Meenakshi Priyadashini, 01-04-2014.. Appreciation for your ground staff
"...."Subject:-Great Assistance at Airport Good Day, I, Mrs. Meenkashi Priyadashini would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the courteous & professional assistance extended by Indigo ground staff at Patna airport. My daughter Waageeshaa Prakash travelled by IndiGo flight 6E191, PATNA-DELHI. My daughter who is just 12years was travelling alone from Patna hence was a matter of great anxiety for me as a mother. My parents went there to drop her and were met by your ground staff Mr.Shashi. The way he assisted them and my daughter was very professional as well as that much needed human touch to the service. We are very impressed and really appreciate the way he conducted himself while on duty. This has reinforced my faith in your esteemed airlines and made me your loyal customer for any further domestic travel. I would further recommend Indigo to my friends & relatives too. People like Mr Shashi Kant are much needed in such services where a difference is made to the reputation of a company by demonstrating professional as well as emotional customer service. God bless him and my best wishes to IndiGo. Best regards Meenakshi Priyadashini ." ..."
Varun Gupta, 02-04-2014..Thank you so much
"...."Hi Sir/Ma'am, This gives me an immense pleasure to write this email to appreciate the IndiGo staff at Coimbatore airport. They have been really very helpful and cooperative in resolving customer's problems, since I experienced it when I had to travel to Delhi in emergency, they helped me in all the possible ways to get me ticket from some other airlines and solved my problem. This actually being customer centric and not just only to make business. That was really touching and just wanted to convey my thanks to all. Regards Varun Gupta ." ..."
Pran Kaul, 02-04-2014..Word of Appreciation
"...."Hi, I wanted to send in a word of appreciation for your Customer Service Executive - K.U.Suresh who has truly lived up to the meaning of being customer centric. On Friday, Feb 28th, I got stuck in an unreal and unexpected traffic jam on my way to airport from Gurgaon and had a 7.30pm flight to Bangalore to catch. The chances of me making were unlikely due to the crazy rush, I called in at the IndiGo toll free number and got connected to Suresh who was a true saviour for me. Not only did he give me a patient listening ear but tried understand and analyse the situation I was in and my state of mind which was very nervous as the chances of missing the flight were high and I had to get to Bangalore. Suresh offered me the last flight out to Bangalore if I was to miss this one and I requested him if he could stay on the phone so I could keep him posted on the status of my journey to the airport. I finally managed to reach 45 minutes before the counter closed and was able to board the 7.30 PM flight. Suresh was extremely helpful, supportive and comforted a nervous customer and has made IndiGo Airlines proud by behaving so very courteously. Thanks much! Best, Nami Luthra ." ..."
Col Mukul Dobhal, 02-04-2014..Appreciations Others 4/2/2014 2:00:53 PM
"...." Feedback: I am a frequent flier, and have travelled in the best airlines around the World. In the recent years one has experienced an artificial approach and a lack of connect between airline staff with passengers. However, in a recent flight from Delhi to Srinagar on 31 Mar 2014, by IndiGo (6E-551) I was in for an enriching, distinct, and a pleasant in-flight experience, while I observed the Cabin crew go about their task with inquisitive detail. It was pleasure to see a highly proficient and competent in flight manager Ms Neha Rajput, display highest standards of professionalism and devotion to duty. I wish to highlight exceptional commitment exhibited by Ms Neha Rajput and place on record, the proficient handling of her team and serving passengers with utmost sincerity. It is praiseworthy and reflective of a highly competent personality that merits recognition. I recommend Indigo recognizes the exemplary professionalism and unmatched commitment to duty, which will be a source of inspiration for others to follow. Thanks. Col Mukul Dobhal ." ..."
Raja Chowdhury, 03-04-2014..Appreciations Others 4/3/2014 1:13:30 PM
"...." Feedback: First of all, I am extremely sorry for giving late feedback. While coming back to Kolkata from New Delhi on 04 Feb 2014, I fall sick inside the aircraft before landing in Kolkata. Cabin crews and other support staff were extremely helpful and extended all possible attention to me to make me feel better and comfortable inside the aircraft. A BIG THANK YOU to ALL INDIGO staff members of that Flight# 6E 209 .It was an wonderful example of helpfulness of Indigo staff members under humanitarian ground. Once again thanking you to all staff members of that flight and sorry for late response. KEEP IT UP...... Regards, Raja Chowdhury ." ..."
