Pankaj Jayaswal, 01-06-2013, Excellent Cabin Crew Service.
"...."I would like to appreciate the services provided by your cabin crew members when i was flying with IndiGo in flight 6E 378 from Bangalore to Kolkata on 26th may 2013. I really liked the service and help they offered. The names of the crew members are: 1. Priyanka Chauvan 2. Sarah Jordan. 3. Anamika Sarkar 4. Soumi Chowdhary. Keep up the good Service. Regards, Pankaj Jayaswal.." ..."
Peter Kunz, 01-06-2013,.. Excellent Service
"....Dear Sir, I would like to point out the excellent service rendered by your ground staff, Manik Mahajan, stationed at Delhi T3. With focused, customer oriented staff like him, it is clear to me why your airline is the fastest growing in Asia. I look forward to use your service again. With best regards Peter Kunz Managing Director Alstom Thermal Power India. ..."
Mervyn Dsouza, 03-06-2013..Appreciation for Prasun
"....Hi Prasun Thanks for all your help, i have received my new passport. You have been very patient and helpful. Appreciate all the time and effort you had put in resolving this issue. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work. Regards, Mervyn Dsouza . ..."
Preetha, 03-06-2013..Request for wheelchair.
"....Dear Mr. Sagar Thanks for your phone and mail. I would like to appreciate the service that Dnata people gave us at the airport in arranging for wheel chair -free and supported us in all means through you. After my mother along with sister and kids safe arrival in Chennai, I would like to thank you for all your support and extended help. Thanks once again. With Regards, Preetha. ..."
BRATATI BHATTACHARYYA, 05-06-2013, Support service..
"....This is to certify that the gentle man Arafat Khan was very kind and helpful when i had requested for a rescheduling and was extremely sensitive in understanding the problem. The transaction no. is HTQEEP All the best! Regards, BRATATI BHATTACHARYYA. ..."
Soumen Chatterjee, 07-06-2013..IndiGo PNR- PREELB..
"....Dear Mr. Harish / Mr. Mohit, I am pleased to inform you that finally I got refund of OMR 28.100 for above ticket. It was a long follow up with my bank - I still do not know who messed it up - my bank in Muscat, Oman or MasterCard Processing Centre in India. It was only possible due to very special interest taken by both of you - it is an example of customer relation and IndiGo commitment. I have already spoken to number of my friends & colleagues in Muscat about the way IndiGo team took up this matter, quick response including three international phone call which itself may be higher than refund amount. It is true example of customer relation and keeps it up. Thank you IndiGo Team. Best Regards. Soumen Chatterjee . ..."
Wasim, 07-06-2013..Appreciation..
"....Hello, I called in yesterday and reached your representative Mohammad Wasim. The purpose of writing this mail is to let you know that he did a great job in helping me with my query. Patient and customer centric. People like him do make a difference to an organisation. Thanks, Wasim. . ..."
Kushagra Singh, 07-06-2013..A warm Feed back :)..
"....Hello, My name is Kushagra Singh, I am 24years old and I just happen to have flown umpteen numbers of times with Indigo. It's been long since I wanted to write to you guys about my experience flying with IndiGo. Well, to start with, I am a happy and satisfied customer, if there is anything that is expected as a passenger from the airline company, I count on you for providing me the best. The reason why I happen to write to you now is based on my recent experience on board. I was flying from Patna to Lucknow by 6E-339 on the 6th June 2013. Irrespective of all the wonderful qualities that you should brag about, there was one thing that I noticed and felt amazing about was your incredible hospitality. I have travelled in a lot of airlines but never before have had seen such chivalrous and polite crew members which I found on my flight yesterday. I would like to specially mention one particular name Ms. Nazia Patni, Cabin attendant whom I admired the most, the reason behind this is that I just happened to be confused over a little issue with an empty Special services coupon on my boarding pass. I was too shy to get it clarified by anyone but as it is my face must have clearly shown it. No one except Ms. Nazia noticed it and she was so kind to actually have come up to me and asked me what was wrong and to have explained me very clearly as to what the issue was. I am not sure if many people have experienced this before but I had never had such an experience before, for all I thought it was just the button above your head which makes the cabin crew notice you. Since it was an amazing gesture from her side that made me feel more comfortable than I already was, I felt like it's my duty to get this thing notified to the IndiGo authorities. For this small gesture has made me like your airline even more. Thank you. Warm Regards, Kushagra Singh. ..."
Shalini Gauba, 08-06-2013..Appreciation for Harish...
