Surbhi Makkar, 01-07-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Sir, I would like to share my journey experience with IndiGo Airlines. I am really glad to fly with IndiGo and I appreciate the services provided by the airline staff. While flying from Vadodara to Delhi on 7th June, 2013 flight 6E 482. I met your staff Mr. Arzan who really treated us very well and his pleasant smile and the way of handling the passengers really made our journey pleasant and created the best impression of the IndiGo. IndiGo says that it provides hassle free journey to their passengers, but staff like Mr. Arzan really proves it by helping out the passengers in all the best way. Moreover, while my return journey to Vadodara from Delhi on 23rd June, 2013 flight No. 6E212, again I saw the same staff at the tarmac, who was going out of his way and was helping the old passengers for deplaning aircraft by holding their hands and of course with extra care. He was even lifting up the handbag of the old lady without any embarrassment which really impressed me and took me into the confidence that IndiGo really provide the best services. I truly salute your staff Mr. Arzan and I appreciate him for all the best services which he had provided to me and also to the other passengers. Staff like Mr. Arzan really represents IndiGo in the best books of the passengers and I would rate IndiGo as the best service provider just because of the services provided by the staff like Mr. Arzan. Regards, Surbhi Makkar. ..."
Krishnamurthy Viswanathan, 01-07-2013,Thanks
"....Hi Pravin Singh, Thank you so much for your help in booking the tickets from Bangalore to Delhi. You were very courteous, Polite and very helpful by understanding the customer requirement and servicing. Once again thanks a lot..... Your Customer Service attitude is very much appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Vishy (Krishnamurthy Viswanathan). ..."
Govind Rauniyar, 02-07-2013, Thanks to goindigo Patna team..
"....Dear Sir, Let me express my thanks to the Patna ground staff of the GoIndigo team. It was very helpful and supportive when we were checking in for the Flight 6E 191 from Patna to Delhi on 17 June at 14:30 hours. We like to thank particularly the Head of the team and Mrs. Rana Kausar. She did all her best to help us. We are sure to fly Goindigo again when we travel within India. Best Regards, Dr. Ing. Govind Rauniyar Netherlands . ..."
Vidyanand Padmaprabhu, 03-07-2013, Thank you note for Mr. Arun Sansanwal..
"....Dear Officials, It takes pleasure to write a thank you note to one of your Customer Service Representative Mr. Arun Sansanwal. Rarely, you expect such co-ordial response also with so much concern shown towards our booking. My Wife happens to wrongly book the infant ticket for my daughter who just turned 2 years instead of buying child ticket. However, when she contacted your official for some other inquiry, he happen to know the details of age of booking infant and was quick to point out wrong booking also guiding us timely when we would have realized our mistake during the date of journey and would have ended paying huge amount for that days booking amount. He also made sure to keep the booking available and again call us back in evening for actual purchase and guide through your website. Truly, very few airlines customer representative show so much of concern towards their customers. I am glad to mention that you have one of the best working employees for your airlines, Mr. Arun Sansanwal. Appreciate his help for the same. Thanking you Regards Vidyanand Padmaprabhu. ..."
P.Aravindakshan, 04-07-2013, Lost pouch..
"....I have received pouch that lost yesterday with contents intact. Thanks to your staff Noor in Mumbai and Sumrin Bengaluru for excellent service. Regards P.Aravindakshan. ..."
Amit Thukral, 06-07-2013, Dear Kush..
"....Dear Kush, Thanks a lot for this goodwill gesture and understanding this as a genuine case. This would definitely keep me happy about goindigo and remain bounded to it for long sure. Keep up the good work. Regards, Amit Thukral. ..."
Subhajit Sarkar, 08-07-2013, Dear Prasun..
"....Dear Prasun, Thank you so much for the prompt and positive action. I am quite a regular flier with Indigo, and this action & gesture from your side will go a long way in increasing my loyalty towards Indigo. Regards, Subhajit Sarkar. ..."
S.Nand, 08-07-2013, Appreciation..
"....Hello! Wish to place on record my deep appreciation for great service attitude exhibited by your associate Mr Vivek Anand today, when he helped for making the corrections on my wife's ticket, which was booked erroneously by me. He was very patient and helpful. Request you to compliment him. Regards-- S.Nand. ..."
