Maria Mildred Sequeira, 01-09-2013, Dear Kaushik Karjee,
"....Dear Kaushik Karjee, I thank you for your immediate response and sincerely thank you for the favourable action from your side also. I appreciate your gesture and would definitely think of Indigo for all our future travels to India and back. In fact my husband is also considering booking his flight to Goa and back on the same flight. Thanking you once again. Regards, Maria Mildred Sequeira.. ..."
Gururaj, 02-09-2013, Appreciation
"....Hi, I am Gururaj, working in CISCO systems, Chennai. I travelled from Bangalore to Chennai last Saturday (31-Aug-2013), IndiGo flight No - 6E-272 (Departure time 20.35). This is the first time I have travelled with IndiGo and I'm really surprised and happy about the service provided by the entire crew. I want to write review about my travel and experience with IndiGo in your Testimonials as well as and provide my rating at SKYTRAX. I'm very pleased with the service provided. Regards, Gururaj . ..."
Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava, 02-09-2013, Simply Superb: Go IndiGo..
"....Greetings!!!!! Dear Sir, I am writing this mail for the crew who gives soft/feather touch to my family during our Mumbai-Patna trip on August 20th, 2013(Tuesday).We're in very bad mood because we were coming native place for funeral ceremony of my father. She's very smart girl & good psychologist. She scanned our situation & acted like our family friends. Sushmita easily interacted with us & gave us world class service with smile. She acted like brand ambassador of your organisation. If you want to give more value addition to clientele: Just add more Sushmita in your team. Warm regards, Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava . ..."
Amit, 03-09-2013, It was nice experience..
"....Hi Team,, It was nice experience speaking with Shiva Prasad., He was very gentle, prompt and very pleasing to talk with., He handled my queries very well., Thanks, Amit. ..."
Satyajit Dash Mohapatra, 03-09-2013, APPRECIATION NOTE: --
"....APPRECIATION NOTE: -- At the outset, we are privileged to take an opportunity to express thanks for all support and assistance given at last occasions. Efforts and coordination especially shown by Mr Rizwan Quadir and Mr Joydeep Sarkar were extremely extraordinary and unforgettable in all aspects when our senior management travelled on 31st Aug 2013 and on 8th Jun 2013 respectively. Further to reiterate, timely response to my calls is highly appreciated at a need of hour. Once again, thanking so much for a wonderful job. May God bless them to grow with their future endeavours!!! Regards Satyajit Dash Mohapatra. ..."
Sanjeev Nayan, 04-09-2013, Appreciation for prativa.
"....Respected Sir, I am really grateful to entire team of this next generation airline for considering the grievances sympathetically on the merit of individual case not as principal. I remain thankful to your good self for the action taken to resolve the matter. Wish that the presence of Airline goes in faster way to remain at no. 1 Spot always for the many years to come. Thanks again With Regards Sanjeev Nayan. ..."
Nitin Vijay Gupta, 04-09-2013, Appreciation Letter..
"....Dear IndiGo team, This e-mail is in reference to appreciate efforts by one of your colleagues who works in a security division. I was travelling with my family from Mumbai to Delhi on 30th Aug '13 in flight 6E138 and I left my tablet on the seat pocket and somehow forgot to carry it along with my baggage. In fact I didn't even noticed that I've missed something back till I got a call from one the Delhi Indigo security staff asking questions about my travel schedule. Initially I was surprised why someone is asking me such strange questions and then I realized about the tablet which I had left in the flight. In a very short span of time probably 15 minutes, he managed to keep the tablet in safe custody and contacted me. More importantly, he also asked the right questions to ensure that he is speaking to the correct owner of the tablet without giving details that I've left it in the flight. I am extremely happy and would like to appreciate the efforts of your security staff Abhay Kumar Pandey of IndiGo Delhi Airport who not only took immediate steps to contact me but also ensured that the tablet is handed over to the right person. Possibly, I would never have got the tablet back if fallen in wrong hands. Regards, Nitin Vijay Gupta. ..."
