Arjun, 01-12-2013, COURTESY AT ITS PEAK.
"....Hello Nikhil. My name is Arjun of Mahabharata serial and film actor. WITHOUT much do let me come to the main talk..!! On 29/11/13 I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai by 9:25 AM flight which I missed, as the next flight was a need due my shooting requirement...!! Mr MANISH JAIN went out of his way to accommodate me, most interesting part Of the whole thing was apart from fulfilling his duty!! He made me feel very comfortable and with his inexplicable panache, his warmth and smiling composed face, went about the whole thing and WON MY ADULATION RESPECT AND.......... CREDIT FOR YOUR COMPANY..!! Nikhil, I COMPLIMENT YOU AND THE MANAGEMENT FOR EMPLOYING SUCH GENIINE DEDICATED AND ASSIDUOUS WORKER WHO ADHERE TO THEIR DUTY LIKE A TRUE GLADIATOR..!!! IN SHORT MR MANISH JAIN WAS A TOUCH OF CLASS.!! Cheers..!!!!!! Arjun. ..."
Deepa Muthanna. 02-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/2/2013 12:00:00 AM
"....Mr Sanjay at Guwahati airport was extremely helpful in helping me trace my wallet which I had left behind in Bangalore airport. He reacted immediately, got the information, contacted me a number of times to answer my queries and never lost patience with him. You are very lucky to have staff like him. Regards, Deepa Muthanna. ..."
Irwin, 03-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/3/2013 12:00:00 AM
"....On board flight 6E458 on 29 November, an elderly passenger took ill. While there was a medical practitioner on board the flight, it was good to see the help extended by the flight supervisor, Prema. Prema was quick to act, and kept checking back on the passenger even after he was better. She did all this in addition to executing her regular duties. Regards, Irwin. ..."
SURYANARAYANAN N, 04-12-2013, Appreciations Fares/Taxes/Surcharges.In-Flight 12/4/2013 12:00:00 AM
"....I am a regular flyer on IndiGo, which is my preferred choice of airline. Travelled by 6E 278 on 3rd December from Chennai to Mumbai. The leading lady (name I cannot accurately recall being not common) was exceptionally warm in the greetings, in flight service and bye. While IndiGo personnel are generally warm, this sister made one feel that she was personally delighted to have each passenger on board. I suggest IndiGo uses her to enhance the excellent culture they already have and use her as a brand ambassador, considering her personality. She would be one more reason why I would choose IndiGo, going forward. Regards, Suryanarayanan. ..."
Rangaswami, 06-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/6/2013 11:10:27 PM
"....On 20 November I had contacted on your helpline. I spoke to Mr SURESH ABOUT THE PROBLEM I had in regards to the flight ticket from Hyderabad to Raipur. It was a complicated issue. I deeply appreciate the courteous manner in which I was attended to and a ticket rebooked. I THANK Mr SURESH. On 30 November I was attended by a lady Executive with regards to a REFUND of payment made on line by me. She gave me a very patient hearing and advised what I should do. I have received the REFUND today. Thank you IndiGo. Regards, Rangaswami. ..."
Shriram, 07-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/7/2013 3:00:26 PM
"....I was accompanying my grandparents to Mumbai from Delhi. They required assistance and from the moment they entered the airport to getting down at Mumbai, the help extended by your employees was beyond excellent. Im glad to see that how much you care for your fliers. Loved it! Keep up the good work! Regards, Shriram. ..."
Sheik Habeeb,07-12-2013, Thanks to your ground staff Mr. Abdul Rahman
"....Dear customer relationship manager Good day! I have flown by your esteemed airline IndiGo 6E66 from Dubai to Chennai on 27 November 2013. After my arrival and waiting for my baggage I was shocked at the end due to one of my baggage was missing out of 3nos. I have been guided by one of your ground staff Mr. Abdul Rahman who was taken care of me very gratefully and find my baggage after an hour time of the last baggage. I really thankful to your airline staff Mr. Abdul once again who found somewhere my baggage was laying. I really appreciate his sincerity and energetic way of work. I am very happy to fly again on your airlines in the upcoming days. Regards Sheik Habeeb. ..."