"....Dear Harish, On behalf of my son Aayushmaan, I wish to thank you for the excellent service provided by IndiGo in a Commercial Matter. Aarti:- Many thanks Regards Shalini Gauba. ..."
Hitesh Adhikary, 09-06-2013,...My deepest thanks for "Chandu"..
"....Hello There, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance I got from "Chandu" today when she delivered "above and beyond the expectation level" service to me in booking my flight ticket and making sure that I finished it successfully. Not only her expertise walk me through the entire process from beginning to end, she cheerfully stayed on the line with me for half an hour and a half while we worked through loading the web page and the promo code and systems to make my booking work as it needs to. Her wonderful demeanour, patience and measured responses to me were very much appreciated. She is a credit to the organization and delivers completely the IndiGo Experience. Thanks& Regards.. ..."
P S Kandanathan, 10-06-2013..Appreciation for Kush..
".... Dear Sir, Thanks for your prompt action and I appreciate your action through this. The reputation of your airline is enhanced with this kind of small gestures and wishes you good luck Regards P S Kandanathan. ..."
Alok Shah, 12-06-2013.. Appreciation for Miss Anupama M S and Mr. Akash Gupta.
"....Dear Team, I would like to appreciate mainly Miss Anupama M S from Chennai Call Centre along with Mr. Akash Gupta from Gurgaon Call Centre. Miss Anupama M S has helped me change some complicated flight bookings along with some required approvals from Mr. Akash Gupta. Apart from being Miss Anupama's duty, she has genuinely showed humbleness, help and care towards the customers. Equal thanks to Mr Akash also. This has really boosted confidence for me and my company to be associated with IndiGo. Cheers to IndiGo and such Employees associated with them (Miss Anupama M.S from Chennai Call Centre and Mr Akash Gupta from Gurgaon Call Centre). Thank you for all your Help and Support. Best Regards ALOK SHAH Sales & Marketing Executive. ..."
Debashish Mohanty, 13-06-2013..Booking reference - RT2LCP..
"....Hi Harish, Thank you so much. This gesture means a lot to me. I am glad to say IndiGo actually excels in customer satisfaction. I was waiting for revert so that I could make another round-trip reservation for my scheduled journey to Bhubaneswar on 3rd July. Thank you for exceeding the expectation of an aggrieved customer.. ..."
Smriti, 14-06-2013.. Appreciation: Arpit Kawatra..
"....Hello IndiGo Team, I am a regular customer of IndiGo airlines. I would like to sincerely appreciate one of your customer service executives - Arpit Kawatra for his proactive and co-operative attitude. True employees like him are an asset to your organization. Regards, Smriti . ..."
Radhakrishnan, 15-06-2013..Express Check in..
"....Dear Merwyn, Thank you very much for taking time off from your busy schedule and looking into this issue and speaking to me multiple times today. I am sure that with such valuable persons such as your good self in the organization, IndiGo will continue with their good work and keep getting better. With Regards and Best Wishes Radhakrishnan. . ..."
Sumit Khetan, 17-06-2013..6E 252..
"....Hi This is Sumit Khetan travelling Raipur to Kolkata this afternoon with family friends seat no 12A C and D. There was no queue at check in and it was very smooth and comfortable. The flight departed ON TIME as expected. Cabin temperature was good and food served on board is just value for money. I must appreciate that you have maintained same level of guest services across the sectors you fly. You have earned the status of most preferred airlines by your hard work and consistency in service. DUA is the BBB cabin crew at this flight (Best Bold and Beautiful). Please convey my regards to her for the services ON BOARD. Cheers Sumit Khetan Kolkata. ..."
Dr L N Chaturvedi, 17-06-2013..Receipt of the file left in Mumbai-Jaipur Flight ..
"....Dear Sir, Thank you very much for arranging to locate the file left behind in plane & sending back to me. It is nice experience to coordinate with customer relation team & it shows how the IndiGo team is committed to support their customers. Thanks once again & with Best Regards Dr L N Chaturvedi Director- Technology & QA Micro Inks Ltd. ..."
Sudeb, 17-06-2013..Appreciation for Mukul..
"....Thanks Mukul, I appreciate your getting back to me. That in itself shows you care. I also appreciated your taking time to educate me on some of the policies. Regards, Sudeb ..."
Vineet,17-06-2013..In-Flight Experience Feedback..
