Anushree Pande
"....Hello, I would like to appreciate the efforts put in by Mr. Zahed in helping me out with searching for my phone(Sony Xperia Z2)after I forgot it in one of the trolleys before the final check (the point where they tear the boarding pass). I offloaded myself from IndiGo Flight 6E306 for Hyderabad-Delhi on 01/01/2015.Thank you. He tried to calm me down all the while I was panic stricken and called upon the IndiGo staff to help me out. He personally accompanied me to the security and looked for my phone. He was very cordial .When all this was not enough he also helped me with getting a ticket for the next IndiGo flight to Delhi. I apologize for my carelessness and all the troubles caused to IndiGo System and Processes but I am really really grateful to Mr. Zahed who helped me so much in securing my phone. I feel obliged. Regards Anushree Pande ..."
Tracy Denholm, 01-01-2015.. Appreciations Airport Services
"....On December 17th, I began the first leg of a long journey back to the United States after spending a year of volunteer service in Tripura. My flight to Kolkata from Agartala was booked on Spice Jet and due to their operational issues, it was looking likely I would be missing my international flight not to mention on my date of travel I was severely ill. Arriving at the Agartala Airport, I was put on stand-by on two different IndiGo flights while praying I would hopefully make one. Even though I did not hold a ticket with IndiGo, your amazing staff members Arindam Debbarma, Sumit Bhaumik, Rajit Ghosh, and Sudipta Chandok did everything in their power to show me kindness, understanding, sympathy, and a serious effort to put me on one of your company's flights. The type of service I encountered from your staff that day exemplified what true customer appreciation is all about. They went above and beyond their duties, especially since I did not hold a ticket with your airline, by working with airport staff to ensure that I did indeed make my return flight. You should be extremely proud of your employees and I believe they should be shown as an example to your entire company of how all customers in need should be treated. Due to the efforts of your employees, you have won my loyalty and that of my friends who travel within India. Thank you for showing me that true customer service still exists in this world. Sincerely, Tracy Denholm ..."
Srikanth, 03-01-2015..Appreciations Others
"....Feedback: I happened to travel in Seat No1C in flight 6E 302 from Pune-Chennai. The attitude of all the crew members is courteous and their care and service is sincerely appreciable. It makes us feel good as a customer and choose this flight the next time. ~Thank you IndiGo~ Regards. Srikanth ..."
Kinkini Banerjee, 03-01-2015..Thank you!
"....Dear IndiGo, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exemplary teamwork shown by IndiGo staff on Dec 31, 2014. My son and I were on flight 6E 241 from Visakhapatnam to Mumbai and we inadvertently left our iPad on the plane when disembarking at Mumbai. The lady who answered the phone when I called IndiGo customer service at the Gurgaon office was very professional and courteous, assuring me that she would communicate the message immediately to the Mumbai office. Within 45 minutes of my call to IndiGo customer service, Mr. Kunal Sharma, Executive Team Admin, Lost and Found Custodian contacted me with the news that the iPad had been found, and gave me clear directions about the pickup process. Mehernosh Kapadia also contacted me with the news that evening about the iPad. I am very grateful to Kunal and Mehernosh for communicating the good news to me so promptly and making sure I understood what I needed to do to collect my iPad. Huge thanks to Security Executive, Mr. Dhiren Jhaveri, who found the iPad during Aircraft check and returned it to lost and found department! This iPad was a present to my son and its loss would have been devastating if not for the hard work and honesty of the aircraft cleaning staff. I am very grateful at the concern shown by the IndiGo staff and the prompt resolution of this issue. It is evident that many layers of communication and coordination occurred between the lady who took the call in Gurgaon office, and the many staff members in the Mumbai office (from aircraft cleaning crew to Lost and Found admin staff). Kunal Sharma was present when I went to the IndiGo office at Mumbai Airport and made sure that he personally handed over this valuable item to me. He made the collection process very smooth. I had also contacted IndiGo via e-mail, and the response from Mr. Siddharth Mookerjee was prompt. (Reference number: CRN 313902-D3SONB). When I discovered the missing iPad, and called the IndiGo office on the evening of Dec 31, I did not have much hope of it being found and returned to me. I managed to avert a significant financial loss, thanks to the diligence, integrity and professionalism of the IndiGo team. Your customer service is exceptional. Your staff made sure that 2014 ended on a happy note for me and my family, and we were able to begin 2015 in the best way possible. Please count me as one of IndiGo's most ardent supporters. I have planned to fly IndiGo whenever I am in India. Best Regards, Kinkini Banerjee ..."
