Raoul Fernandes 05-01-2013... Feedback Form
"....I must say that i really loved the experience of flying with indigo from Mumbai to Muscat. Your staff is really friendly and the aircraft was really clean and nice. . ..."
Dr Suresh Murthy 05-01-2013.. Letter of appreciation?.
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Tarun Sethi, your Customer Service Officer at the call center today. I was a victim of a technical glitch that would have caused me to bear rebooking charges for no fault of mine. Mr. Sethi was polite, considerate and sensitive to my concerns and displayed good judgment in contacting his line management to obtain waiver and rectify a booking error. I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation of Mr Sethi's service. I wish him well.. ..."
Sukhmeet Singh 05-01-2013.. Helping attitude of your employee.
"....I am an army officer and I travelled in your flight from Guwahati to New Delhi on 27 Dec. I would like to bring to your notice the good work done by one of your employees. On that day, I had got stuck in heavy traffic jam and reached the airport barely in time. By the time I cleared my luggage from Security and reached the counter, it was almost closed. However, your employee at the counter, by the name of Ms. Manprit Kaur understood my problem and entertained me. She not only got me the boarding pass but also helped in my clearing of luggage at the earliest and then move through final security check. I was totally touched by her involvement and dedication. These small gestures go a long way in projecting the image of the company and the ethos which they have imbibed. I would like her to be appreciated at some right forum so that others also get motivated to emulate this.. ..."
Asha Narayanan 06-01-2013..Good Morning
"....Good Morning. I was a passenger booked to fly to Chandigarh from Mumbai on the 30th of Dec. by the 07.25 am flight. Due to poor visibility the flight was rescheduled twice within a span of the next two hours and eventually cancelled. The reasons may have genuinely been low visibility or low passenger nos. even after clubbing 2-3 flights. We could see that your ground staff, Mr. Vinit in particular was engaged in giving out information at the gate no.9. and also working out rescheduling of interested passengers on the next available flight to Delhi. During the entire process the nos. fizzled down, resulting in forced cancellation of any flight that day to Chandigarh perhaps for both the above reasons. As a passenger who had already made holiday plans for the year end in Chandigarh returning home was not an option at all. I chose the only option - of taking the next available flight to Delhi. We were put on the 11.35 am flight to Delhi and from there a Volvo bus took care of our journey from Delhi to Chandigarh. I reached Chandigarh at 09.00 pm that night. All this was handled and expenses borne by the airlines. Not just this, they also took care of water and snacks both at the airport and during the bus ride. The airline officials at Delhi put us on the bus and left only after ensuring that we were all comfortable and had been served water, tea and snacks. At Mumbai airport also, there were frayed tempers, distraught passengers who had to alter plans, some even cancel, so their irritation and not so civil behaviour with your staff was understandable. In the face of all this I found that Mr. Vinit held himself very well, tried very much to keep his cool and offer and provide solutions, by no means an easy task as the hours went by. From 06.45 am to perhaps well past 12.00 he was still handling the irate passengers.. ..."
Vikram Kumar 06-01-2013..Hi, I recently travelled.
"....Hi, I recently travelled from Hyderabad to Bangalore and received an excellent service from the air hostess specifically from Upma Sharma and Raman. I am an international traveller and I really get to see really good inflight service.Hence the special mention.. ..."
Nilesh Randhir and Family 07-01-2013..INDIGO STAFF AS GOD FOR ME THAT DAY .
