passengers with reduced mobility choose to use their own wheelchairs, the indigo staff shadows such passengers with our own wheelchairs. At most times, Indian security agencies at the various airports do not allow passenger-owned wheelchairs in the security hold area and at that time, the indigo wheelchair is offered to the passengers and their wheelchairs are loaded as luggage in the aircraft. Courteous and considerate service is one of indigos fundamental values, and it is something that each one of us at indigo from our ground staff to our president truly believes in. This is why we do our utmost to ensure that each of our passengers is treated with dignity, respect and care. On May 17th morning itself, 15 other passengers with special needs commuted in and out of Mumbai on indigo flights without any problem. We admit the mistake that has occurred and corrective actions are being taken so that such incidents are not repeated. We are sorry! Indigo team . ..."
Mohan Rao, May 24, 2012 ......... ..I would like to record appreciation .
"....I would like to record appreciation for your call center executive, Ehtram Ali who assisted me with multiple bookings and modifications on 23-May-12. I am very pleased with Ehtrams professional attitude and his ability to work through and answer multiple queries I had. At the end, I was able to complete all my travel requirements. Ehtram was very patient, attentive and courteous in his interaction and provided accurate and beneficial advice. Please take this opportunity to convey much deserving appreciation to Ehtram . ..."
Vinayak M. Yadery, May 25, 2012 ......... ..Your staff Chanchal at call Centre .
"....Your staff Chanchal at call Centre is simply great. He is wonderful and a valued asset to indigo. By providing 5c isle seat and meet assist he has given world class service to my bank. Wishing you all the best as the airline of millennium! God bless. ..."
Rakesh, May 25, 2012 ......... ..I would like place on record an .
"....I would like place on record an appreciation for the Capt. of the Delhi Lucknow flight no 6e 312. The winds were awful at the time of landing at Lucknow airport on 24 may 2012 at 1400h. The way the Capt. piloted the aircraft and made an excellent landing without any shudder or banging of the under carriage on the runway is truly and absolutely commendable. Her steering of the aircraft in those heavy winds is really appreciable. I would recommend this appreciation be placed in her service record. I have travelled off late quite a bit with indigo but this was the best landing ever. . ..."
S M Nivasan, May 26, 2012 ......... ..I would to thank the entire indigo .
"....I would to thank the entire indigo on ground staff for ensuring that I got my connecting flight even after 30 min departure from Vizag. I was received @ Hyderabad airport like a VVIP and taken to the jet airways terminal to catch my flight to Bangalore. A very good co-ordination of team between Vizag & Hyderabad has seen me spend quality time with my family. A special thanks to Ms. Prashanthi in Vizag for taking this extra care and the one more person who looked the supervisor. . ..."
Schubert Gonsalves, May 28, 2012 ......... ..We would like to take this opportunity .
"....We would like to take this opportunity to thank your team at the kolkata airport ticket counter and call center for the exemplary service provided on 26th may'12. We were getting our cash refund processed and would like to acknowledge the following for rising to the occasion: Priyanka Paul and Sarojini Singh at kolkata airport for ensuring smooth interaction between call center, finance team and us. Manoj singh - floor manager on duty at the call center for taking empowered decision towards problem resolution and customer delight. Keep up the great effort! . ..."
Vishal Yadav, May 28, 2012 ......... ..This is in regards to the feedback .
"....This is in regards to the feedback which I want to share with indigo airlines. I travelled from Chennai to Delhi on 26th may 2012 in flight no 6e 286. During the flight one of the crew members has done a wonderful job. She took care of one of the passengers in the flight and made sure that he felt special by the end of the journey. She has set a great example of provide consumer service and her work is appreciable. Her name is Geetanjali. Please pass on my regards to her and also tell her that she is doing a great job and should continue to do the same. . ..."
Vijayaraghavan Casuba, 28 May, 2012 ......... ..We had contacted your toll free
"....We had contacted your toll free number today at 10:30pm to book 5 tickets on a round journey. We would like to let you know that we had a very pleasant experience talking to your desk agent "Varun Mehta". He was very patient and polite. We really appreciate it. Thanks for the wonderful service. Hope to have a good journey with indigo too! . ..."
