A.K. Mohamed Aslam 02-02-2013, Our In-flight experience - 6E 61 Mumbai to Dubai on 30 Jan 13...
"....Dear Customer Relations Manager, My wife (58 years) & myself (66 years) were in flight 6E61 from Mumbai to Dubai on 30th Jan 13. Capt Umesh was in command of the flight. My wife suddenly fell ill with stomach upset. Her health grew from bad to worse within a short span of time due to her repeated visits to the toilets. Sadly she was rendered weak & left totally drained off energy and partially conscience due to the severe stomach cramps & shivering that normally follow a running stomach. I know I will be helpless until I land in Dubai to get medical help through my waiting children at the Dubai airport. The three hours of flight was a definite night mare for me & my wife with the unimaginable stress & growing anxiety. It is here I have to talk about the two in-flight hostesses Mithu & Damini who took hold of the concerning health condition of my wife. With no blankets available on board, Damini readily offered her over-coat to my shivering wife and the cabin temperature was slightly raised without any discomfort to the other passengers on board. They both helped us out of the way to move our seats closer to the toilets just to assist my weak on her frequent need of using the cabin toilets. They offered me Imodium tablets (to arrest running stomach) but my wife had already used it from her travel medical kit. Despite their mandatory in-flight service commitment to the other passengers on board, they both were keeping a close watch on my helpless wife readily serving hot water to drink on hint of a need. I was indeed overwhelmed & couldn't have thanked enough Mithu & Damini on their invaluable service during our critical flight duration. I sincerely thank IndiGo management for having in its rolls, such helpful, courteous & fully understanding flight stewardesses at the service of its helpless passengers at such an unexpected condition. Thank you Mithu & Damini once again for being the Guardian Angels to my desperately sick wife on board. May God bless you both. I have already been travelling IndiGo quite often & needless to say, IndiGo shall always be my first option on sectors it serves, be it domestic or international. I shall feel happy at this mail being put up to the reading of the Indigo corporate management. Best regards A.K. Mohamed Aslam Technical Director & Management Consultant Capital Engineering Consultancy Sharjah - United Arab Emirates. ..."
Karan Raja 03-02-2013,.. Thanking You..
"....Hi, Recently I had a wonderful experience while traveling with IndiGo. It is not that often that we get a reason to praise Indian domestic Airlines. On 28th January, I was traveling from Kolkata to Coimbatore via Chennai by flight no. 6E 271 and on reaching Chennai I realized I had dropped my driving license at Kolkata Airport. I remember picking it up from the check in counter so it means I had dropped it somewhere at Kolkata airport. I was scared as I had a connecting flight to Coimbatore and my return to New Delhi was a day after and driving license was the only proof I had. I even had to travel by train on reaching Delhi and it is mandatory to have an original ID proof to travel by train. I approached an Indigo official at the Chennai Airport and to my relief I was told that my license was found at the Kolkata airport and I would get the license the very next day at Chennai Airport. However, I was traveling to Coimbatore hence I requested them to get it delivered there. I had thought I was asking for too much but the official said even that can be arranged. In the meanwhile the ground staff had already checked in for me and got my e-ticket print out attested so that the security lets me in without hassle. On reaching Coimbatore an official Ms. Aasha took my number and email address and assured me that I would get my license the day I was traveling to New Delhi that's 30th January. I still could not believe this was happening in my country which is famous for handling customers with utter disregard. The next day receive a call from her saying my license had arrived. The day I reach the airport on 30th Jan an envelope is ready with my driving license in it. I sincerely would want to thank Indigo and its officials at Kolkata airport, Chennai Airport and the lady at Coimbatore named Ms. Aasha. Arranging my license was not a part of their job still they did everything just for the convenience of their customer. This can be served as an example to the other airlines of India. IndiGo can be rest assured of sealing a customer for life time.. Happy and satisfied flier. Regards Karan Raja. ..."
Jayashree 04-02-2013..Customer Relation..
"....This is to place on record my appreciation for your Customer Service Representative Mr. Vineet who came on line and attended me when I called your Airlines toll free no. I had to book four round trip tickets BLR - AMD - BLR and Vineet was very helpful and made my job easy. Not by any chance I knew him earlier but it seemed that I was talking to a well-known acquaintance. He is courteous, confident and knows his job well. He deserves all the encouragement and motivation in his career to scale new heights. I wish him all the very best. Regards, Jayashree . ..."
Ujjwal Kumar Das 04-02-2013..APPRECIATION..
