Rahul Agarwal, 01-01-2014..LETTER OF APPRECIATION!
".... Dear Sir/ Maam, I am regular travelled of IndiGo. Recently, I have travelled from Mumbai Delhi Mumbai vide PNR GZHQ5L on 26th and 27th December 2013. On my return from Delhi to Mumbai on Friday 27th December, I have travelled on 6E 169 and was allotted seat 12D. I had forgotten my Sony Mobile Portable Mobile charger (Grey colour) along with USB charging Cable (orange colour) along with my boarding pass in the seat pocket in front of me. I contacted your Lost & Found Department at Mumbai airport terminal 1B. Spoke to Mr Kunal Sharma (AO & CS Admin). He went out of his way to help trace the missing items and traced the same and handed over the same in a very short time on same date of complaint. This is a note of appreciation for the same. Regards, Rahul Agarwal . ..."
Gargi Paigaonkar, 02-01-2014..Thank You IndiGo!
".... Thank You IndiGo! To whomsoever concerned, Wanted to thank the IndiGo staff ( toll free operators , Hyderabad cargo in charge and staff). My friends dad expired at Hyderabad and had to be flown to Kolkata and we had no clue how to go about the same. The phone operator was empathetic and informative, gave us the HYD cargo in charges number and office number. Mr. G Mahesh helped us with all the details needed to make it possible also gave us a contact who would help us get the documents. I Would like to mention that the staff too at cargo was good in making all things move fast and on time. Thanks and keep up the good work! Regards, Gargi Paigaonkar. . ..."
Jillian Pieper, 03-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/3/2014 11:11:31 AM
".... Feedback: Just a quick note to express my appreciation of the excellent service your staff provided on a recent flight. I recently took my first domestic flight in India with one of your competitors and had the most horrible experience I have ever had in an airport. My flight with your airline was wonderful from the staff organizing the check in lines to the smiling staff on the plane. Thank you for restoring my faith in Indias airline industry. Regards, Jillian Pieper . ..."
Mani hk, 03-01-2014..Amazing customer service and I couldn.........t ask for more
".... Dear IndiGo Team, As customers we often report the mistakes and stories of poor customer service that we encounter on a daily basis with most airlines. And once in a while, we get surprised by delightful customer service by airlines like yours and I guess it is not fair if we do not bring such good incidents also to your attention. And hence I am writing this mail. I just helped my friend Devyani Jain board an IndiGo Flight 6E-158 from Ahmedabad to Delhi. She is travelling alone and she is sick with Jaundice and feeling extremely weak even to walk. And I am delighted on how well IndiGo staff helped her board the flight. Amazing! It is a chilling morning in Ahmedabad and we reached the Airport just in time. I was anxious since I forgot to call the customer service in advance and reserve for a wheel chair requirement. I walked to IndiGo counter in the airport and was pleasantly greeted by Mr. Vikas. When I described the situation and he quickly understood my anxiety and reassured that he will take care of everything. He asked for the PNR number which I had only in my mobile phone as a SMS. Just as I was fiddling with my phone to find that one automated SMS among the dozen other SMS, he interrupted asking me just the last name of the traveler and instantly located the ticket. I remember having waited long in other airlines just to locate my ticket. And every time I have wondered how come the guy who has designed the software has not included the feature to search the passenger list based on various other fields ( for god sake, email is unique). Then Vikas radioed something and within minutes we had two IndiGo guys with wheelchair and a trolley. By the time I bought the entry ticket and entered the airport, my friend was safely taken to the boarding counter. From distance I could see a couple of IndiGo staff taking animatedly to my friend sitting in the wheelchair. I was waiting at the visitors area. They rolled her check in baggage inside and turned her wheel chair and started walking towards me. I was wondering on what went wrong and why are they bringing her back from the check-in counter. Then to my greatest relief the staff member told me that the check-in procedures are over and they have brought her back to wave a good bye. I was genuinely surprised and delighted by the presence of mind and the sensitivity that your staff exhibited at that moment. It feels so nice when you are treated by such good customer service. You feel special. And within 15minutes, my friend called me to confirm that she has been seated comfortably in the flight and the flight is ready to take off. And I felt like thanking IndiGo for the wonderful customer service. I have travelled in all the existing airlines in India and have had dozen issues with most of them every time I travel .But this experience was worth appreciating. Feel free to publish this anywhere you find fit. If every airline in the country is as good as yours and provides such delightful customer service, Indian aviation experience will be truly delightful for us. I guess I will not take any other flight other than IndiGo after this incident. Keep up the great work. Regards, Mani hk . ..."