Manmohan Daga, 03-01-2015..Appreciations Airport Services
"....Feedback: We were travelling with One Infant and another 82 year old lady on wheelchair on this flight. Mr. Naman from the Ahmedabad Airport staff saw our difficulty and was very helpful in our Check in and boarding. He was all smiles all through. People like Naman make us want to continue our good experience with Indigo Airlines Regards, Manmohan Daga ..."
Joan Nicell, 04-01-2015..Appreciation
"....I would like to thank you and many other IndiGo staff, particularly Rapneet and Manu, for helping me recover my luggage from customs. I found the IndiGo staff to be very helpful, patient, kind, and efficient at all times. Regards, Joan Nicell ..."
Akash Mohapatra, 04-01-2015..Wow Service - Bablu Jatti
"....Dear Sir, My family and I were flying by Indigo 6E 263 from BBI to Hyderabad in 4 January, with onward flight to Singapore for my wife and Son, and connecting flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai on 5 January. We had the good fortune to meet one of your staff in BBI, Mr Bablu Jatti, Assistant Manager at IndiGo Bhubaneswar. He was like an angel who had been sent to look after us, and solve every problem that we were falling into. We were kind of jinxed that day, with one problem after the other. At first one of our bags got misplaced before we reached the airport. Then at security at Bhubaneswar, I left my phone and blackberry behind in the X ray machine which we realized when aircraft door was about to close, and then my son was sick with Diarrhoea and Vomit when we reached Hyderabad. So what did the angel do? He went beyond call of duty to assist and come up with solutions each time. He displayed a calmness and confidence which made us to trust IndiGo, and its value for its customers. 1. Baggage- Once we asked for duty manager to explain our situation on one bag which had not yet reached Bhubaneswar airport, the Assistant Manager, Mr Jatti met us, and helped us get our check in done, while assuring us that when our misplaced bag reaches the airport he will try to get it on board if it reaches on time, failing which he would try to work out some solution. Thankfully, my relatives got the bag to the airport just before flight was closed and Mr Jatti had that bag checked in for us and it was all sorted. He gave us his card, and said we can call him in case of any problem. 2. Lost Mobiles - After we were seated on board the flight I realized that I had left my Phone and Blackberry at airport security near the X ray machine. We called Mr Jatti using my wife's phone, just as aircraft doors were being closed. He was like "Mr Mohapatra, Don't worry; just call me once you reach Hyderabad. We will find your phones, and figure a way to send to you either in Hyderabad or Mumbai. Don't worry and travel safe- I will take care of everything". And he did 'take care of everything'. He was constantly messaging us, coordinating with airport security and airport manager and with IndiGo colleagues in Mumbai. When I reached Mumbai this morning at 7 am, I already know who to look for in IndiGo, and collected my Phone and blackBerry. I would have been so inconvenienced without these. And finally he called my Singapore mobile to double check that all was fine and I had received my goods! My heartfelt gratitude to IndiGo, and to your exemplary staff, Mr Jatti- who took customer service to an entirely new level! Regards. Akash Mohapatra ..."
Varun, 04-01-2015..Appreciation
"....I am writing this email for the feedback during my journey. I want to appreciate the lady who issued boarding passes named Sonali. She was really kind enough to answer all our queries with ease and with smile on face. She was extra supportive to pick luggage from my mother's hand in the queue. It really feels extraordinary and we would always feel like flying again with same airlines with such supportive staff and IndiGo should hire more staff like her. Regards, Varun ..."
