Prakash, 03-08-2013, Thank you for the Lost baggage Claim
"....Dear Sir / Ma'am, I have received my lost hand baggage, which was lost during my Chennai to Singapore trip. The Indigo staffs in Singapore have been very responsive and professional in handling the issue. Thanks a lot for all the help & the excellent service rendered. Regards Prakash. ..."
Rupen, 05-08-2013, Appreciation..
"....Dear Mayur and Team IndiGo! I would like to appreciate and thank the way your Team in Mumbai Airport arrival followed up to retrieve my Tab from Bhubaneswar! Hats off to the Indi go team with special mention of Mayur, Philanda and Dolsy (I hope I have got the names right?) Thanks once again! Rupen. ..."
Vimal Prakash, 07-08-2013, Appreciation...
"....FAO: Incharge/Customer care This message is an appreciation of your ground staff Ms. Rimpa at Kolkata domestic terminal. We were travelling this morning Kolkata to Indore by your flight 6E 245 seat nos. 6A & 6B. We forgot our suitcases keys at our residence at Hazra Road and asked one of our drivers to bring it, meanwhile boarding was announced. We explained our position to Ms. Rimpa at the IndiGo counter and she advised us to proceed with security check and boarding otherwise we may miss the flight and assured us that as soon as our driver arrives at airport with keys, she will take it at the gate and get us delivered at aircraft. Ultimately our driver arrived and handed over keys Ms. Rimpa. By that time aircraft door was still open and with efforts of Ms. Rimpa, we got the keys in our hands before departure of flight. I feel such kind of sincere people shall be suitably rewarded, as they also give good name to airline due their services. Once again thanks to Ms. Rimpa & IndiGo. Vimal Prakash Kolkata. ..."
William DeBoer, 10-08-2013, Appreciation for Aniruddha Patil
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, On Thursday August 8, 2013, my colleague and I were faced with what looked like an impossible problem. Due to scheduling errors with Jet Airlines and my travel agent in the US, if we were to keep existing reservations would have missed my plan from Delhi to US. As we were looking for help going from airline to airline, Mr. Aniruddha Patil stepped in to help. He took charge and helped obtain one ticket from a competitor and two from your company. These were the only tickets available from Pune to Delhi. What made this more amazing was he took charge at 11:15 AM and in 20 min obtained tickets for the 11:50 flight, found our checked luggage and transferred to the new flight, escorted us through security, held the plane and walked us to our seats. This went well above any expectation! He deserves more than just my gratitude as I gave what I could on Thursday. Not only did he represent your airline but represented India as an incredible country to visit. Please offer my gratitude to him! If he is not a manager, he should be! Best regards, Bill William DeBoer Kohler Co. Director, Construction Engineering & Management. ..."
Col Sanjay Chauhan, 10-08-2013, Appreciation..
"....Mr. Gurmit Singh, Customer Service Agent IndiGo Interglobe aviation limited Srinagar Airport 1. I am writing this letter to place on record my sincere gratitude for assistance and support provided by you on 02 July and 03 July 2013 for booking a connecting flight from Srinagar to lucknow and dispatching the mortal remains of late naik (gunner) Jitender Bahadur of my unit without any delay. 2. The body of the valiant soldier was delivered to the bereaved family in time and it was possible because of the prompt response and excellent coordination by you. 3. I am sanguine that with dedicated employees like you in IndiGo Interglobe aviation limited will go a long way ahead. Regards, Col Sanjay Chauhan Commanding Officer. ..."
Isaac Raju, 11-08-2013, Msg from Isaac Raju..