"....Hi Guys, It's been a long time since I have been traveling via IndiGo. Being the best airlines in India, you guys have done a great job. I would like to specially mention my recent in-flight experience on the flight 6E 307 dated 16th June 2013. It was the service that I received from the airline staff and especially from Ms. Neda Patni that made the whole journey memorable. Please pay my regards to Ms. Neda for her help during the flight. Thanks guys for making all my travels on time & also with the best quality. Keep it up. - Vineet. ..."
Vijay Suresh Kumar, 18-06-2013, Appreciating counter staff @ Hyderabad
"....Dear Support, I'm travelling from Hyderabad to Chennai by Flight 6E -311, Seat No: 2F departure at 9.55am. I was totally impressed by the Counter staff, if my memory is correct he should be Mr. Rafeeq, (forgot the counter no.) He helped me in providing the desired seat and clearly demonstrating gate information. The way he presented himself was truly professional and friendly approach. Me being a frequent traveller, I haven't witnessed any such hospitality in any of the Domestic Airlines, other than Go Indigo. I foresee this person has the calibre and with his pleasing approach he will convince any sort of frustrated customer to a convinced customer. I wish him all the very best. Keeps the good work going Rafeeq...!!! Thanks & Regards Vijay Suresh Kumar Head IT. ..."
Sundar, 19-06-2013,.. Feedback on my interaction with Mr R.Govind from Chennai
"....Hi, I had an interaction with Mr. R. Govind from Chennai on my reservation from Bangalore to Chennai. Govind was quick to the core of the issue, and worked with the alternatives and clearly was in control of the situation. He clearly articulated the options and also recommended the best solution forward. He worked with his immediate manager to understand the issue and helped me with the best possible alternative to completely satisfy my requirement. I completely appreciate the professionalism and customer focus displayed by Mr. R. Govind and the IndiGo Chennai customer team. Kudos ! Best Regards, Sundar. ..."
Puneet Kapil, 20-06-2013..Appreciation for Harleen..
"....Dear Ms. Kaur, Thank you so much for the quick and spontaneous response. The clarifications provided by your team regarding the transaction are more than satisfactory. Since, the debit of the amount was delayed, it created bit confusion. I am extremely sorry for bothering you. Once again thanks a lot n best wishes for you and your team. With Regards Puneet Kapil. ..."
CA Rajiv Soni, 20-06-2013..Your call centre executive Vivek Anand..
"....Dear CR Manager, I had the most pleasant experience while talking to Vivek Anand on Thursday 20th June at about 11.10 am. Very well spoken in English, courteous, helpful...and gave correct information. Such resources are valuable- hold onto them! Best Regards, CA Rajiv Soni . ..."
Anoop Kumar Goel, 21-06-2013..Thanks to Team IndiGo..
"....Dear Ms. Prativa Biswal, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and care. My bag has been collected by your team for repair and I hope it shall be set right & shall be returned to me in 3-4 days. Kindly convey my thanks in advance to entire team of IndiGo for understanding and caring for customer feedback. Best Regards. Anoop Kumar Goel. ..."
Ekta Aggarwal, 21-06-2013..Letter of Appreciation for great customer service..
"....Dear Sir/ Madam, This is not a usual letter that I write but this time I was so amazed with the whole service given by IndiGo that I am hereby writing this letter. This mail is in reference to the booking id: NF2202732007088 for the IndiGo flight from Delhi to Indore on12th June. This was not the first time that I was travelling via flight but this was definitely the first time that I was travelling and was not well. So this was a big matter of concern and I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of travelling that I even considered cancelling my ticket at the last moment and taking a flight the next day. But I also did not want to take risk since I had my college registration the very next day. Upon conversation with one of the IndiGo staff members about the whole thing, she assured me that the crew members of IndiGo Airlines would take care of me and thus I need not worry and carry on with the pre- booked flight. I must say that she was absolutely correct and the crew members actually took good care of me by regularly asking if I needed anything. The whole journey could not have been any better. Thus I wish to congratulate and appreciate Indigo Airlines for their incredible job and passion towards the customers by serving them in the best possible way. Thanks & Regards Ekta Aggarwal. ..."
V. Kannan, 21-06-2013, Appreciation for Sagar..
"....Mr. Sagar Nagpal, Thank you very much for your mail and appreciated all your best support and cooperation. I am able to make the web check in successfully. Regards, V .KANNAN, Dy General Manager . ..."
Rita Swamy, 22-06-2013..Appreciation...
