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Raoul Fernandes 05-01-2013... Feedback Form
"....I must say that i really loved the experience of flying with indigo from Mumbai to Muscat. Your staff is really friendly and the aircraft was really clean and nice. . ..."
Dr Suresh Murthy 05-01-2013.. Letter of appreciation?.
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Tarun Sethi, your Customer Service Officer at the call center today. I was a victim of a technical glitch that would have caused me to bear rebooking charges for no fault of mine. Mr. Sethi was polite, considerate and sensitive to my concerns and displayed good judgment in contacting his line management to obtain waiver and rectify a booking error. I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation of Mr Sethi's service. I wish him well.. ..."
Sukhmeet Singh 05-01-2013.. Helping attitude of your employee.
"....I am an army officer and I travelled in your flight from Guwahati to New Delhi on 27 Dec. I would like to bring to your notice the good work done by one of your employees. On that day, I had got stuck in heavy traffic jam and reached the airport barely in time. By the time I cleared my luggage from Security and reached the counter, it was almost closed. However, your employee at the counter, by the name of Ms. Manprit Kaur understood my problem and entertained me. She not only got me the boarding pass but also helped in my clearing of luggage at the earliest and then move through final security check. I was totally touched by her involvement and dedication. These small gestures go a long way in projecting the image of the company and the ethos which they have imbibed. I would like her to be appreciated at some right forum so that others also get motivated to emulate this.. ..."
Asha Narayanan 06-01-2013..Good Morning
"....Good Morning. I was a passenger booked to fly to Chandigarh from Mumbai on the 30th of Dec. by the 07.25 am flight. Due to poor visibility the flight was rescheduled twice within a span of the next two hours and eventually cancelled. The reasons may have genuinely been low visibility or low passenger nos. even after clubbing 2-3 flights. We could see that your ground staff, Mr. Vinit in particular was engaged in giving out information at the gate no.9. and also working out rescheduling of interested passengers on the next available flight to Delhi. During the entire process the nos. fizzled down, resulting in forced cancellation of any flight that day to Chandigarh perhaps for both the above reasons. As a passenger who had already made holiday plans for the year end in Chandigarh returning home was not an option at all. I chose the only option - of taking the next available flight to Delhi. We were put on the 11.35 am flight to Delhi and from there a Volvo bus took care of our journey from Delhi to Chandigarh. I reached Chandigarh at 09.00 pm that night. All this was handled and expenses borne by the airlines. Not just this, they also took care of water and snacks both at the airport and during the bus ride. The airline officials at Delhi put us on the bus and left only after ensuring that we were all comfortable and had been served water, tea and snacks. At Mumbai airport also, there were frayed tempers, distraught passengers who had to alter plans, some even cancel, so their irritation and not so civil behaviour with your staff was understandable. In the face of all this I found that Mr. Vinit held himself very well, tried very much to keep his cool and offer and provide solutions, by no means an easy task as the hours went by. From 06.45 am to perhaps well past 12.00 he was still handling the irate passengers.. ..."
Vikram Kumar 06-01-2013..Hi, I recently travelled.
"....Hi, I recently travelled from Hyderabad to Bangalore and received an excellent service from the air hostess specifically from Upma Sharma and Raman. I am an international traveller and I really get to see really good inflight service.Hence the special mention.. ..."
Nilesh Randhir and Family 07-01-2013..INDIGO STAFF AS GOD FOR ME THAT DAY .
"....It was the 5th Jan 2013, my 21st wedding anniversary. I had been to kochi for new year celebration and had arranged a family and friends party in Pune on 5th Jan evening. I had booked tickets for 6 persons, from that time I came close to IndiGo too much. The booking was done mistakenly by me and then I called the indigo helpline, the person on the other side helped me and made my booking correct. This is my First Thanks to IndiGo. My Second Thanks to all the airport staff of kochi for helping me and my family to be on board which was impossible for any other flying service because as per the rules I should be there at least 45 minutes before departure but that day I couldn't reach the airport due to heavy traffic jam from alleppy to airport. Anyhow, I had started at 9am from alleppy, this sounds strange because 9 am to 3 pm, 6 hours for 140 km or for 2 hours journey, me and my family were fully tensed as we were going to miss the flight 6E 406 that day. I was praying to god please let me be in the flight as we had to plan many more things on 5th in Pune... hush...we reached the airport at 3 pm, the counters were closed. I started sweating and tears rolling from my eyes. My elder daughter said DAD pray the IndiGo not god! They will allow us to board and it happened that one lady and one male IndiGo personality came out as god for me and made arrangements for us to board the flight 20 minutes before the departure. One IndiGo staff with specs requested the security check in officers for doing it on priority for us which was impossible as there was a huge line of other passengers but he did it and we were on board 5 minutes before departure. Third Thanks again for the kochi staff who send my luggage to Pune on 6th by the same flight. Fourth Thanks to the Pune IndiGo official Trupti madam who supported us by all means on 5th and 6th in Pune to get our luggage back and my FIFTH BIG THANKS for all the support and help to INDIGO AIRLINES for giving me such a big amazing service.. ..."
Ranjith.K, 09-01-2013..Excellent service and hospitality shown by your check in counter employee (Ms.Rohini).
"....This is to convey my happiness with respect to the express check in service, I have availed today from Bangalore airport .It was nice meeting and talking to Ms. Rohini at your express check in counter. She was so polite and humble moreover very pro-active to ensure to tag my luggages with ""Fast Forward "" service Tag. Many Thanks to Indigo !! Well done Rohini and Team.. ..."
k rajendra prasad, 09-01-2013..well done MR IRFAN at INDIGO HYDERABAD?.
"....This is to record my appreciation on the best work done by MR. IRFAN at HYDERABAD AIRPORT. I took Hyderabad-Chennai flight. When i was approaching check in counter, Mr. IRFAN came to me politely and offered to do self check-in for me and within less than a minute, he gave me the printed boarding pass. With his proactive, polite and excellent service with utmost swiftness, there was no need for me to wait at check in counter queue.. ..."
Divya Sachdeva, 09-01-2013..?.Appreciation Note for Iram Fatima..
"....Hi, This is just an appreciation note for Iram Fatima (lucknow airport, Indigo Counter) for being god send and saving our family holiday by being very co-operative and adjusting our flights for Lucknow-Mumbai-Goa due to delays at the Lucknow Airport because of fog. She was very polite and very understanding and rescheduled our flights promptly to ensure we reached Goa and enjoyed our vacation. This is just a small note of thanks to her and also to the airlines for being supportive and customer friendly which is a rear sighting especially since Indigo is a no frills budget airlines.. ..."
Vibhu Tripathi, 10-01-2013..?.Service Feedback.
"....Hello, I am Vibhu Tripathi. I had taken an indigo flight from Singapore to Mumbai on 22nd Jan 2012. Upon arrival to Mumbai I found some of my luggage (especially some expensive sports equipment) to be totally wet, I guess due to inconsiderate material handling at Singapore airport. To resolve the matter, I met with Mr. Pranay, Assistant Manager Customer Service (Emp Id IGA1587) who stepped in and helped me in a big way to ensure all my complaints and grievances were taken seriously. He handled the situation in a very calm and composed manner even though when I was in a bit of angry mode. To add on to this I would also like to appreciate the entire team working with Mr. Pranay for all the help and follow-ups. I would like to take this opportunity to truly appreciate initiatives of such dedicated staff members of Indigo. Acts like this actually brings about the real customer delight that companies promise about.. ..."
Nitin Chauhan, 11-01-2013..APPRECIATION!!!
"....This is to appreciate Mr. Chitranjan that he is really helpful and provided an excellent customer service which i have received from any of the service provider. He definitely receives an increment. Great job Chitranjan Keep it up!!!!. ..."
Arun Duggal,13-01-2013..6E 313
"....We enjoyed the flight very much. Like clock work. Outstanding performance by "" Leading Lady"" named Seerat and the "" Girl Power"" Keep up the good work.. ..."
Mayur Gandhi ,13-01-2013...Excellent Service by Mr. Himanshu Dohroo
".... The help and support given by by Mr. Himanshu Dohroo for rescheduling my flight was really great. I appreciate the amount of time and the effort he put in for explaining everything to me. Will travel Indigo again only because of this experience, thanks to him.. ..."
Abhishek Agnihotri, 14-01-2013..Prafulla kumar - Agent worth it
"...."Hi, This is advocate Agnihotri from Mumbai. I called the toll free number to enquire fares for Mumbai Nagpur sector and was assisted by super agent Mr. Praful , who assisted me step by step and helped me make the payment. I had my set of apprehensiveness to use my Credit card online, but Mr. Praful helped me to complete the transactions. Thanks a lot.. ..."
Anabil Ghosh,15-01-2013..Awesome Service Provided By Indigo| THANK YOU...
"....Hello Team Indigo Every time I travel on business I make sure I fly Indigo. You guys are always on time and the services are also fantastic. But what you guys did for me today is something I will remember for a long time. I am getting married in February and I planned to spend my honey moon in Goa. I got a package deal from Make My Trip and as always I chose Indigo to fly me and my wife to Goa. Out of excitement and joy I entered the name of my wife incorrectly. When I realized my mistake I immediately called your customer care. Your customer care executive Mrityunjay Kumar took my call and he went out of his way to help me. He spoke to his supervisor and made the necessary corrections in my wife's name in the tickets. He confirmed the change and I checked online and saw that the changes were made. Mrityunjay gave me my wedding gift on a half an hour call. He saved my honeymoon! On the same night I also spoke to Muhammad Adeel as I had to make the corrections in the return flight tickets as well. These two executives, specially Mrityunjay Kumar touched my life in a way which only I will know. It is people like Mrityunjay and Md. Adeel who make Indigo such a delightful airline to fly. I thank these two gentlemen from the bottom of my heart and wish them a very bright and promising future. Thank you once again!!. ..."
Dr. S.A. Ahmad, 18-01-2013.. My pleasant experience
"....I would like to put on record my pleasant experience when we had to abandon our journey at Lucknow while travelling with Indigo airlines. I was travelling with my wife Parween Ahmad on flight no. 6E 342 from Mumbai to Patna on January 7, 2013 via Lucknow. Due to bad weather our flight could not take off for Patna and we were asked to disembark at Lucknow itself after waiting in the plane for more than two hours. We decide to stay in Lucknow and take the next day flight for Patna. I would like to put on record our appreciation for the help, courtesy and support provided by one of Indigo staff at Lucknow, Mr. Shabbir. He did all that was possible to make our unscheduled stop at Lucknow a pleasant experience, which otherwise could have been a painful one in the very cold weather at Lucknow. We could take the flight from Lucknow to Patna on January 8, 2013. We would like to thank Mr. Shabbir for all his help and support and may there be more men like him in IndiGo airline, which is becoming the fastest growing airlines in the world.. ..."
Shirleen Beddoe, 20-01-2013..Exemplary Conduct of Your Executive at LGBI, airport
"....I would like to make a special mention of the helpfulness and outstanding services of one of your Executive Staff at Guwahati LGBI Airport. Indigo should be proud to have a person like him working for them. His name is Mr. Sandy D Ch Marak. My daughter Vanessa Beddoe,a minor was flying by Indigo Airlines on the 14th January 2013 from Guwahati to Kolkata and had inadvertently forgotten her jacket in the Security area at Guwahati Airport. She realised it as soon as she sat in the aircraft but the crew did not allow her to go back to get it. I somehow immediately managed to get in touch with your ground executive, Mr. Sandy D Ch Marak on his mobile and he then informed me that the jacket which was by then in the custody of the Airport Terminal Manager(ATM) will not be given to him unless the traveller's boarding pass and an authorisation letter was furnished. Days passed and we were just not given this jacket, but your Executive Sandy D Ch Marak was very concerned as we were IndiGo passengers. He persisted and tried all he could and then 6 days later, he is handed the jacket by the ATM. I happily want everyone at Indigo to know about the dedication to duty of this young man. I wish him success always. He will always do IndiGo proud.. ..."
Minood CR, 22-01-2013..Excellent Service at Chandigarh: Ms.Banita Lama
"....I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent service that Indigo is offering nowadays. I travel regularly on IndiGo. Recently I had an opportunity to be 'under stress' as Indigo flight from Chandigarh to Delhi was delayed and I had a connecting flight from Delhi to Trivandrum in another airline without much gap. Due to the delay, I had to cancel the Indigo ticket for taking another flight from Chandigarh to Delhi. I commend the excellent service showered on me by your staff on duty Ms. Banita Lama in helping with this whole process. I felt at home with her professional service executed with lots of heart! She took a lot of pain and effort in making me feel peaceful. With people like Ms.Banita working with Indigo. I am sure your airline will soar higher and higher.. ..."
Dr.Sandun Vithanage, 23-01-2013..Excellent Customer Service
"....I am Dr. Vithanage from Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka. Last 17th I was travelling to India from Dubai by Indigo Airline. I had to travel to Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan airline on same day. But I faced a problem with VISA at the Chennai Airport. So I had to wait around 5 hours in the transit. Mr.Abdul Rahman personally involved to my issue and solved it. At the same time he concerned much about me even my breakfast. He helped me a lot to solve the issue without any irritation. He understood my stress at that time. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mr.Abdul Rahman and his friend Mr. Maniraj for the excellent support and efforts. Thank you once again... ..."
Subrata Pramanick, 23-01-2013..Thanks for your Care to Disabled Passengers.
"....Dear Ms. Priya / Mr. Ghosh, I have been travelling in your Airlines since its beginning in India. Before that I have travelled in many other Low-cost Airlines but the service you provide to the disabled is really noteworthy. Today in the Tweeter I replied on the Republic Day tableau calls disabled 'powerless' on a TOI report and I have written the following lines in online comments in TOI : Truly it is a 'department of the powerless' Disabled do not get any or much help from this Department. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh still use the word apang (crippled). There is no disabled friendly Ramp in may Railway Stations. Disabled are a harassed lot while boarding an aircraft except in "IndiGo".. ..."
Raghunandan S, 24-01-2013..Appreciation to Jatin Ajwani
"....Hi, I am a frequent flyer with Indigo and had to change a flight booking. I would like to pass on a note of appreciation to Mr. Jatin Ajwani, the customer service representative who assisted me in making the necessary changes without any hassles. He was very process oriented, clear in his communication and has complete knowledge of the systems. He understands his customers very well. He went that extra mile to ensure that the change is done at a lowest possible cost difference. Kudos to him and his team. Kudos to Indigo Airlines, my experience has been great with you folks thus far. A true potential to become world class. Go Indigo...Go !!!. ..."
Aditya Dahiya, 31-01-2013..Appreciation and Thanks giving letter!
"....This is to inform you that on 29th Jan 2013 an officer of the Indian Armed Forces achieved martyrdom fighting for his country, against the militants in the state of J&K. The body had to be transported on an URGENT basis to his native place for the last rites on 30 Jan 2013. This would not have been possible, with such a short notice, but for your organization and the following staff who went out of the way to help us. 1. Mrs Ashia Bashir ( Manager Airport) 2. Mr Gurmeet Singh (Agent Customer Care) 3. Mr Khursheed (Agent Cargo) 4. Mr Amrit Pal Singh (Agent Security) We are thankful for the help extended and the timely response by your staff who made sure that body of the brave soldier is not only transported but also given due respect during the handling. Thanking you once again. ..."
Harsh, 31-01-2013..Good job guys!
"....Hello, I just landed some 30mins back from Bangalore via 6E 426 to Bombay and forgot my iPad in the flight. I did rush back to the airport with little worry and no hope of actually getting it back. However, I spoke to Ms. Pooja Sawant on the Bombay airport indigo old reservation counter and all she did was make one call. Surprisingly she informed me that you guys have found it and Mr. Yogendra from Security is getting it. I have it in my hands. This is world class service! So guys definitely stay true to your customer-first promise. A big hug to these guys. They have made me a IndiGo loyalist.. ..."
A.K. Mohamed Aslam 02-02-2013, Our In-flight experience - 6E 61 Mumbai to Dubai on 30 Jan 13...
"....Dear Customer Relations Manager, My wife (58 years) & myself (66 years) were in flight 6E61 from Mumbai to Dubai on 30th Jan 13. Capt Umesh was in command of the flight. My wife suddenly fell ill with stomach upset. Her health grew from bad to worse within a short span of time due to her repeated visits to the toilets. Sadly she was rendered weak & left totally drained off energy and partially conscience due to the severe stomach cramps & shivering that normally follow a running stomach. I know I will be helpless until I land in Dubai to get medical help through my waiting children at the Dubai airport. The three hours of flight was a definite night mare for me & my wife with the unimaginable stress & growing anxiety. It is here I have to talk about the two in-flight hostesses Mithu & Damini who took hold of the concerning health condition of my wife. With no blankets available on board, Damini readily offered her over-coat to my shivering wife and the cabin temperature was slightly raised without any discomfort to the other passengers on board. They both helped us out of the way to move our seats closer to the toilets just to assist my weak on her frequent need of using the cabin toilets. They offered me Imodium tablets (to arrest running stomach) but my wife had already used it from her travel medical kit. Despite their mandatory in-flight service commitment to the other passengers on board, they both were keeping a close watch on my helpless wife readily serving hot water to drink on hint of a need. I was indeed overwhelmed & couldn't have thanked enough Mithu & Damini on their invaluable service during our critical flight duration. I sincerely thank IndiGo management for having in its rolls, such helpful, courteous & fully understanding flight stewardesses at the service of its helpless passengers at such an unexpected condition. Thank you Mithu & Damini once again for being the Guardian Angels to my desperately sick wife on board. May God bless you both. I have already been travelling IndiGo quite often & needless to say, IndiGo shall always be my first option on sectors it serves, be it domestic or international. I shall feel happy at this mail being put up to the reading of the Indigo corporate management. Best regards A.K. Mohamed Aslam Technical Director & Management Consultant Capital Engineering Consultancy Sharjah - United Arab Emirates. ..."
Karan Raja 03-02-2013,.. Thanking You..
"....Hi, Recently I had a wonderful experience while traveling with IndiGo. It is not that often that we get a reason to praise Indian domestic Airlines. On 28th January, I was traveling from Kolkata to Coimbatore via Chennai by flight no. 6E 271 and on reaching Chennai I realized I had dropped my driving license at Kolkata Airport. I remember picking it up from the check in counter so it means I had dropped it somewhere at Kolkata airport. I was scared as I had a connecting flight to Coimbatore and my return to New Delhi was a day after and driving license was the only proof I had. I even had to travel by train on reaching Delhi and it is mandatory to have an original ID proof to travel by train. I approached an Indigo official at the Chennai Airport and to my relief I was told that my license was found at the Kolkata airport and I would get the license the very next day at Chennai Airport. However, I was traveling to Coimbatore hence I requested them to get it delivered there. I had thought I was asking for too much but the official said even that can be arranged. In the meanwhile the ground staff had already checked in for me and got my e-ticket print out attested so that the security lets me in without hassle. On reaching Coimbatore an official Ms. Aasha took my number and email address and assured me that I would get my license the day I was traveling to New Delhi that's 30th January. I still could not believe this was happening in my country which is famous for handling customers with utter disregard. The next day receive a call from her saying my license had arrived. The day I reach the airport on 30th Jan an envelope is ready with my driving license in it. I sincerely would want to thank Indigo and its officials at Kolkata airport, Chennai Airport and the lady at Coimbatore named Ms. Aasha. Arranging my license was not a part of their job still they did everything just for the convenience of their customer. This can be served as an example to the other airlines of India. IndiGo can be rest assured of sealing a customer for life time.. Happy and satisfied flier. Regards Karan Raja. ..."
Jayashree 04-02-2013..Customer Relation..
"....This is to place on record my appreciation for your Customer Service Representative Mr. Vineet who came on line and attended me when I called your Airlines toll free no. I had to book four round trip tickets BLR - AMD - BLR and Vineet was very helpful and made my job easy. Not by any chance I knew him earlier but it seemed that I was talking to a well-known acquaintance. He is courteous, confident and knows his job well. He deserves all the encouragement and motivation in his career to scale new heights. I wish him all the very best. Regards, Jayashree . ..."
Ujjwal Kumar Das 04-02-2013..APPRECIATION..
"....Dear Sir, Thro' the following lines, I would like to bring to your kind notice the timely and prompt response shown by your team of officers at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, in detecting and handing over the lost property. In fact, I was performing air journey by IndiGo (flight No. 6E 362) from Kolkata to Imphal on 30.01.2013. I had to board the flight in the last moment, since my health was not well on that date. In a hurry, I forgot my coat at the security check. I could detect the loss of coat only when I boarded the flight. I lodged a complaint with the IndiGo office at Imphal Airport, on the very same day itself. The coat was important for me, but more important thing was spectacles in the pocket of that coat. At the age of 57 years, being in a senior managerial position in BSNL at Imphal, functioning without glasses would be very difficult and horrible for me. The reason is any spectacle dealer requires 4 to 5 days to prepare the glasses. Your IndiGo people at Imphal as well as at Kolkata were very cooperative and helpful. They pursued the matter vigorously with CISF authorities and succeeded in detecting my material. At last, on 01.02.2013, your IndiGo people at Kolkata collected the glasses from the office of Airport Manager (Domestic) and returned to me on the same day. I heartily appreciate the team of your sincere officers and officials in this regard. Your team deserves every appreciation and applauds for their efforts. My sincere thanks to everyone in your team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN. Yours sincerely Ujjwal Kumar Das . ..."
Anand Munusamy 06-02-2013, Feedback on my flight..
".... I am a Canadian and travelled on IndiGo flight on 3 Feb 2013, 6E 65, from Chennai to Dubai to catch my connecting flight. I have been travelling all over the world for the last 25 years in various airlines. First time, I ever felt sending my feedback about my flight.. Having used to inanimate, mechanical treatment, I was in a pleasant surprise in your flight. The Courtesy & friendliness was extraordinary. First I thought, being a new airline, the staffs are doing their duty in a natural way. But something very extraordinary happened in the flight en-route. One of the passengers fell sick and the cabin attendants immediately asked for medical help from fellow passengers (doctors or nurse). Three cabin attendants were attending the sick passenger, running to get ice, vomit bag and constantly seeking help and observing the sick's pulse etc. I don't think even the emergency ward in my home town (Calgary, Canada) would have given this kind of attention. Once I had to wait for 5 hours in the Hospital emergency in Canada to get a Doctor's attention. On arrival at Dubai, the airport medical team was at the gate to attend the sick.. The cabin attendants were young and the service and attention given by them is truly extra ordinary. I want to thank them (I don't know their name, the name tag is so small on their uniform to notice). Also, I request IndiGo to appreciate their services and reward them for encouragement. In reality the Airline's success is based on such enthusiastic services by the staff, not by offering discounts/tasty meal etc. Passenger is willing to pay extra for this kind of services. Thanks, Anand Anand Munusamy P.Eng. ..."
Krishnan Nagasubramani 11-02-2013..The surprise that I was served...
"....Dear Mr. Ghosh, I took the 6E 276 this morning and I experienced first-hand what the IndiGo service really is.. I must confess that I have flown many of the leading airlines across the world - budget, premium, economy and business, enough to be a cynic of airline service and much more of budget airline economy class service.. Today, I saw two things that I have never seen in any economy class service... 1. As I ordered my snack, I realised that my wallet was in my cabin bag. In most airlines where one has to pay for food, one is not served till the cash is paid. Your crew ( Dipti in particular) not only served the food but she also requested me to finish the food before getting my wallet. 2. In most airlines while the food service is on, passengers who are behind a cart, are not allowed to visit the restroom. Your cabin crew made sure that the carts were moved to accommodate passengers to relieve themselves.. As someone who heads a large commercial organisation, I do realise how challenging it is to get employees to delight customers. I wonder what it would take for your cabin staff to be courteous even at the risk missed collection of money or going through 'extra' work of pushing carts around! I suspect it has a lot to do with the culture and the way you empower them.. My favourite budget airline was southwest, not anymore. Congratulations, Krishnan Nagasubramani,. ..."
Col AJ Bahadur, 11-02-2013..Complimentary.
"....This flight was a great experience, both during check in and later in the flight. As we move to check-in and get into the queue, there is a board which says, ""YOU ARE 12 MINS AWAY FROM CHECK-IN"" I love statistics and am a compulsive experimenter in work study so, I looked at my watch, it was 1105 !! At 1115 I was at the counter and at 1117 I walked off with my boarding card. IMPRESSED AND I SALUTE INDIGO!! As we boarded with my seat allotment of 3D, I casually requested the Leading Lady, Neelu to move me to 1st row after the boarding is complete and in case there is an empty slot. Within a few seconds of the announcement ""Boarding Complete"", the LL walks up to me, smiles and requests me to move to 1A with a smile!!! Believe me, my last few days in Delhi was very tiring as I was attending a wedding and catching up with old friends after decades...late nights galore....throughout the journey I had a sound sleep with positive energies of the cabin crew around !!! Well done, INDIGO !! Keep it up !! With best regards ajb Col AJ Bahadur. ..."