Anurag Mathur, 04-04-2014..Appreciation !!!!!
"...." Dear Concern, I want to say a big thank you to one of your employee Mr. Ankit Awal (Delhi Airport) He was very kind to me when I was flying back to Kolkata. I want to appreciate him for his nice behaviour, politeness and domain knowledge. All the best Ankit. Thanks & Regards, Anurag Mathur ( AIII) ." ..."
Md. Murtuza Jafri, 06-04-2014..Varanasi airport ground staff Chetan Rai
"...." I, Md. Murtuza Jafri, travelled Varanasi- Delhi by IndiGo flight 6E-307 of 05 April 2014. I was badly stuck in traffic because of bad route condition and due to election campaigns. My flight's departure time was 6:30 PM. I was very worried for my flight. Fortunately I got in touch with one of your staff - Chetan Rai over telephone while I reached airport a bit late. At the front office of Indigo at airport, I met the same guy Mr Chetan Rai. He was so helpful to get my flight and he informed at the check in counter where I got boarding card and finally got my flight. I am a film producer and real estate developer. I can understand that one good staff can give good name and fame for any organization. I appreciate Mr. Chetan Rai's effort and good support of all employees at the check-in-counter due to which I reached Delhi where I had a lot of business commitments. I feel that proactive support that Indigo is giving to its customers is generating a lot of satisfaction and happiness because of which Indigo is one of the leading carriers in India. With regards and good wishes! Md. Murtuza Jafri. ." ..."
Ajay Singh, 06-04-2014..Flight to Bhubaneswar
"...."I had a very good flying experience with IndiGo flight 6 E 257 to Bhubaneswar on April 1 with Captain Ashutosh Shekhar and Capt Rizvi in command. They briefed the journey quite clearly. The crew was particularly very courteous. At Bhubaneswar, it was the smoothest landing I experienced. I am really pleased with the journey and wanted to share it with U. Regards Ajay Singh ." ..."
Ashok, 11-04-2014..Appreciations Others 4/11/2014 12:16:45 PM
"...." While on the morning flight 6E-372 from HYD - AMD on 9 April my card wallet slipped out of my pocket and fell on the seat. I disembarked without being aware of it. I realized this only around 4 PM when I was in office. I checked out the obvious places and found nothing. The only other possibility was that I had lost it either at the HYD airport security lounge or in the aircraft itself. While I was working out who to contact in Indigo, I get a call on my cell from an unknown number around 5 PM. The lady at the other end first confirmed my identity and then introduced herself. She then asked me whether I had lost anything that day. I said I had, and she asked me to describe precisely what I had lost. I did so and she was satisfied. She asked me to call at the Indigo ticketing counter at the airport and collect the item. Yesterday, I called at the Indigo counter at around 1 PM, and she was right there waiting for me with my wallet in her hand. She handed it over and asked me to sign a simple receipt which I did. The lady is Ms. Garg, Executive - Security with your organization at Ahmadabad. She was very efficient and did everything right as per protocol. She has done me sterling service, and saved me a load of hassle, and substantial potential loss. You see, the wallet contained a photo ID and various bank cards. I record my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the help she gave me. She is an asset to your organization, and I wish her a very successful and rewarding career and life. If possible, please give her a copy of this feedback. I also express my gratitude to the security official [whose name, unfortunately, I do not know] who retrieved the wallet from the aircraft and passed it on to Ms. Garg for onward delivery to me. Yours - Ashok ." ..."
Ravi Raj Singh, 11-04-2014..A grateful passenger commendation for Mr Kunal Sharma at Lost & Found IndiGo Mumbai
".... To Customer Relations, Indigo Airlines India I would like to thank Mr Kunal Sharma of your Lost & Found dept. in Mumbai and commend him for his honesty and dedication. I had travelled on your IndiGo flight from Jaipur to Mumbai on April 2 2014. On arrival at Mumbai I left my travel document pouch on the aircraft in the seat pocket. The pouch held my USA passport and my PIO card and money both in Rupees and US Dollars. I did not realize my loss until I reached my place of stay in Mumbai ( my brothers residence). As it would be my sheer luck at the same time I noted my loss, my brother called that a Mr Kunal Sharma from Indigo had just called him notifying him that Mr Sharma had found my pouch and it could be collected from IndiGo Lost & Found counter. The pouch was returned to me and I am very pleased to say all the contents were intact. Mr. Kunal Sharma, is indeed a man of great honesty, perseverance, and dedication . Indigo has a great asset in such a person. Again please forward my sincere thanks and best wishes for his future to Mr Kunal Sharma. Ravi Raj Singh ." ..."
