Syed Mahmood, 01 September, 2012 ...........I would like to congratulate
"....Hi, I would like to congratulate and convey my appreciation to management for excellent service for my journey to Dubai Hyderabad return. It was great experience with your newly launched route from Dubai, hope you will continue to offer the same services. I am frequent traveller Dubai Hyderabad for over 20 years and i must say, excellent service. Wish you all good luck, keep it up. Best Regards . ..."
Gunjan Singh, 01 September, 2012 ...........To the Customer Relations Manager, IndiGo .
"....To the Customer Relations Manager, IndiGo My name is Gunjan Singh, today was my first fight with your airline. I had the privilege to travel from Delhi to Indore on flight 6E 436 with the IndiGo team. My experience from check in to check out was nothing short of perfect. Firstly I was impressed that I was called on my mobile to board the aircraft. Most importantly I was impressed with Ms. Denise's overall performance while flying. Her presentation was immaculate. She wore a smile to every passenger she attended and checked and looked after every passenger courteously and amiably. I highly recommend Ms. Denise for either a promotion/ award. Wishing Denise and IndiGo the best endeavours. IndiGo has won another loyal flyer. Best regards Gunjan Singh . ..."
Ramkey Ananthakrishnan, 02 September, 2012 ...........I left my iPad in the plane .
"....I left my iPad in the plane and only realized when I was at the baggage collection. Your customer agent "Tanusha" was very helpful. She stayed with me as we waited and ensured that I got it back. She had a great demeanour and helpful attitude. Go IndiGo Go. . ..."
Raul Narain, 08 September, 2012 ...........On 6th September, 2012 .
"....Hi, On 6th September, 2012 , I was returning from Hyderabad to Delhi by 6E 302, 5.25 PM flight. During the journey, I started feeling very uneasy and fainted. My special gratitude to all the inflight staff, they all took came for my help and immediately gave me the first aid. Because of their immediate care, I recovered well and reached home safely. I really do not know their names but would like to personally thank all of them for their selfless support and utmost care. Thank you all!!! . ..."
Joyeeta Roy, 11 September, 2012 ...........Dear Sir/Madam.
"....Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is to inform you that Miss Sreyoshi Chowdhury was very helpful and sympathetic towards older people and helped myself and my wife a lot during our journey. We were traveling by 6E 136 from Kolkata to Pune on 4th September on the 11:15 am flight. God bless her and we hope that your flight continues to employ people as understanding and helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help your customers so we have an enjoyable journey and keep using your facilities. Best wishes, Anil Kumar Sen . ..."
Arpan Patel, 12 September, 2012 ...........This flight has been the best experience .
"....This flight has been the best experience I've ever had while flying, and I've been flying for years now. The staff was very helpful and understanding. The professionalism was apparent in the way they carried themselves and took care of fellow passengers. Have got to say that IndiGo has been the best domestic airline I've travelled in. A special mention of Ms. Yashika Sharma, she was the best when it came to serving with a smile not once but as many times as you asked for she took care of passengers needs with a smile, politeness, and a sense of responsibility!. Kudos to team IndiGo for a great flying experience and for having a great team that is just perfect!! . ..."
Rohin, 13 September, 2012 ...........Would like to Compliment the person .
"....Would like to Compliment the person called Reagan from the Baggage Services from IndiGo. Arrived on a Flight Number 52 from Singapore on the 10th September. We were travelling in IndiGo and had some friends in Singapore airlines in the flight landing after us. At the Singapore Airport we had accidentally put one of our bags with our friends travelling in Singapore Airlines. When we landed here we were looking for the baggage in our baggage at IndiGo. Since we were the last passengers Reagan came to us and enquired what the problem was. We told him that we couldnt find one bag. He then checked our ticket and said we had only 2 bags which had come. I told him we had 3 bags. He then checked with the luggage team and the airplane and all luggages were dispatched. He then told me that he would check with the Singapore Indigo team and he confirmed to me that we had checked in only 2 bags. He then asked us if we had accidentally left the bags there which we were not sure of. He gave us his number and told us to call him in an hour and he would check with the Lost and found there. In the meantime the Singapore Airlines flight landed with our friends and we got to know that they had the bag which we informed Reagan. Really appreciate the support and help given by him by going out of his way to help us. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
Swarup Kumar Roy, 13 September, 2012 ...........While on Board in the above flight.