Prashant R Jadhav, 12-02-2013.?..Feedback - Flight 6E 551 ( Jammu to Delhi ) dt 07.02.2013 .
"....Dear Sir / Madam, ( Incharge - goIndiGo ) This feedback is related with our experience on 07.02.2013 (Flight: 6E 551 - Jammu to Delhi) Ms. Neha Basson (Executive - Security) supported our entire group in a very excellent manner.. During our interaction with her we found her very co-operative, understanding and having a very cool temper for handling passengers, all our boarding passes we handed over to our group personally by Ms. Neha, which is a very perfect sign of quality co-ordination with passengers. Her skills show her perfection and quality work, which is very important for service industry. Also the baggages were very well checked in, the number of counts, weight personally monitored by Ms. Neha. We wish Ms. Neha a great success in coming future. Also we would thank your entire team for the extended support. We assure you our future flying only through goIndiGo.. Thanks, With Best Regards, Prashant R Jadhav Manager - Parts & Accessories Sales Support & Planning. ..."
Vijay Menon, 13-02-2013...Thank You !!
"....Dear Sir, I had travelled to Pune by your Flight No. 6E 105 from Delhi on February 10, 2013. Unfortunately, I forgot my Kindle in the airplane. However, thanks to a very proactive role played by your Security Officer, Mr. Nilesh Chavan, I was able to get my Kindle back. I am very impressed by the professional manner, in which this whole episode was handled. Even though my person went to collect the kindle when Mr. Chavan was not on duty, he had made all arrangements to hand it over without any delay. I would like to place on record my sincere gratitude to Mr. Nilesh Chavan and your organization for locating and returning my Kindle to me. Thanking you, Sincerely, Vijay Menon. ..."
L. Rajagopalan, 13-02-2013..Appreciation of customer care of Mr Thowqeer Ahmed.
"....I had occasion to interact with Mr. Thowqeer Ahmed at your Call Centre. He has been extremely good. The qualities that I could discern in him during my interaction are: pro-active; very patient; extremely polite; willing to go an extra mile to be helpful to a customer. These qualities, I am sure, will take him a long way in his career. He is an asset to your organisation.. ..."
Krishan Jagtiani,13-02-2013.. Testimonial
"....Hello, I forgot to collect one box while returning on flight # 6E 72 from Bangkok on 6th February 2013. On my way to house in the cab I got a call from IndiGo staff Ms. ALKA informing me about the box forgotten by me. Alka was waiting for me at the gate, arranged for security to allow me to go to customs, retrieved my box, passed it through customs and escorted me back to the exit gate. It just goes to show the training and ethos imparted to your people. And I thought it was a budget airline..pray tell me which other airline would have gone to this extent to ensure I do not leave my box. have won me over with your WOW service... Best wishes, Krishan Jagtiani. ..."
Ruy Da Costa Lima and Dennis Bates,14-02-2013. Excellent flight attendants
"....We are writing to commend the fantastic and professional flight attendants of IndiGo flight 6E 215 from Kochi to Mumbai today, February 14. We have extensive experience on international flights with the world top carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, and we found your flight crew to be at the top of any global airline. They were impeccably dressed, well spoken, and extremely professional and cordial. Their announcements were defining and soothing. Their safety briefing was in unison which showed they were very well trained. Their on board service was polite and friendly. Please convey to them our sincere appreciation for an excellent job. The four flight attendants, Lead Priya Pashad, and flight attendants Nauras Indori, Namita Rad, and Manju Tiwari were superb. They should be conducting training classes for all your IndiGo flight attendants.. Best Regards, Ruy Da Costa Lima. And Dennis Bates . ..."
Ebrahim Sooryai, 15-02-2013..Compliments!.
"....Dear IndiGo Team, I am a Frequent Flyer and so I am a JP Member of Jet Airways since last 8 years and always prefer Jet Airways due to membership points, upgrade to business class and most probably I travel by Jet Airways because they have business Class in all their flights. Last days due to my schedule, I travelled by IndiGo from Chandigarh to Mumbai on 3rd Feb 2013. My journey from Chandigarh to Mumbai in your IndiGo made me understand that there are better Airlines than Jet Airways. It was amazing that IndiGo does so much care of PERFECT time departure and PERFECT time arrival. I was always facing trouble due to delay in flights since I normally travel with just a 24 hours back trip for urgent business meetings and due to flight delays I always suffer. It was so nice that despite of bad weather and a full flight IndiGo managed to fly on time and arrived accordingly. Not only this, when plane landed, I was informed which belt my luggage would come from. I could see from air craft window shed while landing that bus, luggage car and all IndiGo team has already started their work on the ground to see that all passengers exit immediately without any delay. I fly more than 20 times a month but I have never enjoyed flying like IndiGo. Appreciating your services, I booked my tickets for Mumbai Bangalore Mumbai on 13 February 2013 and return 14 February 2013. While going from Mumbai to Bangalore and even Bangalore to Mumbai I landed before time. It was amazing. Further, your Junglee Chicken Sandwich were excellent. The glass of Coffee can never be forgotten and the taste of coffee is also excellent. All your crew members were extremely great in their services. I appreciate.. I suggest you to please introduce few seats as Business Class for passengers like us who prefer premier services and also please start a frequent flyer program so that we enjoy privileges and benefits on each time we fly. Thank you very much. Thanks, Best Regards, Ebrahim Soorya .. ..."
Vinita Zutshi, 15-02-2013. Appreciation
"....Hello! I travelled on 26th January from Raipur to Delhi via GoIndigo flight 6E 454. I would like to highly commend Ms. Niharika and Mr. Prasann who were on duty at the airport in Raipur for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me get on board the flight. I arrived to find that the client had omitted to pay for my ticket, so it had been put on hold. Also, my phone was not working due to some signal issues. Ms. Niharika very kindly lent me her phone so I could contact my client in Raipur, who got in touch with his travel agent. There was a lot of back-and-forth on the phone between my client, Ms. Niharika and myself, and later, Mr. Prasann also stepped in and helped out. It is people like them that make it such a pleasure to fly IndiGo! :-) I would like it very much if you could convey my special appreciation to them in the form of some recognition. Thank you, Vinita Zutshi . ..."
Sukhpal Singh, 15-02-2013. Appreciation letter for Chhavi dutta
"....I am a traveller for flight 6E 317, Delhi to Hyderabad. I'm writing this mail because I want to share my travel experience on your flight mentioned above. The reason for a high customer satisfaction for IndiGo is your cabin crew services. They extremely make you comfortable. Would respond your every minute requests. Without taking much time, I would like to appreciate Ms. Chhavi for her incredible services always with smiling expression and customer orientation. Regards, Sukhpal Singh Seat no 17c :) . ..."
Neha Singh & Mohit Singh, 16-02-2013. For Being There in a Time of Trouble
"....Thanks for giving your helping hand when I needed it the most. Dear Shobitha, II can't thank you enough for the support that you have given me over the last one week for finding my camera. I don't think I could have made it without you. You fully understand the value of a customer's needs. You have been a best employee to me and my husband, Mr. Mohit Singh. TMy gratitude is unending. You have done so much for me today, but most of all, thank you for being there. That means you fulfilled my golden moment which was with my husband. Many Thanks, Neha Singh & Mohit Singh. ..."
Chintan Khona, 17-02-2013..PNR flight no. 6E 242
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, Today morning I have boarded Your flight referred above. I highly appreciate Valencia who helped me with my boarding pass at the counter, in spite of a broken finger she was generous, kind and 100% dedicated that too with a big smile.She made my experience truly memorable. Highly appreciate her hospitality. Regards, Chintan Khona. ..."
Rahul, 17-02-2013..Appreciation for Cabin Crew
"....Hi Team, I recently flew with your airline 6E196 from Bombay to Delhi and had an Superb experience throughout the journey. One of your cabin crew named Nitha was very helpful and courteous and behaved in a well manner. They are the true reflection of the high levels of standard that we expect from IndiGo. I Would recommend your airline to all my friends and family. Thank you again. Warm Regards Rahul. ..."
Shantanu Dutta, 18-02-2013..Token of appreciation - Mr. Honey, Raipur Airport
"....Dear Customer Relations, I would like to appreciate the professionalism of Mr. Honey from Raipur Airport who has gone beyond his duties to help recover a lost baggage at Kolkata airport on 15 February 2013. Please pass my families heart felt wishes for him. This really shows his personal integrity and IndiGo Airlines high level of customer satisfaction standards. I wish him all the very best in life. Regards, Shantanu Dutta. ..."
D N Mathur, 19-02-2013..To Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President
"....To, Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President. Mr. Sanjeev Ramdas, Exec Vice President. IndiGo I had taken the flight 6E 105 from Delhi to Pune on 18th Feb '13 along with my wife Versha Mathur and my aged mother Mrs Rajesh Mathur (PNR- MMGDLX). My wife had a medical emergency on the flight and I have no words to express my gratitude to your cabin staff who managed the assistance of a doctor who was on board and not only took care of my wife in the CPR process but took care of me also in my state of panic. They spared no effort in reviving my wife and helped in our disembarkation with my aged mother who is wheelchair passenger. Even at Pune your ground staffs were most helpful and took us to the Ruby Hall medical emergency unit for attention. They got our baggage collected from the belt and helped us board the taxi. The kind of service and help rendered is exemplary and shows the extremely high standard of passenger care which is not there in any other Airline we have used in India or abroad. I must express my deep gratitude and thanks to you and to the staff who helped us. God bless you all. We have vowed that for us there is only IndiGo for ever now. D N Mathur Retd General Manager, Indian Railways . ..."
Pankaj Gupta, 20-02-2013..Dear Sir/Madam,
"....Dear Sir/Madam, Today I had an opportunity to book a ticket through your Phone booking system. Mr. Sanjeev Ramdas, Exec Vice President. I was attended by your relation business attendant Ms. SONA BATRA. It was such a nice experience beyond comparison to book the ticket through her. It was getting very difficult for me for my online payment through Blackberry Mobile, but she did not lost her patience, we changed phone nos. twice and finally she called me back on my landline no. to complete my booking. I really congratulate you to have such nice relation managers working for you. My Best regards to you and your team. Pankaj Gupta . ..."
Puneet Poddar, 21-02-2013..Happy with Customer Service of Mr. Surjeet Das
"....Sir/Ma'am, It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Mr. Surjeet Kumar for the professionalism and help he extended during my call to customer service. He was patient, courteous and very understanding of the complex problem that I presented to him in the call for the changes in my reservation. I sincerely wish that IndiGo operations will consider this feedback and recognize the efforts of Mr. Surjeet. Thanks and Regards, Puneet Poddar . ..."
Balajee Rao Kintali, 22-02-2013..Arun Sansanwal
"....Hello, It gives me immense pleasure in appreciating the exceptional service I have received from Mr. Arun Sansanwal for booking of my ticket from Chennai to Visakhapatnam on 9th of March. Mr. Arun has provided world class service in giving me the information needed and has driven me thru the reservation process with great energy. I am truly thankful to him and IndiGo for great service. Cheers!!!! Thanks and Regards, Balajee Rao Kintali . ..."
Chetan Dhanuka, 25-02-2013..Excellent service from Mr. Pappu Kumar Das
"....I must acknowledge the prompt and the best service which I have ever experienced till now. I am a frequent flier across various airlines and must admit that I had a pleasant experience in booking my ticket at your call center where Mr. Pappu Kumar Das patiently did the bookings. I must admit I discussed various permutations and combinations but Mr. Pappu guided me without any urgency and called me back promptly next day too for the tickets which I had blocked. This personalised service reconfirms my faith in IndiGo which is gaining the fascination of all travellers. This personalised attention and giving importance to your customer (also making them feel comfortable) will not go unnoticed. My first choice will always be IndiGo and let me tell you all, travellers will make travel plans to suit your travel itinerary so that we could have a hassle free, timely service with your airline. Many thanks once again & I wish the sectors where I travel always has IndiGo !!! Regards . ..."
Gagan beri, 28-02-2013..Appreciation for my flight dubai to delhi
"....Dear Sir, I would like to share my experience on my last flight with IndiGo where I got an experience of a life time largely because of flight attendant Clavian Rego. I changed my ticket at the last moment and was rushing back home after just one night stay in Dubai. What I got in the flight was nothing less than the most beautiful experience. As I boarded, I got the last seat 30C. I requested for a change of seat because of my back, the flight attendant; Clavian, saw my boarding pass and requested me to change the seat to row 3 as she had a vacant seat. She surely helped me place my bags as well keeping in mind my back pain. I was curious to know the reason for which she gave me a lovely smile and informed me that the last seat was non-reclining. As always the plane was neat and comfortable but to top it all and make IndiGo where it is today is the face of IndiGo represented by sweet smiles and caring attitude of the flight staffs. Anything I asked for like water, coffee or beer, was served with not just a smile but I could see dedication in the eyes to work for this company as if it is their baby. I saw this not just for me but for other passengers too where she suggested them what to eat according to their taste and gave genuine suggestions. I would say you that IndiGo has really made a big difference in the way we fly. Thanking you Gagan beri . ..."
Amit Nandi 01-03-2013, Our In-flight experience - 6E 61...
"....Dear IndiGo, I am happy to share a pleasant experience I had while dealing with Mr. Zayed Khan in Customer Care. I had called to change a reservation wherein I had booked my parents on a wrong flight. The PNR no. is IP16BQ The professional and helpful manner in which Zayed dealt with me was very reassuring and has reinforced my faith in IndiGo. He took complete responsibility for what was needed to be done. In my first call the system was down midway through the call, Zayed gave me a call himself once the system was up and completed the job. That's outstanding customer service. I would also like to share that the only 2 airlines I fly in are IndiGo and Jet airways. Apart from being most punctual, I find IndiGo aircrafts the cleanest, the staff most efficient and most importantly I find Indigo to be the smartest. You limit yourself to only those things that 'really matter' for a passenger and you make sure you deliver on them 100%. While other airlines spread themselves thin trying to do everything and end up excelling at nothing! Regards Amit Nandi Pune. ..."
Rajesh Khanna 03-03-2013,.. Appreciation for Abhay Pandey - Truly a Honest Person!!..
"....Greetings of the day !!!, I Would like to share my sincere thanks for MR. ABHAY PANDEY for his loyalty towards the organization and maintaining high standards of honesty. I Would like to summarize the incident as while coming back from IndiGo on dated 01/03/2013 from GOA to DEL have lost my wallet which has debit cards with decent balances & Cash worth Rs.10 K plus Important identities and I did not had any clue where I have lost the same. Have tried to locate however could not been able to trace the same in the hand bags and in the craft. Had also informed the Staff on the plane and they directed me to the customer service desk where i have registered my concern on arrival and got the number of GOA airport. Finally have left the airport with no hopes of getting back and reached home with spoiled mood. After 2 hours at around 11:30 PM have received a call from Mr. Abhay Pandey and he informed that he had found the wallet which I can collect. I am short of words here how I felt after getting that call but I can say that he set the smile back on my face. Really appreciate the sincerity and efforts made by Mr Pandey. Sincere thanks for all the Support. Regards Rajesh Khanna (Delighted Customer) Regards Rajesh Khanna (Delighted Customer). ..."
Javed 04-03-2013..Feedback for Akash Singh..
"....Hi, I just wanted to express my feeling towards the service i got from Mr Akash singh. I had to get refund done from expedia for one of my bookings (booking PNR MWW3BQ). Expedia agent misguided me that it's to be done through IndiGo and then I called IndiGo to know the same. Akash informed me about the right process and he stayed with me in all subsequent calls. Akash hung on with me in the entire calls I had to make to first clear trip and then expedia and he guided me thoroughly. I am extremely impressed by his dedication towards customer service and glad to say it was beyond expectation behaviour. Regards, Javed . ..."
Anup Ganapathi 06-03-2013..Appreciation to Guru and Munmun..
"....Hi IndiGo, I would like to appreciate Mr. Guru and Ms. Munmun for assisting the entire Team of YUM Restaurants. Both were of great help in easing the check in procedures. Would like to thank for all their help and assistance. Please convey my sincere thanks to both of them. My seat number was 23B. Regards Anup Ganapathi . ..."
Aditya Agarwal 07-03-2013, Appreciation..
".... I wish to appreciate the efforts made by your ground staff for recovering my laptop bag which I had forgotten in the flight while coming from Kolkata to Raipur. I have been travelling all over the world for the last 25 years in various airlines. First time, I ever felt sending my feedback about my flight.. Regards, Aditya Agarwal.. ..."
M Babar Siddiqui 12-03-2013..Thanks to Ankur..
"....To IndiGo Management, IndiGo may be entertaining quite a number of customer calls of various moods and mentalities. Throughout all that, it is a pleasure when helpful and kind call center executives like Ankur pick up your call. He has truly been the perfect example of how a customer executive should be - quick, helpful, patient, resourceful and kind to the plight of the helpless customer. Congratulations to the management of IndiGo for having such an excellent workforce, the likes of Ankur. M Babar Siddiqui UAE. ..."
Amit Kr. Jain 12-03-2013..Cust. Feedback..
"....Hi IndiGo! I really thanks to indigo for their great job. You gave me the package according to my choice and it was very convenient for me. You made my holiday unforgettable and memorable. In that package I got everything nicely. Mr. Ashwin Yadav (customer service executive) has done really a good job because he suggests me and gave me a great deal. I really appreciate his cooperation and I especially thanks to him. I would definitely choose IndiGo's service again in future. And also I will recommend & suggest about IndiGo's services and great deals to my friends. Warm Regards, Amit Kr. Jain,. ..."
Manish Ghaneckar, 12-03-2014
"....Hi, I would like to acknowledge the efforts and customer orientation of Ankit. I am really happy with his user friendliness and the desire to help others. Cheers!! Manish Ghaneckar ..."
Mina Sonthalia, 14-03-2013..Arafat Khan.
"....Dear Sir, WARM GREETINGS FROM FLY HIGH HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!! This is to appreciate the cooperation of Mr. Arafat Khan at your customer support department. He was of great help to us when we were unable to proceed with a domestic booking for our clients. He guided us step by step until we could complete the whole process. He also took the trouble to calling up again and again to confirm whether we were still stuck with the booking. We really appreciate IndiGo Airlines for having such cooperative support team. Thanking You Regards Mina Sonthalia . ..."
Devina Kanani, 15-03-2013?..Wonderful booking experience.
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you regarding my telephonic experience with one of your consultants Mr. Arafat Khan. I called to book my tickets from Mumbai to Delhi and his assistance in that was absolutely wonderful.. It is a great feeling to know that booking for air tickets can be done with so much ease and politeness. Will definitely be booking through indigo on a regular basis. Also we would thank your entire team for the extended support. We assure you our future flying only through goIndiGo.. Kind regards, Devina Kanani . ..."
Gunjan Bahadur/Indu Srivastava, 16-03-2013...Rate Your IndiGo Experience.
Regine Oesch-Aiyer 16-03-2013..Commendation of your employees
"....Dear Mr. Gosh and Mr. Bhatia, As a tour organizer to India I often have the occasion to fly Indigo Airlines and wanted you to know how terrific your employees are, going way beyond the call of duty, a rare thing in the airline industry today! At my arrival in Trivandrum with flight 6E 377 January 16, 2013 I noticed that the pull handle of my suitcase had been broken. Your manager, Rakesh K.A., took immediately care of the paperwork, realizing that the group was waiting in our tour bus. He followed up with a phone call two hours later to let me know that he has notified the Bangalore office (where I reside while in India in between journeys) that the suitcase needed to be repaired. After my return I received a phone call from a customer service agent to let me know that an authorized luggage repair agent would come to my home to pick up the suitcase. The agent arrived, promised to return the suitcase repaired in a few days, and again your agent followed up to find out if the repair had been done to my satisfaction. I was overwhelmed by the attention to detail and the flow of communication between your different operations, very remarkable! This could have never happened in Europe or U.S. where one is expected to contact the carrier to follow up with endless phone calls, lucky to get the suitcase repaired and money reimbursed months later. In February 2012, just before boarding one of your flights from Delhi to Patna, one of our participants got violently sick. Once we decided he was well enough to travel, the flight attendant on board asked two clients who were seated in the first row if they would move to accommodate the sick passenger and his wife. They kept checking on his well-being during the flight. Once we disembarked in Patna, one of your employees showed up with a bag that was left in the overhead compartment, asking who it belonged to, again going beyond the call of duty. The two situations described above are most likely some of many special services your employees provide on a daily basis. I felt it was important that you receive this positive feedback, recognize the staff for their passion for their work and loyalty to your company! With best regards, Regine Oesch-Aiyer. ..."
Merwyn D'Souza 17-03-2013.. Dear Sir,
"....Dear Sir, I have gone around the world but was delighted by IndiGo on my flight to Nagpur on 14/3 /13 & return the next day. The ground staff service was prompt & courteous. Above all I was impressed by your attractive, charming & smiling cabin crew. They worked as a team with total commitment & every passenger was welcomed warmly. In competition personalised service is most important. A delighted customer is a repeat order & your best advertisement. There is scope to be more generous with your snack paid customers. Now you are one of the best & soon you will be the BEST. Wish you every success Merwyn D'Souza. ..."
M Dasgupta 18-03-2013...I enjoyed IndiGo experience on March 5th 2013 Flight # 6 E 414 BLR-BOM
"....Dear customer service officer.. I took IndiGo flight # 6E 414 from Bangalore to Mumbai - (BLR-BOM) at Noon on March 5th 2013. The service of ground force was good and in- flight service was even better. The flying itself was so perfect and so enjoyable that made me write you this e mail. My both parents are pilots and I work with Delta as pilot myself in USA so I can understand and appreciate good flying skills of your Pilot. I am sure I heard the name correctly - Captain Gaurav Dangaria - I want to convey him my salute. It was great take-off and the perfect landing. All the time during flight also- it was real smooth flying. Especially your Capt. and also your Crew did fantastic job. Please convey them this message. This enjoyable experience and the great flying skills of your Captain made me feel so safe that I will always fly IndiGo and also recommend IndiGo to my friends. - M Dasgupta. . ..."
Amit, 19-03-2013..Feedback - Booking Ref # BQ63BM - Pat On the Back.
"....Hi, This is to bring to your notice that on Sunday evening (17March2013 ? 1922 hours) I had called the customer care. The reason I had called was for rescheduling my booking. What had happened was, on the portal I wanted to book for 20 March 2013, but for some reason it got booked for 19 March 2013. So, I immediately called up the customer care and happened to speak to ?Mr. Arfat Khan?. In the past I have called up several other airline services for different request, but I must admit this is the first time ever I came across a representative who not only helped resolve my issue with a smile, but also went the extra mile by making sure that I have the received a confirmation on what I was looking for. In life, we often come across situations where we choose to do the right thing beyond any set policies, and do every bit of what we can, to help an individual. This is what Arfat demonstrated and I am extremely pleased with his service. My family member, fly frequently with GoIndiGo and I would make sure that we continue this trend. And the very reason is ?Mr. Arfat khan?. Big thanks to him. ?Arfat ? You can pat your back?. Regards Amit .. ..."
Ruhail Mushtaq Vakil 21-03-2013. Awesome customer centric skills
"....Hello, Trust me or not this is the first time, I am writing this email to someone about customer orientation skills. This guy has all that what it takes to be the best. Eklove, helped me to book a ticket which is quite simple, however the way he educated me about options, and everything involved was just superb and high customer oriented stuff. Thank you very much Eklove and IndiGo team. Ruhail Mushtaq Vakil Sr. Implementation Specialist EMC Corporation. ..."
Prtyaksh Panwar 24-03-2013..IndiGo at its Best - Shweta Chauhan
"....Dear Mr. Ghosh, I'd like to thank you for the brilliant talent and attitude that you have hired in these tough times of service competition in the Airlines Industry. I've been flying regularly with Jet Airways and Air India since 2001 and used swear by their service standards but yesterday was an eye opener for me. I had made a telephonic booking to fly my wife and infant, from Mumbai to Delhi, for 23rd March, by an afternoon flight, to get my baby for some medical attention in Delhi, but Jet erroneously booked me a 2 am flight instead of the 2pm flight requested. Clearly I reached the airport 12 hours late, and whilst I struggled to get my point across to Jet and saw them play the blame game with me, this particular lady at the IndiGo counter frantically searched flights to get my family on board. Since the afternoon flight was full she booked us on an evening flight and despite us rescheduling our appointment with the paediatrician she kept at it to check for cancellations on earlier flights. At 1440 hours she informed us of a cancellation and re booked us on the afternoon flight at 1530 hours. Whilst the bookings and cancellations had be me paying the penalty it was heart-warming to watch her proactively solve my problems. I'm extremely impressed with this lady, Shweta Chauhan (IGA 10518), and am beyond words for the hospitality extended by her. Ms Chauhan is clearly an asset to your organisation, and for IndiGo's sake I hope her managers have a bright future planned for her! Please accept my deepest gratitude for running the recipe of success at IndiGo. Regards, Prtyaksh Panwar . ..."