Madhusmita, 04-09-2013, Appreciation...
"....I must accept that, IndiGo's service recovery process is better than other LCCs. We've been co-ordinating with Shweta from Mumbai - Baggage services and I must admit that I am highly impressed with the professionalism shown by her. Many other airlines would not have put in the effort to help us, as she did. I honestly feel she went over and above the call of her duty. It was greatly appreciated and I will definitely do my part to "advertise" your airline by sharing my story! Regards Madhusmita. ..."
Kersi Aga, 04-09-2013, Feedback - Booking today...
"....Dear Sir / Ma'am, This is to bring to your notice the pleasant experience I had this morning while booking flights for my parents. I spoke to Mr. Akash who was very polite and courteous. It is people like him who should become role model for others as far as servicing the customer is concerned. Thank you for all the lovely experiences with IndiGo airlines over the years. This is my preferred airline for domestic travel. Kind Regards, Kersi Aga. ..."
Kunal Mehta, 05-09-2013, Letter of appreciation..
"....Letter of appreciation To the management team of IndiGo. I would like to share a pleasant experience I had while travelling on your airline recently. I was on flight 6E-408 (Seat no 28D) from Bangalore to Pune on the 19th of August, 2013. I had been feeling extremely unwell and was forced to travel only due to extremely contingent circumstances. I was feverish and feeling dizzy throughout the flight. While in the air, I felt very nauseated and faint and did not understand who I could turn to for help. But the cabin crew, Ms. Nazia in particular, was very helpful and took good care of me and I would like to recommend her for that. I was provided medication and a warm beverage even before I had to ask for it and I am extremely grateful for the same. I will be recommending your airline service to everyone in my circle and would also be ensuring that IndiGo is my preferred travel choice for the future. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. Warm regards, Kunal Mehta Bangalore . ..."
Sarguro, 05-09-2013, Appreciation for prativa...
"....Dear Prativa, Million thanks for your assistance. That's spirit I see in the staff like yours. God bless you. Regards Sarguro. ..."
Parvez Siraj, 09-09-2013 , 5 on 5 for customer service
"....Hi, I am a frequent flier not only in Indigo but several other carriers also. I am so much impressed to see the commitment level of your employees (Mudasir and Lateef) today at Srinagar. I have never seen such level of commitment before. I was travelling from Srinagar to Mumbai by 6E 559 at 3:30PM flight. Both of them were as one unit catering to two counters so professionally and with soul and heart at service. I am sure you would recognise their effort and reward for their commitment. It's only because of such employees your carrier is at Nmero Uno position and will continue as long as everyone serves as I have observed today. Regards, Parvez Siraj. ..."
Rev V. P Isaac, 10-09-2013, Her landing skills are to be applauded..
"....Dear Customer Care, Greetings ! I am a frequent flyer of IndiGo since 23rd May 2011 - having begun on the Chennai - Imphal sector and I want to convey my heartfelt appreciation to all who work in your airline for the highest level of efficiency, courteousness of the Cabin Crew and punctuality maintained irrespective of a highly disorganised system of doing things in this nation that they have to contend with for most of the time. Last month, I returned from Imphal to Chennai on Aug.29th, and was pleasantly pleased to see a lady, Arti from Pune we were told, piloting the craft back from Kolkata. To her credit, I must say it was the most pleasant trip back that I enjoyed and her landing skills at Chennai in the night are to be applauded - it was as gentle as possible. Incidentally, it was the first time since I started travelling by flight both in India and abroad since 1980 that I had a lady fly a plane in which I was travelling in!! I made sure all my parishioners got to hear about it that very day!! Thanking you, Blessings... In Him Rev V. P Isaac. ..."
Rev V P Isaac, 11-09-2013 , Dear Neha Rohilla..