"....Hi, I was on one of your passengers on your Flight 6E 287 that flew at 2050 hours on 13/07/2013 from the Capital City to my Home Town. Unfortunately, I had mild temp and was emotionally off balance as there was a death in the family and was rushing to attend the funeral at Chennai. Having some health issues I didn't want to consume any food or liquids as there was this fear of throwing up which would mean embarrassment and inconvenience to the co passengers. I guess we were approx. 30000-35000 feet in mid-air and then I had a severe hypoglycaemic attack. Thankfully, there was a good doctor on board whose name escapes me at present. This man came to my rescue and diagnosed my ailment and immediately the crew backed him up by providing me sugar, soft drinks and a sandwich, besides one crew member quickly drew out a stets and a BP equipment from their cabinet as my pulse was running low. My sincere thanks to the Doctor on board and the crew members without whose help I could not have made it. Even as I was regaining my senses I could recall one of the crew members who were on phone line with the GSD (ground Support Dept.). The crew members along with the doctor ensured that I was safely removed first before any of the co passengers left the aircraft. I could see for myself the GSD which was on call and catered to me as soon as we touched down. Believe it or not, after we touched down the captain and the co-pilot came out to enquire of my welfare. Staffs was assigned to take care of my checked in luggage and see that the same was handed over to me after I was sent in for preliminary checks up at the Apollo clinic which was located near the tarmac of the airport. I am deeply moved by the sincerity of the cabin crew and the Doctor on board. God Bless you guys for being such good Samaritans. Thanks IndiGo for your user friendly staffs who serves us so well. I hope that this mail of mine reaches you guys (the staff and the captain of 6E 287) and the Doctor on board. Once again, a Big God Bless to the staff 6E 287 of IndiGo on 13/07/2013. Regards Isaac Raju 11/08/2013. ..."
Girish Padmanabhan, 11-08-2013, A Note Of Appreciation..
"....Hi, I would like to send out a 'Note of Thanks' to Pooja B from IndiGo airlines, who works at Pune airport, for helping us out in a time of need. I was to travel from Pune to Singapore via Chennai by IndiGo Airlines on August 2nd. At Pune airport, my 3 year old daughter, Aditi, fell sick and started shivering. When we decided not to travel, I approached Pooja at the IndiGo check-in counter and explained my situation to her. She noted my booking reference no's and assured me that she would take care of the formalities to get the tickets cancelled and asked us to proceed home. She accompanied us till the airport exit and made sure we had help to get our luggage out till the taxi stand. After we returned home, within an hour Pooja called us and informed us that our tickets were cancelled and we would be getting a full refund. Medical tests confirmed that Aditi had pneumonia. Her treatment is on, but she is fine now and in good mood. Please do inform Pooja that Aditi has sent her thanks as well. We are very impressed with the services offered by IndiGo airlines and especially by Pooja at the airport. It will always be a pleasure to travel by IndiGo in the future as well. Thank you!!! Girish Padmanabhan (A IndiGo airlines traveller) :-). ..."
MR. & MRS. ESTHER KARAYI, 11-08-2013, Courtesy & Care - Passengers Mr. C S Karayi & Mrs. Esther Karayi
"....I wish to convey My Thanks & Appreciation for the Courtesy & Care given to me and my husband by your Mumbai Airport (Check-in) staff Mr. Reagan D'Souza. It was not ONLY the good seats but the concern he showed to us Senior Citizens besides both of Us being diabetic, Reagan's care and concern were a great help & encouragement to travel with U guys again!! Best Wishes and Thank U again!! MR. & MRS. ESTHER KARAYI Dubai. ..."
Ramesh, 11-08-2013, Appreciation for Kaushik...
"....Dear Kaushik, Thanks for the email and sorting out the issue. Really appreciate your customer service. I would also like to inform that you have won a life time customer. All my future flying will be only with IndiGo. Thanks, Ramesh. ..."
Mohd.Azhar Afridi, 14-08-2013, Appreciation for Vamika...