Manjula Sinha, 04-02-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 2/4/2014 10:29:42 PM
".... Feedback: I am happy to have met Mr. CHRISTOPHER D'SOUZA at the Kolkata airport on the 29th of January.2014. He was very helpful, accommodating, patient and graceful. I appreciate his dealing with us as my sister was also travelling with me. Found him to be an asset for IndiGo. God bless him and give him success in life. I myself am the Director of a small private hospital and thus understand fully well what customer relationship means. All my best wishes! Regards, Manjula Sinha . ..."
Sachin, 07-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/7/2014 9:49:34 PM
".... Feedback: I was travelling by 6E 406 - Pune to Delhi on 05th Jan 2014. Due to poor visibility, the flight had to land at Ahmedabad. There was a lot of commotion due to which the passengers were stranded in the AMD airport. However, the ground staff handled the situation very well. On everybodys' behalf, we really congratulate the entire team. Thanks, Sachin . ..."
Zameer,08-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/8/2014 11:31:00 AM
".... Feedback: After boarding inside the flight and minutes before the takeoff, realized I had missed my 'Rubik's cube' at the waiting lounge. The IndiGo flight crew heard me and was kind enough to take me back from the flight to the lounge, just to pick my cube! Heartfelt thanks to IndiGo crew's service. You are awesome!! Thanks, Zameer . ..."
Kaushik and Rita Jetha, 08-01-2014..Thanks!!
".... Dear Sir /Maam, We were passengers on your flight 286 on the 5th Jan to Delhi which got cancelled due to fog and bad weather in Delhi. We would like to thank and express our gratitude to your ground staff at the Chennai Airport for the commendable work and effort, for handling our schedules and making us comfortable. Though it was 1.30am in the morning all the staff especially the girls were working late for us. The boys were pushing our trolleys and helping with our luggage even though it was not their job. Mr. Anand handled his team and the situation in an exemplary manner, along with infinite patience which is highly commendable. His able handling of the situation quickly pacified the situation. I travel every year to Chennai on IndiGo, with my family for our Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateshwar. This experience has exemplified our trust in IndiGo and we shall continue to fly IndiGo. Yes IndiGo Rocks!!!!! With our Best Wishes, God Bless Kaushik and Rita Jetha. . ..."
Martin George, 09-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/9/2014 2:21:11 PM
".... Feedback: I had booked a flight ticket for my mother from Kochi to Mumbai. She had a fractured leg and hence I had requested for a wheelchair for her. I would like to thank you for the excellent service and making her flight trouble-free and worry-free. Look forward to fly again in a IndiGo flight. Thank you once again. Regards, Martin George . ..."
Tracy Rodrigues, 11-01-2014..Appreciations Others 1/11/2014 9:45:21 PM
".... Feedback: Dear Sir, I (Tracy Rodrigues) and my mother (Victoria Rodrigues) were booked on Indigo (both ways) on the Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai sector. I sincerely wish to appreciate the service rendered to us by your staff in the Goa-Mumbai sector. The service on the Goa-Mumbai sector is highly commendable and appreciated. When we entered the airport on 7th Jan. (Goa-Mumbai) at 12.30 p.m. there was a young girl deputed at the entrance. I really regret not asking her name as she was excellent. I (Tracy) suffer from severe grade visual impairment and my mother (Victoria) being 81 years of age were traveling together. The girl on duty was extremely sensitive. As soon as she saw us, she immediately offered help. Since both of us needed assistance, she got us seated and requested one of the staff to assist in obtaining our Boarding Passes. She also ensured that my mother being too old was supported by the wheel-chair. We were really touched by her gesture. Never in any of our past travels did we find someone so sensitive, caring and understanding. As a result, my mother and I found the travel experience with IndiGo a pleasant one. Normally, I always dread flying as staff does not voluntarily help and it becomes extremely difficult for a visually impaired person to find his / her way. This is the first time, I enjoyed the flying experience. Besides the girl mentioned by me, the attention and the service rendered on the Goa-Mumbai sector on 7th Jan is highly appreciated. Every staff was vigilant, well-trained, attentive and extremely courteous. It is important for me to mention that even the loaders and the sub-staff support system was excellent. I once again wish to state that for the first time in my life, I enjoyed my flying experience. This makes me book IndiGo again. Thank you so much. Tracy Rodrigues . ..."
