Amit Nandi 01-03-2013, Our In-flight experience - 6E 61...
"....Dear IndiGo, I am happy to share a pleasant experience I had while dealing with Mr. Zayed Khan in Customer Care. I had called to change a reservation wherein I had booked my parents on a wrong flight. The PNR no. is IP16BQ The professional and helpful manner in which Zayed dealt with me was very reassuring and has reinforced my faith in IndiGo. He took complete responsibility for what was needed to be done. In my first call the system was down midway through the call, Zayed gave me a call himself once the system was up and completed the job. That's outstanding customer service. I would also like to share that the only 2 airlines I fly in are IndiGo and Jet airways. Apart from being most punctual, I find IndiGo aircrafts the cleanest, the staff most efficient and most importantly I find Indigo to be the smartest. You limit yourself to only those things that 'really matter' for a passenger and you make sure you deliver on them 100%. While other airlines spread themselves thin trying to do everything and end up excelling at nothing! Regards Amit Nandi Pune. ..."
Rajesh Khanna 03-03-2013,.. Appreciation for Abhay Pandey - Truly a Honest Person!!..
"....Greetings of the day !!!, I Would like to share my sincere thanks for MR. ABHAY PANDEY for his loyalty towards the organization and maintaining high standards of honesty. I Would like to summarize the incident as while coming back from IndiGo on dated 01/03/2013 from GOA to DEL have lost my wallet which has debit cards with decent balances & Cash worth Rs.10 K plus Important identities and I did not had any clue where I have lost the same. Have tried to locate however could not been able to trace the same in the hand bags and in the craft. Had also informed the Staff on the plane and they directed me to the customer service desk where i have registered my concern on arrival and got the number of GOA airport. Finally have left the airport with no hopes of getting back and reached home with spoiled mood. After 2 hours at around 11:30 PM have received a call from Mr. Abhay Pandey and he informed that he had found the wallet which I can collect. I am short of words here how I felt after getting that call but I can say that he set the smile back on my face. Really appreciate the sincerity and efforts made by Mr Pandey. Sincere thanks for all the Support. Regards Rajesh Khanna (Delighted Customer) Regards Rajesh Khanna (Delighted Customer). ..."
Javed 04-03-2013..Feedback for Akash Singh..
"....Hi, I just wanted to express my feeling towards the service i got from Mr Akash singh. I had to get refund done from expedia for one of my bookings (booking PNR MWW3BQ). Expedia agent misguided me that it's to be done through IndiGo and then I called IndiGo to know the same. Akash informed me about the right process and he stayed with me in all subsequent calls. Akash hung on with me in the entire calls I had to make to first clear trip and then expedia and he guided me thoroughly. I am extremely impressed by his dedication towards customer service and glad to say it was beyond expectation behaviour. Regards, Javed . ..."
Anup Ganapathi 06-03-2013..Appreciation to Guru and Munmun..
"....Hi IndiGo, I would like to appreciate Mr. Guru and Ms. Munmun for assisting the entire Team of YUM Restaurants. Both were of great help in easing the check in procedures. Would like to thank for all their help and assistance. Please convey my sincere thanks to both of them. My seat number was 23B. Regards Anup Ganapathi . ..."
Aditya Agarwal 07-03-2013, Appreciation..
".... I wish to appreciate the efforts made by your ground staff for recovering my laptop bag which I had forgotten in the flight while coming from Kolkata to Raipur. I have been travelling all over the world for the last 25 years in various airlines. First time, I ever felt sending my feedback about my flight.. Regards, Aditya Agarwal.. ..."
M Babar Siddiqui 12-03-2013..Thanks to Ankur..
"....To IndiGo Management, IndiGo may be entertaining quite a number of customer calls of various moods and mentalities. Throughout all that, it is a pleasure when helpful and kind call center executives like Ankur pick up your call. He has truly been the perfect example of how a customer executive should be - quick, helpful, patient, resourceful and kind to the plight of the helpless customer. Congratulations to the management of IndiGo for having such an excellent workforce, the likes of Ankur. M Babar Siddiqui UAE. ..."
Amit Kr. Jain 12-03-2013..Cust. Feedback..
"....Hi IndiGo! I really thanks to indigo for their great job. You gave me the package according to my choice and it was very convenient for me. You made my holiday unforgettable and memorable. In that package I got everything nicely. Mr. Ashwin Yadav (customer service executive) has done really a good job because he suggests me and gave me a great deal. I really appreciate his cooperation and I especially thanks to him. I would definitely choose IndiGo's service again in future. And also I will recommend & suggest about IndiGo's services and great deals to my friends. Warm Regards, Amit Kr. Jain,. ..."
