Mohit Mehra 01-04-2013, Appreciation for Mr. Justin Gowe
"....Dear Sir, I'd like to thank and compliment one of your colleagues, Mr. Justin Gowe, Airport Manager, Goa, for the extraordinary support he provided to my family and me. You should be proud of such an employee for his commitment to superior customer service. My family and I were due to travel back home on your flight 6E 332 on March 22, 2013 when my mother fell seriously ill. Mr. Gowe took complete charge in helping arrange immediate medical care, our luggage and the cancellation of our tickets. He remained available throughout the ordeal, expertly advising me the alternate travel options available to us. I also commend you on empowering your staff to take decisions during an emergency. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with IndiGo. My warm appreciation to your very professional colleague for all his help. Sincerely, Mohit Mehra ..."
Ankur Sarkar 04-04-2013, Great customer service...
"....Hello there, I would like to Thank Mr. Sunil Sagar who helped me with my queries and issues I had with regard to a booking / reservation that I wanted to make. He was very patient and listened to my long speeches and displayed great customer service mind-set and positive attitude. Please pass on my compliments to him. Cheers! Regards, Ankur Sarkar ..."
S. Kumar 04-04-2013,.. Appreciated your service..
"....Hi, I am frequent flyer of IndiGo. My name is S. Kumar and registered email ID with you is I would like to appreciate the response of Mr. Waseem Nazir, who helped me in changing the flight schedule very politely and conveniently. I wish him good luck for his career. Keep your service as it is. Regards Kumar . ..."
Wasim Shaikh 05-04-2013..Thanks a Zillion.!!!!
"....Hello to the Team IndiGo, I am really happy and thankful to the entire team of IndiGo for helping me to get my lost bag at the Delhi IGI Airport. I took the 6E 147 on April 01st Delhi-Bangalore. I forgot a bag at Delhi Airport and after landing at Bangalore Airport i checked with IndiGo helpdesk and the person gave me the Delhi Airport Authority Lost and Found Department number. I contacted them and they said the bag is with them. I sent out emails to your Delhi & Bangalore Team. And the response was very quick, got a call next day stating that the bag has arrived but i was busy with my work so i said i will collect it on Friday. And today i got my lost bag.!!!! Thank you so much guys..!!! I am very delighted with your service. And i can assure you that all my air travels from now on will ONLY be through INDIGO. Cheers.!! Keep up the good work. Regards Wasim Shaikh ..."
Syed Maqdoom Ali 07-04-2013, Good Experience..
"....Hi, I really wanted to send this mail, being in UAE since a long time I have travelled with so many different airlines, the worst experience was with the budget airlines, but believe me IndiGo has changed my view totally. I almost dropped the idea of flying with IndiGo when I was facing issue with online payments but all thanks to Mohommed Zaid Khan, I really appreciate and thankful to him for following up so religiously with me and helping me resolve the issue and finally I bought the tickets. Thanks a lot for having such a good customer relation. Syed Maqdoom Ali ..."
Dr. Sushil Sharma 10-04-2013..Thanks and recommendation..
"....This mail is to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the IndiGo staff, particularly RISHI KUMAR JAIN, who has been extremely helpful, efficient, concerned and courteous. He has helped me to retrieve my Laptop which was left behind in flight 6E 102 from Pune to Delhi on 09 April 2013. Many thanks also to the flight staff about being efficient and honest. Kudos to all of you. Such incidents give a big boost to the name and reputation of the airline, which is to the benefit of the business. More importantly, is a humane act and is to the larger benefit of human values and trust in each other, which is priceless. Thanks so much. God Bless. Dr. Sushil Sharma ..."
Madhukar Puniani 11-04-2013..Excellent customer service by your employee..
"....Sir/Ma'am I want to put a special word of appreciation for Ms Gurneet Kaur - a customer service agent who helped me on the helpline number to rebook my flights. She was very patient, friendly and understanding. She did the work proficiently and expeditiously. Best Regards, Madhukar Puniani ..."
JaiRaghu, 12-04-2013 ..Great Service-IndiGo
"....This mail is with reference to the Journey we just concluded from Bangalore to Pune, shirdi and back. Starting from the booking of flight, Hotel, Cabs and the hospitality in the hotel was really memorable for us for the years to come. I personally like to wish Mr. Sahil Raman and the IndiGo team for their Extended services rendered for our Journey. I would like to wish Mr. Sahil Raman for all his support and services for the Journey. We all wish to Fly IndiGo first as a First Flight while travelling next time that can be domestic or Abroad. We all from our family wish IndiGo and the dedicated team a very very great year ahead..... Keep Rocking !!!! Warm Regards JaiRaghu . ..."
Lesley Francis, 17-04-2013..Appreciation...