Ajay Pratap Singh, 12-01-2014..Appreciations Others 1/12/2014 4:59:04 PM
".... Feedback: I was a passenger on Ranchi Patna 6.40 PM flight. I wish to appreciate the flying efficiency of your captain Ms. Radha. In spite of bad climatic conditions, she has performed her duties very nicely. The landing of plane at Patna airport was excellent. As Patna airport is short in length, almost all landings are very rough. Amongst this common thing, she has landed the plane with precision. I request/recommend to convey my appreciation and good luck for future. I also request to recognize her by awarding from your company. Regards, Ajay Pratap Singh . ..."
Shimul Mehta Vyas, 14-01-2014..Appreciations
".... Hi Aditya, This is Shimul (Ms. Vyas) who flew on Delhi IndiGo flight last Sunday /Monday with the huge pack of exhibition panels. I cannot thank you enough for the all the assistance you extended to make sure that the panels get on board with me. Not to mention what it meant to be able to reach Delhi on the rescheduled flight. What impressed me the most was the manner in which you and your staff handled the chaos after the flight got diverted back to a'bad. I deeply value the remarkable customer service extended by you to an IndiGo passenger which truly sets the airline apart from the others. Sorry for such a long message... However, I must mention to you that the exhibition in Delhi has turned out stunning... And you and IndiGo have certainly contributed to this in your own little way. Best regards, Shimul Mehta Vyas . ..."
Nayan Gupta, 15-01-2014..Appreciations Others 1/15/2014 12:33:16 PM
".... Feedback: Outstanding service quality. Outstanding delivery. Keep up the good work. I am your unpaid brand ambassador. It is so good to see an Indian company with such a powerful service proposition and delivery. Regards, Nayan Gupta . ..."
D.K Sinha, 16-01-2014..Feedback on Customer Service
".... Hi, I am taking a great pleasure to inform you that I had a nice time with IndiGo while travelling to Bhubaneswar on 01/10/2014 from Kolkata. My journey became convenient because of staffs like Shinjini Ghosh Chowdhury. I want to bring forward a positive incident over this. Actually on that day I was traveling with my friend Mr. Rakesh Singh and have reached Airport beforehand but Rakesh was still on his way and boarding time was running away. So, I informed about the same to Shinjini, she took the matter seriously and blocked the seat together. After that though her shift was over she took us to a counter when my friend arrived and requested other staff to change the seat location as my friend wanted a Rear seat. Really on that day I thought that I might miss the flight because of my friend but Shinjini managed to make over the things in a positive way. I really want to thank her and Indigo for their service and I am saying this because I came across a true customer service by Shinjini Ghosh Chowdhury. I would like to fly again and again with IndiGo. Regards D.K Sinha . ..."
Dr. Akshay Arora, 16-01-2014..Appreciation - Ms. Rupali (Jaipur)
".... Dear Concerned, I feel immense happy in writing to you for one of the employee who has been so kind and genuine to the passengers. I would like to appreciate the kind of efforts Ms. Rupali (posted at Jaipur international airport) puts in to keep the customers calm even if she does not know them anyhow. I encountered a problem with boarding a flight for Mumbai, it was so difficult for me to plan my travel as I had a return ticket for the same day but Rupali had been really supportive. I, now understand what makes you the best place to work for 2013, the kind of spirit the employee like Rupali carries is recommendable. It was not only me who she was genuine and kind, it was all others whom she was helping and making them come to ease. I really appreciate her efforts and I hope you at your end do the same by some or the other way. Dr. Akshay Arora . ..."
Nandini Khaitan, 17-01-2014..feedback
".... Dear IndiGo I came from Delhi last evening (16 jan) by the 5.50pm flight to Kolkata. As usual, I had taken the fast forward facility. When I reached Kolkata Airport at about 8.30pm, one of my bags did not turn up. Ms Pratima informed me that due to a major power cut, there was a problem with loading of the bags and the bags would be returned at the earliest. The bag which got left behind had official documents to be submitted in Court and it was extremely essential that the bag be retrieved urgently. Ms Pratima informed me she would help to the best of her ability and then made me fill a form to make a complaint. I also spoke to Mr Sanjeev the manager in charge, of the urgency and importance of the bag and he too told me he would help out to the best of his ability. My bags were returned early morning today itself before 8 am. I am thankful to the team IndiGo with this promptness especially Ms Pratima who helped out in filling the form and tracking the bag and Mr Sanjeev who understood my situation and requested the matter be given priority and gave me his phone number to enable me to speak to him personally at any point to get an update. Thanks Nandini Khaitan . ..."