S.V.KUMAR, 08-07-2013, Appreciation for Prativa.
"....Dear Ms. Prativa , I was extremely happy to go through your mail; not because that I got my money back, but you take care of your clients and try to understand them. You rendered me a personalized service and each individual customer will be happy if you lend them your ears! These happy customers will contribute to your growth. Best regards, S.V.KUMAR. ..."
J.Venkatadas, 10-07-2013, Appreciation of customer support from Ms. Anju Kushwaha
"....Dear Sir I have been a regular traveler to Hyderabad from Bangalore to attend the Board Meeting at Hyderabad every quarter. I always enjoyed traveling by IndiGo as they are prompt and provide good inflight service too. I had to prepone my journey last time while returning back to Bangalore during April 2013 and had a credit slip for the refund amount in view of cancellation. I contacted call center and I could get one Ms Anju Kushwaha, customer support executive and she guided very well and literally made me walk through the entire process of booking the ticket .Of course I could not effectively utilize the Interactive voice process .I could not connect .But nearly an hour later again, she contacted me on her own and helped me to complete the process by online payment through payment gateway at the website. I really admire her patience and willingness to help me complete the task of booking the ticket. Let me record my appreciation for excellent customer support provided to me today by her for booking my ticket for the journey on 24th July. Yours faithfully J.Venkatadas. ..."
Krupali, 11-07-2013, Appreciation
"....Dear Mr. Ankit, I have received my baggage with good repairing condition from your Vendor. Thank you very much for your prompt action and kind co-operation. Salute to you and your team. Rgds, Krupali. ..."
Sanjeev, 11-07-2013 , Dear Abhijeet
"....Dear Abhijeet, Many thanks and I do appreciate this goodwill gesture and a very prompt response. I will continue to be a highly satisfied and loyal customer of IndiGo. Regards, Sanjeev . ..."
Manzer, 11-07-2013, Hi Kaushik,
"....Hi Kaushik, Thank you very much! Your good will gesture is highly appreciated. It is because of your excellent services, i always take Indigo flights and encourage my friends to take it. Regards, Manzer . ..."
Satish, 12-07-2013, Appreciation for one of the IndiGo employee.
"....Hi IndiGo, I just wanted to inform that one of your representatives named Mr. Ku Suresh employee ID 20033513 has done an exceptional job in answering my queries and confirming my booking with patience and professionalism. I think he should be appreciated. Thank you IndiGo ... keeps up the good work Regards SATISH. ..."
Dimple Vohra, 12-07-2013 , Abhishek Singh - Very supportive during Travel of my CEO on 12 Jul 2013
"....Hello, This is in reference to travel of my CEO Mr Sanjeev Pasricha on IndiGo on 12 Jul 2013 from Mumbai to Delhi wherein I called up IndiGo Airlines at 0124-4318300 therein Abhishek Singh assisted which I hereby acknowledge with appreciation. Mr. Sanjeev Pasricha was booked on PNR YZ93TL on IndiGo 6E198 which departs at 2225 hours, however, he had to prepone his flight to IndiGo 6E182 which departs at 2035 hours from Mumbai to Delhi on 12 Jul 2013. Abhishek Singh (Call Centre in Chennai ) in fact informed that there were only 2 seats left, hence assisted to make reservations quickly & also processed request for cancellation of latter flight. I must highlight here that employees like Abhishek Singh should be rewarded for their alertness, & willingness to extend assistance on immediate basis. Thanks. Best regards, Dimple Vohra . ..."
Hegde, 12-07-2013, Dattatraya Hegde on flight 6E-241 from Vizhag to Hyderabad yesterday 10/07/13
"....Dear Merwyn, This is what I call true customer relation. I will continue take IndiGo in future based on your assurance and thanks a lot for your convincing reply. Regards, Hegde. ..."
Ramesh , 17-07-2013, Appreciation for Sagar.
"....Dear Mr. Nagpal, I deeply appreciate your prompt response to my complaint and the refund. I would also like to add that your efficiency in dealing with this matter reaffirms my positive impression about IndiGo. Many thanks to you and IndiGo. Regards, Ramesh . ..."
Anjana Virmani, 19-07-2013, Booking NF7901733743544.
