Kish Jha, 01 October, 2012 ......... ..Thank you for a great flight and how .
"....Thank you for a great flight and how well you guys run your airlines. Two weeks ago I was on an Indigo flight from Bangalore to Mumbai and I left my Ipad on the plane. I called the next day and spoke to Eric and you guys had found my Ipad. So Thank You to the crew / ground staff to recover my Ipad (I had assumed I would not recover my Ipad). The following day I was travelling to Delhi on an Indigo and I met with Yogendra Deolekan (Asst. Manager in Mumabi). He had my Ipad and a great smile. I dont have the names of all the folks that helped me to recover my IPAD. But thanks Indigo. I have been living in States for last 30 years and the service I got from you guys will ensure that I only fly Indio in India.. ..."
Radhika Prasad , 06 October, 2012 ......... ..I would like to thank Mr.Vipin and who .
"....I would like to thank Mr.Vipin and who helped me with my booking and was immensely patient and tolerant to my queries. Unfortunately the phone got cut just before I could thank him and I would like to thank him for his patience and help. Thanks to Mr. Sandeep who helped me convey this message to him.. ..."
Rashmi Barbhaiya , 07 October, 2012 ......... ..Let me take liberty of introducing myself first .
"....Let me take liberty of introducing myself first. I am Rashmi H. Barbhaiya, CEO and Managing Director of Advinus Therapeutics Ltd, a Tata Enterprise. I am one of Indigos loyal customers and an admirer of the airline. I am sending this note to inform you of an experience at Mumbai airport that has left an impression on me about one of your supervisors at the check-in counters. Her name is Dolsy Koli. As a business passenger, I normally like to fly with luggage that I can carry in my hand. At the check-in counter, the person who checked me in asked to put my handbag on the weighing machine. I complied and the weight was 10 kg. I was informed that the weight is above 7 kg allowed by the airline. I explained that I am not checking in luggage, there is no objection with the size what difference does it make whether the bag goes with me or as a check-in luggage. The person was not ready to listen and kept reminding me of the Indigo policy. I had no choice but to check my bag and it was checked in. As I was leaving the check-in counter, I saw the Indigo supervisor. I politely went to her and asked if she could spare a minute or two. She listened to me. She understood that I had no check-in luggage, The total weight of everything I was carrying was just 10 kg and yet I was forced to check-in the luggage. I informed her who I was, how much I travel and how such episodes leave a bad taste in the mouth of loyal customers who have options to choose. The supervisor immediately understood the situation and had a quick mind to identify a fine line between company policy and common sense. She asked me if I want to carry the bag. I said yes but it is already checked. She assured me that she will get it back if I am willing to wait for 10 minutes. I agreed and in seven minutes my bag was back with me. The name of the supervisor is Dolcy Koli. I have taken liberty to write about Dolcy as I, as the CEO of a company, like to hear extraordinary effort made by my employee. It is employees like Dolcy who make or break the company. You are very fortunate to have such a customer oriented supervisor who has commonsense to do what is right for the customer without hurting the company. In facts such deeds eventually solidify the customer base of any company. I had said thanks to Dolcy at the Mumbai airport. I would now like to say thank you to Indigo Airline for recruiting and grooming such an employee. . ..."
Sidhartha Bhattacharya , 08 October 2012 ......... ..I travelled from Mumbai to Kolkata on September .
"....I travelled from Mumbai to Kolkata on September 30, 2012 by Indigo flight 6E 321. I was accompanied by my 90 year old mother. The air hostesses of the flight were extremely helpful. My mother walks with difficulty but had to visit the toilet 3 times during the two and half hour journey. Each time, the air hostesses took great care and showed exemplary consideration towards her. It filled our hearts with gratitude and good wishes. All of them were very good and one young lady, named Doel was excellent in her dealings.. ..."
Glenn Alexander, 09 October, 2012 ......... ..Good Afternoon, .