Shubhra Mohanka, 08-12-2013,Appreciations Airport Services 12/8/2013 8:58:05 PM
"....Hi - this is to appreciate and say a big thanks to Nandini and sanya (I think that was the name) air hostesses of flight 6E 288 flying from Chennai to Delhi today evening. I felt really sick during the 3 hour flight and they did everything they could to make me feel better in spite of their hectic workload. I thank them from the bottom of my heart - in a 3 hour flight their reassurance and support helped me to sail through. They are the brand ambassadors for what a good customer service should be. Management should give them an appreciation note as they were exemplary in their behaviour. Regards, Shubhra Mohanka. ..."
Manish Sachdeva, 09-12-2013, Appreciation
"....Receipt the wallet along with the cash of INR 10000 intact and I am very thankful to indigo employee (Mr Piyush Malhotra IGA-1275) who handover the wallet with safety and quickly. Manish Sachdeva. ..."
Pranav Raval, 09-12-2013, Exemplary Patience & Professionalism
"....Dear Customer Relationship Officer, My name is Pranav Raval who missed flight to Delhi because of rush at security gate before counter in Bangalore. Kishor (supervisor) advised me to seek help at customer service desk where Shilpa K.P. was in charge. Right past me, there was fellow passenger who was very upset, angry and rude. While I was 2 minutes late for 45 minutes threshold, he was 3 minutes late. He came very rude and very close to start using obscenity when he learned that he has to pay like fresh ticket as flight he missed will be marked as no-show. As person by standing in similar situation, I was amazed at calm, professional, polite response to difficult situation Ms. Shilpa K P demonstrated. While he gave hard time to supervisors (Kishor and other lady), Shilpa a was calm, collected and professional as an agent should be. It reminded of early days of my career i.e. at call center. I think part of my success was that very same patience and understanding. While I am celebrating my success as IT professional settled in New York, I feel the need to highlight someone who is doing nothing less than a perfect job. While I was unhappy with Airport and security arrangements by our government because of which I missed flight, Shilpa made my day. She gave me next flight to Delhi and an understanding smile as I paid happily. For me, if I expect anything more it would be unrealistic. May God bless her kind heart. Thanks, Pranav Raval. ..."
Gavin Anthony, 09-12-2013, Thank U so much :)
"....Kind Attn: Ms. Janani ( IndiGo Airline Ground Staff - Chennai Airport) Dear Ms. Janani / IndiGo Airline Ground Staff (Chennai Airport), This is a small note of appreciation to thank you very much for making the much needed call, which enabled me and my family to not miss our flight from Chennai to Pune. We were travelling from Colombo to Chennai by Sri Lankan Airlines. And then we had an onward connecting flight from Chennai to Pune by IndiGo. We had this feeling that we may get stuck on Chennai airport and hence made an ONLINE WEB-CHECKIN on IndiGo Airlines (while we were waiting for our flight on Colombo Airport) The flight got delayed to take-off and it reached Chennai Airport Late. Our baggage took a very long time to arrive from the Airline to the Baggage belt. In addition to this, the services between both the terminals (International and Domestic) were absolute mess and there were NO Buggies to ferry us from International to Domestic Terminal with our luggage. We had lost hope and had internally decided to approach Indigo and change our flights are put up in Chennai for the night, as I am aware that IndiGo Airlines has a punctual policy. In time, you gave me a call and gave us hope to make it to our flight. I thank all the IndiGo Staff (I do not know their names) for assisting us right from Check-in - to Security - to Boarding on time. We just loved the VIP treatment. Sincerely appreciate this gesture and will remember this always. Should you ever need any help from me, kindly feel free to contact me. Thank you INDIGO AIRLINES once again and specially to Ms. Janani for her timely call. Best regards, Gavin Anthony. ..."