Manish Ghaneckar, 12-03-2014
"....Hi, I would like to acknowledge the efforts and customer orientation of Ankit. I am really happy with his user friendliness and the desire to help others. Cheers!! Manish Ghaneckar ..."
Mina Sonthalia, 14-03-2013..Arafat Khan.
"....Dear Sir, WARM GREETINGS FROM FLY HIGH HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!! This is to appreciate the cooperation of Mr. Arafat Khan at your customer support department. He was of great help to us when we were unable to proceed with a domestic booking for our clients. He guided us step by step until we could complete the whole process. He also took the trouble to calling up again and again to confirm whether we were still stuck with the booking. We really appreciate IndiGo Airlines for having such cooperative support team. Thanking You Regards Mina Sonthalia . ..."
Devina Kanani, 15-03-2013?..Wonderful booking experience.
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you regarding my telephonic experience with one of your consultants Mr. Arafat Khan. I called to book my tickets from Mumbai to Delhi and his assistance in that was absolutely wonderful.. It is a great feeling to know that booking for air tickets can be done with so much ease and politeness. Will definitely be booking through indigo on a regular basis. Also we would thank your entire team for the extended support. We assure you our future flying only through goIndiGo.. Kind regards, Devina Kanani . ..."
Gunjan Bahadur/Indu Srivastava, 16-03-2013...Rate Your IndiGo Experience.
Regine Oesch-Aiyer 16-03-2013..Commendation of your employees
"....Dear Mr. Gosh and Mr. Bhatia, As a tour organizer to India I often have the occasion to fly Indigo Airlines and wanted you to know how terrific your employees are, going way beyond the call of duty, a rare thing in the airline industry today! At my arrival in Trivandrum with flight 6E 377 January 16, 2013 I noticed that the pull handle of my suitcase had been broken. Your manager, Rakesh K.A., took immediately care of the paperwork, realizing that the group was waiting in our tour bus. He followed up with a phone call two hours later to let me know that he has notified the Bangalore office (where I reside while in India in between journeys) that the suitcase needed to be repaired. After my return I received a phone call from a customer service agent to let me know that an authorized luggage repair agent would come to my home to pick up the suitcase. The agent arrived, promised to return the suitcase repaired in a few days, and again your agent followed up to find out if the repair had been done to my satisfaction. I was overwhelmed by the attention to detail and the flow of communication between your different operations, very remarkable! This could have never happened in Europe or U.S. where one is expected to contact the carrier to follow up with endless phone calls, lucky to get the suitcase repaired and money reimbursed months later. In February 2012, just before boarding one of your flights from Delhi to Patna, one of our participants got violently sick. Once we decided he was well enough to travel, the flight attendant on board asked two clients who were seated in the first row if they would move to accommodate the sick passenger and his wife. They kept checking on his well-being during the flight. Once we disembarked in Patna, one of your employees showed up with a bag that was left in the overhead compartment, asking who it belonged to, again going beyond the call of duty. The two situations described above are most likely some of many special services your employees provide on a daily basis. I felt it was important that you receive this positive feedback, recognize the staff for their passion for their work and loyalty to your company! With best regards, Regine Oesch-Aiyer. ..."
Merwyn D'Souza 17-03-2013.. Dear Sir,
"....Dear Sir, I have gone around the world but was delighted by IndiGo on my flight to Nagpur on 14/3 /13 & return the next day. The ground staff service was prompt & courteous. Above all I was impressed by your attractive, charming & smiling cabin crew. They worked as a team with total commitment & every passenger was welcomed warmly. In competition personalised service is most important. A delighted customer is a repeat order & your best advertisement. There is scope to be more generous with your snack paid customers. Now you are one of the best & soon you will be the BEST. Wish you every success Merwyn D'Souza. ..."
M Dasgupta 18-03-2013...I enjoyed IndiGo experience on March 5th 2013 Flight # 6 E 414 BLR-BOM
"....Dear customer service officer.. I took IndiGo flight # 6E 414 from Bangalore to Mumbai - (BLR-BOM) at Noon on March 5th 2013. The service of ground force was good and in- flight service was even better. The flying itself was so perfect and so enjoyable that made me write you this e mail. My both parents are pilots and I work with Delta as pilot myself in USA so I can understand and appreciate good flying skills of your Pilot. I am sure I heard the name correctly - Captain Gaurav Dangaria - I want to convey him my salute. It was great take-off and the perfect landing. All the time during flight also- it was real smooth flying. Especially your Capt. and also your Crew did fantastic job. Please convey them this message. This enjoyable experience and the great flying skills of your Captain made me feel so safe that I will always fly IndiGo and also recommend IndiGo to my friends. - M Dasgupta. . ..."