"....Dear Neha Rohilla, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. What a relief your letter brings to me! Thank you for solving my dilemma. Thank you again for taking the effort to write me back and to patiently explain the same to me. May your Airlines continue to be a blessing to all who choose 'real change' in this beautiful nation and decide to fly INDIGO! GOD BLESSES YOU AND ALL THOSE WHO CO-LABOR WITH YOU TO MAKE OUR AIR TRIPS A PLEASANT ONE - ALWAYS!! Blessings... In Him Rev V P Isaac. ..."
"....Dear IndiGo, I would like to extend sincere words of appreciation for your IndiGo Trivandrum International staff. I am Mr. Sreejith who had travelled in IndiGo flight from Dubai to Trivandrum International airport on 13 Sep 2013. As I was clearing arrival immigration, i was hold by health department for not having the yellow fever card. I was not aware of this procedure. They denied the arrival in Trivandrum and insisted me to be in quarantine for six days. I was mentally upset because I had only seven days leave for my onam celebration. At the very next moment your international staffs Mr. Joseph, Mr. Vimal and Mr. Bipin came to me and explained the particular situation. The immigration officers didn't even allow me to see my relatives. Your staff insisted the officers explaining my situation and took the pain to allow me see my relatives. As I got little relived from my emotions .The immigration and Health department compelled me to go back to Dubai or stay in observation room for six days. I was not willing to stay in the observation. Then your staff got me a ticket in Etihad airlines to Abu Dhabi at 04:20 AM and I was been put into observation room till my next flight. As I was in the observation room your airline staffs had got me food and all other need full things. I was very much delighted for the care I received in spite of being quarantined. Later your IndiGo airline staff Mr. Vimal took the pain to come to the airport at the odd hours of 01:30 AM with the releasing order from the doctor and assisted me from observation room to all the way to the flight. I want to express my vote of thanks to the airline staffs and to the airline for providing me the good care in this critical situation. Wishing all the way success...... Regards, Sreejith.A. ..."
Nikasha Khemka, 15-09-2013, Fabulous team!!
"....Dear Manager, This is to let you know that I live in Singapore for the past 3 years and used to be jet airways frequent flier. But now, I travel only IndiGo for domestic travel in India. This is largely because you are an efficient, organized and well planned airline!! Your people are exceptional considering they have to manage so many people/ traffic daily. Here, I have to mention Mr. Sushman Sharma who is an extremely courteous, efficient and helpful person. He is an excellent representation for what Indigo stands for. Another mention goes out to Mr. Shanawaz Ahmed who is another exceptional example. Well done IndiGo!! Keep it up!! Regards, Nikasha Khemka. ..."
NITESH MONPARA, 18-09-2013, Appreciation of Honesty...
"....Hello.... I am Nitesh Monpara travelled in your flight 6E 157 seat no 20B. I want to inform you that today I had a great experience with IndiGo. When I left for my home from the airport suddenly Mr. RAMPRATAP TIWARI (ID: - IGA2316 who is in ground staff) called me and informed me that I left my wallet in plane. In my wallet I left 15 thousand rupees, 4 credit cards, 2 ATM cards and ID proof and other valuable things. But when Mr. Tiwari returned my wallet, it was as it was. In return, when I tried hard to award Mr. Rampratap he refused. I am very much impressed by his loyalty and honesty. This is to inform you that from now onwards I will always travel in IndiGo due to this wonderful incident of Mr. Tiwari and I will insist my friends to do the same. I hope that you will also appreciate Mr. Rampratap TIWARI 's honesty and loyalty as he did his job at the level best and also refused to take award from me. So, I wish that you will appreciate his noble work and inspire others to learn from him. Yours faithfully, NITESH MONPARA. ..."
Rahul and Jaya Basu, 19-09-2013 , Thank you for help rendered...
