Vikeern Mishra, 01-03-2014
"....Hi IndiGo, I would really like to appreciate a very unique and great service experience I had in the flight 152, 28th February from Bangalore-Hyderabad-Jaipur. I think your crew was really pleasant and friendly. I recall Ms. Varsha as she was really helpful and attentive towards the passenger. I hope same continues in my future experiences with IndiGo. Thanks & Regards Chanchal ..."
Chanchal, 02-03-2014
"...."Hi IndiGo, I would really like to appreciate a very unique and great service experience I had in the flight 152, 28th February from Bangalore-Hyderabad-Jaipur. I think your crew was really pleasant and friendly. I recall Ms. Varsha as she was really helpful and attentive towards the passenger. I hope same continues in my future experiences with IndiGo. Thanks & Regards Chanchal ..."
Nami Luthra, 03-03-2014
"....Hi, I wanted to send in a word of appreciation for your Customer Service Executive - K.U.Suresh who has truly lived up to the meaning of being customer centric. On Friday, Feb 28th, I got stuck in an unreal and unexpected traffic jam on my way to airport from Gurgaon and had a 7.30pm flight to Bangalore to catch. The chances of me making were unlikely due to the crazy rush, I called in at the IndiGo toll free number and got connected to Suresh who was a true saviour for me. Not only did he give me a patient listening ear but tried understand and analyse the situation I was in and my state of mind which was very nervous as the chances of missing the flight were high and I had to get to Bangalore. Suresh offered me the last flight out to Bangalore if I was to miss this one and I requested him if he could stay on the phone so I could keep him posted on the status of my journey to the airport. I finally managed to reach 45 minutes before the counter closed and was able to board the 7.30 PM flight. Suresh was extremely helpful, supportive and comforted a nervous customer and has made IndiGo Airlines proud by behaving so very courteously. Thanks much! Best, Nami Luthra ..."
Shrikkanth Choudhary, 03-03-2014
"....I flew in your flight 6E 433 from Guwahati to Mumbai on Friday 21st February. I write to commend on one of your flight attendant Miss Alka S Dhaware for an exceptional level of service when I travelled with your airline on the above date. The service was truly flawless. I trust that you will pass on this recognition to the specific staff members from this flight. She is a true reflection of the high levels of standard that we have come to expect of INDIGO AIRLINES. Following are the flight details, Flight number 6E - 433 (IndiGo) Regards, Shrikkanth Choudhary ..."
Jesu Peppin Joe, 04-03-2014
"....Feedback: I have travelled in 6E 285 on Feb 28 from Coimbatore to Delhi. IndiGo reached its destination well before its Schedule time. Its landed 2.25 PM Instead 2.45 PM. Throughout the journey I felt comfort and safety with a new Airbus A320. Thanks for IndiGo and Airbus 320. Regards, Jesu Peppin Joe ..."
ARUN SKARIA, 04-03-2014
"....Dear Mr. Harish Nakra Thanks for the timely revert, appreciate & acknowledge your effort & time taken to resolve my issue. Thanks & regards ARUN SKARIA ..."
Rahul K Pandit, 04-03-2014
"...."I am really pleased to give you this feedback about my flight experience with IndiGo. I was travelling from Nagpur to Kolkata by 6E 403 on 27th February 2014, on checking-in I found that my baggage was in excess of 4-5 Kilos and therefore the person on the counter had asked me to carry a bag as cabin baggage, However because of my Frozen Shoulder issues I really wanted all my baggage to be checked in. At that point of time one of your Staff probably Mr Abhishek could appreciate my problem and helped me to check-in the baggage rather than undergoing the pain of carrying the same as a cabin baggage, without any extra charges I really appreciate the sensitiveness of your customer care, I would request you to convey my deepest regards for their serious efforts they put in towards their customer services. Rahul K Pandit ..."
Anirudh Ranawat , 05-03-2014
"...."Dear Team, I would like to thank Ms. Nishi from your customer service department for all her help in getting my issue sorted out. She was very courteous and understanding. She was very patient on the call which almost lasted 45 minutes and provided complete solution to the problem. Not to mention the alternative solutions that she kept on suggesting when a transaction was not going through. She really took efforts and did that extra bit. It just created a wow experience for me. Now I guess I have one more reason to fly indigo. Nishi keep up the good work...wish you all the best!!! Regards Anirudh Ranawat ..."