"....Dear All, I write this email as an extremely happy and satisfied customer of your airlines. Till yesterday I was a satisfied customer of IndiGo due to its friendly staff / always on time professionalism and great in flight experience every time I travelled. In fact my husband does not even look at any other airlines for his domestic travel which he does at least once in two months. However, after my interaction with your service manager today, to whom I took a huge problem with my booking, I am now transformed into not just a satisfied but a loyal customer of your airlines. Mr Manu Sharma, your service manager over the phone number 09910383838, was an extremely helpful and totally customer oriented executive during my interaction with him today morning. I had booked a round trip ticket through makemytrip yesterday and as I was booking it through my iPhone I made a typo error in passenger name. When I spoke to makemytrip they simply refused to help me and insisted that I cancel and rebook which could cost me 3k additional, which I felt was too much to pay for an unintentional typo error. But when I spoke to Mr Manu Sharma, he was kind enough to patiently listen to what I had to say and I must admit I wasted a lot of his time. But not for once did he even be impolite. His approach was very reassuring and by the end of the call he helped me out by correcting the name. I would like to appreciate his efforts in helping me and reinstating my faith in your airlines. He has helped in not only saving my money but also reflected a great culture of being a customer centric organisation. I thank him and your airlines for this customer delight experience. I am now a loyal customer of yours and am also now willing to fly your airlines on the international sector. Thank you so much and looking forward to flying IndiGo soon. Regards, Anjana Virmani . ..."
Narayanan, 22-07-2013, Excellent service by your staff Ms. Pragathi.
"....Dear Sir, I was trying to change my relative's booking through your call center today 8:15 Pm. Your staff Ms. Pragthi was very patient and guided the whole process. She was very helpful and explain the things in detail. These kinds of staffs are really holding the flags up of customer service and your organisation also. Good to have these kind of staffs.. Thanks. Keep it up pragathi. Regards, Narayanan. ..."
Sayeed Ahmed, 23-07-2013, "LOST MONEY AND DOCUMENTS FOUND".
"....Respected sir I am glad to tell you that I was travelling from Nagpur to Bangalore by IndiGo. I had lost my money and an identity card in your airlines. One of your crew members Miss Vasundara Rajanna handed over to your lost and found department. The amount was around INR 12710. I really appreciate for her sincere duty performed by your crew member and your IndiGo staff handed over to me and I have got my money safely. Thanking you yours faithfully Mr. Sayeed Ahmed Banglore. ..."
C.D. Singh, 24-07-2013, A note of appreciation.
"....This is a short note of appreciation for your Phone Executive Mr. Arafat Khan (when I called on +91 9910383838 this morning). While booking flight tickets on-line and punching all details to effect payment through my credit card, the payment page went into error' for which I called your call centre wherein Arafat Khan spoke well and efficiently assisted me. Thanks. Regards, C.D. Singh.. ..."
Ved Mahajan, 24-07-2013, Disability assistance.
"....Dear Sir, I am writing to let you know how happy we were with the excellent service received by us from your ground and in-flight staff on our flight 6E236 Kolkata-Delhi on 12th July. The staffs at Kolkata and Delhi were very helpful and made our journey very pleasant. We are currently in the UK and plan to return about in the mid of august to Delhi. We look forward to flying with you to Kolkata a few days after our arrival in Delhi. With all good wishes. Ved Mahajan.. ..."
Ram, 24-07-2013, Travel experience.
