Ankit Kumar, 01-05-2013,.. Appreciation for cabin crew
"....Hello Team, I was highly impressed by the effort put in by the entire crew of 6E-282 Flight yesterday. I was in seat 26-A (PNR US8FLA). We had a jam packed house with all sorts of individuals ranging from infants to full grown adults. But the cabin crew did not let the situation hinder their performance and gave in a 125% effort leading to an amazing flight. I failed to collect the names of all the crew members but I recall Deeksha and Sheetal. Once again, I would like to congratulate IndiGo in making a great flight despite odds being stacked up against them. Its performances like these that confirm my believe that it is always best to travel Indigo. Best Wishes, Ankit Kumar. ..."
Yogendra, 01-05-2013, Appreciation for Sangeeta,
".... Hi, Me, Yogendra Kumar and my colleague Mr. Patrick Curtain has just landed from flight 6E 138 from Mumbai to Delhi. First of all, Patrick lost his credit cards and money on the board, Sangeeta got it announced on board and he got it back. Patrick is an Irish citizen, he said I would have lost it forever if it would have been his homeland. What a proudest moment for me as Indian, just because of Sangeeta and your company's values. Secondly, my fellow passenger was playing on mobile phone in plane mode, Sangeeta made sure he switches off this. She stood till the time he did it. Bravo! Nothing more to say on smile they possess all the time, the way they handle customers. Keep it up. I see another South West Airline in the making. We are corporate tie-up with your airlines. We would love to keep it continuing. Thanks are small world for Sangeeta and her crew and you as company for the values you're driving. Regards, Yogendra . ..."
Phoolmaya, 02-05-2013..Appreciation for Nisha..
"....Hi, I came from Singapore on 30thApril'13 and I was supposed to take an IndiGo flight to Kathmandu on 31st that is, 30th April itself. Unfortunately, I missed the flight as I thought that all IndiGo flight operates from Palam airport and the taxi driver also gave me the wrong information. So, I went to palam airport and the CISF also let me in. Thereafter, one of your staff told me to rush to the international airport but by that time, the flight was closed and it was already departed and I left with no option. Then, I went to the reservation counter, there was this girl named Nisha. I must say she is very helpful. All of sudden, tears started rolling from my eyes as I have missed my flight and my mother was supposed to come to Kathmandu airport to pick me up. That girl was busy with the passenger but when she saw me, she approached me and asked me very sweetly that what happened. I told her everything and then she took water bottle and gave it to me. She told me to calm down, everything will be ok. The moment she saw my passport she started talking to me in Nepali and I felt so comfortable with her. I can't even express the way she handled me. It was too good that I was very much impressed with her and when I told her that I wanted to write a letter for her she said no need for that ma'am. Fortunately, on 1st also, I found her in the counter and I waited to be checked in by her only. Overall, it was nice experience usually when you need help and when people helped you out. The way she handled me and helped me out was fantastic. I wanted to appreciate her that's why I have taken your mail id from one of the staff. I am very much happy and will be flying with IndiGo always. Express my thanks to her again. Regards, Phoolmaya . ..."
Dinesh singh, 03-05-2013..Appreciation for Harish..
"....Sir, I am very happy that you have solved the problem that i was facing for the last month. Thank you very much for your cooperation, you have given me the best give for my birthday. I will get back to you once again, when I get the said amount on my Account. Thank you. Dinesh singh. ..."
Dinesh singh, 03-05-2013..Appreciation for Harish..
"....Sir, I am very happy that you have solved the problem that i was facing for the last month. Thank you very much for your cooperation, you have given me the best give for my birthday. I will get back to you once again, when I get the said amount on my Account. Thank you. Dinesh singh. ..."
Rakhee, 05-05-2013..FeedBack..
"....Hi, I would like to share the feedback of one of your employee Mohd Waseem. Today, I was trying to book tickets online, but somehow I was not able to do so. So, I called the customer care number and he helped me. He not only explained me the reasons because of which the payment was getting failed but also helped me to get my tickets booked. I truly appreciate the assistance provided by him. Thanks for such a wonderful customer service. Regards, Rakhee. ..."
Sudhakaran T P, 05-05-2013, Appreciation for Jigyasa..
"....Sir, Hi Jigyasa, Thank you very much for the mail and noted. Thanks to entire Indigo Team. However, I would like to express a special Thanks and Appreciation to You for taking up this issue appropriately and solve the same to the customer satisfaction. Regards Sudhakaran T P. ..."