"....Dear Sir, Thro' the following lines, I would like to bring to your kind notice the timely and prompt response shown by your team of officers at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, in detecting and handing over the lost property. In fact, I was performing air journey by IndiGo (flight No. 6E 362) from Kolkata to Imphal on 30.01.2013. I had to board the flight in the last moment, since my health was not well on that date. In a hurry, I forgot my coat at the security check. I could detect the loss of coat only when I boarded the flight. I lodged a complaint with the IndiGo office at Imphal Airport, on the very same day itself. The coat was important for me, but more important thing was spectacles in the pocket of that coat. At the age of 57 years, being in a senior managerial position in BSNL at Imphal, functioning without glasses would be very difficult and horrible for me. The reason is any spectacle dealer requires 4 to 5 days to prepare the glasses. Your IndiGo people at Imphal as well as at Kolkata were very cooperative and helpful. They pursued the matter vigorously with CISF authorities and succeeded in detecting my material. At last, on 01.02.2013, your IndiGo people at Kolkata collected the glasses from the office of Airport Manager (Domestic) and returned to me on the same day. I heartily appreciate the team of your sincere officers and officials in this regard. Your team deserves every appreciation and applauds for their efforts. My sincere thanks to everyone in your team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN. Yours sincerely Ujjwal Kumar Das . ..."
Anand Munusamy 06-02-2013, Feedback on my flight..
".... I am a Canadian and travelled on IndiGo flight on 3 Feb 2013, 6E 65, from Chennai to Dubai to catch my connecting flight. I have been travelling all over the world for the last 25 years in various airlines. First time, I ever felt sending my feedback about my flight.. Having used to inanimate, mechanical treatment, I was in a pleasant surprise in your flight. The Courtesy & friendliness was extraordinary. First I thought, being a new airline, the staffs are doing their duty in a natural way. But something very extraordinary happened in the flight en-route. One of the passengers fell sick and the cabin attendants immediately asked for medical help from fellow passengers (doctors or nurse). Three cabin attendants were attending the sick passenger, running to get ice, vomit bag and constantly seeking help and observing the sick's pulse etc. I don't think even the emergency ward in my home town (Calgary, Canada) would have given this kind of attention. Once I had to wait for 5 hours in the Hospital emergency in Canada to get a Doctor's attention. On arrival at Dubai, the airport medical team was at the gate to attend the sick.. The cabin attendants were young and the service and attention given by them is truly extra ordinary. I want to thank them (I don't know their name, the name tag is so small on their uniform to notice). Also, I request IndiGo to appreciate their services and reward them for encouragement. In reality the Airline's success is based on such enthusiastic services by the staff, not by offering discounts/tasty meal etc. Passenger is willing to pay extra for this kind of services. Thanks, Anand Anand Munusamy P.Eng. ..."
Krishnan Nagasubramani 11-02-2013..The surprise that I was served...
"....Dear Mr. Ghosh, I took the 6E 276 this morning and I experienced first-hand what the IndiGo service really is.. I must confess that I have flown many of the leading airlines across the world - budget, premium, economy and business, enough to be a cynic of airline service and much more of budget airline economy class service.. Today, I saw two things that I have never seen in any economy class service... 1. As I ordered my snack, I realised that my wallet was in my cabin bag. In most airlines where one has to pay for food, one is not served till the cash is paid. Your crew ( Dipti in particular) not only served the food but she also requested me to finish the food before getting my wallet. 2. In most airlines while the food service is on, passengers who are behind a cart, are not allowed to visit the restroom. Your cabin crew made sure that the carts were moved to accommodate passengers to relieve themselves.. As someone who heads a large commercial organisation, I do realise how challenging it is to get employees to delight customers. I wonder what it would take for your cabin staff to be courteous even at the risk missed collection of money or going through 'extra' work of pushing carts around! I suspect it has a lot to do with the culture and the way you empower them.. My favourite budget airline was southwest, not anymore. Congratulations, Krishnan Nagasubramani,. ..."
Col AJ Bahadur, 11-02-2013..Complimentary.
"....This flight was a great experience, both during check in and later in the flight. As we move to check-in and get into the queue, there is a board which says, ""YOU ARE 12 MINS AWAY FROM CHECK-IN"" I love statistics and am a compulsive experimenter in work study so, I looked at my watch, it was 1105 !! At 1115 I was at the counter and at 1117 I walked off with my boarding card. IMPRESSED AND I SALUTE INDIGO!! As we boarded with my seat allotment of 3D, I casually requested the Leading Lady, Neelu to move me to 1st row after the boarding is complete and in case there is an empty slot. Within a few seconds of the announcement ""Boarding Complete"", the LL walks up to me, smiles and requests me to move to 1A with a smile!!! Believe me, my last few days in Delhi was very tiring as I was attending a wedding and catching up with old friends after decades...late nights galore....throughout the journey I had a sound sleep with positive energies of the cabin crew around !!! Well done, INDIGO !! Keep it up !! With best regards ajb Col AJ Bahadur. ..."