"....While on Board in the above flight, I discovered that I left my Mobile on the Lounge at Gate No 11. The Aircraft door was about to close. Immediately I contacted the Staff on Board who directed me to a Gentleman on Ground Duty. He promptly contacted personnel in the lounge and managed to locate the Mobile which ultimately I got back. My appreciation goes to the Ground Staff for his kind helpfulness and action, I forgot to ask his name, but like to talk to him if possible sometime to express my gratitude. This kind of people will surely bring reputation and glory to your Airlines. Regards Swarup Kumar Roy . ..."
Deepa Chandrasekaran, 14 September, 2012 ...........I am Capt Deepa.
"....Hi, 1. Im Capt Deepa, now a frequent flyer with indigo. I am a paraplegic and have to travel to Kerala for my treatment often. But somehow i used to always prefer flying by Jet Airways/ Jet Konect. I am holding their frequent flyer membership card also. I guess being a paraplegic, u really want good service from the airline staff, be it ground or air crew. I didnt have any experience with your airline. 2. But all that changed when we got posted to east. My husband and i had to take IndiGo to fly from Guwahati to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Kochi. I was actually surprised!! The ground staff at Guwahati, one Ms Pompi Borgohain was extremely helpful to my state. She ensured a hassle free check in for us. We again flew IndiGo the next month for my treatment. She recognised me and was there to help us out. I was so impressed by her that once due to some official commitment my husband couldnt take me from Guwahati to Mumbai. But thanks to Pompi i had the most comfortable check in and trip that time!!!! 3. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Pompi and IndiGo for doing what they do the BEST!!! Now, I am proud flyer with IndiGo. My Jet card is gathering dust! :) ALL THE BEST Regards, Deepa Chandrasekaran . ..."
F R Singhvi, 14 September, 2012 ...........I would like to place on record my appreciation.
"....I would like to place on record my appreciation to your Airline ,it's staff and among them Mr.Santosh Darumal and his team for finding and returning my purse. I had left the purse on seat 15B on flight 6E 277 from Delhi to Bangalore today 12th September. I wish all of you the very best. With warm regards FR Singhvi . ..."
Venu Madhav, 15 September, 2012 ...........This refers to my travel on your Airline .
"....This refers to my travel on your Airline on 12th September from Hyderabad to Delhi and seated on 1A, wish to draw to your kind attention my appreciation of service on Board. Being a frequent traveller across India and globally with various airlines, also until recent a loyalist with Jet air holding Platinum membership for almost a decade, comfort and satisfaction is benchmark. It gives me immense pleasure to share that after a very long period I could experience the same on your carrier last night. The In-flight attention and service has been thoroughly rewarding purely due to the unending endeavor of your crew under the supervision of the lead lady Ms. Meghna Chhetri. Not just on an individual priority, but my observation of the crew showing utmost care and pleasantness in offering service to one and everyone around is remarkable. I specially commend Ms. Meghna Chhetri for few aspects, Her announcements on board being immaculate with pristine clarity, sound voice with apt pronunciation. Uninterrupted flow of total communication without support of manual. She was very observant of total cabin, be it passengers, crew on board, even a little drop of water at the service area mopped personally, to keep everything in order and speck clean. She was very impromptu to any call unhesitatingly despite repeated call coming from certain passengers, truly an endeavor to give the best service with utmost politeness and sincerity. Thoroughly professional but sensible shades of human touch, very articulate in handling the passenger need, very patient listener and aptly giving crisp and precise service in spontaneity. Under her leadership my observation of her and with the team has been, Her leadership was very demonstrative with delegation to crew at galley the job tasks and drawing emphasis for a courteous service, evident the whole team working dedicatedly. The team work was impeccable with work rotation well synchronized and the lead lady herself worked in togetherness as role model leading ahead is simply outstanding. The Grooming of the crew in appearance was at its finesse, evident in the conduct brush strokes of passion to excel, commitment to succeed and cohesive team working. I sense you are gifted with a good lead lady and she must truly be an exception in your team. I compliment your airline of having an asset any good organization would like to possess and grooming given for her to showcase these qualities. Kindly apprise Ms. Chhetri of my feedback for her work and agility in performing her duty. A big WOW for her and her team for a stupendous team work. Regards Venu Madhav . ..."
Harishanker Subramaniam, 15 September, 2012 ...........I just landed from Mumbai.
