Ajay Kumar Chandel , 02nd November, 2012..On 22nd September I travelled from Singapore .
"....Dear IndiGo Team, I express my heartiest thanks and regards to you for providing me with my lost I Pad in your flight. I specially express my thanks to Mr Nilesh and Miss Kanchan Bhalla to take care of this matter on priority and immediately taking care of this on urgent basis. Once again load of thanks for the same. Best Regards AJAY KUMAR CHANDEL Director/Country Head-India and SAARC . ..."
Commodore F H Dubash, 02nd November, 2012..Since I am a retired Armed forces Officer...
"....Since I am a retired Armed forces Officer, I fly with your Airline very frequently, and we greatly appreciate your Airline giving us an Armed Forces Concession. This is not the only reason nor the deciding factor. Honestly, it is a pleasure to fly IndiGo to experience the professionalism on ground and in the air, by every vertical of your airline, whether it be the Check-in Staff or the Transport Department and of course the efficient staff inside the aircraft, your Cabin Crew. It is really wonderful experience from start to finish! You have set very high standards and I do hope that your Airline grows from strength to strength. I shall be obliged if you could please let me know whether you have a Frequent Flyer Programme like most of the other Airlines, as I have decided to fly IndiGo every time and I would like to enroll. This mail is essentially because I could not find the link on your website. Regards, Commodore FH Dubash, VSM (Retd) . ..."
Jai Raj Yadav, 03rd November, 2012..This mail is to appreciate IndiGo .
"....Dear Sir This mail is to appreciate IndiGo and your staffs Sagar KR and Naga Vamsi at Bangalore airport. I and my wife travelled from Pune to Bangalore by 6E105 (seat nos 19E and 19F). While getting down my cell phone got dropped in plane which was realised by me on reaching baggage claim area. I spoke to Sagar who promptly called the crews and they confirmed of having picked up the phone. Sagar and Naga organised its pickup and gave the same to me within 10 minutes. Once again big thank you IndiGo , Sagar and Naga..!! Jairaj Yadav .. ..."
Sanand Mitra, 06th November, 2012. This is with regards to my flying experience
"....Dear All, This is with regards to my flying experience with your flight no. 6E 134, from Pune to Nagpur on 6th Nov'12. It was a pleasant flight & Ms. Fariyaz Kalaji (Cabin Crew), was especially very helpful & prompt with her service. I would sincerely commend her work & encourage IndiGo to promote & reward sincere personnel like Ms. Kalaji, who go out of their way to ensure the passenger's comfort & safety. Hope to fly with IndiGo again. Warm regards, Sanand . ..."
Jai Ahluwalia, 09 November, 2012... Appreciation for staff
"....I wish to place on record the efficient and most customer friendly service provided by check in staff Mr Kunal Chaugule. My best wishes to him for the future. Best regards, Jai Ahluwalia . ..."
Ram Panjabi, 11th November, 2012..I wish to inform you about the above help extended.
"....Dear Sir, I wish to inform you about the above help extended to me by Mr.Michale Lam. I lost my Mbl phone while purchasing my free duty liquor I left behind my mobile phone while making payment and realised only at the final security check at gate No.37. I immediately approached this gentleman and informed him about my loss. He called various liquor outlets to find it. Not only that he ran back with me even though there was very little time left for departure to the shop to find my phone. Though I was not lucky to find the same as someone must have picked up without reporting, He spared no effort to do whatever possible. I have no words to express my thanks and appreciation. It was my rare experience to see someone so sincerely trying to help. I am a business man though now a retired person. I have all the praise for him. I am sure such a staff member is a great asset for any business organisation in present times. With my best wishes and regards for him and GOINDIGO. Sincerely Yours Panjabi Ram . ..."
Shrinivas M, 17th November, 2012.. .IndiGo officials @ Patna,
"....Dear Mr Ghosh/customer relations team, Greetings! I am one of your very regular customers flying your airline almost 5-6 times a month. I too work in service industry and recognise the value that we assign to exceptional services. The objective of this mail is to bring to your notice some very exceptional services extended by your Patna team; Mr Rupesh in specific. I forgot to pick up my glasses at the check-in counter in Delhi airport on Wednesday this, flying from Delhi to Patna.. on reaching Patna I realised this and got in touch with Mr Rupesh at the airport...he was one such excellent service professional that I would have hardly met; he took hardly any time to get in touch with the Delhi counterparts and trace the glasses.. Mr Rupesh also ensured that I get them back quicmy....to me, it was not just getting back my glasses but meeting a young service oriented airline senior staff that was a nice feeling...while I immediately thanked him for his active help and very positive attitude, I consider it worth my time to bring it to your notice...I think with such staff as part of your team, you will always score very high vs competition on services...Good job. well done, Rupesh...well done, team IndiGo...Your good service and kind help is always appreciated sincerely. Thanks and keep it up! Shrinivas Murty . ..."
Ratish Trehan, 18th November, 2012.. .Dear Sir /Mam..
"....Dear Sir /Mam Dear Sir /Mam Just wanted to drop you a note about the excellent manner in which Mr Amjad Hussian ( working under Mr Rajeev) handled my call and sorted my problem Amjad was very courteous, understood my problem and offered a solution which not only solved the issue but was financially better for me. Well done and keep it up Amjad really appreciate what you did for u , that to within a minute or so! The situation was as follows- Today I had booked a ticket for Mum to Coimbatore for 20th Dec on makemytrip.com. When i got my ticket by email, the date mentioned on it was 21st. I contacted make my trip and after speaking to two representatives. They finally asked me to contact the airline (make my trip could not help which was very sad for me) I tried calling indigo many times and finally got through ( i kept on getting stuck at the first voice response i.e dial 1 for Hindi and dial 2 for English, the system could not recognize my input) Amjad picked up our call. He understood the problem checked our bookings, the fare we had paid. Immediately he offered us alternates for 20th which were cheaper fares than our original ticket. We took the options suggested by Amjad. I think the whole transaction lasted only a few minutes! Again well done Amjad and IndiGo!! Regards Ratish . ..."