"....It was the 5th Jan 2013, my 21st wedding anniversary. I had been to kochi for new year celebration and had arranged a family and friends party in Pune on 5th Jan evening. I had booked tickets for 6 persons, from that time I came close to IndiGo too much. The booking was done mistakenly by me and then I called the indigo helpline, the person on the other side helped me and made my booking correct. This is my First Thanks to IndiGo. My Second Thanks to all the airport staff of kochi for helping me and my family to be on board which was impossible for any other flying service because as per the rules I should be there at least 45 minutes before departure but that day I couldn't reach the airport due to heavy traffic jam from alleppy to airport. Anyhow, I had started at 9am from alleppy, this sounds strange because 9 am to 3 pm, 6 hours for 140 km or for 2 hours journey, me and my family were fully tensed as we were going to miss the flight 6E 406 that day. I was praying to god please let me be in the flight as we had to plan many more things on 5th in Pune... hush...we reached the airport at 3 pm, the counters were closed. I started sweating and tears rolling from my eyes. My elder daughter said DAD pray the IndiGo not god! They will allow us to board and it happened that one lady and one male IndiGo personality came out as god for me and made arrangements for us to board the flight 20 minutes before the departure. One IndiGo staff with specs requested the security check in officers for doing it on priority for us which was impossible as there was a huge line of other passengers but he did it and we were on board 5 minutes before departure. Third Thanks again for the kochi staff who send my luggage to Pune on 6th by the same flight. Fourth Thanks to the Pune IndiGo official Trupti madam who supported us by all means on 5th and 6th in Pune to get our luggage back and my FIFTH BIG THANKS for all the support and help to INDIGO AIRLINES for giving me such a big amazing service.. ..."
Ranjith.K, 09-01-2013..Excellent service and hospitality shown by your check in counter employee (Ms.Rohini).
"....This is to convey my happiness with respect to the express check in service, I have availed today from Bangalore airport .It was nice meeting and talking to Ms. Rohini at your express check in counter. She was so polite and humble moreover very pro-active to ensure to tag my luggages with ""Fast Forward "" service Tag. Many Thanks to Indigo !! Well done Rohini and Team.. ..."
k rajendra prasad, 09-01-2013..well done MR IRFAN at INDIGO HYDERABAD?.
"....This is to record my appreciation on the best work done by MR. IRFAN at HYDERABAD AIRPORT. I took Hyderabad-Chennai flight. When i was approaching check in counter, Mr. IRFAN came to me politely and offered to do self check-in for me and within less than a minute, he gave me the printed boarding pass. With his proactive, polite and excellent service with utmost swiftness, there was no need for me to wait at check in counter queue.. ..."
Divya Sachdeva, 09-01-2013..?.Appreciation Note for Iram Fatima..
"....Hi, This is just an appreciation note for Iram Fatima (lucknow airport, Indigo Counter) for being god send and saving our family holiday by being very co-operative and adjusting our flights for Lucknow-Mumbai-Goa due to delays at the Lucknow Airport because of fog. She was very polite and very understanding and rescheduled our flights promptly to ensure we reached Goa and enjoyed our vacation. This is just a small note of thanks to her and also to the airlines for being supportive and customer friendly which is a rear sighting especially since Indigo is a no frills budget airlines.. ..."
Vibhu Tripathi, 10-01-2013..?.Service Feedback.
"....Hello, I am Vibhu Tripathi. I had taken an indigo flight from Singapore to Mumbai on 22nd Jan 2012. Upon arrival to Mumbai I found some of my luggage (especially some expensive sports equipment) to be totally wet, I guess due to inconsiderate material handling at Singapore airport. To resolve the matter, I met with Mr. Pranay, Assistant Manager Customer Service (Emp Id IGA1587) who stepped in and helped me in a big way to ensure all my complaints and grievances were taken seriously. He handled the situation in a very calm and composed manner even though when I was in a bit of angry mode. To add on to this I would also like to appreciate the entire team working with Mr. Pranay for all the help and follow-ups. I would like to take this opportunity to truly appreciate initiatives of such dedicated staff members of Indigo. Acts like this actually brings about the real customer delight that companies promise about.. ..."
Nitin Chauhan, 11-01-2013..APPRECIATION!!!
"....This is to appreciate Mr. Chitranjan that he is really helpful and provided an excellent customer service which i have received from any of the service provider. He definitely receives an increment. Great job Chitranjan Keep it up!!!!. ..."
Arun Duggal,13-01-2013..6E 313
"....We enjoyed the flight very much. Like clock work. Outstanding performance by "" Leading Lady"" named Seerat and the "" Girl Power"" Keep up the good work.. ..."