Sibin Varghese 25-03-2013..Appreciation for Excellent Service
"....Hi, I'm Sibin Varghese, and would like to pass on my feedback for the excellent service experienced while using your Airline Flight 6E-278 on 18th March, 2013 from Chennai to Mumbai at 5:30 pm. My wife, like all first time traveller via airways was very worried about how she will manage to go through all the procedures of boarding a flight with no one to guide her. Since it was a family emergency that made her travel through an airline she was all the more stressed. We happened to meet a wonderful representative from your airline a ground staff by the name Anita at the Chennai Airport Ticketing counter who assured us that she boards the flight without any issue or hassle. She ensured that all the formalities required are fulfilled diligently and with utmost ease. She ensured someone is with my wife till she boards the flight and all that is expected of her is explained clearly and concisely. This made the first flight experience for my wife by far the most pleasant one could ever experience. I've personally travelled by your airline in the past and experienced excellent service but the services offered to my Wife was by far the most pleasing and highly commendable. I would like to thank Anita for the excellent customer service offered with such finesse and wished to share this with your customer relationship team. She really deserves a pat on the back and I wish her great success You always guarantee that your flights are always on time but I guess you can also say that the customer service offered are of top class. Such is the trust I've for your airline now, I've booked my parents and brothers tickets who are also going to be first time flyers through your airline. Thanks Regards Sibin Varghese. ..."
Mohit Mehra 01-04-2013, Appreciation for Mr. Justin Gowe
"....Dear Sir, I'd like to thank and compliment one of your colleagues, Mr. Justin Gowe, Airport Manager, Goa, for the extraordinary support he provided to my family and me. You should be proud of such an employee for his commitment to superior customer service. My family and I were due to travel back home on your flight 6E 332 on March 22, 2013 when my mother fell seriously ill. Mr. Gowe took complete charge in helping arrange immediate medical care, our luggage and the cancellation of our tickets. He remained available throughout the ordeal, expertly advising me the alternate travel options available to us. I also commend you on empowering your staff to take decisions during an emergency. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with IndiGo. My warm appreciation to your very professional colleague for all his help. Sincerely, Mohit Mehra ..."
Ankur Sarkar 04-04-2013, Great customer service...
"....Hello there, I would like to Thank Mr. Sunil Sagar who helped me with my queries and issues I had with regard to a booking / reservation that I wanted to make. He was very patient and listened to my long speeches and displayed great customer service mind-set and positive attitude. Please pass on my compliments to him. Cheers! Regards, Ankur Sarkar ..."
S. Kumar 04-04-2013,.. Appreciated your service..
"....Hi, I am frequent flyer of IndiGo. My name is S. Kumar and registered email ID with you is I would like to appreciate the response of Mr. Waseem Nazir, who helped me in changing the flight schedule very politely and conveniently. I wish him good luck for his career. Keep your service as it is. Regards Kumar . ..."
Wasim Shaikh 05-04-2013..Thanks a Zillion.!!!!
"....Hello to the Team IndiGo, I am really happy and thankful to the entire team of IndiGo for helping me to get my lost bag at the Delhi IGI Airport. I took the 6E 147 on April 01st Delhi-Bangalore. I forgot a bag at Delhi Airport and after landing at Bangalore Airport i checked with IndiGo helpdesk and the person gave me the Delhi Airport Authority Lost and Found Department number. I contacted them and they said the bag is with them. I sent out emails to your Delhi & Bangalore Team. And the response was very quick, got a call next day stating that the bag has arrived but i was busy with my work so i said i will collect it on Friday. And today i got my lost bag.!!!! Thank you so much guys..!!! I am very delighted with your service. And i can assure you that all my air travels from now on will ONLY be through INDIGO. Cheers.!! Keep up the good work. Regards Wasim Shaikh ..."
Syed Maqdoom Ali 07-04-2013, Good Experience..
"....Hi, I really wanted to send this mail, being in UAE since a long time I have travelled with so many different airlines, the worst experience was with the budget airlines, but believe me IndiGo has changed my view totally. I almost dropped the idea of flying with IndiGo when I was facing issue with online payments but all thanks to Mohommed Zaid Khan, I really appreciate and thankful to him for following up so religiously with me and helping me resolve the issue and finally I bought the tickets. Thanks a lot for having such a good customer relation. Syed Maqdoom Ali ..."
Dr. Sushil Sharma 10-04-2013..Thanks and recommendation..
"....This mail is to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the IndiGo staff, particularly RISHI KUMAR JAIN, who has been extremely helpful, efficient, concerned and courteous. He has helped me to retrieve my Laptop which was left behind in flight 6E 102 from Pune to Delhi on 09 April 2013. Many thanks also to the flight staff about being efficient and honest. Kudos to all of you. Such incidents give a big boost to the name and reputation of the airline, which is to the benefit of the business. More importantly, is a humane act and is to the larger benefit of human values and trust in each other, which is priceless. Thanks so much. God Bless. Dr. Sushil Sharma ..."
Madhukar Puniani 11-04-2013..Excellent customer service by your employee..
"....Sir/Ma'am I want to put a special word of appreciation for Ms Gurneet Kaur - a customer service agent who helped me on the helpline number to rebook my flights. She was very patient, friendly and understanding. She did the work proficiently and expeditiously. Best Regards, Madhukar Puniani ..."
JaiRaghu, 12-04-2013 ..Great Service-IndiGo
"....This mail is with reference to the Journey we just concluded from Bangalore to Pune, shirdi and back. Starting from the booking of flight, Hotel, Cabs and the hospitality in the hotel was really memorable for us for the years to come. I personally like to wish Mr. Sahil Raman and the IndiGo team for their Extended services rendered for our Journey. I would like to wish Mr. Sahil Raman for all his support and services for the Journey. We all wish to Fly IndiGo first as a First Flight while travelling next time that can be domestic or Abroad. We all from our family wish IndiGo and the dedicated team a very very great year ahead..... Keep Rocking !!!! Warm Regards JaiRaghu . ..."
Lesley Francis, 17-04-2013..Appreciation...
"....Flight: IndiGo Delhi to Dubai 6E-21 16th April 2013 I would like to share my experience with whoever is reading this mail and bring into light some young and energetic members of IndiGo who I had the pleasure of meeting today. At the check in, greeted by Mr. Rohit and who further directed me to Ms. Purnima who ensured my smooth and swift check in. Both members were extremely polite, professional and efficient in assisting me through the check- in process, clearing my doubts and catering to my ever question in the best way they could. Lovely smiles, very well presented, well-spoken people, although a very brief interaction - I walked away with a smile. On boarding, I was greeted very warmly by Ms.Yamini and Ms. Ruksar. Further Ms. Alice who showed me to my seat. The inflight experience was an absolute delight, the cabin crew handled the flight with utmost professionalism, curtsey massive amount of patience was shown, to which I think they all deserve to be acknowledged. Hats off to Ms. Alice and Ms. Shanon for keeping a smile on their faces- especially with a tough crowd like todays. Passengers come on Board with all kinds of moods , it is An absolute refreshing pleasure to see the smiles that these ladies keep up, especially when sometimes u just want to strangle the living day lights out a few annoying passenger. The cabin crew Yamini, Alice, Shanon & Ruksar great job ladies. Capt. Abhay & F.O were awesome and informative. Thank you for the safe flight guys. Thanks Best Regards Lesley Francis. ..."
Lesley Francis, 17-04-2013...Appreciation.
"....To IndiGo! Recently I had the opportunity to fly IndiGo yet again 6E -187 to Mumbai. Checked into Delhi airport - served by Ms. Baljeet, Very swift and smooth check in, informative and courteous .Approach towards a passenger was awesome... Inflight Capt Joe and FO Kiran, they were extremely professional. Ensured they gave the passengers a heads-up by keeping us informed about flight status. Cabin crew Truly a unthankful job!! But I am pleased to say that I am extremely delighted with Ms. Tripti and Aneri's performance. Their patience and the fact that they can still manage to smile after taking 180 different mood swings walking down the narrow isle. Too good! Personally having experienced part of the service industry, their hard work must be truly appreciated. Awesome work girls! Ms. Renu, Ms. Pooja Very efficient and courteous, I was very pleased with their patience and care towards an elderly gentleman. It was extremely refreshing. Yet again truly a pleasure flying with you guys... Thanks Best Regards Lesley Francis. ..."
Gurmeet Singh Lamba 19-04-2013 ..Regards for Miss Fridiya from Goa
"....Dear Sir/ Madam, I am Gurmeet Singh Lamba. I travelled on 17th April, 2013 from Goa to Mumbai on IndiGo 6E192. Unfortunately, I left my camera at the Goa airport. I realized this only after I reached Mumbai. Immediately I rushed to the Indigo counter, where they gave me the number of Miss Fridiya from Goa. After that I called Miss Fridiya & informed her about the incidence. Here I have to state that Miss Fridiya took over from there and got the camera to me in Mumbai in my hands within 24 hours wherein she had to handle a lot of authorities including airport authority of India. I had imagined to run pillar to post for my camera even imaging not to receive it at all. But with respect and regards to Miss Fridiya it was done so smoothly that I did not even realize I ever lost it. I am so grateful to Miss Fridiya & impressed by her selfless service to me and IndiGo that I think I owe her this letter. I think IndiGo is lucky to have Miss Fridiya. We need people like her in this country. God bless her. Best regards, Gurmeet Singh Lambar. ..."
Paul Frichet 19-04-2013.. Dear Aditya,
"....Dear Aditya, I just want to highlight that I have been very well welcomed by your security agent Mr. Karthik Rajan in Chennai when doing the check in to Singapore. He spontaneously went to buy some sweets for my kids! I am very impressed by such a gentle gesture which has been done without any other idea than making some of your customers happy. Congratulations for having such good people in your team and many thanks again. Cheers Paul Paul Frichet Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance Regional Manager. ..."
Bhavika 22-04-2013...Feedback
"....I would like to thank IndiGo for fantastic service as I had lost my cell phone at the Mumbai airport and they retrieved it and sent it to Bombay. INCREDIBLE! Thank you, your staff is fantastic. I would specially like to acknowledge RYAN FERNANDEZ Goa ground staff and AJESH in Mumbai who were helpful and went out of their way to help me find the phone. Thanks again Bhavika. ..."
Vishtaad Udwadia, 29-04-2013..Appreciation for Mr. Mohammed Zaid Khan
"....Hi, To Whomsoever this may concern:- Sub - Appreciation for the call centre representative - Mr. Mohammed Zaid Khan (Gurgaon). Mr. Zaid has been a true gentleman with his courteousness on the call. It was a pleasure speaking with him. He went out of his way to help me with the changes needed on the itinerary. He even mentioned that he does not have the authority to make the changes, but however he said he will speak with his supervisor & see what can be done. This was the first ray of hope Zaid offered me.....instead of just directly saying "No". He put me on hold twice, to which I did not mind at all, as he asked me politely if he could do so. He also apologised for the long hold, once he returned to speak with me. Because of such professionalism portrayed by Zaid, IndiGo airline will now take the top most priority whenever I travel now. Having said that, I would not miss out on the opportunity to "THANK" Mr. Zaid for solving my issue. It was indeed a excellent Customer Service provided to me by Zaid & I will always remember this till the very end. 3 Cheers for Zaid & 3 Cheers for IndiGo to hire such mind blowing individuals. Thanks & Rgds, Vishtaad Udwadia .. ..."
Ankit Kumar, 01-05-2013,.. Appreciation for cabin crew
"....Hello Team, I was highly impressed by the effort put in by the entire crew of 6E-282 Flight yesterday. I was in seat 26-A (PNR US8FLA). We had a jam packed house with all sorts of individuals ranging from infants to full grown adults. But the cabin crew did not let the situation hinder their performance and gave in a 125% effort leading to an amazing flight. I failed to collect the names of all the crew members but I recall Deeksha and Sheetal. Once again, I would like to congratulate IndiGo in making a great flight despite odds being stacked up against them. Its performances like these that confirm my believe that it is always best to travel Indigo. Best Wishes, Ankit Kumar. ..."
Yogendra, 01-05-2013, Appreciation for Sangeeta,
".... Hi, Me, Yogendra Kumar and my colleague Mr. Patrick Curtain has just landed from flight 6E 138 from Mumbai to Delhi. First of all, Patrick lost his credit cards and money on the board, Sangeeta got it announced on board and he got it back. Patrick is an Irish citizen, he said I would have lost it forever if it would have been his homeland. What a proudest moment for me as Indian, just because of Sangeeta and your company's values. Secondly, my fellow passenger was playing on mobile phone in plane mode, Sangeeta made sure he switches off this. She stood till the time he did it. Bravo! Nothing more to say on smile they possess all the time, the way they handle customers. Keep it up. I see another South West Airline in the making. We are corporate tie-up with your airlines. We would love to keep it continuing. Thanks are small world for Sangeeta and her crew and you as company for the values you're driving. Regards, Yogendra . ..."
Phoolmaya, 02-05-2013..Appreciation for Nisha..
"....Hi, I came from Singapore on 30thApril'13 and I was supposed to take an IndiGo flight to Kathmandu on 31st that is, 30th April itself. Unfortunately, I missed the flight as I thought that all IndiGo flight operates from Palam airport and the taxi driver also gave me the wrong information. So, I went to palam airport and the CISF also let me in. Thereafter, one of your staff told me to rush to the international airport but by that time, the flight was closed and it was already departed and I left with no option. Then, I went to the reservation counter, there was this girl named Nisha. I must say she is very helpful. All of sudden, tears started rolling from my eyes as I have missed my flight and my mother was supposed to come to Kathmandu airport to pick me up. That girl was busy with the passenger but when she saw me, she approached me and asked me very sweetly that what happened. I told her everything and then she took water bottle and gave it to me. She told me to calm down, everything will be ok. The moment she saw my passport she started talking to me in Nepali and I felt so comfortable with her. I can't even express the way she handled me. It was too good that I was very much impressed with her and when I told her that I wanted to write a letter for her she said no need for that ma'am. Fortunately, on 1st also, I found her in the counter and I waited to be checked in by her only. Overall, it was nice experience usually when you need help and when people helped you out. The way she handled me and helped me out was fantastic. I wanted to appreciate her that's why I have taken your mail id from one of the staff. I am very much happy and will be flying with IndiGo always. Express my thanks to her again. Regards, Phoolmaya . ..."
Dinesh singh, 03-05-2013..Appreciation for Harish..
"....Sir, I am very happy that you have solved the problem that i was facing for the last month. Thank you very much for your cooperation, you have given me the best give for my birthday. I will get back to you once again, when I get the said amount on my Account. Thank you. Dinesh singh. ..."
Dinesh singh, 03-05-2013..Appreciation for Harish..
"....Sir, I am very happy that you have solved the problem that i was facing for the last month. Thank you very much for your cooperation, you have given me the best give for my birthday. I will get back to you once again, when I get the said amount on my Account. Thank you. Dinesh singh. ..."
Rakhee, 05-05-2013..FeedBack..
"....Hi, I would like to share the feedback of one of your employee Mohd Waseem. Today, I was trying to book tickets online, but somehow I was not able to do so. So, I called the customer care number and he helped me. He not only explained me the reasons because of which the payment was getting failed but also helped me to get my tickets booked. I truly appreciate the assistance provided by him. Thanks for such a wonderful customer service. Regards, Rakhee. ..."
Sudhakaran T P, 05-05-2013, Appreciation for Jigyasa..
"....Sir, Hi Jigyasa, Thank you very much for the mail and noted. Thanks to entire Indigo Team. However, I would like to express a special Thanks and Appreciation to You for taking up this issue appropriately and solve the same to the customer satisfaction. Regards Sudhakaran T P. ..."
Sadrudin Alani, 06-05-2013..Perfect Employee..
"....Dear Sir, I flew on your flight from Cochin to Ahmadabad on 3rd May at 2:00 PM via Mumbai. Everything was fine, your cabin crew was good. After sometime, an old Lady joined us from Mumbai to Ahmadabad. This passenger was mentally upset. She was helped to her seat and then the problem started. However, your Employee Priya did a wonderful Job of looking after her. If you have any reward system then you should give it to her. Also, all your other staffs were very helpful to take over the work load from Priya. Nishu, another employee was also very helpful to Priya. Every passenger on the Aircraft was impressed with these girls work. Sadrudin Alani. ..."
M C Arthur, 08-05-2013..Appreciation for Mukul...
"....Hi Mukul, I appreciate you living up to the superb customer service you are known for.. ..."
Ramesh Bhatia, 09-05-2013,...My appreciation...
".... I am sending this to place my appreciation for John Moses at Bangalore Airport, ground staff who helped me in recovering my important items from flight 6E 147 when it landed on 7th May. Ramesh Bhatia Vasant Kunj New Delhi. ..."
Hitesh J D Pandya, 09-05-2013..Appreciation for Prasun...
"....Dear Prasun Paulji, Thank you very much. I am very glad to see that your efforts are very nice for customer`s satisfaction. In today's market your company has proved that you people are working for customer`s satisfaction first rather than money. I appreciate your kindness and always remember this thing. I hope your company will reach at top of Indian Airline market. Again Thanks a lot. HITESHJDPANDYA ADVOCATE.. ..."
Loga, 10-05-2013.. Compliments for Mr. Sintu - Excellent service,
".... Dear Sir, I would like to compliment about your staff Mr. Sintu who is very efficient in his customer service. This was my first time booking for a flight ticket online. Mr. Sintu patiently guided me throughout the booking process. He even went extra mile to help me in this matter. I was very impressed by his service. Thank you so much for your help in this matter Mr. Sintu. Best Regards, Loga. ..."
Vimal jain, 10-05-2013 ..A note of appreciation for a crew member..
"....Dear Sir/ Ma'am, I was traveling on an IndiGo flight 6E 103 on 2nd of May from Pune to Bangalore. I am a frequent traveller on IndiGo flights n generally happy with the service. I am writing this mail particularly in appreciation for one of the crew member - Miss. Nazia Patni. Miss. Nazia was generally very hospitable and what caught my attention was the way she was dealing with some of the kids on board. Her care and sensitivity towards those kids was really worth appreciating. I wish her all the best and look forward to such an experience again. Cheers Vimal jain. ..."
Avneesh makkar , 11-05-2013...Compliments to 6E 274..
".... Hi Kailash, Hope all has been well. Last evening (10th May) aboard 6E 274, I came across THE finest exposition of Captain's communication with passenger. Captain Praful spoke in a rich baritone, detailing the flight path (listing the cities in our flight path), expected air speed (and why this might be lower than usual as there were headwinds) and general pleasantries. My compliments to IndiGo. Best regards . ..."
Subhakar Rudra, 15-05-2013.. EXPERIENCE FEEDBACK..
".... Hi, I & my family would be travelling by IndiGo from Kolkata to Bangalore (Booking reference- XP3FAR & XP46AT) on 19th May'2013 and back from Bangalore to Kolkata (Booking reference - XP3FAR & XP46AT) on 26th May'2013. The Kolkata to Bangalore flight would be the first time flight experience for my 5+ years old daughter Sunetra (Booking reference - XP46AT). To ensure that she enjoys the flight I called up your customer service desk @ 9910383838 in advance for seat and meal booking. I spoke to your Mr. Anil. I must say that he has been very prompt, co-operative and ensured the services that I have been looking for. Mr. Anil gave me all the required information and guided me accordingly. Talking to Mr. Anil and getting the bookings done through him have been a very pleasant experience for me. Would request you to make & ensure my daughter's first flight special and equally pleasant. Thanks to you and especially to Mr. Anil. Best wishes, Subhakar Rudra. ..."
Capt. Savio Mario Da Silva Furtado, 15-05-2013 ..A SALUTE TO INDIGO AIRLINES - CAPT. SAVIO MARIO DA SILVA FURTADO..
".... Most Respected Ms. Pratibha Bhatia, Just To Say "Thank You". Received below email transmission, confirming the refund of air tickets - Mr. Savio Mario Da Silva Furtado and Ms. Rosemary Joseph. Further to the telephonic conversation of this morning and the below email transmission, we hereby wish to express our most sincere gratitude for extending the goodwill gesture and refunding the air tickets. We remain extremely grateful and appreciative - A Salute To "IndiGo Airlines". Our personal gratitude to the Chairman Mr. Aditya Ghosh and his Secretary Ms. Annie Vig Many Thanks. It is opportune to highlight the professional and courteous manner in which Ms. Pratibha Bhatia (Customer Relations) handled the matter. We are very impressed and grateful. Yes, we shall follow your instructions as per below attached email transmission. Once again, we express our deep appreciation and gratitude You have captured my loyalty to IndiGo Airlines. With Respects, Yours Respectfully, Capt. Savio Mario Da Silva Furtado.. ..."
Asif Mohammed, 18-05-2013..Appreciation for Kaushik..
"....Dear Mr. Kaushik, Thank you for your kind action which is very warmly acknowledged and appreciated. This gesture of goodwill on your part and that of IndiGo will always be cherished. Warm regards and best wishes, Asif Mohammed. ..."
Gnanavel, 21-05-2013..Hi Prativa Biswal, Good Day!..
"....Hi Prativa Biswal, Good Day! Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response for my Query. It's very useful, we prefer to renew our son's passport in Singapore as its pretty easy to do it here than in India. By the way IndiGo has been doing great so far in our family's personal experience. Kindly keep it up, especially with passenger from other countries in order to up keep our Mother India's reputation. As you are a service Ambassador, just would like to share with you, being outside the country, it is very painful to know that our Indian service attitude and standard in many other Indians/companies are very much in need of improvement compared to most of other countries. We have lot more to improve in terms of attitude even in basic service. Kindly continue your great job & try your best to influence your colleagues, Family and friends positively. Have Great a Time ahead Ms. Prativa Biswal! Thank you once again. Best Regards, Gnanavel. ..."
Meeru Khanna, 21-05-2013..Appreciation Note..
"....To, The Manager Customer Relations IndiGo. This is to bring to your kind notice on the effort & energy put by your staff member Mr. Vishal Rajput based at Bhubaneswar Airport in escorting a group of 23 passengers of SAI International School travelling to New Delhi on 20th May for a Leadership Camp to Nainital bearing booking reference No. IR2VBS, QR5YCQ, TR9GAM, XRGJLW and ER28CN. Mr. Vishal escorted and assisted the group from Check-in till boarding the flight. We are all full of praise for this bright boy who managed the group so well. On behalf of the school, I would like to thank IndiGo for recruiting staff like Vishal who are an asset to the company. I would like you to convey my best wishes to him. Warm regards, Meeru Khanna National Activities Coordinator SAI International School Bhubaneswar.. ..."
Vishtaad Udwadia, 29-05-2013..Customer feedback for Mr. Manmohan Singh..
"....Sir, Mr. Manmohan Singh, a call assistant at IndiGo helped me out very well. He is an excellent person and I would like to give my appreciation and sincere thanks to him. Regards Varun Gupta Manager Central Bank of India. ..."
"....Dear Customer Relation Manager, On 27th May 2013, I travelled in IndiGo flight 6E 462 from Bangalore to Mumbai. I lost my mobile phone in the flight. I did not make any attempt to trace it as I normally use other Mobile phone for my business and I was busy with my meetings in Mumbai. From Mumbai I travelled to Pune and then reached Hyderabad on the 29th still not knowing about my lost phone. Very Surprisingly, I got a call from my home on my second mobile, informing me that my phone is in safe hands of Mr. Jubran Mohammed of IndiGo Hyderabad (IGA 10667). What a surprise and what a clever way of informing my home, by Jubran and providing his contact particulars so clearly to enable me collect the phone. In fact I was in a Hotel in Hyderabad, and Mr. Jubran after finishing his duties reached me at the Hotel to deliver the phone. What a heartening service by Jubran. He is so kind and very good in his service and I pray God that he and his family shall have a very bright and happy life always. Thanks once again to Jubran and IndiGo Airlines. Best Regards, A J SAI PRADEEP GENERAL MANAGER AXON INTERCONNECTORS AND WIRES PVT LTD. ..."
Nishant Ashar,30-05-2013..Appreciation for Harleen..
"....Dear Harleen, I have received the refund amount of INR 6670.00 from my bank today. I would like to thank you for the efforts you made towards resolving my query. Regards, Nishant Ashar ..."
Pankaj Jayaswal, 01-06-2013, Excellent Cabin Crew Service.
"...."I would like to appreciate the services provided by your cabin crew members when i was flying with IndiGo in flight 6E 378 from Bangalore to Kolkata on 26th may 2013. I really liked the service and help they offered. The names of the crew members are: 1. Priyanka Chauvan 2. Sarah Jordan. 3. Anamika Sarkar 4. Soumi Chowdhary. Keep up the good Service. Regards, Pankaj Jayaswal.." ..."
Peter Kunz, 01-06-2013,.. Excellent Service
"....Dear Sir, I would like to point out the excellent service rendered by your ground staff, Manik Mahajan, stationed at Delhi T3. With focused, customer oriented staff like him, it is clear to me why your airline is the fastest growing in Asia. I look forward to use your service again. With best regards Peter Kunz Managing Director Alstom Thermal Power India. ..."