"....Respected Madam/Sir, I wish to share my travel experience with IndiGo today from Chennai to Coimbatore in flight 6E285. We were seven of us with my father, who was returning home from Chennai after his By-pass Surgery done on 9th. We had requested for wheelchair assistance to our travel agent, M/s. Beekay Travel Links, Coimbatore while booking the ticket itself. While booking, my father recalled this bitter experience - my mother who had been operated for Brain Tumor twice and had been partially paralysed had to travel by air a few years ago, was actually charged for wheelchair assistance by an airline (sad I don't remember the exact airline). This was still deep in my father's mind as to how people charge for a service that was required to be provided on humanitarian grounds, as a basic necessity. So this time too, we were sure we could not travel by road or train, the 500 kilometres from Chennai to our native town and so we opted for air travel. While booking the ticket he cautioned me that if the airline is going to charge for this basic service, we'll not fly, and instead go by train or car. I could not say yes or no. The tickets were booked. Our travel agent told us that he had informed the airline or concerned people regarding requirement of assistance. And even gave me a Manager's name & number to contact at Chennai airport. While on our way to the airport, I called the Manager, one Mr. Sujith to inquire about assistance requested. Mr. Sujith (Manager - Customer Service) was only eager to talk to me and receive us. His response was as though he was waiting for us, though neither of us ever knew the other. A person came with the wheelchair, took enough care to seat my father. When we informed that we hadn't had our breakfast, he was only ready to offer us time to finish it first, at our own convenience at a restaurant nearby. By the time we returned, our tickets were received and the necessary check-in formalities were done and convenient seats allotted for my father. We proceeded along and were guided through each process, with personalized attention, but never compromising on any routine formalities. And finally the seating in the aircraft was also done smoothly without any hassle at all for my father. As a custom, I offered a tip (in appreciation) to the person who brought my father in the wheelchair all along, and he accepted very reluctantly, due to my compulsion. On seeing that, the air hostess came to me and said softly that these services are offered free of cost and that I don't have to pay him. The flight that was to leave at 10.05, I suppose left at 10.10 (as informed by my wife), which I did not notice. The journey was smooth enough, for us and more for our 4 year old son, who was having his maiden flight today. He was so excited to wear the seat belt, the take-off, watch the passing clouds, the shrinking and growing (back to normal) buildings, the landing, etc. And in between, he was busy playing games with his uncle's new Tab. He never had any time to admire or pester us for any of the items on sale - food or toys. The flight landed at Coimbatore airport at 10.50, 20 minutes ahead of time! And again here, the wheelchair assistance was provided, seamlessly. And on my son's eagerness, he was also shown the pilot's cabin, a quick hand shake with the pilot, to his big smile. I find myself writing a big story of an event that happened for just about 3 hours, from about 8am till 11.30am and certain few minutes of talks with my agent to book tickets. What is fascinating is that the whole travel experience was so easily carried out, though each of the persons involved were totally new. If we had to travel by train or road, it would have taken us at least 10 to 11 hours of journey itself by the time we started and reached home. It would have been ok for us, but for my father, it would have been a hell of an experience and he would need time to recover from the journey itself, apart from the surgery. I have travelled by IndiGo a few times on business trips from Coimbatore to Mumbai to Delhi, etc., and have experienced happy journeys. No wonder Indigo is "flying". I have consciously recommended Indigo to many as many have recommended to me and look forward to using Indigo's services more and more in the coming years. My sincere thanks & appreciation to all involved in making this little journey so pleasurable. My wishes to the management, staff & the entire team (including our travel agent) the very best in all your endeavours as you continue to spread your wings farther. Ram.. ..."
Deepak, 24-07-2013, Appreciation for R.Govind.
"....Hello We seldom take time out to write some good words for a Good Customer Service received. But I am writing to you to let you know that "R.Govind from Chennai Centre" is a wonderful employee to your organization. He was helpful, courteous, completely customer centric and very polite. I wish I get to talk to him every time I call IndiGo. Thanks a million Govind. You deserve a promotion. Regards, Deepak. ..."
Sabina Inderjit, 25-07-2013, Most Helpful.
"....This is to go on record to say that I am most impressed and deeply appreciate the way IndiGo has handled my flight reservation (Delhi-Kochi for next month). Not only have your staffs have been patient but have been forthcoming to assist in reservations and options for hotels as well. I would particularly like to thank Praveen Singh Rathore for his kind assistance. My first preference has always been IndiGo even though other airlines may offer the same price. Do keep up your excellent service. Sabina Inderjit Chief of Bureau, India News & Feature Alliance.. ..."
DR ARUP KR ATTA, 26-07-2013, Appreciation.