Ealias Joseph & Santha Joseph, 05-03-2014
"...."Dear Mr. Rupesh Singh, It was a pleasure meeting you at Patna airport on Feb 4th and I take a moment to thank you in appreciation of what you have done for us regards to getting us back to Cochin. You went out of your way to help us out with our connection flight and our credit card problem. You have shown genuine care and dedication. I have send the below note to customer care at IndiGo. IndiGo should be proud of such wonderful people working for the company. With Best wishes to you and your family, Ealias & Santha Joseph We greatly appreciate IndiGo for superb customer care and would like to thank Mr. Rupesh Singh for the wonderful help he provided during our trip to Patna. We are from Toronto Canada and were visiting Bihar for few days while we were vacationing in Kerala. Our return flight got delayed due to heavy fog on Feb 4th morning at Patna airport and we would not be able to make our connection flight in Delhi to Cochin. My wife's mother was scheduled for a surgery on the next morning in Cochin and we desperately wanted to be with her during the surgery. When Rupesh found out our situation he immediately calmed us by assuring us to do his best to get us to Cochin on time. In addition to finding us another flight from Delhi that departed later, he also went out of his way to help us out when our credit card got rejected for some unknown reason at the airport by arranging the ticket through a local travel agent where we could wire transfer the necessary funds. I take this opportunity to convey our great appreciation to such a wonderful Customer Service at IndiGo and especially Manager Rupesh Singh at Patna airport. Due to such caring people at IndiGo we were able to get back to Cochin on time for the surgery. Thank You, Ealias Joseph & Santha Joseph ..."
GIRISH SAMUDRA, 06-03-2014
"....Feedback: I was on board 6E 293 of 1st March, 2014 from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai, occupying Seat 4C. As the flight settled in the skies and the in-flight service commenced, the passenger on seat 4A turned nauseated and without any warning vomited all over himself. The cabin crew immediately stopped the service and draped the passenger in newspapers simultaneously raising a call for any doctor on board. Fortunately a Doctor was on Board and he immediately volunteered to attend the passenger, who was in a pretty bad condition by then. Using his own kit and the First Aid box, the Doctor administered some medicines and luckily, the passenger settled down. The true surprise was when the cabin crew returned with tissues and literally cleaned the passenger with so much intimacy that can be expected only from a close family member. Appreciating this from heart, I sincerely compliment the Cabin Crew on Board 6E - 293 namely, Anna Bhutia, Kavita Chhetry, Suraksha Roy and Manjushri Rinal for the affection and care they exhibited during the above episode. I also compliment IndiGo to have trained their staff in this fashion and wish the Airline very best in the Aviation field. Regards, GIRISH SAMUDRA ..."
N.KAZMI, 06-03-2014
"....Dear Sir, I along with my friend travelled on IndiGo flight 6E 42 from Bangkok to New Delhi on 20 February 2014. I had forgotten a shirt in a bag that was bought from Bangkok Duty free. On my return to Jammu I realized that the shirt has been left on the plane. Honestly I was sure that shirt has been lost. I called up Mr. Bhuran Khan, Station Manager IndiGo (Chandigarh) and gave him the flight details. Within 15 minutes I got the message from him along with the picture of the shirt. The shirt was a delivered to me on Jammu the next day and I was not charged anything at all. I really appreciate the services and the honesty of the cabin crew that was on duty that day. I have decided to fly by Indigo only from now on. It may be routine for you guys but you won a big and permanent fan by this wonderful show of honesty and professional service. Thanks again, N.KAZMI ..."
Nilesh Kanakraj, 06-03-2014
"....Feedback: Hey, I was travelling on 1st March 2014 on 6E 238 from Ahmedabad to Chennai, to get back home as my mother had passed away. The flight was delayed from Jaipur due to fog, and took off at 0230 PM against the scheduled time of 1130 AM. The flight was scheduled to land at Chennai but was diverted to Bangalore due to some air congestion and the aircraft had to be refuelled. This was at 0630 PM, and I was completely frustrated and drained due to the personal bereavement, and wanted to reach home as early as possible. All of us, passengers of 6E 238 were aligned to the Bangalore-Chennai flight, scheduled for 0830 PM. I couldn't wait any longer, and approached Mr Venkatesh, one of the Ground service staff at Bangalore, and explained my predicament. He took over, and made arrangements for my bags to be offloaded, taken to the terminal, and had me accommodated on the Jet flight at 8 PM to Chennai. What struck me most about Venkatesh was his desire to help, and sincerity and dedication to customer service. Another aspect which impressed me about Venkatesh was his calm demeanour, even when badgered by the angry passengers. He was calm and collected all through and never lost his cool. I wanted to write and convey my sincere appreciation for Venkatesh - The Indian aviation industry needs more like him. Please convey my sincere appreciation and thanks to Venkatesh. Regards, Nilesh Kanakraj ..."