"....I just landed from Mumbai on flight 6E 178 today Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 11.30 am and by mistake had left my iPad in seat 1F. When I returned after 15 minutes and mentioned to customer service they immediately contacted Security staff and retrieved the IPad all in a matter of 10 minutes. I really appreciate this gesture and would like place on record my appreciation. IndiGo is a fantastic airline and you'll have won my heart. I am a Partner with Ernst & Young and in one of our partner conferences was witness to your CEO Mr Aditya Ghosh's address us, he took us all through the facts of why Indigo is so successful and each of us applauded enthusiastically because we experience it every moment we fly with you. But today's experience adds a new chapter to your customer service and professionalism. In my excitement of having found the IPad I forgot to note down the name of the customer service staff located in the office situated near the entry gate when you get off from the bus who attended to me. Would like you'll to convey my thanks and appreciate her. The people who work for a company create the brand of the company through their actions and your customer service staff today added value to the brand Indigo. This also demonstrates the work ethic and culture you'll impart to your staff something Aditya shared when he addressed us. Thanks IndiGo for this wonderful experience. Harishanker Subramaniam . ..."
Prasanna Venkatesan, 17 September, 2012 ...........I flew IndiGo on 13th Sept to Delhi .
"....I flew IndiGo on 13th Sept to Delhi which was piloted by a Armenian commander. I travel quite frequently in India and abroad and do pay attention to pilot skills. This flight was piloted very skillfully and from take off to landing it was a very smooth flight. The captain exhibited lot of experience and expertise. Hope you rooster such good pilots in important routes and also they can train young pilots. Also the cabin crew were equally good. We reached before time, what more to ask for! . ..."
Krishna Natarajan 19 September, 2012 ...........Dear Sir.
"....Dear Sir, My wife and I travelled by your airlines on the following flights. We were very impressed with the efficiency of your operations clean, timely and courteous. Your staff has been excellently trained. Congratulations on your performance and we look forward to flying with you again soon! Best regards K.Natarajan . ..."
Stefano Virgilli, 19 September, 2012 ...........Dear IndiGo customer service.
"....Dear IndiGo customer service, I would like to share with you the positive experience I was involved in while flying for the first time with IndiGo. Upon checking in from Singapore to Muscat, the check-in staff informed me that I could not board without a return ticket. Mr. Michael Liao stepped in and helped me to understand the immigration rules and flight policy. I took off smoothly and the flight was awesome. I would like to thank Mr Liao and offer a personal recommendation for him. Stefano Virgilli . ..."
Ayan, 19 September, 2012 ...........I am at present working in Dallas .
".... I am at present working in Dallas and recently my U.S client team visited India and took IndiGo for domestic travel. They were highly impressed with the punctuality and professionalism of the flight and went on to say its better than the any American domestic airlines. Thanks for making our country proud. . ..."
Mitchel Fernandes, 21 September, 2012 ...........Dear IndiGo Management.
"....Dear IndiGo Management, I really appreciate you guys taking good care of me. Hands down when you say it is the best airline in India. And yes it is! The cabin crew were extremely professional. I would like to thank and extend my gratitude to Ms. Cindlee (I cannot exactly remember her name) at the check-in desk. She was extremely courteous and went out of her way to assist me with my check-in luggage and also her skills at quick check-in was amazing. The counter was really busy with many passengers and she never forgot to smile. Ms.Perpetual in In flight services was courteous and friendly and made every moment a memorable one. She ensured all my last minute shopping request done on such a short and busy flight. I have never seen cockpit crew interacting with passenger's and it was nice to see Capt. Thakur do the same. And thank you for being on time. I should say in the low cost aviation sector and even premium airlines I have never seen such class and dedication. Mitchel Fernandes . ..."
Harpreet Singh, 24 September, 2012 ...........I would like to appreciate your customer care .
"....I would like to appreciate your customer care Manager Mr.Kamil deputed at Ahemedabad Airport. Regarding his excellent Service delivered to the Customers. On that day Flight No 6E156 was delayed by more than 2 hours and Mr. Kamil has very carefully attended more than 100 passengers with his patience and calmness and we never felt that he was not interested in helping us. He has sent excellent example for his Team members what is excellent Customer service really a Real True Hero for your Organization who should be rewarded by management for his excellent service . ..."
John Larman , 26 September, 2012 ...........I recently travelled from Bangalore .
"....I recently travelled from Bangalore to Pune with IndiGo and was very impressed with the In flight staff. The service was friendly. I travel a lot around India and overseas and I found the inflight staff to be some of the best I have experienced recently in my travels and I hope that you continue to provide this level of service and quality. I wish I could have your team from this flight attend me on all my travels!! Well done! John Larman . ..."
Harsh Sachdev, 28 September, 2012 ...........I had taken the Indigo flight 6E209.