Piyush Yadav, 06-01-2015 ..Thank you for the smiles
"....Hi Team IndiGo, I would like to thank you for the services provided, and would like to commend the hospitality provided by the crew who despite difficult travel routines, never forget to serve a smile. I recently flew from Jaipur to Bangalore on flight 6E 468 on Dec 12, and got the same satisfaction as I had years ago when I started flying with IndiGo ( 2010 ) . I do not recall the names of all people but Pratiksha was one of the crew members, although the whole crew was very friendly and helpful. I always prefer IndiGo over other carriers for my domestic flights, and will continue to do so as long as I receive the same service. -- Piyush Yadav ..."
Girish Varma, 06-01-2015..Best Wishes!
"....Hello Team 6E! It is the time to rejoice a new beginning, set new resolutions, plan for achievable and realistic goals, and last but not the least hope and pray that this year brings joy and happiness to everyone around the world. In the year 2014, most of us around the world witnessed a terrifying year, at least in the aviation sector. The aviation industry experiences loss of three major Airlines and the fall of a budget airline in our country. But my favourite airline, Indigo, like always stood out. The spirit of India's coolest airline has been indomitable. The only airline in the aviation sector of India, making huge profits and putting a smile on every guest's face with the on time performance, clean and spotless cabins, awesome offers, covering major sectors with the best connectivity, and the list is endless... As a frequent flyer with the India's youngest and coolest airline, here I am conveying a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2015! Keep Flying higher team 6E! All the best for your future endeavours! Best Regards, Girish Varma ..."
Vikram Shivadas, 07-01-2015..Appreciations Airport Services
"....Feedback: I am writing this note as a big thank u to the entire IndiGo team at the security /boarding gate of the cochin international airport. My father Mr K.N Shivadas , my mother Pushpa Shivadas and aunt Yemuna Vainu Bappu were all booked to travel on 6th January on indigo 6E 412 from Cochin to Bangalore. Just as they were boarding the flight my father had a huge breathing difficulty and needed to be given oxygen & subsequently hospitalised. The exemplary support and genuine concern displayed by indigo staff at Cochin airport Mr Jitesh A.M mentioned by my mother was unbelievable. I have travelled on several airlines globally and have never heard or experienced such genuine engagement by staff. As a son who was not present during this emergency I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the timely support given especially when they are all 70 plus. I am writing this name because I believe display of such customer orientation should not go unrecognized. I firmly believe that this letter of mine will not serve its purpose if senior management of team IndiGo does not recognize the efforts. I humbly request to make this a case study for others to follow. He has gone beyond his call of duty and accompanied my mother to the hospital to ensure all loose ends are taped up. Kudos to Jitesh!! Regards, Vikram Shivadas ..."
Deepak Punjabi, 08-01-2015..Thank you
"....I would like to thank the crew of Flight 6E 129 and the ground support staff of IndiGo for finding and returning my I Pad which I had inadvertently left behind on the flight on January 6th. The team was courteous to us when we informed them about the loss and I was able to get back the same within 24 hours. While your usual efficiency on the flight is something that we have started taking for granted (and admiring of course), this service has further increased my admiration for the airline and the team. Many thanks to the entire team with special mention for Mr Dhiren Jhaveri (IndiGo Security Executive) and Mr. Kunal Sharma (IndiGo Executive - Team Admin Lost & Found Custodian)! Best regards Deepak Punjabi ..."
Pawan, 08-01-2015..Appreciations Airport Services
"....Feedback: I was on Indore- Nagpur sector on 6E 436 on 7th January 2015. The flight had some technical snag which kept on delaying. However the flight did take off with a special plane called from Mumbai at early hours at1:20am on 8th morning. Though it was tiring, but I would like to extend hearty congratulations to INDIGO for having been very lucky to have a great team of ground staff at Indore. They arranged food, drinks, and took care of all simple to big needs. I was very happy with the guys especially in the team there. Kudos to Mr Kushal and all guys! Also Ms Nisha and other female members did their best in Indore airport. Though flight delayed, your staff there took care very humble way which reduced the stress to a large extent. I really should say, INDIGO is lucky to have such team there in INDORE. Congratulations for good training and human skills. BEST REGARDS AND BEST WISHES TO YOUR INDORE GROUND STAFF. Regards Pawan ..."