Sadrudin Alani, 06-05-2013..Perfect Employee..
"....Dear Sir, I flew on your flight from Cochin to Ahmadabad on 3rd May at 2:00 PM via Mumbai. Everything was fine, your cabin crew was good. After sometime, an old Lady joined us from Mumbai to Ahmadabad. This passenger was mentally upset. She was helped to her seat and then the problem started. However, your Employee Priya did a wonderful Job of looking after her. If you have any reward system then you should give it to her. Also, all your other staffs were very helpful to take over the work load from Priya. Nishu, another employee was also very helpful to Priya. Every passenger on the Aircraft was impressed with these girls work. Sadrudin Alani. ..."
M C Arthur, 08-05-2013..Appreciation for Mukul...
"....Hi Mukul, I appreciate you living up to the superb customer service you are known for.. ..."
Ramesh Bhatia, 09-05-2013,...My appreciation...
".... I am sending this to place my appreciation for John Moses at Bangalore Airport, ground staff who helped me in recovering my important items from flight 6E 147 when it landed on 7th May. Ramesh Bhatia Vasant Kunj New Delhi. ..."
Hitesh J D Pandya, 09-05-2013..Appreciation for Prasun...
"....Dear Prasun Paulji, Thank you very much. I am very glad to see that your efforts are very nice for customer`s satisfaction. In today's market your company has proved that you people are working for customer`s satisfaction first rather than money. I appreciate your kindness and always remember this thing. I hope your company will reach at top of Indian Airline market. Again Thanks a lot. HITESHJDPANDYA ADVOCATE.. ..."
Loga, 10-05-2013.. Compliments for Mr. Sintu - Excellent service,
".... Dear Sir, I would like to compliment about your staff Mr. Sintu who is very efficient in his customer service. This was my first time booking for a flight ticket online. Mr. Sintu patiently guided me throughout the booking process. He even went extra mile to help me in this matter. I was very impressed by his service. Thank you so much for your help in this matter Mr. Sintu. Best Regards, Loga. ..."
Vimal jain, 10-05-2013 ..A note of appreciation for a crew member..
"....Dear Sir/ Ma'am, I was traveling on an IndiGo flight 6E 103 on 2nd of May from Pune to Bangalore. I am a frequent traveller on IndiGo flights n generally happy with the service. I am writing this mail particularly in appreciation for one of the crew member - Miss. Nazia Patni. Miss. Nazia was generally very hospitable and what caught my attention was the way she was dealing with some of the kids on board. Her care and sensitivity towards those kids was really worth appreciating. I wish her all the best and look forward to such an experience again. Cheers Vimal jain. ..."
Avneesh makkar , 11-05-2013...Compliments to 6E 274..
".... Hi Kailash, Hope all has been well. Last evening (10th May) aboard 6E 274, I came across THE finest exposition of Captain's communication with passenger. Captain Praful spoke in a rich baritone, detailing the flight path (listing the cities in our flight path), expected air speed (and why this might be lower than usual as there were headwinds) and general pleasantries. My compliments to IndiGo. Best regards . ..."
Subhakar Rudra, 15-05-2013.. EXPERIENCE FEEDBACK..
".... Hi, I & my family would be travelling by IndiGo from Kolkata to Bangalore (Booking reference- XP3FAR & XP46AT) on 19th May'2013 and back from Bangalore to Kolkata (Booking reference - XP3FAR & XP46AT) on 26th May'2013. The Kolkata to Bangalore flight would be the first time flight experience for my 5+ years old daughter Sunetra (Booking reference - XP46AT). To ensure that she enjoys the flight I called up your customer service desk @ 9910383838 in advance for seat and meal booking. I spoke to your Mr. Anil. I must say that he has been very prompt, co-operative and ensured the services that I have been looking for. Mr. Anil gave me all the required information and guided me accordingly. Talking to Mr. Anil and getting the bookings done through him have been a very pleasant experience for me. Would request you to make & ensure my daughter's first flight special and equally pleasant. Thanks to you and especially to Mr. Anil. Best wishes, Subhakar Rudra. ..."
Capt. Savio Mario Da Silva Furtado, 15-05-2013 ..A SALUTE TO INDIGO AIRLINES - CAPT. SAVIO MARIO DA SILVA FURTADO..