Archana, 12-04-2014..Appreciation for Neha Rohilla
"...." Dear Ms. Neha Rohilla, Thank you for your call and the subsequent email. I appreciate the fact that you have made further inquiries to ascertain the damage. It does help to know that you as well as your organization have made a sincere attempt to understand the situation in its entirety. Regards, Archana ." ..."
Karthik, 12-04-2014..Excellent response and service
"...."Hello, I travelled with my parents on 6E 434 from Kolkata to Bangalore today afternoon. I checked in 4 pieces of luggage but forgot to pick one up. Your associate Rashmi was extremely quick to spot my luggage that was left behind. She contacted my wife in Kolkata immediately and I was relayed the information about the bag before I left the airport. As the security did not let me in, Rashmi ensured that the bag was delivered outside within 5 minutes. I am writing this mail to appreciate the quick and speedy service provide by your associate Rashmi in Bangalore Warm Rgds Karthik ." ..."
Sudhir Singh, 12-04-2014..Acknowledgment & Appreciation (IndiGo Staff member- Poonam Sharma)
"...." To: Customer Relations and senior management team at IndiGo Dear Customer Relations team, I would like to place on records my true appreciation and thanks note for one of your staff members at Hyderabad Airport (IndiGo office at Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Airport). I am a regular traveller with Indigo Airlines and was on a HYD-DEL flight (6E 306) on Friday (April 11, 2014) i.e., yesterday. What happened, as my tragic story unfolds below: While doing Security check in, I suddenly realized that I dont have my mobile (Apple iPhone) with me, and I had left it in the MERU cab I travelled in to Airport. I felt blank and didnt know what to do as my mobile was a critical office and personal tool, without which I felt totally lost. With blank mind, I rushed to Indigo office and narrated my story to the lady at the Indigo counter (office), and this is where I suddenly felt at home and ease, with her calmness and smooth handling of my situation, even though it had none of her biz. She calmed me down, offered water, and made me use her phone (personal mobile, I guess) for making all calls to my colleagues (which ever numbers I could remember), while I did that, she also found out alternative flights in case I get delayed in retrieving my phone. She made useful suggestions to me which helped me track down the cab driver and made me track the phone down ultimately as I used her phone to receive calls back. Within 15-20 minutes, I had my lost mobile back with me, which was unbelievable to me. These 20 minutes of help, which she provided, I am going to remember for long, as it was purely owing to her handling of my situation (even though it was not her responsibility to do so) that I got my phone back. I have lot of admiration for this Indigo staff member and I truly thank and also appreciate her for all help and above all the positive attitude which she displayed which helped me in the above distress situation (for me). Her name is: Poonam Sharma, at Indigo Ofiice (Shamshabad Hyderabad Airport). Thank you very Poonam whole heartedly. Wish you all the best in life! Best regards Sudhir Singh ." ..."
Thanmai Papagari, 13-04-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 4/13/2014 2:37:26 PM
"...." A very heartfelt and sincere thank you to the inflight crew of 6E-264! The courteous and efficient crew of 6E-264 on 11 April made my travel with my infant daughter very pleasant and comfortable. Thank you. Regards, Thanmai Papagari ." ..."
Rama Sampath, 13-04-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 4/13/2014 5:54:46 PM
"...." Feedback: Let me tell u that it's indeed a feeling of great security and joy whenever I send the senior Citizens of my family by IndiGo. It is the most senior citizen friendly airlines in our country and I would trust no other airline with my senior citizens. My father was so well taken care of when he flew alone today by 6E 381 from Goa to Hyderabad. He was well taken care of by the attendant who dropped him right up to the cabin as per the request placed by me. Even after alighting in Hyderabad, the attendant helped him to get his luggage and dropped him out in the hands of those who had come to collect him. My father will once again be taking an Indigo from Hyderabad to Mumbai next month and I am positive that Indigo will not let him down. Thank you for your wonderful services. Looking forward to more journeys by your airlines! Regards, Rama Sampath ." ..."