Parash Mitra, 09-01-2015..Feedback Parash Mitra
"....Dear Madam / Sir, I am sending this email as a feedback for the experience on my flight 6E 326 Kolkata-Mumbai. I would like to begin by congratulating IndiGo for their success and consistent performance. It feels great to be flying IndiGo and being on time every single time. But, this isn't the real reason behind sending this feedback. What really impressed me were the little initiatives that the airline is taking in not only making the experience fruitful for the passengers but also for their own crew. Acknowledging the services of the employees us extremely important and it shows on the faces of the staff at every level. It was great to see a few stories of the employees in ur in-flight magazine. Also, the idea of putting small stories on the side of food packets is a first and is an amazing idea; it makes the flights less boring!!! One more thing is that the magazine not only has ads it has a few pages of super useful information - turbulence, go-around, etc. As an aviation and travel enthusiast I find it amazing to read such things in a magazine. Again! First! Brilliantly done IndiGo!!! Regards, Parash Mitra ..."
Bhagat Singh Naorem, 11-01-2015..Appreciations
"....Dear IndiGo, I would like to express my appreciation and thankfulness to the staff of IndiGo 6E 77 coming from Kolkata to Bangkok on 03 Jan 2015. My son "Bharat Naorem" suddenly got high fever in the flight and the flight attendants helped us giving the new bottle of medicine, and allowed my son to sleep in the vacant three seats as well as they helped fastened the seat belt for him while he was still sleeping. I am very thankful to you for the much needed help you have provided to us. I will definitely fly with IndiGo in the future also. With Best Regards Bhagat Singh Naorem ..."
Naresh Dewan, 11-01-2015..Exemplary Service
"....Dear Sir, I would like to share a story of exemplary service provided by one of your employees Mr. Nakul Verma, Manager of Security Services at IndiGo. I was traveling on IndiGo flight 6E 202 from Nagpur to Delhi on Jan 5, 2015.After I reached home I realized that my new IPhone with all the holiday pictures was missing. I was convinced that my phone was lost somewhere in Nagpur during the boarding process and had reported to the Nagpur airport authority about my lost phone. I had given up all hopes of finding my phone until 4 days later I received an email message from Nakul about a phone found in the plane. This was the day I was supposed to fly back to USA and Nakul along with his agent Kamal went out of their way to arrange for a quick meeting to hand over the phone. The level of professionalism and courtesy along with prompt service was truly exemplary. Naresh Dewan ..."
Darshan Rathod, 12-01-2015..Happy with IndiGo - Thanks to Prasad Jadhav, Pune Airport Duty Manager @ IndiGo
"....Hi, This is an appreciation email for one of your star employees, Prasad Jadhav, Duty Manager at the Pune Airport. In a nutshell, I will narrate the incident that happened at the Pune airport and how Prasad went beyond expectations to give outstanding customer service! My parents and I took a Delhi-Pune flight 6E401 on the 21st of December 2014. When we deplaned from the flight and were at the luggage conveyor, my mother realized that one of her diamond earrings had fallen somewhere. Now the size of earring is so small that it'd be practically impossible to know where it could have fallen! The first thing I did at the Pune airport was to speak to Prasad who was near the luggage belt and asked him if he could help. Prasad immediately offered support and called the flight-housekeeping person to see if the earring was seen in the flight - the answer was NO. Prasad didn't give up and went an extra mile, he himself rushed to the airplane, which was now ready for departure for Delhi again! Prasad requested the pilot to give him a few minutes, he went to the seats where were seated (row 18D-18E-18F), requested the passengers for the now Pune-Delhi flight to move out, looked down near the seats and lo, there he found the diamond earring in one small corner, shining! Had Prasad not taken the extra effort, we would have never found out the earring. Prasad immediately called me and informed that the earring was found and I should've only tried to capture the emotions of my mother that day to see the earring again - we had lost all hopes to see it! Now the earring was the first gift my father gave my mother about 30 years back, so you can imagine the sentimental value to our family with the earring. Apart from being important emotionally, the earring would easily be costing INR ~1.5L today! I would be happy if Prasad is internally appreciated at IndGo, as he refused to accept any token of appreciation from us, saying it was his duty! Kudos to IndiGo or such star performers - no wonder, IndiGo stands out from the crowded Indian aviation space! Please keep me posted! Thank you. A very happy customer :) Darshan ..."