".... Most Respected Ms. Pratibha Bhatia, Just To Say "Thank You". Received below email transmission, confirming the refund of air tickets - Mr. Savio Mario Da Silva Furtado and Ms. Rosemary Joseph. Further to the telephonic conversation of this morning and the below email transmission, we hereby wish to express our most sincere gratitude for extending the goodwill gesture and refunding the air tickets. We remain extremely grateful and appreciative - A Salute To "IndiGo Airlines". Our personal gratitude to the Chairman Mr. Aditya Ghosh and his Secretary Ms. Annie Vig Many Thanks. It is opportune to highlight the professional and courteous manner in which Ms. Pratibha Bhatia (Customer Relations) handled the matter. We are very impressed and grateful. Yes, we shall follow your instructions as per below attached email transmission. Once again, we express our deep appreciation and gratitude You have captured my loyalty to IndiGo Airlines. With Respects, Yours Respectfully, Capt. Savio Mario Da Silva Furtado.. ..."
Asif Mohammed, 18-05-2013..Appreciation for Kaushik..
"....Dear Mr. Kaushik, Thank you for your kind action which is very warmly acknowledged and appreciated. This gesture of goodwill on your part and that of IndiGo will always be cherished. Warm regards and best wishes, Asif Mohammed. ..."
Gnanavel, 21-05-2013..Hi Prativa Biswal, Good Day!..
"....Hi Prativa Biswal, Good Day! Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response for my Query. It's very useful, we prefer to renew our son's passport in Singapore as its pretty easy to do it here than in India. By the way IndiGo has been doing great so far in our family's personal experience. Kindly keep it up, especially with passenger from other countries in order to up keep our Mother India's reputation. As you are a service Ambassador, just would like to share with you, being outside the country, it is very painful to know that our Indian service attitude and standard in many other Indians/companies are very much in need of improvement compared to most of other countries. We have lot more to improve in terms of attitude even in basic service. Kindly continue your great job & try your best to influence your colleagues, Family and friends positively. Have Great a Time ahead Ms. Prativa Biswal! Thank you once again. Best Regards, Gnanavel. ..."
Meeru Khanna, 21-05-2013..Appreciation Note..
"....To, The Manager Customer Relations IndiGo. This is to bring to your kind notice on the effort & energy put by your staff member Mr. Vishal Rajput based at Bhubaneswar Airport in escorting a group of 23 passengers of SAI International School travelling to New Delhi on 20th May for a Leadership Camp to Nainital bearing booking reference No. IR2VBS, QR5YCQ, TR9GAM, XRGJLW and ER28CN. Mr. Vishal escorted and assisted the group from Check-in till boarding the flight. We are all full of praise for this bright boy who managed the group so well. On behalf of the school, I would like to thank IndiGo for recruiting staff like Vishal who are an asset to the company. I would like you to convey my best wishes to him. Warm regards, Meeru Khanna National Activities Coordinator SAI International School Bhubaneswar.. ..."
Vishtaad Udwadia, 29-05-2013..Customer feedback for Mr. Manmohan Singh..
"....Sir, Mr. Manmohan Singh, a call assistant at IndiGo helped me out very well. He is an excellent person and I would like to give my appreciation and sincere thanks to him. Regards Varun Gupta Manager Central Bank of India. ..."
"....Dear Customer Relation Manager, On 27th May 2013, I travelled in IndiGo flight 6E 462 from Bangalore to Mumbai. I lost my mobile phone in the flight. I did not make any attempt to trace it as I normally use other Mobile phone for my business and I was busy with my meetings in Mumbai. From Mumbai I travelled to Pune and then reached Hyderabad on the 29th still not knowing about my lost phone. Very Surprisingly, I got a call from my home on my second mobile, informing me that my phone is in safe hands of Mr. Jubran Mohammed of IndiGo Hyderabad (IGA 10667). What a surprise and what a clever way of informing my home, by Jubran and providing his contact particulars so clearly to enable me collect the phone. In fact I was in a Hotel in Hyderabad, and Mr. Jubran after finishing his duties reached me at the Hotel to deliver the phone. What a heartening service by Jubran. He is so kind and very good in his service and I pray God that he and his family shall have a very bright and happy life always. Thanks once again to Jubran and IndiGo Airlines. Best Regards, A J SAI PRADEEP GENERAL MANAGER AXON INTERCONNECTORS AND WIRES PVT LTD. ..."
Nishant Ashar,30-05-2013..Appreciation for Harleen..
"....Dear Harleen, I have received the refund amount of INR 6670.00 from my bank today. I would like to thank you for the efforts you made towards resolving my query. Regards, Nishant Ashar ..."
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