Mervyn Dsouza, 03-06-2013..Appreciation for Prasun
"....Hi Prasun Thanks for all your help, i have received my new passport. You have been very patient and helpful. Appreciate all the time and effort you had put in resolving this issue. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work. Regards, Mervyn Dsouza . ..."
Preetha, 03-06-2013..Request for wheelchair.
"....Dear Mr. Sagar Thanks for your phone and mail. I would like to appreciate the service that Dnata people gave us at the airport in arranging for wheel chair -free and supported us in all means through you. After my mother along with sister and kids safe arrival in Chennai, I would like to thank you for all your support and extended help. Thanks once again. With Regards, Preetha. ..."
BRATATI BHATTACHARYYA, 05-06-2013, Support service..
"....This is to certify that the gentle man Arafat Khan was very kind and helpful when i had requested for a rescheduling and was extremely sensitive in understanding the problem. The transaction no. is HTQEEP All the best! Regards, BRATATI BHATTACHARYYA. ..."
Soumen Chatterjee, 07-06-2013..IndiGo PNR- PREELB..
"....Dear Mr. Harish / Mr. Mohit, I am pleased to inform you that finally I got refund of OMR 28.100 for above ticket. It was a long follow up with my bank - I still do not know who messed it up - my bank in Muscat, Oman or MasterCard Processing Centre in India. It was only possible due to very special interest taken by both of you - it is an example of customer relation and IndiGo commitment. I have already spoken to number of my friends & colleagues in Muscat about the way IndiGo team took up this matter, quick response including three international phone call which itself may be higher than refund amount. It is true example of customer relation and keeps it up. Thank you IndiGo Team. Best Regards. Soumen Chatterjee . ..."
Wasim, 07-06-2013..Appreciation..
"....Hello, I called in yesterday and reached your representative Mohammad Wasim. The purpose of writing this mail is to let you know that he did a great job in helping me with my query. Patient and customer centric. People like him do make a difference to an organisation. Thanks, Wasim. . ..."
Kushagra Singh, 07-06-2013..A warm Feed back :)..
"....Hello, My name is Kushagra Singh, I am 24years old and I just happen to have flown umpteen numbers of times with Indigo. It's been long since I wanted to write to you guys about my experience flying with IndiGo. Well, to start with, I am a happy and satisfied customer, if there is anything that is expected as a passenger from the airline company, I count on you for providing me the best. The reason why I happen to write to you now is based on my recent experience on board. I was flying from Patna to Lucknow by 6E-339 on the 6th June 2013. Irrespective of all the wonderful qualities that you should brag about, there was one thing that I noticed and felt amazing about was your incredible hospitality. I have travelled in a lot of airlines but never before have had seen such chivalrous and polite crew members which I found on my flight yesterday. I would like to specially mention one particular name Ms. Nazia Patni, Cabin attendant whom I admired the most, the reason behind this is that I just happened to be confused over a little issue with an empty Special services coupon on my boarding pass. I was too shy to get it clarified by anyone but as it is my face must have clearly shown it. No one except Ms. Nazia noticed it and she was so kind to actually have come up to me and asked me what was wrong and to have explained me very clearly as to what the issue was. I am not sure if many people have experienced this before but I had never had such an experience before, for all I thought it was just the button above your head which makes the cabin crew notice you. Since it was an amazing gesture from her side that made me feel more comfortable than I already was, I felt like it's my duty to get this thing notified to the IndiGo authorities. For this small gesture has made me like your airline even more. Thank you. Warm Regards, Kushagra Singh. ..."
Shalini Gauba, 08-06-2013..Appreciation for Harish...
"....Dear Harish, On behalf of my son Aayushmaan, I wish to thank you for the excellent service provided by IndiGo in a Commercial Matter. Aarti:- Many thanks Regards Shalini Gauba. ..."
Hitesh Adhikary, 09-06-2013,...My deepest thanks for "Chandu"..
"....Hello There, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance I got from "Chandu" today when she delivered "above and beyond the expectation level" service to me in booking my flight ticket and making sure that I finished it successfully. Not only her expertise walk me through the entire process from beginning to end, she cheerfully stayed on the line with me for half an hour and a half while we worked through loading the web page and the promo code and systems to make my booking work as it needs to. Her wonderful demeanour, patience and measured responses to me were very much appreciated. She is a credit to the organization and delivers completely the IndiGo Experience. Thanks& Regards.. ..."
P S Kandanathan, 10-06-2013..Appreciation for Kush..
".... Dear Sir, Thanks for your prompt action and I appreciate your action through this. The reputation of your airline is enhanced with this kind of small gestures and wishes you good luck Regards P S Kandanathan. ..."
Alok Shah, 12-06-2013.. Appreciation for Miss Anupama M S and Mr. Akash Gupta.
"....Dear Team, I would like to appreciate mainly Miss Anupama M S from Chennai Call Centre along with Mr. Akash Gupta from Gurgaon Call Centre. Miss Anupama M S has helped me change some complicated flight bookings along with some required approvals from Mr. Akash Gupta. Apart from being Miss Anupama's duty, she has genuinely showed humbleness, help and care towards the customers. Equal thanks to Mr Akash also. This has really boosted confidence for me and my company to be associated with IndiGo. Cheers to IndiGo and such Employees associated with them (Miss Anupama M.S from Chennai Call Centre and Mr Akash Gupta from Gurgaon Call Centre). Thank you for all your Help and Support. Best Regards ALOK SHAH Sales & Marketing Executive. ..."
Debashish Mohanty, 13-06-2013..Booking reference - RT2LCP..
"....Hi Harish, Thank you so much. This gesture means a lot to me. I am glad to say IndiGo actually excels in customer satisfaction. I was waiting for revert so that I could make another round-trip reservation for my scheduled journey to Bhubaneswar on 3rd July. Thank you for exceeding the expectation of an aggrieved customer.. ..."
Smriti, 14-06-2013.. Appreciation: Arpit Kawatra..
"....Hello IndiGo Team, I am a regular customer of IndiGo airlines. I would like to sincerely appreciate one of your customer service executives - Arpit Kawatra for his proactive and co-operative attitude. True employees like him are an asset to your organization. Regards, Smriti . ..."
Radhakrishnan, 15-06-2013..Express Check in..
"....Dear Merwyn, Thank you very much for taking time off from your busy schedule and looking into this issue and speaking to me multiple times today. I am sure that with such valuable persons such as your good self in the organization, IndiGo will continue with their good work and keep getting better. With Regards and Best Wishes Radhakrishnan. . ..."
Sumit Khetan, 17-06-2013..6E 252..
"....Hi This is Sumit Khetan travelling Raipur to Kolkata this afternoon with family friends seat no 12A C and D. There was no queue at check in and it was very smooth and comfortable. The flight departed ON TIME as expected. Cabin temperature was good and food served on board is just value for money. I must appreciate that you have maintained same level of guest services across the sectors you fly. You have earned the status of most preferred airlines by your hard work and consistency in service. DUA is the BBB cabin crew at this flight (Best Bold and Beautiful). Please convey my regards to her for the services ON BOARD. Cheers Sumit Khetan Kolkata. ..."
Dr L N Chaturvedi, 17-06-2013..Receipt of the file left in Mumbai-Jaipur Flight ..
"....Dear Sir, Thank you very much for arranging to locate the file left behind in plane & sending back to me. It is nice experience to coordinate with customer relation team & it shows how the IndiGo team is committed to support their customers. Thanks once again & with Best Regards Dr L N Chaturvedi Director- Technology & QA Micro Inks Ltd. ..."
Sudeb, 17-06-2013..Appreciation for Mukul..
"....Thanks Mukul, I appreciate your getting back to me. That in itself shows you care. I also appreciated your taking time to educate me on some of the policies. Regards, Sudeb ..."
Vineet,17-06-2013..In-Flight Experience Feedback..
"....Hi Guys, It's been a long time since I have been traveling via IndiGo. Being the best airlines in India, you guys have done a great job. I would like to specially mention my recent in-flight experience on the flight 6E 307 dated 16th June 2013. It was the service that I received from the airline staff and especially from Ms. Neda Patni that made the whole journey memorable. Please pay my regards to Ms. Neda for her help during the flight. Thanks guys for making all my travels on time & also with the best quality. Keep it up. - Vineet. ..."
Vijay Suresh Kumar, 18-06-2013, Appreciating counter staff @ Hyderabad
"....Dear Support, I'm travelling from Hyderabad to Chennai by Flight 6E -311, Seat No: 2F departure at 9.55am. I was totally impressed by the Counter staff, if my memory is correct he should be Mr. Rafeeq, (forgot the counter no.) He helped me in providing the desired seat and clearly demonstrating gate information. The way he presented himself was truly professional and friendly approach. Me being a frequent traveller, I haven't witnessed any such hospitality in any of the Domestic Airlines, other than Go Indigo. I foresee this person has the calibre and with his pleasing approach he will convince any sort of frustrated customer to a convinced customer. I wish him all the very best. Keeps the good work going Rafeeq...!!! Thanks & Regards Vijay Suresh Kumar Head IT. ..."
Sundar, 19-06-2013,.. Feedback on my interaction with Mr R.Govind from Chennai
"....Hi, I had an interaction with Mr. R. Govind from Chennai on my reservation from Bangalore to Chennai. Govind was quick to the core of the issue, and worked with the alternatives and clearly was in control of the situation. He clearly articulated the options and also recommended the best solution forward. He worked with his immediate manager to understand the issue and helped me with the best possible alternative to completely satisfy my requirement. I completely appreciate the professionalism and customer focus displayed by Mr. R. Govind and the IndiGo Chennai customer team. Kudos ! Best Regards, Sundar. ..."
Puneet Kapil, 20-06-2013..Appreciation for Harleen..
"....Dear Ms. Kaur, Thank you so much for the quick and spontaneous response. The clarifications provided by your team regarding the transaction are more than satisfactory. Since, the debit of the amount was delayed, it created bit confusion. I am extremely sorry for bothering you. Once again thanks a lot n best wishes for you and your team. With Regards Puneet Kapil. ..."
CA Rajiv Soni, 20-06-2013..Your call centre executive Vivek Anand..
"....Dear CR Manager, I had the most pleasant experience while talking to Vivek Anand on Thursday 20th June at about 11.10 am. Very well spoken in English, courteous, helpful...and gave correct information. Such resources are valuable- hold onto them! Best Regards, CA Rajiv Soni . ..."
Anoop Kumar Goel, 21-06-2013..Thanks to Team IndiGo..
"....Dear Ms. Prativa Biswal, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and care. My bag has been collected by your team for repair and I hope it shall be set right & shall be returned to me in 3-4 days. Kindly convey my thanks in advance to entire team of IndiGo for understanding and caring for customer feedback. Best Regards. Anoop Kumar Goel. ..."
Ekta Aggarwal, 21-06-2013..Letter of Appreciation for great customer service..
"....Dear Sir/ Madam, This is not a usual letter that I write but this time I was so amazed with the whole service given by IndiGo that I am hereby writing this letter. This mail is in reference to the booking id: NF2202732007088 for the IndiGo flight from Delhi to Indore on12th June. This was not the first time that I was travelling via flight but this was definitely the first time that I was travelling and was not well. So this was a big matter of concern and I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of travelling that I even considered cancelling my ticket at the last moment and taking a flight the next day. But I also did not want to take risk since I had my college registration the very next day. Upon conversation with one of the IndiGo staff members about the whole thing, she assured me that the crew members of IndiGo Airlines would take care of me and thus I need not worry and carry on with the pre- booked flight. I must say that she was absolutely correct and the crew members actually took good care of me by regularly asking if I needed anything. The whole journey could not have been any better. Thus I wish to congratulate and appreciate Indigo Airlines for their incredible job and passion towards the customers by serving them in the best possible way. Thanks & Regards Ekta Aggarwal. ..."
V. Kannan, 21-06-2013, Appreciation for Sagar..
"....Mr. Sagar Nagpal, Thank you very much for your mail and appreciated all your best support and cooperation. I am able to make the web check in successfully. Regards, V .KANNAN, Dy General Manager . ..."
Rita Swamy, 22-06-2013..Appreciation...
"....I am extremely pleased and happy to inform you that my son's passport has been located by your Bangalore airport staff (Sugandha) and they are sending it to Mumbai by their evening flight. I would especially like to thank Mr. Charnel Dsouza who was most understanding and helpful and extended himself so that it could be found. I always make it a point to travel by IndiGo due to its excellent record in punctuality. Now I must add that IndiGo has helpful and caring staff that makes it the efficient airline that it is. Thanks a lot! Regards, Rita Swamy. ..."
Ajay Nambiar, 22-06-2013..Excellent Customer Service...
"....Dear Sir/ Madam, I wanted to take this opportunity to drop a note thanking your Customer Service Team at IndiGo Airlines for going over and above the call of duty for helping me out during a recent crisis. I was traveling on IndiGo Airlines between Delhi to Chennai on 30th May 2013 and accidentally left my new Microsoft Surface Pro Computer in my seat front pocket while deplaning. It was only upon reaching my residence that I realized that I didn't have my new computer with me anymore. More than the loss of money, I was more concerned about the loss of data present on the computer. Unfortunately, the same flight that I was on went onwards from Chennai to Coimbatore and the computer went along with it. While on my way back to the Airport, I received a call from Mr. B. Kannan at Customer Relations. It seems that the computer had been handed in to the flight crew by a passenger but they were unaware as to which seat it came from. Mr. Kannan took the initiative of turning on the laptop, finding out my name, checking the flight registry, and then gave me a call to confirm that they had tracked down the computer. He also assured me that it was on the next flight back from Coimbatore to Chennai. The computer did finally reach back to me safe and sound, and I wanted to personally thank Mr. Kannan for being in touch with me all through this process to ensure that I was reassured and aware of the proceedings. I have been a consistent flier on IndiGo Airlines and this experience with Mr. B. Kannan has only reinforced my loyalty, and that of my firm, to your company. Best Regards, Ajay Nambiar Director - Sales & Marketing Chemical Construction International (P) Limited. ..."
Manoj Mahajan, 24-06-2013,...Excellent Support by Aditya Pandey...
".... Hello, I am writing this email to let you know about the feedback of a call that I recently had with IndiGo. I spoke with Mr. Aditya Pandey regarding the booking and it was one of the amazing experiences. He was patient throughout the call (we were on call for about 20 minutes) and I understand that he takes lot of calls every day, so in such scenario I don't think it is possible for anyone to stay online with one customer for this long time. I completely appreciate his help and I think he deserves to be appreciated in front of all his colleagues. Looking at this customer support experience I had, I feel that the money I spent on IndiGo is worth every Penny. Thanks a lot Aditya, keep up the good work. Best Regards, Manoj Mahajan. ..."
Balu Sreehari, 25-06-2013..Appreciation..
"....Dear Sir, I have booked a ticket from Dubai to Trivandrum on 25 Jun 2013 Ref No: ZUNEDP which had gone through some problems on credit card billing, at that time I got a call from IndiGo and the customer service representative Mr. Arun Sansanwal really helped me to sort out all my problems. I would like to thank Mr. Arun Sansanwal and IndiGo for helping me when needed. Thanks a Lot and all the best for you all. Best Regards, Balu Sreehari. ..."
Swadesh, 27-06-2013..Appreciation,
".... Hi, Spoke with your representative Vivek Anand. I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the interaction with him. He was good, friendly, patient. Thank you. Regards, Swadesh. ..."
Swadesh, 27-06-2013..Appreciation,
".... Hi, Spoke with your representative Vivek Anand. I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the interaction with him. He was good, friendly, patient. Thank you. Regards, Swadesh. ..."
Hashim Reza Zabet , 28-06-2013...Appreciation for Sagar..
"....Hello Mr. Sagar, I really appreciate the efforts of your airline for taking this matter seriously and handling it in a very good way. I also got a call from your airlines that for international travelers traveling to gulf and European sector can carry 30 kgs check-in baggage and 7 kg hand bag. This is very good news for me and really I am very much relieved. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Hashim Reza Zabet President Indian arm wrestling federation . ..."
Neelam Gill, 29-06-2013..Feedback for Kush Juneja..
"....Dear Kush, With this mail I want to share the feedback on the services received by you on behalf of IndiGo. I greatly appreciate your exemplary customer service, this indeed is an perfect example of taking full accountability in giving closure to customer concerns, hence delivering excellence in customer care. The care given by employees like you this signifies that IndiGo customer care values their customers and believes in high business ethics. With my experience in dealing with you I certainly can assure you of our continued extended Loyalty to IndiGo. Thank you so much once again for ensuring complete resolution and customer care. Keep up the great work! Regards, Neelam Gill. ..."
Surbhi Makkar, 01-07-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Sir, I would like to share my journey experience with IndiGo Airlines. I am really glad to fly with IndiGo and I appreciate the services provided by the airline staff. While flying from Vadodara to Delhi on 7th June, 2013 flight 6E 482. I met your staff Mr. Arzan who really treated us very well and his pleasant smile and the way of handling the passengers really made our journey pleasant and created the best impression of the IndiGo. IndiGo says that it provides hassle free journey to their passengers, but staff like Mr. Arzan really proves it by helping out the passengers in all the best way. Moreover, while my return journey to Vadodara from Delhi on 23rd June, 2013 flight No. 6E212, again I saw the same staff at the tarmac, who was going out of his way and was helping the old passengers for deplaning aircraft by holding their hands and of course with extra care. He was even lifting up the handbag of the old lady without any embarrassment which really impressed me and took me into the confidence that IndiGo really provide the best services. I truly salute your staff Mr. Arzan and I appreciate him for all the best services which he had provided to me and also to the other passengers. Staff like Mr. Arzan really represents IndiGo in the best books of the passengers and I would rate IndiGo as the best service provider just because of the services provided by the staff like Mr. Arzan. Regards, Surbhi Makkar. ..."
Krishnamurthy Viswanathan, 01-07-2013,Thanks
"....Hi Pravin Singh, Thank you so much for your help in booking the tickets from Bangalore to Delhi. You were very courteous, Polite and very helpful by understanding the customer requirement and servicing. Once again thanks a lot..... Your Customer Service attitude is very much appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Vishy (Krishnamurthy Viswanathan). ..."
Govind Rauniyar, 02-07-2013, Thanks to goindigo Patna team..
"....Dear Sir, Let me express my thanks to the Patna ground staff of the GoIndigo team. It was very helpful and supportive when we were checking in for the Flight 6E 191 from Patna to Delhi on 17 June at 14:30 hours. We like to thank particularly the Head of the team and Mrs. Rana Kausar. She did all her best to help us. We are sure to fly Goindigo again when we travel within India. Best Regards, Dr. Ing. Govind Rauniyar Netherlands . ..."
Vidyanand Padmaprabhu, 03-07-2013, Thank you note for Mr. Arun Sansanwal..
"....Dear Officials, It takes pleasure to write a thank you note to one of your Customer Service Representative Mr. Arun Sansanwal. Rarely, you expect such co-ordial response also with so much concern shown towards our booking. My Wife happens to wrongly book the infant ticket for my daughter who just turned 2 years instead of buying child ticket. However, when she contacted your official for some other inquiry, he happen to know the details of age of booking infant and was quick to point out wrong booking also guiding us timely when we would have realized our mistake during the date of journey and would have ended paying huge amount for that days booking amount. He also made sure to keep the booking available and again call us back in evening for actual purchase and guide through your website. Truly, very few airlines customer representative show so much of concern towards their customers. I am glad to mention that you have one of the best working employees for your airlines, Mr. Arun Sansanwal. Appreciate his help for the same. Thanking you Regards Vidyanand Padmaprabhu. ..."
P.Aravindakshan, 04-07-2013, Lost pouch..
"....I have received pouch that lost yesterday with contents intact. Thanks to your staff Noor in Mumbai and Sumrin Bengaluru for excellent service. Regards P.Aravindakshan. ..."
Amit Thukral, 06-07-2013, Dear Kush..
"....Dear Kush, Thanks a lot for this goodwill gesture and understanding this as a genuine case. This would definitely keep me happy about goindigo and remain bounded to it for long sure. Keep up the good work. Regards, Amit Thukral. ..."
Subhajit Sarkar, 08-07-2013, Dear Prasun..
"....Dear Prasun, Thank you so much for the prompt and positive action. I am quite a regular flier with Indigo, and this action & gesture from your side will go a long way in increasing my loyalty towards Indigo. Regards, Subhajit Sarkar. ..."
S.Nand, 08-07-2013, Appreciation..
"....Hello! Wish to place on record my deep appreciation for great service attitude exhibited by your associate Mr Vivek Anand today, when he helped for making the corrections on my wife's ticket, which was booked erroneously by me. He was very patient and helpful. Request you to compliment him. Regards-- S.Nand. ..."
S.V.KUMAR, 08-07-2013, Appreciation for Prativa.
"....Dear Ms. Prativa , I was extremely happy to go through your mail; not because that I got my money back, but you take care of your clients and try to understand them. You rendered me a personalized service and each individual customer will be happy if you lend them your ears! These happy customers will contribute to your growth. Best regards, S.V.KUMAR. ..."
J.Venkatadas, 10-07-2013, Appreciation of customer support from Ms. Anju Kushwaha
"....Dear Sir I have been a regular traveler to Hyderabad from Bangalore to attend the Board Meeting at Hyderabad every quarter. I always enjoyed traveling by IndiGo as they are prompt and provide good inflight service too. I had to prepone my journey last time while returning back to Bangalore during April 2013 and had a credit slip for the refund amount in view of cancellation. I contacted call center and I could get one Ms Anju Kushwaha, customer support executive and she guided very well and literally made me walk through the entire process of booking the ticket .Of course I could not effectively utilize the Interactive voice process .I could not connect .But nearly an hour later again, she contacted me on her own and helped me to complete the process by online payment through payment gateway at the website. I really admire her patience and willingness to help me complete the task of booking the ticket. Let me record my appreciation for excellent customer support provided to me today by her for booking my ticket for the journey on 24th July. Yours faithfully J.Venkatadas. ..."
Krupali, 11-07-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Mr. Ankit, I have received my baggage with good repairing condition from your Vendor. Thank you very much for your prompt action and kind co-operation. Salute to you and your team. Rgds, Krupali. ..."
Sanjeev, 11-07-2013 , Dear Abhijeet
"....Dear Abhijeet, Many thanks and I do appreciate this goodwill gesture and a very prompt response. I will continue to be a highly satisfied and loyal customer of IndiGo. Regards, Sanjeev . ..."
Manzer, 11-07-2013, Hi Kaushik,
"....Hi Kaushik, Thank you very much! Your good will gesture is highly appreciated. It is because of your excellent services, i always take Indigo flights and encourage my friends to take it. Regards, Manzer . ..."
Satish, 12-07-2013, Appreciation for one of the IndiGo employee.
"....Hi IndiGo, I just wanted to inform that one of your representatives named Mr. Ku Suresh employee ID 20033513 has done an exceptional job in answering my queries and confirming my booking with patience and professionalism. I think he should be appreciated. Thank you IndiGo ... keeps up the good work Regards SATISH. ..."
Dimple Vohra, 12-07-2013 , Abhishek Singh - Very supportive during Travel of my CEO on 12 Jul 2013
"....Hello, This is in reference to travel of my CEO Mr Sanjeev Pasricha on IndiGo on 12 Jul 2013 from Mumbai to Delhi wherein I called up IndiGo Airlines at 0124-4318300 therein Abhishek Singh assisted which I hereby acknowledge with appreciation. Mr. Sanjeev Pasricha was booked on PNR YZ93TL on IndiGo 6E198 which departs at 2225 hours, however, he had to prepone his flight to IndiGo 6E182 which departs at 2035 hours from Mumbai to Delhi on 12 Jul 2013. Abhishek Singh (Call Centre in Chennai ) in fact informed that there were only 2 seats left, hence assisted to make reservations quickly & also processed request for cancellation of latter flight. I must highlight here that employees like Abhishek Singh should be rewarded for their alertness, & willingness to extend assistance on immediate basis. Thanks. Best regards, Dimple Vohra . ..."
Hegde, 12-07-2013, Dattatraya Hegde on flight 6E-241 from Vizhag to Hyderabad yesterday 10/07/13
"....Dear Merwyn, This is what I call true customer relation. I will continue take IndiGo in future based on your assurance and thanks a lot for your convincing reply. Regards, Hegde. ..."
Ramesh , 17-07-2013, Appreciation for Sagar.
"....Dear Mr. Nagpal, I deeply appreciate your prompt response to my complaint and the refund. I would also like to add that your efficiency in dealing with this matter reaffirms my positive impression about IndiGo. Many thanks to you and IndiGo. Regards, Ramesh . ..."
Anjana Virmani, 19-07-2013, Booking NF7901733743544.
