P K Muraleedharan, 01-10-2013, Appreciation for Prativa.
"....Dear Sir/Madam, Received your mail and I am very much thankful to you for the help given to us. All the time I was wondering what is 'Customer Delight' and I have really experienced that. Thank you very much. P K Muraleedharan. ..."
Hameed Jafar, 03-10-2013, Excellent Customer Service - Avinash, IndiGo-Trivandrum
"....Dear Customer Relations, We would like to thank and appreciate Avinash, who is working in IndiGo- Trivandrum for handling my case in a very kind and organized manner. My sister has missed her Samsung Mobile and a wrist watch on the flight from Chennai - Dubai and the missing items were found by Avinash, when the flight returned to Trivandrum. He found my missed call on the phone and contacted me and followed up for nearly 5 days till we receive the items. The items had been delivered to Chennai IndiGo counter and were later collected by my friend. We wish him all the success and the employees like Avinash makes big differences in customer service and he is real asset to IndiGo. Thanks a lot Hameed Jafar . ..."
Ratankumar singh, 03-10-2013, Excellent!!!!
"....Hi, I travelled on IndiGo flight for the 3rd time. Superb service, smooth, clean, hygienic flight and time to time passenger's satisfaction. I really appreciate all the crew members while travelling from Dubai to Delhi & Delhi to Dubai. They did excellent service even when some passengers were giving trouble like taking videos and photos, order/requesting etc. When I reached booking counter and check in counter , they were very smooth & service was Fabulas". I will make sure that i book 1 month in advance when i travel next time with IndiGo for any destinations. Overall India or international country, as compare to any others flights, as per the some little air travel experience, I find IndiGo great. I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart all IndiGo's crew members, ground staffs & captains for on time take off, landing and communications of 6E 22 & 6E 23. Excellent! Thanks, Ratankumar singh Dxb. ..."
Priya Agrawal, 04-10-2013, Appreciation for in-flight hospitality
"....Dear IndiGo team, This is just to thank the entire team of in flight attendants: Rashmi, Swati, Riya and especially the lead Pooja Tomar for their warm hospitable behaviour. The job done by Pooja along with her team was commendable despite the fact the flight was delayed & every effort was taken by her to make the passengers comfortable & keep them updated of the delay in Flight 6E 217 sectors Bombay to Jaipur date 3rd October 2013. Look forward to similar lovely experiences with IndiGo in future as well! Keep up the good job! Regards, Priya Agrawal Associate Consultant, Infosys Ltd. ..."
R. Athickal, 05-10-2013, Dear Jigyasa Bhardwaj
"....Dear Jigyasa Bhardwaj, Thanks very much for taking the time out to rectify a lapse. I appreciate it very much and Indigo goes up sky high in my estimate. Regards R. Athickal. ..."
Shoba Mohan, 07-10-2013, Feedback and thanks to Rafsanjani
"....Ms. Priya Kataria IndiGo Dear Ms. Kataria, Good morning and this is to bring to your notice the extreme patience and good humour displayed by Mr. Rafsanjani (Check-in for flight 6E 288) Chennai to New Delhi on the Oct 5. I was not at my brightest having finished a marathon run of meetings and trainings in Chennai for two days and all I wanted was to get to the flight and relax. My hand baggage which was supposedly made for cabin luggage (Samsonite) admittedly looked a bit bigger and definitely weighed a couple of Kilos more than the stipulated. Which young Mr. Rafsanjani pointed out and also mentioning that my luggage was too big for cabin. Now I had brought in the same luggage on my way in as I pointed out to him and insisted that I should be allowed to carry the same as I had to connect directly to a waiting car to Jaipur. I did not want to get into the delay of collecting checked in bags. I must admit I was not being very friendly or reasonable, for which I would like to apologise to Mr. Rafsanjani - however he did not once lose his cool nor was he irritable coming up with a reasonable idea, that if my baggage fit into the specs model provided I can run with it, which it did and I am glad that he came up with a viable solution. This is to apologise to Rafsanjani, if I was being unreasonable and to thank him for his patience. Lastly to IndiGo for keeping my trust and yes, it continues to be my favourite airline. You have a great team in place and you the first carrier I check for my journeys and you will continue to be so. Warm regards of the festive season and do please pass on my greetings to Rafsanjani as well. Shoba Mohan . ..."