Paul Dodd, 17-01-2014..Appreciations Others n/a 1/17/2014 12:23:43 PM2:47:14 PM
".... Feedback: Hi, on Jan 11th I travelled from Chennai to Ahmedabad. I can't remember the flight number. However during the flight I somehow lost my wallet containing substantial amounts of cash and credit cards and other important papers. I discovered this in a taxi going into the city. I immediately return to the IndiGo ticket office to find that my wallet had been found and it was returned to me in a complete state. Needless to say I was very happy and relieved. I was told that the man who found my wallet was called Mr Asok Singh. Please thank Mr Singh for me and congratulations to IndiGo for the honesty of their staff. Thank You, Sincerely Paul Dodd . ..."
Jordi Castellsague, 17-01-2014..Thanks land crew Kolkata airport
".... I am writing to the IndiGo customers relations office to express my gratitude for the service provided in my flight 6E322 from Kolkata to Mumbai the 16th of January 2014. The gratitude goes to the land crew and particularly to Mr. Souvik Pandey for their invaluable help in recovering my iPhone I forgot in the Kolkata airport lounge. Souvik and the crew in general did not hesitate in any moment to help me even under a strong time pressure as the flight was running late. Thanks to their proactive and customer oriented attitude I could recover my iPhone and continue my travel without any disturbance. Let me take this opportunity to also express my satisfaction for the service received by IndiGo in general during my travel through India. I only found a really high professional level in all the services provided by IndiGo personnel from check in to inflight services. Best regards, Jordi Castellsague, MD . ..."
Ketan H. Desai, 17-01-2014..6E 323
".... To, The Manager, Customer Relations IndiGo- India I Ketan H. Desai has forgotten my wallet on way to Kolkata on 14th Jan 6E 323, and almost lost the hope to get it back. But you have proved me wrong. I am very very grateful to your staff who has found it and handed over to concern authority. I must salute him/her. Its something extra ordinary piece of work that must be something he got from his parents, his upbringing, plus I am sure credit goes to Indigo management, his manager, trainer, who are satisfying his all needs and making this superb culture. I have no words to express my heartfelt joyful feelings. I wish you all good luck and God bless you. Thank you. With regards, Ketan H. Desai . ..."
Captain Ajit Varma, 20-01-2014..Captain Ajit Varma, 20-01-2014
".... Feedback: Dear Team IndiGo, Being a frequent flyer at IndiGo, I have been an ardent fan of the airline ever since its inception, and vividly remember my first IndiGo flight a couple of years back. My nature of work is such that I travel often, and needless to say, I fly IndiGo airlines, wherever and whenever possible!! I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my recent experiences (today - 20 January 2014), though not personally travelling on IndiGo, but one which certainly shall remain etched on my mind for a long time to come. As I live alone in a city like Hyderabad, my parents keep on travelling from Delhi to look me up once in a while. On one of such visits, my aged parents who had been in the city, were scheduled to fly back to Delhi by 6E 312, on the above said date. and they were travelling alone! Although they both have travelled widely on numerous flights both nationally and internationally before, they consider each flight as their first, and wish they do not have to travel without the family being by their side!! On this particular day too, things were no different and they were a bit pensive as well. As i was unable to accompany them home keeping in mind my tight schedule, the travel became a task in itself. However, that was only for a short duration, as we found out to our pleasant surprise! Your team has always been known for being a thorough professional outfit and it proved it on this day. To help my parents through the check-in formalities Ms ALIYA from your Customer Service team at the Hyderabad airport was an immense help!!!.....The courteous young lady was kind enough to help them right from the time they entered the departure area, to booking the bags in on the flight, to finishing check in formalities, and even helping clear Security!!!! She escorted them till the aircraft and ensured that they were made comfortable inside the aircraft as well. Being a traveller myself, I have seen the way the crew is always kept on tenterhooks and rarely has any time to look at alternate activities. However, here was this young lady ensuring that two of the senior passengers had an easy time. That's what I call selfless service!! Your entire team and particularly Ms Aliya certainly do deserve a "pat - on - their - backs" for this. Although I could not thank the lady personally, (and I do hope I get an opportunity someday!!) By using this medium of communication, I wish to send in my gratitude to her and your entire team. I can vouch for one thing here - you've earned three big ardent fans: - my parents who have now vowed to fly ONLY INDIGO anywhere that they travel, and - me, who has decided that it was a wise decision to become a frequent flier with your airlines and I do certainly hope I get to strengthen my association with you in times to come. Your service with smile makes a huge difference to our lives!! Thank you once again. Best Regards Captain Ajit Varma . ..."