"....Dear Mr. Srikrishna, We would like to thank the entire staff of IndiGo at Delhi and Kolkata for the help and services rendered to my son, Aniruddha Basu; who travelled from Delhi to Kolkata on 6E-203 as a stretcher passenger on 8th September, 2013. I would especially like to thank Mr. Manish Jain and Mr. Neeraj Ailawadi, who were exceptionally helpful and went out of their way to ensure that we faced no problems at Delhi airport. Kindly convey our sincere thanks and regards to the entire team who attended the flight at Delhi and Kolkata on 8th of September. Yours sincerely, Rahul and Jaya Basu. ..."
KARAN KANJANI, 20-09-2013, Good customer relation...
A. Sharma, 23-09-2013, Appreciation...
"....Dear IndiGo Team, I would like to share the wonderful experience I had at the check-in counters of IndiGo at Ahmedabad. I was traveling to Bangalore around a week back from Ahmedabad and I saw your staff Mr. Huzefa was at check in counters. Checking in the passengers and was also handling the queries of his team mates. Like it was so wonderful experience for me to see the staff like him who all is delegated dual responsibilities. Also, he was calling the passengers who all have first departure so nobody can miss the flight. When I asked him why do you call for the passengers who reported late, he just gave me a smile and said we give personal touch to the passengers and would like to see them fly with us frequently. This statement really made me happy and I make sure I travel only with IndiGo for my future trips. Regards A. Sharma. ..."
Geeta Chopra, 25-09-2013, Thanking you immensely...
"....Dear Neha Rohilla, This is regarding the IndiGo tickets booked for 10/09/2013 from Bangalore to New Delhi on flight 6E-114. I wanted to thank you and the IndiGo immensely for considering my special case and processing the refund. It has always been a wonderful experience for us to travel by IndiGo. Indeed the best airline in the industry. Thanking you again. Geeta Chopra. ..."
Sriharsha T S, 27-09-2013, Feedback on runway model toy..
"....Dear GoIndiGo, The runway model toy is very good and it was liked very much by my kid. I have recommended my friends and colleagues to buy this product. Thanks Regards Sriharsha T S. ..."
Ayena Makkar, 28-09-2013, Appreciation mail for Sahil Luthra...
"....To whomsoever it may concern, I would like to make a mention that I have been thoroughly satisfied with the in-flight services of IndiGo every time I have travelled with. However, this is in reference to the call I made to make some changes in a freshly booked travel itinerary for IndiGo travelling in December to and from Delhi-Pune. I talked to Sahil Luthra and the guy has been really patient with me as we had a call that lasted almost 2 hours. He made all the required changes I asked him to, kept informing me about the guidelines etc. and made fresh bookings as well. Kudos to you Sahil. I congratulate Indigo once again for the services you offer on and off the flight. I look forward to travelling with you again and always. Thanks and Regards, Ayena Makkar. ..."
Manesh Karani , 28-09-2013, Dear Mr. Abhijeet Kumar..
"....Dear Mr. Abhijeet Kumar, Thanks for all your support. Highly appreciated. I am a loyal customer of Indigo and today I am happy that you'll care for the customer's concern. Thanks once again. Good Day Manesh Karani - Director. ..."
Namrata Parekh,28-09-2013, Excellent customer service...
"....Dear IndiGo, I had the opportunity to interact with two of your excellent employees today, Deepak Yadav and Chetan Bhola from your Gurgaon office. Under dire and almost impossible circumstances they managed to help me out and the transition of cancelling tickets to re-scheduling them was a smooth and hassle free process. Customer Service people who are sensitive to a customer's genuine problems and who can take the right decisions in terms of a difficult situation are rare. I have been a long standing customer of this airline and my loyalty just got stronger after this experience. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to both of them. Thank you, -- Namrata Parekh. ..."
Sankar Sapru, 29-09-2013, 'Great Service'...