Tushar Padgilwar, 10-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/10/2013 4:30:03 PM
"....It was pleasure traveling from Delhi to Nagpur on 7th of December. I was not feeling well, headache & dizziness. Cabin crew Ms. Kaveri took due care of me provided medicine and also provided some snacks before medicine as I was empty stomach, and there after inquired about my health twice which was touchy I felt like I was at home. I want to specially thank Ms.Kaveri for her care and being so attentive and best of luck to her for future. Keep it up kaveri. Regards, Tushar Padgilwar. ..."
Harjot Singh, 10-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/10/2013 12:50:03 PM
"....Dear Sir, My mother Mrs Raminder Kaur travelled on IndiGo Flight from Mumbai to Delhi on 08 December 2013. I would like to place on record my appreciation for the help and assistance she was given at Mumbai Airport and Delhi Airport with a wheelchair and for boarding, de boarding and hiring of a taxi. Though I do not have any names of the people who helped her, however my sincerest thanks and best wishes to all the staff at Mumbai and Delhi for excellent services. Cheers and All the very best. Happy Landings. Regards, Harjot Singh. ..."
Prashanth R, 12-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/12/2013 11:49:46 AM
"....I was traveling from Bangalore to Chennai on 6E277 on 11.12.13. We reached Chennai on time and I realized that out of our five checked in bags, one was missing. I alerted the handler who called over the lady in charge - Sonya - who understood the situation. There was another bag that was unclaimed on the belt and she realized that another passenger had mistakenly taken my bag instead of his, although God knows how he mistook mine for his as the left behind was seriously nothing like mine! She pulled up the booking details and called up the passenger but he was stubbornly refusing to pick up the phone and kept cutting it. She tried another number but that was constantly ringing. At this time we were told that the passenger (a Sunil K Nair) would realize that he had the wrong bag and would contact IndiGo to retrieve it and I would then get my bag delivered at home. At this point, another executive called Sugandhi came in and took over the case from Sonya. She too tried to call the passenger and on one of the attempts, he answered. She informed him about the situation and politely asked him to return to the arrival lounge and exchange bags. However the passenger had already checked in and boarded another flight (a Spice jet to Madurai) and my bag was checked in! Moreover, he was irate (!!) and demanded that she come and give his bag! At this point Sugandhi took charge and firmly told the passenger that it was his fault. She spoke to the Spice jet staff on the plane, informed them of the situation and rushed to the 2nd floor departure to give his bag back and also ensure that my checked in bag was deplaned. After about 20 minutes, she returned to the Arrival lounge, got my bag from the Spice jet baggage belt and gave it back to me. I highly commend her service and dedication and would like to bring this incident to your attention. Thanks. Prashanth R. ..."
Shashank Kotwal, 13-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/13/2013 2:21:20 PM
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I was travelling on your Mumbai-Delhi flight (6E-184) on 12th December. As the plane started its descent for Delhi, the pilot - Captain Subhash Patil- made announcement in a firm and clear voice in Marathi, Hindi and English. Each of his announcements ended with a gratitude for the nation saying - Jai Hind. While alighting from the plane he came out of the cabin and wished every passenger thank you. His behaviour reflects the pride and joy he takes in his job. Please convey my appreciation to Captain. Patil. Kudos to him and the IndiGo. Keep this up. Warm regards Shashank Kotwal . ..."
Bharath Nahar, 15-12-2013 , Appreciations Baggage Services 12/15/2013 2:47:14 PM
"....I had travelled from Chennai to Hyderabad. On arrival at the airport found out that an incoming passenger from Bangalore had by mistake taken my luggage from the baggage carousel. I had to attend a marriage reception that very evening. Siddharta at baggage services of IndiGo was in constant contact till my lost luggage was found and he made sure, i received my baggage in time to attend the marriage reception. Cheers IndiGo airlines Regards, Bharath Nahar. ..."
Geetanjali Arambam, 15-12-2013, Thank you
"....Dear IndiGo team, I'm very thankful to IndiGo for helping me retrieve my laptop which I left at Guwahati airport. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Nabanita Sen for her efforts in making this possible. I'm happy with the team work and management being followed. You saved my day. Thank you once again. Wishing you a very successful year ahead. Merry Christmas n Happy New Years. Warm Regards, Geetanjali Arambam. ..."