Amit, 19-03-2013..Feedback - Booking Ref # BQ63BM - Pat On the Back.
"....Hi, This is to bring to your notice that on Sunday evening (17March2013 ? 1922 hours) I had called the customer care. The reason I had called was for rescheduling my booking. What had happened was, on the portal I wanted to book for 20 March 2013, but for some reason it got booked for 19 March 2013. So, I immediately called up the customer care and happened to speak to ?Mr. Arfat Khan?. In the past I have called up several other airline services for different request, but I must admit this is the first time ever I came across a representative who not only helped resolve my issue with a smile, but also went the extra mile by making sure that I have the received a confirmation on what I was looking for. In life, we often come across situations where we choose to do the right thing beyond any set policies, and do every bit of what we can, to help an individual. This is what Arfat demonstrated and I am extremely pleased with his service. My family member, fly frequently with GoIndiGo and I would make sure that we continue this trend. And the very reason is ?Mr. Arfat khan?. Big thanks to him. ?Arfat ? You can pat your back?. Regards Amit .. ..."
Ruhail Mushtaq Vakil 21-03-2013. Awesome customer centric skills
"....Hello, Trust me or not this is the first time, I am writing this email to someone about customer orientation skills. This guy has all that what it takes to be the best. Eklove, helped me to book a ticket which is quite simple, however the way he educated me about options, and everything involved was just superb and high customer oriented stuff. Thank you very much Eklove and IndiGo team. Ruhail Mushtaq Vakil Sr. Implementation Specialist EMC Corporation. ..."
Prtyaksh Panwar 24-03-2013..IndiGo at its Best - Shweta Chauhan
"....Dear Mr. Ghosh, I'd like to thank you for the brilliant talent and attitude that you have hired in these tough times of service competition in the Airlines Industry. I've been flying regularly with Jet Airways and Air India since 2001 and used swear by their service standards but yesterday was an eye opener for me. I had made a telephonic booking to fly my wife and infant, from Mumbai to Delhi, for 23rd March, by an afternoon flight, to get my baby for some medical attention in Delhi, but Jet erroneously booked me a 2 am flight instead of the 2pm flight requested. Clearly I reached the airport 12 hours late, and whilst I struggled to get my point across to Jet and saw them play the blame game with me, this particular lady at the IndiGo counter frantically searched flights to get my family on board. Since the afternoon flight was full she booked us on an evening flight and despite us rescheduling our appointment with the paediatrician she kept at it to check for cancellations on earlier flights. At 1440 hours she informed us of a cancellation and re booked us on the afternoon flight at 1530 hours. Whilst the bookings and cancellations had be me paying the penalty it was heart-warming to watch her proactively solve my problems. I'm extremely impressed with this lady, Shweta Chauhan (IGA 10518), and am beyond words for the hospitality extended by her. Ms Chauhan is clearly an asset to your organisation, and for IndiGo's sake I hope her managers have a bright future planned for her! Please accept my deepest gratitude for running the recipe of success at IndiGo. Regards, Prtyaksh Panwar . ..."
Sibin Varghese 25-03-2013..Appreciation for Excellent Service
"....Hi, I'm Sibin Varghese, and would like to pass on my feedback for the excellent service experienced while using your Airline Flight 6E-278 on 18th March, 2013 from Chennai to Mumbai at 5:30 pm. My wife, like all first time traveller via airways was very worried about how she will manage to go through all the procedures of boarding a flight with no one to guide her. Since it was a family emergency that made her travel through an airline she was all the more stressed. We happened to meet a wonderful representative from your airline a ground staff by the name Anita at the Chennai Airport Ticketing counter who assured us that she boards the flight without any issue or hassle. She ensured that all the formalities required are fulfilled diligently and with utmost ease. She ensured someone is with my wife till she boards the flight and all that is expected of her is explained clearly and concisely. This made the first flight experience for my wife by far the most pleasant one could ever experience. I've personally travelled by your airline in the past and experienced excellent service but the services offered to my Wife was by far the most pleasing and highly commendable. I would like to thank Anita for the excellent customer service offered with such finesse and wished to share this with your customer relationship team. She really deserves a pat on the back and I wish her great success You always guarantee that your flights are always on time but I guess you can also say that the customer service offered are of top class. Such is the trust I've for your airline now, I've booked my parents and brothers tickets who are also going to be first time flyers through your airline. Thanks Regards Sibin Varghese. ..."
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