Hardik Soni, 08-03-2014
"....Dear IndiGo, Id like to thank you for having an amazing travel on my last weeks return visit to Dubai. Have taken the chance of booking my flight tickets at the end moment & still happy to see very good competitive rates offered by you all this season. Cherry on the cake, the services starting from India itself was amazing experience for me. Have been travelling Emirates all this while but this was nothing less than Emirates. However the best part was on my return trip wherein I had a change my ticket dates by two days prior & when I have been at the airport to drop a colleague of mine on 20th Feb, Happened to meet this gem of a person at the Airport Cafeteria named, Engelbert, asked him if it was possible as had heard from people it was costly & may not be possible in such a short notice. But this person from IndiGo helped me up out of the way by connecting me to the right people & agents of IndiGo wherein I could get my ticket date preponed & could attend my wifes sister wedding as a surprise to them. This was really possible due to this lovely gentlemen's kind way of helping me understand & guiding me for the same. That was not enough, to my luck could meet him again at the airport on my flight day on 22nd Feb wherein showed really good posture on behalf of IndiGo by very very patiently helping me understand the reason for charging over weight baggage allowance which I always thought was just a way of the low cost airline to harass the poor people for extra money. Salute to the entire staff at Dubai & this gentleman who have portrayed the best image of IndiGo on me. I am surely looking forward for more n more flights with IndiGo for my future biz visits. Thanks n Cheers!!! Rgds, Hardik Soni ..."
Siddhartha Pillai, 08-03-2014
"....Feedback: Travelled from Bangalore to Indore via your flight 6E435 today. I just wanted to drop an appreciative feedback that your staffs are doing very commendable job in serving customers gracefully. Your cabin crews led by Shweta were very polite and displayed good hospitality towards everyone. I am pretty sure that by being consistent you guys along with your team are going to set a new high for Aviation in India. Cheers & All the best! Siddhartha Pillai ..."
Suraj Thomas, 08-03-2014
"....Hi, I would like to take a minute to write this email to specially thank two of your staff members Vanessa Crasto & Tanmay Wadekar (Mumbai Airport). I was flying back from Dubai on flight 6E 62 early morning on 6th March, post the customs checks I forgot one of my bags behind at the XRAY machine itself. I realized the same only once I reached my car and my driver took a stock of my bags. On rushing back I tried talking to the Police Constable and received an absolutely pathetic response. I somehow managed to get the number of someone from Indigo from the Police Control Room who directed me to Vanessa Crasto. Speaking with her was an absolute delight post the ordeal I faced with the police reps. She took in the necessary details and consoled me that the same would be sorted out immediately. She also assured me that she would send across her colleague to the Arrivals gate to help me out. I rushed to the Arrivals gate and had to barely wait for 60 seconds before Tanmay Wadekar came. On hearing my problem he tried reasoning with the police constable but on seeing there was no point he went in himself and managed to get my bag. The reason why I was awed at the services was the fact that there was a passenger who was with me facing a similar issue with Bangkok Airways and was left waiting outside for a long time. Kudos to Team IndiGo! Fantastic Service! Regards, Suraj Thomas ..."
Rahaab Rahimtulla, 09-03-2014
"...."Dear Sir / Maam, I was travelling on flight 6E 311 from Chennai to Pune on Monday 3rd March. I write to applaud the services of the cabin crew, I unfortunately do not remember all their names except for Ms. Navpreet and Ms. Zarina but that doesn't belittle the efforts of the others, the entire staff displayed utter dedication and patience in handling the passengers. It was probably one of those days where there were more than one passenger who needed attention, from a wailing child to a passenger incoherent with the language to first time flyers, the staff dealt with each one of them patiently, handled them in a manner without causing an inconvenience to co-passengers, who by then had started losing patience. As frustrating it might have been for the Crew, it was handled brilliantly. Crew like them, help make Indigo the airline that it is and ensure a pleasant in flight experience. If this appreciation can help boost the morale of the staff, please feel free to communicate the same with them. Thank you for the brilliant service! With best regards, Rahaab Rahimtulla. ..."