Rana Haldar, 19th November, 2012..A pat for Swapnil Arora .
"....Hi I would like to put a note for Mr. Swapnil Arora with whom I had a transaction over phone regarding refund of cancelled tickets. He was very helpful, swift and appropriate. Each clarification he made was to the point and even if he had to point out a difference in IndiGo policy and my understanding of it. He was very courteous. He is a no-nonsense efficient guy which is a rare commodity in these services. I just hope there are more Swapnil's in our industry. Surely Indigo airlines have very good guys working for them. Regards Rana Haldar . ..."
Smitha Usha, 21st November, 2012..Appreciation.
"....To whomsoever it may concern I would like to share my experience with you. We had a return flight on Indigo from Jaipur to Bangalore on the 11th Nov, 2012 at 3.00 p.m. However, when we reached the airport, we were informed that our flight had been rescheduled and departed to Bangalore earlier that morning itself. We were in a state of shock and the situation is unexplainable. It was a blunder on the part of our travel agent as the IndiGo staff had informed the reschedule but the travel agent missed to inform us. Ms.Anubha Maal and Mr.Rajnish Jha, the ground staff in the airport in Jaipur, we our saviours. They put in all efforts to work things out for us with the Finance Dept. and finally booked us on the next day morning flight without us having to pay a single penny for the cancellation or new tickets. Thanks to both of them, we could reach Bangalore and be with our family for Diwali. Their efforts are commendable and I would recommend them in whichever way possible for their career. Thanks so much for everything and if all the staff at IndiGo are like Anubha and Rajnish, I would definitely recommend the airline to my friends and family. With Regards, Mrs. Usha and Mr. Raghunand . ..."
Rouf Bashir, 23rd November, 2012 ..Words of Appreciation .
"....Dear Respected Sir/Madam, This is in continuity to my earlier mail. I, Rouf Bashir, had travelled in Go IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Srinagar in the flight at 11 AM. This customer executive of your Airline is very helping, dedicated, compassionate with the name, Ms Preeti Suvarna. Great to have such staff in your Airline. My words of appreciation are due for her and your Airline. With Thanks, Rouf . ..."
Sayantani Sen, 23rd November, 2012...Dear IndiGo Team..
"....Dear IndiGo Team, "Dear IndiGo Team, Last night I went to the airport and picked up my phone. I take this opportunity to convey my regards and best wishes to your team and crew at the airport for the trust and great work they are doing. Also a little note of appreciation for "Lim" who was the 1st customer executive I spoke to, who told me that if the phone was left in the flight I will surely get it back. A very big thank you for tracing my phone and making sure that it didn't get misplaced. Kudos! Regards Sayantani . ..."
Sourav, 25th November, 2012..I wanted to comment on the crew .
"....To whom it may concern, I wanted to comment on the crew for the flight mentioned in the subject. They were extremely organized and did a great job. Notably, one crew member named Ria Banerjee was extremely attentive and had an extremely positive approach to her job. She was prompt in responding, and was always with a welcoming smile. You should commend her and the rest of the crew on doing a great job on an early morning flight when passengers are generally tired and irritable. This is one of the reasons Indigo has become one of my more favoured domestic airlines. Please accept my thanks for an enjoyable experience. Regards, Sourav . ..."
Capt Surjeet S J Singh, 27th November, 2012.. Sincere thanks to M/s Pratibha Bhatia.
"....Dear Sir, With absolute delight, we like to inform you that our interaction with M/s Pratibha Bhatia employed in your good organisation, has been a great pleasure. Her thorough sincerity and positive professional attitude is much appreciated in assisting us and we take this opportunity to thank her and wish her all the Best. Regards Capt Surjeet S J Singh & Sarabjeet Gangar . ..."
Yuvaraj Pawar, 29th November, 2012.. Many thanks for your reply .
"....Hi Shilpa, Many thanks for your reply and action taken. However, i am glad to inform all of you at IndiGo that i am in receipt of forgotten camera. I could get it from your office at Pune Air Port. I cannot express in words my joy and relief of the stress when i received my camera. Honesty and integrity of all of you is second to none. Thanks INDIGO !!! Y B Pawar . ..."
Sriram Sreenivasan, 30th November, 2012... I would like to update you
"....Hi, I would like to update you that I travelled from Bangalore to Hyderabad on 26th Nov by 6E266. When I got my baggage from the baggage escalator, I found that the lock of my Mont Blanc Bag was broken. I promptly visited your counter and spoke to Ms. Steffi. She was courteous enough to resolve the issue and issued me compensation. However, I would like to compliment that Ms. Steffi - IGA8358 and Ms. Swapna - IGA9903 were very caring and understood the problem very clearly and resolved the issue well within 5 minutes. I appreciate the efforts taken by them for resolving the issue within no time and assure you that I would opt for IndiGo as a preferred airline through my company for any official trip and also assure you that personally I would use your airline since I am happy that you have people who are very caring for the customer. Thanks once again for everything. I wish all the very best to your airline and would like to thank both the ground staff once again. Requesting you to share the mail to your employees also. Thanks & Regards, Sriram Sreenivasan . ..."
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