Amarjit Singh Bedi, 13-04-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 4/13/2014 6:49:39 PM
"...." Feedback: I would like to record my appreciation for the ground staff who located my wallet which was inadvertently left in flight 6E285 on 6th April from Delhi to Chennai. I was promptly called and my wallet intact with every penny in it was returned. Unprecedented. Service par excellent!! Thank you Indigo, you have been a life saver. It is not about the money but the time and hassle of replacing all the cards, driving licence, PAN card etc. Thank you again. Regards, Amarjit Singh Bedi ." ..."
Roomi Daroowala, 13-04-2014..Appreciations Others 4/13/2014 11:56:58 PM
"...." Hi, I would like to make a special mention of the Leading Lady of Flight # 6E 349 which departed from BLR 1620 IST on Sunday, 13th April, 2014. Louise was the mainstay of this flight as she calmly managed the situation all through this flight. It was a packed to the brim flight. There was no space in the overhead luggage compartments. She had at least half a dozen senior citizens on board. There was enough and more turbulence experienced midway during the flight. But despite all these challenges she stood out as bedrock of support and calm. The poise and dignity with which she conducted herself was impeccable. Kudos to IndiGo for hiring and grooming staff like her! It is people like her that make flying with IndiGo a pleasure! Roomi Daroowala ." ..."
Alpi Jain, 14-04-2014..Feedback on Nitish
"...." Hi, This is regarding the excellent service provided by Nitish for getting my lost bracelet back into my hands. This incident happened last week on Delhi Airport and Nitish helped me a lot in identification and following up with Delhi Airport officials in order to get my lost gold bracelet. Throughout the process he was extremely polite and understood my concern very thoroughly which I never expected. I have lost the hope of getting it back but due to Nitishs coordination and dedication, he made that possible. Really want to appreciate Indigo Airline Staff and special thanks to Nitish for the wonderful job. It will be great if this feedback can be passed on to Nitishs higher management .The service provided by Nitish exceeded my expectation. Well Done!!! Thanks & Regards, Alpi Jain ." ..."
Ajay Thankappan Vettackal, 15-04-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 2203030592319 4/15/2014 3
"...." Feedback: Hi, my name is Ajay t vettackal. I live in Brazil. I had travelled to India with my wife in March. We travelled by your flight, dated 09/03/2014, flight 6E-244 Mumbai to Cochin, on alighting at cochin airport I forgot my hand bag on the flight which contained money in dollars and rupees and above all our travel documents and Id`s, the whole thing was returned to us without a single thing missing, your ground staff located us and handed over it to us. I would like to thank your people at Cochin airport for the wonderful act of honesty and work ethics which is rare. They really made me proud as an Indian in front of my Brazilian wife (for her this can never happen in Brazil). But I am really ashamed of myself in telling that I dont remember the names of the your security man who went on board and found my bag and the other guy who handed over it to me . If you can pls let me know their names and contact I would be really grateful to you, I have to thank them personally. I would also like to take this opportunity and thank the administration at IndiGo for having cultivated such an ambience of work, Congratulations! Regards, Ajay Thankappan Vettackal ." ..."
Akash Mitra, 16-04-2014..Feedback
"...." Hi IndiGo, I was travelling from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar on flight 6E 266 on 15th April from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. I was travelling with a broken leg and staff took ultimate care on mine. I was escorted by a guy from the airport gate to the plane and I had to do nothing. He helped me with all the formalities and escorted me till the plane keeping my leg secured. Till Hyderabad my journey was little difficult but after discussing my problem with the cabin crew they really made my journey comfortable. The lady named Vasundhara (one of your crew member) made arrangements so that I could stretch my leg which was very important. Thanks to her my journey from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar was very comfortable. I was given the special attention by all of your cabin crew, the ground staff at Bangalore and Bhubaneswar and I am really happy for the same. Please recognise these people who give you happy and delighted passengers like me. Thank you IndiGo! Thank You For the good service. Akash Mitra ." ..."