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had on an IndiGo Flight recently from Jaipur to Bangalore on 11Aug 2013 6E 151. While I was boarding the flight, I noticed a very unique behaviour by a flight attendant (later while I was exiting I learned her name is Ms. Vamika) who was standing in the middle of the aircraft and was welcoming passengers in a very genuine manner. She was so kind to couple of mom's travelling with young children. It was refreshing for me to see such a smiling and presentable face early in the morning. The ability/care of Ms. Vamika was quite apparent and appreciable. I wanted to write this to your CEO/Chairman to let him know that Employees like Ms. Vamika are the ones that makes a big difference in today's Air travel where every flight attendant has transformed themselves into a sales girl whose focus is always all about to generating maximum sales during the flight, though I fully understand the economics of low cost carriers. I wish every flight attendant had the commitment and love for their profession like Ms. Vamika whose whole interest appeared to be to give every traveller a great experience on that flight from the moment people step in especially for those who were in need. I am confident that such employees will help to differentiate great companies from good ones. Regards Mohd.Azhar Afridi. ..."
Samrat Chowdhury, 16-08-2013, Appreciation for Abhijeet
"....Dear Mr. Abhijeet, I must appreciate you & your team for the wonderful delight you are able to create by your gesture. Most importantly, I am amazed with the quick turnaround time you took in resolving this issue (Less than 18 hours). I am highly Delighted with your service & surely I assure you that this gesture is going to add one more name in the list of your delighted customers & raise your Customer Satisfaction Index bar for sure. Do let me know if I can come to any help for you/IndiGo. Really appreciating your effort & heartily thanking you for the same once again Thanks & Regards Samrat Chowdhury Corporate HR. ..."
Daniel, 18-08-2013 , Appreciation for Neha,
"....Dear Neha, Thank you for the concern and coordinating hunting down the book :) Glad to know how responsive customer relations of your airlines are. Unlike a lot of the other I have travelled. Regards, Daniel. ..."
Jitendra Bachal, 21-08-2013, Positive Feedback
"....Hello, Recently I travelled Dubai-Mumbai-Dubai using IndiGo Airlines. I travelled from Dubai to Mumbai on 16th July 2013 and from Mumbai to Dubai on 19th Aug 2013. I would like to share my appreciation with your entire team at both ends at Dubai and at Mumbai as well. Your ground staff was well trained, friendly and co-operative. The supervisors at ground staff were professional and knowledgeable. In-flight services were also very nice. Options available were of good quality and correctly priced. Overall satisfaction level was very high. I will surely recommend IndiGo to my friends and relatives. I plan to do all my future travels through IndiGo. All the very best to you and Good Luck!!! Best Regards, Jitendra Bachal . ..."
C S Tripathy, 22-08-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Merwyn, It was a pleasure talking to you and receiving your e-mail. I truly appreciate the gesture of the air-hostess (Isha, if my memory serves me right) in reporting the matter. It speaks volumes about the integrity and professionalism of this lady and the work culture at IndiGo. Once again, I truly appreciate your gesture. Regards, C S Tripathy. ..."
Narayan, 23-08-2013, thank you!