Balasubrahmanian S, 16-12-2013, Thanks for the experience..
"....Dear Sir / Madam, This is Balasubrahmanian S., from Chennai. I happened to travel on IndiGo flight 6E 287 from Delhi to Chennai on Friday, 13th December 2013. I am mailing to record my appreciation for Ms. Anjali, cabin assistant on the flight. I noticed that despite what seemed like unreasonable requests from a fellow passenger, she went out of the way. Yet, she assertively also informed the passenger of her own limitations. All this, she did with a smile and an absolutely balanced demeanour. To me, it was a reinforcement of IndiGos commitment to quality I think she is a stellar representative of IndiGo and truly deserves praise. I wish her and IndiGo the very best in the future. Warm regards, Balasubrahmanian S. . ..."
Tamara Makovcov........., 17-12-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to commend one of your employees, Mr Amit Kumar Singh (IGA 10374) who rendered me a great service at the Delhi Airport yesterday. He had finished his shift and was about to go home, but when I accosted him in significant distress about having forgotten my phone on the plane, he did everything in his power, and helped me get my phone back. I am very happy with the service provided by your company though this exemplary employee and will be sure to travel again with IndiGo in the future. I was very impressed with his professional and kind manner. Thank you! Best regards, Tamara Makovcov. ..."
Mukund KS, 17-12-2013, Appreciation..
"....Dear Team, I did interact with a Resource from your team "Chittaranjan", he created a sense of Superior Customer Support. He did raise bar of Customer Ecstasy by taking the time and sharing relevant information. He was genuine in his approach. Much Appreciated. Regards Mukund KS. ..."
Akshaya Gawarikar, 18-12-2013 , Appreciations Airport Services 12/18/2013 9:58:55 AM
"....Hi!! I would like to send my sincere appreciation to your ground staff Ms. Sanchita. I was at Bangalore airport ticketing counter on 17th Nov 2013. The days operation was largely hit by fog in Delhi and there was a queue of passengers at the ticketing counters. Though the counter was manned by three staff, one staff was still very new. Sanchita took the lead, addressed all the passengers with courtesy and respect, gave them entire information, provided several alternatives spontaneously and kept a smile on her face. It was not an extra ordinary situation that she handled but I think, the way she kept her composure and provided great standards of customer service, was worth appreciating. Kudos Regards, Akshaya Gawarikar. ..."
Manjunnath. VS, 18-12-2013, Delightful experience
"....Dear Sir, Yesterday, I was extremely delighted by the exceptional services offered by Mr.Sagar Hemani Vadodara Airport. I had wrongly booked Vadodara to Mumbai instead of Vadodara Bangalore via Flight No.6E 212 I noticed this at the last minute and I approached him for help. With lightning speed, he could get my tickets modified, arrange for my boarding pass at Mumbai and transfer my luggage etc. by coordinating with Mumbai Indigo staff. And at Mumbai, I was supported by TejalDipikar and Abhishek Putran to get the boarding pass and my luggage. Both of them took extra pain to see that everything was up in order. With all these arrangements, I could reach Bangalore much earlier and meet up with my family who were missing me for a long time due to my hectic travel. I have always been an admirer of IndiGo and this incidence has further re-confirmed my trust and confidence in IndiGo. Sagar, Tejal and Abhishek sort of officers are an asset to any organization and so are for IndiGo. I request you to kindly pass on my heartfelt appreciation to them and oblige. A line of confirmation is requested. Regards, Manjunnath. VS. ..."
Raghav Gupta, 18-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/18/2013 9:58:28 AM..
"....Dear IndiGo, I am regular traveller in your airline. I was stuck at the Mumbai airport yesterday in the process of flying back to Delhi. Saw a deluge of delayed passengers affected by the fog at Delhi, across the airport. It was really delightful to see the way that the IndiGo counters were managed despite the stressful situation. 1. The staff was very polite and helpful 2. They were clearly doing their best to help passengers I was put on an earlier flight because my IndiGo flight was delayed by more than 5 hours. That was an absolute relief. Leading this whole effort was your employee Poonam Dongra at the customer service counter [IGA 11285]. I thought she deserves this special mention. Feels great to have a world class airline, made in India, making us proud. Have rarely seen such professionalism anywhere else in the world. Cheers, Raghav Gupta.. ..."