"....I am very grateful to IndiGo Airlines Customer Care for being very helpful when I left behind my laptop when going through Hyderabad airport security. I flew IndiGo Hyderabad-Bangalore, had a very pleasant flight with a very courteous set of crew and late in the evening I realized that my laptop was left behind at Hyderabad airport security. With the most diligent work of IndiGo, they retrieved my laptop from lost and found at HYD airport and delivered it to me at BLR airport within a few days and I continued my onward journey to USA with all the stress relieved. I want to profusely thank each and every one of IndiGo staff for a job well done. Like the American cheer....."go IndiGo go!!" I wish IndiGo Airlines every success, Sankar Sapru. ..."
Priya,30-09-2013, Feedback on Mumbai Team...
"....Hi Team, I am pleased with the service provided by your team . On 16th Sept 2013, I had lost my camera at Mumbai Domestic terminal. Your team had helped me and was very co-operative. Thank you guys. I would like to thank everyone who ever helped me in Mumbai Domestic terminal Security Team , Mumbai Police team at terminals , espc Krishna Sir , Aadil from Indigo and few others from Mumbai Airport and IndiGo team. This guy helped me in talking to higher officials and guided me through out. Thanks Once again Thanks, Priya. ..."
Raja Parthasarathy, 30-09-2013, Thank you...
"....Kamal - on behalf of the INSEAD alumni association in India, I would like to thank you for your support of our recent event in Dubai. The flight arrangements were excellent and we are especially grateful for your flexibility in extending the ticketing deadlines. It does not surprise me at all that Indigo is the country's favourite airline and the customer service that I've had a chance to see on this event in particular is an important reason why. Please also extend our thanks to your colleagues that were involved in our travel plans. Raja Raja Parthasarathy. ..."
Sarita, 30-09-2013, Appreciation for Abhijeet...
"....Dear Abhijeet, Thank you so much and appreciate the customer service. You guys are really of international standard . Thanks Sarita. ..."
Gagan Arora, 30-09-2013, Appreciation for the Assistance at Bangalore Airport....
"....Dear IndiGo Team, Last Friday i was at Bangalore for business meeting. I was planning to come back to my home town on the same day. I checked with all other Airlines flights but they were not suiting my budget and time. I went to your Ticket counter and one of your staff member really helped me out. I bothered her at least 2-3 times but she always welcomed me for the information. I really appreciate her assistance and time she given to me when i was in trouble. I always preference expanse airlines for my official trip but now I will choose IndiGo for such a wonderful Customer Support and Service. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to the specific staff member who booked my ticket. She is a true reflection of the high levels of standard that I have come to expect of IndiGo Airlines. Warm Regards Gagan Arora. ..."
Dilkumar K Singh, 30-09-2013, Asha Jyoti Das - 10276 - Amazing experience...
"....Hi Today, I was at a total loss as I was unable to retrieve my PNR number/date of travel for a flight I had booked sometime in August. And I was afraid if the calling the customer care would be helpful without these two details. But luckily I got a blessing in disguise from one of your customer care executive named Asha Jyoti Das (10276). She was not only caring but very patient as well. The best part of it was her patience, courtesy, her helping nature and the eagerness to help. She showed empathy. I never expected such a wonderful experience and I am very much delighted. Would request whoever concerned to please share my thanks to the lady. I am sure she would do a great job as a trainer too on basic human relations call! Best Regards, Dilkumar K Singh. ..."
Deepak Susendran, 30-09-2013, Appreciation....
"....Team, I would want to take time and appreciate Niraj Vij (Ahmedabad) for helping me through an easy / hassle free check-in on Friday Sept 27th. I was on road from Baroda to Ahmedabad and due to unforeseen weather circumstances I could only reach half hour before departure time. I usually arrive an hour ahead on my travel. Niraj made an exception and helped me with a hassle free check in of my bags and boarding pass as well. He was courteous and made me comfortable and directed me to the gate as well. I wanted to thank and appreciate the wonderful staff you have on-board as well. Regards, Deepak Susendran. ..."
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