"....I'm writing to express my appreciation for the actions of Mr. Praveen Singh Rathore today. I had flown from Mumbai to Jaipur on 6E 207 in the morning. Being a frequent traveller, i carry my Bose noise-cancelling headset whenever I fly. Although, I use it to listen to music without the background noise of the plane (Specially on intercontinental flights) to catch up on my sleep on flights, even on short domestic flights where the rules don't permit me to use my phone (even in "flight-safe" mode) to listen to music. I needed it especially today because i had woken up at 3am to get to the airport on time for the 5:30 AM departure. Unfortunately, I wasn't fully awake when I left the aircraft in Jaipur, I left the headset in its case in the back of the seat in front of me. Fortunately, someone found them and turned them in. In the afternoon, Mr. Rathore called me on my cell phone to ask if i was missing a bose headset. Until then, I hadn't realized my error. I told him that i was planning to fly back in the evening on 6E 214. He told me that he would leave the headset with Mr. Surendra Sharma. He texted me the details I would need, in case, I had trouble reaching Mr. Sharma. When I checked in for my flight, I told the agent at the desk that I needed to see Mr. Sharma. He brought me the headset on which someone (probably, Mr. Rathore) had attached a tag usually used for carry-on bags with my name and flight details. I'm sure that there were many people responsible for getting my headset back to me. I was very impressed that someone had found the headset in Jaipur and turned it into the airport office (after all, this is fairly expensive piece of equipment; I'm glad that honesty and integrity ruled the day). I'm particularly impressed that Mr. Rathore and his staff had looked up the records to track me down, call me and hold the headset in safekeeping until my return to the airport. All in all, it was a very positive experience. I have flown IndiGo many times on this very sector during the last year. I have to see it as a competent, efficient airline. Now, I get to see that it is also an airline whose employees have impeccable integrity. Thanks, Narayan P.S.: This is not the first time I've made this mistake. I made the same mistake when flying from shanghai to GoIndiGo late in the night last summer. On that occasion, I noticed that the headset was missing the following morning. I called the airline and was able to get them to trace my headset and bring it back to their office where I picked it up when I was leaving GoIndiGo. I remember being very impressed that they managed to reunite me with my headphone. I thought it was an amazing bit of customer service but I must say that IndiGo has surpassed it!. ..."
Sanjeev Mittal, 26-08-2013 , Saying thanks is just a small word but I mean it from my heart..
"....Dear Harish, It was nice to talk with you. I am really thankful that you have genuinely understood my problem which I faced while booking my air ticket. Really "saying thanks is just a small word but I mean it from my heart". Thanks a lot again. I am coming to Delhi on 30 AUG 2013 (will be there at early morning), I am assuring you that any help or any kind of service if you require please don't hesitate and let me know, I will try my best to provide it for you. This thing I am not saying it as a formality, I really mean it. My personal opinion about you is that you are a true person that's why only you trust over me and provide me solution for my problem. So, dear thanks a lot again. Regards Sanjeev Mittal. ..."
Nathan TPS, 28-08-2013, I wish to convey my appreciation...
"....Dear Sir, I wish to convey my appreciation of one of your call centre employees, Ms Priyanka. I had an opportunity to interact with Ms. Priyanka at your call centre (by dialling 0991038383838) to enquire about baggage rules for international travellers in IndiGo and also to request her to 'hold' two extra leg room seats for next 24 hours in the IndiGo flight Chennai- Singapore sector for Nov.12, 2013 date of travel. Priyanka was very cordial, informative and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I hope all your other call centre employees at IndiGo are equally helpful. I wish her great success in all her endeavour and hope and wish that IndiGo keeps up the good work. Thanking you, Sincerely, Nathan TPS (Thanuiyer Padmanabhan Sthanunathan). ..."
RamKishor, 28-08-2013, Appreciation for Mukul
"....Dear Mr. Jain, Believing that you had thoroughly investigated the matter, I would like to thank you for all the time & trouble taken to resolve the matter. Regards, RamKishor. ..."
K. Kannan, 29-08-2013, Customer Delight!
"....Dear Sir, On 28th August, I was scheduled to travel from Mumbai to Trivandrum by 6E 347. In a mix up, one passenger, Mr. J.M. Aggarwal took my bag and travelled to Kolkata by Spice Jet. Both the flights left around 1900 hrs. IndiGo's ground staff Ms. Resham, interacted with Spice Jet staff and assured me that, she will organize to get my bag in Trivandrum. When I reached Trivandrum by 2100 hrs, I informed the incident to Ms. Sobitha, staff of IndiGo in Trivandrum. She also interacted with her colleagues in Kolkata and assured me of the delivery of my bag on the next day morning. As assured I received the bag on 29th morning at 1130 hrs. I would like to thank both, Ms. Resham and Ms. Sobitha for their efforts, cool attitude, and focus on customer satisfaction. I would like to appreciate their efforts specifically because for none of the fault of theirs, they came forward, spent their time and helped me to get my bag on time. With Warm Regards, K. Kannan. ..."
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