Prashant R Jadhav, 12-02-2013.?..Feedback - Flight 6E 551 ( Jammu to Delhi ) dt 07.02.2013 .
"....Dear Sir / Madam, ( Incharge - goIndiGo ) This feedback is related with our experience on 07.02.2013 (Flight: 6E 551 - Jammu to Delhi) Ms. Neha Basson (Executive - Security) supported our entire group in a very excellent manner.. During our interaction with her we found her very co-operative, understanding and having a very cool temper for handling passengers, all our boarding passes we handed over to our group personally by Ms. Neha, which is a very perfect sign of quality co-ordination with passengers. Her skills show her perfection and quality work, which is very important for service industry. Also the baggages were very well checked in, the number of counts, weight personally monitored by Ms. Neha. We wish Ms. Neha a great success in coming future. Also we would thank your entire team for the extended support. We assure you our future flying only through goIndiGo.. Thanks, With Best Regards, Prashant R Jadhav Manager - Parts & Accessories Sales Support & Planning. ..."
Vijay Menon, 13-02-2013...Thank You !!
"....Dear Sir, I had travelled to Pune by your Flight No. 6E 105 from Delhi on February 10, 2013. Unfortunately, I forgot my Kindle in the airplane. However, thanks to a very proactive role played by your Security Officer, Mr. Nilesh Chavan, I was able to get my Kindle back. I am very impressed by the professional manner, in which this whole episode was handled. Even though my person went to collect the kindle when Mr. Chavan was not on duty, he had made all arrangements to hand it over without any delay. I would like to place on record my sincere gratitude to Mr. Nilesh Chavan and your organization for locating and returning my Kindle to me. Thanking you, Sincerely, Vijay Menon. ..."
L. Rajagopalan, 13-02-2013..Appreciation of customer care of Mr Thowqeer Ahmed.
"....I had occasion to interact with Mr. Thowqeer Ahmed at your Call Centre. He has been extremely good. The qualities that I could discern in him during my interaction are: pro-active; very patient; extremely polite; willing to go an extra mile to be helpful to a customer. These qualities, I am sure, will take him a long way in his career. He is an asset to your organisation.. ..."
Krishan Jagtiani,13-02-2013.. Testimonial
"....Hello, I forgot to collect one box while returning on flight # 6E 72 from Bangkok on 6th February 2013. On my way to house in the cab I got a call from IndiGo staff Ms. ALKA informing me about the box forgotten by me. Alka was waiting for me at the gate, arranged for security to allow me to go to customs, retrieved my box, passed it through customs and escorted me back to the exit gate. It just goes to show the training and ethos imparted to your people. And I thought it was a budget airline..pray tell me which other airline would have gone to this extent to ensure I do not leave my box. IndiGo.you have won me over with your WOW service... Best wishes, Krishan Jagtiani. ..."
Ruy Da Costa Lima and Dennis Bates,14-02-2013. Excellent flight attendants
"....We are writing to commend the fantastic and professional flight attendants of IndiGo flight 6E 215 from Kochi to Mumbai today, February 14. We have extensive experience on international flights with the world top carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, and we found your flight crew to be at the top of any global airline. They were impeccably dressed, well spoken, and extremely professional and cordial. Their announcements were defining and soothing. Their safety briefing was in unison which showed they were very well trained. Their on board service was polite and friendly. Please convey to them our sincere appreciation for an excellent job. The four flight attendants, Lead Priya Pashad, and flight attendants Nauras Indori, Namita Rad, and Manju Tiwari were superb. They should be conducting training classes for all your IndiGo flight attendants.. Best Regards, Ruy Da Costa Lima. And Dennis Bates . ..."
Ebrahim Sooryai, 15-02-2013..Compliments!.