B B VAID, 13-01-2015..Appreciations Airport Services
"....Feedback: Dear Maam/Sir, This email I have been writing under compulsion. But this compulsion is not at all negative or complaining. Rather it is a positive compulsion that germinated due to an excellent service provided by your ground staff at Kolkata airport. The services were so good that I am compelled to write this email which I dont think so would have written under any other circumstances but for the excellent services. I was travelling from Kolkata to Delhi on 8th of January by 6E 274 and was told to board from gate number three. Since I had reached a bit early so was waiting in front of gate number three and was observing the ground operations as I did not have anything else to do. I was very impressed the way show was being run. However what compelled me to write this mail was not the operations at gate number three but due to sudden announcement of change of my boarding gate from 3 to 18 which required me to climb the escalator and go to gate number 18. This really irritated me as I was having pain in my leg. However sensing this pain one staff of your named Nidhi (I dont know the full name) came forward to help me and not only arranged my smooth transition from gate number 3 to 18 but also ensured that I was not burdened to carry my luggage with a paining leg sensing which she not only managed my cabin baggage firstly up to gate number 18 and thereafter in the checked in baggage which relieved me from the worries of carrying and putting it in overhead bins. No doubt that your entire staffs was very efficient but the efficiency the professionalism the courtesy and above all service with a smile of your staff member namely Ms Nidhi was paramount who despite a lot of cribbing by people due to change of gates handled the situation with total professionalism in a very calm and courteous manner . Not only me but all the passengers were appreciating her energy and professionalism. My recommendations and commendations to all your staff and especially to Ms Nidhi for such remarkable and commendable services! Thanks! I once again reiterate that it is a privilege to fly with IndiGo for staff like yours. Regards, B B VAID ..."
Anand Monickam, 16-01-2015..Token of appreciation
"....Feedback: This is to appreciate the excellent service that we received while travelling by Indigo 6E 302 from Chennai to Hyderabad on 15 Jan 2015. My father Mr. Dharmaraj Robert Manickam received good care and handling as a wheelchair dependent person. Right from the cab, the IndiGo staff were helpful. In the aircraft, the chief flight attendant/crew member - Ms. Jennifer requires special mention as she attended to my dad's needs more than what we had expected. All cabin crew were patient with him as he required assistance being transferred from the wheelchair to the seat. I on behalf of my family thank the airline for the wonderful service we had received during the flight. Regards, Anand Monickam ..."
Aaron Robin, 16-1-2015..Thank you for Finding my Lost Wallet!
"....Dear Engelbert and Amit, I would like to thank you greatly for the honesty shown in returning my wallet. It was wrong of me to leave my wallet with money and my ID cards on the flight while getting off the plane. But thankfully with honest people in the IndiGo Team I was not punished for my mistake and got my wallet intact just as I had left in the plane. I hadn't noticed it till you called my mother and I'm really great full for the honesty your team has shown here. I appreciate this honesty very much as I did not lose the money and I have been saving up for a long time now. This also saved me from the troubles of reapplying for the cards and all the other hassles. Thank you once again for this great show. Regards, Aaron Robin ..."