Abhishek Samanta, 21-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/21/2014 10:22:41 AM
".... Feedback: With my experience in flying with low-cost airlines in the USA for couple of times, I was not ready for the pleasant surprise when I flew from Mumbai to Kolkata on 7th December, 2013, using IndiGo flight # 6E 319. The things that stood out for me were low fare, timeliness, effective customer handling system, professional yet personable crews, clean aircrafts and customer-first attitude. While I am sure that you often get complimented on your low fare, timeliness and clean aircrafts, two things impressed me the most: an efficient customer-handling system and your customer first attitude. The very first thing I was impressed with IndiGo was the efficient customer-handling system. When I went to the IndiGo counter to check-in, I noticed that every other airline counter has a long line in front of it, and as it is expected, the lines were often chaotic with impatient customers. However, at IndiGo counter, I noticed that one person was assigned solely to ensure that the customers were following proper line discipline and route them to the next available counter effectively. And this was not only making the service faster, but also without a chaotic crowd in front of them, the crews were actually giving one-to-one care to every customer. For me the pleasant surprise was that the crews at the counter actually making eye-contact and smiling, which is quite rare in India. I cannot resist giving one example of your customer-first attitude that I would probably not forget. On the same trip, I was charged with 1250 INR for excess baggage, but I had only denomination of INR 1000, and unfortunately, the customer-care officer ran out of changes. So after I handed out 2000 INR to her, she requested one stuff (baggage handler) if he had the changes. He thoroughly searched his wallet, found that he was also short by around 200 INR, and then he took the responsibility of himself to find the changes. After around 10 minutes he returned, panting, and handed over the money with changes to the customer-care officer. From their conversation in Hindi, I understood that he could not find a single shop inside the airport at that wee hours (it was around 3 AM) to give him the changes; so he went outside the airport and managed the changes from the cab drivers. Not only that, when I offered him my gratitude with money, he politely refused and said "thank you sir, par yeh to mera duty hai" (thank you sir, but this is my duty)! Honestly I did not expect a baggage handler to take this up as his duty. I would like to congratulate you on your endeavour to bring a world-class air travel service to India. Wish you all the best. Thanks, Abhishek Samanta . ..."
Surabhi berry, 23-01-2014..A note of appreciation for the IndiGo family
".... Hello, I am surabhi berry , my father who is a senior citizen was flying IndiGo airlines and the day started off with a mishap of him losing a packet containing 31000 rupees while boarding the flight , when he reached Delhi he figured out that he has lost cash amount during the journey. Still having hope n being an honest Indian I tried my luck and filed a complaint at online customer care, I must mention it was a soothing experience as I was guided very well . I headed towards the airport n filed a request with the lost and found at indigo, which ppl in charge at room no. 58 promptly did so n further guided me to get in touch with the terminal manager . But the Delhi airport terminal manager was not of any help as I was told they cannot get In touch with the Kolkata authorities, I did not buy that n managed to get the Kolkata manager at IndiGo Miss Pratibha jaiswal, was a delighted talking to her as she was companionate towards the whole situation also she was assuring me that if the packet was lost in the flight will be definitely found. And during that time we could get in touch with Mr. S Roy in Kolkata, a gentleman , who to our luck was handed over the packet containing the cash which was done so by a security jawan who found it as my dad must have dropped it before he boarded the flight . Miss pratima patiently explained me the procedure with all the details n papers required, definitely an asset to the indigo family. The indigo Delhi manager, also showed concern. A sincere thanks and appreciation for the team work to help and care extended from the indigo family. This whole incidence does make me proud to be a part of honest India n surrounded by people who are truly there to serve the county. I have been totally bought by the indigo care. Thanking you, Surabhi berry (Daughter of Mr. Ved vyas chhabra passenger on flight 6E 228 ,Kolkata -Delhi on 22nd Jan 2014) . ..."