"....Dear IndiGo Team, I am a Frequent Flyer and so I am a JP Member of Jet Airways since last 8 years and always prefer Jet Airways due to membership points, upgrade to business class and most probably I travel by Jet Airways because they have business Class in all their flights. Last days due to my schedule, I travelled by IndiGo from Chandigarh to Mumbai on 3rd Feb 2013. My journey from Chandigarh to Mumbai in your IndiGo made me understand that there are better Airlines than Jet Airways. It was amazing that IndiGo does so much care of PERFECT time departure and PERFECT time arrival. I was always facing trouble due to delay in flights since I normally travel with just a 24 hours back trip for urgent business meetings and due to flight delays I always suffer. It was so nice that despite of bad weather and a full flight IndiGo managed to fly on time and arrived accordingly. Not only this, when plane landed, I was informed which belt my luggage would come from. I could see from air craft window shed while landing that bus, luggage car and all IndiGo team has already started their work on the ground to see that all passengers exit immediately without any delay. I fly more than 20 times a month but I have never enjoyed flying like IndiGo. Appreciating your services, I booked my tickets for Mumbai Bangalore Mumbai on 13 February 2013 and return 14 February 2013. While going from Mumbai to Bangalore and even Bangalore to Mumbai I landed before time. It was amazing. Further, your Junglee Chicken Sandwich were excellent. The glass of Coffee can never be forgotten and the taste of coffee is also excellent. All your crew members were extremely great in their services. I appreciate.. I suggest you to please introduce few seats as Business Class for passengers like us who prefer premier services and also please start a frequent flyer program so that we enjoy privileges and benefits on each time we fly. Thank you very much. Thanks, Best Regards, Ebrahim Soorya .. ..."
Vinita Zutshi, 15-02-2013. Appreciation
"....Hello! I travelled on 26th January from Raipur to Delhi via GoIndigo flight 6E 454. I would like to highly commend Ms. Niharika and Mr. Prasann who were on duty at the airport in Raipur for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me get on board the flight. I arrived to find that the client had omitted to pay for my ticket, so it had been put on hold. Also, my phone was not working due to some signal issues. Ms. Niharika very kindly lent me her phone so I could contact my client in Raipur, who got in touch with his travel agent. There was a lot of back-and-forth on the phone between my client, Ms. Niharika and myself, and later, Mr. Prasann also stepped in and helped out. It is people like them that make it such a pleasure to fly IndiGo! :-) I would like it very much if you could convey my special appreciation to them in the form of some recognition. Thank you, Vinita Zutshi . ..."
Sukhpal Singh, 15-02-2013. Appreciation letter for Chhavi dutta
"....I am a traveller for flight 6E 317, Delhi to Hyderabad. I'm writing this mail because I want to share my travel experience on your flight mentioned above. The reason for a high customer satisfaction for IndiGo is your cabin crew services. They extremely make you comfortable. Would respond your every minute requests. Without taking much time, I would like to appreciate Ms. Chhavi for her incredible services always with smiling expression and customer orientation. Regards, Sukhpal Singh Seat no 17c :) . ..."
Neha Singh & Mohit Singh, 16-02-2013. For Being There in a Time of Trouble
"....Thanks for giving your helping hand when I needed it the most. Dear Shobitha, II can't thank you enough for the support that you have given me over the last one week for finding my camera. I don't think I could have made it without you. You fully understand the value of a customer's needs. You have been a best employee to me and my husband, Mr. Mohit Singh. TMy gratitude is unending. You have done so much for me today, but most of all, thank you for being there. That means you fulfilled my golden moment which was with my husband. Many Thanks, Neha Singh & Mohit Singh. ..."
Chintan Khona, 17-02-2013..PNR flight no. 6E 242
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, Today morning I have boarded Your flight referred above. I highly appreciate Valencia who helped me with my boarding pass at the counter, in spite of a broken finger she was generous, kind and 100% dedicated that too with a big smile.She made my experience truly memorable. Highly appreciate her hospitality. Regards, Chintan Khona. ..."
Rahul, 17-02-2013..Appreciation for Cabin Crew
"....Hi Team, I recently flew with your airline 6E196 from Bombay to Delhi and had an Superb experience throughout the journey. One of your cabin crew named Nitha was very helpful and courteous and behaved in a well manner. They are the true reflection of the high levels of standard that we expect from IndiGo. I Would recommend your airline to all my friends and family. Thank you again. Warm Regards Rahul. ..."
Shantanu Dutta, 18-02-2013..Token of appreciation - Mr. Honey, Raipur Airport
"....Dear Customer Relations, I would like to appreciate the professionalism of Mr. Honey from Raipur Airport who has gone beyond his duties to help recover a lost baggage at Kolkata airport on 15 February 2013. Please pass my families heart felt wishes for him. This really shows his personal integrity and IndiGo Airlines high level of customer satisfaction standards. I wish him all the very best in life. Regards, Shantanu Dutta. ..."