Marianne Himsley, 10-03-2014
"...."Feedback: Hello, I have had many calls with your call center and found the service of a high quality of politeness and help fullness. Thank you for your good service; and I look forward to our visit and flight with you. Thank you and kind regards, Marianne ..."
A V K Durga Prasad, 10-03-2014
"....Dear Sir / Maam, On 4th March evening around 4.40PM, when I have entered airport at Hyderabad for the first time to catch flight to Bhubaneswar, I was so anxious to catch the flight at 0505 PM. As it was my first encounter, I was not aware of the procedures to be followed. I submitted my bag at check in around 0450 PM and security personnel asked me to keep my mobile in the bag. Check in was completed and without taking my bag and mobile as one of the person told me that luggage will reach to Bhubaneswar and can be collected there. When I reached to the gate no 22, gates were closed as it was timed out. At this juncture when I was so tense for missing the flight and as well as for leaving my bag along with mobile, I would not have come out of the airport if Ms. Kavya would not have extended her kindness towards me. Her kindness to help me was unforgettable during the entire time period till I get my bag. She has accompanied me to all the places wherever I took her in the airport to locate my bag. She has contacted security officer and finally with her effort I could able to find my bag which is with the check in security and kept safely. I found my mobile also and taken my bag. She has helped me to book the ticket for next day evening flight and she has also arranged boarding pass for the next day to see that I don't miss the flight once again. She helped me and clarified all the queries I had during the course of my journey till I collect my baggage next day evening after I reached Bhubaneswar. It's wonderful that IndiGo has such a wonderful lady who has committed to her job. Ms. Kavya's highest commitment to help customers and her highest level of patience and the attitude towards the passengers of Indigo was unquestionable. Even though I missed the flight, she has helped me to come out of the severe tension I faced during that 30minutes of time. I would like to appreciate Ms. Kavya for her hospitality shown towards me (even though I missed flight in locating my left out bag) and I wish her all the best in near future which I am sure that with the same kind of attitude she will achieve great success in her career and I am sure Ms.Kavya make IndiGo pride. Thanks & Regards, A V K Durga Prasad ..."
Ajay Shetty, 10-03-2014
"....I had a superb experience with your airline. Especially, the cabin crew who looked after the passengers very well! Ajay Shetty ..."
Capt GJ Singh, 16-03-2014
"....Dear Sir, This is to place on record the excellent service rendered by the Cabin crew (flight 6E 123 from Delhi to Bangalore on 15 March 2014) to a passenger who was a serious asthma patient on board. Sitting on Seat number 1A, I observed a passenger coming forward near the pantry having acute difficulty in breathing who was heavily breathing with his mouth open and his eyes popping out. It appeared for a moment that the passenger is on his final return journey. A few more gathered around him to help him. But the cabin crew quickly swung into action, brought in breathing mask with oxygen cylinder and comforted the passenger by rubbing his back and giving him water etc. He was well taken care of throughout the flight till landing at Bangalore. The excellent service rendered by air hostesses Dezi, Tejesvi, Rukshar and Poonam is praiseworthy. This is for your kind information. Regards Capt GJ Singh. Indian Navy ..."
Shruti Arora, 18-03-2014
"....Hello, We recently travelled by IndiGo (Bangalore-Delhi) and back. We usually have a good experience with IndiGo and this time I wanted to take out the time and place on record that we are highly impressed by the services offered by Mr. Ritesh Gupta, Indigo Airways representative stationed at IGI Airport. His reception and subsequent assistance during our recent check in (16th March) is highly appreciated. I am writing this mail because such exhibition of devotion to duty is praise worthy. We wish him all the best and success in his career and highly recommend him for further hierarchical posts. Thanks, Shruti Arora ..."
Iti Sinha, 18-03-2014
"....Feedback: I needed a mobile charger in flight desperately as I needed a phone for my journey in Delhi in a taxi at night all alone at 11 PM. Ms. Devarshi, flight crew member was not only empathised with my situation but also actively and efficiently arranged for my phone to be charged via a co passenger's laptop. I was so touched to see her efficient and effective involvement in my problem. I would like to thank her and I hope you would convey the same to her. She is truly an example for all your other flight crew members. One can train technicalities but such an amazing attitude only comes when one loves their job and actually cares. Thank her from me. And thank you IndiGo. Iti Sinha ..."