Sayan Bhattacharya, 24-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/24/2014 4:32:21 PM
".... Feedback: On 05 Jan '14, my IndiGo flight 6E287 from Delhi to Chennai was cancelled due to fog, along with all other flights at the Delhi airport. The reservation counter staff who was doing the rescheduling had to handle hundreds of stranded passengers and cater to their rescheduling and refund requests. I would like to place on record my appreciation for two of your Reservation Counter staff members, Nikita and Pooja, who really helped me out with my rescheduling amidst all the crowd and chaos at the Delhi airport that night. And I observed that both these ladies were calmly and professionally handling all the passengers who were thronging at the counter impatiently. Hats-off to the brilliant customer oriented attitude and sense of professionalism displayed by Nikita and Pooja ! It was an admirable job indeed that they went on doing for hours together! Well Done IndiGo...it is for staff like these that even in crisis times you can keep your regular passengers happy and loyal! My personal thanks to Nikita and Pooja for helping me out and kudos to IndiGo! ... Regards, Sayan Bhattacharya . ..."
Paul George, 24-01-2014..RECEIPT OF MY LOST HEAD PHONE
".... Dear IndiGo team, I m happy to inform you that I have received my lost Headphone in good condition from Cochin Airport, Thanks for all the effort shown by your ground staff, special thanks to MR Kunal Sharma and his friends of AO&CS (Team Admin) at Mumbai Airport who had worked hard for getting this lost device to me at the quickest time, Looking forward for a good relation with IndiGo. Regards, Paul George. . ..."
Pranjal Boruah, 25-01-2014..An Appreciation
".... Dear Sir, Thanks for your early response. Your positive response kept the value of TEAM INDIGO is very high. Your excellent bend of conceptual and response to the customers makes TEAM INDIGO truly special. I believe that TEAM INDIGO will create history in corporate scenario. I once again thanks to you and Team Indigo. With Sincere regards, Pranjal Boruah. . ..."
".... Dear Mr Sanjeev, 1. I am a serving naval officer. I wanted to bring to your notice the exemplary service and assistance provided by your airline to my parents, which resulted in the safe return of my father. 2. My parents, Lt Col TRN Sinha (Retd) and Mrs Kanak Sinha were travelling from Delhi to Chennai in economy class by flight 6E-281 on 20 Jan 14. Within minutes of the flight taking off from Delhi, my father encountered a medical emergency wherein he suffered uneasiness, pain in chest and left arm and giddiness. Thereafter he passed out onboard. Immediate first aid was provided to my father by the crew with the aid of a doctor who was also one of the passengers. The first aid included among other things, mouth to mouth resuscitation by one of the air hostesses and oxygen. This first aid helped in reviving him and restoring his breathing. 3. Thereafter the Captain diverted the flight and made an emergency landing at Jaipur. Two doctors and an ambulance were waiting for my parents at the airport and further medical assistance was provided at the airport. My father was shifted to Fortis Hospital at Jaipur and thanks to the prompt action taken by your airline he is fine and with us at home today. The actions taken by the crew demonstrate the high level of training provided to them and their dedication to duty. It also brings about the human nature of your airline. 4. I would like to make a special mention about Mr Surendra Sharma, Assistant Manager and Mr Rishikesh Chaudhary, Executive at Jaipur airport. My mother was alone and in a traumatised state of mind in an unknown city when my parents were de-planed at around 1130 AM. These two gentlemen gave her immense moral support and were present by her side at all times. They assisted her with all the formalities of admitting my father in the hospital and offered to provide financial assistance also, which was though, not required. Mr Surender Sharma did not leave my mother's side, till I reached Jaipur at around 6 PM. I am extremely grateful to this gentleman for providing the kind of assistance to my parents that goes way beyond his call of duty. 5. I am extremely thankful to your airline for the kind of assistance and service provided and am afraid to even imagine what may have happened without this assistance. 6. I am listing down the names of the airport staff at Jaipur and the crew of flight 6E-281 on 20 Jan 14. I request you to convey my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to them. Please correct the names from the flight roster if I have got some of them wrong:- (a) Mr Surendra Sharma, Assistant Manager Jaipur. (b) Mr Rishikesh Chaudhary, Executive, Jaipur. (c) Captain Sandeep Amuninje Alva. (d) First Officer Nishant Sirohi. (e) Crew. (i) Ms Pragati Sethi. (ii) Ms Priya. (iii) Ms Sandra Chettiar. (iv) Mr Tapan Chand. 7. Please keep up the good work and all the best and god speed to your airline. Regards Cdr Rajesh Sinha Indian Navy . ..."