Harsh, 18-12-2013, Appreciation for sagar..
"....Thank you so very much. My trust in your company has reached its highest satisfaction. Thanks Regards Harsh. ..."
Mario Goveia, 18-12-2013, Appreciation..
"....Dear Sirs, This is to confirm my satisfaction and appreciation with how my cancellation was handled by Make My Trip as well as by IndiGo Airlines by recognizing with a full refund that I was forced to cancel my entire trip to India due to circumstances beyond my control - a devastating heart attack - which I thankfully survived and am now in recovery. Because of how this was handled I plan to tell all my friends in the USA and India and others through the social media and recommend they use your agency and IndiGo Airlines whenever and wherever possible. I must also warn you as a travel agent that Jet Airways was not as compassionate as IndiGo Airlines and charged us the standard cancellation fee in spite of my physician's certificate about my health. Because of this we will avoid using Jet Airways in future and, of course, all our friends will be warned of their attitude as well. Hiding behind a policy that makes no sense in the case of a devastating breakdown in a passenger's health, they wouldn't even consider giving us a voucher for the amount we paid for use when we come to India which will be as soon as I am allowed to travel by my cardiologist, which they easily could have done in the circumstances. Compare that with the sensible and compassionate response to my illness by IndiGo Airlines, which will never be forgotten. Thanking you again, Sincerely, Mario Goveia.. ..."
Kaisar Ahmad and Mrs. Alta Ahmad, 20-12-2013, Experience at Pune Airport...
"....Dear Sirs, This is to bring to your notice our extremely favourable experience while travelling from Pune to Calcutta by IndiGo Flt. No. 6E 135 on 16th December 2013 My wife and I are senior citizens and had arrived earlier from USA, with four heavy pieces of checked luggage, which needed to be rebooked for Calcutta. As there is no porter service at Pune airport, we were struggling to get our entire luggage to the check-in counter. Our difficulties were noticed by Mr. Simon Pereira, who we understand is a Security Supervisor with IndiGo. He very kindly came to our assistance and, with great consideration and courtesy, quickly took physical charge of all our baggage and personally arranged for a smooth and expeditious check-in, and as a result all formalities including payment of excess baggage charges, were completed within five minutes. As a result of his assistance, we did not have to handle our baggage at all, which was most welcome. His demeanour throughout was extremely pleasant and courteous. We believe Mr. Pereira's extraordinary kindness went beyond the scope of his responsibilities and we believe this merits recognition and commendation by IndiGo, in addition to our own gratitude & appreciation. Yours faithfully Kaisar Ahmad and Mrs. Alta Ahmad . ..."
M Dhandhania, 20-12-2013, Appreciation for Pragati..
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I received two calls from Ms Pragati from your end. She tried her best & solved out my problem in an extremely smooth manner. Her approach in dealing with the issue & presenting herself to a client was really commendable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her & give my sincere best wishes to her & Team Indigo. Thanks & Regards M Dhandhania. ..."
Yash Poddar, 21-12-2013, Excellent service by IndiGo Jaipur Airport staff..
"....Dear Praveen, I wish to place on record the fantastic service by your Jaipur Airport team. My wife & I reached Jaipur yesterday evening from Kolkata by your IndiGo flight at 5:00 PM. Our seat numbers were 1C and 1E though on the flight we managed to change so as to sit on 1C and 1D. I left my kindle & iPad in the seat pocket on the front. Being on a holiday, we didn't realise they weren't with me until we got the call from you at night. You were kind enough to allow the airport representative of Rambagh Palace to collect it saving me a trip to the airport. We got them back this morning. Please pass on my sincere thanks to your airport staff including aircraft cleaning staff, on board crew and everyone else. Instances such as these go a long way in enhancing IndiGo's premier reputation. With best wishes, Yash Poddar. ..."