Mahesh Nayak, 18-03-2014
"....Feedback: Dear IndiGo, It was such a beautiful experience with IndiGo, totally hassle free, excellent customer service at Mumbai & on arrival at Visakhapatnam. I would wish to single out Mr RSRKV Prasad, your station manager at Visakhapatnam was always smiling & helpful as ever. He is an asset to IndiGo. He & his colleagues are excellent in making passenger comfortable from start to finish. I did experience IndiGo staff helping out the needy with the wheel chair bound till exit & ensuring they are comfortable till they take their transport. I have to admit, they are class apart compared to other operators. Me being a frequent flier, have more reasons to fly IndiGo!! Cheap fare take last in my priority....service comes first...thats where IndiGo excels. Hope the same service continues...all the best. Mahesh Nayak ..."
Delnaaz & Mithun, 19-03-2014
"....Hi Neha, Thank you so much for the consideration and goodwill. Making IndiGo airlines our preferred choice for airline travel over the last few years has been simple. You guys have the best of aircrafts, prompt on time performance and kickass small eats on the planes packaged in handy tins that can be reused. The attention to detail with running the airlines is impeccable and definitely commendable. And then you guys go ahead and consider emergencies as emergencies and respect them, without many questions. Again, this just goes to reinstate why you guys are No. 1 on the most preferred airline in India. Thanks again Cheers and we're hoping to fly with you guys soon! Delnaaz & Mithun ..."
Rajeev handa, 19-03-2014
"....Hi, I am Rajeev handa and I am flying Kolkata-Raipur this morning on 6E-245. In fact, I happen to have left my mobile phone on the taxi and Mr Tanmoy Adak was extremely proactive and immediate in his response on assisting me trace the Driver and also lead me out of the main gate. I am thankful to Tanmoy and also appreciate Indigo, for all the assistance, on this matter. Best Regards Rajeev handa ..."
Vandana dahiya,19-03-2014
"....Hello sir, I wanted to appreciate three people from the Ground staff in your airline. I had lost my wallet before boarding my flight from Delhi to Pune. I had lost all hope to retrieve it back but these extremely efficient people in your company tried everything on the earth to find it and send to me. I have never been so happy for getting something as important as my wallet safely with everything in place. Those people are TANUSHREE SENGUPTA from Delhi. AMIT and POOJA from Pune ground staff. They are the best assets your company can have in terms of going out of the way to help their customers. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Thanking you Vandana dahiya ..."
Mrs H. Gauswami, 20-03-2014
"....Hello Sir/Maam, My Self Mrs H. Gauswami travelled in your flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad this week. I want to inform you that today I had really such a nice experience with the IndiGo. I was traveling second time by plane. As, I was at the Arrival hall of Ahmedabad Airport & I was waiting for IndiGo staff who can help me. At same time one of the IndiGo staff Mr. NIKUL PANCHAL (Emp. No.9829) who assisted me & helped me without demand. He came with me till the Arrival exit area & helped me with my luggage. He guided me very well regarding the check in process for my returned journey. I am very much happy with the service of IndiGo, especially for NIKUL PANCHAL. This appreciation for his motivation, so I would request please bring to on his notice. I will tell others to fly with IndiGo, they will feel like their own airlines. Yours faithfully, Mrs H. Gauswami ..."
Vijayanand Sanganaboina, 24-03-2014
"....Hello, I am writing this email as a note of appreciation for the exceptional service provided by Ram Pratap Tiwari last week, i.e. 17th March 2014. My Mother and four other ladies all above 60 years came to Mount Abu and missed the IndiGo Flight bound to Hyderabad from Ahmedabad. Ram Pratap exhibited exceptional customer service and went beyond his job responsibility and helped the ladies to arrange a booking for next day and dropped them in the nearest Brahmakumari Ashram, and also ensured they boarded the flight next day and informed the same to me. I must say that the humble and prompt support extended by him was appreciable. He helped me to find a suitable flight next day and continuously kept in contact with me to inform about the ladies safety. He was very polite and helpful throughout the situation. You should certainly feel proud of such resources, who can bring in goodwill for the company. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success. Regards, Vijayanand Sanganaboina ..."
