Devajit Bharadwaj, Great customer service
"....This is an Appreciation mail to state that I have been more than pleased to have experienced a great customer service from Mr. Deepak Singh. He has been more than helpful in sorting out an issue that I had with Flight bookings and cancellations. And the best part was that he took the initiative of calling me back to make sure that I had my issue resolved as I had got disconnected in between unknowingly. Thank You and Keep up the Good work Mr. Deepak Singh. You just made a customer Smile today. Appreciate it. Kind Regards Devajit Bharadwaj (Happy customer). ..."
Pawan Jain, 02-11-2013, Quite Exhilarating experience.
"....Dear In-charge, Experience on 7pm flight from Hyderabad to Delhi on 29.10.13 evening was quite exhilarating and pleasantly very different. Reason - your first officer Rajiv Pratap Rudy was quite engaging through his narrative of the flying details during the flight. His lucid commentary was quite interesting and I think that's the way it should be. It not only makes one feel at home but also provides quite useful information. In fact, being on the 1st row, while waiting to disembark on landing at Delhi I did acknowledge this fact personally to him when he came out of the cockpit. For a change, it was good to see a MP doing such a genuine hard work in real public life. Wish, it rubs off to other MPs too! Kindly, do communicate to him that there are some admirers of his for such a good gesture in real life. Let it get infectious to his political fraternity as well. Thanks for seeking feedback, it talks volume about the way you care for your brand and your customers. Hope, you keep it this way always. Being head of an organization myself, I know what it means and what it takes to keep it that way all along. May this Diwali be a multiplier of joy and prosperity for each one of you at IndiGo! Best wishes. Pawan Jain. ..."
Murugesh, 04-11-2013, Wow Mohit, Thanks
"....Wow Mohit, Thanks. This has come as a pleasant surprise. Especially coming from an Airline. In my experience Airlines have always been very impersonal and have tried to make the most of even small mistakes like this. This is a good change and hope it is a sign of things to come. If you had not done something like this and asked me to rebook it with a changed name, I would have probably gone ahead and done it and cursed indigo for it. Also it would not have affected my choice of airline in the future and i would have been indifferent towards all airlines during my next booking. But this episode has definitely tilted my liking towards indigo and you guys would be my first choice of airline going forward. Hope you always put the customer interest first even in the future. Thanks.. ..."
K.Onodera, 08-11-2013, Dear Prativa Biswal (Customer Relations)
"....Dear Prativa Biswal (Customer Relations) Here i would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your effort taken on this issue and i hope this effort definitely highlights how worth your Company in India is. We really value your cooperation and service extended to us. Hope we can maintain a health relation in future. Thanking you Sincerely yours. K.Onodera. ..."
Anupam Kaul, 09-11-2013, Deserve a round of applause
"....Hi Team I want to share my travelling experience with you and think that you people deserve a round of applause As I have been travelling with all leading airlines and the sort of customer service regarding a travel query, I want to share the hospitality received from your personnel Ginni Dhingra, gave me the reason to choose IndiGo for a perfect Domestic/International service moving hereon. Thanks in advance Thanks and Regards, Anupam Kaul. ..."
Mehul, 12-11-2013, Promptness in action and also flawless service
"....Thanks Prativa biswalji. I really appreciate your promptness in action and also flawless service. Indigo has always been my first choice for the same reason. Thanks & Regards Mehul. ..."
Mithun Menon, 13-11-2013, Extremely quick response
"....Respected Sir, Good afternoon! First of all I would like to thank you and all involved for the extremely quick response and the level of attention to detail given to the below email I sent last afternoon. I received an acknowledgement call last evening from a lady, assuring me that the issue would be addressed today. This morning, Mr.Ankit from Customer Relations called me and discussed the points raised in the email in detail. It was a very reassuring conversation and I truly appreciate the time and the outstanding effort taken by Mr.Ankit to review the contents of the email, and understand & address every point raised therein. I definitely felt extremely cared about as an IndiGo customer at the end of the conversation and I am sure I do have a reason to be a continued loyal IndiGo customer in the many months to come. Once again, I would like to thank each and everyone involved for giving me an outstanding and possibly the most compassionate experience I ever had on a customer relation and service front. Thank you very much. Kind regards Mithun Menon . ..."