Mayur Gandhi ,13-01-2013...Excellent Service by Mr. Himanshu Dohroo
".... The help and support given by by Mr. Himanshu Dohroo for rescheduling my flight was really great. I appreciate the amount of time and the effort he put in for explaining everything to me. Will travel Indigo again only because of this experience, thanks to him.. ..."
Abhishek Agnihotri, 14-01-2013..Prafulla kumar - Agent worth it
"...."Hi, This is advocate Agnihotri from Mumbai. I called the toll free number to enquire fares for Mumbai Nagpur sector and was assisted by super agent Mr. Praful , who assisted me step by step and helped me make the payment. I had my set of apprehensiveness to use my Credit card online, but Mr. Praful helped me to complete the transactions. Thanks a lot.. ..."
Anabil Ghosh,15-01-2013..Awesome Service Provided By Indigo| THANK YOU...
"....Hello Team Indigo Every time I travel on business I make sure I fly Indigo. You guys are always on time and the services are also fantastic. But what you guys did for me today is something I will remember for a long time. I am getting married in February and I planned to spend my honey moon in Goa. I got a package deal from Make My Trip and as always I chose Indigo to fly me and my wife to Goa. Out of excitement and joy I entered the name of my wife incorrectly. When I realized my mistake I immediately called your customer care. Your customer care executive Mrityunjay Kumar took my call and he went out of his way to help me. He spoke to his supervisor and made the necessary corrections in my wife's name in the tickets. He confirmed the change and I checked online and saw that the changes were made. Mrityunjay gave me my wedding gift on a half an hour call. He saved my honeymoon! On the same night I also spoke to Muhammad Adeel as I had to make the corrections in the return flight tickets as well. These two executives, specially Mrityunjay Kumar touched my life in a way which only I will know. It is people like Mrityunjay and Md. Adeel who make Indigo such a delightful airline to fly. I thank these two gentlemen from the bottom of my heart and wish them a very bright and promising future. Thank you once again!!. ..."
Dr. S.A. Ahmad, 18-01-2013.. My pleasant experience
"....I would like to put on record my pleasant experience when we had to abandon our journey at Lucknow while travelling with Indigo airlines. I was travelling with my wife Parween Ahmad on flight no. 6E 342 from Mumbai to Patna on January 7, 2013 via Lucknow. Due to bad weather our flight could not take off for Patna and we were asked to disembark at Lucknow itself after waiting in the plane for more than two hours. We decide to stay in Lucknow and take the next day flight for Patna. I would like to put on record our appreciation for the help, courtesy and support provided by one of Indigo staff at Lucknow, Mr. Shabbir. He did all that was possible to make our unscheduled stop at Lucknow a pleasant experience, which otherwise could have been a painful one in the very cold weather at Lucknow. We could take the flight from Lucknow to Patna on January 8, 2013. We would like to thank Mr. Shabbir for all his help and support and may there be more men like him in IndiGo airline, which is becoming the fastest growing airlines in the world.. ..."
Shirleen Beddoe, 20-01-2013..Exemplary Conduct of Your Executive at LGBI, airport
"....I would like to make a special mention of the helpfulness and outstanding services of one of your Executive Staff at Guwahati LGBI Airport. Indigo should be proud to have a person like him working for them. His name is Mr. Sandy D Ch Marak. My daughter Vanessa Beddoe,a minor was flying by Indigo Airlines on the 14th January 2013 from Guwahati to Kolkata and had inadvertently forgotten her jacket in the Security area at Guwahati Airport. She realised it as soon as she sat in the aircraft but the crew did not allow her to go back to get it. I somehow immediately managed to get in touch with your ground executive, Mr. Sandy D Ch Marak on his mobile and he then informed me that the jacket which was by then in the custody of the Airport Terminal Manager(ATM) will not be given to him unless the traveller's boarding pass and an authorisation letter was furnished. Days passed and we were just not given this jacket, but your Executive Sandy D Ch Marak was very concerned as we were IndiGo passengers. He persisted and tried all he could and then 6 days later, he is handed the jacket by the ATM. I happily want everyone at Indigo to know about the dedication to duty of this young man. I wish him success always. He will always do IndiGo proud.. ..."