D N Mathur, 19-02-2013..To Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President
"....To, Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President. Mr. Sanjeev Ramdas, Exec Vice President. IndiGo I had taken the flight 6E 105 from Delhi to Pune on 18th Feb '13 along with my wife Versha Mathur and my aged mother Mrs Rajesh Mathur (PNR- MMGDLX). My wife had a medical emergency on the flight and I have no words to express my gratitude to your cabin staff who managed the assistance of a doctor who was on board and not only took care of my wife in the CPR process but took care of me also in my state of panic. They spared no effort in reviving my wife and helped in our disembarkation with my aged mother who is wheelchair passenger. Even at Pune your ground staffs were most helpful and took us to the Ruby Hall medical emergency unit for attention. They got our baggage collected from the belt and helped us board the taxi. The kind of service and help rendered is exemplary and shows the extremely high standard of passenger care which is not there in any other Airline we have used in India or abroad. I must express my deep gratitude and thanks to you and to the staff who helped us. God bless you all. We have vowed that for us there is only IndiGo for ever now. D N Mathur Retd General Manager, Indian Railways . ..."
Pankaj Gupta, 20-02-2013..Dear Sir/Madam,
"....Dear Sir/Madam, Today I had an opportunity to book a ticket through your Phone booking system. Mr. Sanjeev Ramdas, Exec Vice President. I was attended by your relation business attendant Ms. SONA BATRA. It was such a nice experience beyond comparison to book the ticket through her. It was getting very difficult for me for my online payment through Blackberry Mobile, but she did not lost her patience, we changed phone nos. twice and finally she called me back on my landline no. to complete my booking. I really congratulate you to have such nice relation managers working for you. My Best regards to you and your team. Pankaj Gupta . ..."
Puneet Poddar, 21-02-2013..Happy with Customer Service of Mr. Surjeet Das
"....Sir/Ma'am, It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Mr. Surjeet Kumar for the professionalism and help he extended during my call to customer service. He was patient, courteous and very understanding of the complex problem that I presented to him in the call for the changes in my reservation. I sincerely wish that IndiGo operations will consider this feedback and recognize the efforts of Mr. Surjeet. Thanks and Regards, Puneet Poddar . ..."
Balajee Rao Kintali, 22-02-2013..Arun Sansanwal
"....Hello, It gives me immense pleasure in appreciating the exceptional service I have received from Mr. Arun Sansanwal for booking of my ticket from Chennai to Visakhapatnam on 9th of March. Mr. Arun has provided world class service in giving me the information needed and has driven me thru the reservation process with great energy. I am truly thankful to him and IndiGo for great service. Cheers!!!! Thanks and Regards, Balajee Rao Kintali . ..."
Chetan Dhanuka, 25-02-2013..Excellent service from Mr. Pappu Kumar Das
"....I must acknowledge the prompt and the best service which I have ever experienced till now. I am a frequent flier across various airlines and must admit that I had a pleasant experience in booking my ticket at your call center where Mr. Pappu Kumar Das patiently did the bookings. I must admit I discussed various permutations and combinations but Mr. Pappu guided me without any urgency and called me back promptly next day too for the tickets which I had blocked. This personalised service reconfirms my faith in IndiGo which is gaining the fascination of all travellers. This personalised attention and giving importance to your customer (also making them feel comfortable) will not go unnoticed. My first choice will always be IndiGo and let me tell you all, travellers will make travel plans to suit your travel itinerary so that we could have a hassle free, timely service with your airline. Many thanks once again & I wish the sectors where I travel always has IndiGo !!! Regards . ..."
Gagan beri, 28-02-2013..Appreciation for my flight dubai to delhi
"....Dear Sir, I would like to share my experience on my last flight with IndiGo where I got an experience of a life time largely because of flight attendant Clavian Rego. I changed my ticket at the last moment and was rushing back home after just one night stay in Dubai. What I got in the flight was nothing less than the most beautiful experience. As I boarded, I got the last seat 30C. I requested for a change of seat because of my back, the flight attendant; Clavian, saw my boarding pass and requested me to change the seat to row 3 as she had a vacant seat. She surely helped me place my bags as well keeping in mind my back pain. I was curious to know the reason for which she gave me a lovely smile and informed me that the last seat was non-reclining. As always the plane was neat and comfortable but to top it all and make IndiGo where it is today is the face of IndiGo represented by sweet smiles and caring attitude of the flight staffs. Anything I asked for like water, coffee or beer, was served with not just a smile but I could see dedication in the eyes to work for this company as if it is their baby. I saw this not just for me but for other passengers too where she suggested them what to eat according to their taste and gave genuine suggestions. I would say you that IndiGo has really made a big difference in the way we fly. Thanking you Gagan beri . ..."
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