"....EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE BY INDIGO GROUND STAFF This is to bring to your notice the exceptional personalised service that was given to us by your ground staff Ms. Meghna and Ms. Sinzia. I and my Mother were travelling back from Mumbai on Flight 6E 464 Chandigarh-Mumbai- Chandigarh on 29th Sep 2013. After having checked in our baggage we took the escalator to the next floor to proceed to the gate A7. We were both carrying one handbag each. As we just got off the escalator my mother tripped and fell down and badly injured her upper lip and nose which were bleeding profusely. I was panicking as other passengers gathered around us and helped by getting water, band aid. We were immediately attended by Ms. Meghna and Ms. Sinzia who immediately made an emergency call to Dr. Hemlata. Dr Hemlata and her assistant Mr. Dantis were there in a few minutes. Doctor assessed the injury and gave medication to my mother and told us she was fit to fly. Ms. Meghna and Ms. Sinzia ensured that we checked in on priority basis and escorted us till we boarded the plane. This is to thank IndiGo for the exceptional and empathetic service given to us by Ms. Meghna, Ms Sinzia, Dr. Hemalta and Mr. Dantis. Look forward to flying with IndiGo again! Thanks and Best Regards Jasmine Chaudhary. ..."
Shalabh Sharma, 09-10-2013, Such a smooth landing
"....Yesterday i.e. 8th Oct I was on IndiGo flight from Bhubaneswar on seat no E11. Just want to compliment the team in the cockpit for making such a smooth landing in Hyderabad. I haven't come across a landing so smooth in a long time. Great job, Keep it up and please pass on my message to the concern team. Regards, Shalabh Sharma. ..."
JYOTI BALONI, 10-10-2013, Wonderful Experience
"....Dear Sir/Ma'am, I Just wanted to let you Know that I travelled on your IndiGo flight 6E-023 Delhi to Dubai on 10 October, 2013(Today only). I was travelling for the first time. I was alone and very nervous. I went to check in counters and met one of your staff PRIYANKA. The girl with very helping nature. She helped me in each and everything which I can't even expect. She was very courteous and at that time it was midnight she looks so fresh and her smiling face makes me feel something different from others. YOU DO SUCH A GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate what you have done for me and make me feel so special. And now i can never think to fly with some other airlines as your Staff is really courteous and helpful. God bless you for always being there to cheer and to guide. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN THANKS & REGARDS, JYOTI BALONI. ..."
KSRAO, 11-10-2013, Appreciation for Kaushik
"....Dear Sri Kaushik, I appreciate your quick response. Nice talking to you. Whenever the INDIGO Flight time suits for my travel schedules any where my first Preference is always INDIGO. I LOVE INDIGO because of the on time, safe travel and its perfection of the Flight Team. My best wishes to all of you at IndiGo Family. Thanks, Best regards and happy Dusherra KSRAO . ..."
Satyajit Dash Mohapatra, 11-10-2013, APPRECIATION
"....APPRECIATION NOTE :-- It is another opportunity we are once again privileged to congratulate Mr. Joydeep Sarkar, Duty Manager for his outstanding service rendered during travel of our Ex-CFO on 28th Sept 13. We do appreciate his sincere timely efforts in particular and INDIGO in general for a professional approach in travel industry. Needless to say, Mr. Joydeep has also shown his enthusiasm to accomplish in tracing a laptop for one of our senior associate (Mrs. Sarmila Dutta Chowdhury) during her trip from Kolkata - Trivandrum , when she missed the same after security check-in point. He is really GREAT and we would feel that emptiness in absence of Mr. Joydeep Sarkar. He is a man paved with integrity, calmness and a down-to-earth personality. His attachment to INDIGO IS INDISPENSABLE!!! May God bless him for his future endeavours!!! Warm Regards Satyajit Dash Mohapatra Asst Manager- Administration International Travel & Visas Tata Consultancy Services. ..."