Piyusha, 17-01-2015..Feedback for IndiGo staff
"....Hi, I'm writing this email to extend my heartfelt thanks to the IndiGo staff in Delhi and Pune airport. When I boarded IndiGo flight 6E 105 on 14th January and just when I was about to board the flight with my family I realized that I had left my laptop at Delhi airport security check. It could have been a horrible experience of my life but each one of your staff member has helped me in tracing this laptop and getting it delivered to the Pune airport. I would specially like to mention the name of CHIRAG from Pune airport staff who not only calmed me down but the kind of help he provided to me has been exceptional, not just tracing my laptop but also providing regular feedback about it. I'm all praises for him since the way he treated me was by far the best customer satisfaction experience of my life. Once again, thanking all IndiGo staff members who helped me and Chirag, who proved the kind of service IndiGo provides is par excellence!!! Thanks Piyusha (a happy customer:-D) ..."
Srinivas Yelandur, 19-01-2015..Appreciations
"....Feedback: I was on the rescheduled flight 6E 507 from Delhi to Bangalore, on the evening of 18th Jan15. A senior citizen in seat 15A, presumably traveling alone, was very unwell and uneasy right through the journey. It was very heartening to note that your two young cabin crew members on this flight Amrin and Kavitha, went on to demonstrate a great deal of empathy, concern and sensitivity in looking after this passenger, and kept repeatedly returning to check on his condition and his state of uneasiness all through the 2.5 hour trip. As a regular IndiGo flyer, I have always appreciated value in a brand that makes it stand apart or distinguishes it from the rest of the pack. And, I think human values (apart from customer service and wellbeing), is what airlines lack in most of the cases. These young ladies have once again helped me believe that IndiGo is definitely different. Please pass on my kudos to these two wonderful employees of yours for their concern and values. Regards, Srinivas Yelandur ..."
Pratyush Das, 19-01-2015 ..Appreciation for Support
"....Dear Madam/Sir, I am pleased to inform you of the excellent support and help provided to me by your staff - Mr. Piyush Patra @ Bhubaneswar Airport. I had missed my hand baggage @ Hyderabad airport and returned to Bhubaneswar the very next day. He was first point of contact at the airport on my arrival at Bhubaneswar and has been so helpful in guiding me and helping me to trace my lost luggage and finally have got my luggage today delivered at my relatives place @ Hyderabad. Such kind of cooperation and support provided by your staff shows the intent of valuing customer's like me and others to choose IndiGo for future travels without any hesitation. I may personally want him to be recognized for his relentless efforts and support. Thanks again for valuing a customer. Pratyush Das ..."
Sourabh Sethi, 19-01-2015..Testimonial of Excellence for Mr. Beurins D Souza employee I'd 15126 Mumbai team
"....Hai to IndiGo customer service! Greetings! I am thankful to the quality of service been offered by Mr. Beurins Dsouza code 15126 during my interaction pertaining to my travel this evening, I had a back pain and he handled check in with personal touch great attitude. I keep on travelling overseas and trust he has demonstrated an excellent customer centric attitude. In my 18 years of career with bureaucracy professionals like him are true brand ambassador. The credit goes to your leadership team too. Please share this testimonial with Leadership team. Wishing team IndiGo more milestones! Happy Customer ! Dr. Sourabh Sethi ..."
Devika Anand, 25-01-2015..Complimenting INDIGO for amazing customer service at Ahmedabad Airport, on 25/1/2015.
"....Dear IndiGo, After a 2 day visit to enjoy Vibrant Gujarat, the FINALE was very pleasant, helpful and smiling service at Ahmedabad Domestic Airport by your staff, Vikita (VIKITA). Whilst we were in the queue itself, we noticed her patience and calm behaviour when dealing with irate passengers in front of us. She handled our interface very efficiently and with such a pleasant demeanour that we feel compelled to compliment INDIGO, on this! She represents the face of INDIGO to us-way to go, INDIGO Airlines-keep up the good work. We shall certainly choose to fly INDIGO again, if this is your level of courtesy and efficiency. Best wishes Devika Anand ..."
kiran pendharkar, 26-01-2015..Appreciations
"....Once again excellent landing at Pune, efficient on board service and on time (before time) record! WELL DONE and keep it up. Regards, kiran pendharkar ..."