"....I am extremely pleased and happy to inform you that my son's passport has been located by your Bangalore airport staff (Sugandha) and they are sending it to Mumbai by their evening flight. I would especially like to thank Mr. Charnel Dsouza who was most understanding and helpful and extended himself so that it could be found. I always make it a point to travel by IndiGo due to its excellent record in punctuality. Now I must add that IndiGo has helpful and caring staff that makes it the efficient airline that it is. Thanks a lot! Regards, Rita Swamy. ..."
Ajay Nambiar, 22-06-2013..Excellent Customer Service...
"....Dear Sir/ Madam, I wanted to take this opportunity to drop a note thanking your Customer Service Team at IndiGo Airlines for going over and above the call of duty for helping me out during a recent crisis. I was traveling on IndiGo Airlines between Delhi to Chennai on 30th May 2013 and accidentally left my new Microsoft Surface Pro Computer in my seat front pocket while deplaning. It was only upon reaching my residence that I realized that I didn't have my new computer with me anymore. More than the loss of money, I was more concerned about the loss of data present on the computer. Unfortunately, the same flight that I was on went onwards from Chennai to Coimbatore and the computer went along with it. While on my way back to the Airport, I received a call from Mr. B. Kannan at Customer Relations. It seems that the computer had been handed in to the flight crew by a passenger but they were unaware as to which seat it came from. Mr. Kannan took the initiative of turning on the laptop, finding out my name, checking the flight registry, and then gave me a call to confirm that they had tracked down the computer. He also assured me that it was on the next flight back from Coimbatore to Chennai. The computer did finally reach back to me safe and sound, and I wanted to personally thank Mr. Kannan for being in touch with me all through this process to ensure that I was reassured and aware of the proceedings. I have been a consistent flier on IndiGo Airlines and this experience with Mr. B. Kannan has only reinforced my loyalty, and that of my firm, to your company. Best Regards, Ajay Nambiar Director - Sales & Marketing Chemical Construction International (P) Limited. ..."
Manoj Mahajan, 24-06-2013,...Excellent Support by Aditya Pandey...
".... Hello, I am writing this email to let you know about the feedback of a call that I recently had with IndiGo. I spoke with Mr. Aditya Pandey regarding the booking and it was one of the amazing experiences. He was patient throughout the call (we were on call for about 20 minutes) and I understand that he takes lot of calls every day, so in such scenario I don't think it is possible for anyone to stay online with one customer for this long time. I completely appreciate his help and I think he deserves to be appreciated in front of all his colleagues. Looking at this customer support experience I had, I feel that the money I spent on IndiGo is worth every Penny. Thanks a lot Aditya, keep up the good work. Best Regards, Manoj Mahajan. ..."
Balu Sreehari, 25-06-2013..Appreciation..
"....Dear Sir, I have booked a ticket from Dubai to Trivandrum on 25 Jun 2013 Ref No: ZUNEDP which had gone through some problems on credit card billing, at that time I got a call from IndiGo and the customer service representative Mr. Arun Sansanwal really helped me to sort out all my problems. I would like to thank Mr. Arun Sansanwal and IndiGo for helping me when needed. Thanks a Lot and all the best for you all. Best Regards, Balu Sreehari. ..."
Swadesh, 27-06-2013..Appreciation,
".... Hi, Spoke with your representative Vivek Anand. I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the interaction with him. He was good, friendly, patient. Thank you. Regards, Swadesh. ..."
Swadesh, 27-06-2013..Appreciation,
".... Hi, Spoke with your representative Vivek Anand. I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the interaction with him. He was good, friendly, patient. Thank you. Regards, Swadesh. ..."
Hashim Reza Zabet , 28-06-2013...Appreciation for Sagar..
"....Hello Mr. Sagar, I really appreciate the efforts of your airline for taking this matter seriously and handling it in a very good way. I also got a call from your airlines that for international travelers traveling to gulf and European sector can carry 30 kgs check-in baggage and 7 kg hand bag. This is very good news for me and really I am very much relieved. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Hashim Reza Zabet President Indian arm wrestling federation . ..."
Neelam Gill, 29-06-2013..Feedback for Kush Juneja..
"....Dear Kush, With this mail I want to share the feedback on the services received by you on behalf of IndiGo. I greatly appreciate your exemplary customer service, this indeed is an perfect example of taking full accountability in giving closure to customer concerns, hence delivering excellence in customer care. The care given by employees like you this signifies that IndiGo customer care values their customers and believes in high business ethics. With my experience in dealing with you I certainly can assure you of our continued extended Loyalty to IndiGo. Thank you so much once again for ensuring complete resolution and customer care. Keep up the great work! Regards, Neelam Gill. ..."
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