"....Dear All, I write this email as an extremely happy and satisfied customer of your airlines. Till yesterday I was a satisfied customer of IndiGo due to its friendly staff / always on time professionalism and great in flight experience every time I travelled. In fact my husband does not even look at any other airlines for his domestic travel which he does at least once in two months. However, after my interaction with your service manager today, to whom I took a huge problem with my booking, I am now transformed into not just a satisfied but a loyal customer of your airlines. Mr Manu Sharma, your service manager over the phone number 09910383838, was an extremely helpful and totally customer oriented executive during my interaction with him today morning. I had booked a round trip ticket through makemytrip yesterday and as I was booking it through my iPhone I made a typo error in passenger name. When I spoke to makemytrip they simply refused to help me and insisted that I cancel and rebook which could cost me 3k additional, which I felt was too much to pay for an unintentional typo error. But when I spoke to Mr Manu Sharma, he was kind enough to patiently listen to what I had to say and I must admit I wasted a lot of his time. But not for once did he even be impolite. His approach was very reassuring and by the end of the call he helped me out by correcting the name. I would like to appreciate his efforts in helping me and reinstating my faith in your airlines. He has helped in not only saving my money but also reflected a great culture of being a customer centric organisation. I thank him and your airlines for this customer delight experience. I am now a loyal customer of yours and am also now willing to fly your airlines on the international sector. Thank you so much and looking forward to flying IndiGo soon. Regards, Anjana Virmani . ..."
Narayanan, 22-07-2013, Excellent service by your staff Ms. Pragathi.
"....Dear Sir, I was trying to change my relative's booking through your call center today 8:15 Pm. Your staff Ms. Pragthi was very patient and guided the whole process. She was very helpful and explain the things in detail. These kinds of staffs are really holding the flags up of customer service and your organisation also. Good to have these kind of staffs.. Thanks. Keep it up pragathi. Regards, Narayanan. ..."
Sayeed Ahmed, 23-07-2013, "LOST MONEY AND DOCUMENTS FOUND".
"....Respected sir I am glad to tell you that I was travelling from Nagpur to Bangalore by IndiGo. I had lost my money and an identity card in your airlines. One of your crew members Miss Vasundara Rajanna handed over to your lost and found department. The amount was around INR 12710. I really appreciate for her sincere duty performed by your crew member and your IndiGo staff handed over to me and I have got my money safely. Thanking you yours faithfully Mr. Sayeed Ahmed Banglore. ..."
C.D. Singh, 24-07-2013, A note of appreciation.
"....This is a short note of appreciation for your Phone Executive Mr. Arafat Khan (when I called on +91 9910383838 this morning). While booking flight tickets on-line and punching all details to effect payment through my credit card, the payment page went into error' for which I called your call centre wherein Arafat Khan spoke well and efficiently assisted me. Thanks. Regards, C.D. Singh.. ..."
Ved Mahajan, 24-07-2013, Disability assistance.
"....Dear Sir, I am writing to let you know how happy we were with the excellent service received by us from your ground and in-flight staff on our flight 6E236 Kolkata-Delhi on 12th July. The staffs at Kolkata and Delhi were very helpful and made our journey very pleasant. We are currently in the UK and plan to return about in the mid of august to Delhi. We look forward to flying with you to Kolkata a few days after our arrival in Delhi. With all good wishes. Ved Mahajan.. ..."
Ram, 24-07-2013, Travel experience.
"....Respected Madam/Sir, I wish to share my travel experience with IndiGo today from Chennai to Coimbatore in flight 6E285. We were seven of us with my father, who was returning home from Chennai after his By-pass Surgery done on 9th. We had requested for wheelchair assistance to our travel agent, M/s. Beekay Travel Links, Coimbatore while booking the ticket itself. While booking, my father recalled this bitter experience - my mother who had been operated for Brain Tumor twice and had been partially paralysed had to travel by air a few years ago, was actually charged for wheelchair assistance by an airline (sad I don't remember the exact airline). This was still deep in my father's mind as to how people charge for a service that was required to be provided on humanitarian grounds, as a basic necessity. So this time too, we were sure we could not travel by road or train, the 500 kilometres from Chennai to our native town and so we opted for air travel. While booking the ticket he cautioned me that if the airline is going to charge for this basic service, we'll not fly, and instead go by train or car. I could not say yes or no. The tickets were booked. Our travel agent told us that he had informed the airline or concerned people regarding requirement of assistance. And even gave me a Manager's name & number to contact at Chennai airport. While on our way to the airport, I called the Manager, one Mr. Sujith to inquire about assistance requested. Mr. Sujith (Manager - Customer Service) was only eager to talk to me and receive us. His response was as though he was waiting for us, though neither of us ever knew the other. A person came with the wheelchair, took enough care to seat my father. When we informed that we hadn't had our breakfast, he was only ready to offer us time to finish it first, at our own convenience at a restaurant nearby. By the time we returned, our tickets were received and the necessary check-in formalities were done and convenient seats allotted for my father. We proceeded along and were guided through each process, with personalized attention, but never compromising on any routine formalities. And finally the seating in the aircraft was also done smoothly without any hassle at all for my father. As a custom, I offered a tip (in appreciation) to the person who brought my father in the wheelchair all along, and he accepted very reluctantly, due to my compulsion. On seeing that, the air hostess came to me and said softly that these services are offered free of cost and that I don't have to pay him. The flight that was to leave at 10.05, I suppose left at 10.10 (as informed by my wife), which I did not notice. The journey was smooth enough, for us and more for our 4 year old son, who was having his maiden flight today. He was so excited to wear the seat belt, the take-off, watch the passing clouds, the shrinking and growing (back to normal) buildings, the landing, etc. And in between, he was busy playing games with his uncle's new Tab. He never had any time to admire or pester us for any of the items on sale - food or toys. The flight landed at Coimbatore airport at 10.50, 20 minutes ahead of time! And again here, the wheelchair assistance was provided, seamlessly. And on my son's eagerness, he was also shown the pilot's cabin, a quick hand shake with the pilot, to his big smile. I find myself writing a big story of an event that happened for just about 3 hours, from about 8am till 11.30am and certain few minutes of talks with my agent to book tickets. What is fascinating is that the whole travel experience was so easily carried out, though each of the persons involved were totally new. If we had to travel by train or road, it would have taken us at least 10 to 11 hours of journey itself by the time we started and reached home. It would have been ok for us, but for my father, it would have been a hell of an experience and he would need time to recover from the journey itself, apart from the surgery. I have travelled by IndiGo a few times on business trips from Coimbatore to Mumbai to Delhi, etc., and have experienced happy journeys. No wonder Indigo is "flying". I have consciously recommended Indigo to many as many have recommended to me and look forward to using Indigo's services more and more in the coming years. My sincere thanks & appreciation to all involved in making this little journey so pleasurable. My wishes to the management, staff & the entire team (including our travel agent) the very best in all your endeavours as you continue to spread your wings farther. Ram.. ..."
Deepak, 24-07-2013, Appreciation for R.Govind.
"....Hello We seldom take time out to write some good words for a Good Customer Service received. But I am writing to you to let you know that "R.Govind from Chennai Centre" is a wonderful employee to your organization. He was helpful, courteous, completely customer centric and very polite. I wish I get to talk to him every time I call IndiGo. Thanks a million Govind. You deserve a promotion. Regards, Deepak. ..."
Sabina Inderjit, 25-07-2013, Most Helpful.
"....This is to go on record to say that I am most impressed and deeply appreciate the way IndiGo has handled my flight reservation (Delhi-Kochi for next month). Not only have your staffs have been patient but have been forthcoming to assist in reservations and options for hotels as well. I would particularly like to thank Praveen Singh Rathore for his kind assistance. My first preference has always been IndiGo even though other airlines may offer the same price. Do keep up your excellent service. Sabina Inderjit Chief of Bureau, India News & Feature Alliance.. ..."
DR ARUP KR ATTA, 26-07-2013, Appreciation.
"....Dear Sir, I am one of the travellers of IndiGo for its excellent commitment to time schedule. Yesterday, I booked a ticket in sector Mumbai- Kolkata round trip ticket in November, 2013. By mistake, I made on-line booking on 03rd instead of 2nd Nov. However, i later approached your Customer service Person: Ms Tripta Sen. She has excellently guided me to go to change option for pre-poning my journey. I am thanking Ms. Sen for her guidance through you. This will provoke me to use further IndiGo service in near future also. I wish you further growth in aviation sector. Once again, I must say that I am obliged to your service. If you have any frequent flier membership provision like Indian Airlines, please let me know. DR ARUP KR ATTA -BHARAT ELETRONICS LTD.. ..."
Chandrashaker shaw, 27-07-2013, Appreciation for Kush.
"....Kush Thanks for your prompt reply. It will definitely give our mindshare to take hospitality further more with your esteem company. Regards Chandrashaker shaw Mumbai.. ..."
Kavindra kumar, 27-07-2013, About best assisting for customer support from goindigo by process associate Mr. AMAN ARORA...
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am Manager Customer relations I am really very much happy after having a good assistance by your process associate Mr. AMAN ARORA. It was the best customer support i ever had in any concern. So i want to say thanks to Mr. AMAN ARORA for this and i will say that this guy will defiantly be a good business generator for your concern. Regards, kavindra kumar A passenger of your airline.. ..."
ULHAS MUHILE, 27-07-2013, Customer feedback.
"....Dear Sir, I spoke to your Customer Service Executive Mr. Daniyal Hasan, he was very, very helpful to me. His way of guiding me through the IndiGo website was very smooth and easy. I wish him all the success in all his endeavours. Best Regards ULHAS MUHILE.. ..."
Girish Chitre, 27-07-2013, Appreciation.
"....I wish to put on records my Sincere Thanks & Appreciation to the Air hostess Ms Mahalkshmi, who attended today's flight E6 185 from Lucknow to Mumbai for her Genuine Concern, Sense of Duty And Courteous Approach. I Wish Her All the Very Best. Girish Chitre.. ..."
Amit Kumar Sharma, 28-07-2013, Good Job - Sandeep Singh (Emp. ID: 6781).
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I'd like to compliment one of your employees, Mr. Sandeep Singh (Emp. ID: 6781), who is working as a security agent in the security department for the excellent service he provided me on 13th July 2013. Mr. Sandeep helped me to get back my missing wallet which I left on my seat (10A) inside the flight (6E-258) during my journey from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi. I have always been pleased with the service I have received from your airline. However, Mr. Sandeep's professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly completely exceeded my expectations. Within 10 minutes, he was able to track my missing wallet and returned it to me which approximately had Rs.5000/- cash, my ATM cards, PAN card, driving license along with other few important documents in it. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Sandeep and would like to convey my gratefulness by continuing all my future trips with Indigo airlines for years to come. Sincerely, Amit Kumar Sharma.. ..."
Sundar, 29-07-2013, Appreciation for Prativa..
"....Dear Ms. Biswal, Thank you for your email below. I appreciate your gesture of patiently listening to the 'Voice of Customer', and for being able to provide a solution which customer cannot deny. I accept your compensation as F&F settlement to my 100% satisfaction. Kapil Goel.. ..."
Kishoresinh Jhala, 30-07-2013, Customer Delight...
"....Dear Sir, I travelled from Delhi to Vadodara on 25.7.2013 by IndiGo 6E 487. Upon reaching Vadodara, I forgot my IPAD in the transit coach. As I work with amul and stay in Anand, I was already on the no U'-turn express highway, when I realized my mistake. I immediately contacted the Vadodara IndiGo office on phone, they informed that such an IPAD was found in transit coach and it was presumed to belong to an outgoing passenger and hence was handed over to the Cabin Crew of outgoing flight. They also informed me that it would be brought back the next day morning and that I would be intimated immediately. The next day morning while contacting the ground staff, they informed me that the IPAD had arrived and I got it collected. I would like to complement your Vadodara IndiGo ground team for their honesty, efficiency and consumer responsiveness at all levels which has really delighted me as a frequent flier on IndiGo. With kind regards Kishoresinh Jhala Chief General Manager.. ..."
Debashis Modak, 31-07-2013, Impressed....
"....Mr. Arafat Khan Thank you indeed for your warm courtesy and cooperation regarding resolving my ticket. I am very much impressed on your attitude and support. Thanks & Brgds Debashis Modak.. ..."
Prakash, 03-08-2013, Thank you for the Lost baggage Claim
"....Dear Sir / Ma'am, I have received my lost hand baggage, which was lost during my Chennai to Singapore trip. The Indigo staffs in Singapore have been very responsive and professional in handling the issue. Thanks a lot for all the help & the excellent service rendered. Regards Prakash. ..."
Rupen, 05-08-2013, Appreciation..
"....Dear Mayur and Team IndiGo! I would like to appreciate and thank the way your Team in Mumbai Airport arrival followed up to retrieve my Tab from Bhubaneswar! Hats off to the Indi go team with special mention of Mayur, Philanda and Dolsy (I hope I have got the names right?) Thanks once again! Rupen. ..."
Vimal Prakash, 07-08-2013, Appreciation...
"....FAO: Incharge/Customer care This message is an appreciation of your ground staff Ms. Rimpa at Kolkata domestic terminal. We were travelling this morning Kolkata to Indore by your flight 6E 245 seat nos. 6A & 6B. We forgot our suitcases keys at our residence at Hazra Road and asked one of our drivers to bring it, meanwhile boarding was announced. We explained our position to Ms. Rimpa at the IndiGo counter and she advised us to proceed with security check and boarding otherwise we may miss the flight and assured us that as soon as our driver arrives at airport with keys, she will take it at the gate and get us delivered at aircraft. Ultimately our driver arrived and handed over keys Ms. Rimpa. By that time aircraft door was still open and with efforts of Ms. Rimpa, we got the keys in our hands before departure of flight. I feel such kind of sincere people shall be suitably rewarded, as they also give good name to airline due their services. Once again thanks to Ms. Rimpa & IndiGo. Vimal Prakash Kolkata. ..."
William DeBoer, 10-08-2013, Appreciation for Aniruddha Patil
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, On Thursday August 8, 2013, my colleague and I were faced with what looked like an impossible problem. Due to scheduling errors with Jet Airlines and my travel agent in the US, if we were to keep existing reservations would have missed my plan from Delhi to US. As we were looking for help going from airline to airline, Mr. Aniruddha Patil stepped in to help. He took charge and helped obtain one ticket from a competitor and two from your company. These were the only tickets available from Pune to Delhi. What made this more amazing was he took charge at 11:15 AM and in 20 min obtained tickets for the 11:50 flight, found our checked luggage and transferred to the new flight, escorted us through security, held the plane and walked us to our seats. This went well above any expectation! He deserves more than just my gratitude as I gave what I could on Thursday. Not only did he represent your airline but represented India as an incredible country to visit. Please offer my gratitude to him! If he is not a manager, he should be! Best regards, Bill William DeBoer Kohler Co. Director, Construction Engineering & Management. ..."
Col Sanjay Chauhan, 10-08-2013, Appreciation..
"....Mr. Gurmit Singh, Customer Service Agent IndiGo Interglobe aviation limited Srinagar Airport 1. I am writing this letter to place on record my sincere gratitude for assistance and support provided by you on 02 July and 03 July 2013 for booking a connecting flight from Srinagar to lucknow and dispatching the mortal remains of late naik (gunner) Jitender Bahadur of my unit without any delay. 2. The body of the valiant soldier was delivered to the bereaved family in time and it was possible because of the prompt response and excellent coordination by you. 3. I am sanguine that with dedicated employees like you in IndiGo Interglobe aviation limited will go a long way ahead. Regards, Col Sanjay Chauhan Commanding Officer. ..."
Isaac Raju, 11-08-2013, Msg from Isaac Raju..
"....Hi, I was on one of your passengers on your Flight 6E 287 that flew at 2050 hours on 13/07/2013 from the Capital City to my Home Town. Unfortunately, I had mild temp and was emotionally off balance as there was a death in the family and was rushing to attend the funeral at Chennai. Having some health issues I didn't want to consume any food or liquids as there was this fear of throwing up which would mean embarrassment and inconvenience to the co passengers. I guess we were approx. 30000-35000 feet in mid-air and then I had a severe hypoglycaemic attack. Thankfully, there was a good doctor on board whose name escapes me at present. This man came to my rescue and diagnosed my ailment and immediately the crew backed him up by providing me sugar, soft drinks and a sandwich, besides one crew member quickly drew out a stets and a BP equipment from their cabinet as my pulse was running low. My sincere thanks to the Doctor on board and the crew members without whose help I could not have made it. Even as I was regaining my senses I could recall one of the crew members who were on phone line with the GSD (ground Support Dept.). The crew members along with the doctor ensured that I was safely removed first before any of the co passengers left the aircraft. I could see for myself the GSD which was on call and catered to me as soon as we touched down. Believe it or not, after we touched down the captain and the co-pilot came out to enquire of my welfare. Staffs was assigned to take care of my checked in luggage and see that the same was handed over to me after I was sent in for preliminary checks up at the Apollo clinic which was located near the tarmac of the airport. I am deeply moved by the sincerity of the cabin crew and the Doctor on board. God Bless you guys for being such good Samaritans. Thanks IndiGo for your user friendly staffs who serves us so well. I hope that this mail of mine reaches you guys (the staff and the captain of 6E 287) and the Doctor on board. Once again, a Big God Bless to the staff 6E 287 of IndiGo on 13/07/2013. Regards Isaac Raju 11/08/2013. ..."
Girish Padmanabhan, 11-08-2013, A Note Of Appreciation..
"....Hi, I would like to send out a 'Note of Thanks' to Pooja B from IndiGo airlines, who works at Pune airport, for helping us out in a time of need. I was to travel from Pune to Singapore via Chennai by IndiGo Airlines on August 2nd. At Pune airport, my 3 year old daughter, Aditi, fell sick and started shivering. When we decided not to travel, I approached Pooja at the IndiGo check-in counter and explained my situation to her. She noted my booking reference no's and assured me that she would take care of the formalities to get the tickets cancelled and asked us to proceed home. She accompanied us till the airport exit and made sure we had help to get our luggage out till the taxi stand. After we returned home, within an hour Pooja called us and informed us that our tickets were cancelled and we would be getting a full refund. Medical tests confirmed that Aditi had pneumonia. Her treatment is on, but she is fine now and in good mood. Please do inform Pooja that Aditi has sent her thanks as well. We are very impressed with the services offered by IndiGo airlines and especially by Pooja at the airport. It will always be a pleasure to travel by IndiGo in the future as well. Thank you!!! Girish Padmanabhan (A IndiGo airlines traveller) :-). ..."
MR. & MRS. ESTHER KARAYI, 11-08-2013, Courtesy & Care - Passengers Mr. C S Karayi & Mrs. Esther Karayi
"....I wish to convey My Thanks & Appreciation for the Courtesy & Care given to me and my husband by your Mumbai Airport (Check-in) staff Mr. Reagan D'Souza. It was not ONLY the good seats but the concern he showed to us Senior Citizens besides both of Us being diabetic, Reagan's care and concern were a great help & encouragement to travel with U guys again!! Best Wishes and Thank U again!! MR. & MRS. ESTHER KARAYI Dubai. ..."
Ramesh, 11-08-2013, Appreciation for Kaushik...
"....Dear Kaushik, Thanks for the email and sorting out the issue. Really appreciate your customer service. I would also like to inform that you have won a life time customer. All my future flying will be only with IndiGo. Thanks, Ramesh. ..."
Mohd.Azhar Afridi, 14-08-2013, Appreciation for Vamika...
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had on an IndiGo Flight recently from Jaipur to Bangalore on 11Aug 2013 6E 151. While I was boarding the flight, I noticed a very unique behaviour by a flight attendant (later while I was exiting I learned her name is Ms. Vamika) who was standing in the middle of the aircraft and was welcoming passengers in a very genuine manner. She was so kind to couple of mom's travelling with young children. It was refreshing for me to see such a smiling and presentable face early in the morning. The ability/care of Ms. Vamika was quite apparent and appreciable. I wanted to write this to your CEO/Chairman to let him know that Employees like Ms. Vamika are the ones that makes a big difference in today's Air travel where every flight attendant has transformed themselves into a sales girl whose focus is always all about to generating maximum sales during the flight, though I fully understand the economics of low cost carriers. I wish every flight attendant had the commitment and love for their profession like Ms. Vamika whose whole interest appeared to be to give every traveller a great experience on that flight from the moment people step in especially for those who were in need. I am confident that such employees will help to differentiate great companies from good ones. Regards Mohd.Azhar Afridi. ..."
Samrat Chowdhury, 16-08-2013, Appreciation for Abhijeet
"....Dear Mr. Abhijeet, I must appreciate you & your team for the wonderful delight you are able to create by your gesture. Most importantly, I am amazed with the quick turnaround time you took in resolving this issue (Less than 18 hours). I am highly Delighted with your service & surely I assure you that this gesture is going to add one more name in the list of your delighted customers & raise your Customer Satisfaction Index bar for sure. Do let me know if I can come to any help for you/IndiGo. Really appreciating your effort & heartily thanking you for the same once again Thanks & Regards Samrat Chowdhury Corporate HR. ..."
Daniel, 18-08-2013 , Appreciation for Neha,
"....Dear Neha, Thank you for the concern and coordinating hunting down the book :) Glad to know how responsive customer relations of your airlines are. Unlike a lot of the other I have travelled. Regards, Daniel. ..."
Jitendra Bachal, 21-08-2013, Positive Feedback
"....Hello, Recently I travelled Dubai-Mumbai-Dubai using IndiGo Airlines. I travelled from Dubai to Mumbai on 16th July 2013 and from Mumbai to Dubai on 19th Aug 2013. I would like to share my appreciation with your entire team at both ends at Dubai and at Mumbai as well. Your ground staff was well trained, friendly and co-operative. The supervisors at ground staff were professional and knowledgeable. In-flight services were also very nice. Options available were of good quality and correctly priced. Overall satisfaction level was very high. I will surely recommend IndiGo to my friends and relatives. I plan to do all my future travels through IndiGo. All the very best to you and Good Luck!!! Best Regards, Jitendra Bachal . ..."
C S Tripathy, 22-08-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Merwyn, It was a pleasure talking to you and receiving your e-mail. I truly appreciate the gesture of the air-hostess (Isha, if my memory serves me right) in reporting the matter. It speaks volumes about the integrity and professionalism of this lady and the work culture at IndiGo. Once again, I truly appreciate your gesture. Regards, C S Tripathy. ..."
Narayan, 23-08-2013, thank you!
"....I'm writing to express my appreciation for the actions of Mr. Praveen Singh Rathore today. I had flown from Mumbai to Jaipur on 6E 207 in the morning. Being a frequent traveller, i carry my Bose noise-cancelling headset whenever I fly. Although, I use it to listen to music without the background noise of the plane (Specially on intercontinental flights) to catch up on my sleep on flights, even on short domestic flights where the rules don't permit me to use my phone (even in "flight-safe" mode) to listen to music. I needed it especially today because i had woken up at 3am to get to the airport on time for the 5:30 AM departure. Unfortunately, I wasn't fully awake when I left the aircraft in Jaipur, I left the headset in its case in the back of the seat in front of me. Fortunately, someone found them and turned them in. In the afternoon, Mr. Rathore called me on my cell phone to ask if i was missing a bose headset. Until then, I hadn't realized my error. I told him that i was planning to fly back in the evening on 6E 214. He told me that he would leave the headset with Mr. Surendra Sharma. He texted me the details I would need, in case, I had trouble reaching Mr. Sharma. When I checked in for my flight, I told the agent at the desk that I needed to see Mr. Sharma. He brought me the headset on which someone (probably, Mr. Rathore) had attached a tag usually used for carry-on bags with my name and flight details. I'm sure that there were many people responsible for getting my headset back to me. I was very impressed that someone had found the headset in Jaipur and turned it into the airport office (after all, this is fairly expensive piece of equipment; I'm glad that honesty and integrity ruled the day). I'm particularly impressed that Mr. Rathore and his staff had looked up the records to track me down, call me and hold the headset in safekeeping until my return to the airport. All in all, it was a very positive experience. I have flown IndiGo many times on this very sector during the last year. I have to see it as a competent, efficient airline. Now, I get to see that it is also an airline whose employees have impeccable integrity. Thanks, Narayan P.S.: This is not the first time I've made this mistake. I made the same mistake when flying from shanghai to GoIndiGo late in the night last summer. On that occasion, I noticed that the headset was missing the following morning. I called the airline and was able to get them to trace my headset and bring it back to their office where I picked it up when I was leaving GoIndiGo. I remember being very impressed that they managed to reunite me with my headphone. I thought it was an amazing bit of customer service but I must say that IndiGo has surpassed it!. ..."
Sanjeev Mittal, 26-08-2013 , Saying thanks is just a small word but I mean it from my heart..
"....Dear Harish, It was nice to talk with you. I am really thankful that you have genuinely understood my problem which I faced while booking my air ticket. Really "saying thanks is just a small word but I mean it from my heart". Thanks a lot again. I am coming to Delhi on 30 AUG 2013 (will be there at early morning), I am assuring you that any help or any kind of service if you require please don't hesitate and let me know, I will try my best to provide it for you. This thing I am not saying it as a formality, I really mean it. My personal opinion about you is that you are a true person that's why only you trust over me and provide me solution for my problem. So, dear thanks a lot again. Regards Sanjeev Mittal. ..."