Nikhil, 16-04-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 4/16/2014 7:55:38 PM
"...." Feedback: I have just one word to describe your in-flight services - Brilliant. Totally amazed at how you guys get it right each time, every time. Never a dull moment when I fly with you all! Must compliment your team & leaders who can set such standards and maintain them! Hats off! Keep it going.....Thanks. Regards, Nikhil ." ..."
Soumyo, 17-04-2014..Excellent service!
"...." Hi there Recently I was there in Hyderabad Airport with my wife and 15 months old daughter. We had lot of luggage and my daughter to handle. Mr. Amrit Roy one of your IndiGo airline staff immediately anticipated my requirements and helped me throughout which made my life easy and as a result we very comfortably boarded the flight. Anticipatory service from his end was worth appreciating. You have a great asset in your organisation and I wish him all the best. We always select your airline because it is always on time and now I have one more reason to select your airline "Great Service". Kind regards Soumyo ." ..."
Debjyoti Gangopadhyaya, 18-04-2014..Appreciations Fares/Taxes/Surcharges.In-Flight 4/18/2014 6:05:24 PM
"...." Feedback: Hello, on the outbound Kolkata-Delhi sector on 11th April-14, I encountered a very pleasant and rich experience. In spite that it was probably the last sector of the day for the cabin crew and yet they were very active and charged. The lead attendant Ms Swati, was extremely courteous and proper, while we ordered the cakes and coffee, she informed and enquired that the cakes contain eggs and that the coffee contains sugar and are we comfortable it. She offered me and my wife a glass of water without us requesting or asking for it, this itself is a extremely touching gesture steeped in Indian culture and very high degree of personal upbringing, values and professional acumen. It was a sea change from what one generally encounters all around at present. I would like to commend the lady for her understanding of the basic requirements and for living the values, I thank IndiGo for choosing the right people and also defining the service correctly. IndiGo would do well to appreciate and grow more such employees. Regards, Debjyoti Gangopadhyaya ." ..."
"...." Dear Ms Prativa At the outset, I thank you very much for your reply. I am really thankful to you for assuring that necessary assistance will be given. Hereafter, I have no other alternative but to include WHOLE INDIGO TEAM in my thanksgiving list. Wish you very very well and keep IndiGo on the top of the ladder. Best Warm Regards Amit Ghosh ." ..."
S.Ezhil Kumaran, 20-04-2014..Excellent Customer Service
"...." Respected Sir/Madam, Warm Greeting !!! My Name is S. Ezhil Kumaran currently working with Citibank... I have called your customer service for the flight ticket booking for my parents as on 20/04/2014. The call was answered by Mr: Sahil Anand, am very happy with his service, he was really.. Very patient... happy to help/serve Very energetic on the call Shared all correct information I was speaking with this gentleman for more than 30 minutes. Person like Mr: Sahil Anand is the assert your the company. Thanks for your service. With Regards, S.Ezhil Kumaran ." ..."
Prof. R.V. Raja Kumar, 21-04-2014..Appreciation Airport Services
"...."Dear Friend, Today, I had a very pleasant experience in my trip from Bangalore Airport to Hyderabad by IndiGo 6E 356, I would like to complement the commanding pilot and place my appreciation on record. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the commanding pilot. The landing of the flight at Hyderabad was very smooth, excellent and possibly one of the few best ever I have experienced including the international ones. Apart from this, before commencement of takeoff at Bangalore, the pilot made a personal appearance at the door of cockpit and made a polite announcement about the flight details showing a good attitude and paying high level of communication attention to the passengers. As a person, who strives and promotes excellence in work culture I would be insensitive if I fail to put this good experience on record and complement the pilot. Kindly place commendation and appreciation on the pilot and consider this letter as a testimony in favour of the pilot while taking the credentials of your staff for rewarding the best of them for performance. Prof. R.V. Raja Kumar ." ..."
Aditya Chawla, 21-04-2014..Appreciation Letter
"...." Hi, I wish to appreciate the Leading Lady, Ms. Sandhya Bhandhari in Flight 6E -167 from Delhi to Mumbai which departed today at 7 30 AM. She was very considerate and made me feel extremely comfortable. This I feel is a perfect example of customer delight. Wish to fly with Indigo again and recommend it to all my friends too. Warm Regards Aditya Chawla ." ..."