Nitin Kapoor, 11-10-2013, Extremely hospitable!.
"....Greetings of the day! Dear All, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at IndiGo for the extreme hospitable service by Mr. mehernosh and Mr. shashank at the boarding gate at Mumbai airport and Mr. Alison at the counters as well as the cabin crew staff Ms. Mandeep who made our journey extremely comfortable. I would love to be associated with your extreme hospitable service crew. Wish u all the luck for prosperity and success in life. Thanks & Regards, Nitin Kapoor, Unit Manager, Mamagoto, Mumbai. Azure Hospitality. ..."
Somak Dhar, 14-10-2013, Dusshera Delight @ IndiGo Kolkata
"....I am a regular flyer with IndiGo, usually travels out of Delhi and currently traveling to Mumbai & back via 6E 293/325. I had arrived at the airport early. On my request, the staff @ IndiGo led by the Shift Manager arranged for web check-in on my return flight to Kolkata, striking a balance between Policy & Service. Since my boarding gate for the onward flight was not announced till then, I was escorted through the security gate where the alert IndiGo personnel observed that my baggage tag had not been stamped and kindly did the needful, post which he informed me of the gate number before taking leave. The entire pre-flight experience has been remarkable. Way to go! Cheers Somak Dhar. ..."
Sachin Lawrence Elenjikal, 15-10-2013, Dear Mr. Bhatia
"....Dear Mr. Bhatia, I would certainly like to thank each one of your staff members right from the contact center to the airport staff and cabin crew for their excellent service. Ms. Monica from the Mumbai airport was extremely polite and did assist me well through check in and boarding the aircraft. Ms. Roxaine and her team were excellent on board. Once again, I would like to thank IndiGo for retaining my faith and trust in your services. I'll also let you or Ms. Kataria knows about my next travel in case if I need any assistance. I am looking forward for travelling on one of your flights in near future. Thanks once again. Regards, Sachin Lawrence Elenjikal. ..."
"....To, The Management. GoIndiGo. Sir, I sincerely appreciate the service provided to me for my PNR by Ms. Avni Mittal. With all her presence of mind and with all intelligence by resolving mistakes within 5 minutes of an unresolved issue which was existing since last 24 hours. Her professional actions with polite interaction are remarkable and me as your valued customer is 100% happy to receive such best executive services from her. Also, I appreciate Ms SWARNIMA who took necessary action yesterday with very polite conversations and actions for the valued customer of INDIGO satisfactorily. From my end I recommend for both of them a professional success. Note: Further I found that all your customer care executives are very polite with all helping efforts. Thanks and Best Regards SHYAMAL KUMAR GHOSH. ..."
Murali Konasani, 16-10-2013, Hello Mr. Thomas
"....Hello Mr. Thomas, Thanks for the call we had. Appreciate the efforts you have taken to understand the case and to revert. I take this as good gesture from INDIGO and to convey that it would only result into loyalty and relation. Thank you for being cooperative. Regards, Murali Konasani. ..."
Sachin Dhar, 17-10-2013 , Dear Neha
"....Dear Neha, I am really delighted and thankful to IndiGo customer relations team to have understood and addressed my concern professionally. Cheers to you and team. Regards, Sachin Dhar. ..."
Soujanya, 22-10-2013, Appreciation to Zahid..
"....Hi, I had taken an IndiGo flight during the phialin cyclone to Bhubaneswar, which was cancelled twice and the second time after reaching Hyderabad (midway). Zahid is one of your staff handling the passengers at Hyderabad airport. He was excellent in the way he handled the situation. He helped me to take an alternate option which made my trip satisfactory. Thanks to Zahid. Regards, Soujanya . ..."