"....Good Afternoon, It is not too often that I fly IndiGo as I always prefer to fly Jet Airways but my recent experience of the service offered in IndiGo might just change my mind to fly more on IndiGo going forward. This was a flight from Bombay to Bangalore, departing at 20:00 Hours and the good thing was there were absolutely no delays and the on boarding process was just seamless. I do travel a lot on work and on holidays and there are very few moments when you meet people that make your journey comfortable and one that you remember. The flight back to Bangalore was one of them as the staff members on board were very well trained and hospitable. In particular I would like to mention Chanchal Soni whos name I took for the purpose of providing this feedback as I believe any job well done needs appreciation. Chanchal was extremely attentive and one of the very few attendants I have seen who is vigilant throughout the flight. Never seen hospitality and customer service coming so naturally from any attendants before. Thank you Chanchal and all the best, IndiGo should be proud to have employed fine individuals like you and your crew members and employees like you are assets to the service based industry. As I mentioned in the beginning of this email I will certainly fly more of IndiGo going forward. Glenn Alexander Offshore Operations . ..."
Rajagopala Chakravarthy, 09 October, 2012 ......... ..I would like to take this opportunity .
"....I would like to take this opportunity to thank your staff at Delhi Airport as well as the staff at Bangalore (Mr. Dinakaran) for taking extra care of my package that I could not carry on person due to statutory norms. They had taken extra care to package it well and ensure it reached Bangalore safely. My heartfelt thank you and appreciation for a job well done. . ..."
Chinmay Sharma, 10 October, 2012 ......... ..Nidhima Agarwal .
"....Hi, I want to let you know that one of your executives, Nidhima Agarwal, was very helpful in getting my ticket booked through IndiGo. I appreciate her behaviour and am really impressed by the quality of service she provided. Regards, Chinmay Sharma . ..."
Arjun Khanna, 12 October, 2012 ......... ..Thank you so much... You made my day .
"....Dear team IndiGo I left my laptop in the plane and realised 40 minutes later. I called Shatrupa but she wasn't at her desk. A lady called Ritu from HR ... Asked me how can she help, it was very reassuring ... I told her my problem. She said no problem and she took under 5 minutes to trace the right person...Mr. Sushman . I called Mr Sushman who asked me where I would meet him. Then I got a call from Mr. Drona Chopra who said he has the laptop and would meet me outside. Oh My God! Never ever experienced such awesome service. I salute you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Warm regards Arjun Khanna . ..."
Poornima Thapa, 13 October 2012 ......... ..Customer Service at its Best .
"....Dear Sir / Ma'am, Greetings! At the onset let me congratulate you on the excellent team that you have in your call centre . " Being on Par with in terms of price and quality only gets you in the game. Its the Service that wins the game." I have interacted with three very good IndiGo team workers Mr. Rishi, Mr. Anuj and Ms. Anupama, yesterday and today . All of them were helpful and proactive. I am most impressed with Ms. Anupama and her going the extra mile. I and my mother ( even my family ) have always preferred to travel by INDIGO because of the OTP and the reasonable fares, various flight options. Due to my interaction with your team and especially Ms. Anupama who was compassionate enough to allocate a seat for my mother as I was unable to do so despite desperate efforts, I have become a Die Hard Fan of INDIGO .. I am myself in the Customer Service line for high end project for the last seven years and I believe I have learnt something from Ms. Anupama today. As per her, it is her duty only and humanity. You can surely trust that a lot of people will hear about Indigo's customers service par excellence through word of mouth and Facebook. Best Wishes Poornima Thapa . ..."
Sankarasubramanian Venkataraman, 17 October 2012 ......... ..Service appreciation - Abhishek Kumar Singh .
"....Hi, I want to place it on record of appreciation - Abhishek Kumar Singh for his extra ordinary polite service during my call for changing my itinerary. I just though during the time when we point a finger for a mistake done by someone. we should not fail to appreciate for the good work done too... hence my mail at this hour soon as I finish my transactions with him.. Thanks Abhishek. Keep it up way forward...all the best to you in the days ahead. Thanks. Have a great day. Shankar . ..."
Rakesh Khanna, 17th October, 2012 ......... ..I travelled on your flight 6E 61 .