SAURESH, 24-03-2014
"...."Feedback: Dear INGIGO, this is a feedback letter from me (S.Sauresh). I am a frequent flyer in IndiGo. Recently I along with my daughter happen to travel from Mumbai to Visakhapatnam via Hyderabad on IndiGo flight 6E 248 on 19 Mar 14. I inadvertently misplaced my Sony Digital Camera during the transit and I was not aware exactly where I lost the item. I immediately lodged a written complaint on arrival at Visakhapatnam. Mr.Vaddi Duraga Mallik an IndiGo staff at Visakhapatnam took stock of the situation and assured me of full cooperation. But I lost complete hope of getting my camera back. The next day Mr.Vaddi Duraga Mallik has called me and told me that my camera has been retrieved, and said that the item is at Mumbai Airport. This made me a great surprise. He also explained me what to do next. He asked me few documents and very next day I had the lost camera in my possession. I later learned that he (Mr. V.D. Mallik) had contacted Hyderabad and Mumbai airport staff and authorities in retrieving the camera back to Visakhapatnam. MR.VADDI DURAGA MALLIK OF INDIGO STAFF AT VISAKHAPATNAM HAS DONE A HIGHLY APPRECIABLE JOB AND SHOWN COMMENDABLE AND PRAISEWORTHY TO HIS PROFESSION. WELL DONE BRAVO. REGARDS, SAURESH ..."
Kanval Tikku, 24-03-2014
"...."I would like to thank profusely the ground staff at Jammu and Delhi Airports as well as the in-flight team of 6E-551 of 23-March-14 for taking excellent care of my aged Parents. Regards Kanval Tikku ..."
Arvind Singh, 25-03-2014
"...."I write to compliment Ms. Gupta for her leadership and care for passenger on seat 21A. The lady passenger suddenly got sick and Ms. Gupta and her team did all they could do to attend to her and help her recover. At one stage, she looked rather serious and there was talk of diverting the plane to Ahmedabad. But thanks to Ms. Gupta and her team, it was a delight to see the passenger walk on her own when the plane landed in Delhi. I salute Ms Gupta - true service champion and a natural leader. Best wishes Arvind Singh ..."
Shabnam, 25-03-2014
"...."Hi there, Just wanted to express my deep gratitude to Devesh (mobile number 98926 88549) front desk customer service manager at Bombay domestic airport I had the good fortune to have him look after my problem about 2 weeks ago while catching a Bom-Goa flight. His whole attitude was entirely helpful, understanding and concerned. He looked after the issue I had and provided quick solutions in a clear matter of fact manner. 3 days later on my return to Bombay airport, he ensured that I received what was given to him for safe-keeping without having to undergo any hassles or needless run-around...totally unexpected and completely delightful! He went out of his way and in todays cut and dried world, this empathy and desire to help is not common... Theres a clear reason why you guys at Indigo are going from strength to strength and I wish you all the very best! Your people imbue your winning proposition of customer service and do it consistently. Great going Devesh and thank you once again! Best regards, Shabnam ..."
Madhulika Satalkar, 26-03-2014
"...."Dear Merwyn, I wanted to take this opportunity to write about my experience with Merwyn. Since its related to my mom so I was bit tensed as how she can travel alone but Merwyn helped me in finding solution for me. I always got prompt response from him whenever I have issues. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my issue and also providing solutions to them. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. With Best Regards Madhulika Satalkar ..."
CA. Aniket Talati, 31-03-2014
"...."Sub: Letter of Commendation--?Mr Parth Rawal (10184) I flew Mumbai - Ahmedabad on your Indigo flight 6E 433 on 24th March, Monday. I received excellent service at the time of boarding! On landing I left one cabin baggage in the flight. On my way to home I got a phone call from Mr Parth Rawal (10184) from your ground staff who informed me I had left one bag in the flight. I decided to let it go since it had only some papers. However, he took down my address and offered to deliver it to me which he did the next day. I am extremely impressed by the courtesy, service and initiative taken by Mr Rawal which is why this email. I am a frequent flyer with IndiGo but the service this time was exemplary. I look forward to flying with IndiGo again and thank you for the service rendered by Mr Rawal which is truly commendable. All in all the entire experience was extremely pleasant and left a smile on my face Keep it up! CA. Aniket Talati ..."
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