".... Dear Mr Sanjeev, 1. I am a serving naval officer. I wanted to bring to your notice the exemplary service and assistance provided by your airline to my parents, which resulted in the safe return of my father. 2. My parents, Lt Col TRN Sinha (Retd) and Mrs Kanak Sinha were travelling from Delhi to Chennai in economy class by flight 6E-281 on 20 Jan 14. Within minutes of the flight taking off from Delhi, my father encountered a medical emergency wherein he suffered uneasiness, pain in chest and left arm and giddiness. Thereafter he passed out onboard. Immediate first aid was provided to my father by the crew with the aid of a doctor who was also one of the passengers. The first aid included among other things, mouth to mouth resuscitation by one of the air hostesses and oxygen. This first aid helped in reviving him and restoring his breathing. 3. Thereafter the Captain diverted the flight and made an emergency landing at Jaipur. Two doctors and an ambulance were waiting for my parents at the airport and further medical assistance was provided at the airport. My father was shifted to Fortis Hospital at Jaipur and thanks to the prompt action taken by your airline he is fine and with us at home today. The actions taken by the crew demonstrate the high level of training provided to them and their dedication to duty. It also brings about the human nature of your airline. 4. I would like to make a special mention about Mr Surendra Sharma, Assistant Manager and Mr Rishikesh Chaudhary, Executive at Jaipur airport. My mother was alone and in a traumatised state of mind in an unknown city when my parents were de-planed at around 1130 AM. These two gentlemen gave her immense moral support and were present by her side at all times. They assisted her with all the formalities of admitting my father in the hospital and offered to provide financial assistance also, which was though, not required. Mr Surender Sharma did not leave my mother's side, till I reached Jaipur at around 6 PM. I am extremely grateful to this gentleman for providing the kind of assistance to my parents that goes way beyond his call of duty. 5. I am extremely thankful to your airline for the kind of assistance and service provided and am afraid to even imagine what may have happened without this assistance. 6. I am listing down the names of the airport staff at Jaipur and the crew of flight 6E-281 on 20 Jan 14. I request you to convey my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to them. Please correct the names from the flight roster if I have got some of them wrong:- (a) Mr Surendra Sharma, Assistant Manager Jaipur. (b) Mr Rishikesh Chaudhary, Executive, Jaipur. (c) Captain Sandeep Amuninje Alva. (d) First Officer Nishant Sirohi. (e) Crew. (i) Ms Pragati Sethi. (ii) Ms Priya. (iii) Ms Sandra Chettiar. (iv) Mr Tapan Chand. 7. Please keep up the good work and all the best and god speed to your airline. Regards Cdr Rajesh Sinha Indian Navy . ..."
Neelima Ande, 28-01-2014..Appreciation
".... Hi team, My name is Neelima .I had an great experience when I was traveling from Vizag to mumbai.I would like to share with you. At the Visakhapatnam airport I was about to check in with my baby and I have some luggage with me. Rajesh was very helpful he proactively came to me and he has taken my luggage. He was so good he helped me till I boarded my flight .I have to board jet flight and I thought I have to board indigo .He has taken my pass and walked me to jet airways even though he is from IndiGo. I really appreciate his dedication to work and I would request you to give him a reward. Regards Neelima Ande . ..."
Sudhir Mehta, 28-01-2015..Thank You
"....Dear Sir, I would like to extend my big thanks to the IndiGo Ground Staff, Airhostess (I think her name was Anjali residing at Ahmedabad), IndiGo airport staff at Guwahati Airport as well Mumbai Airport. I was catching my flight on 26.01.2015 from Guwahati to Mumbai of IndiGo ETD-5.40 PM while waiting for the flight at waiting area I forgot my cell phone (I PHONE 6) & I realized the same after flight took off mean while my wife called up on my cell & same call was answered by your security personal of airport & he very pleasantly answered the phone & assured that he will hand over the lost phone to the right authority (IndiGo Ground Staff). Yesterday I received back my cell phone at Mumbai airport through IndiGo. Once again big thanks to the all persons involved in chain action. Sudhir Mehta ..."