Dr. Malini Bhandaru, 24-10-2013, Excellent Customer Service.
"....Hello Customer Relations Staff IndiGo India Dear Sir/Madame, I recently needed two round-trip tickets which were required to be modified, keeping only the return segments in each ticket and was unable to do so online. My travel agent had not been very helpful. I called your phone number, expected a long wait, penalties, delayed refunds etc. Instead, I spoke to Ms. Anju Kushwaha who helped me. She confirmed that I had a penalty of Rs. 1000 per cancelled sector, and was willing to help rebook my tickets to new destination, confirmed at each step that she was talking to the real owner of the bookings, confirmed the dates, times, and costs. It turned out to be an entirely satisfactory experience! I look forward to travelling by IndiGo and skipping travel agents all together, booking directly online and/or via IndiGo staff. Ms. Anju's politeness, promptness and thoroughness were refreshing and the best ambassador an airline can have. Regards, Dr. Malini Bhandaru. ..."
Dr Jyotsna Karthaka, 24-10-2013, Excellent Service..
"....To , The Chief Public Relations Officer Ms. Pratibha Bhatia IndiGo. Dear Mam, Sub: Mr. Yogesh Kumar ,Emp No :2003347 This email is to compliment you and the team of IndiGo Airlines which rendered such excellent service to me in my time of need. I am a very loyal steady customer of your airline, travelling almost 95% by IndiGo only sparing the few times that I have flown when I had no option .On the 22nd of this month there was a need for me to change my booking date for a return ticket from Mumbai to coimbatore for which I had a lot of trouble with the agent .It was only when I insisted on talking to IndiGo that I was put across to a very pleasant courteous staff by the name Mr Yogesh Kumar who understood my need, the harassment I was going through for no reason , and who re-booked my ticket just there and then ,very patiently guided me through the entire process online when he need not have really done so. It was then that I asked him for his employee ID and decided to send an appreciative mail to you. He was very polite, quick on the uptake and so intelligent to mark the problem, sort out the matter, leaving behind another reassured customer in favour of IndiGo. I am really impressed ma'am that you train your staff so well with an exemplary behaviour coupled with loads of patience making a customer go through the entire ordeal much faster and peaceful. I think your staff deserves a good pat on the back and should be complimented for having been so nice. Once again ma'am, thank you so much for the service I received. Henceforth, I think I shall book directly from the IndiGo website rather than sourcing through agents which turned into a nightmare!! Thanks and regards, Dr. Jyotsna Karthaka. ..."
.........Sanjiv Jain, 24-10-2013 , SPECIAL THANKS AND APPRECIATION
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I have always been travelling in IndiGo; which is always my first choice owing to the on time arrivals and superb in-flight services. However, now my patronage for INDIGO has reached a different level. On 6th of October my son was travelling from Bangalore to Guwahati and he accidently dropped his wallet in the flight. I received a call few hours later from a gentleman called Mr. Paul from Kolkata IndiGo regarding a wallet they had found in the aircraft. I informed him that it belonged to my son and that we are based in Guwahati. He was very courteous and said he would send the same to Guwahati and I can collect the same from Guwahati airport showing an identity proof or boarding pass copy. On 10th October, I was flying Guwahati -Jaipur again by IndiGo and collected the same from the airport. I am really impressed by the honestly and integrity of the IndiGo staff and would like to put on record my special thanks and appreciation for the entire team. With warm regards Sanjiv Jain Guwahati. ..."
Bikash Kumar Mohanty, 25-10-2013, Thanks Mr. Nakra
"....Thanks Mr. Nakra for the prompt response. I have got back the money. Once again, thanks for quick settlement of the customer grievance. I am really proud to be associated with such a great airline. Bikash Kumar Mohanty. ..."
Mrs. Premchander, 26-10-2013, Dear Kaushik..