Minood CR, 22-01-2013..Excellent Service at Chandigarh: Ms.Banita Lama
"....I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent service that Indigo is offering nowadays. I travel regularly on IndiGo. Recently I had an opportunity to be 'under stress' as Indigo flight from Chandigarh to Delhi was delayed and I had a connecting flight from Delhi to Trivandrum in another airline without much gap. Due to the delay, I had to cancel the Indigo ticket for taking another flight from Chandigarh to Delhi. I commend the excellent service showered on me by your staff on duty Ms. Banita Lama in helping with this whole process. I felt at home with her professional service executed with lots of heart! She took a lot of pain and effort in making me feel peaceful. With people like Ms.Banita working with Indigo. I am sure your airline will soar higher and higher.. ..."
Dr.Sandun Vithanage, 23-01-2013..Excellent Customer Service
"....I am Dr. Vithanage from Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka. Last 17th I was travelling to India from Dubai by Indigo Airline. I had to travel to Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan airline on same day. But I faced a problem with VISA at the Chennai Airport. So I had to wait around 5 hours in the transit. Mr.Abdul Rahman personally involved to my issue and solved it. At the same time he concerned much about me even my breakfast. He helped me a lot to solve the issue without any irritation. He understood my stress at that time. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mr.Abdul Rahman and his friend Mr. Maniraj for the excellent support and efforts. Thank you once again... ..."
Subrata Pramanick, 23-01-2013..Thanks for your Care to Disabled Passengers.
"....Dear Ms. Priya / Mr. Ghosh, I have been travelling in your Airlines since its beginning in India. Before that I have travelled in many other Low-cost Airlines but the service you provide to the disabled is really noteworthy. Today in the Tweeter I replied on the Republic Day tableau calls disabled 'powerless' on a TOI report and I have written the following lines in online comments in TOI : Truly it is a 'department of the powerless' Disabled do not get any or much help from this Department. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh still use the word apang (crippled). There is no disabled friendly Ramp in may Railway Stations. Disabled are a harassed lot while boarding an aircraft except in "IndiGo".. ..."
Raghunandan S, 24-01-2013..Appreciation to Jatin Ajwani
"....Hi, I am a frequent flyer with Indigo and had to change a flight booking. I would like to pass on a note of appreciation to Mr. Jatin Ajwani, the customer service representative who assisted me in making the necessary changes without any hassles. He was very process oriented, clear in his communication and has complete knowledge of the systems. He understands his customers very well. He went that extra mile to ensure that the change is done at a lowest possible cost difference. Kudos to him and his team. Kudos to Indigo Airlines, my experience has been great with you folks thus far. A true potential to become world class. Go Indigo...Go !!!. ..."
Aditya Dahiya, 31-01-2013..Appreciation and Thanks giving letter!
"....This is to inform you that on 29th Jan 2013 an officer of the Indian Armed Forces achieved martyrdom fighting for his country, against the militants in the state of J&K. The body had to be transported on an URGENT basis to his native place for the last rites on 30 Jan 2013. This would not have been possible, with such a short notice, but for your organization and the following staff who went out of the way to help us. 1. Mrs Ashia Bashir ( Manager Airport) 2. Mr Gurmeet Singh (Agent Customer Care) 3. Mr Khursheed (Agent Cargo) 4. Mr Amrit Pal Singh (Agent Security) We are thankful for the help extended and the timely response by your staff who made sure that body of the brave soldier is not only transported but also given due respect during the handling. Thanking you once again. ..."
Harsh, 31-01-2013..Good job guys!
"....Hello, I just landed some 30mins back from Bangalore via 6E 426 to Bombay and forgot my iPad in the flight. I did rush back to the airport with little worry and no hope of actually getting it back. However, I spoke to Ms. Pooja Sawant on the Bombay airport indigo old reservation counter and all she did was make one call. Surprisingly she informed me that you guys have found it and Mr. Yogendra from Security is getting it. I have it in my hands. This is world class service! So guys definitely stay true to your customer-first promise. A big hug to these guys. They have made me a IndiGo loyalist.. ..."
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