Sunil, 15-11-2013, Rishabh Makhija positive attitude
"....Dear Sir/Madam I am one of your frequent flyer. I called INDIGO last week in connection with my parents flight booking and was attended by your representative Mr. Rishabh Makhija. Rishabh was simply outstanding in his service delivery. He impressed me with his positive attitude. Thanks Sunil. ..."
Sameer Ahmed, 15-11-2013, Excellent work done by Mr Satish Rk
"....Dear Sir / Madam This email is to bring to your notice the excellent work done by Mr Satish Rk in the case of cancelling my booking and rebooking another flight. He was patient, resourceful, eager to help and very professional in his approach, these are the kind of people that make customer relations a wonderful experience. Unfortunately people like Satish are becoming a rare breed these days. I thank him and IndiGo again for all the help! Regards Sameer Ahmed. ..."
G. Venkatasubramanian, 17-11-2013, I required special assistance
"....I traveled on 16 Nov in IndiGo 6E 151 from HYD to Bangalore at 8:35 AM. I required special assistance & I have mention that the Mr. Farhan at HYD airport was very helpful in organizing the same. In addition, he ensured that the entire check-in process until boarding the aircraft was smooth and comfortable. Thanks & Regards, Venkat.. ..."
Ashok K. Menon, 18-11-2013, Dear Mr. Harish /Team at IndiGo
"....Dear Mr. Harish /Team at IndiGo, Just a line of appreciation and thanks for your below gesture. I want you to know that this only reaffirms my continued faith and trust in IndiGo. I read somewhere that INDIGO is rated as one of the BEST EMPLOYERS in India. I am not in the least bit surprised. Just a look at your cabin crew for example and you have a living example of a great team at work. Thank you once again and in turn I assure you of my continued total support and cooperation at all times. I look forward to flying IndiGo on 23rd Nov to Cochin and return on 25th Nov 13 with my son (Flights 6E 139 AND 6E 314 respectively). Warm Regards Ashok K. Menon . ..."
Abhishek Bimal, 19- 11-2013, Professional and welcoming
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am I recently had the privilege to fly by your esteemed Airlines to Cochin on 13th Oct13 by 6E 139 from Delhi. In the cabin I was greeted by your crew, Ms. Renu Gupta in a very professional and welcoming manner. I have been a frequent flyer by Indigo Airlines, but rarely experienced such a great enthusiasm of a crew member towards her job and the airline. Ms. Renu dealt with all of us with extreme care and proficiency. Her announcements, team work and cautious approach towards passengers safety was outstanding and personally it was a learning experience for me as well. She made all efforts to make journey of all passengers comfortable and a memorable experience. She is surely an asset to your organization. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Best Wishes and warm regards Abhishek Bimal. ..."
Uma Rao Kolar, 19- 11-2013, Smooth take-off and landing
"....Me and my daughter travelled from Mumbai to Bengaluru on 17th Nov. I was pleasantly surprised to know that the pilot and the co-pilot were women. Ms. Pooja Sethi and Ms. Akarshita Roy did a wonderful job. It was a very smooth take-off and landing. Well done. Thank you.. ..."
Gaurav Malhotra, 22-11-2013, Found Lead Cabin Crew Ms Shalini a vibrant personality
"....Yesterday, I came back Delhi from Kochi (flight 6E-316 and found Lead Cabin Crew Ms Shalini a vibrant personality, taking best care of the flyers with a big smile always. My eight years of domestic travel hasn't resulted into any better experience than yesterday's. Please convey the appreciation to Ms Shalini to motivate her what she loves doing.. ..."