Caspar Perik, 27-01-2014..Appreciations Others 1/27/2014 10:40:58 PM
".... Feedback: Dear sir or Maam, I am writing this message while on board of flight 6E43 from Delhi to Bangkok on January 14th. I herewith with like to compliment your crew on this particular flight. While I have taken over 100 flights in 2013 alone - in Europe, US, and various parts of Asia - this particular crew is one of the most attentive, efficient, hardworking and collaborative I've experienced. I would appreciate if my compliments would be passed on to each crew member on this particular flight. I managed to collect their names during this 4 hour flight: Regina, Sneha, Priya, and Richa. Especially the young lady who had worked for American Airlines is high potential. She ran the flight as it was her own business with a great sense of responsibility and confidence. Sincerely, Caspar Perik . ..."
Utpal, 27-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/27/2014 12:20:00 PM
".... Feedback: I have always found Indigo staff very professional and courteous. On 24-Jan when I was travelling from Guwahati to Mumbai, your staff delighted me very much. I had just checked-in my baggage, when I remembered that I had left my cell phone in my car. Ms. Shahnaz went out of her way to help me. She asked me to stand in the queue for security check and got my cell phone through my parents and handed over to me. This is like taking the extra mile to help. Thanks IndiGo. . ..."
Radhika Akolkar, 28-01-2014..Appreciations Airport Services 1/28/2014 5:54:28 PM
".... Feedback: Thanks a lot to Surjit Singh from Pune Airport IndiGo counter. He helped deliver a very important document even though the passenger had boarded the flight. Great job Team IndiGo. Your awards and accolades are well deserved. Regards, Radhika Akolkar . ..."
Dheeraj, 28-01-2014..Excellent
".... Chairman. IndiGo Gurgaon Dear Sir, My daughter and I were travelling from Kolkata to Raipur on 25th morning flight. All of sudden she had a blackout and she fell. The way IndiGo helped us for superb and must really appreciate the people you have. They took us to airport doctor and fortunately nothing serious was found so we travelled to our destination Raipur .The I must specifically like to thank Ms Shahin for the way she handled the issue and the entire people including duty in charge. I always fly indigo and this makes it more comforting the way you handle your passengers. Regards, Dheeraj . ..."
Neelima Ande, 28-01-2014..Appreciation
".... Hi team, My name is Neelima .I had an great experience when I was traveling from Vizag to mumbai.I would like to share with you. At the Visakhapatnam airport I was about to check in with my baby and I have some luggage with me. Rajesh was very helpful he proactively came to me and he has taken my luggage. He was so good he helped me till I boarded my flight .I have to board jet flight and I thought I have to board indigo .He has taken my pass and walked me to jet airways even though he is from IndiGo. I really appreciate his dedication to work and I would request you to give him a reward. Regards Neelima Ande . ..."
Shivani Bhandari, 31-01-2014..Appreciations Others 1/31/2014 10:26:13 PM
".... Feedback: Hi! I just want to thank IndiGo for their quality service. My grandparents recently travelled on an IndiGo flight from Pune to Delhi (flight 6E-102) and received exceptional service from both the flight attendants and ground staff. They were traveling alone for the first time and were worried, due to their health, if they would make it to Delhi without any problems. They were happy to find that their worries were put at ease and that they received all the help that they needed from your wonderful staff. Thank you for making their journey comfortable! :) Best, Shivani . ..."
RB Patil, 31-01-2014..Appreciations Others 1/31/2014 6:24:54 AM
".... Feedback: I had taken the IndiGo flight 6E 201 from Delhi to Kolkata on 29 Jan14. I would like to put on record the excellent manner in which the inflight staff looked after the passengers in the most professional manner but catering to the needs of the children, the old and the others with a smile. I was not feeling well and the air hostess was very kind in getting me a tablet of crocin. A great team which looked after all our needs. Hats off...Keep up the good work. We will keep patronizing your airline. Thank you. RB Patil . ..."
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