"....I travelled on your flight 6E61 from Mumbai to Dubai on 14th Oct 201 on seat 5D. During this travel I fell sick, got fever & felt very cold & uncomfortable. I wanted a blanket but IndiGo does not provide any blanket. A quick suggestion is to add blanket in your in-flight shopping list. However, the lead lady, Ms Aarti Shrimali, did her best to provide me comfort. She gave me her "OWN PERSONAL SHAWL", This definitely goes beyond the call of duty and I believe this deserves a special recognition. Staff as dedicated towards customer satisfaction as Aarti makes all the difference between a preferred airline and another airline. I wish you guys all the best. Regards, Rakesh Khanna Head Sony business, Jumbo Electronics Ltd (LLC) Dubai. . ..."
Nipa Ladiwala, 22nd October, 2012 ......... ..Appreciation .
"....To Whomsoever it may Concern I had a problem with my booking and Mr. Tarun Jain (the person who answered my call) was very helpful. He was extremely patient and reassuring. The comfort he gave me in assisting the change in booking was very good. A very helpful and competent person. I appreciate the service provided by Mr. Tarun Jain. Regards Nipa Ladiwala . ..."
Gaurav K Sharma , 27th October, 2012 ......... ..Appreciation for Ms.Munmun (Bangalore airport) .
"....Hi IndiGo Team, On the 21st of October, I had to travel urgently to my home town Delhi from Bangalore given a medical urgency at home but I missed this flight (Air India) for the same journey due to late arrival. So I booked the next available flight with your airlines for the next day. Today the 22nd of October, when I approached the INDIGO counter at the Bangalore airport I was told in no uncertain words that I will not be allowed to board the flight because I have reported only 30 minutes prior to the departure time. I tried to explain the urgency and the reasons for my travel as well as late arrival to a wonderfully gracious lady on duty by the name of Ms. Munmun. She certainly had a lot of warmth in her heart for a stranger in the name of customer service. Initially she resisted but on my explanation she agreed to help me and without even telling me she arranged for my boarding pass and on boarding in an unbelievable quick time. I would like to tell the INDIGO team that my mother is now out of danger and keeping well because I could make it to Delhi just in time, for this favour, I would like to thank Ms.Munmun and the whole INDIGO team for the dedicated and humanly approach that you have given to your business. I AM GRATEFUL...! This behaviour is unlike Air India where they decided not to help me right from the word go, the least I could say about them is that Air India Behaviour was inhuman but Ms. Munmun demonstrated very brilliantly and with loads of princess like elegance that 'after all we are all human beings and that life is about give and take'. Up till now it was not the case but because of the above mentioned favour, from today, INDIGO would be on top of my list whenever I choose to travel by air, this is a crystal clear case of customer retention through customer care. Thanks a million times to team INDIGO and Ms. Munmun. Regards, Gaurav K Sharma Package Solution Consultant Global Business services . ..."
Ajay Joyson , 29th October, 2012 ......... ..Every good effort should be rewarded .
"....Hi IndiGo, I have had the pleasure of flying your airline about three to four times now, and guess's fabulous! On my job, I have flown with many-a-airlines worldwide. The youthful, energy in your airline always makes me smile. Specially love the helpful and very pretty crew, the naughty signage , every effort that goes into Hello 6E. ( Extra "Like" on the concept of cover girl), and surely the on time performance. Special mention to your design/communications team for coming up with cheerful designs and content. I believe every good effort must be appreciated. Hence this mail to you Regards AJ . ..."
George Nooromplakal, 30th October, 2012 ......... ..: Its easy to implement things .
"....Its easy to implement things but it is very difficult to maintain the same phase. I really appreciate the way IndiGo has been pulling the crowd since few years. Amazing service in and out of the flight. Its fun to travel with IndiGo. . ..."
Girish Prajapati 31st October, 2012 ......... ..Mr. Atit, Mr. Niket and Mr. Sidhu .
"....Mr. Atit, Mr. Niket and Mr. Sidhu these three your employees have helped me tremendously and made it possible to travel through your flights immediately. As I was too late to board. You should appreciate them like anything otherwise I would have lost my job as well as money and time. I would also like to convey my heartiest greetings and thanks on this Diwali. I would request your top management to consider them for award this year. I was travelling for Ahmedabad to Delhi route. Regards, . ..."
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