Dr Aloke Banerjee, 22-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/22/2013 6:09:49 AM.
"....One of the most courteous & possibly the best services for elderly disabled senior citizens, both at airport as well as in-flight, I envy their caring nature. I am a globe trotter, and had the experience of best touch down on 21st at Mumbai... You all are the best. Regards, Dr Aloke Banerjee. ..."
NILESH L. SHAH, 24-12-2013, NILESH L. SHAH..
"....M/s. IndiGo Customer Relations Ms. Shreyoshi Chowdhury was kind enough to inform me by phone about my credit card being left there by mistake. She took the pain to keep in touch with my friend in Kolkata who went to the airport and got it collected through some other responsible staff who in turn received the card from Ms.Chowdhury. Thank you very much for nicely handling this typical situation. Regards, NILESH L. SHAH.. ..."
Rohit Sawhney, 24-12-2013, Appreciation for Sahibjeet
"....Dear Sahib, Thanks for your call and subsequent resolution. Really appreciate your efforts and prompt action. Thanks so much. Wishing you and everyone at IndiGo Merry Christmas and an exciting New Year! Warm Rgd's Rohit Sawhney. ..."
Hari Varier, 24-12-2013 , Appreciations Airport Services 12/24/2013 3:32:30 PM
"....Your service just keeps getting better. Non-intrusive yet very caring, enjoyed both trips yesterday. Very professional staff from issuing of boarding pass, bus service, to inflight services. Flight attendant's willingness to extend help to an elderly lady that too smilingly is commendable, overall excellent service. All the best! Regards, Hari Varier. ..."
Rajiv Shah, 25-12-2013, Appreciation Letter for Ms Shreyashi..
"....This is to express my sincere thanks to Shreyashi for her help and patience extended to me today. It is, in today's times, extremely rare to come across a person who actually cares for the Customers, the way she does. I congratulate you for having such a person with you. I have always preferred IndiGo whenever anyone from my family is flying and after this wonderful experience, I can assure you that you have won a lifelong loyal fan of your Airlines. Wishing her all the best, and sincerely hope you convey my thanks to her and her team. Warm Regards, Rajiv Shah. ..."
Vineet Bhatia, 25-12-2013, Appreciate Service by staff Ms. Winnie at Dubai Airport..
"....Hello Concerned, Recently I had experienced a great Customer oriented approach from one of your staff Ms. Winnie. The way & with the passion she extended my parents during their check-in at Dubai International Airport was what I complement the most. Looks like your L&D team is doing a good job. I want to thank the airline & the concerned staff for such a gesture towards your customer. Next time I will not hesitate to book IndiGo Air ticket. Really Appreciated !!! Regards, Vineet Bhatia. ..."
Tirthananda Behera, 27-12-2013, Appreciations Airport Services 12/27/2013 11:03:56 AM..
"....Ground support service staff Ms Nada at Mumbai airport was exceptionally outstanding and extremely helpful. Her service made me a permanent IndiGo flyer. Unbelievable Customer Service! Please let her know that I thank her for going beyond and above to provide me world class customer service. I travelled all over the world, never had experienced that kind of world class customer service. I strongly believe that IndiGo will remain No1 always. Regards, Tirthananda Behera. ..."
kartikeswar rath, 29-12-2013, Appreciations Others 12/29/2013 10:10:28 PM..
"....Hi IndiGo Team, My father and mother were travelling to my hometown Bhubaneshwar on this flight. Mid Air my father had developed some medical problems. Your on board team as well as the ground staff / doctors in Hyderabad has provided phenomenal assistance to him and consoled my mother about the temporary illness. I would express and acknowledge my deep, sincere thanks and gratitude for helping them out in such critical situation. He recovered on the same day and doing fine now. Thanks a lot again. kartik. ..."
Chirag Tamak, Appreciation for Pragati...
"....Dear Ms. Pragati, Pleased to hear a comprehensive and prompt response. Excellent service! Thanks, Chirag Tamak. ..."
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