"....Flight: IndiGo Delhi to Dubai 6E-21 16th April 2013 I would like to share my experience with whoever is reading this mail and bring into light some young and energetic members of IndiGo who I had the pleasure of meeting today. At the check in, greeted by Mr. Rohit and who further directed me to Ms. Purnima who ensured my smooth and swift check in. Both members were extremely polite, professional and efficient in assisting me through the check- in process, clearing my doubts and catering to my ever question in the best way they could. Lovely smiles, very well presented, well-spoken people, although a very brief interaction - I walked away with a smile. On boarding, I was greeted very warmly by Ms.Yamini and Ms. Ruksar. Further Ms. Alice who showed me to my seat. The inflight experience was an absolute delight, the cabin crew handled the flight with utmost professionalism, curtsey massive amount of patience was shown, to which I think they all deserve to be acknowledged. Hats off to Ms. Alice and Ms. Shanon for keeping a smile on their faces- especially with a tough crowd like todays. Passengers come on Board with all kinds of moods , it is An absolute refreshing pleasure to see the smiles that these ladies keep up, especially when sometimes u just want to strangle the living day lights out a few annoying passenger. The cabin crew Yamini, Alice, Shanon & Ruksar great job ladies. Capt. Abhay & F.O were awesome and informative. Thank you for the safe flight guys. Thanks Best Regards Lesley Francis. ..."
Lesley Francis, 17-04-2013...Appreciation.
"....To IndiGo! Recently I had the opportunity to fly IndiGo yet again 6E -187 to Mumbai. Checked into Delhi airport - served by Ms. Baljeet, Very swift and smooth check in, informative and courteous .Approach towards a passenger was awesome... Inflight Capt Joe and FO Kiran, they were extremely professional. Ensured they gave the passengers a heads-up by keeping us informed about flight status. Cabin crew Truly a unthankful job!! But I am pleased to say that I am extremely delighted with Ms. Tripti and Aneri's performance. Their patience and the fact that they can still manage to smile after taking 180 different mood swings walking down the narrow isle. Too good! Personally having experienced part of the service industry, their hard work must be truly appreciated. Awesome work girls! Ms. Renu, Ms. Pooja Very efficient and courteous, I was very pleased with their patience and care towards an elderly gentleman. It was extremely refreshing. Yet again truly a pleasure flying with you guys... Thanks Best Regards Lesley Francis. ..."
Gurmeet Singh Lamba 19-04-2013 ..Regards for Miss Fridiya from Goa
"....Dear Sir/ Madam, I am Gurmeet Singh Lamba. I travelled on 17th April, 2013 from Goa to Mumbai on IndiGo 6E192. Unfortunately, I left my camera at the Goa airport. I realized this only after I reached Mumbai. Immediately I rushed to the Indigo counter, where they gave me the number of Miss Fridiya from Goa. After that I called Miss Fridiya & informed her about the incidence. Here I have to state that Miss Fridiya took over from there and got the camera to me in Mumbai in my hands within 24 hours wherein she had to handle a lot of authorities including airport authority of India. I had imagined to run pillar to post for my camera even imaging not to receive it at all. But with respect and regards to Miss Fridiya it was done so smoothly that I did not even realize I ever lost it. I am so grateful to Miss Fridiya & impressed by her selfless service to me and IndiGo that I think I owe her this letter. I think IndiGo is lucky to have Miss Fridiya. We need people like her in this country. God bless her. Best regards, Gurmeet Singh Lambar. ..."
Paul Frichet 19-04-2013.. Dear Aditya,
"....Dear Aditya, I just want to highlight that I have been very well welcomed by your security agent Mr. Karthik Rajan in Chennai when doing the check in to Singapore. He spontaneously went to buy some sweets for my kids! I am very impressed by such a gentle gesture which has been done without any other idea than making some of your customers happy. Congratulations for having such good people in your team and many thanks again. Cheers Paul Paul Frichet Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance Regional Manager. ..."
Bhavika 22-04-2013...Feedback
"....I would like to thank IndiGo for fantastic service as I had lost my cell phone at the Mumbai airport and they retrieved it and sent it to Bombay. INCREDIBLE! Thank you, your staff is fantastic. I would specially like to acknowledge RYAN FERNANDEZ Goa ground staff and AJESH in Mumbai who were helpful and went out of their way to help me find the phone. Thanks again Bhavika. ..."
Vishtaad Udwadia, 29-04-2013..Appreciation for Mr. Mohammed Zaid Khan
"....Hi, To Whomsoever this may concern:- Sub - Appreciation for the call centre representative - Mr. Mohammed Zaid Khan (Gurgaon). Mr. Zaid has been a true gentleman with his courteousness on the call. It was a pleasure speaking with him. He went out of his way to help me with the changes needed on the itinerary. He even mentioned that he does not have the authority to make the changes, but however he said he will speak with his supervisor & see what can be done. This was the first ray of hope Zaid offered me.....instead of just directly saying "No". He put me on hold twice, to which I did not mind at all, as he asked me politely if he could do so. He also apologised for the long hold, once he returned to speak with me. Because of such professionalism portrayed by Zaid, IndiGo airline will now take the top most priority whenever I travel now. Having said that, I would not miss out on the opportunity to "THANK" Mr. Zaid for solving my issue. It was indeed a excellent Customer Service provided to me by Zaid & I will always remember this till the very end. 3 Cheers for Zaid & 3 Cheers for IndiGo to hire such mind blowing individuals. Thanks & Rgds, Vishtaad Udwadia .. ..."
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