".... I had taken the IndiGo flight 6E209 from Delhi to Kolkata on September 27,2012. I was working on my Laptop in the flight .I had kept the Laptop in the front pocket, behind the seat in front of my seat. I got off the flight without remembering to pack my Laptop in my laptop bag. I got a call from Ms ATTEYEE SAHA & MR KALYAN DAS checking with me if i had forgotten anything on the flight. I went back to the Airport to collect my Laptop & they waited after the crew had left in order to hand this laptop back to me. I would like to place on record the outstanding service given by both KALYAN & ATREYEE to ensure that I got my Laptop back. The mail is to place on record that their efforts were truly appreciated & they need to get recognised for the same. My Congratulations to IndiGo for having such outstanding employees. Warm regards Harsh Sachdev . ..."
Yogesh Salvi, 28 September, 2012 ...........This is with reference to my Journey .
"....This is with reference to my Journey dated 26th Sep2012 from New Delhi to Ahmedabad in 6E-157 (Evening Flight 8.00 PM). This is with reference to my Journey dated 26th Sep2012 from New Delhi to Ahmedabad in 6E-157 (Evening Flight 8.00 PM). To give Feedback I must tell about my self. I m Yogesh Salvi working as Sr. Manager and looks after Punjab National Bank, Marketing - Gujarat Circle. Prior to this I worked with MNCs like Citi as branch Manager for 5 years and DBS, fullerton for 3 years. In my career I flew through many domestic / international airlines but not IndiGo. Hence I am quite known to the customer service aspect deliverables in MNCs and Public sector organization. I m writing this feedback just to appreciate the crew and the leading lady Miss Neethi who was on flight that day. One of the passenger went annoyed when asked to wait as there was someone in the lavatory. She was quite polite but the passenger has reacted in very bad manner. Despite of the fact, she handled him very gently and held herself to the position. Thus I strongly appreciate the Commitment, dedication, politeness in the stressed flight when u r serving and selling (saw for the first time in flight selling of food items as never travelled through LCC). I appreciate Vibha her colleague also and other team mates also for their cheering faces in that much stress. All the best to team indiGo. I will definitely recommend INDIGO to my known ones. Yogesh Salvi . ..."
Rajesh Dube, 30 September, 2012..Letter of Appreciation for Indigo Airlines .
"....Dear Sir, It gives me real pleasure while expressing my non-forgettable experience with Indigo Airlines for this vacation with my family to Mumbai via Dubai during my childs school holidays. Firstly let me confess I was too closed minded to go for a budget airline for my family. Special reason being going with my family once a year & my lovely little new Angel (Rachita) who was born in UAE a few months back to this travel time of mine to India that too for the first time. The reason being that this time I was too late in booking my flight & the rates by competitor airlines had been shot up too high than my budget. Finally some friend of mine told me about Go IndiGo who had taken the flight to Delhi, Firstly I laughed on his view but to my surprise when I checked the rates I was really carried away with the same & thought of giving it a try. WOW ! ! ! Fantastic ! Awesome ! Is the immediate feeling right from Dubai Airport on 23rd June 2012 when I was taken care by the airport ground staff in a much polite manner than any other liner I have come across my journey for past 5 years now. Especially I was whelmed to see the Duty Manager helping my family & extending his kindness & courtesy upon seeing my small daughter. In fact we were very late at the airport, but the help of the Duty Manager, I guess named Mr. Engelbert Murzello (a unique name I came across in my life ? , thanks to the name badge he had & noted it immediately in my cell) helped us be in time for everything. Further after my check-in & proceeding towards the aircraft I was happy to see that we got the front seats arranged for us due to our baby, something which we had really forgotten. The cabin crew too was well groomed & energetic. All of them were very nice & seemed enjoying the journey. This was something inexperienced in most of the crew staff of other airlines. Special thanks to IndiGo for taking that extra step for bringing such high quality service at budget prices for everyone to afford. This journey for me was like a family drive back home. I liked the services so much so that, I decided that my next visit again I would plan with Indigo only & wow ! Immediately after I came back within 10 days I had again a 4 day trip to Mumbai, India & decided Indigo only again 19th July - 23rd July (VHPPDL).. My luck again brought the same person at the counter desk, Mr. Engelbert Wow ! This was the right time to Thank him for his last help & kindness he provided while going with my family. Such a humble person. I would like to mention here, IndiGo airlines is really blessed to have a staff like this person whom I saw handling all kinds of cases while I was in queue awaiting for my boarding pass. Hats off to this guy! After all I feel it is the people who act as the face of the company, such good people will always win people & in turn generate good & better customer relations & create repeat flyers. After these recent visits & experiences with Indigo Airlines , I wish to remain a Indigo flyer always. Thanks n Keep up the good work. . ..."
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