Dr. Kamlarani Jayarao, 25-11-2013, Letter of appreciation
"....This is a letter of appreciation towards your ground staff who was very courteous and helpful. We were a group of five travelling from Bhubaneswar to Hyderabad. Our luggage was being checked in en-masse. After the tags were attached one of our group realized that her jewelry was in the checked-in baggage and wanted to take it out. The officer at the counter very kindly allowed her to remove the items and have them re-scanned. Though it meant extra work for her, she was very polite and gracious about it. Her name is.Supriya. At Hyderabad, my husband and I, continued our journey to Bangalore. But to our dismay we found that our baggage arriving from Bhubaneswar was damaged. zip was broken., At the transfer desk at Hyderabad the officer went out of his way and was extremely helpful;. He tried to repair the zip and in the end used a tie-wrap. But he was very courteous and did things with a smile. His name is Hari I would like to extend my thanks to both these officers and place on record their courtesy. Such employees enhance the prestige of the Airline.. ..."
Sanish Shashidharan, 23-11-2013, Really appreciate the efforts
"....Dear Merwyn, It was a pleasure talking to you and really appreciate the efforts you have taken. Wish you and your team the best and will look forward to avail IndiGo services in future. Best Regards Sanish Shashidharan. ..."
Sagar S, 25-11-2013, Delighted by the warmth and courtesy extended
"....I was delighted by the warmth and courtesy extended to me on the flight by Ms.Sandra (Cabin Crew). It is people like this who make me want to fly IndiGo always. A big pat on the back to her!. ..."
Mahesh, 26-11-2013 , Quick reply and information
"....I thank you from bottom of my heart for giving me quick reply and information and feel that you are the asset to the organization and there is no doubt that IndiGo means everybody should GO WHEREVER THEY WANT TO GO WITH INDIGO the best airlines and staff. I am feeling proud to travel with such airlines and rest assured that in future also I will get all assistance and help. With Regards, Mahesh. ..."
Biswas, 26-11-2013, Appreciate the Customer Service..
"....I would like to appreciate the Customer Service that I received from Mr Rajib Chakraborty at the Guwahati. It was simply amazing. I would like you to promote him because of his exemplary service. . ..."
Sreemoyee Banerjee, 26-11-2013, Appreciate the wonderful services
"....I just wanted to take my time out to appreciate the wonderful services given to me by the staff of IndiGo. I owe my thanks to Priyanka and especially Vikram, who helped me at Delhi airport on 25th Nov,2013, when I lost my boarding pass. They were prompt enough to help me out and provided me with another pass in a jiffy. Later, me and my friends were about to miss our flight to Kolkata when Mr. Vikram came running to us to inform about the same. We could tell that he had been looking for us everywhere. Had it not been for the excellent service of theirs, I would have been stranded at the airport not once, but twice. I am really thankful. Truly, You are worthy of appreciation. Regards, Sreemoyee Banerjee. ..."
W.K. Khongwir, 28-11-2013, Your customer service is outstanding...
"....Today I had to reschedule my flight date from Delhi to Guwahati and I must say that your customer service is outstanding. Keep up the good work and a particular thank you to Sathima. Indigo has always been my choice and will continue to be in the future. W.K. Khongwir. ..."
Suniiel R Karbhari, 29-11-2013 , Delighted to have great flying experience
"....Dear Madam, I have already mailed my feedback online. Since there is no option as to comments about Flying experience vs Pilot performance, I would like to mail my direct feed back to you. I travelled on 22.11.13 to Kolkata and again on 26.11.13 by GoIndiGo, from Kolkata to Pune via Ahmedabad and reached Pune 3.30pm. I am delighted to have great flying experience I ever had when our Plane was chartered by Pilot Snadhya Singh on 26.11.2013 from Ahmadabad to Pune. What a great Skills, Copy Book Flying, like Sachin Tendulkar, with all that any Pilot is required to Follow, giving great Flying experience to the passengers. She was dot on her Job and the skills and perfect in Take Off at Ahmadabad and the Landing at Pune Air Port, as well as she was superb in the Sky , flying the aircraft like a bird. I could share this because I have travelled a lot by other Indian Airlines and had different experiences of the Pilots during all the three stages of flying. Also I never had such experience with Foreign Airlines like Air Delta and Atlanta in US and Malaysian Airlines with whom I travelled abroad. Pl forward this mail to concerned dept. as I do not have direct mail id with me. Thanks, Regards CA Suniiel R Karbhari. ..."
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