Vijay K Koul, 21-04-2014..Regarding my experience with IndiGo Airlines
"...." Hello, I would like to share a recent incident which delighted me immensely. I travelled from Delhi to Mumbai on Flight 6E-167 on 15/04/2014. I was carrying my BlackBerry Playbook 32GB with me on the flight and used it while flying. However, while we were deplaning at Mumbai, I forgot to carry it with me and left it in the front seat pocket. Since, I had a few meetings scheduled during the day, I didnt realize that I had forgotten the Playbook on the flight itself. I realized this only the next day and immediately called up the IndiGo Customer care no. The executive was courteous enough to listen to me patiently and registered my complaint. I had lost all hopes of getting my Playbook back. However, I was scheduled to return back to Delhi via IndiGo Flight 6E 186 on 18/4/2014. While I was on my way to Mumbai Airport, I received a call from IndiGo Customer care, informing me that my Playbook had been found and was available at Mumbai Airport, Lost & Found. This news brought smiles on my face. The same was returned to me by Kunal Sharma, at the Airport Departure terminal in good condition. This was indeed a nice gesture on part of IndiGo and I am extremely happy to receive my item back. I would certainly recommend IndiGo Airlines to all my friends and family in future. Keep up the good work. J Regards, Vijay K Koul ." ..."
Parvin,22-04-2014..Feedback on Staff Service of IndiGo- Compliment -reg
"...." Sir, With full satisfaction and gratitude, I would like to express that I travelled by IndiGo Airlines 6E-515 on 21.04.2014 from Delhi to Kochi. It was the first time, I travelled by IndiGo. Ms Manju Diwan, staff of IndiGo helped me a lot. She did my check-in process, prepared my boarding pass, took me to the respective boarding gate and helped me to board the flight. I express my full gratitude to Ms Manju Diwan, IndiGo Staff for making my journey pleasant and satisfactory. I am fully satisfied with IndiGo Airlines in view of the excellent staff like Ms Manju Diwan. This is in appreciation of Ms Manju Diwan, A IndiGo Staff. Regards, Parvin ." ..."
Shubhra Bhattacharya, 22-04-2014..Appreciation for Mr. Ankit Awal
"...." Hello! This is to share that I received excellent support from Ankit Awal at the IndiGo check in counter at Delhi airport. He was very helpful and super polite and made me feel happy to have chosen IndiGo. Keep up the good work! Shubhra Bhattacharya. Flight 189. ." ..."
Deepa, 23-04-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 4/23/2014 7:05:36 PM
"...." Feedback: I had stopped traveling with airlines other than Air India due to some experiences with a low cost domestic flyer, but due to unavailability of an AI flight, I booked an IndiGo tkt. My bad luck that my daughter (travelling with me) fell sick on the way to the airport. But Im really thankful to Zenobia (I hope I have got her name right) and her team who helped me by not just ensuring that my baby is fine but also escorting me (and picking my luggage) to the flight. Thanks a ton for being such a lovely support Zenobia, much appreciated. Thanks IndiGo for keeping humanity at a higher pedestal than just corporate ideology. My heart felt appreciation to her. No amount of thanks can equal the concern shown by her. Thanks a million. Take care and God Bless Regards, Deepa ." ..."
Ankit, 23-04-2014..Appreciations Fares/Taxes/Surcharges.In-Flight 4/23/2014 8:21:46 PM
"...." I flew with IndiGo yesterday, 22nd of April, from Mumbai to Bangalore on 6E 415. I was not expecting much, this being a low cost carrier, and me being a Jet Airways loyalist (I flew Jet on 12th and 21st April). I came on board the flight, and was given a warm welcome by the cabin crew (Different than the fake smiles one usually gets). The aircraft was very clean (I also flew Go Air on 21st and the cabin couldn't be shabbier). I was talking to the crew and I got the feeling that they actually loved their jobs, they loved flying. They didn't talk to me because they were obligated to. I could feel the warmth when I was talking to them. They even went out of their way to help me get the IndiGo bags that you guys sell on board. The cabin crew worth mentioning was Afreen and Jaspreet. End of the flight, I also got to see the cockpit (being an wannabe pilot, this was awesome). Lastly, my bag was the first one to arrive at the belt (even as I didn't ask for priority). All these experiences only made sure that I will look for IndiGo as one of the top options when I am flying domestic next. Ankit ." ..."