George Thomas, 29-01-2015..Delightful Service
"....Dear IndiGo Customer Service, I happened to have the pleasure of flying on your airlines on 23rd Jan on 6E103 to Bangalore from Pune. In the afternoon itself I received a call saying the flight was delayed. I was quite disappointed at the fact that it was delayed but very glad that I was made aware of the delay. I have never had any other airline call me to tell me that my flight has been delayed. I was already impressed. Once I reached the airport the check-in procedure was smooth and fast. After which I realised I needed to use the ATM. I needed to be escorted by an IndiGo employee to use the ATM according to airport rules. I would say this is where your airline is the best...your staff! I was accompanied by Johncy George, who happened to be working in security that night, to the ATM. He was very friendly and we had a pleasant conversation. Normally it would have been enough for an airline employee to accompany me silently and quickly finish his/her duty. Johncy was kind and attentive. He ensured that even after I was finished at the ATM that I was attended to. He gave me a friendly tip what to order and what not to order at the airport food stalls as well. It is the little things that your staffs do, especially Johncy that made my flying experience so much more pleasant despite the initial delay. Thank you IndiGo for hiring people like Johncy! Looking forward to flying with you soon Sincerely George Thomas ..."
Ajay Kumar Singh, 31-01-2015..Appreciations Airport Services
"....I had a nice experience during my journey from Mumbai-Delhi-Varanasi, 6E 176 on 28th January, 2015. Really appreciate your courtesy and hospitality shown by your staff member on New Delhi airport. Services and promptness shown by Ravi in security check on Ladder no. 1 is really commendable. His efforts in helping the senior Citizens were really a mighty effort. Ajay Kumar Singh ..."
Pawan Yendapalli, 31-01-2015..Appreciations Airport Services
"....Feedback: It was great travelling with IndiGo!! I am taking a minute in my busy schedule to appreciate you people for the awesome service provided. And the special mention would be the punctuality and the hospitality. Thank you. Dr. Pawan Yendapalli ..."
Abdul Gaffar, 31-01-2015..Appreciations
"....Feedback: I missed my laptop at Hyderabad Airport during security check in. I would like to place on my appreciation to following persons for their collective efforts for making my laptop reach me at Dibrugarh in a safe and sound state. Mrs Sagarika Das (Hyderabad Airport) Mrs Pinky, Sunita and Moni (Dibrugarh Airport) Highest regards for their coordinated efforts Special mention to Sagarika Das (Hyderabad Airport). It was really heartening to hear such a warm response and responsible action taken on her part. Surely Sagarika deserves a special mention from my side. I being a frequent flyer of IndiGo and today I am glad that I chose IndiGo as my regular means of communication. Kudos to the entire team! Regards, Abdul Gaffar ..."
Cynthia Jamieson, 31-01-2015..Appreciations
"....Dear IndiGo I wanted to thank you for the assistance of your whole crew but, especially one flight attendant whose name I didn't get. On November 11, 2014 I flew back from Kochi to Delhi on Flight #314. I was excited to be going back to Delhi for a few days to finish the remainder of our amazing journey in India. We made a stop in Hyderabad and were on our final leg to Delhi. About a half an hour out of Delhi, I became very nauseated and started to vomit and continued through the duration of our descent, disembarking of all passengers accept for myself and my traveling companion. I'm not sure how long it took us to actually get off the plane because I continued to get sick. Finally we made it to the terminal and a flight attendant from IndiGo helped me into a wheel chair. We were escorted to the baggage area. This angel of a flight attendant wheeled me into the bathroom while my fellow traveller gathered our luggage and met our representative from Incredible India. The care and kindness that this flight attendant gave me when I was so sick was so incredible. I have no way to express my appreciation for her help. I don't know when she actually left my side. Ultimately, I ended up in the airport Triage unit for IV fluids. Please, if you could find a way to express my deep appreciation for her kindness, compassion and gentle way, I would be so grateful. She (I wish I knew her name) treated me so dearly. I will never forget her help and gentle way she rubbed my back while I was so sick. Her generous act of kindness to a complete stranger restores my faith in humanity. Thank you so very much. Cynthia (Cindy) Jamieson ..."
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