"....Dear Kaushik, Thank you very much. I really appreciate the support of IndiGo in making this change. It helps a great deal and sets my mind at rest that the travel will be stress free for my daughter. Best wishes, Mrs. Premchander. ..."
Rima, 27-10-2013, Excellent Customer Service - Still Alive..
"....Hi, I travelled back on your IndiGo Flight - Bangkok- Delhi on the 25th Oct flight no 6E 42. I would like to put on record that Manish Kumar and Arun Bhudw EXTREMELY PROACTIVELY, EFFICIENTLY and PLEASENTLY (very rare now days) resolved my baggage issue when I landed at the Delhi airport. Another passenger had picked my bag erroneously. The contact number given by the passenger was incorrect, however they traced the number through the immigration card, figured he was taking a connecting flight to Mumbai on IndiGo and tracked him down. My luggage was handed back to me. I would like to put on record that such employees are an asset to your company. I have seen this kind of customer service after a decade, where employees are willing to take responsibility and go out of their way to help a passenger and most importantly with patience. Regards Rima . ..."
Rajan Singh, 27-10-2013, Dear Mr. Ankit Saxena..
"....Dear Mr. Ankit Saxena, Thank you for the co-operation extended by you and your team at Goa and Mumbai. The baggage was booked directly from Goa to Bhubaneswar. My parents had a comfortable flight back home. The service extended was fantastic. Thank you. Rajan Singh. ..."
Carl Harrison, 28-10-2013, Letter of Thanks...
"....Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to inform you of my positive experience when flying with IndiGo, and to provide my recommendation for a particular staff member who was extremely helpful on this journey. When on holiday in India last month, I travelled with IndiGo from Mumbai to Goa on the 17th September. In a rush to catch the plane, I left my mobile phone at the Security checks area at Mumbai Airport and didn't realise until I had already boarded the plane. After realising my mistake I spoke to one of your very helpful stewardess's who directed me towards the IndiGo Ground Staff at Goa Airport. At Goa airport, I was assisted by an employee of yours called Ms. Arati Naik, who put in maximum effort to help me retrieve my phone. She took all my details and contacted the security staff at Mumbai airport for me, as well as leaving me her contact phone number so I could phone for an update on the situation. With the help of Ms. Naik and her colleagues at IndiGo in Goa, I was able to collect my mobile phone from the airport two days later, after it had been flown to the airport from Mumbai. Ms. Naik had kept me updated with phone calls regarding the status of the phone situation, and provided excellent customer service skills. Ms. Naik was extremely eager to help and she was professional and courteous. I believe that without her help I would not have seen my phone again. Ms. Naik is an absolute credit to the airline and with her help I was reunited with my phone and all my holiday photographs. I would have no hesitation in using your airline again and would recommend it to friends and colleagues. Please thank Ms. Arati Naik on my behalf for her excellent help and service. Best Regards Carl Harrison. ..."
Nitin kumar Dwarkadas, 29-10-2013, THANKS INDIGO..
"....Hello IndiGo, I was flying to Mumbai from Muscat on 17th October and forgot my ipad on 26A seat. Thankfully, I got a call in Pune at around 7 am on my wife's cell, that to identify your ipad and take it from airport departure gate D. I am thankful to Mr. Sunny Miranda, Mr. Swapnil Thrakar and Mr. Dwyan Beako. Please convey my message to them. The another incident happen on my Kochi-Dubai flight on kochi airport, where I left my bags keys in hotel and security didn't allow me to go outside. I requested Mr. Rajeesh, I do not know how much I remember the name, who helped me a lot to get the keys from outside. And thanks to him for smooth check in. This is to encourage the people working in IndiGo and boost all to serve the customer well for the future. I strongly believe in encouraging people who understand the true meaning of service in this industry because mostly we found the people behind counters are not so helpful. I had lot of bad experiences in other airlines. Thanking you, Nitin kumar Dwarkadas. ..."
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