Nathan TPS, 28-08-2013, I wish to convey my appreciation...
"....Dear Sir, I wish to convey my appreciation of one of your call centre employees, Ms Priyanka. I had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Priyanka at your call centre (by dialling 0991038383838) to enquire about baggage rules for international travellers in IndiGo and also to request her to 'hold' two extra leg room seats for next 24 hours in the IndiGo flight Chennai- Singapore sector for Nov.12, 2013 date of travel. Priyanka was very cordial, informative and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I hope all your other call centre employees at IndiGo are equally helpful. I wish her great success in all her endeavour and hope and wish that IndiGo keeps up the good work. Thanking you, Sincerely, Nathan TPS (Thanuiyer Padmanabhan Sthanunathan). ..."
RamKishor, 28-08-2013, Appreciation for Mukul
"....Dear Mr. Jain, Believing that you had thoroughly investigated the matter, I would like to thank you for all the time & trouble taken to resolve the matter. Regards, RamKishor. ..."
K. Kannan, 29-08-2013, Customer Delight!
"....Dear Sir, On 28th August, I was scheduled to travel from Mumbai to Trivandrum by 6E 347. In a mix up, one passenger, Mr. J.M. Aggarwal took my bag and travelled to Kolkata by Spice Jet. Both the flights left around 1900 hrs. IndiGo's ground staff Ms. Resham, interacted with Spice Jet staff and assured me that, she will organize to get my bag in Trivandrum. When I reached Trivandrum by 2100 hrs, I informed the incident to Ms. Sobitha, staff of IndiGo in Trivandrum. She also interacted with her colleagues in Kolkata and assured me of the delivery of my bag on the next day morning. As assured I received the bag on 29th morning at 1130 hrs. I would like to thank both, Ms. Resham and Ms. Sobitha for their efforts, cool attitude, and focus on customer satisfaction. I would like to appreciate their efforts specifically because for none of the fault of theirs, they came forward, spent their time and helped me to get my bag on time. With Warm Regards, K. Kannan. ..."
Maria Mildred Sequeira, 01-09-2013, Dear Kaushik Karjee,
"....Dear Kaushik Karjee, I thank you for your immediate response and sincerely thank you for the favourable action from your side also. I appreciate your gesture and would definitely think of Indigo for all our future travels to India and back. In fact my husband is also considering booking his flight to Goa and back on the same flight. Thanking you once again. Regards, Maria Mildred Sequeira.. ..."
Gururaj, 02-09-2013, Appreciation
"....Hi, I am Gururaj, working in CISCO systems, Chennai. I travelled from Bangalore to Chennai last Saturday (31-Aug-2013), IndiGo flight No - 6E-272 (Departure time 20.35). This is the first time I have travelled with IndiGo and I'm really surprised and happy about the service provided by the entire crew. I want to write review about my travel and experience with IndiGo in your Testimonials as well as and provide my rating at SKYTRAX. I'm very pleased with the service provided. Regards, Gururaj . ..."
Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava, 02-09-2013, Simply Superb: Go IndiGo..
"....Greetings!!!!! Dear Sir, I am writing this mail for the crew who gives soft/feather touch to my family during our Mumbai-Patna trip on August 20th, 2013(Tuesday).We're in very bad mood because we were coming native place for funeral ceremony of my father. She's very smart girl & good psychologist. She scanned our situation & acted like our family friends. Sushmita easily interacted with us & gave us world class service with smile. She acted like brand ambassador of your organisation. If you want to give more value addition to clientele: Just add more Sushmita in your team. Warm regards, Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava . ..."
Amit, 03-09-2013, It was nice experience..
"....Hi Team,, It was nice experience speaking with Shiva Prasad., He was very gentle, prompt and very pleasing to talk with., He handled my queries very well., Thanks, Amit. ..."
Satyajit Dash Mohapatra, 03-09-2013, APPRECIATION NOTE: --
"....APPRECIATION NOTE: -- At the outset, we are privileged to take an opportunity to express thanks for all support and assistance given at last occasions. Efforts and coordination especially shown by Mr Rizwan Quadir and Mr Joydeep Sarkar were extremely extraordinary and unforgettable in all aspects when our senior management travelled on 31st Aug 2013 and on 8th Jun 2013 respectively. Further to reiterate, timely response to my calls is highly appreciated at a need of hour. Once again, thanking so much for a wonderful job. May God bless them to grow with their future endeavours!!! Regards Satyajit Dash Mohapatra. ..."
Sanjeev Nayan, 04-09-2013, Appreciation for prativa.
"....Respected Sir, I am really grateful to entire team of this next generation airline for considering the grievances sympathetically on the merit of individual case not as principal. I remain thankful to your good self for the action taken to resolve the matter. Wish that the presence of Airline goes in faster way to remain at no. 1 Spot always for the many years to come. Thanks again With Regards Sanjeev Nayan. ..."
Nitin Vijay Gupta, 04-09-2013, Appreciation Letter..
"....Dear IndiGo team, This e-mail is in reference to appreciate efforts by one of your colleagues who works in a security division. I was travelling with my family from Mumbai to Delhi on 30th Aug '13 in flight 6E138 and I left my tablet on the seat pocket and somehow forgot to carry it along with my baggage. In fact I didn't even noticed that I've missed something back till I got a call from one the Delhi Indigo security staff asking questions about my travel schedule. Initially I was surprised why someone is asking me such strange questions and then I realized about the tablet which I had left in the flight. In a very short span of time probably 15 minutes, he managed to keep the tablet in safe custody and contacted me. More importantly, he also asked the right questions to ensure that he is speaking to the correct owner of the tablet without giving details that I've left it in the flight. I am extremely happy and would like to appreciate the efforts of your security staff Abhay Kumar Pandey of IndiGo Delhi Airport who not only took immediate steps to contact me but also ensured that the tablet is handed over to the right person. Possibly, I would never have got the tablet back if fallen in wrong hands. Regards, Nitin Vijay Gupta. ..."
Madhusmita, 04-09-2013, Appreciation...
"....I must accept that, IndiGo's service recovery process is better than other LCCs. We've been co-ordinating with Shweta from Mumbai - Baggage services and I must admit that I am highly impressed with the professionalism shown by her. Many other airlines would not have put in the effort to help us, as she did. I honestly feel she went over and above the call of her duty. It was greatly appreciated and I will definitely do my part to "advertise" your airline by sharing my story! Regards Madhusmita. ..."
Kersi Aga, 04-09-2013, Feedback - Booking today...
"....Dear Sir / Ma'am, This is to bring to your notice the pleasant experience I had this morning while booking flights for my parents. I spoke to Mr. Akash who was very polite and courteous. It is people like him who should become role model for others as far as servicing the customer is concerned. Thank you for all the lovely experiences with IndiGo airlines over the years. This is my preferred airline for domestic travel. Kind Regards, Kersi Aga. ..."
Kunal Mehta, 05-09-2013, Letter of appreciation..
"....Letter of appreciation To the management team of IndiGo. I would like to share a pleasant experience I had while travelling on your airline recently. I was on flight 6E-408 (Seat no 28D) from Bangalore to Pune on the 19th of August, 2013. I had been feeling extremely unwell and was forced to travel only due to extremely contingent circumstances. I was feverish and feeling dizzy throughout the flight. While in the air, I felt very nauseated and faint and did not understand who I could turn to for help. But the cabin crew, Ms. Nazia in particular, was very helpful and took good care of me and I would like to recommend her for that. I was provided medication and a warm beverage even before I had to ask for it and I am extremely grateful for the same. I will be recommending your airline service to everyone in my circle and would also be ensuring that IndiGo is my preferred travel choice for the future. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. Warm regards, Kunal Mehta Bangalore . ..."
Sarguro, 05-09-2013, Appreciation for prativa...
"....Dear Prativa, Million thanks for your assistance. That's spirit I see in the staff like yours. God bless you. Regards Sarguro. ..."
Parvez Siraj, 09-09-2013 , 5 on 5 for customer service
"....Hi, I am a frequent flier not only in Indigo but several other carriers also. I am so much impressed to see the commitment level of your employees (Mudasir and Lateef) today at Srinagar. I have never seen such level of commitment before. I was travelling from Srinagar to Mumbai by 6E 559 at 3:30PM flight. Both of them were as one unit catering to two counters so professionally and with soul and heart at service. I am sure you would recognise their effort and reward for their commitment. It's only because of such employees your carrier is at Nmero Uno position and will continue as long as everyone serves as I have observed today. Regards, Parvez Siraj. ..."
Rev V. P Isaac, 10-09-2013, Her landing skills are to be applauded..
"....Dear Customer Care, Greetings ! I am a frequent flyer of IndiGo since 23rd May 2011 - having begun on the Chennai - Imphal sector and I want to convey my heartfelt appreciation to all who work in your airline for the highest level of efficiency, courteousness of the Cabin Crew and punctuality maintained irrespective of a highly disorganised system of doing things in this nation that they have to contend with for most of the time. Last month, I returned from Imphal to Chennai on Aug.29th, and was pleasantly pleased to see a lady, Arti from Pune we were told, piloting the craft back from Kolkata. To her credit, I must say it was the most pleasant trip back that I enjoyed and her landing skills at Chennai in the night are to be applauded - it was as gentle as possible. Incidentally, it was the first time since I started travelling by flight both in India and abroad since 1980 that I had a lady fly a plane in which I was travelling in!! I made sure all my parishioners got to hear about it that very day!! Thanking you, Blessings... In Him Rev V. P Isaac. ..."
Rev V P Isaac, 11-09-2013 , Dear Neha Rohilla..
"....Dear Neha Rohilla, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. What a relief your letter brings to me! Thank you for solving my dilemma. Thank you again for taking the effort to write me back and to patiently explain the same to me. May your Airlines continue to be a blessing to all who choose 'real change' in this beautiful nation and decide to fly INDIGO! GOD BLESSES YOU AND ALL THOSE WHO CO-LABOR WITH YOU TO MAKE OUR AIR TRIPS A PLEASANT ONE - ALWAYS!! Blessings... In Him Rev V P Isaac. ..."
"....Dear IndiGo, I would like to extend sincere words of appreciation for your IndiGo Trivandrum International staff. I am Mr. Sreejith who had travelled in IndiGo flight from Dubai to Trivandrum International airport on 13 Sep 2013. As I was clearing arrival immigration, i was hold by health department for not having the yellow fever card. I was not aware of this procedure. They denied the arrival in Trivandrum and insisted me to be in quarantine for six days. I was mentally upset because I had only seven days leave for my onam celebration. At the very next moment your international staffs Mr. Joseph, Mr. Vimal and Mr. Bipin came to me and explained the particular situation. The immigration officers didn't even allow me to see my relatives. Your staff insisted the officers explaining my situation and took the pain to allow me see my relatives. As I got little relived from my emotions .The immigration and Health department compelled me to go back to Dubai or stay in observation room for six days. I was not willing to stay in the observation. Then your staff got me a ticket in Etihad airlines to Abu Dhabi at 04:20 AM and I was been put into observation room till my next flight. As I was in the observation room your airline staffs had got me food and all other need full things. I was very much delighted for the care I received in spite of being quarantined. Later your IndiGo airline staff Mr. Vimal took the pain to come to the airport at the odd hours of 01:30 AM with the releasing order from the doctor and assisted me from observation room to all the way to the flight. I want to express my vote of thanks to the airline staffs and to the airline for providing me the good care in this critical situation. Wishing all the way success...... Regards, Sreejith.A. ..."
Nikasha Khemka, 15-09-2013, Fabulous team!!
"....Dear Manager, This is to let you know that I live in Singapore for the past 3 years and used to be jet airways frequent flier. But now, I travel only IndiGo for domestic travel in India. This is largely because you are an efficient, organized and well planned airline!! Your people are exceptional considering they have to manage so many people/ traffic daily. Here, I have to mention Mr. Sushman Sharma who is an extremely courteous, efficient and helpful person. He is an excellent representation for what Indigo stands for. Another mention goes out to Mr. Shanawaz Ahmed who is another exceptional example. Well done IndiGo!! Keep it up!! Regards, Nikasha Khemka. ..."
NITESH MONPARA, 18-09-2013, Appreciation of Honesty...
"....Hello.... I am Nitesh Monpara travelled in your flight 6E 157 seat no 20B. I want to inform you that today I had a great experience with IndiGo. When I left for my home from the airport suddenly Mr. RAMPRATAP TIWARI (ID: - IGA2316 who is in ground staff) called me and informed me that I left my wallet in plane. In my wallet I left 15 thousand rupees, 4 credit cards, 2 ATM cards and ID proof and other valuable things. But when Mr. Tiwari returned my wallet, it was as it was. In return, when I tried hard to award Mr. Rampratap he refused. I am very much impressed by his loyalty and honesty. This is to inform you that from now onwards I will always travel in IndiGo due to this wonderful incident of Mr. Tiwari and I will insist my friends to do the same. I hope that you will also appreciate Mr. Rampratap TIWARI 's honesty and loyalty as he did his job at the level best and also refused to take award from me. So, I wish that you will appreciate his noble work and inspire others to learn from him. Yours faithfully, NITESH MONPARA. ..."
Rahul and Jaya Basu, 19-09-2013 , Thank you for help rendered...
"....Dear Mr. Srikrishna, We would like to thank the entire staff of IndiGo at Delhi and Kolkata for the help and services rendered to my son, Aniruddha Basu; who travelled from Delhi to Kolkata on 6E-203 as a stretcher passenger on 8th September, 2013. I would especially like to thank Mr. Manish Jain and Mr. Neeraj Ailawadi, who were exceptionally helpful and went out of their way to ensure that we faced no problems at Delhi airport. Kindly convey our sincere thanks and regards to the entire team who attended the flight at Delhi and Kolkata on 8th of September. Yours sincerely, Rahul and Jaya Basu. ..."
KARAN KANJANI, 20-09-2013, Good customer relation...
A. Sharma, 23-09-2013, Appreciation...
"....Dear IndiGo Team, I would like to share the wonderful experience I had at the check-in counters of IndiGo at Ahmedabad. I was traveling to Bangalore around a week back from Ahmedabad and I saw your staff Mr. Huzefa was at check in counters. Checking in the passengers and was also handling the queries of his team mates. Like it was so wonderful experience for me to see the staff like him who all is delegated dual responsibilities. Also, he was calling the passengers who all have first departure so nobody can miss the flight. When I asked him why do you call for the passengers who reported late, he just gave me a smile and said we give personal touch to the passengers and would like to see them fly with us frequently. This statement really made me happy and I make sure I travel only with IndiGo for my future trips. Regards A. Sharma. ..."
Geeta Chopra, 25-09-2013, Thanking you immensely...
"....Dear Neha Rohilla, This is regarding the IndiGo tickets booked for 10/09/2013 from Bangalore to New Delhi on flight 6E-114. I wanted to thank you and the IndiGo immensely for considering my special case and processing the refund. It has always been a wonderful experience for us to travel by IndiGo. Indeed the best airline in the industry. Thanking you again. Geeta Chopra. ..."
Sriharsha T S, 27-09-2013, Feedback on runway model toy..
"....Dear GoIndiGo, The runway model toy is very good and it was liked very much by my kid. I have recommended my friends and colleagues to buy this product. Thanks Regards Sriharsha T S. ..."
Ayena Makkar, 28-09-2013, Appreciation mail for Sahil Luthra...
"....To whomsoever it may concern, I would like to make a mention that I have been thoroughly satisfied with the in-flight services of IndiGo every time I have travelled with. However, this is in reference to the call I made to make some changes in a freshly booked travel itinerary for IndiGo travelling in December to and from Delhi-Pune. I talked to Sahil Luthra and the guy has been really patient with me as we had a call that lasted almost 2 hours. He made all the required changes I asked him to, kept informing me about the guidelines etc. and made fresh bookings as well. Kudos to you Sahil. I congratulate Indigo once again for the services you offer on and off the flight. I look forward to travelling with you again and always. Thanks and Regards, Ayena Makkar. ..."
Manesh Karani , 28-09-2013, Dear Mr. Abhijeet Kumar..
"....Dear Mr. Abhijeet Kumar, Thanks for all your support. Highly appreciated. I am a loyal customer of Indigo and today I am happy that you'll care for the customer's concern. Thanks once again. Good Day Manesh Karani - Director. ..."
Namrata Parekh,28-09-2013, Excellent customer service...
"....Dear IndiGo, I had the opportunity to interact with two of your excellent employees today, Deepak Yadav and Chetan Bhola from your Gurgaon office. Under dire and almost impossible circumstances they managed to help me out and the transition of cancelling tickets to re-scheduling them was a smooth and hassle free process. Customer Service people who are sensitive to a customer's genuine problems and who can take the right decisions in terms of a difficult situation are rare. I have been a long standing customer of this airline and my loyalty just got stronger after this experience. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to both of them. Thank you, -- Namrata Parekh. ..."
Sankar Sapru, 29-09-2013, 'Great Service'...
"....I am very grateful to IndiGo Airlines Customer Care for being very helpful when I left behind my laptop when going through Hyderabad airport security. I flew IndiGo Hyderabad-Bangalore, had a very pleasant flight with a very courteous set of crew and late in the evening I realized that my laptop was left behind at Hyderabad airport security. With the most diligent work of IndiGo, they retrieved my laptop from lost and found at HYD airport and delivered it to me at BLR airport within a few days and I continued my onward journey to USA with all the stress relieved. I want to profusely thank each and every one of IndiGo staff for a job well done. Like the American cheer....."go IndiGo go!!" I wish IndiGo Airlines every success, Sankar Sapru. ..."
Priya,30-09-2013, Feedback on Mumbai Team...
"....Hi Team, I am pleased with the service provided by your team . On 16th Sept 2013, I had lost my camera at Mumbai Domestic terminal. Your team had helped me and was very co-operative. Thank you guys. I would like to thank everyone who ever helped me in Mumbai Domestic terminal Security Team , Mumbai Police team at terminals , espc Krishna Sir , Aadil from Indigo and few others from Mumbai Airport and IndiGo team. This guy helped me in talking to higher officials and guided me through out. Thanks Once again Thanks, Priya. ..."
Raja Parthasarathy, 30-09-2013, Thank you...
"....Kamal - on behalf of the INSEAD alumni association in India, I would like to thank you for your support of our recent event in Dubai. The flight arrangements were excellent and we are especially grateful for your flexibility in extending the ticketing deadlines. It does not surprise me at all that Indigo is the country's favourite airline and the customer service that I've had a chance to see on this event in particular is an important reason why. Please also extend our thanks to your colleagues that were involved in our travel plans. Raja Raja Parthasarathy. ..."
Sarita, 30-09-2013, Appreciation for Abhijeet...
"....Dear Abhijeet, Thank you so much and appreciate the customer service. You guys are really of international standard . Thanks Sarita. ..."
Gagan Arora, 30-09-2013, Appreciation for the Assistance at Bangalore Airport....
"....Dear IndiGo Team, Last Friday i was at Bangalore for business meeting. I was planning to come back to my home town on the same day. I checked with all other Airlines flights but they were not suiting my budget and time. I went to your Ticket counter and one of your staff member really helped me out. I bothered her at least 2-3 times but she always welcomed me for the information. I really appreciate her assistance and time she given to me when i was in trouble. I always preference expanse airlines for my official trip but now I will choose IndiGo for such a wonderful Customer Support and Service. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to the specific staff member who booked my ticket. She is a true reflection of the high levels of standard that I have come to expect of IndiGo Airlines. Warm Regards Gagan Arora. ..."
Dilkumar K Singh, 30-09-2013, Asha Jyoti Das - 10276 - Amazing experience...
"....Hi Today, I was at a total loss as I was unable to retrieve my PNR number/date of travel for a flight I had booked sometime in August. And I was afraid if the calling the customer care would be helpful without these two details. But luckily I got a blessing in disguise from one of your customer care executive named Asha Jyoti Das (10276). She was not only caring but very patient as well. The best part of it was her patience, courtesy, her helping nature and the eagerness to help. She showed empathy. I never expected such a wonderful experience and I am very much delighted. Would request whoever concerned to please share my thanks to the lady. I am sure she would do a great job as a trainer too on basic human relations call! Best Regards, Dilkumar K Singh. ..."
Deepak Susendran, 30-09-2013, Appreciation....
"....Team, I would want to take time and appreciate Niraj Vij (Ahmedabad) for helping me through an easy / hassle free check-in on Friday Sept 27th. I was on road from Baroda to Ahmedabad and due to unforeseen weather circumstances I could only reach half hour before departure time. I usually arrive an hour ahead on my travel. Niraj made an exception and helped me with a hassle free check in of my bags and boarding pass as well. He was courteous and made me comfortable and directed me to the gate as well. I wanted to thank and appreciate the wonderful staff you have on-board as well. Regards, Deepak Susendran. ..."
P K Muraleedharan, 01-10-2013, Appreciation for Prativa.
"....Dear Sir/Madam, Received your mail and I am very much thankful to you for the help given to us. All the time I was wondering what is 'Customer Delight' and I have really experienced that. Thank you very much. P K Muraleedharan. ..."
Hameed Jafar, 03-10-2013, Excellent Customer Service - Avinash, IndiGo-Trivandrum
"....Dear Customer Relations, We would like to thank and appreciate Avinash, who is working in IndiGo- Trivandrum for handling my case in a very kind and organized manner. My sister has missed her Samsung Mobile and a wrist watch on the flight from Chennai - Dubai and the missing items were found by Avinash, when the flight returned to Trivandrum. He found my missed call on the phone and contacted me and followed up for nearly 5 days till we receive the items. The items had been delivered to Chennai IndiGo counter and were later collected by my friend. We wish him all the success and the employees like Avinash makes big differences in customer service and he is real asset to IndiGo. Thanks a lot Hameed Jafar . ..."
Ratankumar singh, 03-10-2013, Excellent!!!!
"....Hi, I travelled on IndiGo flight for the 3rd time. Superb service, smooth, clean, hygienic flight and time to time passenger's satisfaction. I really appreciate all the crew members while travelling from Dubai to Delhi & Delhi to Dubai. They did excellent service even when some passengers were giving trouble like taking videos and photos, order/requesting etc. When I reached booking counter and check in counter , they were very smooth & service was Fabulas". I will make sure that i book 1 month in advance when i travel next time with IndiGo for any destinations. Overall India or international country, as compare to any others flights, as per the some little air travel experience, I find IndiGo great. I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart all IndiGo's crew members, ground staffs & captains for on time take off, landing and communications of 6E 22 & 6E 23. Excellent! Thanks, Ratankumar singh Dxb. ..."
Priya Agrawal, 04-10-2013, Appreciation for in-flight hospitality
"....Dear IndiGo team, This is just to thank the entire team of in flight attendants: Rashmi, Swati, Riya and especially the lead Pooja Tomar for their warm hospitable behaviour. The job done by Pooja along with her team was commendable despite the fact the flight was delayed & every effort was taken by her to make the passengers comfortable & keep them updated of the delay in Flight 6E 217 sectors Bombay to Jaipur date 3rd October 2013. Look forward to similar lovely experiences with IndiGo in future as well! Keep up the good job! Regards, Priya Agrawal Associate Consultant, Infosys Ltd. ..."
R. Athickal, 05-10-2013, Dear Jigyasa Bhardwaj
"....Dear Jigyasa Bhardwaj, Thanks very much for taking the time out to rectify a lapse. I appreciate it very much and Indigo goes up sky high in my estimate. Regards R. Athickal. ..."
Shoba Mohan, 07-10-2013, Feedback and thanks to Rafsanjani
"....Ms. Priya Kataria IndiGo Dear Ms. Kataria, Good morning and this is to bring to your notice the extreme patience and good humour displayed by Mr. Rafsanjani (Check-in for flight 6E 288) Chennai to New Delhi on the Oct 5. I was not at my brightest having finished a marathon run of meetings and trainings in Chennai for two days and all I wanted was to get to the flight and relax. My hand baggage which was supposedly made for cabin luggage (Samsonite) admittedly looked a bit bigger and definitely weighed a couple of Kilos more than the stipulated. Which young Mr. Rafsanjani pointed out and also mentioning that my luggage was too big for cabin. Now I had brought in the same luggage on my way in as I pointed out to him and insisted that I should be allowed to carry the same as I had to connect directly to a waiting car to Jaipur. I did not want to get into the delay of collecting checked in bags. I must admit I was not being very friendly or reasonable, for which I would like to apologise to Mr. Rafsanjani - however he did not once lose his cool nor was he irritable coming up with a reasonable idea, that if my baggage fit into the specs model provided I can run with it, which it did and I am glad that he came up with a viable solution. This is to apologise to Rafsanjani, if I was being unreasonable and to thank him for his patience. Lastly to IndiGo for keeping my trust and yes, it continues to be my favourite airline. You have a great team in place and you the first carrier I check for my journeys and you will continue to be so. Warm regards of the festive season and do please pass on my greetings to Rafsanjani as well. Shoba Mohan . ..."