"....Dear Sir, I am one of the travellers of IndiGo for its excellent commitment to time schedule. Yesterday, I booked a ticket in sector Mumbai- Kolkata round trip ticket in November, 2013. By mistake, I made on-line booking on 03rd instead of 2nd Nov. However, i later approached your Customer service Person: Ms Tripta Sen. She has excellently guided me to go to change option for pre-poning my journey. I am thanking Ms. Sen for her guidance through you. This will provoke me to use further IndiGo service in near future also. I wish you further growth in aviation sector. Once again, I must say that I am obliged to your service. If you have any frequent flier membership provision like Indian Airlines, please let me know. DR ARUP KR ATTA -BHARAT ELETRONICS LTD.. ..."
Chandrashaker shaw, 27-07-2013, Appreciation for Kush.
"....Kush Thanks for your prompt reply. It will definitely give our mindshare to take hospitality further more with your esteem company. Regards Chandrashaker shaw Mumbai.. ..."
Kavindra kumar, 27-07-2013, About best assisting for customer support from goindigo by process associate Mr. AMAN ARORA...
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am Manager Customer relations I am really very much happy after having a good assistance by your process associate Mr. AMAN ARORA. It was the best customer support i ever had in any concern. So i want to say thanks to Mr. AMAN ARORA for this and i will say that this guy will defiantly be a good business generator for your concern. Regards, kavindra kumar A passenger of your airline.. ..."
ULHAS MUHILE, 27-07-2013, Customer feedback.
"....Dear Sir, I spoke to your Customer Service Executive Mr. Daniyal Hasan, he was very, very helpful to me. His way of guiding me through the IndiGo website was very smooth and easy. I wish him all the success in all his endeavours. Best Regards ULHAS MUHILE.. ..."
Girish Chitre, 27-07-2013, Appreciation.
"....I wish to put on records my Sincere Thanks & Appreciation to the Air hostess Ms Mahalkshmi, who attended today's flight E6 185 from Lucknow to Mumbai for her Genuine Concern, Sense of Duty And Courteous Approach. I Wish Her All the Very Best. Girish Chitre.. ..."
Amit Kumar Sharma, 28-07-2013, Good Job - Sandeep Singh (Emp. ID: 6781).
"....Dear Sir / Madam, I'd like to compliment one of your employees, Mr. Sandeep Singh (Emp. ID: 6781), who is working as a security agent in the security department for the excellent service he provided me on 13th July 2013. Mr. Sandeep helped me to get back my missing wallet which I left on my seat (10A) inside the flight (6E-258) during my journey from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi. I have always been pleased with the service I have received from your airline. However, Mr. Sandeep's professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly completely exceeded my expectations. Within 10 minutes, he was able to track my missing wallet and returned it to me which approximately had Rs.5000/- cash, my ATM cards, PAN card, driving license along with other few important documents in it. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Sandeep and would like to convey my gratefulness by continuing all my future trips with Indigo airlines for years to come. Sincerely, Amit Kumar Sharma.. ..."
Sundar, 29-07-2013, Appreciation for Prativa..
"....Dear Ms. Biswal, Thank you for your email below. I appreciate your gesture of patiently listening to the 'Voice of Customer', and for being able to provide a solution which customer cannot deny. I accept your compensation as F&F settlement to my 100% satisfaction. Kapil Goel.. ..."
Kishoresinh Jhala, 30-07-2013, Customer Delight...
"....Dear Sir, I travelled from Delhi to Vadodara on 25.7.2013 by IndiGo 6E 487. Upon reaching Vadodara, I forgot my IPAD in the transit coach. As I work with amul and stay in Anand, I was already on the no U'-turn express highway, when I realized my mistake. I immediately contacted the Vadodara IndiGo office on phone, they informed that such an IPAD was found in transit coach and it was presumed to belong to an outgoing passenger and hence was handed over to the Cabin Crew of outgoing flight. They also informed me that it would be brought back the next day morning and that I would be intimated immediately. The next day morning while contacting the ground staff, they informed me that the IPAD had arrived and I got it collected. I would like to complement your Vadodara IndiGo ground team for their honesty, efficiency and consumer responsiveness at all levels which has really delighted me as a frequent flier on IndiGo. With kind regards Kishoresinh Jhala Chief General Manager.. ..."
Debashis Modak, 31-07-2013, Impressed....
"....Mr. Arafat Khan Thank you indeed for your warm courtesy and cooperation regarding resolving my ticket. I am very much impressed on your attitude and support. Thanks & Brgds Debashis Modak.. ..."
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