Jayanth Murthy, 29 May, 2012 ......... ..I wish to congratulate your airline .
"....I wish to congratulate your airline - you not only fly your groom human beings to become great professionals and humans! Today - 29 may at Ahmedabad airport I requested Pooja Patel to hand over my friends phone which he had lost. She kept it, took my details and his details and went out of the way to help- he got the phone, it was not her duty, but after careful consideration she decided to help me! Exemplary customer service and focus! Bravo! . ..."
Moirangthem Kiran, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..I have received my parcel which .
"....I have received my parcel which was forgotten at the kolkata airport by one my friends who was traveling from kolkata to Bangalore by indigo airline (6e 342) on 27th may 2012. I am very much thankful to the indigo airlines staffs at kolkata airport for their kind help and effort in tracing the missing parcel and letting me get back my important documents. I will never forget this generous effort of indigo staffs in fulfilling customers expectation to the fullest. "long live indigo airline- may you prosper further and further" . ..."
Vinayak M. Yadery, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..You all at indigo are phenomenal .
"....You all at indigo are phenomenal and simply wonderful. Classy and exceptional. You have recreated wonderful customer services and also excelling in every way. Simply superb. You bring a smile to air travel. Your supervisor respected Mr Gaurav and entire indigo team is simply awesome. Pray that you all reach greater heights of prosperity, usefulness and growth as worlds no 1 airline keep it up. Splendid. ..."
Ophealia Deroze, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..For Ibrahim Suleiman (Chennai) .
"....For Ibrahim Suleiman (Chennai) very professional, courteous, went out of his way to help with the needs of an elderly person. A role model for youngsters, who join your airline. Ibrahim brings one more feather to your airline cap. Thank you Ibrahim and all the best for your career!. ..."
Niranjan, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..On 31st of January, 2012, on flight 6E .
"....On 31st of January, 2012, on flight 6e 422, I was the last person to board the flight due to a medical emergency (injured and bleeding finger). On reaching the boarding gate, I was barred from boarding as my bags did not have tags. Having lost quite a bit of blood already, and without any painkillers, I was thoroughly flustered when I was told to go through security check again; and was in no state to argue even in the event of my luggage being deplaned. However, the staff at the door was generous enough to offer to wait. Not only that, one of the ground staff helped me through the entire security check as I had trouble handling the luggage with only one hand. She went and got the tags and endured they were stamped. I regret that I did not take notice of her name and that I did not thank her enough. After reaching the boarding gate, in spite of being late, the staff did not unnecessarily push me to hurry up and extended excellent courtesy. I have flown with indigo over 10 times in the past 12 months. This incident just bolsters my confidence in indigo and why it should be every persons first choice airline. Thank you for the excellent service and courtesy extended. . ..."
Tamal Kanti Roy, 30 May, 2012 ......... ..Congratulations and greetings .
"....Congratulations and greetings to indigo on their recent achievements. It is rare to experience a flight and an airline for its professional conduct. One such rare opportunity unfolded when I travelled to India from 1st may to 12th may, 2012. It was my second contact with indigo, apparently a non-legacy airlines, I welcome the clean living staff of the airline. On my flight to Bangalore 4.5.12, all passengers on board and when captain emerged from his cabin in a gesture of welcoming all passengers. I was in front in seat 1c, I shook hands with him. He came back again after landing and asked again how I enjoyed the flight. A rare experience now days. The second surprise was when the lead cabin staff Ms Nithya Mahajan made and served a cup of black tea - piping hot. In a gesture of gratitude I tried to say that the tea was not being served in Dec. 2011. She answered hot beverage started from Feb., 2012 and added "we are improving our services and a disarming answer at a height of 10 km above India. These fine airline staffs are delivering across the sky of India from 0600hrs to midnight. I hope the passengers express their thanks more frequently. I would appreciate if my little thanks are conveyed to them. For me, indigo will be my chosen airline again when I would visit India. . ..."
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