"....EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE BY INDIGO GROUND STAFF This is to bring to your notice the exceptional personalised service that was given to us by your ground staff Ms. Meghna and Ms. Sinzia. I and my Mother were travelling back from Mumbai on Flight 6E 464 Chandigarh-Mumbai- Chandigarh on 29th Sep 2013. After having checked in our baggage we took the escalator to the next floor to proceed to the gate A7. We were both carrying one handbag each. As we just got off the escalator my mother tripped and fell down and badly injured her upper lip and nose which were bleeding profusely. I was panicking as other passengers gathered around us and helped by getting water, band aid. We were immediately attended by Ms. Meghna and Ms. Sinzia who immediately made an emergency call to Dr. Hemlata. Dr Hemlata and her assistant Mr. Dantis were there in a few minutes. Doctor assessed the injury and gave medication to my mother and told us she was fit to fly. Ms. Meghna and Ms. Sinzia ensured that we checked in on priority basis and escorted us till we boarded the plane. This is to thank IndiGo for the exceptional and empathetic service given to us by Ms. Meghna, Ms Sinzia, Dr. Hemalta and Mr. Dantis. Look forward to flying with IndiGo again! Thanks and Best Regards Jasmine Chaudhary. ..."
Shalabh Sharma, 09-10-2013, Such a smooth landing
"....Yesterday i.e. 8th Oct I was on IndiGo flight from Bhubaneswar on seat no E11. Just want to compliment the team in the cockpit for making such a smooth landing in Hyderabad. I haven't come across a landing so smooth in a long time. Great job, Keep it up and please pass on my message to the concern team. Regards, Shalabh Sharma. ..."
JYOTI BALONI, 10-10-2013, Wonderful Experience
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, I Just wanted to let you Know that I travelled on your IndiGo flight 6E-023 Delhi to Dubai on 10 October, 2013(Today only). I was travelling for the first time. I was alone and very nervous. I went to check in counters and met one of your staff PRIYANKA. The girl with very helping nature. She helped me in each and everything which I can't even expect. She was very courteous and at that time it was midnight she looks so fresh and her smiling face makes me feel something different from others. YOU DO SUCH A GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate what you have done for me and make me feel so special. And now i can never think to fly with some other airlines as your Staff is really courteous and helpful. God bless you for always being there to cheer and to guide. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN THANKS & REGARDS, JYOTI BALONI. ..."
KSRAO, 11-10-2013, Appreciation for Kaushik
"....Dear Sri Kaushik, I appreciate your quick response. Nice talking to you. Whenever the INDIGO Flight time suits for my travel schedules any where my first Preference is always INDIGO. I LOVE INDIGO because of the on time, safe travel and its perfection of the Flight Team. My best wishes to all of you at IndiGo Family. Thanks, Best regards and happy Dusherra KSRAO . ..."
Satyajit Dash Mohapatra, 11-10-2013, APPRECIATION
"....APPRECIATION NOTE :-- It is another opportunity we are once again privileged to congratulate Mr. Joydeep Sarkar, Duty Manager for his outstanding service rendered during travel of our Ex-CFO on 28th Sept 13. We do appreciate his sincere timely efforts in particular and INDIGO in general for a professional approach in travel industry. Needless to say, Mr. Joydeep has also shown his enthusiasm to accomplish in tracing a laptop for one of our senior associate (Mrs. Sarmila Dutta Chowdhury) during her trip from Kolkata - Trivandrum , when she missed the same after security check-in point. He is really GREAT and we would feel that emptiness in absence of Mr. Joydeep Sarkar. He is a man paved with integrity, calmness and a down-to-earth personality. His attachment to INDIGO IS INDISPENSABLE!!! May God bless him for his future endeavours!!! Warm Regards Satyajit Dash Mohapatra Asst Manager- Administration International Travel & Visas Tata Consultancy Services. ..."
Nitin Kapoor, 11-10-2013, Extremely hospitable!.
"....Greetings of the day! Dear All, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at IndiGo for the extreme hospitable service by Mr. mehernosh and Mr. shashank at the boarding gate at Mumbai airport and Mr. Alison at the counters as well as the cabin crew staff Ms. Mandeep who made our journey extremely comfortable. I would love to be associated with your extreme hospitable service crew. Wish u all the luck for prosperity and success in life. Thanks & Regards, Nitin Kapoor, Unit Manager, Mamagoto, Mumbai. Azure Hospitality. ..."
Somak Dhar, 14-10-2013, Dusshera Delight @ IndiGo Kolkata
"....I am a regular flyer with IndiGo, usually travels out of Delhi and currently traveling to Mumbai & back via 6E 293/325. I had arrived at the airport early. On my request, the staff @ IndiGo led by the Shift Manager arranged for web check-in on my return flight to Kolkata, striking a balance between Policy & Service. Since my boarding gate for the onward flight was not announced till then, I was escorted through the security gate where the alert IndiGo personnel observed that my baggage tag had not been stamped and kindly did the needful, post which he informed me of the gate number before taking leave. The entire pre-flight experience has been remarkable. Way to go! Cheers Somak Dhar. ..."
Sachin Lawrence Elenjikal, 15-10-2013, Dear Mr. Bhatia
"....Dear Mr. Bhatia, I would certainly like to thank each one of your staff members right from the contact center to the airport staff and cabin crew for their excellent service. Ms. Monica from the Mumbai airport was extremely polite and did assist me well through check in and boarding the aircraft. Ms. Roxaine and her team were excellent on board. Once again, I would like to thank IndiGo for retaining my faith and trust in your services. I'll also let you or Ms. Kataria knows about my next travel in case if I need any assistance. I am looking forward for travelling on one of your flights in near future. Thanks once again. Regards, Sachin Lawrence Elenjikal. ..."
"....To, The Management. GoIndiGo. Sir, I sincerely appreciate the service provided to me for my PNR by Ms. Avni Mittal. With all her presence of mind and with all intelligence by resolving mistakes within 5 minutes of an unresolved issue which was existing since last 24 hours. Her professional actions with polite interaction are remarkable and me as your valued customer is 100% happy to receive such best executive services from her. Also, I appreciate Ms SWARNIMA who took necessary action yesterday with very polite conversations and actions for the valued customer of INDIGO satisfactorily. From my end I recommend for both of them a professional success. Note: Further I found that all your customer care executives are very polite with all helping efforts. Thanks and Best Regards SHYAMAL KUMAR GHOSH. ..."
Murali Konasani, 16-10-2013, Hello Mr. Thomas
"....Hello Mr. Thomas, Thanks for the call we had. Appreciate the efforts you have taken to understand the case and to revert. I take this as good gesture from INDIGO and to convey that it would only result into loyalty and relation. Thank you for being cooperative. Regards, Murali Konasani. ..."
Sachin Dhar, 17-10-2013 , Dear Neha
"....Dear Neha, I am really delighted and thankful to IndiGo customer relations team to have understood and addressed my concern professionally. Cheers to you and team. Regards, Sachin Dhar. ..."
Soujanya, 22-10-2013, Appreciation to Zahid..
"....Hi, I had taken an IndiGo flight during the phialin cyclone to Bhubaneswar, which was cancelled twice and the second time after reaching Hyderabad (midway). Zahid is one of your staff handling the passengers at Hyderabad airport. He was excellent in the way he handled the situation. He helped me to take an alternate option which made my trip satisfactory. Thanks to Zahid. Regards, Soujanya . ..."
Dr. Malini Bhandaru, 24-10-2013, Excellent Customer Service.
"....Hello Customer Relations Staff IndiGo India Dear Sir/Madame, I recently needed two round-trip tickets which were required to be modified, keeping only the return segments in each ticket and was unable to do so online. My travel agent had not been very helpful. I called your phone number, expected a long wait, penalties, delayed refunds etc. Instead, I spoke to Ms. Anju Kushwaha who helped me. She confirmed that I had a penalty of Rs. 1000 per cancelled sector, and was willing to help rebook my tickets to new destination, confirmed at each step that she was talking to the real owner of the bookings, confirmed the dates, times, and costs. It turned out to be an entirely satisfactory experience! I look forward to travelling by IndiGo and skipping travel agents all together, booking directly online and/or via IndiGo staff. Ms. Anju's politeness, promptness and thoroughness were refreshing and the best ambassador an airline can have. Regards, Dr. Malini Bhandaru. ..."
Dr Jyotsna Karthaka, 24-10-2013, Excellent Service..
"....To , The Chief Public Relations Officer Ms. Pratibha Bhatia IndiGo. Dear Mam, Sub: Mr. Yogesh Kumar ,Emp No :2003347 This email is to compliment you and the team of IndiGo Airlines which rendered such excellent service to me in my time of need. I am a very loyal steady customer of your airline, travelling almost 95% by IndiGo only sparing the few times that I have flown when I had no option .On the 22nd of this month there was a need for me to change my booking date for a return ticket from Mumbai to coimbatore for which I had a lot of trouble with the agent .It was only when I insisted on talking to IndiGo that I was put across to a very pleasant courteous staff by the name Mr Yogesh Kumar who understood my need, the harassment I was going through for no reason , and who re-booked my ticket just there and then ,very patiently guided me through the entire process online when he need not have really done so. It was then that I asked him for his employee ID and decided to send an appreciative mail to you. He was very polite, quick on the uptake and so intelligent to mark the problem, sort out the matter, leaving behind another reassured customer in favour of IndiGo. I am really impressed ma'am that you train your staff so well with an exemplary behaviour coupled with loads of patience making a customer go through the entire ordeal much faster and peaceful. I think your staff deserves a good pat on the back and should be complimented for having been so nice. Once again ma'am, thank you so much for the service I received. Henceforth, I think I shall book directly from the IndiGo website rather than sourcing through agents which turned into a nightmare!! Thanks and regards, Dr. Jyotsna Karthaka. ..."
.........Sanjiv Jain, 24-10-2013 , SPECIAL THANKS AND APPRECIATION
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I have always been travelling in IndiGo; which is always my first choice owing to the on time arrivals and superb in-flight services. However, now my patronage for INDIGO has reached a different level. On 6th of October my son was travelling from Bangalore to Guwahati and he accidently dropped his wallet in the flight. I received a call few hours later from a gentleman called Mr. Paul from Kolkata IndiGo regarding a wallet they had found in the aircraft. I informed him that it belonged to my son and that we are based in Guwahati. He was very courteous and said he would send the same to Guwahati and I can collect the same from Guwahati airport showing an identity proof or boarding pass copy. On 10th October, I was flying Guwahati -Jaipur again by IndiGo and collected the same from the airport. I am really impressed by the honestly and integrity of the IndiGo staff and would like to put on record my special thanks and appreciation for the entire team. With warm regards Sanjiv Jain Guwahati. ..."
Bikash Kumar Mohanty, 25-10-2013, Thanks Mr. Nakra
"....Thanks Mr. Nakra for the prompt response. I have got back the money. Once again, thanks for quick settlement of the customer grievance. I am really proud to be associated with such a great airline. Bikash Kumar Mohanty. ..."
Mrs. Premchander, 26-10-2013, Dear Kaushik..
"....Dear Kaushik, Thank you very much. I really appreciate the support of IndiGo in making this change. It helps a great deal and sets my mind at rest that the travel will be stress free for my daughter. Best wishes, Mrs. Premchander. ..."
Rima, 27-10-2013, Excellent Customer Service - Still Alive..
"....Hi, I travelled back on your IndiGo Flight - Bangkok- Delhi on the 25th Oct flight no 6E 42. I would like to put on record that Manish Kumar and Arun Bhudw EXTREMELY PROACTIVELY, EFFICIENTLY and PLEASENTLY (very rare now days) resolved my baggage issue when I landed at the Delhi airport. Another passenger had picked my bag erroneously. The contact number given by the passenger was incorrect, however they traced the number through the immigration card, figured he was taking a connecting flight to Mumbai on IndiGo and tracked him down. My luggage was handed back to me. I would like to put on record that such employees are an asset to your company. I have seen this kind of customer service after a decade, where employees are willing to take responsibility and go out of their way to help a passenger and most importantly with patience. Regards Rima . ..."
Rajan Singh, 27-10-2013, Dear Mr. Ankit Saxena..
"....Dear Mr. Ankit Saxena, Thank you for the co-operation extended by you and your team at Goa and Mumbai. The baggage was booked directly from Goa to Bhubaneswar. My parents had a comfortable flight back home. The service extended was fantastic. Thank you. Rajan Singh. ..."
Carl Harrison, 28-10-2013, Letter of Thanks...
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to inform you of my positive experience when flying with IndiGo, and to provide my recommendation for a particular staff member who was extremely helpful on this journey. When on holiday in India last month, I travelled with IndiGo from Mumbai to Goa on the 17th September. In a rush to catch the plane, I left my mobile phone at the Security checks area at Mumbai Airport and didn't realise until I had already boarded the plane. After realising my mistake I spoke to one of your very helpful stewardess's who directed me towards the IndiGo Ground Staff at Goa Airport. At Goa airport, I was assisted by an employee of yours called Ms. Arati Naik, who put in maximum effort to help me retrieve my phone. She took all my details and contacted the security staff at Mumbai airport for me, as well as leaving me her contact phone number so I could phone for an update on the situation. With the help of Ms. Naik and her colleagues at IndiGo in Goa, I was able to collect my mobile phone from the airport two days later, after it had been flown to the airport from Mumbai. Ms. Naik had kept me updated with phone calls regarding the status of the phone situation, and provided excellent customer service skills. Ms. Naik was extremely eager to help and she was professional and courteous. I believe that without her help I would not have seen my phone again. Ms. Naik is an absolute credit to the airline and with her help I was reunited with my phone and all my holiday photographs. I would have no hesitation in using your airline again and would recommend it to friends and colleagues. Please thank Ms. Arati Naik on my behalf for her excellent help and service. Best Regards Carl Harrison. ..."
Nitin kumar Dwarkadas, 29-10-2013, THANKS INDIGO..
"....Hello IndiGo, I was flying to Mumbai from Muscat on 17th October and forgot my ipad on 26A seat. Thankfully, I got a call in Pune at around 7 am on my wife's cell, that to identify your ipad and take it from airport departure gate D. I am thankful to Mr. Sunny Miranda, Mr. Swapnil Thrakar and Mr. Dwyan Beako. Please convey my message to them. The another incident happen on my Kochi-Dubai flight on kochi airport, where I left my bags keys in hotel and security didn't allow me to go outside. I requested Mr. Rajeesh, I do not know how much I remember the name, who helped me a lot to get the keys from outside. And thanks to him for smooth check in. This is to encourage the people working in IndiGo and boost all to serve the customer well for the future. I strongly believe in encouraging people who understand the true meaning of service in this industry because mostly we found the people behind counters are not so helpful. I had lot of bad experiences in other airlines. Thanking you, Nitin kumar Dwarkadas. ..."
Devajit Bharadwaj, Great customer service
"....This is an Appreciation mail to state that I have been more than pleased to have experienced a great customer service from Mr. Deepak Singh. He has been more than helpful in sorting out an issue that I had with Flight bookings and cancellations. And the best part was that he took the initiative of calling me back to make sure that I had my issue resolved as I had got disconnected in between unknowingly. Thank You and Keep up the Good work Mr. Deepak Singh. You just made a customer Smile today. Appreciate it. Kind Regards Devajit Bharadwaj (Happy customer). ..."
Pawan Jain, 02-11-2013, Quite Exhilarating experience.
"....Dear In-charge, Experience on 7pm flight from Hyderabad to Delhi on 29.10.13 evening was quite exhilarating and pleasantly very different. Reason - your first officer Rajiv Pratap Rudy was quite engaging through his narrative of the flying details during the flight. His lucid commentary was quite interesting and I think that's the way it should be. It not only makes one feel at home but also provides quite useful information. In fact, being on the 1st row, while waiting to disembark on landing at Delhi I did acknowledge this fact personally to him when he came out of the cockpit. For a change, it was good to see a MP doing such a genuine hard work in real public life. Wish, it rubs off to other MPs too! Kindly, do communicate to him that there are some admirers of his for such a good gesture in real life. Let it get infectious to his political fraternity as well. Thanks for seeking feedback, it talks volume about the way you care for your brand and your customers. Hope, you keep it this way always. Being head of an organization myself, I know what it means and what it takes to keep it that way all along. May this Diwali be a multiplier of joy and prosperity for each one of you at IndiGo! Best wishes. Pawan Jain. ..."
Murugesh, 04-11-2013, Wow Mohit, Thanks
"....Wow Mohit, Thanks. This has come as a pleasant surprise. Especially coming from an Airline. In my experience Airlines have always been very impersonal and have tried to make the most of even small mistakes like this. This is a good change and hope it is a sign of things to come. If you had not done something like this and asked me to rebook it with a changed name, I would have probably gone ahead and done it and cursed indigo for it. Also it would not have affected my choice of airline in the future and i would have been indifferent towards all airlines during my next booking. But this episode has definitely tilted my liking towards indigo and you guys would be my first choice of airline going forward. Hope you always put the customer interest first even in the future. Thanks.. ..."
K.Onodera, 08-11-2013, Dear Prativa Biswal (Customer Relations)
"....Dear Prativa Biswal (Customer Relations) Here i would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your effort taken on this issue and i hope this effort definitely highlights how worth your Company in India is. We really value your cooperation and service extended to us. Hope we can maintain a health relation in future. Thanking you Sincerely yours. K.Onodera. ..."
Anupam Kaul, 09-11-2013, Deserve a round of applause
"....Hi Team I want to share my travelling experience with you and think that you people deserve a round of applause As I have been travelling with all leading airlines and the sort of customer service regarding a travel query, I want to share the hospitality received from your personnel Ginni Dhingra, gave me the reason to choose IndiGo for a perfect Domestic/International service moving hereon. Thanks in advance Thanks and Regards, Anupam Kaul. ..."
Mehul, 12-11-2013, Promptness in action and also flawless service
"....Thanks Prativa biswalji. I really appreciate your promptness in action and also flawless service. Indigo has always been my first choice for the same reason. Thanks & Regards Mehul. ..."
Mithun Menon, 13-11-2013, Extremely quick response
"....Respected Sir, Good afternoon! First of all I would like to thank you and all involved for the extremely quick response and the level of attention to detail given to the below email I sent last afternoon. I received an acknowledgement call last evening from a lady, assuring me that the issue would be addressed today. This morning, Mr.Ankit from Customer Relations called me and discussed the points raised in the email in detail. It was a very reassuring conversation and I truly appreciate the time and the outstanding effort taken by Mr.Ankit to review the contents of the email, and understand & address every point raised therein. I definitely felt extremely cared about as an IndiGo customer at the end of the conversation and I am sure I do have a reason to be a continued loyal IndiGo customer in the many months to come. Once again, I would like to thank each and everyone involved for giving me an outstanding and possibly the most compassionate experience I ever had on a customer relation and service front. Thank you very much. Kind regards Mithun Menon . ..."
Sunil, 15-11-2013, Rishabh Makhija positive attitude
"....Dear Sir/Madam I am one of your frequent flyer. I called INDIGO last week in connection with my parents flight booking and was attended by your representative Mr. Rishabh Makhija. Rishabh was simply outstanding in his service delivery. He impressed me with his positive attitude. Thanks Sunil. ..."
Sameer Ahmed, 15-11-2013, Excellent work done by Mr Satish Rk
"....Dear Sir / Madam This email is to bring to your notice the excellent work done by Mr Satish Rk in the case of cancelling my booking and rebooking another flight. He was patient, resourceful, eager to help and very professional in his approach, these are the kind of people that make customer relations a wonderful experience. Unfortunately people like Satish are becoming a rare breed these days. I thank him and IndiGo again for all the help! Regards Sameer Ahmed. ..."
G. Venkatasubramanian, 17-11-2013, I required special assistance
"....I traveled on 16 Nov in IndiGo 6E 151 from HYD to Bangalore at 8:35 AM. I required special assistance & I have mention that the Mr. Farhan at HYD airport was very helpful in organizing the same. In addition, he ensured that the entire check-in process until boarding the aircraft was smooth and comfortable. Thanks & Regards, Venkat.. ..."
Ashok K. Menon, 18-11-2013, Dear Mr. Harish /Team at IndiGo
"....Dear Mr. Harish /Team at IndiGo, Just a line of appreciation and thanks for your below gesture. I want you to know that this only reaffirms my continued faith and trust in IndiGo. I read somewhere that INDIGO is rated as one of the BEST EMPLOYERS in India. I am not in the least bit surprised. Just a look at your cabin crew for example and you have a living example of a great team at work. Thank you once again and in turn I assure you of my continued total support and cooperation at all times. I look forward to flying IndiGo on 23rd Nov to Cochin and return on 25th Nov 13 with my son (Flights 6E 139 AND 6E 314 respectively). Warm Regards Ashok K. Menon . ..."
Abhishek Bimal, 19- 11-2013, Professional and welcoming
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am I recently had the privilege to fly by your esteemed Airlines to Cochin on 13th Oct13 by 6E 139 from Delhi. In the cabin I was greeted by your crew, Ms. Renu Gupta in a very professional and welcoming manner. I have been a frequent flyer by Indigo Airlines, but rarely experienced such a great enthusiasm of a crew member towards her job and the airline. Ms. Renu dealt with all of us with extreme care and proficiency. Her announcements, team work and cautious approach towards passengers safety was outstanding and personally it was a learning experience for me as well. She made all efforts to make journey of all passengers comfortable and a memorable experience. She is surely an asset to your organization. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Best Wishes and warm regards Abhishek Bimal. ..."
Uma Rao Kolar, 19- 11-2013, Smooth take-off and landing
"....Me and my daughter travelled from Mumbai to Bengaluru on 17th Nov. I was pleasantly surprised to know that the pilot and the co-pilot were women. Ms. Pooja Sethi and Ms. Akarshita Roy did a wonderful job. It was a very smooth take-off and landing. Well done. Thank you.. ..."
Gaurav Malhotra, 22-11-2013, Found Lead Cabin Crew Ms Shalini a vibrant personality
"....Yesterday, I came back Delhi from Kochi (flight 6E-316 and found Lead Cabin Crew Ms Shalini a vibrant personality, taking best care of the flyers with a big smile always. My eight years of domestic travel hasn't resulted into any better experience than yesterday's. Please convey the appreciation to Ms Shalini to motivate her what she loves doing.. ..."
Dr. Kamlarani Jayarao, 25-11-2013, Letter of appreciation
"....This is a letter of appreciation towards your ground staff who was very courteous and helpful. We were a group of five travelling from Bhubaneswar to Hyderabad. Our luggage was being checked in en-masse. After the tags were attached one of our group realized that her jewelry was in the checked-in baggage and wanted to take it out. The officer at the counter very kindly allowed her to remove the items and have them re-scanned. Though it meant extra work for her, she was very polite and gracious about it. Her name is.Supriya. At Hyderabad, my husband and I, continued our journey to Bangalore. But to our dismay we found that our baggage arriving from Bhubaneswar was damaged. zip was broken., At the transfer desk at Hyderabad the officer went out of his way and was extremely helpful;. He tried to repair the zip and in the end used a tie-wrap. But he was very courteous and did things with a smile. His name is Hari I would like to extend my thanks to both these officers and place on record their courtesy. Such employees enhance the prestige of the Airline.. ..."
Sanish Shashidharan, 23-11-2013, Really appreciate the efforts
"....Dear Merwyn, It was a pleasure talking to you and really appreciate the efforts you have taken. Wish you and your team the best and will look forward to avail IndiGo services in future. Best Regards Sanish Shashidharan. ..."
Sagar S, 25-11-2013, Delighted by the warmth and courtesy extended
"....I was delighted by the warmth and courtesy extended to me on the flight by Ms.Sandra (Cabin Crew). It is people like this who make me want to fly IndiGo always. A big pat on the back to her!. ..."
Mahesh, 26-11-2013 , Quick reply and information
"....I thank you from bottom of my heart for giving me quick reply and information and feel that you are the asset to the organization and there is no doubt that IndiGo means everybody should GO WHEREVER THEY WANT TO GO WITH INDIGO the best airlines and staff. I am feeling proud to travel with such airlines and rest assured that in future also I will get all assistance and help. With Regards, Mahesh. ..."
Biswas, 26-11-2013, Appreciate the Customer Service..
"....I would like to appreciate the Customer Service that I received from Mr Rajib Chakraborty at the Guwahati. It was simply amazing. I would like you to promote him because of his exemplary service. . ..."
Sreemoyee Banerjee, 26-11-2013, Appreciate the wonderful services
"....I just wanted to take my time out to appreciate the wonderful services given to me by the staff of IndiGo. I owe my thanks to Priyanka and especially Vikram, who helped me at Delhi airport on 25th Nov,2013, when I lost my boarding pass. They were prompt enough to help me out and provided me with another pass in a jiffy. Later, me and my friends were about to miss our flight to Kolkata when Mr. Vikram came running to us to inform about the same. We could tell that he had been looking for us everywhere. Had it not been for the excellent service of theirs, I would have been stranded at the airport not once, but twice. I am really thankful. Truly, You are worthy of appreciation. Regards, Sreemoyee Banerjee. ..."