Naseem Akhtar, 23-04-2014..Appreciations Others 3/24/2014 2:41:17 PM
"...." Dear Sir, This is in context to the recent travels undertaken by my wife, post her surgery (Knee Replacement) in the Army Hospital R&R, Delhi Cantt. The Flight details are appended below: 23rd March, 2014 -Hyderabad - Delhi 16th April, 2014 -Delhi - Patna 20th April, 2014 -Patna - Delhi I wish to place on record the exceptional services provided by the Staff of IndiGo at all the places - Delhi, Hyderabad & Patna. The personal care and attention by one and all of IndiGo was of a kind Second to none in the World! The Senior Managers / Executives, who really go out of their way to accommodate us, always and every time, (since the last 3-4 years) - some of the names are appended below: Delhi / Gurgaon - Mr Aditya Pathania, Mr Hawa Singh, Mr Rohit, Mr Shahnawaz Hyderabad - Mr Sharif Patna - Mr Bablu Z Jatti My wife and I sincerely express our gratitude and convey our thanks to IndiGo for everything. We look forward to the continued support. Thank you ever so much! With warm personal regards, Air Commodore Naseem Akhtar, IAF ." ..."
Sireesh Reddy, 23-03-2014
"....Feedback: Hello there! I recently flew your airline to get back home after a short holiday in Hyderabad. Being in a rush to get to the airport, I didn't get a chance to grab a bite and was waiting for the in-flight service to begin from the time I boarded the flight (6E 26 service from Hyderabad to Dubai on the 22nd of March). Unfortunately for me, after placing my order I was told the currency accepted on board was only dollars or dirhams and not INR. Embarrassed, I told the crew I lost my wallet a couple of days ago and with that, all my international currency as well as cards. Without any hesitation, Ms Mitali quickly offered me a crew sandwich which I happily accepted. I have always preferred flying your airline as I love the service levels and everything your brand represents (love the branding). However, this small but very sweet and kind gesture by Mitali has left me mighty impressed with your airline and has bought you a loyal customer for life. Thank you for making my flight back home a pleasant one and I look forward to flying with you guys soon! Regards Sireesh Reddy ..."
Adil T. Bubere, 24-04-2014..Thank you to chitra sharma Terminal 1D
"...." Hello, would like to extend thanks for your airline and a great host who took care of us while boarding, I guess her name was chitra sharma on Delhi airport going to Srinagar.. Indeed she was excellent and very helpful. We are from Mumbai and didnt knew anything.. We were tired of train trip from Mumbai to Delhi. She really made us smile and felt so taken care, you must acknowledge such staff and motivate others and boost others energy. Once again thank you for such a great airlines and great staff.. Keep up the good work, by the way live in Saudi Arabia and i work there.. For sure will promote u all on my entire social media page due to such a helpful staff... Good luck... We are 14 in a group and our flight is at 2.55 PM and also we will return back with ur airlines Delhi to Srinagar and back to Delhi. Thank you & Regard's Adil T. Bubere ." ..."
Shitij Malhotra, 25-04-2014..Appreciation Mail- Sandeep (HYD AIRPORT)
"...." Hi, This is to bring to your kind notice that I was stuck at the Hyderabad Airport on April 20, 2014 on my hopping flight from Goa To Delhi. An incident wherein I could not show my ID Proof for issuance of new boarding pass to the next flight for New Delhi wherein my wallet got stuck in the pocket as the Zip of my trousers got locked. I was stranded for 15 minutes in trying to fix the Zip at the airport and then the Officer In charge at the Customer services for IndiGo Mr. Sandeep Acharya came to my rescue wherein he not only tried to unlock my Zip in order to retrieve my wallet but failed as it was locked badly. He then ensured to bring the scissors at the AIRPORT with due permissions from the CISF and assisted me to cut the Zip and prevented me from further trouble. He not only took care of my luggage but ensured to be with me at the Pack airport of HYD for close to an hour failing which it would have been impossible for me to reach Delhi and then further to my House. I then realised how a person feels without cash/Cards at an unknown territory. A great help from Mr. Sandeep Acharya ensured that i reached my hometown safely. Thank you Sandeep for the great help!! Kudos to the IndiGo Staff for inheriting great qualities of Customer Services!! Thanks & Regards Shitij Malhotra ." ..."
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