W.K. Khongwir, 28-11-2013, Your customer service is outstanding...
"....Today I had to reschedule my flight date from Delhi to Guwahati and I must say that your customer service is outstanding. Keep up the good work and a particular thank you to Sathima. Indigo has always been my choice and will continue to be in the future. W.K. Khongwir. ..."
Suniiel R Karbhari, 29-11-2013 , Delighted to have great flying experience
"....Dear Madam, I have already mailed my feedback online. Since there is no option as to comments about Flying experience vs Pilot performance, I would like to mail my direct feed back to you. I travelled on 22.11.13 to Kolkata and again on 26.11.13 by GoIndiGo, from Kolkata to Pune via Ahmedabad and reached Pune 3.30pm. I am delighted to have great flying experience I ever had when our Plane was chartered by Pilot Snadhya Singh on 26.11.2013 from Ahmadabad to Pune. What a great Skills, Copy Book Flying, like Sachin Tendulkar, with all that any Pilot is required to Follow, giving great Flying experience to the passengers. She was dot on her Job and the skills and perfect in Take Off at Ahmadabad and the Landing at Pune Air Port, as well as she was superb in the Sky , flying the aircraft like a bird. I could share this because I have travelled a lot by other Indian Airlines and had different experiences of the Pilots during all the three stages of flying. Also I never had such experience with Foreign Airlines like Air Delta and Atlanta in US and Malaysian Airlines with whom I travelled abroad. Pl forward this mail to concerned dept. as I do not have direct mail id with me. Thanks, Regards CA Suniiel R Karbhari. ..."
Arjun, 01-12-2013, COURTESY AT ITS PEAK.
"....Hello Nikhil. My name is Arjun of Mahabharata serial and film actor. WITHOUT much do let me come to the main talk..!! On 29/11/13 I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai by 9:25 AM flight which I missed, as the next flight was a need due my shooting requirement...!! Mr MANISH JAIN went out of his way to accommodate me, most interesting part Of the whole thing was apart from fulfilling his duty!! He made me feel very comfortable and with his inexplicable panache, his warmth and smiling composed face, went about the whole thing and WON MY ADULATION RESPECT AND.......... CREDIT FOR YOUR COMPANY..!! Nikhil, I COMPLIMENT YOU AND THE MANAGEMENT FOR EMPLOYING SUCH GENIINE DEDICATED AND ASSIDUOUS WORKER WHO ADHERE TO THEIR DUTY LIKE A TRUE GLADIATOR..!!! IN SHORT MR MANISH JAIN WAS A TOUCH OF CLASS.!! Cheers..!!!!!! Arjun. ..."
Deepa Muthanna. 02-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/2/2013 12:00:00 AM
"....Mr Sanjay at Guwahati airport was extremely helpful in helping me trace my wallet which I had left behind in Bangalore airport. He reacted immediately, got the information, contacted me a number of times to answer my queries and never lost patience with him. You are very lucky to have staff like him. Regards, Deepa Muthanna. ..."
Irwin, 03-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/3/2013 12:00:00 AM
"....On board flight 6E458 on 29 November, an elderly passenger took ill. While there was a medical practitioner on board the flight, it was good to see the help extended by the flight supervisor, Prema. Prema was quick to act, and kept checking back on the passenger even after he was better. She did all this in addition to executing her regular duties. Regards, Irwin. ..."
SURYANARAYANAN N, 04-12-2013, Appreciations Fares/Taxes/Surcharges.In-Flight 12/4/2013 12:00:00 AM
"....I am a regular flyer on IndiGo, which is my preferred choice of airline. Travelled by 6E 278 on 3rd December from Chennai to Mumbai. The leading lady (name I cannot accurately recall being not common) was exceptionally warm in the greetings, in flight service and bye. While IndiGo personnel are generally warm, this sister made one feel that she was personally delighted to have each passenger on board. I suggest IndiGo uses her to enhance the excellent culture they already have and use her as a brand ambassador, considering her personality. She would be one more reason why I would choose IndiGo, going forward. Regards, Suryanarayanan. ..."
Rangaswami, 06-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/6/2013 11:10:27 PM
"....On 20 November I had contacted on your helpline. I spoke to Mr SURESH ABOUT THE PROBLEM I had in regards to the flight ticket from Hyderabad to Raipur. It was a complicated issue. I deeply appreciate the courteous manner in which I was attended to and a ticket rebooked. I THANK Mr SURESH. On 30 November I was attended by a lady Executive with regards to a REFUND of payment made on line by me. She gave me a very patient hearing and advised what I should do. I have received the REFUND today. Thank you IndiGo. Regards, Rangaswami. ..."
Shriram, 07-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/7/2013 3:00:26 PM
"....I was accompanying my grandparents to Mumbai from Delhi. They required assistance and from the moment they entered the airport to getting down at Mumbai, the help extended by your employees was beyond excellent. Im glad to see that how much you care for your fliers. Loved it! Keep up the good work! Regards, Shriram. ..."
Sheik Habeeb,07-12-2013, Thanks to your ground staff Mr. Abdul Rahman
"....Dear customer relationship manager Good day! I have flown by your esteemed airline IndiGo 6E66 from Dubai to Chennai on 27 November 2013. After my arrival and waiting for my baggage I was shocked at the end due to one of my baggage was missing out of 3nos. I have been guided by one of your ground staff Mr. Abdul Rahman who was taken care of me very gratefully and find my baggage after an hour time of the last baggage. I really thankful to your airline staff Mr. Abdul once again who found somewhere my baggage was laying. I really appreciate his sincerity and energetic way of work. I am very happy to fly again on your airlines in the upcoming days. Regards Sheik Habeeb. ..."
Shubhra Mohanka, 08-12-2013,Appreciations Airport Services 12/8/2013 8:58:05 PM
"....Hi - this is to appreciate and say a big thanks to Nandini and sanya (I think that was the name) air hostesses of flight 6E 288 flying from Chennai to Delhi today evening. I felt really sick during the 3 hour flight and they did everything they could to make me feel better in spite of their hectic workload. I thank them from the bottom of my heart - in a 3 hour flight their reassurance and support helped me to sail through. They are the brand ambassadors for what a good customer service should be. Management should give them an appreciation note as they were exemplary in their behaviour. Regards, Shubhra Mohanka. ..."
Manish Sachdeva, 09-12-2013, Appreciation
"....Receipt the wallet along with the cash of INR 10000 intact and I am very thankful to indigo employee (Mr Piyush Malhotra IGA-1275) who handover the wallet with safety and quickly. Manish Sachdeva. ..."
Pranav Raval, 09-12-2013, Exemplary Patience & Professionalism
"....Dear Customer Relationship Officer, My name is Pranav Raval who missed flight to Delhi because of rush at security gate before counter in Bangalore. Kishor (supervisor) advised me to seek help at customer service desk where Shilpa K.P. was in charge. Right past me, there was fellow passenger who was very upset, angry and rude. While I was 2 minutes late for 45 minutes threshold, he was 3 minutes late. He came very rude and very close to start using obscenity when he learned that he has to pay like fresh ticket as flight he missed will be marked as no-show. As person by standing in similar situation, I was amazed at calm, professional, polite response to difficult situation Ms. Shilpa K P demonstrated. While he gave hard time to supervisors (Kishor and other lady), Shilpa a was calm, collected and professional as an agent should be. It reminded of early days of my career i.e. at call center. I think part of my success was that very same patience and understanding. While I am celebrating my success as IT professional settled in New York, I feel the need to highlight someone who is doing nothing less than a perfect job. While I was unhappy with Airport and security arrangements by our government because of which I missed flight, Shilpa made my day. She gave me next flight to Delhi and an understanding smile as I paid happily. For me, if I expect anything more it would be unrealistic. May God bless her kind heart. Thanks, Pranav Raval. ..."
Gavin Anthony, 09-12-2013, Thank U so much :)
"....Kind Attn: Ms. Janani ( IndiGo Airline Ground Staff - Chennai Airport) Dear Ms. Janani / IndiGo Airline Ground Staff (Chennai Airport), This is a small note of appreciation to thank you very much for making the much needed call, which enabled me and my family to not miss our flight from Chennai to Pune. We were travelling from Colombo to Chennai by Sri Lankan Airlines. And then we had an onward connecting flight from Chennai to Pune by IndiGo. We had this feeling that we may get stuck on Chennai airport and hence made an ONLINE WEB-CHECKIN on IndiGo Airlines (while we were waiting for our flight on Colombo Airport) The flight got delayed to take-off and it reached Chennai Airport Late. Our baggage took a very long time to arrive from the Airline to the Baggage belt. In addition to this, the services between both the terminals (International and Domestic) were absolute mess and there were NO Buggies to ferry us from International to Domestic Terminal with our luggage. We had lost hope and had internally decided to approach Indigo and change our flights are put up in Chennai for the night, as I am aware that IndiGo Airlines has a punctual policy. In time, you gave me a call and gave us hope to make it to our flight. I thank all the IndiGo Staff (I do not know their names) for assisting us right from Check-in - to Security - to Boarding on time. We just loved the VIP treatment. Sincerely appreciate this gesture and will remember this always. Should you ever need any help from me, kindly feel free to contact me. Thank you INDIGO AIRLINES once again and specially to Ms. Janani for her timely call. Best regards, Gavin Anthony. ..."
Tushar Padgilwar, 10-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/10/2013 4:30:03 PM
"....It was pleasure traveling from Delhi to Nagpur on 7th of December. I was not feeling well, headache & dizziness. Cabin crew Ms. Kaveri took due care of me provided medicine and also provided some snacks before medicine as I was empty stomach, and there after inquired about my health twice which was touchy I felt like I was at home. I want to specially thank Ms.Kaveri for her care and being so attentive and best of luck to her for future. Keep it up kaveri. Regards, Tushar Padgilwar. ..."
Harjot Singh, 10-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/10/2013 12:50:03 PM
"....Dear Sir, My mother Mrs Raminder Kaur travelled on IndiGo Flight from Mumbai to Delhi on 08 December 2013. I would like to place on record my appreciation for the help and assistance she was given at Mumbai Airport and Delhi Airport with a wheelchair and for boarding, de boarding and hiring of a taxi. Though I do not have any names of the people who helped her, however my sincerest thanks and best wishes to all the staff at Mumbai and Delhi for excellent services. Cheers and All the very best. Happy Landings. Regards, Harjot Singh. ..."
Prashanth R, 12-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/12/2013 11:49:46 AM
"....I was traveling from Bangalore to Chennai on 6E277 on 11.12.13. We reached Chennai on time and I realized that out of our five checked in bags, one was missing. I alerted the handler who called over the lady in charge - Sonya - who understood the situation. There was another bag that was unclaimed on the belt and she realized that another passenger had mistakenly taken my bag instead of his, although God knows how he mistook mine for his as the left behind was seriously nothing like mine! She pulled up the booking details and called up the passenger but he was stubbornly refusing to pick up the phone and kept cutting it. She tried another number but that was constantly ringing. At this time we were told that the passenger (a Sunil K Nair) would realize that he had the wrong bag and would contact IndiGo to retrieve it and I would then get my bag delivered at home. At this point, another executive called Sugandhi came in and took over the case from Sonya. She too tried to call the passenger and on one of the attempts, he answered. She informed him about the situation and politely asked him to return to the arrival lounge and exchange bags. However the passenger had already checked in and boarded another flight (a Spice jet to Madurai) and my bag was checked in! Moreover, he was irate (!!) and demanded that she come and give his bag! At this point Sugandhi took charge and firmly told the passenger that it was his fault. She spoke to the Spice jet staff on the plane, informed them of the situation and rushed to the 2nd floor departure to give his bag back and also ensure that my checked in bag was deplaned. After about 20 minutes, she returned to the Arrival lounge, got my bag from the Spice jet baggage belt and gave it back to me. I highly commend her service and dedication and would like to bring this incident to your attention. Thanks. Prashanth R. ..."
Shashank Kotwal, 13-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/13/2013 2:21:20 PM
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I was travelling on your Mumbai-Delhi flight (6E-184) on 12th December. As the plane started its descent for Delhi, the pilot - Captain Subhash Patil- made announcement in a firm and clear voice in Marathi, Hindi and English. Each of his announcements ended with a gratitude for the nation saying - Jai Hind. While alighting from the plane he came out of the cabin and wished every passenger thank you. His behaviour reflects the pride and joy he takes in his job. Please convey my appreciation to Captain. Patil. Kudos to him and the IndiGo. Keep this up. Warm regards Shashank Kotwal . ..."
Bharath Nahar, 15-12-2013 , Appreciations Baggage Services 12/15/2013 2:47:14 PM
"....I had travelled from Chennai to Hyderabad. On arrival at the airport found out that an incoming passenger from Bangalore had by mistake taken my luggage from the baggage carousel. I had to attend a marriage reception that very evening. Siddharta at baggage services of IndiGo was in constant contact till my lost luggage was found and he made sure, i received my baggage in time to attend the marriage reception. Cheers IndiGo airlines Regards, Bharath Nahar. ..."
Geetanjali Arambam, 15-12-2013, Thank you
"....Dear IndiGo team, I'm very thankful to IndiGo for helping me retrieve my laptop which I left at Guwahati airport. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Nabanita Sen for her efforts in making this possible. I'm happy with the team work and management being followed. You saved my day. Thank you once again. Wishing you a very successful year ahead. Merry Christmas n Happy New Years. Warm Regards, Geetanjali Arambam. ..."
Balasubrahmanian S, 16-12-2013, Thanks for the experience..
"....Dear Sir / Madam, This is Balasubrahmanian S., from Chennai. I happened to travel on IndiGo flight 6E 287 from Delhi to Chennai on Friday, 13th December 2013. I am mailing to record my appreciation for Ms. Anjali, cabin assistant on the flight. I noticed that despite what seemed like unreasonable requests from a fellow passenger, she went out of the way. Yet, she assertively also informed the passenger of her own limitations. All this, she did with a smile and an absolutely balanced demeanour. To me, it was a reinforcement of IndiGos commitment to quality I think she is a stellar representative of IndiGo and truly deserves praise. I wish her and IndiGo the very best in the future. Warm regards, Balasubrahmanian S. . ..."
Tamara Makovcov........., 17-12-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to commend one of your employees, Mr Amit Kumar Singh (IGA 10374) who rendered me a great service at the Delhi Airport yesterday. He had finished his shift and was about to go home, but when I accosted him in significant distress about having forgotten my phone on the plane, he did everything in his power, and helped me get my phone back. I am very happy with the service provided by your company though this exemplary employee and will be sure to travel again with IndiGo in the future. I was very impressed with his professional and kind manner. Thank you! Best regards, Tamara Makovcov. ..."
Mukund KS, 17-12-2013, Appreciation..
"....Dear Team, I did interact with a Resource from your team "Chittaranjan", he created a sense of Superior Customer Support. He did raise bar of Customer Ecstasy by taking the time and sharing relevant information. He was genuine in his approach. Much Appreciated. Regards Mukund KS. ..."
Akshaya Gawarikar, 18-12-2013 , Appreciations Airport Services 12/18/2013 9:58:55 AM
"....Hi!! I would like to send my sincere appreciation to your ground staff Ms. Sanchita. I was at Bangalore airport ticketing counter on 17th Nov 2013. The days operation was largely hit by fog in Delhi and there was a queue of passengers at the ticketing counters. Though the counter was manned by three staff, one staff was still very new. Sanchita took the lead, addressed all the passengers with courtesy and respect, gave them entire information, provided several alternatives spontaneously and kept a smile on her face. It was not an extra ordinary situation that she handled but I think, the way she kept her composure and provided great standards of customer service, was worth appreciating. Kudos Regards, Akshaya Gawarikar. ..."
Manjunnath. VS, 18-12-2013, Delightful experience
"....Dear Sir, Yesterday, I was extremely delighted by the exceptional services offered by Mr.Sagar Hemani Vadodara Airport. I had wrongly booked Vadodara to Mumbai instead of Vadodara Bangalore via Flight No.6E 212 I noticed this at the last minute and I approached him for help. With lightning speed, he could get my tickets modified, arrange for my boarding pass at Mumbai and transfer my luggage etc. by coordinating with Mumbai Indigo staff. And at Mumbai, I was supported by TejalDipikar and Abhishek Putran to get the boarding pass and my luggage. Both of them took extra pain to see that everything was up in order. With all these arrangements, I could reach Bangalore much earlier and meet up with my family who were missing me for a long time due to my hectic travel. I have always been an admirer of IndiGo and this incidence has further re-confirmed my trust and confidence in IndiGo. Sagar, Tejal and Abhishek sort of officers are an asset to any organization and so are for IndiGo. I request you to kindly pass on my heartfelt appreciation to them and oblige. A line of confirmation is requested. Regards, Manjunnath. VS. ..."
Raghav Gupta, 18-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/18/2013 9:58:28 AM..
"....Dear IndiGo, I am regular traveller in your airline. I was stuck at the Mumbai airport yesterday in the process of flying back to Delhi. Saw a deluge of delayed passengers affected by the fog at Delhi, across the airport. It was really delightful to see the way that the IndiGo counters were managed despite the stressful situation. 1. The staff was very polite and helpful 2. They were clearly doing their best to help passengers I was put on an earlier flight because my IndiGo flight was delayed by more than 5 hours. That was an absolute relief. Leading this whole effort was your employee Poonam Dongra at the customer service counter [IGA 11285]. I thought she deserves this special mention. Feels great to have a world class airline, made in India, making us proud. Have rarely seen such professionalism anywhere else in the world. Cheers, Raghav Gupta.. ..."
Harsh, 18-12-2013, Appreciation for sagar..
"....Thank you so very much. My trust in your company has reached its highest satisfaction. Thanks Regards Harsh. ..."
Mario Goveia, 18-12-2013, Appreciation..
"....Dear Sirs, This is to confirm my satisfaction and appreciation with how my cancellation was handled by Make My Trip as well as by IndiGo Airlines by recognizing with a full refund that I was forced to cancel my entire trip to India due to circumstances beyond my control - a devastating heart attack - which I thankfully survived and am now in recovery. Because of how this was handled I plan to tell all my friends in the USA and India and others through the social media and recommend they use your agency and IndiGo Airlines whenever and wherever possible. I must also warn you as a travel agent that Jet Airways was not as compassionate as IndiGo Airlines and charged us the standard cancellation fee in spite of my physician's certificate about my health. Because of this we will avoid using Jet Airways in future and, of course, all our friends will be warned of their attitude as well. Hiding behind a policy that makes no sense in the case of a devastating breakdown in a passenger's health, they wouldn't even consider giving us a voucher for the amount we paid for use when we come to India which will be as soon as I am allowed to travel by my cardiologist, which they easily could have done in the circumstances. Compare that with the sensible and compassionate response to my illness by IndiGo Airlines, which will never be forgotten. Thanking you again, Sincerely, Mario Goveia.. ..."
Kaisar Ahmad and Mrs. Alta Ahmad, 20-12-2013, Experience at Pune Airport...
"....Dear Sirs, This is to bring to your notice our extremely favourable experience while travelling from Pune to Calcutta by IndiGo Flt. No. 6E 135 on 16th December 2013 My wife and I are senior citizens and had arrived earlier from USA, with four heavy pieces of checked luggage, which needed to be rebooked for Calcutta. As there is no porter service at Pune airport, we were struggling to get our entire luggage to the check-in counter. Our difficulties were noticed by Mr. Simon Pereira, who we understand is a Security Supervisor with IndiGo. He very kindly came to our assistance and, with great consideration and courtesy, quickly took physical charge of all our baggage and personally arranged for a smooth and expeditious check-in, and as a result all formalities including payment of excess baggage charges, were completed within five minutes. As a result of his assistance, we did not have to handle our baggage at all, which was most welcome. His demeanour throughout was extremely pleasant and courteous. We believe Mr. Pereira's extraordinary kindness went beyond the scope of his responsibilities and we believe this merits recognition and commendation by IndiGo, in addition to our own gratitude & appreciation. Yours faithfully Kaisar Ahmad and Mrs. Alta Ahmad . ..."
M Dhandhania, 20-12-2013, Appreciation for Pragati..
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I received two calls from Ms Pragati from your end. She tried her best & solved out my problem in an extremely smooth manner. Her approach in dealing with the issue & presenting herself to a client was really commendable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her & give my sincere best wishes to her & Team Indigo. Thanks & Regards M Dhandhania. ..."
Yash Poddar, 21-12-2013, Excellent service by IndiGo Jaipur Airport staff..
"....Dear Praveen, I wish to place on record the fantastic service by your Jaipur Airport team. My wife & I reached Jaipur yesterday evening from Kolkata by your IndiGo flight at 5:00 PM. Our seat numbers were 1C and 1E though on the flight we managed to change so as to sit on 1C and 1D. I left my kindle & iPad in the seat pocket on the front. Being on a holiday, we didn't realise they weren't with me until we got the call from you at night. You were kind enough to allow the airport representative of Rambagh Palace to collect it saving me a trip to the airport. We got them back this morning. Please pass on my sincere thanks to your airport staff including aircraft cleaning staff, on board crew and everyone else. Instances such as these go a long way in enhancing IndiGo's premier reputation. With best wishes, Yash Poddar. ..."
Dr Aloke Banerjee, 22-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/22/2013 6:09:49 AM.
"....One of the most courteous & possibly the best services for elderly disabled senior citizens, both at airport as well as in-flight, I envy their caring nature. I am a globe trotter, and had the experience of best touch down on 21st at Mumbai... You all are the best. Regards, Dr Aloke Banerjee. ..."
NILESH L. SHAH, 24-12-2013, NILESH L. SHAH..
"....M/s. IndiGo Customer Relations Ms. Shreyoshi Chowdhury was kind enough to inform me by phone about my credit card being left there by mistake. She took the pain to keep in touch with my friend in Kolkata who went to the airport and got it collected through some other responsible staff who in turn received the card from Ms.Chowdhury. Thank you very much for nicely handling this typical situation. Regards, NILESH L. SHAH.. ..."
Rohit Sawhney, 24-12-2013, Appreciation for Sahibjeet
"....Dear Sahib, Thanks for your call and subsequent resolution. Really appreciate your efforts and prompt action. Thanks so much. Wishing you and everyone at IndiGo Merry Christmas and an exciting New Year! Warm Rgd's Rohit Sawhney. ..."
Hari Varier, 24-12-2013 , Appreciations Airport Services 12/24/2013 3:32:30 PM
"....Your service just keeps getting better. Non-intrusive yet very caring, enjoyed both trips yesterday. Very professional staff from issuing of boarding pass, bus service, to inflight services. Flight attendant's willingness to extend help to an elderly lady that too smilingly is commendable, overall excellent service. All the best! Regards, Hari Varier. ..."
Rajiv Shah, 25-12-2013, Appreciation Letter for Ms Shreyashi..
"....This is to express my sincere thanks to Shreyashi for her help and patience extended to me today. It is, in today's times, extremely rare to come across a person who actually cares for the Customers, the way she does. I congratulate you for having such a person with you. I have always preferred IndiGo whenever anyone from my family is flying and after this wonderful experience, I can assure you that you have won a lifelong loyal fan of your Airlines. Wishing her all the best, and sincerely hope you convey my thanks to her and her team. Warm Regards, Rajiv Shah. ..."
Vineet Bhatia, 25-12-2013, Appreciate Service by staff Ms. Winnie at Dubai Airport..
"....Hello Concerned, Recently I had experienced a great Customer oriented approach from one of your staff Ms. Winnie. The way & with the passion she extended my parents during their check-in at Dubai International Airport was what I complement the most. Looks like your L&D team is doing a good job. I want to thank the airline & the concerned staff for such a gesture towards your customer. Next time I will not hesitate to book IndiGo Air ticket. Really Appreciated !!! Regards, Vineet Bhatia. ..."
Tirthananda Behera, 27-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/27/2013 11:03:56 AM..
"....Ground support service staff Ms Nada at Mumbai airport was exceptionally outstanding and extremely helpful. Her service made me a permanent IndiGo flyer. Unbelievable Customer Service! Please let her know that I thank her for going beyond and above to provide me world class customer service. I travelled all over the world, never had experienced that kind of world class customer service. I strongly believe that IndiGo will remain No1 always. Regards, Tirthananda Behera. ..."
kartikeswar rath, 29-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/29/2013 10:10:28 PM..
"....Hi IndiGo Team, My father and mother were travelling to my hometown Bhubaneshwar on this flight. Mid Air my father had developed some medical problems. Your on board team as well as the ground staff / doctors in Hyderabad has provided phenomenal assistance to him and consoled my mother about the temporary illness. I would express and acknowledge my deep, sincere thanks and gratitude for helping them out in such critical situation. He recovered on the same day and doing fine now. Thanks a lot again. kartik. ..."
Chirag Tamak, Appreciation for Pragati...
"....Dear Ms. Pragati, Pleased to hear a comprehensive and prompt response. Excellent service! Thanks, Chirag Tamak. ..."
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